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By javamaan, Member on 22nd September 2012, 08:07 PM
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Ok folks. If you are like me, you searched all over the web didnt find a definitive answer on how to go about getting your HTC rezound to Pageplus.

I bought a used Rezound. It came with NO Verizon SIM card. No software updates to it. I read a lot, sounded like getting to the latest stock was a good idea as it usually fixes issues. Well, I promptly updated to the leaked global ICS rom. Go the rom from android police dated Aug 15.

So my rezound had locked stock global ICS rom, no SIM card. Here is how i flashed it to pageplus. Please follow the steps as mentioned, as i have stumbled too many times and got it working.
Not a must but...

1. Dont upgrade your phone to ICS rom if you dont want to root your phone. As ICS blocks APN updates. Meaning if you need 3g on pageplus or any other carrier and you dont want to root your phone, dont upgrade. If you dont mind rooting your phone, you can just ignore this warning.

MIN and MDN Information:
You can get MIN and MDN by calling pageplus or follow steps below.

right at the bottom you can enter email and phone number. You will get an email with MIN and MDN information.

OS Requirement:

Windows 7 64bit or 32bit. No support for Linux, Mac or XP(??).

Software you will need:

1. HTC Sync
2. HTC Diag drivers. You can download from below.
3. QPST.
4. CDMA Workshop. You need the full version. Demo is not useful. There is an old 2.7 cracked version floating around in the web. That will do the job.

Steps to follow:

1. Install HTC Sync. This software will install HTC Sync and HTC Drivers. All you are looking for is HTC Drivers. So, as soon as installation is complete you can uninstall HTC Sync alone. They have seperate uninstallers.

2. Install HTC Diag drivers. Now, i hope you have access to Windows 7. These drivers didnt install in XP for me. it could work for you.
This step is crucial, without these drivers installed you wont be able to do anything.
i. Connect your phone to PC.
ii. Just leave it on charge mode. The HTC drivers you installed in previous step should recognize the phone.
iii. Goto the dialer in phone. dial ##3424. press call. This should put the phone in DM mode.
iv. Win 7 will try to find the drivers and fail. If you open the device manager (or short cut just run devmgmt.msc), you should see the
2 devices with no drivers. HTC DIAG and HTC DIAG 9K.
v. double click on HTC Diag and click upgrade drivers. You need to manually upgrade the drivers.. This guide does a very good job. I dont want to repeat it. You can look at it if you are stuck. Just look at the driver installation part alone.

vi. Just ignore the HTC Diag 9k for now.

3. You have done a major step already. (I got stuck on step 2 for quiet sometime.). Install cdma workshop(CDMAWS). This software will trip anti-virus software(AV). So, just turn-off AV( or add CDMAWS in your AV's exclusion list). Apparently CDMAWS does use the virus technique to work but it is not malicious.
i. connect the phone to PC and dial ##3424 for DM mode. Find out which COM port your phone is using to connect.
ii. start CDMAWS. Select the COM port you phone uses. click connect. These should be in the topline of the GUI.
iii. if you are connected. The status bar at the bottom of window should indicate it. If everything is fine, click read(it should be next to connect/disconnect button). If everything is working so far, lots of empty spaces will be populated with data.
iv. switch to the Security tab. look for a spc button. enter "000000" in the text box above it(dont include quotes). This is the password for EPST. click spc -> spc send. you should see a pop-up saying phone unlocked. (if you are using this guide for Sprint phones, you need to obtain this password). Verizon just leaves it unlocked.
v. goto 'other' tab. look for RU-IM. click on the drop-down box. Select "NV-only". This option will be present only in full version.
vi. if you have not downloaded the attachment on this post, do it now. Now focus your attention on PRL box in the same tab as in step v.
PRL stands for preferred raoming list. I have attached 2 prl files. For me the 51720-evdo.prl gave roaming sign. I used 52711.prl, it worked fine. Click on write and choose 52711.prl from you download directory. It should write, the information to your phone.
vii. next switch to NAM tab. Enter the MIN you got from the email you got from kitty wireless (link is provided above). You can also get that info from pageplus by calling. MDN is nothing but your cell number. Enter that in dir or directory text box. click write.

4. you are done with CDMAWS. you can reboot your phone. At this point, if you havent changed ESN with pageplus do so now. You can do ESN change through online chat at pageplus website. It is free.

5. If you see roaming sign on your rezound, you need to use a different PRL. Roaming is indicated by a small triangle above the signal bars. start CDMAWS and select a different PRL file to write to your phone(steps 3(i) - 3(vi)). If everything is fine, from you rezound, call *22890 to program your phone. You can also use *22801 to program. if after a short pause it says unable to program your phone. It failed to program. Make sure you followed all the steps. If after a long pause it says unable to program. you have succeeded in getting the phone registered with pageplus. Now you should have your phone working for Voice and SMS/texting.

6. Take a deep breath and pat yourself, you have achieved a major step. Now to program 3g part. As i said before, if you are having locked stock ICS rom, you wont be able to go further. ICS doesn't let changing APNs. GB is fine with changing APNs. I havent rooted my ICS. i am just happy with a working Voice and SMS for my needs. Wifi satisfies my need.

7. Fire up QPST configuration.

i. Click on "Add New Port..." Select the port your device is on. It should be same as in CDMAWS.
ii. On the next screen highlight your device.
iii. Click on "Start Clients--Service Programming"
iv. Click 'Read From phone" When the prompt pops up click "OK"
v. Now tab over to "M.IP"
vi. In the drop down below that says simple ip+Mobi change that to "Simple IP"
vii. Now double click on "Profile 2"
viii.In the "NAI" section put your phone [email protected]
ix. In the "tetheredNAI" section put your phone [email protected]
x. For the IP Address put 255 all the way across for the last two sections and leave the 0's in the first section and Click OK
xi. Now click on "PPP config"
xii. Click "Um"
xiii. In the box that says "User ID", Enter your phone [email protected]
xiv. Click in the box that says "Tethered NAI", Enter your phone [email protected]
xv. Click in the box that says "Password", Enter "vzw"
xvi. Click the "AN" tab, User ID is your phone [email protected] and Password is "vzw"
xvii. Click "write to phone"

8. Power your phone down then reboot it.

9. i. Connect to wifi
ii. Open market
iii. Search for "APN Backup and Restore" and install. If you have GB, this will work on it own. Now if you have a rooted ICS, you can use Titanium Backup pro to run this system app. ICS allows system apps to modify APNs.
iv. Open APN and click Backup APN's
v. Now put your phone in "airplane mode"
vi. Click "delete apn's"
vii. Click "restore apn"
viii. Select page plus apn from below
ix. Disable Airplane Mode
x. Reboot
And thats it your fully flashed with MMS, Talk, Text, 3G

Credit goes to lots of folks. Mainly to Nevell, techwerkz, folks at howard forums and scores of others who are not mentioned.

Hope this helps a few folks.
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22nd September 2012, 09:25 PM |#2  
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Great guide.
23rd September 2012, 10:42 PM |#3  
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hey guys, im kinda new to this and im planning to switch from VM to PP. I am plannng to buy the HTC Rezound. When i buy it, do i have to buy the contract version or the "month to month" version on the verizon site?? And does this tutorial actually work? Can anyone confirm it? And i dont care about 3g or 4g so i just want talk and text/
23rd September 2012, 10:45 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by vwade79

hey guys, im kinda new to this and im planning to switch from VM to PP. I am plannng to buy the HTC Rezound. When i buy it, do i have to buy the contract version or the "month to month" version on the verizon site?? And does this tutorial actually work? Can anyone confirm it? And i dont care about 3g or 4g so i just want talk and text/

Im thinking of selling mine soon. PM me if your interested.

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27th September 2012, 03:04 AM |#5  
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I got 3G data working on stock ICS
To make it work you need to write all necessary settings to the 9K port as well. The tricky part is that QPST will not work and you have to use full paid version of CDMA Workshop or DFS (free version is ok) instead.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 of javamaan's guide for port 9k and use DFS for step 7.
Go to Programming/Data. Fill all fields in PAP, PPP, HDR AN, HDR AN Long and HDR AN PPP boxes. Set HDR SCP force AT config to RevA_MFPA. Uncheck eHRPD enabled. Go to Mobile IP and set NAI to [email protected].
When writing, make sure that it actually writes the data. Enable full logging and see if green "nv item written ok" messages appear. Ignore offline-d errors.
For more detailed instructions, see this cricket flashing guide.

You also need to have any sim card inserted to enable Mobile network Off/On switch in settings and get rid of the annoying message on the lock screen.

APN settings have no effect in CDMA mode. I've never touched APN menu and data works just fine.
The only thing it might be necessary is MMS, but I've never bothered to set it up.
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1st October 2012, 09:28 AM |#6  
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Hello all,

For the life of me, I can't get sms or 3g to work. I've gone over this tutorial over and backwards and even did the cricket tut.
My rezound is on GB. I downgraded it with the official, stock, OTA or what ever you want to call it GB. I'm rooted but not custom ROM. I just got rid of the bloatware.
I have PPC service. Thanks, that part was great! There is a "write" line missing in the RU IM part, but I figured it out. Voice and simple text work but no sms. I even copied my wife's apn from her cell, but still, no go.

OK, done with my rant. Just had to let it out. So my steps:
in QPST - wrote everything to 8K as stated above, to the "t"
-I did come up with an error, but checked it in DFS and everything was there.
in DFS - wrote everything to 9k as stated above, to the "t"

Found the apn file from another thread because it is missing in this one. Did a restore, and.....nothing.
Found the apn settings from another site and entered it in manually......nothing.
Copied my wife's apn settings...nothing.
Made myself a least I have a good buzz going...check my phone...nothing...DOHHH!

What do I do now???

1st October 2012, 03:19 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by AsianCajun

Hello all,
For the life of me, I can't get sms or 3g to work.

As already mentioned above, forget about the APNs! They are not used for CDMA mode (except MMS). Until you have 3G data, just leave the default VZWINTERNET APN as it is.

You don't need to downgrade to GingerBread. I've done everything on ICS, but should work as well.

Make sure you've actually written everything to both ports. Especially 9K port. Read back and check if all values are there (except passwords that can't be read). Read PRL and make sure that version is 51720.

Post your screenshots of DFS after you read the data (NAM/PRL, Data and MobileIP pages).
1st October 2012, 07:27 PM |#8  
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OK, I wrote the prl over again and opened up DFS and wrote to nam1 and nam2.
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3rd October 2012, 06:10 AM |#9  
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Well, I was able to get it to work. I put ics back on, updated to one of the newer prl's and put a sim chip. I'm not sure what did the trick, but my bet is on the chip. note* I used an old at&t sim chip that I had laying around. I still get the warning on the lock scene, but that doesn't bother me. Thanks again to those who made these tuts.
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5th October 2012, 09:00 AM |#10  
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Im getting close to getting my Rez up on PP,... (deleted)

EDIT: Thanks so much for this thread, Im well on my way, with a few bumps along the way while I learn the software and phone. was stuck at step 5 til I realized you did the programming and dont need the #22890. with or w/o my new sim, I can make & receive calls/texts. Im barred from the ota programming by the phone.
Now I'm figuring out qpst as to why it doesnt show profile 2, just a single profile (0). So I dont know if I should modify that profile 0... And I need to get rid of the error message re the 4g activation. So i'm a little ways from having any data functioning... going to bed, sleepy and cross-eyed...
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5th October 2012, 07:55 PM |#11  
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"Activating your phone..."
In the lock screen, how do you remove the irritating "Activating your phone..." message. I have everything working except MMS, but I don't care about it, I just want the stupid notification gone.

I also have an LTE card installed. I had remotesquaD flash it for me...
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