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[ROM][SEP 22] Team Venom ViperXL 4.2.0 | Sense 5 | Venom Tweaks | OTA Updates

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By Turge, Inactive Recognized Developer on 3rd September 2012, 03:50 PM
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3rd September 2012, 03:50 PM |#2  
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Full ROM:
Jelly Bean - Android 4.2.2 / Sense 5

ViperXL 4.2.0
Flashable OTA Updates:

If you didn't get the OTA update, or simply want to store it on your SD card for future use, you can download it below. These are incremental updates, please flash the appropriate one based on your currently installed version.
Kernels (Stock kernel can also be flashed through ROM install from Main Menu):
WiFi Partition Updates:

ViperXL 4.2.0 (Sept 22)
  • Fixed Messages heart smiley FC
  • Fixed VEQS scrolling issue
  • Fixed ability to collapse notification panel by dragging anywhere
  • Fixed lockscreen notifications with certain apps (Phone, Hangouts, WhatsApp, etc.)
  • Fixed low res icon pack preview
  • Fixed memory issues with dock images
  • Added infinite scrolling in Prism.apk
  • Added keyboard theming
  • Added new launcher docks and underlays
  • Added notification background colors (and icon)
  • Added flash speed for BLN
  • Added increased max city count to 1337 for world clock and weather
  • Added ability to separate VEQS/HEQS Hide and Reorder list
  • Added ability to hide clock/weather from app drawer
  • Added german translations, added russian translations

ViperXL 4.1.0 (Sept 10)
  • Fixed always show widget tweak
  • Fixed folder size in Sense Launcher
  • Fixed fake IMEI
  • Fixed Lockscreen notifications - all notifcations should work now
  • Fixed Send button disappearing in SMS app when hiding keyboard
  • Added the ability to turn off delivery report notifications to SMS App
  • Added Smiley button toggle to SMS app
  • Added Carrier label color change
  • Added ability to disable HEQS Text and Indicators
  • Added new camera/libs with working Zoe (Thanks ImagioX1 and E.Cadro)
  • Added new Venom SoundEnhancer and VenomEQ
  • Added new Overlays and NavBars
  • Fixed intermittent blank Settings panel
  • Fixed OTA Updates

ViperXL 4.0.0 (Sept 3)
  • New Android 4.2.2 / Sense base
  • Lots of new tweaks!

ViperXL 3.2.8 (April 25)
  • Sony Small Apps added (Check out example here:
  • Sidebar added - Ability to launch Small Apps, Quick Launch Apps or Recent Apps - To configure, open Sidebar app and long-press "View" button
    WARNING: Do NOT update the existing Small Apps - New Small Apps can be installed from the Play Store through Sidebar Settings
  • Fixed Status Bar Notification background - back to Cyan

ViperXL 3.2.7 (April 10)
  • Added tweak to toggle Fast Charging (ElementalX kernel required, Venom Tweaks -> CPU tab)
  • Added ability to switch status bar from gradient to opaque (Venom Tweaks - Status Bar)
  • Added tweak to change animation when changing tabs in HTC Apps (Venom Tweaks - Misc)
  • Added tweak to change the header background color (Venom Tweaks - Status Bar - Header)
  • Added tweak to change the horizontal EQS background color (Venom Tweaks - Status Bar)
  • Added new 'Colors' tab to Venom Tweaks to configure colors
  • Remove XLoud from Tweaks - can be enabled via EQS or Sound Manager when playing music through the internal speaker
  • Venom Hub updated with new interface
  • Beats notification icon will now be properly displayed when playing music (HTC Music, Google Play Music, etc.)
  • Added new Venom SD Manager - Mount your SDCARD as a mass storage device - Requires ElementalX 6.5 or newer which is available in the Hub or here:
  • Added new Venom Sound Manager
  • Added Sony ClearPhase (Automatically adjust the sound quality of the internal speaker) - Enabled through the Sound Manager when playing music through the internal speaker

ViperXL 3.2.6 (March 5)
  • Changed keyboard layout - keyboard skins can be downloaded from Hub
  • Changed voltage increment in Tweaks to 5mv instead of 25
  • Fixed FC when setting boot sound
  • Added tweak to close notification pulldown or toggle EQS with volume keys or by shaking device

ViperXL 3.2.5 (February 25)
  • Fixed 4x5 Sense Launcher

ViperXL 3.2.4 (February 24)
  • Added tweak to disable keyboard switch icon (Tweaks - Statusbar - Hide specfic notification icons)
  • Added tweak to configure weather background in notification bar (Tweaks - Statusbar)
  • Added tweak to enable 4x5 launcher - WARNING: use at own risk! (Tweaks - Sense)
  • Added tweak display number of pending notifications in status bar (Tweaks - Statusbar)
  • Added tweak to customize clock size on lockscreen (Tweaks - Lockscreen)
  • Added new "bounce" transition animation (Tweaks - Misc - Transition animations)
  • Added tweak to customize stock HTC keyboard (Tweaks - Buttons - Keyboard look)
  • Added Lyapotas HTCCamera JB Plus, Extrim
  • Venom Tweaks upgraded to v2.0 (minor UI changes)
  • Fixed issue with lockscreen buttons
  • Fixed Face Unlock

ViperXL 3.2.3 (February 15)
  • Added tweak to customize vertical EQS colors (background, text, dividers)
  • Added tweak to select custom phone and music apps
  • Added tweak to select Call button colors (Green/Blue)
  • Added tweak to turn on flashlight from off mode by long pressing power - flash light turns off when button is released
  • Added tweak to disable dialer/phone/contacts landscape
  • Added tweak to configure Rosie launcher menu
  • Added tweak to allow screen rotation when outputted via HDMI
  • Added tweak to configure allowed rotations (90, 180, 270)
  • Added tweak to configure lockscreen clock size
  • Fixed bug in HTC Sense launcher with hiding workspace if app drawer transparency more then 50%
  • Fixed default MMS size being reset on reboot
  • Moved transparent weather clocks to separate widget category
  • Reorganized tweaks app
  • Updated APNs

ViperXL 3.2.2 (February 9)
  • Added Sense 5 wide navigation bar style. Use Beauteous Skin to skin it
  • Added tweak to change DPI
  • Added 3 dot bar tweak
  • Fixed widget FCs
  • Fixed typos
  • Added Widget Scanner in Venom Tweaks
  • Added tweak to change Horizontal EQS sizes
  • Added ability to import/export tweak settings
  • Fixed FC on orientation switch with some Venom apps
  • Added landscape support in Phone, Dialer and Contacts
  • Added Bug Report in Venom Tweaks - capture logcat and screenshots
  • Updated Calculator
  • Fixed notification overlapping with centered clock

ViperXL 3.2.1 (February 1)
  • Fixed Google Search

ViperXL 3.2.0 (February 1)
  • Rebased with Telus Base: 3.17.661.2
  • Added Vertical quick settings
  • Added Extra info options for pulldown tweaks
  • Added custom bootsound enable
  • Fixed AOSP incoming call
  • Fixed rosie menu FCs
  • New tweak custom lockring positions
  • Added Overscroll colour tweaks
  • Added cube animation
  • New tweak transition animations
  • Reboot safemode added to APM
  • Hide n Reorder quicksettings now reset Statusbar when press OK
  • Added Transparent Rosie app drawer
  • Added new power saving settingsAdded Vertical quick settings
  • Icon packs code rewritten
  • Fixed picking custom boot,sound etc
  • Fixed CPU sliders in tweaks app
  • Added option to disable PCTool mount tweak
  • Added Custom lockscreen shortcuts even without Sense Launcher
  • Custom app notifications on lockscreen
  • Rearranged tweaks app
  • Added various NFC restrictions
  • New venom button manager
  • Updated CPU tab (no u/v for now)
  • Added Sony Bravia and Xloud
  • Added Venom Equalizer: 20 presets + custom equalizer
  • Added two new transparent clock widgets
  • Added SOS and Auto flash to Flashlight
  • Added Rosie Scroll wallpaper
  • Added Browser Unlimited tabs
  • Added Browser Developer settings
  • Added Custom header Date/Time Tweaks
  • Improved Quicklauncher
  • Improved Horizontal EQS (long press date to toggle!)
  • New Venom Venom Downloads UI
  • Added Venom Package Installer
  • Fixed Venom Tweaks picking fonts, animation etc
  • Fixed Hub applying fonts
  • Added custom clock hex colour
  • Updated Venom App Installer
  • Added long press system delay tweak
  • Added Rosie Appdrawer Border
  • Venom Hub Updated
  • Weather in Notification bar
  • Updated Lyapota's Camera Extrim
  • Fixed System RW setting not being applied
  • Fixed Logcat setting not being applied
  • Added Wifi N Setting for certain countried
  • Get More button in skins picker opens Venom HUB skins section
  • Added tweak to disable volume panel sounds
  • Updated Messages app - added some bubbles and delivery report (Thanks liamstears!)
  • Added Sense 4.1 People widget to restore 2x4 People widget
  • Added option to disable Exchange security policies
  • and various other tweaks I have missed...

ViperXL 3.1.0 (January 13)
  • Venom Tweaks And Venom Hub added - too many tweaks to list.
  • Lyapota's HTCCamera JB Plus, Extrim Ver 5.1
  • New Red Venom Sense skin and wallpaper
  • OTA updates now working for the next update

ViperXL 2.4.1 (December 18)
  • Increased low notification sound
  • Increased in-call volume (for those experiencing the problem)
  • Updated camera - thanks liamstears
  • New boot animation - thanks WRX4ME
  • New APNs added: Bell Mobility, Warid MMS (Pakistan) and T-Mobile Germany
  • Added updated Rosie which may have been missed in full 2.4.0 ROM

ViperXL 2.4.0 (December 11)
  • Tweak (Venom Tweaks - Lockscreen - Shortcuts - Lockring settings) to choose shortcuts and lockring position (Default, Arc, Left or Right shortcuts) - thanks memnoc (More to come)
  • Added create button in downloads UI, now you can directly add downloads by URL
  • Fixed bug that message preview was shown on lockscreen, even if it was disabled
  • Fixed Venom SuperUser - now request windows appears quick
  • Added new YouTube with HD and screen off playback (Advanced Settings)
  • Added Addons section in Venom HUB - available flashable zip addons from roms including radios
  • Added donation links support in Venom HUB - now you can donate to themer/kernel/addon developers
  • New FM Radio app from Sense 4.5 with lockscreen control
  • Disable lockscreen scene from Sense 4.5
  • Added Gtalk notifications on lockscreen(as htc messages and etc) - you can control it in Gtalk settings
  • Added Music lockscreen scene from Sense 4.5
  • Added "Managed Apps" and "Venom Hub" to now semi-transparent Rosie Launcher menu
  • Added Sony Playstation Cert. The Playstation app can be found in Venom Hub
  • Updated Camera
  • Added tweak to power on from deep sleep with volume up (if enabled in Tweaks)
  • Added /system/etc/Venom/info script (see this post)

ViperXL 2.3.2 (November 29)
  • Fixed APN list
  • Fixed Volume Step
  • Disabled more Smart Sync stuff
  • Added ability to mount usb key using an OTG (On The Go) cable with ElementalX through Venom Tweaks - Advanced (katdog75, thanks for the suggestion!)

ViperXL 2.3.1 (November 25)
  • Fixed APNs
  • Fixed volume step tweak
  • Modified browser with unlocked Debug page in browser settings
  • Fixed Red Venom theme

ViperXL 2.3.0 (November 24)
  • Fixed long-press flashlight horizontal EQS
  • Added Transition Animations to Tweaks
  • MusicBox - Beats headset now selectable
  • Added Volume Step control to Tweaks
  • Added Sony XLoud and Sony Bravia engine - toggle in Venom Tweaks
  • Updated MMS client with smilies button and configurable bubble color
  • CPU1 governor will now be matched with CPU0's

ViperXL 2.2.0 (November 10)
  • Kernels can now be flashed from Venom Hub
  • Added toggle for Sweep2Wake in Venom Tweaks - Lockscreen
  • Min/Max/Governor/cores CPU settings will now be applied on boot (for realz this time!)
  • Max CPU1 frequency now set to max frequency
  • Restored mpdecision and thermald
  • Fixed dithered Holo Background in some apps (
  • Added zRam tweak (thanks Flar2)

ViperXL 2.1.2 (October 28)
  • Forces CPU settings in Venom Tweaks to be applied on reboot
  • Updated Telstra APNs

ViperXL 2.1.0 (October 24)
  • Google Now updated to a more battery-friendly version
  • Carrier Tweaks added to install
  • GPS Tweaks added to install
  • New GMail added
  • New Google Play Store added
  • All APKs updated
  • Google DNS Configured
  • Several performance improvements
  • Further logging/debugging disabled
  • Cron scripts added
  • Venom Aroma theme updated
  • HTC Beats Notify icon restored

ViperXL 2.0.0 (October 8)
  • Rebased at
  • VenomHub updated with Sense Skins
  • GoogleNow added
  • Camera updated to HTCCamera 4.5 Plus ver. 8.0
  • Added Rezound VooDoo Mode
  • All APK's updated
  • Ability to migrate Venom Tweaks settings when wiping data
  • Recovery will be automatically updated to TWRP if required
  • Removed Keyboard - Arrow keys option from Venom Tweaks since this option is now stock
  • Updating system/customize/MNS/default.xml without wiping data will now reset MMS sizes
  • Aroma Installer updated to latest version (Touchscreen now more responsive)
  • Aroma File Manager updated to latest version
  • New Venom Aroma theme (Thanks Viper!)

ViperXL 1.2.4 (September 20)
  • New quick launch bar
  • Fixed cpu cores not sticking on reboot
  • Updated to HTCCamera 4.5 Plus ver. 7.2
  • Fixed LTE toggle icon in horizontal EQS

ViperXL 1.2.3 (September 16)
  • Fixed 4G icon being displayed instead of G icon in status bar

ViperXL 1.2.0 (September 14)
  • Removed Smooth Rosie Tweak - not required on Sense 4.1
  • Added lyapotas Sense 4.5 cam with volume keys mappings
  • Project butter - Hacks
  • MusicBox v3.0 Beatsmod
  • Added CPU control to Venom Tweaks
    • Set IO-Sheduler
    • Set CPU Governor
    • Set Max Core usage
    • Set CPU min/max frequency
    • Set voltages
    • Bootloop protection
  • Added option to hide labels on homescreen for shortcuts
  • Added Force GPU Rendering on 2D operations toggle to Advanced tab
  • Added possibility back to call HD Media Link with swype gesture
  • Added possibility to remap phone and music shortcut in HTC Car Mode app
  • Added theming to horizontal quicksettings
  • Updated VenomHUB
    • Bugfixes
    • Added caching
  • Fixed Tweaks that needs to be applied on boot again
  • Fixed NFC Toggle
  • Cleaned Rosie transparent navbar mod
  • Cleaned Rosie Menu (Lock/Unlock workspaces mod shows its state in the menu now)
  • Improved look of battery % mod
  • Updated hosts file
  • Option to install 4x5 Rosie

ViperXL 1.1.1 (September 10)
  • Updated APNs
  • Fixed G signal icon being displayed instead of H

ViperXL 1.1.0 (September 9)
  • Fixed Status Bar Theming
  • Added SuperCharger to fix lag
  • Fixed APNs
  • Fixed several issues in VenomTweaks
  • Tweaked build.prop settings
  • Fixed network disconnects (Hopefully!)
  • Fixed blank setup wizard screen
  • Fixed distorted status bar images
  • Fixed processor speed in status bar issue
  • Fixed AT&T Visual Voice Mail

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3rd September 2012, 03:50 PM |#3  
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[ROM][SEP 22] Team Venom ViperXL 4.2.0 | Sense 5 | Venom Tweaks | OTA Updates

Q: How do I install the rom?!
A: (Thanks to anarchychris for putting these together)
ViperXL Install Instructions
  1. Download the the latest ViperXL full ROM zip from the download section
  2. Place the file somewhere on your phone storage
  3. Confirm the MD5 on the download page matches the MD5 of the file on your phone (ES File Explorer will show the MD5 of the file)
  4. Reboot to TWRP Recovery
  5. Backup current ROM if desired
  6. Install ROM using TWRP and select wipe during aroma install if coming from another base
  7. If you have 1.14 hboot you may need to flash the boot.img in fastboot (ViperXL is fastboot 1.14 friendly but in some cases you will need to manually install the Boot.img). You will need to extract the Boot.img from the ROM zip.
  8. Reboot and Enjoy
You can flash the boot.img before or after flashing the rom. It works either way.

Helpful Links

Q: I have a problem with the ROM (FC, Boot Loop, apps closing automatically). How can I get my problem resolved?
A: First things first. Try wiping data and replicating the issue:
  • Rebooting into Recovery
  • Perform a Nandroid backup (of just Data if you wish)
  • Flash the ROM and select the option to "Wipe Data"
  • Try replicating the issue

If the problem persists, capture a logcat and send it to me.

To capture a logcat, If you have fastboot setup, you already have the drivers installed and probably already have adb.exe in the same folder as fastboot.exe:
  • Open the Command Prompt (run it as Administrator if UAC is enabled in Windows)
  • run adb logcat >c:\logcat.txt
  • If it's just not booting, let it run for about 20 seconds. If it's a FC, replicate the FC in this step
  • Press Control-C to stop logging
  • Paste the contents of c:\logcat.txt into
  • Post the link here with the problem being experienced
  • Hopefully, I'll have a fix available (assuming I'm not too busy) that others can benefit from.

Q: Whats the md5 sum thing?
A: It ensures, that the rom is downloaded correctly and completly to avoid weird issues when installing/using the rom. Google for "md5 sum checker" and you should find what you need.

Q: I found a theme or mod, will it work on this rom?
A: It's NOT recommended to use mod/themes that dont clearly state, that they are compatible with our rom. Thems/Mods always use framework files which will brake mods/stuff in our rom.

Q: My question is not listed here, what to do?
A: Ensure you used the xda search, google and your brain before asking a question in the thread. If you cant find an answer yourself we will answer your question for sure! (-:

Q: My media (pictures, music, etc.) is not listed in the Gallery/HTC Music/etc.
A: Try rescanning your SDCARD by using an app such as Media Scanner

Q: What are the correct sizes for the App drawer and notfication pulldown background?
A: Try 720x1280.

Q: What are the correct sizes for custom carrier logo?
A: Try 100x100
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With the introduced venom theming its really easy to create themes yourself! At the bottom of the post attached is the venom kitchen, other required files and an easy to follow tutorial.

This is our official theming thread: [THEME] Official Team Venom ViperX theme thread
Feel free to create some themes and provide it for our users in this Thread. If the theme looks nice we will add it with credits to the venom hub, so all users can download it from there!
If you got answers or a theme request you can do it as well in the theming thread.

Happy theming!

Sigs by The Illest 619

Sig by dfuse06


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3rd September 2012, 03:51 PM |#5  
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3rd September 2012, 03:54 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Turge


Place also

Hope it suprise us! thanks!
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3rd September 2012, 03:59 PM |#7  
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Finally......U guys come here also...been waiting for this day.....happy labor day

Swyped from T3DRO1CS RedHoXence
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3rd September 2012, 04:00 PM |#8  
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Guys.. enjoy the ROM! A full wipe is recommended for this one.
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3rd September 2012, 04:00 PM |#9  
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I was wondering when u guys were coming to the xl. Now I can rock this along side my already venom rezound.

Sent from my HTC One XL using xda app-developers app
3rd September 2012, 04:04 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by ted77usa

Finally......U guys come here also...been waiting for this day.....happy labor day

Swyped from T3DRO1CS RedHoXence

dude, seriously can you do something about your signature? your post took up more than 2/3 of my browser window.
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3rd September 2012, 04:08 PM |#11  
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Nice, thanks Turge!!

Sent from my One X using xda app-developers app
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