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[ROM] CyanMobile gingerbread build15 4/6/2013

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By cougarcougar, Senior Member on 29th September 2012, 02:31 AM
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Hello, fresh build of CyanMobile for the Photon. Unlocked of course
Full details:

What is CyanMobile?CyanMobile is an aftermarket ROM like CyanogenMod, MIUI, JoyOS, LewaOS and others that are built from source...Absolutely built from source based on CyanogenMod 7 (Gingerbread v2.3.7) and modifications from AOSP and AOKPThanks To CyanogenMod Team, AOKP Team, and AOSP Team for Their Work

CyanMobile is Short of " *Cyan* (CyanogenMod) *Mob* (Mobiling) *I* (Improving) and *L* (Let's) *E* (Experiment)"

All features are based on what users do and what users need with lots of improvements here and thereThis ROM (optimized by Gingerbread) uses updates from other branches (like ICS stuff, AOSP and AOKP) with reverse engineering or backporting skillsIt can be used without any need to have any Google application (Gapps) installed..

Let us talk about what is in CyanMobile:

1. Statusbar : * Date - Show/Hide Date - Date Colour * Notications - Ticker Color - No Title Color - Latest Title Color - Ongoing Title Color - Clear Label Button Color - Title Color - Item Color - Time Color * Icons - Show/Hide Notification Icons - Show/Hide Statusbar Icons - Show/Hide Headset/Alarm/Bluetooth/Gps/Sync/Wifi/3G/4G Icon
  • 4 Clock styles (Right, Left, Center and Hide) - Clock Color - Clock Font Size -
  • Carrier label - Show/Hide Carrier Label - Bottom Carrier Label 3 Carrier Label On Statusbar Styles (Right, Left and Center) - Carrier Label Color - 4 Carrier Logo Styles (Right, Left, Center and Custom Logo)
  • Signal 5 Different Styles (Bars, Text, Text w/dBm, text w/Auto Color and Hide) - Wifi Signal Text
  • Battery -7 Different Styles (Icon, Percentage, Top Statusbar, Side Bar, Behind Statusbar, Navigation Bar and Hide) -3 Different Battery Percentage Format (Default, Percentage and Full Color) - Statusbar Battery Color -
  • Power Widget 4 Different Layouts (Default, Bottom, Grid and Tab) - Music Widget - Grid Layout Customizing
  • Misc - Refactor New Statusbar Layout - Power Clock - Power Date - Weather PopUp - Shortcut Button - Show/Hide Statusbar - Reverse Statusbar Icons And Layout - Statusbar Brightness Control - Statusbar Fonts Size - Statusbar Icons Size - Statusbar Height Size - Statusbar Background - Statusbar Background Color - Notification Background - Notification Background Color

2. Framework :
  • Lockscreen - 7 Different Lockscreen Styles (Sliding Tab, Rotary, Lense, Ring, Honeycomb (beta), Circular (alpha) and Sense (beta)) - Lockscreen Widget Color
  • Sms/Call Notifications -Fuzzy Clock - Kanji Clock - Custom Text Lockscreen - Widget Layouts - Pattern Styles
  • Power Saver - Screen Off Data Action - Data Action Delay - Sync Action - Sync Time Interval - Screen Off Wifi Action - Sync Data Usage - Mobile Data Preference
  • Application - Native A2SD Framework Core - Installation Place
  • Display - Bravia Engine - Rotation Animation - Window Animations - Transition Animations - LCD Density
  • Input - Quick Key Behavior - Enable/Disable Vibrate on Shutdown - Explorer Key
  • Power Menu - Show/Hide Powermenu/Silent/Airplane/Profile/Screenshot/Power saver/Hibernate/Suspend Toggles
  • Fonts - Change Fonts System - Change Fonts Type
  • OverScroll - Effect - Color - Weight
  • Core Replacer - Change System Apk - Change Framework Apk/Jar
  • Boot/Shutdown animation and Sound - Preview - Change
  • Bootanimation - Change Shutdownanimation - Change Bootsound - Reset
  • Misc - New Notifications Design - Intruder Alert is Life - New Dialog Design - Backported Some Apis From Jellybean - Clear Market Data - Global Text Color Change - Global App Background Change - Soft Button Statusbar - Navigation Button Bar - Choose Navi Button - Navigation Button Bar Size - Navigation Bar Background - Extend Power Menu - Remap Volume Keys - Lock Volume Keys - Volume Key Beeps - Swap Volume Keys - ICS Task Switcher
    click for more features
3. Sound :Features - Loop Ringtone - Flip Down To Mute Ringer/Snooze Alarm - Increasing Ringtone Volume - Less Frequent Notification Sound - Battery Full/Low Alert - Charging Plug/Unplug Sound

4. Tethering :Features - Bluetooth Tether - Auto Usb Tether

5. Phone : Features - Smart Phone Call - Back Button To End Call - Menu Button To Answer Call - Reject Call with Message - Allow Incall UI Touch - Call Me Louder While Inside Bags - Speed Dials - Video As Ringtone - Ring Delay - Export/Import SIM Contacts

6. Messaging :Features - Bubble/Black/Transparent Theme - Smart Phone Call - Hide Avatar - Strip Unicode - Emoji Support - Convo List/Subject Font Size - Sms Vibrate Morse - Brutal Sender - Sms PopUp

7. Music : Features - Shake To Next/Prev/Play/Pause/Shuttle Track - Favorite Folder - Flip To Play/Pause - Smooth Play Track

8. Locations : Features - Enable/Disable Assisted GPS - GPS Tracker Performance - Security Device Finder

9. Performance : * Features - New I/O Scheduler Option - New Dithering Support - Enable Bootsound - Bootsound Volume - Enable Shutdownanimation - Gmaps Hack - KSM Settings - Battery Polling - Low Mem Killer Option - Scrolling Option - SD Read Ahead Size option - Screen Off Max CPU Freq

10. Misc : * Features - ADWLauncher Improved - Browser Improved - Calculator Improved - - File Manager Updated - SIM ToolKit Improved - Screenshots Improved - Task Manager - Voice Dialer Improved

11. My mods for the Photon builds: Include latest Faux23 unclocked kernel for the Photon. Kickstand functioning is off. HDMI landscape and HDMI audio output option in settings


Old changelogs
9-28 Build 1: ....full cyanmobile build, see what works and is broke.

9-29 Build 2: revert screen on/off animations delay, back to cm7 code for now, made launcher dock visible. Need to fix torch toggle and proximity sensor

10-1 Build 3. Fixed torch toggle, laucher dock now visible on a fresh install, MMS fixed. 1.3 UV kernel included. bluetooth fixed. On a fresh install, you will still need to turn off tiny expanded bar and set navigation button height.

10-20 Build 4..... change log.. New lock screens JB glow, JB circle, Bebek ring (need to reboot) , Circle battery, faster jb animations...will add more when i wake

10-26 build 4.1... fixed hotreboot, fixed up the bebe10 lockscreen

10-29 build 4.2 ... only added v5 kernel changes and bumped the wifi scan interval to 90 seconds.

1-6-2013 Build 5 tile dropdown, weather on the lockscreen,weekday in the status bar, intruder alert delay, looks like the bb lockscreen is gone now. Battery life seems to take a hit with the new tiles.

1-28-2013 build 7 .. more jb 4.2 code, comes with V7 1.0 mhz kernel, fixed weather on the lockscreen positions and new graphics. Battery life is still not as good as build 4.2

1-29-2013 build 8 .. pie control

2-5-2013 build 9 .. More pie control, fixed screen capture via adb ddms, droidsansfallback font fixes
2-6-2013 build 9 patch1 .. fixes installed/updated apps notification launch.
2-7-2013 build 9 patch 2 .. same as patch 1 plus adds ability to turn off PIE features.
2-10-2013 build 10 .. screenshot fixed , volume rocker wake/menu button bug gone
2-11-2013 added Atrix build2 similar build 2-11-2013 BUILD 2 For Atrix [url][/url
2-12-2013 added build 10 patch 1. Fixed init.d folder permissions, added bluesleep fix, add CMX apps CMTIMER and CMDroidwall.
2-20-2013 build 11 .. CyanMobile settings backup/restore working now, Cyanmobile Legacy Launcher replaces ADW, Circle battery sizes better now, Camera burst mode. Notification number: bug noted here.

2-23-2013 build 11 patch 1: latest CyanMobile sync, plus fixes uninstall apps reboots. MMs/sms insert contact info option

2-25-2013 build 11 patch 2: Includes Patch 1 plus latest Cyanmobile sync. More Pie improvements, Now statusbar changes without systemui restart. Animate navbar with notifications, DSPmanager, Deskclock analog fixes,

2-28-2013 build 11 patch 3: Includes patch 1 and 2. Latest CyanMobile sync, mostly bug fixes, hot reboot fixed.

3-3-13 build 12. crt animation fixed thanks to squadzone, only screen off is working. Cmx screensaver option added. I got FM radio working, FM radio works, but is buggy and only works with build 12 kernel. I'll update the 1.3 kernel when i have a chance. FM turns off a minute after you exit the program, or a quicker way is to unplug the headphone jack for now. Only way to restart FM or to use Bluetooth is to reboot or hot reboot.

3-3-13 v9 1.3 kernel added. Only added FM radio support. Same kernel build as v5. I've noticed if you under volt and under clock this kernel, battery life is way better than the stock V7 1.0 kernel.

3-10-13 build 14. Latest CyanMobile sync. MOre pie features, pie status panel, more screensavers, new bootanimation, same kernel as build 12.

4-6-13 build 15. Latest CMX sync. Fixed weather

Build 1-5 Bugs:
  • Need to set some defaults to off. Screen off/ screen on animations don't work just yet.
    Torch notification not seletable.... need the fix from my cm7
    Settings/Additional system updates FC
    Notification background small, turn off tiny expanded bar in status bar tweaks
Build2 bugs : Needs defaults fixed for onscreen buttons , bluetooth not turning on. Flash updated kernels. Mms not receiving.(fixed with build2 patch below)

Build3 bugs: no email app; can't hide the signal. Fixed in this patch Camcorder freezing, push to /system/app and set permissions.

BUILD 4 bugs:

CRT off animation isn't working so turn it off. New circle battery seems to be small for our screens. Screen Rotation on/off not working till a reboot.

Keep Volume button wake up option off, till it get's worked out. This will make the menu button unresponsive till you power on/off the screen. Something with the screen off and keyguard lock logic.
Settings/Cyanmobile Settings/Input/Volume rocker wake = uncheck.

If settings are not sticking try flashing V5 kernel, it fixes some motorola init in the ramdisk. See

BUiLD 5 BUgs
Same as build 4 for now
Lockscreen weather icon is out of place
Wifi errors, so flash a kernel afterwards


Volume rocker wake bug with menu button, same as previous builds
Screen shot appears reversed/upsidedown/and low resolution, Change in the frameworks base overlay: didn't like a slowblur setting.
Notification swiping up and down gets stuck, do a power button refresh to reset it.
Screen-off CRT animation not working

BUILD 11 bugs: Reboots when trying to uninstall an app, also reboots under manage apps in settings. Fixed in patch 1.
Hot reboot not working, fixed in patch 3



  1. Boot into recovery
  2. wipe data, system, cache, dalvik
  3. flash rom + patches if any + kernel if any
  4. flash gapps for gb
  5. reboot

Important notes and tips: These should be fixed in future releases.
Upon the first install goto
1. Settings/CyanMobile Settings/Applications > use internal storage (if no sdcard used)..Requires a reboot.
2. Make the onscreen buttons larger ... Settings/CyanMobile Settings/tablet tweaks/Navigation size > 35 or turn them off at this screen.
3. Make the Notification background fill the screen. Settings/CyanMobile Settings/Interface/Interface tweaks >uncheck Tiny expanded bar
4. Turn on screen ui for calls for onscreen answer button.


Cyanmobile kernels and fixes.

old patches

11/11 Build 4.2 patch ..
  • Undoes patch 1 .. which caused a reboot in landscape mode when power button to wake is pushed (same files as dirty flashing 4.2)
  • Music player fc fix
  • fixes the bebe lockscreen.
  • Still working on the menu bug with the volume rocker wake

11/1 Build 4.2 patch...Fixes screen off animations, but will set this as an optional fix. It reverts a powermanager patch and brightness and light sensor patch that helped with saving power if you used autobrightness.

Build 3 patch for no email app and can't hide the phone signal

Squadzone and crew


Donations always accepted. Donut fund.
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29th September 2012, 02:32 AM |#2  
OP Senior Member
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reserved ...
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29th September 2012, 03:14 AM |#3  
bearw815's Avatar
Senior Member
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Thanks Meter: 182

Install went smooth
Very fluid, fast
Options are endless, gonna be playing with this all night!

Sent from my MB855 using xda premium
29th September 2012, 03:37 AM |#4  
Acvice's Avatar
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Welcome back cougar
Looks mighty ambitious! How bout them screenies?!
29th September 2012, 03:44 AM |#5  
KTT16's Avatar
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Welcome back cougar...loved your CM7 build from a while ago!
29th September 2012, 04:32 AM |#6  
bearw815's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag AZ
Thanks Meter: 182
Build is really good and the options are plentiful, almost too's crazy!

Will be a go to rom for sure, the only stable working cm7 rom for me was your last build so great work again.

Couple items,

Settings/Additional system updates FC
Camera viewfinder is sideways but pics are normal
Some lockscreens still have Chinese text

Thanks! back to PA for now but will be back when I need "stability" in a rom!
29th September 2012, 05:40 AM |#7  
dragontology's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Greenville, North Carolina
Thanks Meter: 498
Does it have the WiFi problems the basic CM7 has? Sounds awesome, with all the customizations (I really want to be able to change colors on the status bar to match my icons) but I really hate having to disable WiFi, enable Airplane mode, enable WiFi, disable Airplane, just to get on WiFi (and this is with the "Never" setting on WiFi sleep policy in Advanced!).

I see you said "Kickstand functioning is off". Does that mean the kickstand doesn't launch Alarm Clock? Or disabling this daft feature is unavailable? One thing stock MotoBlur got right was asking you what you wanted to do when the kickstand was activated. Personally I just want to use it as a prop, not do anything in Android via software. (Love my Otterbox Defender.)

Looking forward to trying this out...
29th September 2012, 08:34 AM |#8  
kkruglov's Avatar
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how about this rom for locked devices? or it's impossible?

[more simple version for locked mb?]
29th September 2012, 10:17 AM |#9  
dragontology's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Greenville, North Carolina
Thanks Meter: 498
This thing's so unstable and wild. I like it. Needs work, but I like it.

Don't really care for the ICS button bar along the bottom. It's squeezed, doesn't look right, and doesn't add anything. Disabling it disabled my status bar. Reboot sorted it completely (ICS buttons gone, status bar remains).

What's Navigator (from the power menu)? Doesn't seem to do anything.

Settings menu, with the categories along the top? Not really feeling it.

ADW.Launcher... Feels too much like Android 2.x. You're trying to integrate ideas from Android 4.x, you should look into bundling Holo Launcher instead. It will make the phone feel like Android 4.x. If that's what you're going for.

You know your ROM/launcher doesn't come with a dock? I knew something was off. That's it. No dock. Completely threw me off.

Info BMKG. Bunch of foreign stuff. I see it's weather for foreign countries only. Interesting. But you can probably leave this one out.

I like the stopwatch. Simple and effective.

Oh, almost forgot. Notification (pull-down menu) is too narrow. You can see the home screen off either side.

I like all the options. Kind of getting lost in all the choices. Had to reboot a couple times to get the status bar back. And good job with the boot animation chooser. I change mine manually every time (to the new Stargate-inspired CyanogenMod one... it's for CM10 but doesn't specify a version).

For now I'm going back to CM7 (I want all my installed apps, haha) but I'm making a Nandroid of this (like a save file, haha) so I can come back to it later. I love how with the TWRP recovery you can name your backups... Good for flashing a bunch of ROMs.

Anyway, it's a good first version! Keep up the good work.
29th September 2012, 08:01 PM |#10  
Senior Member
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does anyone know if this has HDMI working?

Sent from my MB855 using xda premium
30th September 2012, 07:57 AM |#11  
elitepsycho's Avatar
Flag Waycross Ga
Thanks Meter: 13
yeah that's what im wondering if hdmi output is working properly in landscape. last time i used the latest cyanogen mod build it only works as if i was holding the phone upright. would so be using cm if it wasn't for this one thing. every now and then i like to watch video or play games on my tv. hopefully it can be fixxed on cm its like one of the only problems ive noticed comming from a blur based rom..oh and no webtop but i don't mind giving that up

Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
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