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[ROM] GingerDX [DISCONTINUE] | v031b | 13-03-2013 | nAa

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Now under new management

Let's continue the fun!

This project is a continuation of doixanh's personal ROM, known as GingerDX.
("Ginger" as in "Gingerbread", and "DX" as in short for "doixanh")

Brought to you by TeamFun:
eagleeyetom, djnilse and AChep, HashyCode.

As set in stone by doixanh, the main goal is to have a fast, smooth and lightweight CM7 based ROM with some special features.

Before we begin:
package gingerdx;

import disclaimer;

public class GingerDXDisclaimer extends Disclaimer {

     * Your warranty is now likely void.
     * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * spontaneous combustion, or any other host of cosmic penalties
     * which may befall you, your family, or your phone.
    public GingerDXDisclaimer(){


GingerDX now even has its own IRC channel!
If you feel like chatting with each other or hanging out with us:
NOTE: Before you click the link to get to FreeNode's webchat or fire up your IRC clients:
The developers are NOT your personal support helpdesk nor root of endless knowledge.
If you are a developer or have a really urgent or tricky problem come tell us about it.


  • Clean and latest CM7 nightlies. Latest Gingerbread 2.3.7
  • Fully working Camera
  • Minimal number of apps are installed.
  • Lightweight.
  • Stock Kernel Modules: ax8mt (fixed), ext3/4, x8gesture, x8mddi, x8uv, x8smartass, x8netfilter
  • The usual things as with other ROMs: WiFi, BlueTooth, USB, Sensors, 3D, Video, FM Radio, Camera, Rooted, JIT,
    ZIP-aligned, App2SD, ...
  • As smooth as doixanh's CM6 Froyo ROMs in 2D (menu scrolling/flinging...)
  • WEP AdHoc support
  • ClockworkMod recovery
  • CallMeLouder: Louder ringer when the phone is inside a bag or pocket.
  • Improved Flipping down mutes ringer
  • Flipping down/shaking snoozes alarm
  • Disable LED notification in night
  • Back button ends call
  • Menu button answers call
  • Built-in Transparent Status Bar support
  • Hide avatar in SMS
  • Quick Copy / Quick Paste
  • Custom carrier text
  • Built-in loop ringtone support without OGG editing
  • Optimized ("smoothened") scrolling/flinging
  • Random Lockscreen
  • Sense Lockscreen
  • Ring Lockscreen
  • Sleep button on Power Control widget
  • Center clock on status bar
  • Configuration section (with localization for many languages)
  • WiFi tethering
  • EduRoam WiFi compatible!
  • QuickPic Gallery
  • Jellybean-style status bar and notifications
  • ICSified by integrating AChep's ICS Layouts natively into the ROM (a/k/a "AChepified")
    This is here to stay, we won't revert to the standard Gingerbread style
  • AChep's JellyBean Theme included and set as default
  • PIE navigation controls
  • ICS Wallpapers added into CMWallpapers
  • ICSified Settings by djnilse
  • GDX Update Notification by djnilse
  • GPS Country Optimizer by djnilse
  • Pick-up-to-call by djnilse
    Pick-Up-To-Call in phone dialer and MMS
    • Enable it in Settings -> CyanogenMod settings -> GingerDX settings
    • Type the number in the dialer
    • Move it to your ear (or put your finger on the proximity sensor and hold the phone vertically) and the number will be called
    • Same in Mms, there it just calls the number of the chat/sms you're reading

Known Bugs
  • Rooted
  • ClockworkMod Recovery (v014+)
  • Baseband 015
  • Sony Ericsson custom kernel nAa by nobodyAtall
  • Desire to get rid of Stock Eclair

Project sources and licenses
  • Our source code repository at GitHub (for GingerDX v023 onwards)

    Sources forked from Cyanogenmod are published under the terms of the Apache License 2.0
    Code contributions and binary distributions are published under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2

    NOTE: "Soft-Modders aka. WinZipers" are exempt from the licensing terms above. You are now NOT allowed to use the pre-built ROM, or any parts thereof, in any way, shape, or form. Don't bother asking for permit, you won't get it. However there is a chance to get our permission, but your project HAS to have published sources

    If you want to join in development to help advancing the ROM, or want to port it to other devices, then please drop us a PM or contact us at our IRC channel.
  • doixanh's source repository at GitHub (for GingerDX up to v022)
    Sources and binary distribution of GingerDX up to v022 are published under license terms set forth by doixanh.

Previous AddOns (Optional)
NOTE: Flash these AFTER you flashed GingerDX
Install Instructions
  • Flash nAa through Flashtool
    Note that flashing a kernel requires you to unlock the boot loader. Check the manufacturing date of your phone here first to avoid hard bricking!
  • Download the ROM
  • Copy the ZIP file to your SD card
  • Install custom zip
  • Flash GAPPS
  • Reboot
All versions will preserve your DATA partition, so don't worry about losing apps or settings.

NOTE: We are not responsible for system instabilities caused by themes
The formerly included theme was A-Theme Lite by AChep.

GingerDX natively supports T-Mobile themes. You can find other themes in the list of available T-Mobile themes in XDA Android's theme sticky.
Download the theme of your choice onto your phone and use Theme Chooser (included in GingerDX) to select theme.

Very important. Read all before posting questions!
1. This ROM is based on doixanh's personal ROM and continued in the same philosophy to keep it as lightweight as possible. You can report bugs in this thread and suggest additions, but understand we're not obligated to fix or include them. We'll fix what is needed, and we'll include what makes sense.
2. We are NOT responsible for any bugs caused by custom-made fixes/additions/tweaks. You use them at your own risk and responsibility!
3. Regarding the copyright branding at the bottom in Lockscreen: We will NOT remove them nor provide any option to disable them. Don't PM/Post to ask for the removal or nag otherwise.
4. If you have battery drain, try the following:
  • Clear battery stats in recovery.
  • Freeze unused services (like Email, DSP Manager, Maps). This is important.
  • Turn OFF 'Allow mock locations'.
  • Don't set brightness too high.
  • Don't install too many unused apps.
  • Turn OFF WiFi, 2G, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Turn OFF LED Succession.
  • Reboot after you listen to music. Music service caused battery drain (in the past).
Generally, doixanh and me usually get 2-3 days out of a charge (give or take depending on usage).
5. If you still have battery drain after following Step 4, try:
  • Full wipe in recovery, re-install GingerDX.
  • Use Stock ROM for several days to see if the battery problem is caused by GingerDX or not.
  • If it doesn't drain, try installing one of your apps, test battery for a day, install another one, and test.
  • and so on...
That way you will know what's the cause of your battery drain.

ThanksThanks also go out to Google for their great little Android.
And don't let us forget to throw Sony Ericsson a thanks for their nice X8 hardware but craptastic software support.

You like this ROM? Feel free to drop a donation to us
doixanh eagleeyetom djnilse AChep
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29th September 2012, 09:50 AM |#2  
HashyCode's Avatar
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Thanks Meter: 2,195

You can download GingerDX from here:

Google Code

MD5: be103f5f64a4a46c7d2ae8ab58b3d20b731d764b

Please do not mirror!!!

NOTE: If you have any bugs, 'Full-Wipe (Factory Reset)' in recovery first.



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29th September 2012, 09:53 AM |#3  
HashyCode's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Flag Cheras
Thanks Meter: 2,195
  • v031b (12-03-2013) - hotfix release
    • updated Ring Locker to show the time correctly
    • JellyBean theme updated (USB mounting)
    • updated Polish translation (sorry for that)

  • v031 (08-03-2013) - Happy International Women's Day! Let's celebrate.
    • Ring Locker (to activate go to GingerDX settings->Other)
    • PIE controls ported from ParanoidAndroid
      PIE is a fully-customizable replacement for the stock on-screen navigation buttons found in more recent versions of Android. It stays hidden off-screen, only to be brought to life by a predefined gesture. PIE can be manifested on all four sides of the devices, and there's even an option to set up multiple trigger areas, making this not only a neat mod to look at, but a convenient one, too. (
    • SuperSU 1.25
    • ES File Explorer
    • GalleryDX replaced with QuickPic 2.9.3
    • HoloLauncher 2.0.2
    • Big translation update (DE - laufersteppenwolf, PL - atomrat and me, IT - shineworld, RU - AChep, NL - SMillerNL, PT - jucazastrow )
    • Improved JellyBean theme
    • AliveDots Wallpaper - cool live wallpaper by AChep
    • Easter egg! Try to find it

  • v030 (20-01-2013) - bug fix release:
    • CM nightly dated on 15/01/2013
    • ICS Theme replaced by JellyBean lite
    • New JellyBean transitions ported from thanks vicino!
    • Fully working KSM on Alfs v09c - open terminal/adb shell and type cat /sys/kernel/mm/ksm/pages_sharing to check.
    • Fixed LED settings
    • Fixed radio speaker routing - thanks to nobodyAtall
    • Restored DSP Manager
    • Statusbar panel background transparency
    • Reworked centered clock
    • Restored option to disable bootanimation
    • Updated Chinese, Slovak and Polish translations
    • Jellybean fonts and audio
    • GalleryDX v2.8.2
    • ESFileExplorer v1.6.2.4
    • SuperSU v0.99
    • HoloLauncher v2.0.1
    • GAPPs moved to separate package

    Big thanks to doixanh, who decided to become a semi-end-user
    Big thanks to our friend silverio.d who made a KSM test app.

    Thanks to:
    atomrat, ->Sid and Nevsky_711 for tests

  • v029 (29-09-2012) - huuuuuuuuge update:
    • Based on MiniCM shakira device tree
    • CM nightly dated on 28/09/2012
    • New devices officially supported from now (Xperia X10 Mini, Xperia X10 Mini Pro, Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-5830 - thanks to CallMeVentus)
    • Updated Google Play Store to 3.8.17
    • Removed Nemus Launcher
    • Added Holo Launcher 1.2.4
    • Added Google Authenticator
    • Spare Parts/Dev Tools
    • Ultra-brightness
    • Ultra-brightness power toggle
    • Native WiFi tethering (custom kernel only)
    • Option to remove all remembered networks by one click
    • Jellybean status bar and notifications
    • Jellybean sounds
    • Fully customizable AChep's desk clock (math quiz, shake/flip to snooze/disable)
    • Centered clock option doesn't require reboot anymore
    • GalleryDX's scrolling bug fixed
    • Updated Pick-up-to-call
    • Revamped transparent statusbar
    • Updated SuperSU to v0.96
    • GalleryDX updated to v2.3.3
    • Flip-to-snooze the alarm bug fixed
    • Removed doixanh's optimization - it was the cause of scrolling bug
    • ICSified Settings by default
    • Removed MIUI status bar battery style
    • New WiFi module (stock)
    • ClockworkMod v4.0.1.5 (stock)
    • Updated IT, RU, PL, VI translations (thanks to silverio.di, AChep and doixanh)

      Thanks go to:
      - atomrat
      - RohinZaraki
      - navispidey
      - Sidy
      - neXt___
      - x10man

  • v028b - hotfix
    • Updated SuperSU to 0.92
    • Fixed SMS/MMS Force Closing when "Pick-up-to-Call" is enabled
    • Fixed "Date in the statusbar is not being updated"
    • Fixed black block on the left when clock is being centered

  • v028 - minor update and bug fixes
    • Latest CM7.2.0 Hero stable
    • Pick-Up-To-Call in Phone dialer and MMS with GDX setting in CMParts
    • Updated EN, DE, FR, IT, VI and RU translation for the USB storage mode / USB connection screen
    • Updated RU translation in CMParts by yarik2720
    • Updated GalleryDX to 2.3
    • Updated SuperSU to 0.91
    • Date now being displayed when Statusbar is being pulled down
    • WiFi tetheruing TESTING (build.prop)

      Alfs Kernel Addon:
    • Version bump to v007 to match GingerDX v028

  • v027 - EURO 2012 update
    • Latest CM7.2.0rc4 Hero nightly
    • AChep's ICSandwich Theme now set by default
    • AChepified! Merged AChep's ICS Layouts natively into the ROM ( (Best thanks to AChep for granting us permissions)
    • DeskClock: "Shake to Snooze Alarm" by AChep
    • Updated ES File Explorer to
    • Updated Nemus Launcher to 1.6.3
    • Updated SuperSU to 0.90
    • Russian translation updated by yarik2720
    • Merged CM9 backports from aspee (LG P500 GingerDX Port)
    • Kernel samepage merging (for Alfs v09+)
      NOTE: This feature only works on Alfs v09+ and will have no effect on Stock Kernel or Alfs v08 (or older).
      To enable KSM: System settings -> CyanogenMod settings -> Performance
      CHECK "Kernel samepage merging" to enable the feature.
      Be warned that this code is considered UNSTABLE and may cause unexpected problems.
      Try at your own risk!
    • Current CPU Frequency
      Shown at: System settings -> CyanogenMod settings -> Performance -> CPU settings

      Alfs Kernel Addon:
    • Version bump to v006 to match GingerDX v027

  • v026 - Minor update
  • v025 - Some updates here and there
    • Latest CM7.2.0-RC1 Hero nightly
    • Replaced system/etc/hosts past a normal hosts file
      Almost 16500 lines (500KB+) to block ad hosts is plain insanity
      Use AdAway or any similar app
    • Tweaked lightsensor settings in
      - br::rate up to 32768 (from 8192)
      - br::rate down to 32768 (from 65538)
      - br::limit up to 255 (from 250)
      - curve::targets changed to 100,115,130,175,254 (from 10,75,120,164,254)
      - als::avg-t down to 512ms (from 1024ms)
    • Tweaked gps.conf
      - Set NTP SERVER values to... span the regions where the X8 is/was being sold.
    • Change in tiwlan.ini
      - WiFiAdhoc = 1 (from WiFiAdhoc = 0)
      In preparation of researching SoftAP mode
    • Cleaned up several scripts in the base system
    • Merged Stock Kernel Modules into ROM
    • Added ICS Alarms, Notifications, Ringtones and UI sounds
    • Replaced DroidSans.ttf and DroidSans-Bold.ttf past their ICS Roboto font counterparts
    • Replaced Clocktopia.ttf past the ICS AndroidClock.ttf counterpart
    • Gmail 2.3.6
    • Play Store 3.5.16
    • Added GalleryDX, based on QuickPic 2.2.2

      Other changes:
    • Center clock on status bar now in CMParts
      - Patch by doixanh
    • Dismissed "Disable boot animation" in CMParts
    • Misc language updates in CMParts
      - Russian translation by AChep
      - German translation by B.Jay
      - Italian translation by silverio_di and Firelord70
      - Bulgarian translation by didkoslawow

      Alfs Kernel Addon:
    • Version bump to v004 to match GingerDX v025
  • v024 - Small improvements
    • Latest CM7.2.0-RC1 Hero nightly.
    • Updated Play Store to v3.5.15
    • Updated AChep's ICSandwich Theme to 031-build-406
    • Removed LauncherPro
    • Added ZeamLauncher v3.1.10
    • Added ICS Wallpapers into CyanogenMod Wallpapers
    • Removed ClockworkMod Recovery v4.0.1.5
    • Added ClockworkMod Recovery v5.0.2.8 by Team GingerDX
    • Removed broken HTC Live Wallpaper
    • Added HTC Live Wallpaper by death1246
    • Refreshed Google Apps
    • Fixed a file permission problem in updater-script
    • Alfs Kernel Addon
      Incorporated some optimizations suggested by alfsamsung
    • Stock Kernel Modules:
      Added ax8netfilter plus modification to load full netfilter modules
      NEW: for easy overclock module installation
    • Fixes:
      Resolved a 'Divide by zero' in the framework
      Lowered delay for screen rotation change from 2s to 0.6s
      Removed unused code
    • Thanks:
      vislavski for beta testing
  • v023b - Fix for Stock Kernel users
    • Busybox reverted to 1.15.3 to avoid soft bricks on stock kernels.
    • Alfs update inlcude newest busybox.
  • v023 - With new maintainer come a great lot of changes
    • Latest CM7.2.0-RC0 Hero nightly.
    • Removed boot sound (haunt eagleeyetom if you miss it )
    • Removed CM7 File Manager
    • Added Root Browser by jrummy16
      (Consider buying the app if you like it to support the developer)
    • Removed AChep's A-Theme Lite
    • Added AChep's ICSandwich Theme 030 (will be updated with each release)
      (If you like to support AChep consider buying the theme to support him.)
    • Added eagleeyetom's EduRoam WiFi fix
    • Updated ax8mt (Stock Kernel Modules) to the requested fixed version
    • Updated GPS to Google's AGPS servers
    • Updated ClockworkMod Recovery to by unic0de
    • Removed xRecovery
    • Updated Busybox to 1.19.4
    • Updated Play Store to 3.4.7 (formerly Android Market)
    • Updated Play Music to 4.1.513 (formerly Google Music)
    • Updated Superuser to 3.0.7 (su binary v3.0.3.2)
    • Updated YouTube to 2.4.4
    • Updated Gmail to
    • Updated VoiceSearch to 2.1.4
    • Added Adreno Libs by atis112 for Alfs Kernel (Alfs Kernel AddOn)
    • Added vold+chargemon by alfsamsung for Alfs Kernel (Alfs Kernel AddOn)
    • Added ax8netfilter by AnDyX for Stock Kernel (Stock Kernel Modules)
    • Thanks go out to:
      deedii, vislavski, DefcOn, Xmaster8 and Maze for beta testing
      doixanh for resolving the lockscreen problem (you rule, man)
Future plans/What has been done so far?

To all soft-modder wannabes.
If you want to soft-mod GingerDX v023+ please forget your plans right away. We're not giving permits to soft-modders to create inferior knock-offs of this ROM.
If you want to create your own ROM from source feel free to ask for permit and fork off of doixanh's v022 tree.
But if you want to port GingerDX to other devices feel free to PM us and we'll give you an access to our Github.
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29th September 2012, 11:06 AM |#4  
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Donate to Me
We are looking for help with creating the stock version of this ROM. No one of our team has this device, so we can't do this. If you are interested with porting, contact us in any possible way.
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29th September 2012, 02:58 PM |#5  
Senior Member
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I use this ROM,the best ROM !

Sent from my X10MiniPro using xda app-developers app
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29th September 2012, 05:50 PM |#6  
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Thumbs up superb package!
this rom comes with a great package
what ever you want its in there,i've been using this rom from couple of hours and its real greatlaugh:
29th September 2012, 06:34 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by AChep


  • Rooted
  • ClockworkMod Recovery (v014+)
  • Baseband 015
  • Sony Ericsson custom kernel nAa by nobodyAtall
  • Desire to get rid of Stock Eclair

The kernel points to x8 nAa-14 kernel
correct link is -
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29th September 2012, 06:55 PM |#8  
Senior Member
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If it is possible add torch to the power widgets. Everything else is amazing.
1779 score in Antutu without overclocking
29th September 2012, 09:31 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by m0d

The kernel points to x8 nAa-14 kernel
correct link is -

My bad. Thanks for pointing that.
29th September 2012, 10:09 PM |#10  
Tom.K's Avatar
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I guess I don't have test anymore for now... Sorry for not reporting bugs for RC2, didn't have time to re-sync everything (yet I still don't have much time like before).

Though, it's still great ROM.
30th September 2012, 01:33 AM |#11  
StardustGeass's Avatar
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I just noticed a bug...
When getting notifications, clock on center status bar doesn't disappear... So, the notification text overlaps with center clock...

Anything else seems great
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