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[Rom][10.May] Orio X 11.1.0 ✪PureXAudio RemiX'ed✪| EQS | TNA | Sense 4+/5 | JB | 3.20

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Orio Rom - The first full themed Stock Rom

  • Based on One X 3.20.401.1 RUU
  • Android 4.1.1 with Sense UI 4+
  • Sense 5 Icons
  • Multi-language (WWE)
  • Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned using SDK r21.1.
  • Themed Black & White [Option]
  • Speed Improvements
  • Bloatware removed
  • Updated Kernel
  • Removed Debugging stuff
  • Rooted
  • Aroma Installer
  • Option to remove apps[in Aroma installer]
  • Option to remove additional Bloatware[in Aroma installer]
  • SuperUser, Busybox, SQLite
  • Memory optimizations
  • Excellent battery life!
  • All apps updated
  • Tweaked for best performance
  • Fast and Smooth UI
  • A lot of other changes

You can choose from different Tweaks:
  • Transparent Notification Area
  • Transparent Notifiaction Bar
  • Sense 5 Style Lockscreen
  • Choose from two different Icon Sets in Aroma installer
    • Orio style Icons
    • Sense 4+ icons
  • Choose from five different Batteries in Aroma installer
    • Sense 5
    • Sense 4+
    • Orio style
    • rotary
    • b&w
  • Transparent Widget
  • The famous Transparent widgets are back in Orio. THis is what you get:
  • Transparent or
  • Half Transparent Widgets
  • All Mods which are inlcuded in Lyapotas great Mod pack, which is always included in the latest version

To get this Rom installed follow this steps:
  1. Put the to you internal storage
  2. Extract the boot.img from the zip to your fastboot folder
  3. Reboot into Bootloader
  4. Run fastboot erase cache
  5. Run fastboot flash boot boot.img
  6. Go to recovery and install it from the SdCard
  7. Folow the steps in the Aroma installer
  8. Reboot the device

Orio X - hosted by Romhut
Full wipe is not mandatory, but highly recommended
MD5 Checksum: 64c314c566adadd2ba93fa6f42a14e2b


Orio X 11.1.0
  • added a flashing check to script to prevent wrong flashing
  • updated Lyapotas Mod
Orio X 11.0.0
  • rebase to 3.20.401.1
  • updated Lyapotas Mod
  • other things I forgot
Orio X 10.3.0
  • added PureXAudio RemiX'ed
  • added latest PlayStore
  • fixed some minor bugs
  • updated Lyapotas Mod
Orio X 10.2.0
  • fixed TW + TNA bug
  • added option to exchange Soldiexplorer
  • fixed some minor other bugs
  • updated Lyapotas Mod
Orio X 10.1.0
  • fixed some minor bugs
  • updated Lyapotas Mod
Orio X 10.0.0
  • rebased to 3.19.401.1
  • removed stock theme in the view of the occasion
Orio X 9.6.0
  • added Powermanager I wanted to add the last two releases,...
  • fixed TW problem
  • fixed TNA problem
  • updated Lyapotas Mod
Orio X 9.5.0
  • added Sense 5 Weather
  • fixed buttons for incoming call in Sense 5 Style Lockscreen
  • added option for old Lockscreen
  • updated Lyapotas Mod
Orio X 9.4.0
  • added back TNA, still in beta stage!
  • themed new HEQS icons
  • updated Lyapotas Mod
Orio X 9.3.0
  • fixed Battery bug
  • updated Lyapotas Mod
Orio X 9.2.0
  • fixed APM Lockscreen bug
  • fixed Aroma script
  • themed HEQS
  • upgraded to Laypotas Mod No. 5.2
Orio X 9.1.0
  • added "Sense 5 Lockscreen"
  • redid the Music Lockscreen
  • updated lyapotas Mod
Orio X 9.0.0
  • rebased to 3.18
  • added Sense 5 Wallpaper
  • added lots of Sense 5 Stuff
  • updated Lyapota Mods to latest
  • updated Chrome beta
  • updated Dropbox
  • updated Play Services
  • updated Gmail
  • updated Maps
  • updated Solid Explorer
  • updated Superuser
  • updated Su binary
  • updated YouTube
Orio X 8.3.0
  • changed OTA service
  • updated Superuser
  • added Sense 5 Wallpaper
  • fixed a bug
Orio X 8.2.0
  • changed Superuser app
  • fixed Messages problem
  • updated Lyapota Mod to latest
  • themed some things
Orio X 8.1.1
  • removed TNA for now
Orio 8.1.0
  • added Xloud Engine as Option
  • added interface for tweaks ;)
  • updated SuperSu to version 1.07
  • updated skin - fixed 0 problem
Orio 8.0.0
  • Flash boot.img!
  • Changed Kernel back to Stock due to strange problems
  • completely changed the Orio Skin
  • added some languages ;)
  • removed some skins
  • themed the Aroma installer Orio style!
  • rebuilt the Aroma installer
  • added Rosie mods by Lyapota
  • added Lyapota’s Musicbox as fix element
  • added Lyapota’s Tweaks as fix element
  • zipaligned
  • added some Sense 5 Stuff - thx to Lesscro
  • exchanged Chrome with Chrome beta
  • updated Dropbox to latest
  • updated Google+ to latest
  • updated Solidexplorer to latest
  • updated PlayServices
  • things I forgot
Orio 7.1.0
  • changed Kernel To TripNDroid v003
  • updated HTC People App
  • updated Lypotas Longress Controll - Longpress Back key - kill App - Longpress Vol key - Media control - Longpres HeadSet button - skip track
  • added transparent Notifiaction Area
  • fixed graphical issues
  • updated SolidExplorer
Orio 7.0.0
  • rebased to official 3.14.401.31
  • updated Power Manager Mod
  • updated Beats Notification
  • updated Music Box
  • updated Back Key Close
  • removed bloat
  • removed bootsound and others
  • reduced the size a bit
  • added transparent Notification Area Option
  • exchanged FB app with non tracking on made by elesbb
  • updated Soundhound
  • updated SolidExplorer
Orio 6.2.0
  • added a surprise ;)
  • fixed stock bat% hopefully last time ;)
  • added Lyapotas Music Box (option)
  • updated Half Transparent Widgets
  • themed Messenger
  • themed APM - again ;)
  • redid Orio Skin from scratch
  • added a whole bunch of new things in Aroma Manager!
  • added a Quick Settings App
  • updated Lyapotas Mods
  • updated Google Search
  • updated SuperSu
  • updated Google Plus
  • updated Facebook
  • updated Google Play Books
  • updated Google Play Movies
  • updated Google Maps
  • updated Pinterest
  • updated Soundhound
  • updated Twitter
  • updated YouTube
  • updated Solid Explorer
Orio 6.1.0 - incremental
  • fixed another problem with batt%
  • added longpress Back Button -> close app (credits to lyapota)
  • added option for PowerManager Mod (credits to lyapota)
  • added optio for Disable Beats Notification (credits to lyapota)
  • updated HQ Camera Mod to version 4.0
  • fixed problems with OTA
  • new Aroma script!
Orio 6.0.1 - incremental
  • fixed a build.prop entry
Orio 6.0.0
  • rebased to latest One X Base 3.14.401.27
  • rebased APM
  • updated SuperSu to latest 0.99
  • updated Facebook to latest
  • updated Google Now to latest
  • updated Dropbox to latest
  • updated Soundhound to latest
Orio 5.0.1
  • fixed bat%
  • fixed Camera being deleted
  • fixed Transparent widgets bug
  • fixed some apps not being deleted
  • fixed Carbon skin
Orio 5.0.0
  • rebased to latest One X Base 3.14.401.24
  • added Transparent Widgets (option)
  • added Transparent Lockscreen (option)
  • added Half Transparent Widgets (option)
  • added Half Transparent Lockscreen (option)
  • added Orio Style Widgets (option - part of skin)
  • added Two icon sets
  • Orio icons
  • Stock icons
  • added four different Battery sets (independent from icon set)
  • Stock Batt% icons
  • B&W % icons
  • Circle Batt% icons
  • Orio Batt icons
  • updated Gmail to latest 4.2
  • updated Google Play Books to latest
  • updated Solidexplorer to latest
  • updated TuneIn to latest
Orio 4.0.0
  • rebased to latest One X Base 3.14.401.22
  • optimized Orio skin
  • added possibility to choose Android 4.2 Camera
  • optimized Orio Skin
  • extended Carbon Skin
  • updated HQCamera
  • zipaligned with SDK r21
  • updated Play Store to 3.10.9
  • updated Google+ to
  • updated Pinterest to 1.1.1
  • updated Twitter App to 3.5.0
  • updated Solidexplorer to 1.3.9
  • updated Facebook to 1.9.12
  • updated AdAway to 2.0
  • updated Adobe Reader to 10.4.2
  • updated Google Play Movies to 2.1.9
Orio 3.0.1
  • Added the right Lockscreen
Orio 3.0.0
  • Rebased to 3.14.401.20
  • Added back the customized LC - check out the changes
  • Updated APM thx to Jotha for Perission
  • Some speed optimizations
  • Themed a little bit more
Orio 2.0.0
  • Rebased to 3.14.401.190
  • Added new Skin - Carbon!
  • Changed Orio Skin
  • Added some more Transparent Widgets
  • Changed default backgrounds of my Skins
  • Changed lots of m10
  • Went over to Villian Theme System
  • Some speed optimizations
  • Rearranged Lockscreen
  • Added new HQ Camera Mod thx to lyapota
  • Themed a little bit more
Orio 1.0.1Orio 1.0.0
  • Initial Release

If you like my work and want to support me, you can always buy me a beer

Hall Of Fame - Donations List
  • jeryx
  • Lextermina

  • Football
  • Breinholst the Great Dane
  • Turge
  • Fisha
  • Lesscro
  • Dragonsdesgano for some help
  • ZeroInfinity

Video Review:

Thx to oddyZR noooooooooothing Thx to Flow-Wolf
PM is not for support- support is in the thread!!
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How to install Jelly Bean:
How to install JellyBean with sense 4+ roms please take a look on THIS Guide and flasher made by stuart0001.

Download ORIO rom and place it on your SD card
Boot the phone to bootloader mode (volume down + power button)
Extract boot img from the ORIO rom and then type “fastboot flash boot boot.img” in cmd
Go into recovery (we always recommend that you do a full wipe, especially if your coming from another JB rom)
Select “choose zip from sd card” and choose ORIO
After flashing procedure is proceed, reboot your phone.
Grab boot.img for OrioX 10.0.0 base 3.19 Here

You may aswell take a look at this THIS or THIS by Mike1986. The latest one contains firmware zip for hboot 1.31, hboot 1.33, hboot 1.36 and hboot 1.39

Q 1:: After I flash your ROM and reboot my device, my device keeps rebooting/bootloop?
A: Make sure you flash the correct boot.img from fastboot
You can find some help How To here*SDK and Fast Boot Commands Tutorial

Q 2: Should I use a task killer on the ORIO JB ROM?
Not recommended, is you really want to, use the one that came with the rom.

Q 3: Backup? What is that?
A good idea is to back up all your data and settings from the phone before flashing a new rom with a full wipe. Best app available is Titanium Back up(included in the ROM)
The best way to back up the contacts is to sync it via HTC Sync or via your gmail.

Q 4: Are Nandroid and Titanium backup the same thing? How do I manage backups?
No, Nandroid backs up the ROM and Titanium backs up the applications. Nandroid is what you do using the recovery and it makes the exact image of your ROM along with the data.

Q 5: On what occasion will I lose my data (apps, contacts etc)?
Only when you flash the rom wiping data using the Aroma installer option. When you just flash a rom or a .zip from recovery, it will not wipe anything unless otherwise mentioned.

Q 6: I was on stock (or another rom from another cook) and I flashed ORIO JB rom, now I am having some problems.1. Try to rebooting the Phone and see if it makes a difference.
2. Reboot into recovery and clear cache and dalvik, reboot the phone and clear data of the apps causing problem.
3. Reboot into recovery, reflash the rom choosing full wipe in the installer.

Q 7: How do I flash Full wipe or Superwipe and what does it erase?Reboot into recovery, install a zip from sd card option, select the rom, follow the Aroma installer and select "Flash with wiping all (or something to that effect*)

Q 8: The screen is not very responsive and is lagging.
Let the phone settle down a bit after you unlock it. It generally needs a few seconds to kick up the CPU.*

Q 9: The market is not installing anything. Gives error.
Reboot into recovery and select “clear cache partition”. And under settings - applications - Manage applications - under the Market app < Clear Data>.

Q 10: My battery is draining heavily.
When you first flash a ROM this is what happens. Give it atleast one full charge cycle and it should come back to normal. If required, reboot into recovery and clear battery stats. It is advisable to do so on 100%.*

Common Opinion - Heavy battery drain is one thing that you cannot complain about on this rom, for sure. The battery life is much above average*

It's NOT recommended to empty the battery, it may course a poorer battery performance and life cyclus.*

Q11: Should I run the phone battery to zero percent, and what if it does??
A: Absolutely not! Both the current recoveries are giving problems while pulling the battery up from zero percent. If the phones dies off due to battery being zero, try to reboot it into recovery, flash the stock recovery. If it doesnt, then plug it into the wall charger and leave it for as long as it takes for you to boot it. Then flash the stock recovery, charge it fully and do your stuff.

Q12: MMS Problem?
A: Please check your APN settings.*

Q13: Some games that use the motion/G sensor are not working as they should.
A: Re-Calibrate your Gsensor –> Settings – Display – Gsensor Callibration

Q14: I dont like the animations. Dont want them.
A: Go to settings - display - animations.*

Q15: How do I change the bootanimation or the downanimation?
A: System\Customize\Resource or System/Data/Local. Replace the boot/down file with the one you want. The new file must be named
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Signatures :

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21st October 2012, 02:23 PM |#4  
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Looks good, can't wait to try it.

Sent from my HTC One X running Maximus v4.2
21st October 2012, 02:57 PM |#5  
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Its so great to have one more choice for HOX here. Thank you & good luck m8.[COLOR="Silver"]

---------- Post added at 09:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:53 PM ----------

****with my CEO wallpapers added*** hope u dont mind, my friend.
Attached Thumbnails
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ID:	1481396   Click image for larger version

Name:	Cushnie et Ochs reverse.jpg
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21st October 2012, 02:59 PM |#6  
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Looks amazing! I love the theme!

my CID is not supported though ... I will definitely come back for this

Good luck mate!
21st October 2012, 03:01 PM |#7  
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looks great thanks , although no boot.img in zip?
21st October 2012, 03:17 PM |#8  
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Boot.img not in zip?
Would love to try this, but there seems to be no boot.img in the zip file. Or am I overlooking something here
21st October 2012, 03:41 PM |#9  
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Sorry Guys my fault with the boot.img

grab it from here:

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21st October 2012, 03:50 PM |#10  
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nice theme^^ looks great. thx

can u post the black&white wallpaper?
21st October 2012, 03:53 PM |#11  
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Looks good, nice theming though wish you much success with your ROM and thanks for your work.
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