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[ROM][UVDLJA][4.1.1]~Frosty Jellybean v11.6~[Xone Kernel][02.01.2013]

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By djintrigue808, Retired Recognized Developer on 7th September 2012, 02:10 AM
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Based off of the official UVDLJA Jellybean update. IF you have bugs I will be trying my best to squash them as you report them. Please give me some time and remember to enjoy Jellybeans!

Objective: To bring you a stable, battery friendly, go-to/Daily Driver ROM!

-T999 UVLDJA Base
-Xone Kernel!
-CarrierIQ Free
-Bloat Removed
-Build.prop tweaks
-Sony Bravia Engine
-OTA Update support
-4-way Reboot
-23 Toggle Mod
-International Boot animation
-Removed Shutdown sound
-No Incremental ringtone mod
-Ink effect
-"Project Butter"

>>>Stable Builds<<<

*md5: d63c0ae5ed7d4ba961aa1d6194ca8f31

*Old Versions:


+++All Toggle themes can be found here+++

+++Use v4 themes for v11.2.1 & Above!+++

Other Downloads

Note 2 Gallery & Camera Repacked:

Tmo GS3 Gallery & Camera Flashable Repacked LJA:

it'smikeramsey 4.2 Camera and Gallery:

Stock JB Kernels V3:

UVDLJA Stock kernel w/Frosty Splashscreen!:

*NEW* No Scrolling Wallpaper TW Launcher:

*NEW* Scrolling Wallpaper TW Launcher:

Installation Instructions:

Wipe data/factory reset
Wipe cache & dalvik
Install Rom
Wipe cache and dalvik
Reboot & let it sit for 5 mins (Don't touch anything!)
Reboot & enjoy!

*For BEST RESULTS: If coming from ICS or AOSP based ROM I suggest you Odin to stock UVDLJA first then flash Frosty Jellybean!


-Long press volume to skip tracks (Thanks loserskater)
-Xone Kernel 02.01.2013
-Boot animation support
-"Un-hid" Rom Toolbox
-Cleaned up init.d scripts
-Cleaned up some un-needed files

-Powered by Xone Kernel v01 (Huge thanks to my teammate ptmr3!)
*Built with Linaro Toolchain
*OC up to 1890
*Added Govs "badass, smartassv2, intellidemand, lulzactive, pegasusq"
*Fast and battery friendly
-Cleaned up some lib files

-Added ROM Toolbox lite into settings (Thanks to Jrummy & Master Remy!)
-Baked OTA updater into settings 
-Headphone shortcuts baked into settings 
-23 Toggle Mod baked into settings
-Modifications to build.prop
-Other things I'm sure... Can't remember

-Removed frosty splashscreen 
(Sorry about that!!!)

-Reverted back to stock kernel
-Added Frosty Mods and Settings (Thanks to Evil1art!)
-Added Ink effect (Thanks Evil1art!)
-Removed call recording option (Doesn't seem to work, will look into it more)
-More I'm sure, can't remember :p

-KT747 kernel included! (Thanks to ktoonsez!)
-Unrestricted tethering mod (Thanks to Jovy23)
-Enabled call recording! (Thanks to wanam!) 
-Added moar wallpapers (From Zedge + Frosty Wallpaper included!)
-Re-did speed tweaks! (Seems faster)
-Boots up faster tweak
-Updated SuperSU
-Removed 360 degree rotation
(Working on my own kernel; updating themes as well!)

-23 Toggle Mod! (Thanks Wanam!)
-New quickpanel settings app (AdvanceS)
-Added Headphone shortcuts (Thanks rickythefox!)
(Do not use the v3 toggle themes for v11.2.1!)

-Added init.d scripts
-Added CPU Sleeper script (Thanks eugene373!)
-Added all share apks back
-Removed Awesomebeats
-Removed Frosty Splashscreen
(I think this is what the cause of the battery drain could be, I might not have repacked the boot.img properly. If you want it back you may download and flash it separately.)

-NO Incremental Ringtone!
-Retweaked app drawer to 5x5
-Removed more bloat
-Added Awesome Beats
-Performance tweaks

-Removed 77intrigue init.d script
-Added pinch to zoom Gmail
(You may dirty flash from v10 to v10.1!)

-Frosty Splashscreen (Thanks to krash183!)
-Tweaked App drawer to 5x6
-Enabled Scrolling wallpaper
-Added 77intrigue init.d script
-Optimized Ondemand Gov
-Cleaned up some files

-Pop up browser mod
-Added in Yahoo stock and news apks

-Added 15 toggle Mod
-Added Note 2 wallpapers
-360 Degree Rotation
-Activated Tethering
(Working on the Themes now)

-Rebased on the official update UVLJA!
(Thank you to DocHoliday77 for the base!)
-Added Wifi Band Switcher! (Thanks to Doc & madmack!)
-Build.prop tweaks
-Sony Bravia Engine
-4 way reboot
-OTA Support!
(Working on 15 toggle Mod)

-New CPU script! (Underclocked to 1350mhz)
(Thanks to evil1art for the script)
-Enabled tethering! (Please test this)
-Fixed Notification drawer only opening halfway
-Added Note 2 wallpapers
-Fixed blue flickering for good!
(I have not seen 1 blue flicker as of yet)

-Added Note 2 pop up browser! (Thanks itsmikeramsay!)
-Cleaned up moar un-needed files
-Added supremacy script (Thanks emwno!)
-Some battery and speed tweaks
-Lowered the chances of blue flicker
-Removed call recording feature
-Network tweaks
-Added new gmail app

- Cleaned up build.prop
- Cleaned up a lot of un-needed files
- tried to fix the bass disappearing issue
- tried to fix volume being too high issue
- updated gapps (including play store & gmail)
- Call recording feature enabled! (Thanks itsmikeramsay & wanam!)

-Added "Unlimited Boost" (Thanks mv_style!)
-2x faster!
-Removed all sound mods
-Fixed camera shutter sound
-Updated build.prop tweaks
-Updated OTA Updater app
-V2 Toggles works on V4!

-AC!D Sound Mod! (Thanks r-ikfoot!)
-Major Battery Tweaks!
(Thanks to you testers for confirming!)
-v2 Toggle Mods works on v3!

-15 Toggle Mod! (Thanks Wanam!)
-Cleaned up build.prop
-CPU Script for better battery! (Thanks evil1art!)
-Cleaned up un-needed files
-Removed Awesome Beats
-Added DSP Manager
-New Theme Toggles

-UVLI6 & LI7 Hybrid
-Pure stock theme
-Pure black status bar
-Tmo GS3 Gallery & Camera
(Flash the Note2 Gallery and Camera if you want)
-Build.prop Tweaks
-Init.d Support/Odex Me app
-You choose what color you want! (Thanks raubkatze!)
-Flash Toggles over V1!
-More Colors coming soon...

-Minor update
-Cleaned up build.prop
-Pure Black Status Bar!
-Transparent Notification Pulldown!
-Rethemed SystemUI (Thanks raubkatze!)
-Added Adobe Flash Player
-Cleaned up some un-needed files

-Same changelog as FrostyJB M3
-Unthemed SystemUI.apk

-Rebased off of M1 for better battery
-Note 2 gallery and camera
-Init.d support
-Odex me works on M3
-Awesome Beats
-Cleaned up build.prop
-M3 is compatible with ktoonsez kernel so flash away! 
-Sorry about M2 (M's are supposed to be DD's) 

-UVLI8 based
-Added Note2 gallery & camera
-Cleaned up un-needed files
-Tried to lower android system %
-Battery tweaks
-Integrated Awesome Beats for some BASSEX!

-Same change log as original R7
-All Frosty labels removed
-System UI un-modded

-Rebased off of UVLI8 (Thanks skyyrocket)
-Build.prop tweaks
-SystemUI Modded (Thanks afbengochea)
-More bloat removed
-OTA updater app updated 
-Audio fix 
-4-way reboot
-More butter!
(Please perform full wipe for R7!) 

-No battery mod
-Removed "Frosty JB" label

-Added 1% Battery Mod! (Honeycomb)
-More hybrid-ness added (LI6 & LI7)
-Fixed annoying "black box" with pop ups issue
-More build.prop tweaks
-Init.d support added
-Odex me app added
-Reorderd toggles
-Android System eating battery fixed!
(It will be very high after the first boot but it SHOULD go down)
-Daily Driver!

-Hybrid between UVLI6 & LI7!
-Fixed audio playback issue
-Faster and snappier
-Perfectly stable!
(Thanks lokichim for testing!)

-Rebased off of UVLI7
-Blue flickering seems to be fixed!
-More build prop tweaks
-Battery and speed tweaks
-A little more bloat removed
-Added "Frosty JB" label

-Rebased off of UVLI6
-Wifi/Sms issue fixed
-Bluetooth issues fixed
-Re-did build.prop tweaks
-Battery tweaks
-Speed tweaks
-Updated OTA App
-Changed back to green battery
-Working on MODs next!

-Fixed camera issues
-Hopefully fixed bluetooth issues (Can't test)
-More build prop edits/tweaks
-Fixed blue flickering (Hopefully for good)
-No need to disable HW Overlays anymore!
-Removed Awesome beats
-Added blue battery (Not 1%, still doing more coding)

-Fixed date and time issue!
-Added google now back in (Sorry)
-OTA Update support
-Sony Bravia Engine
-Awesome Beats

-Initial Release
Upcoming Features:

-Whatever you want, you tell me.

Special Thanks:

Deviant Development Team
Master Remy
Anyone else I missed...

As stated by Overground:


Originally Posted by overground
No more asking for ETA's!!

I'm constantly monitoring this thread, and don't want to see anyone get in trouble.

Please stay on topic.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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7th September 2012, 02:10 AM |#2  
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*Donations aren't required or even expected but, a simple "Thanks" works well.

*PS: Want to help out?? PM me, I could let you be a tester for upcoming updates. Thank you to you donators and supporters.

Tips N' Tricks:

*Want more butter? Set animation & duration scales to 0.5x in developer options!

*Anyone having problems with root, open SuperSU and update your superuser binary

*Having trouble setting your frequencies with Xone Kernel? View here...

*If still having battery problems I recommend draining your battery down to 0% and recharge.
-It should help out a lot with the battery drain.

*Be careful!: Popping noise with bluetooth?? Flash to stock kernel!

*Warning!: Ktweaker app fc'ing? Download another app like SetCPU, change the min & max with it, then open ktweaker!

Thread Rules: (Thanks evil1art)

*Search before you post questions

*DONT and I repeat DONT PM me about issues you have with your phone because you did not read the instructions in the op!!!

*Dont complain about battery life (99% of the time if its bad its user error!)

*If you have kernel questions, post them in the kernels op not here

*Dont complain about issues if you didnt wipe prior to flashing the rom!

*If you have an odd problem try to redownload the rom before posting your problems (download a md5 checker)

*Please stop asking me for ETA's... I try my best to get my roms out in a timely manner. (My internet sucks!)

*Don't kang my work!! I will know if you did and I will expose you! If you would like to use something in my ROM just ask!



seshaz: This ish is about as perfect as it gets.

EclipzeRemix: This is what I go back to for a stock rom experience, keep it up OP

gjkilcrease: BTW, after the v11.2.1, this ROM should be renamed to FrostyJB_4.1.1 AOSP! (Android On Steroids People! ). Couldn't resist the humor because this thing is fast!

akapaul26: Sounds like you have implemented some nice mods into this build! Nice work bro!

Towle: Awesome job on this ROM. Flashed first thing this morning and haven't looked back. Very smooth and stable, absolutely no issues experienced on my end. Battery life is phenomenal. I think I found my permaROM

Craniotomy: Damn, i really need to get another S3. Lol.

teejaymarx: This ROM is great, I keep going to CM or AOKP but I have to come back, this ROM is so smooth, so quick and everything works perfect... Thank you for this DJ!

trikar21b: I keep doing the same! Can't not use Frosty! Great ROM DJ!

CousinMikeyP: Don't think I will ever leave frosty ROM. I'm to dedicated it's the best , but I do hope that its possible for it to be even better then it already is :thumbup:

jangst123: Great job DJ Can't find a single thing to complain about! Fast, stable,,, should be stock for our phones!

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7th September 2012, 02:10 AM |#3  
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Banners anyone?

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7th September 2012, 02:10 AM |#4  
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Bolly Dub? A little scary.
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7th September 2012, 02:12 AM |#5  
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Ohh how nice!
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7th September 2012, 02:14 AM |#6  
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7th September 2012, 02:26 AM |#7  
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Can't wait, can't sleep
7th September 2012, 02:27 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by nkhater

Can't wait, can't sleep

Lol sleep is for the weak.

Sent from my SGH-T999 using xda premium
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7th September 2012, 02:28 AM |#9  
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Did you fix the gallery bugs and etc?
7th September 2012, 02:29 AM |#10  
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I was pumped! Then I saw no download link now I'm sad

Sent from my SGH-T999 using xda app-developers app
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7th September 2012, 02:31 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by rockneo

Did you fix the gallery bugs and etc?

I fixed the bug when you try to set a wallpaper from your gallery and it fc's if that's what you're asking.
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4.1.1, frostyjellybeans, jellybean!
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