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[App][2.2 - 4.4] Cloud SMS - Send SMS From Your Tablet!

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By bechard, Senior Member on 23rd October 2012, 05:17 PM
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Tired of putting down your Android tablet to check a new SMS on your phone? Me too. Cloud SMS is run on both your phone and tablet to allow you to send and receive SMS messaging from your tablet.

Built for speed and privacy, Cloud SMS works over the Internet, does not require bluetooth, does not share (or transmit) your contacts, and even hashes your account email for added security. Typical messages take about 100ms to transmit.

Cloud SMS is available now in the Google Play Store for only 99 cents!

Super Important & Complex Setup Instructions
  1. Install and run on phone
  2. Install and run on tablet
  3. Done... Ready to go!


  • Fixed MMS Receiver for KitKat (Android 4.4) devices.

  • Fixed SMS History Sync with an empty SMS list on Phone.
  • Fixed Popup showing in recent tasks
  • Fixed Attachment selector (KitKat issues resolved!)
  • Updated UI to improve look and feel, fixed missing Android UX elements (Thanks David!):
  • Cleaned UI with better spacing, padding
  • Action Bar now displays Contact name and number to match the stock SMS app.
  • Updated font sizes on main message list.
  • Various UI Tweaks and updates.

  • Fixed a registration bug where Cloud Services were unable to register if Google's service took longer than three seconds to respond.
  • Changed the Settings description for Force Tablet Mode to better indicate how to use the feature.

  • Fixed KitKat bug with contact selection when "Show Only Mobile Numbers" was unchecked.
  • Fixed display of dialog to users when selecting a contact with no mobile categorized numbers.
  • Fixed other small bugs.

  • Added support for Android 4.4 KitKat! Please let me know if you experience any problems!
  • Fixed initial contact detection and photo assignment on SMS History Sync.
  • Improved compatibility with some cellular tablets.
  • Fixed other small bugs.

Click Show to see previous update change log.

  • Fixed long standing bug which prevented sharing images from other apps to Cloud SMS.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.

  • Project extra smooth butter - scrolling should be smoother than ever before with my new image caching
  • Fixed Mark Read / Mark All Read from notification (really this time, I promise!)
  • Fixed a few isolated issues when sending new messages from the tablet
  • Please let me know if you can feel a noticeably smoother scroll, as I only have a few devices to test against and would love to hear some feedback.

  • Tweaks for Android 4.3
  • Fixed isolated Notification Mark All Read / Mark Read button where messages were not being properly marked for some devices.
  • Fixed isolated Message Popup bug.
  • Misc bug fixes on Tablet.

  • Added support for Android 4.3!

  • Fixed issue which prevented Message Popup from firing when messages were received.
  • Fixed a number of issues which had the potential to cause a crash.
  • Changed Message Popup behaviour to show popup only when popups are enabled, and when the screen is off, or screen is on but Cloud SMS is not the open app.
  • A few small bug fixes.
  • Stay tuned for the next major release!

  • Added Time Offset setting to fix incorrect incoming message time, for people whose devices refuse to agree on time zones.
  • Fixed MMS Send from tablet bug where images selected outside of the gallery would cause a crash.
  • Fixed Mark Read and Mark All Read from the notification. The buttons will now silently do their job rather than briefly flash open and close Cloud SMS.
  • A few small bug fixes.

  • Added Image sending from the Tablet! Images are uploaded and sent as a short link using normal SMS due to Android MMS limitations. Give it a try!
  • Added new network state detection to ensure devices remain sync across mobile/wifi changes
  • All message timestamps are now based on the Phone's received time
  • Fixed bug with Phone Call notification running wild, will ring for a max of ten seconds, and ignores any old phone calls when reconnecting to Wifi
  • Fixed many other small bugs

  • Added new Mark All Read button on Jellybean notifications. (Thanks Pasquale!)
  • Fixed MMS receiving for Android 2.x users (Hopefully it really is fixed!)
  • Fixed many small bugs and potential crashes

  • Fixed contact list position memory not resetting on new message
  • Fixed issue for Beta MMS Upload users where selecting an image caused a crash
  • Fixed MMS receiving for Android 2.x users
  • Fixed crash report from crashing (crazy, yes?)
  • Fixed many small bugs and potential crashes
  • Tested new icons (still working on them!)

  • Added Setting to use Stock SMS icon on tablet
  • Fixed Contact Icon skipping on scroll
  • Fixed Last contact photo showing when viewing unknown contact
  • Fixed Contact list position memory
  • Fixed Marking messages read when opened from Dashclock
  • Fixed Message Popup opening when app is visible
  • Fixed ^ character being stripped
  • Fixed Message Times was tablet based
  • Fixed Phone Ringtone didn't stop on Missed Call
  • Fixed Receiving messages when app is closed
  • Fixed Screen flash on dark theme start
  • Fixed Ringtone selection not updating UI

  • Added DashClock Extension for Cloud SMS! - To enable Cloud SMS in DashClock, simply add the extension to the widget or lockscreen.
  • Disabled Slide Animation for Android 4.x consistency, and added a setting to re-enable it if desired.
  • Updated contact icon to modern unknown contact icon.
  • Fixed crash on Kindle Message Quick Reply Pop-Up.
  • Fixed UI flash when started on boot.
  • Fixed height of Message Reply text field.
  • Other UI Tweaks and rare crash fixes.

  • Added New Phone Call Pop-Up with Big Photo
  • Completely new MMS Handling code for increased compatibility.
  • Fixed scaling of Message Pop-up for Nexus 10 users.
  • Fixed a rare wake lock state on Phone Call notification.
  • Fixed receiving MMS images.
  • Removed Force Phone Mode from Tablet Settings.
  • MMS Support is entirely rewritten so please let me know if it suddenly works for you now, I'd love to hear back from you.

  • Added Quick Contact to Message Thread.
  • Added handler to automatically re-sync devices when updated from Play Store.
  • Fixed a Google Play issue where new users were experiencing crashes.
  • Fixed a rare issue where users upgrading would crash due to DB changes.
  • Fixed a few more reported bugs.

  • Fixed a few issues for people upgrading from a few versions back which could cause crashes.
  • Fixed a few more reported bugs.

  • Fixed issue where contact photo would be removed when a message is received, but restored when the message was viewed.
  • Fixed issue where contact name was not displayed, but showed only the phone number in its place.
  • Fixed issue where the main list did not refresh on new message after being woken up from sleep, or switched from another process.
  • Added more users to Sending MMS Images from Tablet beta.

  • More performance caching on the main list! Should be extra buttery now, very close to the stock SMS app.
  • Fixed problem with MMS receiving, most users should now get MMS images.
  • Tweaked a few communications items, should fix a couple isolated issues.

  • Improved Main Conversations list handling of unknown contacts.
  • Improved Message Conversation performance.
  • Improved overall performance.
  • Corrected random contact photo for unknown contacts.
  • Added on touch colouring to main list.
  • Added more users to MMS from Tablet Beta.

  • Project Butter! When you open the app after updating, your main messages list will be cached. Simply scroll through your list to generate a fresh list cache. Go into any message thread, and when you come back, your main list will be buttery smooth. This cache will be automatically updated and stay buttery.
  • Updated Message character count to indicate number of SMS messages for users who need that detail.
  • Added more users to MMS from Tablet Beta Testing.
  • Fixed a few more bugs.

  • Fixed New Message Crash for Dark Theme users.
  • Fixed message sending status issue for remaining users.
  • Added more users to MMS from Tablet Beta Testing.
  • Fixed a few more bugs.

  • Fixed MMS Attachment from New Message for Beta Users.
  • Fixed a few reported bugs.
  • More UI efficiency updates to improve list scrolling speed.
  • Please email me with any issues, as I cannot respond to Reviews if you are experiencing any issues!
  • Also looking for more Send MMS from Tablet Beta Testers!

  • Added SMS character counter to prevent sending long messages.
  • Added preliminary support for looking up SMS contact mobile phone from an email address.
  • Added UI slide transition between Conversations list and the Message Thread View.
  • Fixed a few reported bugs.
  • Updated UI efficiency to improve list scrolling speed.
  • Added more beta users to MMS Send from Tablet.
  • Updated MMS.
  • Please email me with any issues, as I cannot respond to Reviews if you are experiencing any issues!

  • Fixed message sent status updates which was not working for a few users.
  • Various small bug fixes.

  • More UI Updates to Message Thread View.
  • Updated Message Sending to match Stock SMS - When a message is sent, the time field shows as SENDING until the message has been sent, which then shows the time.
  • Message Delivery Notification is now a setting for users who want that feature and status indicators.
  • Removed notifications on sent messages, unless message delivery notifications are enabled.
  • Fixed SMS History Import Ordering - Now imported messages display in the proper order.

  • Overhauled main conversations list performance.
  • Updated message status icons to match the stock SMS app.
  • Added Contact Badge when a contact photo is touched on the main list.
  • Added arrow indicators over contact photos to match the stock SMS app in the conversation thread view.
  • Fixed multipart (long) SMS message sending. Long messages are now sent as SMS Multipart rather than cut into pieces.
  • Keyboard is no longer hidden on message send on the conversation thread view.

  • Fixed issue where message thread view was refreshing far to often when waiting on message state (sent, delivered, etc).
  • Fixed multiple notifications on send - Only delivery notification will fire now.
  • Fixed more MMS issues, should be more reliable and hopefully working for the last 5% of users experiencing MMS reception issues.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Feedback Request - MMS Sending, if MMS photos sent from tablet were converted to a link for the recipient, would that be acceptable? *

  • Improved responsiveness of main contacts view.
  • Updated time stamps to display only hour within a twenty-four hour period.
  • Fixed bug where Quick Reply from notification did not open the Quick Reply Pop-Up.
  • Added Force Phone Mode for a single user who's phone refuses to identify properly
  • Updated UI with margin changes, many more UI tweaks to come (Thanks Mark)
  • Bug Fixes

  • Added full sent message state tracking. Now sent messages turn green when your phone has sent out the message, and turns green with a check mark when the message has been successfully delivered. Failed messages will turn red, which can indicate that your phone was unable to delivery the message.
  • Updated MMS Receiving - MMS receiving has been overhauled and should now be working for everyone. Many MMS related issues have been resolved.
  • Bug Fixes

  • Added Mark Read notification pull-down button (Jellybean 4.2).
  • Fixed MMS receiver to wait until MMS files have finished downloading from the carrier.
  • Fixed error with MMS received with no text message.
  • Fixed a few other stability issues.

  • Added confirmation prompt to exit to prevent accidental stop of Cloud SMS when users used exit to hide it.
  • Added create/edit contact for View Contact from an unknown contact.
  • Fixed displayed name on Delete Conversation from an unknown contact.
  • Fixed View Contact opening incorrect contact.
  • Fixed bug which caused phone to show a message from contact "0" with a message about encryption (nothing had every been sent out, it was just wrongly showing on the phone in isolated cases).

  • Fixed profile photo detection for Android 4.0+. Added new permission: Read Profile to better detect owner profile.
  • Fixed several database issues to fully resolve locking issues.
  • Fixed main view displaying last sent message, rather than only the contact's last message.
  • Phone and Tablet now try to detect if Message Encryption was accidentally set on only one device, and tries to automatically decrypt received encrypted messages.
  • Improved Message Thread view performance caching.

  • Updated Quick Reply Pop-Up to be slightly more narrow.
  • Added second Send button to Quick Reply Pop-up on bottom right to prevent accidental pressing of "Open" when send was intended.
  • Fixed Quick Reply Pop-up Send button on Dark Theme
  • Fixed various Dark Theme items in Message View
  • Updated SMS Sync Description to better indicate that only Tablet messages are deleted on Sync.
  • Added notification on start of SMS Sync on the Tablet.
  • Improved contact photo loading performance.

  • Added Full SMS Sync from Phone (Click the Sync Icon on the Phone, Tablet will notify you when completed!)
  • Added Incoming Phone Call Notification (Enable in Settings on your phone)
  • Added Full Message Body Encryption for Android 3.0+ (Enable on both devices, but make sure you are on Android 3.0 through 4.2!)
  • Added Separate Theme Selection for Quick Reply Pop-Up
  • Fixed Bug With Quick Reply which stopped the lock screen (Thanks for the report Serge!)
  • Bonus performance increases!
  • Added New Permission - Read Phone State - Used to detect incoming phone calls

I am a very active developer and continue to address issues and implement features. Below is a full list of permissions, and what they are used for, along with a note for people using GoSMS and other third party SMS apps.

Required Permissions
  • Internet - (Needed to connect to the Internet!)
  • Send SMS / Receive SMS (These are used on the phone side to send/receive messages)
  • Get Account (This is used to read your gmail address assigned to your device. I never actually send this email, simply make a secure hash of the account to match against the Google Cloud Messaging IDs for your tablet/phone)
  • Wake Lock (This is required for Google Cloud Messaging)
  • Receive SMS (This is required to capture SMS messages to send to your tablet)
  • Vibrate (If your tablet supports it, I can vibrate/light LED, make sound just as your phone does on SMS - This will become a setting)
  • Read Contacts (This is used on the tablet to show the contact photo / name rather than just the phone number of the recipient/sender. This data is never stored anywhere).
  • Write SMS (This is used on the phone to add your messages to the stock SMS database to keep conversations properly synced)
  • Receive Boot Completed (This is used to automatically start on boot if enabled in Settings)
  • Access Network State (This is used to determine if you've switched to mobile or wifi to ensure you are re-synced)
  • Access WiFi State (This is used to determine if you've switched to mobile or wifi to ensure you are re-synced)
  • Read Phone Status (This is used to detect incoming phone calls to tell you that your phone is ringing if Phone Call Notification is enabled)
  • Read Call Log (This is used to read caller information so that the caller ID and photo can be shown in Phone Call Notification)

Using Go SMS? Do this:
  • In Go SMS, Under 'Menu -> Settings -> Advanced -> Receive Settings' - Uncheck the box that says 'Disable other message notification'
  • If still not receiving forwarding messages, reboot.

Using a MIUI Rom? Do this:
  • In the MIUI messaging app go to "settings" and make sure "System MMS app priority" is unchecked.
Any comments, questions, or feedback?
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23rd October 2012, 06:06 PM |#2  
Ivizoid's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Orange County
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Working great, thanks.

Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda premium
23rd October 2012, 07:55 PM |#3  
RobBull69's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Chicago
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Purchased and 5 starred. Thanks for your hard work!
23rd October 2012, 08:02 PM |#4  
bechard's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by RobBull69

Purchased and 5 starred. Thanks for your hard work!

23rd October 2012, 08:24 PM |#5  
Senior Member
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Is this great, new app specific to the Nexus 7? I works fine on my N7 with an AOSP custom rom. Might it work on Galaxy Tab 2?
23rd October 2012, 08:43 PM |#6  
bechard's Avatar
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Originally Posted by king200

Is this great, new app specific to the Nexus 7? I works fine on my N7 with an AOSP custom rom. Might it work on Galaxy Tab 2?

Will work with any 2.2+ tablet and phone. Just noticed the OP said Nexus 7 and changed it.
23rd October 2012, 09:29 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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Seems like when my phone disconnects from Wi-Fi, I have to restart app in order to get messages on my tablet.
23rd October 2012, 09:31 PM |#8  
bechard's Avatar
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Originally Posted by N1_Fan

Seems like when my phone disconnects from Wi-Fi, I have to restart app in order to get messages on my tablet.

I'll give that a look. I may need to detect wifi state changes and request an updated google id. Thanks for the report.
23rd October 2012, 10:56 PM |#9  
Senior Member
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To follow up, if both devices disconnect and reconnect they sync beck up.
24th October 2012, 04:01 AM |#10  
bechard's Avatar
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Originally Posted by N1_Fan

To follow up, if both devices disconnect and reconnect they sync beck up.

I'm preparing 1.0.2 to address this reported issue. I had to add two permissions, one to get wifi state, and the other for mobile network state.

Now when a network change is detected, the update service will kick off to re-register your device.
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24th October 2012, 04:27 AM |#11  
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Works well on my Nexus 7, Thanks.
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