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[APP][4.0.3+] XenoAmp 0.405 (22052015) - A Slightly Different Audio Player

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By ssuukk, Senior Member on 8th August 2012, 10:21 PM
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Download link - see bottom of OP


Do you ever get this feeling in the evening (or morning - I am not judging you!), when the music seems to be richer and more threedee, sung words become more understandable and you have a strong craving for pizza, dougnut, ice cream, or a box of chocolates? It doesn't matter if you feel like dancing or couchlocked, but when you reach for your trusty music player there comes the usual horror: HOW THE HELL DO I CREATE A PLAYLIST?! Sheesh!

So, XenoAmp was conceived on a Beach, when I was trying to create a playlist on my Rockbox-flashed Sansa Fuze, while going deeeeeep Down The Rabbit Hole.

"Click! Click! Where I was? Click! Click! Damn! Click! What was I doing? Damn! Click! Wait, what did I want?"

As much as I love Rockbox firmware, its interface is too geeky even for geekiest geeks. Man! I don't think I was ever able to create a playlist on Rockbox when I was baseline. I thought to myself: "there must be a better way!". So in the beginning I just wanted to create a wrapper for Android port of Rockbox, to make it a little less rough. Maybe even - turn it into a Pillowbox. But then, as it often happens with software, it grew. It grew only from the inside, though, as on the surface it stayed just very minimalistic: spartan "Now playing" screen with no widgets, each function accessible through a simple touch, sweep or sleight of hand. Before I throw some screenshots with explanation, check out CURRENT features (if you REALLY need to see how XenoAmp looks, resist the urge to peek at screenshots - static XenoAmp is dull, see "XenoAmp The Movie" instead).

Now the list of current features (some don't have GUI yet, but do exist). Since XenoAmp is all about music, let's begin with...

Main screen Equalizer

Music view File browser

Playlist drawer Lyrics


Audio features:

- Gapless playback on Jelly Bean!

- Replaygain support

- Standard audio controls: bass boost, equalizer, virtualizer, etc.

- Equalizer can be calibrated via automatic room correction (like Audyssey or YPAO) for optimal playback, regardress of amp/loudspeaker/place combination

- Headphones can sound as never before with audiogram-based calibrator

- Currently plays all audio formats supported by your Android version (as Rockbox is still not integrated)

- Experimental engine plays MP3, OGG, MPC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, MP4

- Different sound profiles for dock/car/headphones. Going for a ride? Unplug your headphones, dock your android device in a car and it will equalize to your precalibrated car profile.

- Viper Audio 10-band equalizer used where available

Media library:

- Browse your collection faster than ever - see it on a 2D pinch-to-zoom-able matrix with customizable axii: Albums by artists? Albums by years? Gneres by artists? ANY combination of ID3 tags is supported. Zoom out to see the mosaic of covers, zoom in to track level! Select quickly from albums in the same row.

- Were you missing AlbumArtist tag? Well - not anymore.

- Picking from zoomable matrix too fancy? Choose your tracks the way geeks do it: with filesystem browser.

- Browse your tracks by rating, date of listening, date of adding to library, or playcount, with neat flow-style interface.

- For all anal retentive among us: synchronize your music tags to MusicBrainz and Discogs, either automatically or by scanning barcode from your original CD.

- Automatic album art downloading (your embedded ID3 cover has a priority, unless of very low quality). Art is kept as normal png images on your filesystem.

- Don't like the album art XenoAmp's fuzzy logic picked? No prob - you can always choose a better one manualy.

- Index and play your cifs media to create a real audio station for your home (when mounted via cifs.ko).

- Browse and create playlists from files on your SMB network (even without cifs.ko)

- Edit tags for a bunch of tracks or mass edit by template.

- Outside of XenoAmp: click a file in ES Explorer, Total Commander, Solid Browser or Whatever File Browser and voila: you've created a playlist from current directory contents!

- "native" XenoAmp Playlists are kept in m3u8 with absolute paths

- manage .nomedia files inside xenoamp browser

- let XenoAmp choose tracks for you: random 100 tracks, random 10 albums, random never listened tracks

- Find tracks in similar mood in your library

- Filter your collection by provider (local files, Subsonic servers, Google Music...)


- You can't get more minimalist. Unless you turn off your display. If you more of a "hello, kitty!" person, you won't like it.

- Everything you do is just touch or sweep. Draw a circle for volume up/down.

- Managing playlists is no more a pain, you can EASILY (and I mean in a snap) create, delete and rename playlists, switch between them, append them with tracks based on any tag (artist, ALBUM ARTIST, year, genre...), shuffle, move tracks around, delete them, choose quickly across albums, toggle selection and so on. Just pull up those three dots on the bottom of the screen.

- Click playlist entry to play, drag to move up/down, sweep to delete. Touch tracks in any of available views (2d matrix, file browser, top chart) to add and remove them from choosen playlist (might be be different from currently playing), easily toggle selection.

Music services:

- 8Tracks

- Internet radio

- Google music

- Subsonic (if you friends have Subsonic servers, you can sync to all of them!)

Bits and pieces:

- Voice control

- Control via headset button

- Scrobbling to and (via wonderful "A simple scrobbler" - get it on the Market)

- Browse into M3U* and PLS, and recursively into playlists inside them

- M3U* and PLS handle local, HTTP and SMB entries

- Browse and search internet radio directory

- Player reacts to audio jack, incoming calls, respects Android audio focus and media button interfaces.

- Displays lyrics via LyricsWiki.

- Minimalistic home screen widgets, currently 1x1, 4x1, 4x2 and 4x4

- Respects .nomedia

- Most features working on Gingerbread (API 10), could probably be made to work on Froyo (they used to, but since all my friends migrated to GB I can't say if it is still working)

- Low end machines supported, working fluently on HTC Touch Pro2 (and that's a 528 Mhz CPU!). OK, not enough memory to display covers, but still usable.

- AVRCP - as stated in this post: AVRCP should be working on AOKP ROMs for anything that supports "A simple scrobbler" (which XenoAmp does).

- Sleep timer.

- Probably a lot more bits and pieces I forgot...

This product includes software developed by

8tracks / java-wrapper Credits to Fabrizio Ruggeri & ssuukk

Acme.Crypto Copyright © 1996 by Jef Poskanzer [email protected], licenced under New BSD License

bidi utils Copyright © Google

drag-sort-listview Copyright 2012 Carl Bauer, licensed under Apache License Version 2.0

EqualizerSurface Copyright © CyanogenMod

EventBus Copyright (C) 2012 Markus Junginger, greenrobot (, licensed under Apache License Version 2.0

FFmpeg project libraries licensed under the LGPLv2.1

Google GSON by Google Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

gson-xml by Roman Mazur Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Inscription by Martin van Zuilekom Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

jaudiotagger Copyright © Paul Taylor, licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License

jcifs licensed under GNU Lesser General Public License

JDOM Project Copyright © 2000-2012 Jason Hunter and Brett McLaughlin, licensed under Modified Apache Licence

JTransforms Copyright © Piotr Wendykier, licensed under MPL/LGPL/GPL tri-license

lastfm-java Copyright © Johann Kovacs, licensed under New BSD License

NanoHTTPD Copyright © 2001,2005-2012 Jarno Elonen ([email protected]) and Copyright © 2010 Konstantinos Togias ([email protected]), licensed under Modified BSD Licence

NineOldAndroids Copyright © Jake Wharton, licensed under Apache License 2.0

Pink Noise Copyright © Sampo Niskanen, licensed under BSD License

ShowcaseView Copyright Alex Curran (+Alex) © 2012. All rights reserved.

Do you think XenoAmp has not enough functions? Well, that's because I run out of blotters. Fund me one!

Wanna help with translation?

See here:


Download from Google Play

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FAQ moved here:

Q: What other features are in the work?

- New, short and nice tutorial (- a small button, maybe in the corner would open the contextual tutorial so if the user wants to remember something, he wouldn't need to re-trigger all the tutorials. the tutorials might be more user friendly, maybe next and back buttons or right and left sweeping, and have the same or a close background color. I'm kind of thinking of a theme concept for the app, but won't share anything before it's done.)
- Bring back pinch to zoom

- Time display problem with >1h tracks
- Can we get some better feedback on which covers are from embedded and which not when choosing an icon for an album?
- Nagger
- add CD-like mask for cover on WPS & lockscreen
- subsonic browsing
- gmusic browsing
- fix voice search bug

further enhancments:
- "java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Can't convert to dimension: type=0x2" in wizard
- MbID not read/written by xenoamp
- add special tags to m3u8 (proposed: sort order for autoshuffling, cursor position, playlist stack data, one-shoot track [for rockbox-style queuing])
- Music cabinet
- "Ivory" skin - it is there, but unpolished. Still ebony patches here and there

- Support multiple genres per track
- Proper support of multiple artists per track
- Guitar chords, sheet music?
- Pref: customize colors
- Tasker support - tell about media playing
- Use Volume up/down as pause
- Think about new concert view
- Smart continuator
- string filter in query view
- add label field to xeno database to enhance audiofreak factor
- Itunes synchronization (anyone able to explain what that means?)
- Find tags by Musicbrainz fingerprint

The XenoAmp Documentation (clickie!)

Complete with screenshots!

For documentation updates and questions contact GermainZ or see this post: Link

XenoAmp Twiter (clickie!)

Know faster!

XenoAmp default cover image competition (clickie!)

Win nothing but satisfaction!

English bad?

Translate XenoAmp! Download and you're ready to go!

French - thank fragargon & Jean-Philippe ALBERT, Ruddy.A
German - thank sUsH667
Polish - done
Turkish - thank xxx_ersan, jjjameson
Swedish - thank SALLEBALL
Spanish - thank andresrivas
Chinese - thank Fat_boy555
Portuguese - thank Nasty1977
Italian - thank massimo
Arabic - thank meinea
Hebrew - thank EliBsora
русскийc - thank toz1k
Looking for: KOREAN
Looking for: JAPANESE

XenoAmp total widget revamp project (clickie!)

  • Fix: cover chooser state handling
  • Fix: playing albums with "?" in tags
  • Change: ok, Google, I give up! Back to bound service!

  • Fix: post-Play-release FC fixes

  • Fix: Launching media files from external browsers
  • Fix: some bugs

  • Fix: some visual tuning here and there</change>
  • Fix: some minor bugs</change>
  • Fix: wizard demo on older Androids</change>

  • Fix: some music view optimisations
  • Fix: playlist sweeping in music view row (phew!)
  • Fix: cover change activity
  • Fix: barcode update in tag editor

  • New: tag editor migrated to ABS, smart sync and barcode sync moved there
  • Fix: xeno sync service. The sync will start even when Xeno is not running (if you tick trigger by mount or media scan in prefs)
  • Fix: attempt to fix service multiplying
  • Fix: hardware menu button back to default

  • New: volume guard (limits volume to prevent clipping when using equalizer)
  • New(?): sweep playlists (not just header) left or right for prev/next (music row view and playlist drawer)
  • New: music view row migrated to ActionBarSherlock
  • Change: no more dynamic playlist (sorta...)
  • Change: completely new playlist walker
  • Change: massive changes to Android player engine
  • Change: lyrics view will now update on track change
  • Change: music view ("queried") playlists are now part of XENO: virtual filesystem

  • Fix: playlist opener (three dots) in horizontal mode
  • Fix: crash on circular menu selection
  • Fix: XenoWizard demo crash in prefs
  • Change: intents/broadcasts migrated to EventBus

  • New: migration to ActionBarSherlock</change>
  • New: unscanned files will be put into database on first access by XenoAmp</change>
  • Fix: some visual tuning in tag editor</change>

  • New: new tutorial
  • Thing to see: misc prefs have an entry for XenoAmp wizard. See it, suggest more entries!
  • Fix: some music view weirdness
  • Fix: playback count increased on song end

  • New: "by artist" sorting (compares artist name then album title then track no)</change>
  • New: "by album" sorting (compares album name then track no)</change>
  • New: Subsonic is able to resume sync (granularity: by artist's first letter)</change>
  • New: more obvious network neighbourhood in xeno:// filesystem</change>
  • Fix: minor bug in music row view</change>
  • Fix: better state handling for music view</change>
  • Fix: a bug that prevented failed synchronizers from restarting</change>

  • Bugfix release

  • Fix: List scrolling speed
  • Fix: Cover chooser moved to fragment

  • Fix: Flickering of images in Xeno Image Loader</change>
  • Fix: Crash in music view caused by XIL</change>
  • Fix: FFMPeg thread priority, should fix stuttering when screen off</change>

  • Fix: FFMpeg decoder won't deadlock after track finished
  • Change: UIL replaced with own solution (should affect cover display speed)

  • New: Caching rows in music view
  • Fix: a serious bug in xeno vfs that could break scanning process

  • New: Subsonic sync shows progress
  • Fix: Row label in music view making a comeback
  • Fix: Despite of above - music viev just became faster
  • Fix: FFMpeg crashing after a few seconds of playback
  • Fix: Playing subsonic tracks from servers with non-standard port number

  • Change: New Google Music engine - login using Android internal mechanisms WITHOUT password (TWO new permissions required, you have to allow XenoAmp using them!)
  • Fix: "No grouping" for rows works again

  • New: menu hard key brings up preferences
  • Fix: simplified internal volume management, should be smoother now! (native and FFMpeg mode)
  • Fix: restored working google music sync due to problems with OAuth API
  • Fix: skip back in notification
  • Fix: multi album releases sort order on double click in music view
  • Fix: no context menu if music view empty

  • New: 4x4 widget by GermainZ
  • New: Google Music now authenticates using Android internal mechanisms. XenoAmp won't know your credentials!
  • Fix: skip back instead of close in notification

  • Fix: "Find similar" returning sorted results
  • Fix: Google Music synchronizer will now add "" if omitted by user (was: Google Music not syncing)
  • Fix: Synchronization purging existing media (was: Google Music not syncing)
  • New: Sync button added to credentials action bar for less confusion

  • New: experimental FFMpeg playback engine, enable in Misc prefs. Tested with: MP3, OGG, MPC, WMA, AIFF, FLAC, M4A, MP4.x. APE broken.
  • Fix: entries will get purged if they don't belong to any synchronizer
  • Fix: notification when syncing from credentials center
  • Fix: you can't add more than one synchronizer for a path (i.e. two Google Music syncs)

  • Fix: redesigned local file scanner, much faster + single pass
  • Fix: purge will now remove files that are outside synchronization path
  • Fix: tag update by barcode not working

  • Fix: album artist tag for files wrongly encoded by foobar2000
  • Fix: stack overflow in playlist walker
  • Fix: some FCs

  • Fix: Main screen gesture overhaul, should be much more responsive now
  • Fix: Musicbrainz tag synchronization
  • Fix: Sorting in file browser
  • Fix: Faster index in musicview, should also fix FC on entering Music view
  • Fix: Index overlay size
  • Fix: It's now possible do dismiss the tutorial + some fixes
  • Fix: Sudden volume jump when volume changed outside of XenoAmp

  • New: what's new dialog (you're reading it right now!)</change>
  • New: first pages of new tutorial, more to come</change>
  • Fix: fast scroller in music view</change>

  • New: new, fast music view
  • New: kill switch in notification
  • Fix: volume for devices that have setVolume() broken - please choose from behaviour prefs!
  • Fix: internal/external storage names

  • Fix: a lot of things with subsonic
  • Fix: native index (thanks KickinGuitar!!!)
  • Fix: a bit better default prefs handling + show cover is now default

  • Change: the way volume works (again!)

  • Fix: click in music view
  • Fix: xeno lockscreen active areas enlarged 2x
  • Fix: sudden system volume change in some rare circumstances

  • Fix: tag editor
  • Fix: some fixes from bugreports
  • Fix: another try at fixing music view on Android 2.x
  • Fix: some tablet & ldpi enhancments
  • Fix: another take on stack overflow in walker

  • New: quick(er) database scan on start, based on existing Android indexed media, just one pass
  • Fix: some optimizations in internal structures for better preformance of playlists
  • Fix: occassional onscreen messages wierd behaviour
  • Fix: stack overflow in walker (probably)

  • Fix: strange behaviour of current track on remove/move
  • Fix: long-standing bug of xeno WPS not working in landscape
  • Fix: long-standing bug of Xeno not playing proper file when started from external filebrowser or web page
  • Change: due to unresolvable bug in ViewPager, no left/right sweeping in row view

  • New: delete files
  • Fix: cleaned some code in playlist fragment, should fix files not getting added
  • Fix: an attempt to fix music view scrolling for AGiLiT
  • Fix: selected cover gets replaced in cache
  • Fix: get more covers from internet when searching

  • Fix: opening "find similar" from music row
  • Fix: adding credentials + scanning media roots

  • Fix: music row view playing from icon, selection, scrolling up down

  • Fix: google music sync will put artist tag into albumartist, too
  • Fix: disabled pre-buffering of next for all non-local files
  • Fix: playlist header sweeping

  • Fix: index for people who have less artists than letters in the alphabet
  • Change: media root is now managed ONLY via credentials center, and you can put several media roots there,
  • Change: synchronization (be it google, subsonic, local media) moved from db prefs to credential prefs
  • New: media roots survive uninstall

  • Fix: case insensitive extensions when scanning for music
  • Fix: dragging tracks around in playlist
  • Fix: editing single track tags broken (not commited)
  • Fix: filtering broken
  • Fix: can't see my only Google track
  • Fix: handle untagged in mb searches
  • Fix: add visible index + remove when unused

  • New: in browser or music view - click icon to play track (works also on playlists and directories)
  • Fix: Play from music view row context menu
  • Fix: Playing radio or 8Tracks from context menu
  • Fix: blue background in music view
  • Fix: do not walk beyond last track
  • Fix: playing stops when skipped back stops playing
  • Fix: fix playing a single song

  • Fix: music view horizontal scrolling finally fixed
  • Fix: empty row in music view on some devices, requires total uninstall (sorry!)
  • Fix: cover missing on mixed-artist albums

  • Fix: dynamic playlist is now really the same as engine playlist
  • Fix: loop playlist/repeat track/stop fixed
  • Fix: more playlist walker fixes

  • Change: "dynamic" playlist is now always the playlist used by engine, so you can see when it travels down subplaylists
  • Fix: when screen off or no GUI visible, volume will revert to system 16-step scale
  • Fix: removed concert display because of speed problems
  • Fix: Disable remote synchronizers when "no data" is selected
  • Fix: playlist always looping
  • Fix: toggle selection in music row view
  • Fix: sorting in music row view
  • Fix: no group working in music view

  • New: improved playlist walker
  • Fix: replaygain

  • New: tour places and dates (in music view)
  • New: monthly tour dates updates (warning:lots of data!)
  • New: multiple locations for local media (see release notes)
  • Change: active playlist behaviour (see release notes)
  • Internal: another huge code cleanup

  • Popup menu fix on Android<ICS

RELEASE 0.172-0.174
  • FC fix releases

  • Fix: cover obtainer going crazy sometimes, became pretty fast, too.
  • Fix: cover chooser
  • Fix: The Unbearable Duality of Volume (also - works when no GUI visible)

  • Fix: Doesn't ask for media root + info that it takes long
  • Fix: precache data for row sweep
  • Fix: Edit tags - on a track, just shows all tags "keep"
  • Fix: add at least folder icon
  • Fix: Dynamic in playlist fragment not updated on change

  • Fix: obtainer failing in Music View
  • Fix: Probably fixed AGiLiT's trillion megapixel display and index
  • New: some more visual tuning

  • New: quick access menu in tag editor
  • Fix: notify row view on change
  • Fix: enable click in playlist keeping dragsort
  • Fix: browser history not changing
  • Fix: do not run local sync before media root choosen
  • Fix: shuffle FCs
  • Fix: find similar and 100 random not working
  • Fix: set gallery position in row view, because otherwise it opens always on first tile!
  • Fix: replace each instance of Gallery with XenoGallery (was: gallery click works only on the text (seems so))
  • Change: move downloader to synchronizers

  • Fix: index unit is proportional to number of rows, not letters that the rows start with, it's also invisible now.
  • Fix: cover click in music view, shuffling left/right to change album/column
  • Fix: a lot of bugfixes and FCs
  • Fix: human readable shoutcast genres

  • Fix: opaque context menus on old Androids
  • New: create playlist using your pie hole
  • New: delete old cache entries on start

  • New: links in track descriptions (i.e. 8Tracks) get clickable
  • New: more UI tuning in different places
  • New: add song to current list and play it right away (track context menu), as requested by Agilit
  • New: replaygain obeyed (but see release notes)
  • Fix: adding a tile in music view to active playlist clears active playlist

  • New: some changes to make XenoAmp a bit more familiar, don't worry, it won't get google!
  • Change: playlist walker engine, 8Tracks finally REALLY work
  • Fix: 8Tracks fixed duration info, so XenoAmp now shows duration on progress circle
  • Fix: 8Tracks get properly scrobbled, so you can see what was the nice track you liked on!

  • New: quick access index in Music view
  • New: reduced memory footprint of music view, but it might be slower
  • Fix: 8Track playing only one track

  • New: 8Tracks feed working (+ first implementation of "paged" playlist)
  • Fix: obtainer bug - crash in music view
  • Fix: no column grouping + online/local filtering

  • Fix: google sync
  • Fix: index and playlist saved on each change
  • Fix: virtualizer/bass settings

  • New: unlimited file browser history, tell me if you need a real "up directory" button/entry
  • Fix: browsing and music view sped up a bit
  • Fix: choosing default media dir
  • Fix: sweep to close playlist
  • Fix: browing folders
  • Fix: albumart in widgets
  • Fix: transparent bkground on 2.3.x in music view
  • Fix: "no grouping" in music view
  • Fix: similar DJ
  • Fix: never heard DJ
  • Fix: 8Tracks browsing a little bit faster now
  • Fix: Subsonic sync bug introduced in 0.159
  • Fix: Some more logic added to cover obtainer

  • New: asynchronous loading of playlists
  • New: edited playlist saved on EACH change
  • Change: music view based completely on Android views + UIL
  • New: some internal logic for deciding which replaygain to use
  • Fix: purge not run
  • Fix: context menu for cover in music view
  • Fix: shoutcast and 8Tracks entries reloaded from playlists get populated with proper info
  • Fix: query view

  • New: subsonic support
  • New: replaygain support in files with APE/VORBIS/ID3 tags.
  • New: universal sync service (syncs local files, google music, subsonic, tour dates)

  • Enh: refresh remote control service using AJAX
  • Fix: refreshed all widgets layout, added pin
  • Fix: removing playlist entries
  • Fix: xeno eating last two rows in music view
  • Fix: FC in "no grouping"
  • Fix: some changes to xenoremote CSS

  • Fix: choosing download or media root madness
  • Fix: all widgets on old Androids

  • New: Unfinished but working: floating xenoAmp widget, see it always, or tell it to go away!
  • New: Create global sync query with retry, sync queue view (fav menu), choosing download root dir
  • Fix: Hang on start, happened with WMA files
  • Fix: Find similar from WPS
  • Fix: Use query builders
  • Fix: Case insensitive sorting in music view
  • Fix: hang on start (M., kicknguitar probably)
  • Fix: filtering

  • New: sync Google Music and SMB files to your device
  • New: "find similar" also from track context menu
  • Fix: dramatic speed up of music view
  • Fix: credentials (secrets.xml) will get encrypted on first run of this version. Don't try to open it or edit manually after!
  • Fix: adding credentials / share

  • Fix: that ugly transparent space below short playlists!
  • New: add shares to xenoamp share list from browser menu
  • New: cwac-touchlist replaced by DragSortListView
  • New: xenoAmp cache replaced by Sergiej Tarasewicz's wonderful Universal Image Loader - new, fast music view in near future

  • Fix: FC fix release

  • Fix: dash in artist name in playlist won't confuse xenoamp anymore
  • Fix: limited notification image size to prevent "android interface" crashes
  • Fix: xeno streaming/remote control socket released on exit
  • Fix: filtering by local/online/both
  • Fix: bookmarking
  • New: competely new playlist walker engine, will cause less "not responding"
  • Update: 8Tracks engine redesign, much faster now

  • Change: database format, added column for online/local filtering
  • New: in music view it is possible to filter TRACKS by online/local/both
  • Fix: fix for out of memory error for very large google databases
  • Fix: some bugs

  • Improvement: Less mysterious headphone calibration.
  • New: (almost) full Google Music integration.

  • Fix: completely new headphone calibration algorithm, based on bisection.
  • Fix: a bug that prevented XenoAmp from using different number of Eq bands on ROM change.
  • Fix: a bug that prevented XenoAmp from shutting down on exit

  • New: wired headset button: 1 click=play/pause, 2 clicks=next, 3 clicks=prev
  • Fixed: adding xenoroot and network neighbourhood to proper playlists
  • Fixed: many oops in authenticator
  • Fixed: remote service not starting
  • Fixed: remote service music view doesn't crash

  • Fixed: Fading on WPS
  • Fixed: Credentials on old Androids
  • Fixed: Shoutcast shows currently playing track/artist + a gfx that Xeno randomly chose
  • Fixed: 8Tracks icon on WPS

  • xenoRemote: Added music view and current playlist
  • Credentials accessible from prefs
  • 8Tracks working again + fixes (display plays and likes, rating in Xeno causes like in 8Tracks if logged in)

  • Hebrew translation (thanks Eli!)
  • SMB authentication now really works
  • Some security enhancments to xeno remote service
  • Credentials activity

  • Introducing: xeno remote control!


Fix: similar DJ spinning again!
Fix: samba browsing - see thread for more info
A few other insignificant fixes.


Fix: volume keys
Fix: FC in EQ view (another one, sorry!)
A few other insignificant fixes.


Fix: FC on start
Fix: FC in EQ view on devices with broken DSP engine


Fix: It seems there's a bug in Android gapless playback (possibly only for m4a). Now Xeno at least doesn't crash.


Centralised speed preference
Attempt: fix device slowdown when notification shown


Cleanup: massive amout of code cleaned
Fix: xenoAmp service is now a binded service
Improvement: more cleanup in low memory situations
Change: the way media button comunicate (tell me if they don't work!)
Fix: last edited playlist gets remembered


Fixed: Profile can now have any name (old profiles should get converted, but in case conversion fails, just delete profiles.xml and set your profiles again).
Fixed: removed playlists get also removed from playlist index
Fixed: play/pause in notification
Change: Database schema change in preparation for event data, should be transparent...


New: playlist manager has now buttons for looping/sorting/shuffling
Fixed "Sweet 16" volulme display
Fixed: random DJ and other meta playlist being sorted
Fixed: LTR scrolling
Fixed: Playlist index, please delete your __INDEX__.m3u8 and recreate by db update!
Fixed: edited playlist gets refreshed if = dynamic and dynamic is changed
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  • Fixed playlist madness, you know what I mean...

  • New music view enabled
  • The error that kicks you without "FC" solved...

RELEASE 0.115/0.116
  • Attempt: more manual garbage collection to free memory
ver. 115 has new W.I.P. music view, doesn't differ in any other way from 0.116

  • Attempt: added some old memory freeing code that was removed when migrated to fragments

  • Probably fixed pausing problem on >JB
  • Probably fixed crashing android effect engine on >JB

  • Mass edit: fill common fields instead of showing "keep"
  • Fixed: several FCs
  • Fixed: xenoAmp crashing in Spanish and Russian, because of space in default profile name.
  • Fixed: Restore display after database scan
  • Fixed: Notification doesn't get updated with current song
  • Fixed: Alternate layout not working
  • Fixed: where from does xenoAmp get last played track after total uninstall?! - from sticky broadcast
  • Fixed: Service looper doesn't work as expected, causing spooky behaviour
  • Probably fixed: When preparing next wrapper for gapless wait until first is prepared


Rating added to tag editor
Lots of FC fixes
Fix: Dynamic playlist not refreshing on change
Fix: Eq settings not saved
Fix: "Save as..." playlist not saved
Fix: rare case when adding new tracks to played list when last track was playing woldn't continue with newly added tracks
Fix: progress bar on xeno lockscreen and big dick notification
Fix: no need to recreate remote view on new notification on newer Androids
Fix: marquee widget - no change = no animation
Fix: RTL scripts scrolling in proper direction again


Progress circle is now "live", works immediately on drag
Pref to show texts away from cover when in square cover mode

fixed: xeno status vs android status
fixed: patheteque prefs FC
fixed: unable to start track after xenoAmp start
fixed: circular menu sensitivity
fixed: volume vs track skip, NOTE: voluming/track skip CAN NOT be started on progress circle, that's intentional. Just begin elsewhere, outside or inside the circle.
fixed: select playlist from menu


Tag edits commited to files immediately
WPS has now a context menu in lower right corner (single dot)
Fixed: cover showing even if not wanted
Fixed: WPS always shows paused, even when playing
Fixed: WPS always shows 5 stars rate song, even if rating is turned off
Fixed: multiple fragments created on circular menu select
Fixed: rating on title click

- Total rework of WPS, native android animations+hardware transfromation matrices
- faint progress circle always visible
- circular menu "on finger up" selection now works everywhere except circle inside.

RELEASE 0.94/5
- Bugfixes
- Cover in widget works again
- Profiles fixed

- Huge rework of xeno internals

- Database scan adds all found playlists to xeno playlist manager
- Database scan won't go through system directories... again (lost it some hundred updates ago)
- Recreated audio profile manager, much more flexible now
- Bugfixes

- Recreated playlist manager. Playlist in ANY supportde location (on your device, on smb:, on http: ) may be now attached to playlist selector.
- Fixed: tracks tracks inside http:// m3u8 playlist

- Fixed some bugs

- Many bugfixes
- Sweep to open playlist works again (note: "three dot" hotspot is higher, but doesn't fill the full width not to interfere with last line of file browser), but you can still click it to open/close


- Notification manager should now be bothered less by xenoamp
- Fixed cover update in notification/lockscreen/widget
- Volume gesture triggered by smaller curvature
- Prev/Next track gesture triggered by sweeping half screen width
- Maximum WPS title scroll speed increased a bit
- Fixed problem with scanning whole device for media
- Welcome dialogs fixed (a bit)
- Pref: switch to lighter animations
- Pref: use only 16-step system volume


- Converstion of most important activities to fragments, another huuuge change
- Lots of minor fixes that were hard or impossible without fragments
- Pause on headphone pref used also for bluetooth disconnect
- Bluetooth connect event can be assigned a default sound profile
- Some insignificant changes that won't go unnoticed


- Minor bugfix release, you probably don't need it if everything worked ok.


- Fixed scrobbling
- ID3 old style (one byte) genre now converted to genre name (do a full db refresh to see it)
- Xeno lockscreen: you can press prev/next/play/pause as long as they stay visible, without sweeping the finger from padlock


- Fixed: profile data getting zeroed when xenamp starts in autoprofiled mode
- Fixed: 100% custom big-dick notification, working buttons, lots of space, so make your suggestion on what controls would you like there!
- Fixed: starting xenoAmp by clicking media file in external browser


- Rewrote xeno audio engine from scratch, as with each change to vital functions this one might have introduced new annoying bugs
- Automatic audio profile switching works, set profile for car/dock/headphones in behaviour prefs
- Fixed some bugs in moving tracks around currently played playlist
- Removed double click in music view when zoomed in to tracks, I'll see who will complain...
- Added full database rescan option for people who change tags outside of XenoAmp
- Preference to allow half star for 10-step rating scale
- Tweaked xeno lockscreen a bit, tell me if it still shows erratically
- Feeling short lately? Jelly Bean large notification will give you that missing extra inches
- Internal: mixed headphone monitor with dock monitor


- Fixed rating (ID3 rating is 0-255, xenoAmp 0-5)
- Fixed: volume rocker now changes xenoVolume in all activities
- Fixed: hardware search key now functional in all activities
- Track marks now refresh immediately


- Fixed equalizer display: bands are now at proper places on logarythmic scale
- Experimental feature: track marks. Long touch playlist entry to set mark: "Loop track", "Loop playlist", "Stop here" (these don't get refreshed, you have to scroll list out of view to see the mark!)


- Added multiple DSP (audio) profiles. See them in EQ view.
- Fixed rating
- Centralized calibrator outputs
- Some equalizer code cleanup


Bugfix release.


- Replaced lame MusicBrainz library with my own (going open source soon)
- A preference to allow XenoAmp change system stream volume when xeno volume at full
- A preference to enable music auto start
- Fixed long-standing bug of covers not appearing until scrolled off-screen (was: flow view doesn't refresh until scrolled out of view)
- Added version info in misc prefs


Note due to huge amount of changes of vital structures this release may be unstable, but take it for a ride, it has some new features

- Huuuge change to XenoPath/XenoTrack/XenoPlaylist
- Plays 8Tracks!
- You can add directory objects (playlists, local directories, samba directories, DJs, meta dirs) to playlist and xeno will play it all.
- Added "Meta" directory to xeno root, it has "All tracks" and "All playlists"
- Similar DJ can now be bookmarked per artist, return tracks in random order
- Embedded cover art extraction moved to cover obtainer, initial scan should be faster
- Holoization
- A few more white skin corrections


- big rework of cover obtainer, should be much faster and much, much more accurate


- some FC fixes
- some tuning of thread pools
- 17 new devices in calibration data


- getting tags from musicbrainz finally working
- preliminary 8tracks support (doesn't play anything yet!)


- added searching, try it from playlist manager context menu or playlist menu


- various small fixes to lockscreen and cover obtainer
- preliminary "disable data" preference, please report any cases when internet is accessed despite this setting (bugsense doesn't count).
- scrolling for rtl languages almost fixed
- note: "Find..." dosen't do anything yet.


- commit to tags fixes, some more needed


- xeno lockscreen goes away on incoming call
- xeno lockscreen has active rating and progress
- xenoAmp won't touch your system audio stream vol at all, if volume is too low raise it i.e. from home screen. This is to test if volume problems on call will stil occur.
- write xeno database to tags (experimental!)


- notification FC fixed on some more devices
- read rating from tags during initial scan (preparation for commiting db to tags)


- double click on track in music view adds it to active playlist and starts playing
- prototype lockscreen for old Androids enabled


- favourite paths in filebrowser
- fixed changing language (restart still required!)
- fixed flickering activities


- proper discovery of right to left scripts, reversed scroll direction
- implemented exceptions in XenoPath, file browsing should be less dangerous now...
- poo tunes tags fixed again!
- some more functions attached to menus


- fixed FC on 2.x.x Androids
- active playlist stays active between activities
- crossfading covers on wps fixed
- change xenoAmp language from prefs (help prefs)
- fixed some not working menu entries


- as requested: lyrics view inside XenoAmp
- rework of bitmap cache engine
- rework of notification system (If anyone is interested - I can put playlist progress on both widgets and notification)
- the overal responsiveness of wps should be better


- fixed one hard to find bug thanks to xcal321 (appeared only if you have all your files in a single directory!)
- new bugsense, maybe I'll be able to capture these widget bugs...
- some changes to widgets look and code
- Pref: don't mix files and directories in file browser (look in database prefs)


- some FC fixes
- new calib data
- recursive add tracks really works now
- fixed choosing main media dir and default icon on Androids>11
- pref: show whole cover on WPS


- fixed choose media dir question
- recursively add tracks to active playlist from file browser context menu
- fixed adding new playlist and other playlist issues
- fixed slider preferences
- current track gets a bookmark on pause
- current playlist opens on current track top
- internal: unified notification on all Android versions


- "modern" fragment-based preferences
- tablet enhancments
- finally: ask for media folder on start
- changed activities launch mode
- FC fixes


- scrobbling fixed
- playlists fixed
- tagging fixed
- crash on older androids
- shoutcast fixed
- massive changes to track/playlist, should be transparent to users, but new bugs probably introduced
- lots of new calibration data
- notification play/pause changing depending on state
- playlist widget menu has now playlist entries for quick selection in case you have lots of playlists
- add album (or whatever) to current playlist from context menu
- circular menu comes up quicker
- text on white background enhanced a bit
- headphone low impedance warning
- Pref: circular menu on finger up
- Fixed: first line not scrollilng + screen truncation in landscape (Android 2.2.x)


- new calibration: shooter, saga, evita, SGH-I777
- changes to XenoTrack, which is main underlying concept, may break everything, (works here )
- covers are obtained directly from tags during initial scan, so you will see them right ahead when you open music view
- if by any chance you notice a http server on port 41075 while running XenoAmp, it's a server that will allow streaming from your samba shares, it supports only requests of the form:<full smb path follows here>, but unless you manually create a playlist with smb:// path, this server is not stared
- If my streaming server works you'll be able to play files from your SMB shares very soon
- I think pooTunes tags are finally as expected


- newest jaudiotagger, should even handle mp4s from evil shops


- New calibration data
- You've requested it - cover on now playing screen, enable it in prefs
- Preliminary work on xeno lock screen widget
- You can set root media folder in prefs
- Numerous changes to tag scanning engine
- Renimated xeno widgets
- Workaround for volume change by some background audio focus manager


- Faster startup, cleaned lots of code...
- Visual feedback of tag update
- Corrected silly calibration bug (btw. dupa means "arse" in Polish)
- Embedded cover art is always used, even if bad quality (needs xeno cover cache clearing to work)


- New calibration data: R800i
- Social features


- New calibration data: MT11i, WT19i, endeavoru
- Tag editor working (changes go to Xeno databse, not touching your files!), in mass edit mode leave fields blank for no change
- Fixed a bug that prevented downloading covers for manual selection
- Faster cover/artist matching and downloading
- New DJ: create a playlist with similar artists' tracks (I must say it's my favourite suggested feature so far!)
- Pref: switch next/prev gesture direction
- Fallback artist tag to composer tag for badly tagged files from pOOTunes


- Oh my! All this time I thought you were able to do room calibration! Sorry! Now it should work!


- new calibration data: LT26i, p990, GT-S5830
- fixed scrobbling
- fixed eq on jellybean
- some preliminary work to resolve system 16-step vol vs xeno 50-step vol issues, not yet perfect


- new calibration data: LT15a, supersonic, maguro
- less intimidating preference screen
- ticker speed pref
- wps fade out pref
- volume knob sensitivity pref
- sheet inertia (scroll speed) pref
- quickly tune to your mood: play tracks from MUSIC view context menu without leaving the view
- you should be able to see your network neighbourhood from XenoRoot, no login dialog, so only guest access possible
- changed tutorial image sizes so they don't cause out of mem on smaller devices


- Fixed silly playlist bug
- Fixed notification on older systems


- Improved gesture detection on main screen: it doesn't matter where you begin the gesture now, a real curve detection algorithm for vol/up down gesture
- Initial work on Froyo compatibility, will cause a lot of FCs probably, but should run with some further tweaking and fixing, Froyo istallation disabled, cause there's a lot of idiots who give one star if the app crashes!
- Fixed Xeno sweep widgets disappearing on sweep
- You can get into TagEditor and play, but it doesn't update anything yet (sweep header to change tracks)
- Some mindless fixes to "playing with current playlist has no effect", but then again it may correct things before I have some time to think about it
- FC bugfixes


- Internal changes to active playlist handling, some new bugs introduced
- Better handling of track selection: query view now shows selected tracks, filebrowser and query synchronize their status with active playlist
- Many, many LDPI fixes!
- Less strict DSP checking may enable equalizer on some devices
- Some initial work to reenable tag editor


- Cosmetic changes for google Play release (you might skip that one and wait for new features).
- New calibration data for: m0, inc


- New calibration data: shooter, SCH-R720, thunderg,
- Filebrowser: doubleclick header to play
- Filebrowser: play directory from track/dir context menu
- Filebrowser: default sort by title, not track number
- Many internal changes (playback manager, playlist manager) that should be transparent to users, unless new bugs got introduced. Should be much more memory and resource friendly when stabilised.
- Fixed black text on black background on 2.3.x
- .nomedia in Xeno directory to disable covers from being picked
- Fixed: weird behaviour on removal of current track from current playlist


- New calibration data: haida, cdma_targa, ST25i, LT18i, olympus, daytona
- MASSIVE rewrites in database module. Everything they write on stackoverflow about android mysqlite handling is wrong! It should also reduce memory usage.


- Fixed some new FCs.
- Calibration data for new devices: GT-I9000B, GT-S7500L, GT-S5360B, runnymede, ST15i, hallon, grouper.
- Tutorial for those... less adventurous. Check it out, maybe you'll learn something new!
- Fixed JB volume bug on gapless playback
- Fixed room calibration phase, now it works as expected
- Embedded lyrics view
- White skin enabled, still needs much work, though.


- Fixed ugly 2.3.x notification to standard look
- Case insensitive sorting (might still be case sensitive in some places, so tell me)
- Headphone and room calibrators work, you have to field test them, though. May require tuning. No equalizer profiles yet, so... you'll have to remember your settings Do not turn off or rotate your device during calibration, as I didn't have time to handle it.
- Presistent playlists. Live through XenoAmp deinstallation. You have to copy you current playlists from XenoAmp data to /XenoAmp manyally


- Just a Hotfix for 2.3.x Androids


- Turn on Android notifications by default
- Make beta version disclaimer less intimidating
- Slow down scrolling speed on sheet
- So much for wackiness: disable horizontal dragging of rows whose length is less than screen width
- On first run after database scan main playlist is filled with 10 random albums so no more menacing "playlist empty" or pervert "touch me".
- Better use tablet screenspace
- Add notification media buttons (already on todo)
Regular changes:
- Fixed playlist name cutoff on ldpi
- New DJ: 10 random albums
- Headeset buttons - may be fixed, try it.


- Fixed volume problem (used log as scalar, supid!)
- Fixed: exiting screens brings back to WPS (was: There is a problem, that I cannot go from playlist screen back to main screen without playing music. Pressing back key, after I e.g. enabled my BT headphones in settings then switched back to app puts me back to BT settings menu...which is frustrating. Add some sort of gesture or key for general in-app back)
- I've ordered a bluetooth receiver with media buttons to test problems with media buttons
- Fixed DSP discovery on broken ROMs. Now you can at least use Bears Audio...
- Cleaned lots of calibrator code to prepare it for GUI, outpurt of uncorrected (=useless) room frequency response in logcat
- Preliminary headphone calibration, you can hear it generating tones, but no useful adjustments are applied yet. If you want to test your ears/headphones combination, sit in a prefectly quiet environment and ask someane to take a note from logcat when you hear each freq


- Better responsiveness during scan.
- Fixed by brute force: Clearing currently playing playlist causes some strange side effects
- New DJ: all tracks (wonder how many tracks will make out of memory error...)
- New DJ: random 100 tracks
- Preliminary tag-embedded lyrics support, you can see it in logcat (LyricsWiki will not be searched in such case!)


- Fixed volume issue
- Silent mode doesn't turn off on my device. How about your?
- Fixes: dsp working as expected on JB (was: Check chained dsp in JB)


- fix scanning on machines that have their storage monted via fuse
- save (last) scroll position in file browser mode
- fixed one FC in filebrowser
- fixed Korean (and probably all other) font displays. QUESTION: Which languages need scroll direction and prev/next directions swapped?
- fixed various database threading issues
- fixed loooooong artist display on WPS
- equalizer now has "flatten" button that will reset it and turn off to save cpu
- fixed eq display behaving strange on drag
- fixed last band on eq display looking stupid
- Turkish translation (thanks Translater)
- fixed: "The player turns silent mode off automatically".
- In your face Spinal Tap! My Amp goes to +50! Volume is now 50 steps for extreme fine tune and preserved from session to session.
- Fix temporary audiofocus loss
- How do you like new icon?

RELEASE 0.13 (Google market release)

- Fixed some crashes connected to database
- Fixed next track after sort
- Fixed FC in file browser
- Fixed various FCs from 0.12


- Massive amount of FC bugfixes

- Improved db interaction stability

- Incorporated Google Music Play API, and removed it again, as it created some crazy compilation memory requirements. Since Google Music is available only in the U.S.A., I need someone brave from there to test it.

- Framework for detecting your Android facilities. If after this update you don't see anything in EQ (or XenoAmp crashes immediately...) it means your EQ engine is broken. Ask your ROM chief! (was: Detect and disable cheating Androids (the ones that claim they're higher versions that really are) - this causes many FCs, because xenoamp uses features based on API level. Some ROMS clam to be JellyBean, but surprisingly don't support JellyBean APIs!)

- Nomedia management fixed

- First changes for low DPI devices, tell me if you see them in playlists and filebrowser (sheet probably left untouched).

- Low DPI devices will get Base Icon size of 100x100, meaning that covers will be kept at 100x100 pixels and existing tag/cover.jpg files will be used if greater than 100x100 px. Existing xenoamp covers won't be resised, you have to delete them (or mass resize with favourite tool).

- Put back Beats Audio hack discovery into Xeno EQs.

- Fixed nonresponsiveness while db scanning (that includes pausing current track).

- Allow zoom out in sheet by click on row name

- Pref: completely disable rating

- Pref: stop phone from locking while xenoamping

- Pref: allow Android notification bar instead of xeno (looks cr*p, but customer is always right!)

- Fixed: JellyBean - next track often out of sync with current playlist

- Did I mention media scanning improvements?


- Another fix for initial scanning (sheeeeesh...)

- Due to reintroducing SMB components and preparation to SMB streaming, big internal change to audiotrack object, should be transparent to users, but could also break a lot, as it is used everywhere in XenoAmp (works here, he, he...)




- Probably fixed crash on 2.x.x

- Annotated database scan so your logcats have more info

- Fixed progress circle not working in first quarter.


- Lockscreen widget on ICS and later - alive and kicking (earlier Androids will get only xenoampy widget, sorry! ...but then again maybe you won't be sorry if you see it)

- Finally fix this f#$!?* file scanning on all devices? Don't know. You tell me!


- Bugfix release, detect broken AdioFX on some devices. ("Effect library not loaded" exception)

- For me: getting crash reports from widgets, until now I wasn`t aware something`s wrong (and never had any problem with widgets)

- Test lockscreen widget, as it keeps coming back to me like a boomerang. (not visible for users)

- Bigger filesize due to reintegration of smb (not yet enabled)


- Managing .nomedia by Xeno file browser (requested also as: Allow user to choose which folders to scan). From file/directory context menu you can flip folder .nomedia status (works upward to highest .nomedia).

- Changing default cover image (the white-with-note one) - i think I'll start competition for replacement art. XenoAmp default cover image competition

- Switching play/pause with rating (you know what I mean?)

- Phone jack preference works as expected

- Quick and dirty: displaying results of MusicBrainz queries (no updates to db yet, as "smart" syncing still needs tuning), go to sheet view, select "Smart tag sync" from context menu. Results may vary.

- Bugfix for media scan for users who have their media mounted in /


- Faster initial scan - during first run only your current media folders will be scanned (only the folders that Android is aware of). If you force scan from prefs it will scan all mounted vfat, cifs and ext* media. (If you want to check this feature, or your media didn't get scanned before, PLEASE UNINSTALL COMPLETELY to remove current database).

- .nomedia is now recursive

- some bug fixes, based on your reports and BugSense


- Fixed db scanning on JellyBean. Media scanner will pick all mounted vfat and cifs filesystems, no unneeded directories scanned.



Release 0.3 has the following fixed:

- Android 2.2.x Should be working, but since I don't have a 2.2.x machine, I can't check it.

- Completely new media scanning engine, shouldn't cause out of memory, should scan all your mounted media.

- Showing lyrics should now work every time.

- Title scrolling too fast on low DPI devices

- Clock overlapping battery on low DPI

- Pinch to zoom crash

- Sorting tracks by title and trackno in filebrowser view, sheet view and playlist widget. If you need any other kind of sort - tell me. Do remember, that playlist names and directory names have a context menu (long press) and react to click (toggle selection), so you can easily select all tracks in sheet tile or whole directory in filebrowser mode!

- Corrected date of addition to db, date of last play bug, the flow view is now fully functional

- Cover images from jpegs in folders. Priority is now: 1) mp3 embedded if bigger than 300x300, 2) any *.jp(e)g file in track's dir or parent dir, if bigger than 300x300, 3) internet search

- Lots of small bugs - THANKS TO ALL THE TESTERS!
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8th August 2012, 10:24 PM |#4  
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I'm down for testing galaxy nexus right here

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda app-developers app
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8th August 2012, 10:30 PM |#6  
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Seems awesome !
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8th August 2012, 10:35 PM |#7  
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I am ready to test it on my JellyBean-running HTC Sensation!
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8th August 2012, 10:39 PM |#8  
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Looks interesting

Sent from my LG-E730 using Tapatalk 2
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8th August 2012, 10:56 PM |#9  
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Looks very promising , I'll keep an eye on it.
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8th August 2012, 11:06 PM |#10  
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wow, the demo really make me want it. good work dev
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8th August 2012, 11:24 PM |#11  
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Very promising... Cant wait

Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
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