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3rd August 2012, 09:18 PM |#2  
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Question FAQ by sunny2303 and toxicthunder

What is an MD5 check-sum?

MD5 sum helps you identify any probable data loss issue which might have happened during the download process
and as a result of which you might be at a risk of flashing a incomplete/inaccurate download.

To mitigate this risk, simply check MD5 sum
(This can be easily checked with the help of ES file explorer/ Root explorer apps) and compare it with MD5 given on download site.

These 2 minutes can save 2 hours of reflashing for you.

What are the safe kernels that I have to be on, in order to flash this ROM?

CM9 / CM10 based kernels
any NoteCore, SpeedMod v4 and above, Franco v4 and above series of kernels.
any GB kernel.

I am coming from ABC - XYZ rom.
Is it safe to flash this ROM over it?

Yes ONLY when your ABC-XYZ reads -

Official CM10 or AOKP builds
CM10 or AOKP variant builds
Any other AOSP based ROM

I want to brick my device and then blame HI for it.
What do I do?

The best way to brick your device and blame HI for it is to flash HI over these kernels -

any CF--Root ICS kernel
SpeedMod v3 and below, Franco v3 and below
old leaked kernels and re-packs such as LP1, LP5, LPY and LP6 etc

What is Full Wipe & what is Cache Wipe using CWM?

Full wipe = Wipe Data / Factory Reset

This wipes all your user data like user applications, account settings, logins etc along with the cache partitions.
However, data stored in your sd-card like pictures, movies etc remain intact.

Cache wipe = User Applications and data remains untouched.
Only the cache you have previously accumulated gets purged.

What are Gapps? Why do I need them?

Please buy a Nokia or a BlackBerry.
Best wishes,

Which version of Gapps should I flash? And when?

You can also download from or other JB threads that provide the same.
You may flash them after you have installed the ROM (assuming you have done so after a Full Wipe).

Yet, I would personally request that you first flash the ROM and re-boot to see if all's well. Flashing Gapps + Kernel + other MODs seems to be giving issues on THIS rom.

Which kernels can I use with HI?

Since the ROM has been updated with the latest r3p0 drivers, it is essential that you use ONLY the kernel that comes with the ROM.

Where is the Email App? And the Exchange App?

Anything that you can't find will be provided in a .zip file called [COLOR="Green]RemovedAPKs[/COLOR].

Download the zip and place in your device.
Using a suitable File Manager to extract the zip.
Copy the apks for applications which you want.
Paste them under /system/app folder.
Change permissions to rw-r--r-- (simply set it same as any other app in the same folder)

I can't find S-Note or S-Memo in this ROM.

Neither can I.

What is the default DPI in HI and how can I change it?

Default DPI in HI is 320. To modify this -

Open your File Browser that has root access.
Navigate to /system/build.prop and open it as a text file.
Scroll down to ro.sf.lcd_density and set it to any number of your choice. Recommended values are 240, 213, 160 etc.

In case there are errors or issues, no one is responsible but yourself. So unless you know what you are doing, please tread cautiously.

How do I choose themes on HI?

Download any compatible theme of your choice from the Play Store.
Go in System Settings --> Themes –-> Theme chooser.
Choose downloaded theme –-> Select Apply.

My Question is still unanswered. And I am a bit shy of asking on the threads, lest I should be stoned to death.
What do I do?

Read some motivational books that help you work on your self-confidence.
Come back to the thread and ask.
If it turns out that your question could be answered by simply using the search function,
or reading the first 4-5 posts - chances are you will still be stoned.

Motivational books are boring. I watched 300 instead.
Now I am all pumped-up to ask any question, no matter how pathetic.

Good. This gives us the opportunity to see how long you can withstand the stoning.
Your watching 300 should be of some help to you.

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4th August 2012, 03:58 AM |#3  
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Originally Posted by niyazidk

I have su installed after i flash the rom. When i try to update su binary, i get an error massage because su cant get root acces. Anyway now i made a hard reset and updated su from market. The result is the same.

Originally Posted by niyazidk

I did it as you write, but i am not prompted to gain root acces. I was on cm9 before this without this problem and flashed abys kernel before flashed this. I am going to sleep... : (

Originally Posted by niyazidk

Her is the solution... flash it in recovery

You guys just require everything to be flashable! Some clear instructions but no one want to follow them Its hard to read than to flash ?
Hope you guys know there are two root access granting apps - Superuser by chainsdd and SuperSu by chainfire.
By default the SuperSu is there in the rom. When u open it it will give you update binary pop up and when u click on continue it will say operation failed.
So just hit the play store and install the Superuser (for those who have hard time finding it on store here) After that open Superuser once and update if it asks to.

Now go ahead and open SuperSu and it will ask for root access now....grant it and done. Now all the root access will be given by Superuser and not SuperSu.

Hope this helps Try reading and following the steps...they are easier than flashing

P.S.- Will be fixed in the next version. Added to the to-do list and working on it and other fixes (basis Preview 3 by xplodwild)
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4th August 2012, 03:58 AM |#4  
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||||||**```~musssst read post~```**|||||||
** Please search first and then read here/FAQ before asking the question in the thread - you might get ur answer. If not then ask away **

[*] Click Me for the Removed APKs zip.
Paste the desired apk from the zip to the /system/app folder using a root browser and set the permissions to -rw-r--r-- without fail
[*] Kindly use the kernel which is already inbuilt in the rom. If you try to flash any other kernel that doesn't support the r3p0 mali drivers then it wont boot.
[*] The Andy 4.2 Clock app included in rom is different from the one provided in the removed apks zip. The removed apks zip contains the stock 4.1 clock app

- The awesome themeing of ROM elements based on the Marvel HULK!

- All synced till Nighty 9.2 (no new merges and extraordinary changes)

- Usual HI Tweaks 

NT 9.2 - Nightly
- Pure repo sync with AOKP gerrit. Check the AOKP gerrit for the recent changes. Cheery picks will be highlighted here

NT9.1 - Nightly
- S-Pen gesture support (Thanks Steve Spear) (Swipe Right, Left, Up, Down, Double Tap and Long Press. Used Navbar actions so the spen can theoretically replace 6 buttons on the navbar.)
- Added option to show connected wifi network
- Added themes support to Mms (ala handcent theme ability)
- Cog Circle Mod Battery
- Additional HSPAP support
- Added setting to set Circles Lockscreen
- Added customizable options for Circles Lockscreen
- Restore correct volumes when headset is plugged
- Lefty Mode for NavBar
- NavRing: Long press actions
- Set Stock music layout for Lockscreen while enabling Circles style
- Fix volume track skip control with 3rd party applications
- Ability to set navbar width/height to 0 (off)
- Don't adjust volume when vol-downing to vibrate or silent
- Bluetooth: Making 48K as the default sampling rate for SBC encoding
- Other usual HI tweaks

CP 8.1 - Super Commando Dhruv Edition
- Andy 4.2 Clock App included
- Andy 4.2 Camera with working Photosphere included (stock 4.1 camera is intact)
- Andy 4.2 Keyboard with gesture typing is included (select the "Android Keyboard" in Language & Input)
- Build themed on the Raj Comics superhero - Super Commando Dhruv (SCD)
- Custom Vibrations
- Change network location provider package 
- Resizable NavBar Widgets (Holo themed) 
- Widget Picker color in Navbar 
- Added back Quick Emoji 
- Added timeout and instant lock option to slide lock 
- Fix launch of home button when screen times out 
- VPN Traffic Amount in Human Readable Format 
- Added Fast Charge Toggle to Overlay (requires custom kernel) 
- Added vibrate back to the stock toggles. 
- Custom Lockscreen targets
- Landscape while in call 
- Fix H+ and added new navbar widget icon 
- Add increasing volume option for alarm clocks (use DeskClock apk from latest removed apks zip) 
- Fix menu button in landscape 
- Added Ram Bar in Recents screen (select the option)
- Fix landscape ring position (was cut-off) 
- Fix Vibrations fragment when using dual-panel 
- Make alternate GB layout look like GB 
- Add Ring/Vib/Silent & Homescreen toggles to the lockscreen 
- Enable audio & call related logs 
- Lockscreen targets: make separate targets for Unlock and Homescreen 
- Fix lockscreen wallpaper picking
- Added options to hide weather panel
- Added Weather panel actions and clock/date derp
- Fixed Kill App 
- Added group mms threading

CP7 - Ghost Rider
- Kicka** bootanimation and theming of rom based on Marvel SuperHero GhostRider
- Update to 4.1.2 (JZO54K) binaries from Google
- Block unsupported requests to avoid RIL wakelocks.
- Fix brightness bar on tabs.
- Un-hard-code default toggles and remove vibrate from default.
- Fixed 2G Toggle long-press action.
- SystemUI: Custom Nav bar for Tablet UI.
- Alt Signal Layouts.
- Add option for vibrate on expanding notification.
- Other bug fixes and optimizations.

- This build specifically addresses the RILJ wakelocks.
- Rest all CP6 merges are retained 
- Kindly use the kernel which is already inbuilt in the rom. 
  *If you try to flash any other kernel that doesn't support the r3p0 mali drivers then it wont boot. 
  *Wait till the kernels are updated by their devs to support the drivers and then you can flash anyone u like

CP6 - Transformers
- The awesome themeing of ROM elements based on the Hasbro's Transformers!
- New bootanimation
- Add xhdpi sysbar images and add correct size icons for other resolutions
- Calculator now contain New Features
- Added CPU boosting interface
   * Boost CPU to max during scrolling
   * Boost CPU to max on activity start/resume
- Update Sensors/Camera to VRLG7 blobs
- Fix Share to Clipboard Icon
- SystemUI: add screenshot to navbar
- Add option for switching between UMS and MTP/PTP mode
- Allow mounting of multiple volumes via mass storage
- Fix recents opening when waking the device with the home button without lockscreen
- Fix automatic brightness
- Adds the ability to force dual panel at any dpi
   *This allows tablet mode with single panel and also allows regular phoneUI with dual panel
   *This will only affect apps with dependencies to framework-res.apk , in other words gapps email.apk etc are not affected
- SmsUsageMonitor: Increase default # of sms sent in checking period
- Update with mali r3p0 libraries
- libmedia: Fix for LPA audio loss issue
- ROMControl option for Default App Picker Alternate Style
- New Notification Toggles. Thanks Cyberboob
- Usual HI tweaks and custom rings

CP5 - Spiderman
- Spiderman Edition, Dedicated to Bangsti
- New Spiderman Theme
- Latest AOKP merges till 25th Sept 12
- Nova Launcher upgraded to version 1.3.1
- Added weather key for samsung cameras
- Fixed setting of custom icons for navbar targets
- Fix error when attempting to enter Phone setting
- Stopwatch & Countdown timer added
- Update Google repos to android-4.1.1_r6
- New Bootanimation
- Fix NavBar ring's center layout on lowered DPIs
- Fix NP check in CPUSettings
- Some tweaks to suppress the memory leakage
- In input added option to toggle pointer icon when using stylus - by default pointer is off
- Made all icons look the same as the Google Now icon in the NavRing
- Added USB mass storage notification to tablet status bar 
- Disable touch while using the stylus 
- QuickReply: multi SMS reply WIP 
- Cleaned up ROMControl and reorganized the Lockscreen
- Fixed the random numbers showing up when setting a DPI

CP4.1 - IronMan2
- Update fix to counter the app FC issues
- Latest AOKP changes till - 17th Sept

CP4 - IronMan
- The awesome themeing of ROM elements based on the Marvel SuperHero IronMan!
- AOKP changes till - 15th Sept
- Force TabletUI at any dpi and DPI changer
- Allow Rotation of Lockscreen
- Custom Vibrations
- Allow full theming of Contacts & MMS via theme chooser
- Let the T9 dialer search through nickname and company
- Timer Snapshot & Volume Zoom support in Camera
- Add ability to answer call with hardware home button
- Add daily reboot option - (use this option if in case u experience severe memory leak)
- Fix for phone rebooting when unlocking in landscape
- Fix for NavBar Hide
- Custom HI wall and tones
- Other usual HI tweaks
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4th August 2012, 04:02 AM |#5  
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Bug report : Remove navigation bar in settings does not work
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4th August 2012, 04:38 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by aalupatti

Bug report : Remove navigation bar in settings does not work

Yeah thanks. Added for the next version fix. Already figured out the way to remove it. Just need to test
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4th August 2012, 04:45 AM |#7  
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WoW. Congrats. Better Comes. Best To Come. Downloading Now. Will post Results in Discussion Thread Later.
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4th August 2012, 04:59 AM |#8  
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On which preview it is based?
4th August 2012, 05:31 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by toxicthunder

sorry guys, unfortunately it was way past mid-night when I uploaded this - hence couldn't complete the OP.
Working on next build, as well as the OP.

One more thing, before trying out solutions to any bugs or issues, please consult with people who have the necessary know-how regarding the topic - Asylum inmates need not be told. This is just for the newer users.

If you try to be a smartass and pass on stupid advice (like Abyss is safer than CM9) I will report you immediately.


We don't want excuses toxic we want no we demand results and etas and Siri and smemo too lol

from the padded cell tucked away in the dark
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4th August 2012, 06:55 AM |#11  
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Hey, thank you for another jellybean port. You guys make our notes better and better

One thing tho, I notice that stock launcher is Nova launcher. Is there anyway that we can get stock jelly bean launcher?
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