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By Mazda, Retired Recognized Developer on 14th August 2012, 03:26 AM
Thread Closed Email Thread

If you're a developer and wish to port this ROM to another device or just want to use it as a base, I ask that you PM me first!

Although this is based on the AOKP source, I've spend countless hours applying fixes, tweaks and a handful of modifications that were not included in AOKP's source. If and when you are
granted permission to use this ROM either as a base or to port it to another device, I except general developer courtesy and my name along with everyone found under credits/thanks in your credits/thanks section.

9/10 times you will be granted permission to use the ROM for whatever you wish, I just ask that a PM be sent to me prior to posting the ROM and that you follow through on the conditions of using the ROM

Like all my threads, I want to give credit and thank you for those that help me along the way and make these ROMs/MODs and everything I do possible!

Tomzefi (For donating his EVO 3D to me and being a cool dude)

Google and HTC | AOKP Team | Cyanogen | Preludedrew | Agrabren | MikeC84 | Tommytomatoe

iBlowpot | DigitalKarma | qnhoang81 | couga6442 | rohan32 | dastin1015 | NYCHitman1 | Hippie459MN | ramjet73

- All of Team D.I.R.T and everyone that supports us!

* If you feel that your name should be in the OP for one reason or another, please PM and I'll get you up there if I forgot you

Kernel Source to agrabren's kernel (v1.0 - v1.5):

Kernel Source to MikeC84's kernel (v1.6 - v1.8):

Kernel Source to JMZtaylor's kernel (v1.9):

Kernel Source to Evervolv kernel (v2.0 til v2.1):

Kernel Source to bigwillyg's kernel (v2.2):

Kernel Source to DIRT-MOD kernel (v2.3 til whenever):

- Download the ROM using WiFi
- Move the ROM zip to the sdcard
- Flash it and ENJOY

Make sure you're NOT using the 1.58 HBOOT
(this will cause reboots and other issues)

(In order of importance)

- No 3D

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v1.0
- Got it to boot
- Fixed a few things i.e SU, Browser, Proximity Sensor, etc.
- Removed a few apps that I considered blotware
- Removed the majority of NFC stuff
- Removed Video files inside system/media
- Updated Hosts (Ad-Free experience)
- Edited framework to make Own number for voicemail
- Landscape Lockscreen MOD applied
- Basically that's it......this is the first release so there'll be more fixes to come

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v1.1
- Lockscreen battery percent in ROM Control
- More optimization and tweaks to increase speed (should notice compare to previous version)
- "About AOKP" option added in case you want to show your support 
- Lockscreen weather is now available with beautiful lockscreen icons
- More options under sound for Face down audio mode
- A bit more organized in ROM Control...menus moved around a bit
- Added OI File Manager
- Fixed headphone jack bug

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v1.2
- Fixed USB Mount issue 
- Fixed Roaming Indicator (it now shows your connection/network i.e sprint or roaming)
- More options/fixes under ROM Control to include the following.....

* Navigation Bar now works and can toggle On-Screen buttons on/off on the go
* Button glow animation for Navigation Bar
* Navigation Bar color change/glow color change
* Change lockscreen wallpaper 
* Statusbar Toggle indiciator color change for enabled and disabled
* Statusbar Toggle indiciator alpha
* Brightness location for Statusbar Toggles
* Option to reset Statusbar Toggles
* Performance tab in ROM Control (SetCPU style options)
* Phone Call Silence options in Sound Settings
* Less Frequent Notification Sounds Options in Sound Settings
* Disable boot animation in General User Interface
* Option to change notification background in General User Interface

- New icons for ROM Control and a little bit smoother
- Updated Nova Launcher to latest v1.3 Beta 5
- Removed Landscape Lockscreen MOD (will provide flashable zip for those that want it)
- Removed DSP Manager (Kept on FCing in certain situation...will include when I can fix it)

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v1.3
- Fixed reported left side headphone bug
- Fixed FCing of DSP Manager so it back :)
- Optimized the ROM some what and reduced the total size to 99MBs

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v1.4
- Edited CdmaSMSDispatcher to possibly fix MMS issue (untested so you guys tell me)
- Remove LED Options in ROM Control (they don't apply to our phone)
- Removed Flash/LED option in toggles until fixed (caused reboots and other issues)
- Removed ProTekk O'Clock from Clock options (don't think anyone will miss that)
- Removed DSPManager from app drawer and moved it to Settings under Themes
- Added Data toggle 
- Added Update App 

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v1.5
- Ability to change carrier label
- Ability to change lockscreen text
- Ability to change clock color
- Should notice an improvement in Multi-Touch and just overall speed
- Decreased ROM size and now is down to 89.3 MB
- New Swag Papers

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v1.6
- The latest AOKP fixes/additions to include the following.....

* Lockscreen targets with AOKP icons
* ADB over network
* IME switcher/toggler
* Ability to add weather panel above toggles or above carrier name
* Lockscreen Calendar Options
* Safe headset volume toggle (to prevent from blowing your speaker up)

- Baked in latest MAC Kernel
- Fixed DSPManager....hopefully this is the last time I have to deal with that
- Some more stuff I'm sure, can't remember right this minute......

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v1.7
- Fixed reported ringtone/notifications select in settings/sound
- Fixed reported hardware keys not vibrating on touch

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v1.8
- More Options in ROM Control to include the following

* Kill All button in recents
* Hold back to kill feature
* Power Menu options (add screenshot, navigation bar or airplane)
* Signal customize options

- Removed Lockscreen targets for now (caused issues)
- Added new CM10 Quick Message MMS app (have to enable it in MMS settings)
- Updated Apps that needed updating (Launchers, Update app, etc)
- New Team D.I.R.T boot animation (HUGE THANKS TO iBlowpot)
- Moved quick links to the bottom of settings (Think it looks better there)
- Fixed low sound/vibrate on touch issue (should notice the difference)

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v1.9

* Hardware keys, change options of hardware buttons and action overflow option
* Lockscreen Targets (they're back)
* LCD Density Control (120 dpi to 240 dpi)
* Tablet UI (when enabled it will enable to 320 dpi, just use the LCD Density Control to set about 160 dpi)

- Renamed AOKP about to Show Your Support
- Added Team D.I.R.T to "Show Your Support" section (just twitter accounts no donation links)
- Added Team D.I.R.T IRC channel (we're usually on at night time...hahahaha)
- Fixed DSPManager
- Added Animation Manager (change Window and Keyboard transition/animation)
- Updated apps like supersu and updater app
- Added Launcher option in Settings (works only with Trebuchet for now)
- Added a few options to some menus
- Removed NOVA Launcher and STOCK AOKP launcher
- Included some performance and battery saving tweaks (build.prop and init.d)
- Included new kernel by JMZtaylor

***** Please note that some apps MAY NOT work 100 percent with tablet UI *****

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v2.0
- Fixed Google NOW
- Fixed MMS (confirmed working on Sprint by Dego41 and shinigami13.....also works on Boost Mobile, please see post #2)
- Fixed WiFi Tethering
- Added latest Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher in the /data/app folder so you can uninstall if you wish
- Started working on WiMax again (WIP)
- More ROM Control features to include the following

* Allow 180 degree rotation
* Vibrations (YEAH I KNOW.....but is kind of cool)
* Allow Lockscreen rotation (no more flashable mods)
* Add alternative Lockscreen music layout
* WiFi tether toggle
* More signal options i.e alt signal layout 
* New deskclock that includes stopwatch & countdown
* More things that Team KANG added in their latest build

- Removed Screen Candy in settings/display
- Removed hardware tab in ROM Control
- Fixed Data usage (able to actually set mobile data limits if you want that)
- Made some more changes to menus in settings and other apps
- Changed kernel to latest Evervolv Kernel (I KNOW, it seems like every other update BUT I'm testing new ones to see which one is best)
- Most likely I forgot something but if I remember, I'll update this list.......ENJOY!!! 

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v2.1
- Fixed network error and that other bs with Google NOW (should work with no issues)
- Tweaked settings and some other menus (Nothing major)
- Added Aroma Installer (BIG THANKS to thedawn2009) to give you more options to include

* Launcher options (Apex, Nova or Trebuchet)
* Option to add commonly used apps such as Titanium backup, Chrome, YouTube and ROM Toolbox (all free versions)
* Latest GAPPS option

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v2.2
- Got rid of the whole porting thing and decide to built the ROM from source :laugh:
- Synced with latest AOKP Sources as of 04:39AM CST 19-OCT-2012
- Fixed a lot of the issues i.e themes not working, certain apps not installing, etc 
- Incorporated JB Camera fix (HUGE THANKS to Agrabren and all involved)
- More options added to Aroma Installer (THANKS to theDawn2009)
- New Custom AOKP boot animation (THANKS to iBlowpot)

- Cherry picked the following piece of code
* CM Advanced Phone Settings
* On click action to notification clock and date

- More stuff (can't think of all that was done in the last few days)

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v2.3 
- Sycned with latest AOKP sources 
- Included latest kernel by thedawn2009
- Fixed FFC upside down bug
- Fixed Browser/webkit bug 
- Fixed some glitches with graphics
- Added in Update App (Thanks
- Added Android 4.2 Keyboard/Desk Clock & Camera
- Added CM10 new File Manager
- Some other stuff I'm sure......

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v2.4 
- Added options to control scroll friction and velocity in ROM Control
- Added increasing ringtone volume option in Settings
- Added CM Advanced Phone Settings 
- Added CM CircleBatteries added to battery options
- Fixed a typo in settings (amazingly enough, nobody caught it)
- AOKP didn't merge anything today so nothing from them.....YET

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v2.5 
- Added Honeycomb style battery in RC
- Added Gummy style battery in RC
- Added option to show WiFi network name in RC
- Added Statusbar Transparency in RC
- Added Hardware keys in Settings
- Added Button Light notification and Button actions in Settings
- Removed AOKP Statistics (honestly, it was annoying)
- Removed (for now) options to control scroll friction and velocity in ROM Control
- Added more options to Advanced Settings in Phone
- Fixed LCD Density issue 

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v2.6 
- Fixed webkit bug.....AGAIN (guess it broke when I synced with AOKP)
- Allow copy/paste in Google Talk
- Apply build.prop edit to fully remove bootanimation in RC
- Optimized launcher2 for more speed 
- PNGOUT launcher2 images
- Camcorder fixed (Thanks Jsparta26)
- Edited LCD Density values in RC for our device

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v2.7  
- Synced with latest AOKP sources to include things such as
* Circle lockscreen
* Cog Circle Battery
* Fix volume track skip control with 3rd party applications
* NavRing: Long press actions
* ROMControl Widget Fixes
* Much More

- Added Vertical CRT-off Animation (Thanks Evilisto)
- Added Mms auto-retrieval
- More advanced settings in Phone
- Added Center Lockscreen MOD in ROMControl
- Fixed YouTube (please see note)
- I'm pretty sure there's more BUT I can't remember....OH WELL :)

As a result of Jsparta26's Camcorder fix that fixed the camcorder, things such as youtube and I believe Netflix were broken.
I conducted a quick poll to see which one we should have....camcorder or youtube and youtube won due to the fact that
there is a work around for the camcorder by using Videocam Illusion

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v2.8 
- Fixed Camcorder issue (Thanks dastin1015 for the tip)
- Synced with latest AOKP sources (few minor things were merged, nothing noticeable)
- Removed Goo Manager (will look for an alternative updater app)
- Removed Vertical CRT-off Animation (Will bring it back when I'm able to make a toggle for it)
Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v2.9
- Synced latest AOKP sources
- Fixed Video playback (Camcorder still works BUT freezes if you try to focus after recording)
- Fix/Update Cog Circle battery
- Removed Center Clock MOD (will bring it back when I get it working 100 percent with transparent lockscreen)
- Added in transparent lockscreen mod and made a toggle for it in ROM Control (still a WIP)
- Added CM's quiet hours in Settings

**When enabling the transparent lockscreen toggle, it will reboot the first time so please don't report that it reboots**

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v3.0
- Started compiling the ROM with latest Linaro Toolchain release 4.7
- Fixed brightness slider for tablet ui
- Update NovaLauncher and SuperSU

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v3.1 
- All apps that needed updating, got updated (Nova Launcher, Terminal, etc..)
- Built and added in Evervolv Widgets (BIG THANKS to Preludedrew for letting me use them)
- Fixed and added in the center lockscreen mod (works flawlessly now with transparent lockscreen)
- Optimized the ROM with Linaro (please read what Linaro does and all that stuff in the second post of this thread aka FAQs)
- Added in DSPManager and new Apollo music player
- Added in Primo Launcher (Thanks for the tip ognimnella) 
- Synced with latest AOKP sources
- Removed Hardware keys and added in Soft Key Options in RC
- Added in WiFi Tether Toggle
- Removed Quiet Hours (found out that it was already in Settings/ need to have it in two places)
- I'm sure I'm forgetting something else....if I figure it out later, I'll add it back in :)

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v3.2  
- Lots of kernel modifications (Thanks to MikeC84)
- Remapped DSPManager to Settings/Sound
- Added native syncing of Facebook (No need for HaxSync or any 3rd party apps)
- Upped the ROM optimization level to -Ofast 
- Added Fast Charge toggle (still a WIP....may not even work)
- Added MikeC84 to "Show Your Support" tab in RC
- Changed weather icons (Looks better now IMO)
- Fixed CMFileManager RW issue
- Updated Hosts file for an ad-free experience 
- Updated Primo Launcher to the latest version

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v3.3 
- Unfortunately due to things out of my control, Primo Launcher had to be removed 
- Removed DSPManager 
- Removed Fast Charge toggle until I can fix it
- Added in AWESOME Beats, IMO is better (YMMV and be careful not to blow out your speaker)
- That's about it......ENJOY!! 

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v3.4 
- Added bootloader option in power menu
- Added six batteries to be toggled on/off in RC under Battery
- Added stationary lock button to the right of settings in pulldown to reduce wear on the actual hardware button
- Added missing info in settings/About AOKP/Hardware info
- Added new Team D.I.R.T member in RC (MazWoz)

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v3.5 
- Added some 7 more batteries into ROM Control
- Fixed Wimax/4G (see note #1 below)
- Added an "Automatically Connect" option for WiFi networks
- Added more launchers (Apex and Trebuchet aka CM Launcher)
- Added Launch tools in developer options
- Added new Team D.I.R.T member in RC (Lloir)
- Added some build.prop tweaks to improve network speeds (Thanks Jsparta26)
- Made some edits to the ramdisk to improve performance (see note #2 below)
- Updated Dirt Papers with no wallpaper option & more wallpapers

**NOTE #1
OK, well wimax works! "Jump for joy" BUT this doesn't mean is flawless! What 
this means is that althought it works, 4G icon doesn't show up! I've tried to fix 
this on my own and to be honest, I couldn't. I then push pride aside and talked 
to a few knowledgeable developers out there and what we came up with is that 
this is an issue that's going to be present for a while! Is not something that's 
easily fixed! We will work on it as a group and hopefully put this issue behind us! 
Like all things, it just takes times! :good: Just know that the speedtests done 
yesterday by the testers do confirm that wimax does indeed work!

**NOTE #2
You won't see the improvements in benchmarks. Actually you may see a decrease 
in benchmarks because of the tweaks made but I honestly don't care about that! 
As long as the actual performance is up to my standard, I could care less what 
AnTuTu or any benchmark says AND I believe you should feel the same way too :good:

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v3.5.1  ***Incremental Update***
- Fix Gummy style battery in RC/SystemUI to show during charging

Team D.I.R.T Unofficial AOKP v3.5.2  ***Incremental Update***
- Possibly made flashing an Incremental update easier and noob proof (Thanks ramjet73)
- Added "Rainbow" battery as requested by Shadow89
- Fixed settings in Trebuchet launcher


BIG THANKS TO incarceration for this!!

Signature Support Banners

To use it just go into your USER CP, Edit Signature and place this in the edit box
HTML Code:

To use it just go into your USER CP, Edit Signature and place this in the edit box
HTML Code:


PLEASE be respectful and REMEMBER that this is FREE! I do NOT work for you! I have NOT and WILL NOT ask for donations for any of this! If you wish to donate, that's on you and that's just a donation! YOU WILL NOT get an early copy of ANY ROM and I will not post your name/username anywhere....just not my style! Also please don't ask for ETA's or expect updates based on other things i.e someone fixed this or whatever the case may be!

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14th August 2012, 03:26 AM |#2  
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Team D.I.R.T wallpaper app (DIRT Papers)

- Initial Release

- Added more wallpapers
- Added a no wallpaper option
- Changed default icon

Don't like the stock green smiley images in Jellybean??
Well THANKS to Hippie459MN, you can change that (Only works for the v3.5 update)

Stock messaging app in v3.5 with ICS smilies:


1. Use the Voice Dailer and say "Open APNs"
2. Click on "Open APNs"
3. Click on the default Sprint Access Point tab
4. Put in the following settings....

Name = Sprint
APN = Boost_Mobile
Proxy =
Port =
Username =
Password =
Server =
MMS proxy =
MMS port =
MCC = 310
MNC = 120
Authentication type = PAP or CHAP
APN type =
APN protocol = IPv4
APN roaming protocol = IPv4
APN enable/disable (greyed out) = Apn enabled
Bearer = Unspecified

5. Save the settings by hitting menu and save
6. Select your modified Access Point
7. REBOOT and ENJOY MMS through the native MMS app

HOW TO GET MMS GOING FOR Cricket (THANKS to sniper849)

Original post can be found here

1. Use the Voice Dailer and say "Open APNs"
2. Click on "Open APNs"
3. Click on the default Sprint Access Point tab
4. Put in the following settings....

User Name-Your phone [email protected]
Server-leave blank
MMS Port-8080
APN Type-*
APN Protocol-IPv4
APN Roaming Protocol-IPv4

5. Save the settings by hitting menu and save
6. Select your modified Access Point
7. After changing the APN replaced the stock Mms.apk with this one below and push to /system/app
8. Reboot and ENJOY!! (Just the Mms.apk) (Flashable zip)

Planned MODS for AOKP

- Transparent Lockscreen
- Different Battery MODs
- Sense 4.0 Recents
- Much More

Motorola Launcher and Clock Widget from the Razr M

MD5: 606cafd912e3335032c39e268fc751c9

Full credit to olm3ca for the RAZR M System Dump

Q - Do I have to wipe before flashing??
A - YES, even if you're coming from a previous version of this ROM.

Q - I flashed (Insert kernel name) and now I'm having an issue, what should I do?
A - You can do one of two things. First one is to wipe everything and flash the ROM again and stick with the stock kernel. Everything was tested on the stock kernel and aside from what's under known issues, everything works as it should. The other thing is to find the developer of the kernel and report the bug/issue to them. Not trying to sound nasty or be rude BUT I can't and won't provide support for every kernel.

Q - I flashed the ROM and now I have an issue, what should I do?
A - Don't freak out! Pull a logcat and paste it on to pastebin and provide me a link in the thread to it. Along with the logcat, please provide me with as much information as possible. Things that you would think could help me fix this issue.....i.e what kernel you're running, what happened, what did you prior to the bug/issue.

Q - How do I pull a logcat?
A - Check out this thread

Q - I see (Insert developer name) has fixed this or has added this feature, are you going to do the same?
A - NO! No disrespect to that developer but I have not and will not keep up with what other developers are doing.

Q - I hate Google Voice and want to use Sprint VVM, where can I find it?
A -

Q - Does this ROM support USB OTG?
A - YES but not with the stock kernel. You'll have to flash the ButteredToast kernel.
Check this post for a more detail explanation of how to get things going for USB OTG on this ROM....

Q - I heard this ROM has that really nice circle lockscreen thing BUT I just have the stock lockscreen.....did I do something wrong?
A- NO! Just go into Settings/Security/Screen lock and select Circles

Q - Is it OK to ask for ETA's?
A - Unlike other developers (no disrespect to them) I have no issues with people asking for ETA's but PLEASE keep in mind this. I'm horrible at keeping deadlines when I give out ETA's for fixes or features or updates. LIFE tends to hit when you least excepted and with that said, I hate to do it because it pisses people off to be told Monday and the update doesn't come til Thursday. So with that said, you can ask for ETA's but is very likely that I will ignore this

Q - Does the WiFi Tether from the playstore work with this ROM?
A - Yes it does! Using the configs below it works just fine. FYI, the native WiFi tethering works as well

Device-Profile: Generic ICS/JB (wlan0)
Setup-Method: Auto
Routing fix: Enabled

Q - I've tried everything and I still can't get this ROM to flash, what can I do?
A - Pay close attention to the video below...........

Q - WHAT IN THE WORLD is Linaro?
A - I could go on and on about what Linaro is and bore the masses with facts and this and that BUT I won't!
Basically, linaro is just improvements done to the kernel and the ROM. These improvements are done by optimizing the GNU compiler collection (GCC) toolchain, the kernel, ARM power management, graphics and multimedia interfaces.

Q - What is Linaro going to do to this ROM?
A - Well it will do a few things to the ROM but one thing it won't do is, it won't increase the performance by 200 percent like you first heard when Linaro came out! It will indeed make things snappier. You will notice apps opening up a bit faster and in some cases, it will make a few of them run smoother. You will also see an increase in benchmarks (useless but fun to show compare to a ROM not optimized by linaro by overclocking your EVO 3D but I would recommend you not do this as this will also cause your battery to drain.

Q - I'm having issues with the camcorder, what can I do to get it work?
A - Well although is working for the majority of the users using this ROM including myself, there's a select few that have issues with the camcorder. One way to temp fix this issue until I can get to the root of the problem is to lower your video quality from the default 720p to 480p. Make sure you clear your cache for the gallery before doing this and is been known to start working afterwards

Q - How do I flash a splash screen?
A - Download the splash screen and place it onto the root of your sdcard (not inside any folder) and reboot into the bootloader. Once in the bootloader, it will prompt you to flash the splash screen.....folder the on screen instructions and that's it

Q - I'm getting a 941 error from the Google Playstore. What is this and how can I fix it?
A - Unfortunately this issue is common and it is something that Google is working on fixing. Please check this thread for a temp solution

Q - I keep on losing internal space when I use Wimax, what can I do to fix this?
A - Thanks to ramjet73, here's a fix
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14th August 2012, 03:27 AM |#3  
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Donate to Me

If you get blank screen on wake up set default min cpu to 380

Coming soon

Linux 3.0.65
xz compression (source)
Linaro funroll loop opti

2/11/2013 - v3.6Download

    • Patched up to Linux 3.0.63
    • BFQ v6

2/4/2013 - v3.5

   • Patched Linux to 3.0.62
   • ROW v4 IO scheduler
   • Backport ROW to 3.0 - (faux123)
   • Update BFQ to v5r1
   • Update Linaro toolchain

1/5/2013 - v3.2

   • Wheatley governor
   • Zen I/O Scheduler
   • Update BFQ to v5
   • Patch linux to 3.0.57
   • Update updater script

11/17/2012 - v3.0

   • Patched up to Linux 3.0.53
   • Update zcache and zram - (faux123)
   • Add Google snappy compression / decompression and set to default
   • Patched up to 3.0.51 - (Coolexe, cjoliver)
   •  Topology drivers -
   • Optimized CRC32 algorithm
   • Advanced screen off profile for mpdecision - (cjoliver)
   • CPU Alignment fix
   • Badass Governor with GPU control - showp1984
   • Update Linaro toolchain -
   • Disable ROW IO Scheduler
   • Adjust vfs cache pressure
   • Enabled USB OTG - Yes, I forgot about this :eek:
   • Other minor tweaks and fixes
        • Expose kblock_scheduled_delayed_work()
        • task_times() explosion avoidance for tasks with > 2^32 accrued ticks
        • sched,rt: fix isolated CPUs leaving root_task_group indefinitely throttled
        • sweep2wake -> naming fix
   • Linaro -O3 Optimized
   • Fix -O3 compile errors (me - Chad G - Agrabren - Showp1984)
   • Implement ck1 patchset - (Ziggy)
   • Add -Ofast Linaro flag to config 
   • Ziggy's sysfs vdd interface - You can now see voltages in Antutu CPU master
   • Ziggy's LagFree
   • Ziggy's Smartass v2
   • Update LZO zram - Now as fast as Google's snappy zram but with better compression - (faux123)
   • zram - default back to LZO
   • Remove Google snappy zram in favor of LZO - Better compression
   • Removed a bunch of governors for battery testing (SavagedZen, Lionheart, Intellidemand, Scary, Lulzactive, Wheatley, Pegasusq, Lazy)
   • Add ROW I/O Scheduler - Unstable WIP - (faux123)
   • Optimized AES and SHA1 routines - (David McCullough)
   • MHzx8 bandwidth - (Coolexe)
   • 3-phase throttling with sysfs added to thermal managment - (Coolexe)
   • User configurable sweep2wake coordinates - (cjoliver)
   • Fix thermal management (me - faux123)
   • Tweak deadline io scheduler for better performance on Android - (faux123)
   • Sched fixes - (faux123)
   • Generic xchg-based implementation for ARMv6+ - (faux123)
   • Dynamic sync control
   • Fix bug due to buffer overrun
   • Fix Max speed on boot up
   • Lower display panel voltages - Help with battery life
   • Everything else from 1.0.0
   • Snapdragon and Linaro optimizations
   • Google's snappy zram compression / decompression
   • USB Fast Charge v3.1 - (yank555)
   • Sweep2Wake 3 button (menu, back, search) - (Coolexe)
   • Set default speeds min @ 192 MHz [email protected] 1516 MHz
   • CPU OC up to 1.944 MHz
   • L2 Cache up to 1566 MHz
   • CPU based alignment handling
   • Vdd table interface
   • GPU OC 2D @ 266 MHz 3D @ 320MHz (Chad G)
   • Glitch free GPU frequency changing
   • SLQB Memory Allocator - default
   • SLUB optimizations
   • Kernel based mpdecision - (Coolexe)
   • Kernel based thermal managment - (Dodava)
   • vfp neon optimization 
   • Lower vfs cache pressure and made configurable
   • Tweaked audio buffers for Beats
   • Lowmemkiller and fugeswap
   • Lower camera flash to 5%
   • USB OTG
   • USB headset detection
   • Enable dynamic LED brightness
   • AC charging for unknown chargers
   • Prevent aliased request from starving I/O
   • Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
   • Use glibc version of lib: script
   • Use glibc version of lib: memcopy
   • Use git implementation of SHA-1
   • Increase min /max readahead buffers
   • Add optimization levels to config

USB Fast Charge

/sys/kernel/fast_charge/force_fast_charge == 1 to enable this feature // 0 to disable this feature (default)

from your pc:
adb shell
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/fast_charge/force_fast_charge

from a terminal app on your device:
echo 1 > /sys/kernel/fast_charge/force_fast_charge

or to create a script:
just add echo 1 > /sys/kernel/fast_charge/force_fast_charge to the script

Check out Chad's app that let's you control fast charge.


echo 0 > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake

This will disable the sweep2wake.

Other options are.
0 for disabled.
1 for enabled.
2 for enabled with backlight.

cm9 - Working great
Sense 3.6 - takes screen shot when swiping to sleep
Sense 4 - takes screen shot when swiping to sleep
Miui Sense - Doesn't work great


Start button -> /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake_startbutton -> HOME, MENU, BACK
End button -> /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake_endbutton -> SEARCH, BACK, MENU

If u want ur s2w start from MENU button then
echo MENU > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake_startbutton

and s2w end at SEARCH button then
echo SEARCH > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake_endbutton

Not all phones can handle 1.9! You may experience reboots if set too high, just lower until no more reboots, every phone is different...
Over clocking the CPU may drain the battery faster than if you were are at stock clock speed.
Underclock for better battery life...

Governor Info

Look here for governor tweaks

Ziggy's Lagfree
Lagfree is similar to ondemand. Main difference is it's optimization to become more battery friendly. Frequency is gracefully decreased and increased, unlike ondemand which jumps to 100% too often. Lagfree does not skip any frequency step while scaling up or down. Remember that if there's a requirement for sudden burst of power, lagfree can not satisfy that since it has to raise cpu through each higher frequency step from current. Some users report that video playback using lagfree stutters a little. Sysfs included.

Version 2 of the original smartass governor from Erasmux. Another favorite for many. The governor aims for an "ideal frequency", and ramp up more aggressively towards this freq and less aggressive after. It uses different ideal frequencies for screen on and screen off, namely awake_ideal_freq and sleep_ideal_freq. This governor scales down CPU very fast (to hit sleep_ideal_freq soon) while screen is off and scales up rapidly to awake_ideal_freq (500 mhz for GS2 by default) when screen is on. There's no upper limit for frequency while screen is off (unlike Smartass). So the entire frequency range is available for the governor to use during screen-on and screen-off state. The motto of this governor is a balance between performance and battery. Sysfs included.

Badass removes all of this "fast peaking" to the max frequency. On a typical system the cpu won't go above 918Mhz and therefore stay cool and will use less power. To trigger a frequency increase, the system must run a bit @ 918Mhz with high load, then the frequency is bumped to 1188Mhz. If that is still not enough the governor gives you full throttle. (this transition should not take longer than 1-2 seconds, depending on the load your system is experiencing)
Badass will also take the gpu load into consideration. If the gpu is moderately busy it will bypass the above check and clock the cpu with 1188Mhz. If the gpu is crushed under load, badass will lift the restrictions to the cpu.

I/O Scheduler Info

Inserts all the incoming I/O requests to a First In First Out queue and implements request merging. Best used with storage devices that does not depend on mechanical movement to access data (yes, like our flash drives). Advantage here is that flash drives does not require reordering of multiple I/O requests unlike in normal hard drives.

Serves I/O requests with least number of cpu cycles. (Battery friendly?)
Best for flash drives since there is no seeking penalty.
Good throughput on db systems.
Reduction in number of cpu cycles used is proportional to drop in performance.

Goal is to minimize I/O latency or starvation of a request. The same is achieved by round robin policy to be fair among multiple I/O requests. Five queues are aggressively used to reorder incoming requests.

Nearly a real time scheduler.
Excels in reducing latency of any given single I/O.
Best scheduler for database access and queries.
Bandwidth requirement of a process - what percentage of CPU it needs, is easily calculated.
Like noop, a good scheduler for solid state/flash drives.
When system is overloaded, set of processes that may miss deadline is largely unpredictable.

Completely Fair Queuing scheduler maintains a scalable per-process I/O queue and attempts to distribute the available I/O bandwidth equally among all I/O requests. Each per-process queue contains synchronous requests from processes. Time slice allocated for each queue depends on the priority of the 'parent' process. V2 of CFQ has some fixes which solves process' i/o starvation and some small backward seeks in the hope of improving responsiveness.

Considered to deliver a balanced i/o performance.
Easiest to tune.
Excels on multiprocessor systems.
Best database system performance after deadline.
Some users report media scanning takes longest to complete using CFQ. This could be because of the property that since the bandwidth is equally distributed to all i/o operations during boot-up, media scanning is not given any special priority.
Jitter (worst-case-delay) exhibited can sometimes be high, because of the number of tasks competing for the disk.

Instead of time slices allocation by CFQ, BFQ assigns budgets. Disk is granted to an active process until it's budget (number of sectors) expires. BFQ assigns high budgets to non-read tasks. Budget assigned to a process varies over time as a function of it's behavior.

Believed to be very good for usb data transfer rate.
Believed to be the best scheduler for HD video recording and video streaming. (because of less jitter as compared to CFQ and others)
Considered an accurate i/o scheduler.
Achieves about 30% more throughput than CFQ on most workloads.
Not the best scheduler for benchmarking.
Higher budget assigned to a process can affect interactivity and increased latency.

Simple I/O scheduler aims to keep minimum overhead to achieve low latency to serve I/O requests. No priority quesues concepts, but only basic merging. Sio is a mix between noop & deadline. No reordering or sorting of requests.

Simple, so reliable.
Minimized starvation of requests.
Slow random-read speeds on flash drives, compared to other schedulers.
Sequential-read speeds on flash drives also not so good.
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HUGE thanks to Agrabren and CyanogenMod

What is a kernel?


In computing, the kernel is the main component of most computer operating systems; it is a bridge between applications and the actual data processing done at the hardware level. The kernel's responsibilities include managing the system's resources (the communication between hardware and software components).

 * Your warranty is now likely void.
 * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
 * spontaneous combustion, or any other host of cosmic penalties
 * which may befall you, your family, or your phone.

• Patched up to Linux 3.0.63
• Linaro -O3 optimized
• Linaro Topology drivers
• Ziggy's CK1 patchset
• Snapdragon and Linaro optimizations
• Optimized CRC32 algorithm
• Updated zcache and zram
• Google snappy zram compression /decompression - default
• Updated LZO zram compression / decompression
• USB Fast Charge v3.1
• Sweep2Wake with user sysfs - YOU pick start and end points!
• Set default speeds min @ 192 MHz [email protected] 1512 GHz
• CPU OC up to 1.944 GHz
• L2 Cache up to 1566 MHz
• CPU supported unaligned access
• Ziggy's Vdd table interface
• GPU OC 2D @ 266 MHz 3D @ 320MHz with MHzx8 bandwidth
• Glitch free GPU frequency changing
• SLQB Memory Allocator - default
• SLUB optimizations
• Kernel based mpdecision with advanced screen off profile
• Kernel based thermal managment with 3 phase throttling sysfs
• vfp neon optimization
• aosp WiFi - bcmdhd
• Dynamic sync control
• Lower vfs cache pressure and made configurable
• Lower display panel voltages with fix from Anryl
• Lowmemkiller and fugeswap
• Lower camera flash to 5%
• USB headset detection
• Enable dynamic LED brightness
• AC charging for unknown chargers
• Prevent aliased request from starving I/O
• Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
• Use glibc version of lib: script
• Use glibc version of lib: memcopy
• Use git implementation of SHA-1
• Optimized AES and SHA1 routines
• Generic xchg-based implementation for ARMv6+
• Increase min /max readahead buffers


• Smartass v2 w/sysfs
• LagFree w/sysfs
• BadAss with GPU control

I/O Schedulers

• Noop
• Deadline - Tweaked for better performance on android
• Simple (SIO) - Tweaked for better performance on android
• BFQ v6
• Zen
• ROW v4 backported to 3.0 - Confirmed working!!

• Boot to recovery
• Wipe cache
• Flash kernel
• Done


   • Patched Linux to 3.0.63
   • BFQ v6

   • Download

Hero_Over - For the inspiration to make something as good as Baked Snacks.
Agrabren - For all the QUALITY bases, probably wouldnt have this here today without him!
Coolexe - For the high quality rom I use for testing and for help along the way.
Cjoliver - For providing us with all the extra tweaks and latest linux patches.
Dodava - For kernel based thermal management
Dropzeroc - For making astounding roms.
Mazda - For making some really nice graphics for my thread
Team D.I.R.T. - For being awesome and inviting me into the crew. Also for the base to this.
Chad G - For porting sweep2wake to atmel touchscreens, GPU OC and help with some -O3 errors.
Chad0989 - For making an amazing mod, USB Fast Charge.
showp1984 - For sweep2wake, badass governor, kernel based mpdecision and just being a badass when it comes to android kernels!
faux123 - For all the stuff I used from his kernels.
ryrzy - Also for some stuff I used from his kernel.
yank555 - For keeping us updated with USB Fast Charge.
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3d CDMA forum is officially D . I . R .T . y. This guy is a monster

sent from another Galaxy
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Thanks Mazda. Looks like ima have to downgrade to 1.40 to flash this then . Oh well its not that big of a deal.
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glad to see you over here mazda..flashing now sir

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Me gusta...

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Originally Posted by Johnny424

glad to see you over here mazda..flashing now sir

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Yes SIR!! I'm glad to be here! Hopefully I can contribute as much as I have in the EVO4G section
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This is excellent news. I haven't tried AOKP myself yet, but considering Agraben is out now and there really isn't a solid and currently developed alternative to his build of AOSP on our phones, I'm totally keeping my eye on this thread! Totally jumping to this rom soon.
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aokp, freaking awesome!, linaro optimized, super smooth, team d.i.r.t
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