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[ROM][GSM/CDMA][AROMA][Pdroid] D-WiZ 3.0.2 / D-WiZ 2.0.5 [Safestrap3]

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By dtrail1, Senior Member on 30th October 2012, 10:34 PM
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D-WiZ 3.0.2 [AROMA-BMM] / D-WiZ 2.0.4 [Safestrap 3]

D-WiZ Dev Team Presents:

This rom is a try to provide a rom with less battery drain. Most roms are coming without real battery saving tweaks. So we created our own rom with lots of special tweaks. Some tweaks are based on already existing ones, but we wrote most of them ourself to get the most out of the Razr battery.

- STOCK-Kernel-Version -

ATTENTION: We have released untested CDMA-Version! If anyone here with a CDMA device wants to test, please provide some feedback. Thx!


Changelog 3.0.2

- Camera picture quality improved
- Overall Performance improved
- New themed Play Store (no more blue)

New Tweaks:

- V6-Supercharger integrated
- Performance switch modes included:

Open Terminal Emulator and type 'su', then type:

'game' - to activate high performance mode
'stock' - to activate batery saving mode
'scharge' - to configure V6-Supercharger RAM Management

You can use Script Manager to create oneclick-widgets on your homescreen to switch profiles.

This feature will be integrated in the system settings soon, Until then use the Terminal Emulator


Changelog 2.0.5

- Fixed all bootloops issues - REALLY^^
- Updated source
- Fixed CPU Clock Daemon
- Fixed zipalign, sqlite vacuum
- Fixed kernel parameters
- Added Powertop 2.1



You can flash D-WiZ now directly to your Stock Slot (BMM ONLY for now).

NOTE: Just to be safe, when Aroma finished the installation DON'T reboot!! Untick the box "Reboot device" and click "Finish". Then go back to the main menu, got to "System Keeper" and select "Install Bootmenu to Stock Slot"!!!

D-WiZ is now available with AROMA Installer! Only for use with Bootmenu Manager 0.3.2
A tutorial for BMM is below

There are several reasons to switch to BMM 0.3.2:

  • Much more tweaks - On virtual slots (e.g. SS3 Rom Slots, BMM System 3-6) some tweaks are causing bootloops and freezes
  • Better battery life
  • Better performance
  • Faster boot process
  • Aroma Installer

Because of that D-WiZ is now available in two different versions: One for Safestrap 3 and one for Bootmenu 0.3.2. The SS3-Version is kind of a "lite-version" because I had to remove several tweaks (were causing lots of issues).
The BMM-Version includes all tweaks, mods and advantages of D-WiZ, but please note that this version will only run on non-virtual slots!

There are several Patches and Add-Ons available in UpdateMe! You can find UpdateMe in the App Drawer.
  • The current version 2.0.3 can cause Bootloops on some devices. If you have that issue, please reboot (2-3 times) until it boots up completely, then open UpdateMe in the App drawer and download the D-WiZ-Init-Patch from Patches section. Flash it in recovery!
  • NOTE: If you are using the Undervolt-Patch: The voltage values will be overwritten by the Inid-Patch! You have to flash the Undervolt-Patch again after applying the init-Patch!
  • D-WiZ is undervolted by default. But you can set lower values for more undervolting. Just download the Undervolt-Patch from UpdateMe patches section and flash it in recovery.
  • NOTE: The values from the Undervolt-Patch values can be too low for some devices and causing crashes and freezes! If you get problems after flashing the Undervolt-Patch, just flash the Init-Patch to reset the undervolt settings. Now you can edit the 70uvoltc file inside the Undervolt-Patch zip Archive and try it out until you find good settings for your device.
The 70uvoltc file inlcudes some line which looks like the following:


0 100 825 > /proc/cpu_control/tweak_cpu
1 200 850 > /proc/cpu_control/tweak_cpu
2 300 875 > /proc/cpu_control/tweak_cpu
3 400 900 > /proc/cpu_control/tweak_cpu
4 600 950 > /proc/cpu_control/tweak_cpu
5 800 1000 > /proc/cpu_control/tweak_cpu
6 1000 1088 > /proc/cpu_control/tweak_cpu

The red numbers are voltage values in mV. Just play around with +25 mV (or +50 mV) and test it. When it works without freezes or crashes you are good to go.


How to use Bootmenu Manager 0.3.0f

  • Download BMM 0.3.2 from Google Play.
  • .
  • Download
  • .
  • Boot into your Main Rom /Stock Rom
  • Open Safestrap 3 App and tick "uninstall recovery" <--- If you were using SS3
  • Unpack the BMM package on your computer
  • Plug in your device (USB with Debugging enabled)
  • Run the install.bat from BMM folder

Note: If there are displayed some errors while installation, doesn't matter. Just reboot and if you see BMM, it's ok. But if there is no BMM splash screen you have to install BMM again like described above (you may rstart the adb server before to prevent error)
  • Now you have to prepare your rom slots:
  • Reboot and when the BMM screen appears, tick "Settings".
  • Now Select a slot you want to use, open "Boot Mode" and untick: "2nd-Boot" and "Kexec".
  • .
  • If you want to use rom slot 2, please follow the instructions at the end of this quote (How to protect your 2nd Slot Cache)!
  • .
  • If you want to use the rom on your stock slot:
  • If you are coming from another rom, please perform a full wipe, wipe dalvik cache and formant system (in "mounts & format")
  • flash it directly to stock slot!
  • NOTE: Just to be safe, when Aroma finished the installation DON'T reboot!! Untick the box "Reboot device" and click "Finish". Then go back to the main menu, got to "System Keeper" and select "Install Bootmenu to Stock Slot"!!![/B]
  • Continue here when you want to use another Slot (Slot 3-6):
  • Go back and open "Partition Setup".
  • Create the slots (System, Datam Cache) with your preferred sizes.
  • Now go back to boot screen and select recovery.
  • In recovery switch to your created slot (under Recovery Switch)
  • Now flash the rom (as usual: "Install zip...") and enjoy AROMA
  • Now it reboots, hold on in splash screen (select settings or sth like that)

Now you have several options:
  • You can boot into the slot where you installed the rom.

NOTE: There can be bootloops for some reason only after first installation (still have to figure that out) so I would recommend you to use the rom on Stock or second slot.


To set the default slot to boot, boot into rom, open /system/etc/bmm with root browser and edit "bootmenu.prop":

default=1 <--- Number for your rom slot!

How to protect your 2nd Slot Cache (otherwise it doesn't boot after first time boot)

  1. Reboot into recovery
  2. Switch to slot 2
  3. Flash the rom
  4. Download this:
  5. Plug in the device and select in recovery. "Advanced Options" --> "Mount as USB storage"
  6. Rename the file to "" and place it on your internal storage in: /clockworkmod/
  7. Plug off the device
  8. Select "Filemanager"
  9. Now press Menu button in right lower corner
  10. Select "Open Console"
  11. type in the following

tune2fs -O extents,uninit_bg,dir_index /dev/block/system
e2fsck -fDC0 /dev/block/system
Now you are ready to go with Slot 2!

Please try around and report issues here!

[WIP...] = Work In Progress



- CM10-Based
- tweaked:

  • Auto brightness a bit darker than default JB [WIP...]
  • System-Tweaks for RAM-Management, SD-Card-Boost

-- Hotplug-Governor reconfigured:
  • set as default governor
  • aggressive downscaling
  • 2. Core wake up only if really needed
  • 2. Core sleep faster
  • upscaling more slow
  • scales to higher frequencies if really needed

-- CPU-Tweaks
  • Undervolted
  • Underclocked
  • CPU-Frequecy table: 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800, 1000 mhz
  • "CPU-Clock-Daemon" - sets the CPU back to minimum freq of 100 after kernels QoS request (takes a few minutes sometimes / doesn't prevent device from deep sleep)

-- System Tweaks
  • fast and stable UI also on very low CPU frequencies
  • prevent Dirty Writeback Timeout
  • ram management
  • SD-Boost
  • Wifi Power Management On (saves battery, in case you're at home it will set to lower signal strengh but really enough for good signal)

-- Kernel Tweaks
  • for better memory usage
  • faster System
  • power usage
  • default scheduler SIO

- SystemUI: Razr I Launcher & 3DCircle

- OTA Updates (Updates from my Server)

- GAPPS blacked out
- 4.2 Camera
- 4.2 Gallery
- 4.2 Gmail
- 4.2 Keyboard

-- Full automatic and location based power-controll via integrated Llama (WITH finished profiles):
  • automatic switch 2G/3G (Browser or Play Store On: 3G Preferred)(Browser or Play Store or Screen Off: 2G)
  • if connected to WLAN: 2G
  • if entering home: WLAN ON, Data Off, 2G
*profiles can be customized and extended of course

- CM10- & AOKP-Features
- Root & Permissions-Security included
- Modified, improved Version of Google Now


NOTE: This Rom was made for saving battery!!! No overclocking and no super-fast-as-hell-tweaks! If you are looking for sth like that, take another rom! I managed it to get this rom fast and stable also on low CPU usage, just try it!



Here are Instrucions how to use Llama:

  1. Download Zip File: KLICK
  2. Extract it and copy its content (the folder) to your EXTERNAL SD-Card.
  3. Open up the Llama-App and press the "Menu-Button".
  4. Select "Import/Export Data" and choose "IMPORT from SD-Card".
  5. The profiles are now activated
  6. Now you have to select your home Area on the LEFT tab. Press and hold on "Home" and select the option to detect your home location (some minutes should be enough)
  7. Last thing is to select you home Wifi. Press the menu button and select settings (or options, dunno how its in English). Scroll down to experimental stuff, then choose check for Wifi Networks". Go back into Llama menu and select tab "Recent", search for you Wifi Network and press and hold it, now choose "Add to area" and select home.
  8. IMPORTANT: Now go back into experimental stuff settings and DEACTIVATE the search for Wifi Networks option!
  9. There are some "sync-Rules" in the Llama Profiles, they are experimental (background data sync on for 1 minute everx 20 minutes). Just deactivate or delete them if not needed (maybe they are causing partial wakelocks). But before you delete them, just have a look into them, so you'll see how complex this app can be customized!
  10. Llama is now configured and active! Now you can add your own rules if you want.
Llama is VERY powerful! Have a look into its options and you'll find an option called "Llama Variables". They can be set to whatever you want. So there are very very complex rules possible! If configured the right way, Llama can also help saving battery a lot! Take you some time to learn how it works.

CAUTION: The profiles are made on a German device!! That means for any users from different countries, you must rename the area names in EVERY rule to your areas location names, or you rename your location areas to German: home = "zuhause", etc.., just look for the names inside the rules.


What works

- almost everything
Full HD Video Recording
Camera Flash (temp. solution)
Bluetooth (almost)
Google Now


- Screen Rotation (zooms out shortly)
- No sound in calls while activated Bluetooth (WIP)
- Sound weird bahaviour when using a BT-Headset

- Installation for Safestrap -
  1. Safestrap 3
  2. Wipe Data, Cache & Dalvik, Format System
  3. Flash Rom
  4. load the Llama Profiles (above) or make some by yourself
*GAPPS are integrated

If you are updating from prior D-WiZ version, usually just flash the zip WITHOUT ANY wipe - except for update from < 1.0.5, there you MUST perform a full system & data wipe!!

If you are using BMM check the how-to on the top of this post!

For non-EU users (if you notice battery drain or weird behavior with the rom:

If you notice battery drain or another issue do the following:

1. Download one of these kernels (try them and decide which one is the best for you):

Kernel 9th June
Kernel ICS latest

Place the kernel on your SD-Card

2. Now boot into Bootmenu recovery
3. Select "Firmware Falshing"
3. Select "Backup CID" and confirm with "Yes"
4. Select "Erase CID" and confirm with "Yes"
5. Now select "Backup Kernel"
5. Select "Flash Kernel (boot.img...)", select the boot.img file which you've saved on your sd-card before and confirm with "Yes".
6. If you haven't flashed the Rom yet, do it!
7. Reboot into D-WiZ Rom and enjoy!!

NOTE: If you want flash back your LATAM Kernel for any reason, go to recovery, select "Firmware Flashing" and "Restore CID" (You will find your backed up CID in /sdcard(-ext)/clockworkmod/Firmware/...". You will also find your backed up kernel in that folder!


This rom runs best when you DON'T change any CPU-related settings!

Please DON'T change any kernel parameters if you are not familiar with this stuff!

NOTE: after the each reboot all CPU settings will be restored to default (NOT Kernel- and other Tweaks!)

Sometimes the kernel sets the CPU to 300 min. If you should notice that, just let it be, the rom will set it back to 100 after some minutes. Also ALL frequencies are undervolted, so it won't eat much battery anyway.

Some suggestions:

  • Go to display and brightness settings, select auto brightness, customize and add 2 or 3 more steps (fill the values continuing)

--- GSM || CDMA ---

For more informations visit:


[Flash Kernel and Baseband]

Download Kernel / Radio Flasher: KLICK



If you like our work we would appreciate it if you would send us a small donation. Donations make sure that we can go on providing you Roms and other stuff. We are doing all this in our spare time, but thereby resulting cost. We use this money to buy equipment or pay our servers and workspace environment.

If you want to donate use the Donate Button below my name (below Thanks Meter)


Many thanks to all those who donated to us!

  • Jack'o (xda)
  • Wombatino (xda)
  • Palmin (Handy-Faq)
  • nischalnischal (xda)
  • Spectral1991 (xda)
  • blackhawk_LA (xda)
  • Gombi123
  • Drais
  • BlaXXuN/picz (xda/Handy-Faq)
  • HornetRider (Handy-Faq / XDA)
  • maarawoe (XDA)
  • Ferhat
  • Mirko
  • Robert O.
  • Jan B.
  • Burnfaker / Xantian
  • Dennis D.
  • Rafael P.
  • Bopp77
  • Uwe D.
  • Lukas S
  • Torsten V.
  • Faekie
  • inVi
  • Sp_Ark
  • Todi
  • gorgon
  • TM4rkuS
  • Stefan M
  • Jan S
  • Slipi
  • Nizen054
  • prohto
  • gelete
  • Palmin
  • Stefan K.
  • Master__p
  • Ming S. A.
  • Benjamin
  • Saratoga79
  • gehgru
  • Daniel B.
  • EntenTrude
  • Gary N.
  • Stefan D.


D-WiZ Dev Team:

  • dtrail
  • Brunomau
  • Silentjet
  • DumbleCore
  • avalakvista
  • runakai42
  • Xantian

*Thanks to:
  • Whirleyes for his awesome work and kernel modules!
  • Frasertag for answering all my questions!
  • STS-Dev-Team for their work on the Base-ROMs and making them compatible with our hardware!
  • XDA and its great community!
  • XlightwaverX for his awesome development social network site and help!
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30th October 2012, 11:55 PM |#2  
lukas77's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Wroclaw
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Flashing! Interesting idea to make a ROM battery friendly. I have tested a lot of apps and tweaks to save some juice in my RAZR and I'd like to see your ROM in action.
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31st October 2012, 01:09 AM |#3  
Mobzter's Avatar
Senior Member
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sounds really good.. maybe try it sometime soon!

Sent from my XT910 using xda app-developers app
31st October 2012, 01:13 AM |#4  
heblu's Avatar
Senior Member
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How can I flash it on second system using BMM 0.2.7? Convert, wipe all, install?

Thank you
31st October 2012, 01:25 AM |#5  
OP Senior Member
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Originally Posted by heblu


How can I flash it on second system using BMM 0.2.7? Convert, wipe all, install?

Thank you

I suggest you to use BM 0.2.8 beta 2 (or 0.2.9a maybe, but 028 beta 2 should work). But if you want to get sure that everything works well you should use Safestrap 3 because I made this rom for use with it.

btw: SS3 is awesome!
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31st October 2012, 01:41 AM |#6  
heblu's Avatar
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Originally Posted by dtrail1

I suggest you to use BM 0.2.8 beta 2 (or 0.2.9a maybe, but 028 beta 2 should work). But if you want to get sure that everything works well you should use Safestrap 3 because I made this rom for use with it.

btw: SS3 is awesome!

I have already 2 systems on my phone. Is there an easy way to go from BMM to SS3 without changing first system? Never tried SS3 before.
And if I install 0.2.8 beta 2, do I still need to convert the rom? What are the steps after that? Wipe data, cache, dalvik and then install?

Thanks for your fast reply, hope I didn't put too many questions and may the force be with you
31st October 2012, 02:14 AM |#7  
OP Senior Member
Flag Frankfurt
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The force is with me all the time! lol

With BM beta 2 you have to convert but without selecting extra options. With BM 0.2.9 you don't have to convert, but better have a look into its thread to get the right information.

If you switch to SS3 your main system will stay. Your 2. system will be gone. But instead of that you can have 4 Systems (+ Main System = 5 Systems). In SS3 you are able to create "Rom-Slots". These slots can be created with custom space (for example: One slot with 3gb of data for daily use, one test Slot with 1gb of data for testing purposes). The Rom slots are located on your INTERNAL storage and App data is located on EXTERNAL storage (so you need an extra SD-Card, if you don't own one, you can keep your internal sotrage as app data storage using a small hack). And make sure you have some space left on internal storage.
SS3 is kinda easy to use. Once installed you will understand it for sure. But be sure that you remove BM completely from your device PRIOR installing SS3. An uninstaller for BM can be found inside the BM app. For further information check the SS3 thread.
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31st October 2012, 08:15 AM |#8  
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I love it dtrail

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31st October 2012, 08:30 AM |#9  
Senior Member
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thank god
31st October 2012, 10:28 AM |#10  
Senior Member
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Circlesw widget dont work after stock installation, neither bootmenu or ss3
Anywaya thank you for this great rom it will be my daily driver!!
31st October 2012, 10:39 AM |#11  
pokatusher's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Moscow
Thanks Meter: 18
Cool. Will test it. Thanx for no TouchWiz by default

1. Request translate "ROM" menu to russian (aokp strings rather, cm sttrings in russian already), please send me xml or strings.
2. Why AOKP toggle enable flashlight, but CM toggle no do it?
3. My operator in notification panel "Megafon|Megafon" instead "Megafon" =(
4. No data work without fix =(
5. Circles widget doesnt work without fix (fix not tried yet)
6. All fast and stable yet, continuing test.
7. Please, add all fixes in Update Me =)
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