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[ROM][4.1.2] █║ Axis (SDS) ¯`•._ AxisM NIGHTLIES — Evolve.

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By Hero, Inactive Recognized Developer on 24th October 2012, 12:40 PM
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I am not responsible for anything that happens to you or your phone while using this custom firmware. By installing this ROM you understand the risks of modifying the core components of your phone and assume all responsibilities for any damages.

  • Official Verizon VRBMB1 update
  • Android 4.1.2
  • Aroma Installer
  • Unsecured boot.img
  • TouchWiz UX
  • Debloated
  • De-odexed
  • Zipaligned
  • Rooted
  • Installs and runs on all major US SGS3 carriers
  • Completely removed software rendering
  • Full Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 rendering
  • Active data logging prevention
  • Patched services.jar
  • V6 Supercharger binary
  • Kickass Kernelizer binary
  • Battery Calibration binary
  • Custom V6 Supercharger settings
  • Ext4 filesystem
  • Optimized remounts
  • Speed & performance tweaks
  • Custom tweaks
  • Tabbed settings menu
  • MMS extended settings
  • TN Advanced Power Menu
  • 23 extended lidroid statusbar toggles
  • Increased number of joinable contacts
  • Extended camera settings
  • Enhanced network and WiFi
  • Hacked hotspot
  • Call/message blocking
  • Smart rotation
  • Smart stay
  • Blocking Mode
  • Various notification icons removed
  • Unlocked WiFi tethering
  • Dual-Core app optimization
  • Proper cell standby readings
  • Multi-DPI support
  • Multi-window
  • Fewer launcher redraws
  • Script-based backup utility
  • sysro/sysrw command support
  • Init.d script support
  • Muted boot sounds

Axis Shell
  • Set ROM to "performance" mode
  • Add zero-lag module
  • Remove zero-lag module
  • Clean cache
  • Enable zRAM
  • Clean SQlite database files
  • Zipalign applications
  • Fix permissions
  • Odex

Status Bar
  • Set custom statusbar image
  • Set icon color
  • Set statusbar color
  • Add a lock button
  • Choose custom battery style (updated)
  • Use any color for the battery icons
  • Hide alarm icon
  • Hide bluetooth icon
  • Disable USB connection sound
  • Disable "battery full" notification
  • Disable "low battery" warning

Notification Panel
  • Use 23 toggle mod
  • Set 23 toggle color
  • Hide "ongoing" text
  • Hide "no notifications" text
  • Choose panel button
  • Set panel button color
  • Show brightness slider
  • Set notification panel image
  • Set notification panel color
  • Set carrier/next alarm color
  • Show carrier text
  • Use custom carrier text
  • Center carrier text
  • Show next alarm
  • Set dragbar color

Date and Time
  • Show time
  • Center clock
  • Show AM/PM
  • Set AM/PM size
  • Show day
  • Show date
  • Date style
  • Show day
  • Show day and date in uppercase format
  • Set clock and date color

  • Access lockscreen settings
  • Enable ink effect
  • Set ink effect color

TouchWiz Launcher
  • Enable launcher rotation
  • Enable wallpaper scrolling

  • Set incoming call answer color
  • Set end call delay
  • Disable increasing ringtone

  • Quickpanel Settings
  • Battery Bar Settings
  • Pie launcher controls
  • Headphone Shortcuts
  • Access Blocking Mode

  • Team Synergy (eschelon, TrevE, Ziggy)
  • amarullz
  • Didact74
  • Rephyc
  • Gruesomewolf
  • sac23
  • zeppelinrox
  • sbreen94
  • All the testers!
  • Video reviewers!
  • User experience supporters!
  • All the donors who support me with this project!

XDA:DevDB Information
Axis ROM (d2vzw), ROM for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III

ROM OS Version: 2.3.x Gingerbread

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2013-09-30
Last Updated 2015-05-19
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24th October 2012, 12:40 PM |#2  
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How to set up SVN for Windows

Step 1-3 is only for people who haven't set up the SVN yet, if you have already set up and just want to update to the newest revision, go to step 4

You will need:
  • A PC running a newish version of Windows
  • Tortoise SVN, choose 32 or 64 bit depending on your OS
  • An archive program like 7zip

1. Setting up folder structure.

Once you have TortoiseSVN set up and installed, browse to a directory where you would like your ROM to be stored
Once your in that directory create a new folder and name it "Samsung Galaxy S3"
Go inside that folder and create two more folders, name it "AxisM"

You don't have to use this names, it just makes things less confusing if you do.

To give you an idea on what this folder will do, "AxisM" is where you will download/update the rom/files to each time I make an update.

2. Downloading the ROM

Once you have completed step one, it is time to download the ROM.
Right click on the "AxisM" folder and click "SVN Checkout".

From here you will need to enter the url of the renovate rom project.
The link is

After you enter the URL, press "Go"

If all done correctly the ROM should start downloading, this could take a while depending on your internet speed. This is the one and only time you will have to download the full ROM.

Once it has finished you will be left with the rom structure inside the "AxisM" folder. You can tell if everything has synced correctly as there will be a green tick on the folder icon.

3. Exporting and zipping

Open "AxisM" and you will see the rom structure. Now go ahead and select all of the folders in that directory and create a zip file. NOw you are ready to flash! Once the zip file has finished being created, drag it to your SD card, boot into recovery, and flash!

4. Updating

When I make an update to the ROM, you can stay up to date change by change, and only by downloading the modified files, not the entire rom every time.

To update to the latest revision all you need to do is right click on "AxisM" and select "SVN Update"

This will update all the changed files to the latest version, keeping you up to date. Again, when the update has finished, re-zip the ROM, transfer it to your SD card, and flash.

How to set up SVN for Mac OS

You will need:

• An Intel based Mac
Xcode or Command Line tools for your version of OSX

1) You need the command line tools to be installed in order to export the ROM once the source has been downloaded. To do this you will need to complete only one of the next options.

a) Command Line Tools via Xcode

Xcode is a 1.6GB download and if all you need is the command line tools then I strongly recommend you use option B. Download and install Xcode, once completed via the preferences download the command line tools;


b) Command Line tools via the Apple Developer Site.

This method you will require an Apple Developer ID, its free to sign up and if you already have an Apple ID, you can use that. Sign up and search for command line tools, select the correct version for your OSX version, download and install.

2) Next you need to installed svnX and connect it to the Renovate repository, hit the + button on the Repositories window and enter the details;

Name: Whatever you would like to call it.
User: <n/a>
Password: <n/a>

3) Once the details are entered, click the entry to open the repository;

4) Select the revision you wish to download, this will mostly be the latest version, then click the Checkout button.

5) Select where you wish to download the ROM to and svnX will begin the download. Remember this location, as we will require it later. You don’t see progress indicated unless you click the Output button, this will show the current file being downloaded and a progress indicator at the bottom.

Once complete, the source is now copied to your Mac, now zip up all the folders and flash it in recovery!

When its time to update your local copy, open svnX and follow steps 3 through 5.

You can view all of the changes between nightlies here:

Thanks Matt for the original write up!
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24th October 2012, 12:40 PM |#3  
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24th October 2012, 12:40 PM |#4  
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ROM Download: RLS21
This is a universal .zip file. All carriers download the same ROM
Please read the info before posting bug reports
Wallpaper Packs
AxisM Wallpapers - Do not flash in recovery. Unzip the package and drag the walls to your SD Card.

Developer - Available to those who dedicate significant amounts of time to the development of the ROM.

Beta Tester - Available to those who sign up for beta testing and contribute to the ongoing development of the ROM.

Elite - Available to those who create add-ons and themes that enhance user experience. User-generated add-ons and themes will be featured in the Mod Hub.

Themer - Available to those who create custom system or app themes. This title is reserved for themers who contribute truly exceptional work.
Release Patches
Settings FC Patch - Only flash this if you are on RLS18 and using the stock theme

Fixed 4x4 Launcher - Only flash this if you are on RLS19

Fixed 4x5 Launcher - Only flash this if you are on RLS19 (Thanks to countryfolk07 and wchill)
TWRP Recovery Recommended
  • Put the .zip on your SD Card
  • Boot into recovery
  • Wipe data/factory reset
  • Wipe dalvik cache
  • Wipe /system
  • Install .zip from SD card
  • Reboot

RLS21 - 20130524 / md5: ff1b8ad0a1b3a9593b3affd91e509ca1
  • Fixed noatime remounts
  • Updated Axis Shell to allow more options
  • Added 'Experimental' section to Axis Shell
  • Updated SQlite3 entry in Axis Shell
  • Fixed 'exit' in Axis Shell
  • Updated wake lock hack
  • Updated build.script
  • Added ability to switch to stock Settings layout in Aroma
  • Fixed home-button recents issue
  • Fixed issue with VZW stock kernel not installing
  • Fixed Application Manager FC
  • Fixed issue with accounts not showing up
  • Disabled MMS server-based timestamp
  • Wakelock is DISABLED by default
  • Removed custom GPS from Aroma
  • Removed some market-downloadable apps
RLS20 - 20130520 / md5: eb9dc5387f070483805d7c8a444570ee
  • Reverted to Aroma 2.56 (occasional freezing still exists)
  • Fixed Sprint MMS
  • Re-coded wake-lag hack
  • Added home-button lag hack
  • Added tabbed settings
  • Added fixed launchers
  • Added AOSP clock to Aroma
  • Updated Axis theme
  • Updated internal Axis script (non-terminal)
  • Updated default workspaces
  • Replaced Faux kernel with Trinity
  • Added VZW stock kernel
  • Probably more...
RLS19 - 20130507 / md5: 9126ef483380a729ea5909ca6cd983df
  • Added Cricket support
  • Downgraded Aroma version to 2.0
  • Updated Adreno 2xx drivers
  • Updated Xposed framework
  • Updated LMT
  • Updated build.prop entries
  • Updated Axis theme
  • Updated busybox
  • Updated bash
  • Updated sqlite3
  • Updated Tweaks app with more tweaks
  • Status Bar
    • Set custom statusbar image
    • Set icon color
    • Set statusbar color
    • Add a lock button
    • Choose custom battery style (updated)
    • Use any color for the battery icons
    • Hide alarm icon
    • Hide bluetooth icon
    • Disable USB connection sound
    • Disable "battery full" notification
    • Disable "low battery" warning
  • Date And Time
    • Show time
    • Center clock
    • Show AM/PM
    • Set AM/PM size
    • Show day
    • Show date
    • Date style
    • Show day
    • Show day and date in uppercase format
    • Set clock and date color
  • Notification Panel
    • Use 23 toggle mod
    • Set 23 toggle color
    • Hide "ongoing" text
    • Hide "no notifications" text
    • Choose panel button
    • Set panel button color
    • Show brightness slider
    • Set notification panel image
    • Set notification panel color
    • Set carrier/next alarm color
    • Show carrier text
    • Use custom carrier text
    • Center carrier text
    • Show next alarm
    • Set dragbar color
  • Lockscreen
    • Access lockscreen settings
    • Enable ink effect
    • Set ink effect color
  • TW Launcher
    • Enable launcher rotation
    • Enable wallpaper scrolling
  • Phone
    • Set incoming call answer color
    • Set end call delay
    • Disable increasing ringtone
    • Quickpanel Settings
    • Battery Bar Settings
    • Pie launcher controls
    • Headphone Shortcuts
    • Access Blocking Mode
  • Added custom theme engine
  • Faster app processing
  • Fixed issue with excessive RAM usage
  • Deprecated init.d (all tweaks are internal now)
  • Added custom Axis script with the following executable commands:
    • Optimize for performance
    • Zero-lag
    • Undo zero-lag
    • Regain RAM
    • Enable zRAM
    • Defrag Sqlite databases
    • Zipalign
    • Fix permissions
    • Odex
  • Removed launcher options in Aroma
  • Removed Performance Control
  • Removed ability to choose what apps are themed
  • Replaced Ziggy kernel w/ Faux M (VZW)
  • Auto-disable ripple-effect for custom lock screens
  • Updated multi-window
    • No more screwed up background
    • Floating keyboard (Samsung keyboard only)
  • Added Note 2 keyboard
  • Created a wake-lock for lag reduction (can toggle on/off with script)
  • Created a screen-off profile for battery conservation
  • Fixed cron - Thanks bouchigo
  • Added custom AxisM boot animation - Thanks NMEAGENT
RLS18 - 20130408 / md5: 8e9c760f868ce0a7940d8547ff943a0a
  • MMS bug fix
  • Video recording bug fix
  • Google Now bug fix
  • Music player bug fix
  • Added Xperia Z lockscreen
    • Added Sony photo editor
  • Added Zeus kernel
  • Resized HTC Sense recents
  • Tweaks app updated
  • Added Apollo music
  • Added some S4 apps
  • More I can't remember...
RLS17 - 20130321 / md5: a19155974d382258a768c8c2fd2ecf20
  • ROM name change
  • Rebase to MB1 4.1.2
  • GSM carrier data fix
    • Universal signal buff
  • Multi-carrier MMS fix
  • Trimmed code for faster system processing
  • Added "Naked" installer option to Aroma
  • Added ability to customize the theme to your liking
  • Removed custom V6 settings from Aroma
  • Re-added rotary lockscreen
  • Rotary lockscreen properly scaled
  • Re-themed Sense 4 lock ring to reflect new ROM model
  • Changed default lockscreen
    • Galaxy S3 ripple/circle
  • Re-themed framework and apps
  • Removed red theme (permanently depricated)
  • Added MNML framework animations
  • Added HTC Sense recents
  • Recents toggle in expanded statusbar
  • Toggleable screen candy (currently no screensavers)
  • Toggleable screen auto-lock
  • Toggleable night-time keyboard mode
  • Toggleable multi-window view
  • Toggleable Page Buddy
  • Toggleable AOSP expanded statusbar layout (sort of)
    • Option to hide "No notifications" text
    • Option to hide "Ongoing" text
  • JKAY reboot menu
    • Reboot
    • Recovery
    • Download
    • Power Off
    • Data network mode
    • Wi-Fi
    • Auto-sync
    • Bluetooth
    • Auto-brightness
    • Airplane mode
    • Silent
    • Vibrate
    • Sound
    • Lock
  • Customizable display elements
    • Battery icon style
    • Notification tray color
    • Notification tray transparency
    • Notification tray color
    • Incoming call color
  • IMEI displays properly
  • Enhanced GPS
  • Less frequent ink flashes
  • Dalvik Optimizations
  • Increased touch sensitivity
  • Tweaked custom SecLauncher2 (Axis Launcher)
  • Added Galaxy S4 apps
  • Modded AOSP camera
  • Enabled server-sided SMS/MMS timestamp
  • Enabled call button in contacts list
  • Enabled terminate in stock browser
  • Unified AxisTweaks
  • Updated apps
    • Swype
    • SuperSU
    • LMT
    • Performance Control
  • All apks optimized
  • So much more...
RLS16 - 20130211 / md5: 1831b370c94dc9ce71e62d49cfc9eed2
  • Metro PCS support
  • GSM carrier bug fixes
  • Added ink color changer
  • Added per-app DPI changer
  • Added custom DevMod animations
  • Added lockscreen torch
  • Added server-based wallpaper app
  • Added performance control
  • Added built-in PIE controls
  • Added developer's pick viewer in Aroma Installer
  • Enabled automatic root privileges for some apps
  • Tweaked for performance
    • To offload lag created by custom app_process
  • Updated CM File Manager
    • Defaulted to root access
  • Updated Note 2 camera
  • Updated superuser binary
  • Unlocked Smart Network in settings
  • Unlocked Network Service Discovery in settings
  • Modified roaming to Sprint/automatic
    • For testing purposes
  • Fixed IMEI issue
  • Fixed theme issues
  • Updated blue theme
  • Updated ad blocking hosts
  • Updated CM File Manager
  • Rebuilt sqlite with Linaro -O3 optimizations
  • SSH compatibility
  • Audio+ hack
  • Removed rotary lockscreen
  • Cleaned up app drawer
    • Removed many app icons
  • General bug fixes
RLS15 - 20130124 / md5: b484eab9aa1dfefb1870fe3e97300854
  • Lots bug fixes
  • Better battery life
  • Added support for US Cellular
  • Carrier specific bug fixes
  • Lockscreen choices
    • BlackBerry 10
    • Acer Cloud
    • HTC Sense 4.0
    • AOSP
    • LG Optimus
    • S3 Ripple/Circle
    • Rotary
  • Modded GPS for increased accuracy
  • Forced GPU rendering or CPU rendering
  • Optimized database defragmentation
  • Effective daily drop caches
  • Time zone based daily cache cleaner (4AM)
  • Added features to stock MMS
  • Added 23 Lidroid toggles
    • + themed toggles
    • + Blocking Mode
  • Bightness level scaling
  • Sound level scaling
  • Multi-window scaling fixed
  • Wi-Fi peer-to-peer support
  • Re-enabled all rotations
  • No more clock flicker
  • Added clock mods
  • Added volume rocker track skip
  • Long-press home button for Google Now
  • Long-press menu button for Google Voice search
  • Modified Dalvik VM code
  • Modified deafult governor and I/O scheduler
    • I/O scheduler: ROW
    • CPU Governor: SmartassV2
  • Nexus Navbar available to all carriers
  • Edited themes
  • Debloated
  • Updated kernels for all carriers
  • Updated EFS backup script
  • More thorough developer-choice checking in the Aroma Installer
  • Added updater-script security check
  • Pre-install clean
  • T&C updated. READ IT.
RLS14.1 - 20130108 / md5: c0b5ee619f7a27459126b9e1160371c4
  • GSM APN bug fix
  • Statusbar revert
RLS14 - 20130108 / md5: f117667633302bbd037876afd759bfe9
  • Made universal to all US SGS3 carriers
  • Updated framework to accept multi-DPI (prep)
  • Added fully working multi-window
  • Added PDroid capabilities
  • Added SystemUI mods
    • Android 4.2 expanded statusbar
    • Time & Date
  • Added SMS and call bubbles (TW SMS)
  • Fixed Jellybean AOSP MMS
  • Fixed some theme issues
  • Removed single/dual core script
  • Fully optimized
  • Removed hotspot icon
  • Removed misc
  • Forgot what else...
RLS13 - 20130101 / md5: 62f6656dbe4280704b2725ae3266ed7a
  • Added working ink effect from the Note II
  • Permanently installed modular audio
  • Added ROM Updater
  • Added network and signal buffers
  • Added watermarks to mods to prevent kanging
  • Added multi-window (partial)
  • Removed outdated tweaks
    • Added specialized tweaks to each kernel
RLS12 - 20121226 / md5: 5913bb9d7a80110b0b48dd5630b262bb
  • Added themed statusbar (only for themes)
  • Added modular audio
  • Added Headphone Shortcuts
  • Reduced SSD usage
  • Maximized SSD performance
  • Added multi-window (partial)
  • Re-enabled call/message blocking
  • Updated kernels
    • Added specialized tweaks to each kernel
RLS11 - 20121218 / md5: 685c3e8df6a325b938053b0bc25b640a
  • Added blue theme
  • Added battery tweaks
  • Added themed icons (for themes only)
  • Removed IncrediSound
  • Removed OTA Updater
  • Debloated very slightly
  • Stable
RLS10 - 20121208 / md5: 30c4752cab8c9ff28615b177a865a120
  • Updated base to latest VRBLK3
  • Updated apps
  • Updated theme
  • Updated Lean Kernel
  • Fixed camera sound
  • Fixed Swype keyboard
  • Added Faux Mainline kernel
RLS9 - 20121206 / md5: b83b5c5ec48f6ce6d4f95b97b14d993e
  • Added kernel options to Aroma
    • Lean Kernel
    • Faux Kernel
  • Default I/O scheduler set to 'deadline'
  • Updated GPS to support multiple locations
  • Readded IME switcher
  • Added cron functionality
    • Drop cache
    • Clean cache
  • Added more launcher choices
  • Increased scaling for core 1 when asleep to prevent lag
  • Added apps into memory
  • Added AC!D Audio Engine to Installer
    • Added AC!D Audio Engine add-ons
  • Defaulted to stock camera
    • Note 2 is an installable option
  • Hid QuickPanel Settings from app drawer
  • Removed lockscreen rotation
  • Removed all CIQ
  • Removed data logging
  • Added miscellaneous tweaks
  • Themed
    • A near-complete theme
    • AOSP audio tones
RLS8 - 20121125 / md5: b6d7195e60c22c31548f5cc56e86c185
  • Updated base to VRBLK1
  • Removed AC!D audio
  • AOSP lockscreen no longer freezes phone when in landscape (partial)
  • ROM now has unique ID number
  • Scripts tweaked for performance
    • Phone should not get slow...ever
  • Enabled all rotations
  • Enabled lockscreen rotation
  • Disabled default lockscreen dimension
  • Correctly resized Nexus NavBar
  • Added CM file explorer
  • Added Xperia keyboard
  • Added options to Aroma Installer
    • Use developer-choice apps and mods
    • Optional changelog view
    • Backup EFS
    • Quit the Installer
  • Optimized battery bar
  • Debloated
RLS7 - 20121114 / md5: 74eb8d50fcd07f82b35908d3bdf3c373
  • Added toggles in Settings
    • AOSP lockscreen
    • MIUI batterybar
    • Lidroid QuickPanel Settings
    • Audio Equalizer
  • Fixed AC!D Audio
  • Added option for Nexus NavBar in the Aroma Installer
  • Memory management improved
  • Dalvik cache handling redesigned
  • Cleaned up SystemUI to reclaim real estate
  • Made more stable
  • Themed slightly
  • Debloated like crazy
RLS6 - 20121110 / md5: c55e0f8fdc0b73bae6da1b8c40e998a3
  • Rebased to Verizon leak LJ1
  • Added CPU tuning binary
  • Removed Sony Walkman
  • Added MBB
  • Added AOSP lockscreen
  • Added MIUI battery bar
  • Added long-press volume track skip
  • Re-patched services.jar
  • Unlocked services.jar
  • Unlocked lots of settings in messaging
  • Updated stock kernel
  • Themed slightly
RLS5 - 20121105 / md5: 5f52b17190141400ba303d2ce283a559
  • Added apps and libraries to Aroma Installer
    • S Voice
    • Sony Walkman
    • DSP Manager
  • Added custom kernels to Aroma Installer
    • Stock Verizon Jellybean
    • Ktoonsez Jellybean
  • Added OTA Updater
  • Added pop-up browser
  • Added V6 Supercharger memory management settings
  • Extended settings
    • Smart rotation
    • Smart stay
  • Lowered WiFi scan rate to save battery
  • Tweaked 3G speeds to act like 4G
  • Signal improvements
  • Dual-Core app optimization
  • Enter deep sleep faster
  • Device status "normal"
  • Reverted to stock theme
  • Added system identifier
RLS4 - 20121103 / md5: 5a2b480e559f3308ce53398298c4952c
  • Re-based to Official Sprint LJ7
  • Re-patched services.jar to accept new ADJ values
  • Patched services.jar to reduce launcher redraws
  • Extended MMS settings even more
  • Unlocked call/messaging blocking
  • Unlocked "Find my mobile"
    • Settings -> Security
  • Added 4.2 camera and gallery
  • Added 4.2 keyboard
  • Added Google Wallet functionality
  • Updated Play Store
  • Updated Multi-DPI support
  • Dual core performance when screen is on for silky-smooth experience
  • Single core underclocked when screen is off for battery conservation
    • Not underclocked when connected to a charger
  • Added call/messaging blocking
  • Added 4-in-1 reboot menu
  • Media quality enhancements
  • Updated AC!D Audio to v4.0
  • Themed
RLS3 - 20121027 / md5: cbb5c031aa2ceabddd59396d7e127432
  • 10 Launcher choices
  • Fixed V6 Supercharger
  • Modified script for
    • Sysctl
    • CPU tuning
    • Zipalign
    • SD Card read speed
    • Cache binding to /data
RLS2 - 20121026 / md5: b1e068400ff325ea0c33d7e08176f92e
  • Now uses the Aroma Installer
    • Option to restore bloat
    • Option to revert call recording
    • Misc apps
  • Framework overhaul
    • Removed GPS notification
    • Added volume button track skip
    • Unlocked WiFi tethering
    • Cell standby fixed
    • Re-patched services.jar for better multitasking
  • TouchWiz launcher revamped
    • Screen looping disabled
    • Scrolling wallpaper
    • 4x5 workspace
    • Landscape mode enabled
  • GPS fixed
  • New lockscreen and homescreen wallpapers
  • Added Kickass Kernelizer binary
  • Added Battery Calibration binary
  • Updated V6 Supercharger binary
  • Added AOSP touchtones
  • Extended sound options
  • Added Mod Wallpapers app
  • Added GMail 4.2
  • Added OTA Updater
  • Removed DSP Manager for AC!D Audio compatibility
RLS1 - 20121024 / md5: cb9c60202125ed43d0ab4f77f465c5ce
  • Initial release
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24th October 2012, 12:41 PM |#5  
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Using the V6 Supercharger
This ROM comes with a V6 Supercharger binary that lets you immediately run the script through a terminal. You can run the script from either inside the ROM or by using ADB shell, both of which are extremely easy to do. If you have the Terminal Emulator app on your phone, do the following:
That's it! Once you let the script run, just keep pressing "enter" and the occasional "y". Custom supercharger settings will be applied to the ROM that will make it speedier than ever. If you prefer to use ADB shell, then open a terminal on your computer and cd to the directory where you have ADB. Then it's pretty much the same thing as above. Type:
adb shell

Using the Kickass Kernelizer
I have turned zeppelinrox's Kickass Kernelizer into an executable binary that can be enabled via the terminal just like the custom V6 Supercharger binary. This mod does a series of things, most of which would take a lifetime to explain. What you can expect from this script is better performance and possibly better battery life. This also comes with a risk of unwarranted bootloops though I have yet to encounter any. If you choose to use this script, please state that you are when submitting a bug. If you would like to learn more about this mod, zeppelinrox has linked to some insightful documentation which you can read here:
To start the script, open a terminal emulator and type:
If you're on a computer type:
adb shell

Calibrating your battery
Another script of zeppelinrox made into an executable binary for your convenience. This is pretty much self-explanatory so just run the script in the terminal or via your computer by typing:


adb shell

Create a nandroid using the terminal
Hats off to ameer1234567890 for developing this tool. Creating a nandroid via the terminal is now painless and easy thanks to him. Just like the V6 Supercharger, you can run the script either using a terminal emulator or ADB shell. More info on this script can be found HERE

From a terminal emulator:
From ADB:
adb shell
Words from the developer, "The following will be backed up to /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup":


Multi-DPI support
This ROM has been modified to support different DPI settings, however don't expect it to be at the level of Paranoid Android. I still have yet to figure out per-app DPI, but as of right now you should not get any force closes or unexpected behavior when changing the DPI. There may be graphical glitches. Be careful, in my testing the phone would NOT boot with a DPI lower than 165. To be safe, I would suggest using a DPI of 180-220 if you plan on changing it. Make sure you do not set the DPI above the max which is 320. Doing so would result in a non-booting device.

To change the DPI open the build.prop using an app like Build.prop Editor and edit the following:
Change "320" to whatever value you want, but be careful. Reboot the device when you have made the changes.

Do not post a bug report if you changed the DPI. Some apps may not work with well with a DPI lower than 320.

Forced GPU UI rendering
I decided to remove the entire soft-rendering (CPU) pathway from the ROM to achieve smoother graphical performance. For those who don't know, 2D graphical rendering is generally carried out by the CPU which is also tasked with taking care of tasks in the OS and the hardware. Generally, the CPU can handle the graphical rendering just fine, but in doing so, time is taken away from task management. So essentially, the GPU is offloading the graphics processes from the CPU making the OS smooth and efficient. If you experience bugs with any app you download, there will be a .zip in the Downloads section that will revert this mod.

First off, cron is amazing. If you have ever used Tasker then cron will feel very similar to you. Cron is a Unix time-based job scheduler that is used to carry out various tasks defined by the developer. In the case of this ROM, cron is used to drop and clean the cache every day meaning your device will stay fast forever and you will most likely never have to manually flush your phone again. A manual flush = reboot, cache wipe, etc.

By dropping the cache the system will wipe the pagecache, dentries, and inodes (file system data structure) - freeing up memory in the device. If that wasn't enough, the cache will be cleaned, deleting everything from the /cache partition.

Of course, cron is not limited to dropping and cleaning caches. It can be used to create scheduled backups of certain files and/or data. It's just that those features have not been implemented.

Odex vs. De-odex
In simplest terms, an odexed ROM is more difficult to modify, but is more RAM friendly. Odexed ROMs also have a shorter boot time. De-odexed ROMs on the other hand are easier to theme and modify.
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Sharing Policy

Please do not use this ROM or anything in it without my permission or the permission of the original developers. I have asked permission to use the work of other developers and would like it if everyone did the same. I will most likely allow you to use what you want anyway. Be forewarned that if you do use features created by me or any other developer in your ROM without proper permission, you are setting yourself up for infractions, bans, or whatever else the moderators have reserved for kangers.

Q: When is the next release coming?
A: There are going to be no announcements of scheduled release dates for this ROM.

Q: Are there going to be nightlies?
A: Most likely not.

Q: Any plans to make an Odexed version?
A: Once all of the mods and themes are finished, yes.

Q: What happened to S-Voice?
A: I removed it because Google Now works much better. The home button lag is a lot less noticeable now too since S-Voice is no longer bound to it.

Q: I'm thinking of making a snide comment.
A: Don't. If you have an issue with something solve it via PM. Snide comments do not include "dumb questions." I welcome everyone to ask any questions they have, but please try not to post a duplicate question. I may snap if I see it over and over on every page. However, I do not know everything so if I ignore your question, don't take it personal. I just either don't know the answer or am too busy to answer. This is a community and we're all here to learn so help each other out.

Q: My benchmark scores are lower than when I used _________.
A: That's nice, but it doesn't mean much. As long as the speed of the phone is to your satisfaction everything is working as it should. Benchmark scores are used to show off if anything. Now you may be asking, "Why don't benchmark scores mean anything?" Well it's because there are so many factors that can alter a benchmark score that it makes them unreliable as a performance indicator.

Q: What benchmark app do you recommend?
A: Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

Q: Why are there so many images in this thread?
A: I got bored on Photoshop.

Q: How can I help with this ROM?
A: Rating the thread 5 stars helps a lot. I don't really need testers, but would prefer to have someone in addition to myself try to port some mods over to the ROM. For example, if someone in the thread wanted a launcher with different modifications, I wouldn't really have the time do it it all by myself. People who contribute apps, themes, etc will have their mod listed under "Downloads" and will have their name in the credits.

Q: Multi-window doesn't work! Help!
A: To enable multi-window hold the back soft-key button for about 2 seconds. This will bring up the multi-window bar. You can also remove the bar by holding the back button for 2 seconds.

Q: My IMEI changed. What gives?
A: Due to the number of framework modifications made to the ROM (as of RLS14), your IMEI no longer displays correctly. HOWEVER, this does not mean your IMEI is lost, which it's not. If you flash back to any other ROM you will notice that your IMEI is back to normal. The system reads the IMEI as though it was normal, but displays it weird.

Q: Why did you remove the CPU script?
A: While the purpose of the script was to make the battery last longer, I felt it did the complete opposite. The script has instances where it asks the ROM to shut off one core when the screen is off and enable both cores when the screen is on which sounds good, but think of it this way. Every time the screen state changes, the script has to do work which forces the phone to use more battery. Now, if you are the kind of person who turns their phone on and off quite often to check text messages, emails, or browse the web you can imagine this will take quite a toll on your battery life. As such, the script has been removed and alternative battery saving tweaks have been implemented.

Q: I like the Performance governor because it makes my phone fast, but I heard it's bad to use it all the time. Should I choose a different one?
A: Most people think that the performance governor is a terrible choice to use because it constantly keeps the phone clocked to the highest frequency and quickly heats up the phone, which proves to be true to an extent. What they don't realize is that the performance governor allows the phone to quickly complete running tasks and reach an idle state. This is good news for your battery because it will sleep faster. Of course, you wouldn't want your phone to be sleeping at 1.5GHz so to counter this, create a "screen off" profile using SetCPU or any other performance tuning app and set it to Min: 380MHz / Max: 480MHz. Despite this setup, your phone may still run hot while the screen is on due to it running at the highest frequency which is not a good thing. This brings me to another topic. Is it good to underclock or set the minimum CPU frequency to the lowest possible value? Not always, no. If you set the frequency to the lowest possible value the phone will take longer to finish a task which will most likely lead to bad battery drain. In the end, there is no single best setup since everyone will tell you different things, but I personally use Ondemand at the stock frequencies with no profiles. If the Smartassv2 governor is available, I use that instead of Ondemand.

Q: The phone keeps freezing when I go into landscape mode.
A: This has been covered many times in the thread, but to reiterate: If you are using the AOSP lockscreen you must disable "Ripple Effect" in Settings -> Lock Screen -> Lock Screen Options

Q: I created a mod for the ROM. Can I have it featured on the Mod Hub?
A: Yes you can! PM me the link to your mod and I will feature it.

Q: How can I stay up to date?
A: You can follow me on Twitter
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1st! Lol, just wanted to say that since I'm awake

Thanks for your work, looking forward to trying this out

Sent from my Obsession
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24th October 2012, 12:49 PM |#8  
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Nice! Looks sweet!

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24th October 2012, 12:51 PM |#9  
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Looks good... gonna try it out now

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24th October 2012, 12:52 PM |#10  
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Wow this came out of left field. Awesome thanks for something new and interesting!

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Oh any known bugs?

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24th October 2012, 01:21 PM |#11  
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Looks pretty sweet, gonna have to try this soon!
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