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By monx®, Senior Member on 2nd November 2012, 03:10 AM
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*screenshots are for illustration purpose only. paid apps/widgets are not included.

Never miss single feature of Note2. Never miss best experience. Best thing doesn't need long story.

To be updated periodically
• Best AROMA customization wizard UI
• Unsecured framework - u can add ur own apps w/o worries about bootloops
• Modded Toggles with nice slate theme
• Advanced Power Menu
• Latest best selected common apps (AdAway, RescanSD, etc)
• Latest GApps pre-loaded (no more worries about missing/collision apps)
• Latest Google Maps with Worldwide Navigation activated (credits:TBA) + latest StreetView 
• Latest Google Play supporting true multi-DPI (credits:TBA) 
• Latest YouTube supporting HD mode (credits:TBA) 
• Modded frameworks to match Holo theme (blue slate) - no more ugly green/orange resources 
• Simple boot animation
• Latest pre-loaded & pre-configured apps (Terminal,Total Commander,etc) (this apps will be restored after factory reset from settings. pre-configured!)
• apk automatic installation from extSdCard (/extSdCard/autoinstall) on 1st clean boot
• other mods I forgot to mention (TBA)
All common terms & conditions applied.
Please use at ur own risk.
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2nd November 2012, 03:11 AM |#2  
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Standard flashing procedures applied. Please use TWRP recovery to avoid any issues.

Dont be a leecher |donations are highly appreciated!

this rom is a themed-rom which
cost me hours of my precious time + money cost for broadband due to its size. so
updating to latest current available released firmware is not as easy as u might
think. non themed rom is very easy to rebuild. I can assure the rom is very very
identical to the latest build available. if there is any changes, only the modem/kernel/csc/translation strings.
I will try my best to rebuild to the latest released firmware

XXDME1 v13-rev01 | ready


XXDMC3 v12-rev01 | ready
> MAIN ROM PACKAGE MODEM FLASHING SELECTION FIX - overwrite (slipstream) in main rom zip package to fix modem flashing selection
> DISABLE LOCKSCREEN ROTATION - flash via recovery

XXDMC1 v11-rev01 | ready
XXDMB6 v10-rev02 | ready
MAIN ROM PACKAGE BOOTLOOP FIX - Overwrite in main rom package to fix bootloop PRIOR flashing MAIN ROM PACKAGE

XXDMB6 v10-rev01 | ready

XXDMB5 v09-rev01 ready
monxDIFIED-N7100-XXDMB5-09-01_SNOTE_FIX | S-Note FC fix.
XXDMB2 v08-rev02 ready
monxDIFIED-Simplistic-3.5.1-N7100-XXDMB2-08-02-patch | Simplistic framework 3.5.1 update patch for current rom version.
+ Signal & Wifi connected color is set to white (greyish) by default.
XXDMB2 v08-rev01 ready (full rom)
XXDMA6 v07-rev02 ready


*Simplistic Framework (monxDIFIED) now selectable in Aroma. No longer as addons*

my 1st custom battery share. u can see the name & icon preview while installing.

more will come soon. white stitch with percentage, etc. (to be used with simplistic control)

I no longer owns Note 2 device. Funding started if u think this rom worth to keep going.
U can donate to me stating for Note2 funds & I will update the status periodically.
Need around 325.376 GBP

Download status as on 19th may : 351. If everybody throwing £1, u know what I mean.


[XXDME1 v13-r01]
[+] Xperia Z lockscreen integration (compatible with Simplistic mod)
[+] Lockscreen rotation disabled
[+] Help overlay disabled
[+] Low batt status improvement attempt #2
[+] Messaging smileys fix
[+] mkshrc fix attempt #2
[+] Updated apps :
----Rescan SD v1.2
----Total Commander v2.02beta2
----Samsung Push Service v1.1.9
----Google TalkBack v3.3.2
----Google Earth v7.1.1.1703
----Samsung Push Service v1.1.10
----ChatON v2.3.9
----Facebook v3.2



[XXDMC3 v12-r01]
[+] Apk(s) auto install location changed due to mSD error checking upon startup delay.
----new path : /storage/sdcard0/@auto-install
[+] Added 3 modems choice. Latest,stock,shipped.
[+] Zero Wake Lag deprecated
[+] Enable WiFi on Airplane mode (Simplistic)
[+] Disable Scrolling Cache as option in Aroma
[+] Simplistic MultiWindow now optional in Aroma
[+] BB10 lockscreen integration (compatible with Simplistic mod)
[+] Album Gallery & Wallpaper Chooser mod
[+] Ringer & Flightmode cosmetic improvement
[+] Low batt status improvement
[+] Messaging volume key font size now stick
[+] Updated apps :
----Polaris Office v4.0.3303.01
----Adobe Flash Player v11.1.115.54
----Google TalkBack v3.3.1
----Dropbox v2.3.5
----Facebook v3.1


[+] XXDMC1 4.1.2
[+] Updated Google Earth v7.0.3.8527
[+] Zero Wake Lag as option in Aroma


[XXDMB6 v10-r02]
[+] Enabled contacts sorting
[+] Updated Gmail v4.3.1
[+] Updated Google+ v3.6.1.44747389
[+] Updated Google Search v2.4.10.626027
[+] Updated Chrome v26.0.1410.58
[+] Updated YouTube v4.4.11
[+] Updated Total Commander v2.02beta1
[+] Eliminated screen wake lag (by mikeyxda) for both with or w/o Simplistic
[+] Wanam's 23 Toggles is back
[+] Updated Photo Editor v2.2.73
[+] Updated Samsung Push Service v1.1.8
[+] Updated common input database (sipdb)
[+] Cosmetic fixes - copy/paste actionbar,etc


[XXDMB6 v10-r01]
[+] XXDMB6 4.1.2
[+] Updated Samsung Account v1.4.0032
[+] Samsung Cloud Starter v1.0
[+] Updated Gmail v4.3
[+] Updated Facebook v2.3
[+] Fixed S-Note error/fc
[+] Updated AdAway v2.3
[+] Updated Google Play services v3.0.27 (599131-10)
[+] White Circle Stitch SIMPLE as default batt icons (*w/o Simplistic Framework)
[+] White Circle Stitch PERCENT as default batt icons (with Simplistic Framework)
[+] SMS smileys using Whatsapp standard emoji + enhancements


[XXDMB5 v09-r01]
[+] XXDMB5 4.1.2
[+] Updated Simplistic Framework v3.5.1 + fixed connected signal color
[+] Updated Google Drive v1.1.592.10
[+] Updated SuperSU v1.25
[+] Updated Google Play Store v3.10.14 m-DPI
[+] Updated Google TalkBack v3.3.0
[+] Updated YouTube v4.3.9
[+] Updated Dropbox v2.3.4
[+] Updated Facebook v2.2.1
[+] Updated Adobe Flash Player v11.1.115.48
[+] Updated Chrome v25.0.1364.169
[+] Updated ChatON v2.1.3
[+] Updated Samsung Push Service v1.1.6
[+] Updated Samsung Apps v2.13.000
[+] Updated Group Play v1.5.59 (Group Cast)
[+] Updated Photo Editor v2.2.71
[+] Updated Google Play services v3.0.25 (583950-10)


[XXDMB2 v08-r02]
[+] Added apk automatic installation from extSdCard (/extSdCard/autoinstall) on 1st clean boot
*all apks name must not contain any space*
*structure : /extSdCard/autoinstall/Your_Apk_v1.1.apk
*put as many as u want
[+] Updated Google Search v2.3.11.575405
[+] Updated Google+ v3.5.3.42448346
[+] Updated Adobe Flash Player v11.1.115.47
[+] Updated MultiWindow Control v3.0.1
[+] Updated Facebook v2.2
[+] Simplistic Control custom signal bar color (wifi/data) compatibility fix.
[+] More to come.


[XXDMA6 v07-r02]
[+] Updated all system apps to version DMA6
[+] Updated Dropbox v2.3.1
[+] Cosmetic enhancements (IME & SMS/MMS) etc
[+] Updated Adobe Flash Player v11.1.115.37
[+] Added Simplistic Framework to Aroma
[+] Removed wanam's toggle
[+] Removed Nova Launcher
[+] Call recording enabled by default even without Simplistic


[XXDMA6 v07-r01]
[+] XXDMA6/DMB2 4.1.2 r4
[+] Fixed Media Scanner & USB OTG unmount wakelock
[+] Added Facebook v2.1
[+] Updated Samsung Apps v2.11.006
[+] Updated Photo Editor v2.2.68
[+] Updated Google+ v3.5.1.42060433
[+] Disable Maps update notification for current version 6.14.1 (World Nagivation Activated)
[+] Updated AdAway v2.1
[+] Updated SuperSU v1.04
[+] Updated Terminal Emulator 1.0.52
[+] Updated AllShare Cast Dongle S/W Update v1.2.2102
[+] Minor cosmetic fixes


[XXDMA5 v06-r01]
[+] XXDMA5 4.1.2 r4
[+] Updated Dropbox v2.3
[+] Updated ChatON 2.0.5
[+] Added Ubuntu fonts display enhancement
[+] Added more CSC features


[XXDLL7 v05-r01]
[+] XXDLL7 4.1.2
[+] Fixed Samsung Account
[+] Added auto-record options in call recordings (both auto/manual modes available)
[+] Updated TotalCmd-FTP (File Transfers) v1.2.2
[+] Updated Samsung AllSharePlay v1.0.2431
[-] Disabled LockScreen finger ink effect
[+] Slate theme 2nd attempt + more cosmetic fixes


[XXDLL5 v04-r01]
[+] XXDLL5 4.1.2
[+] Minor cosmetic fixes


[XXDLL4 v03-r01]
[+] XXDLL4 4.1.2
[+] Updated Samsung Apps v2.10.042
[+] Updated Samsung Push Service v1.1.4
[+] Updated Google+ v3.3.1.40177215
[+] Updated Google Earth v7.0.2.8421


[XXDLK7 v02-r02] -unpublished*
[+] Added flashing modem option in Aroma
[+] Updated Total Commander WebDAV (WEB Folders)
plugin v2.03
[+] Updated MultiWindow Control app v121218


[XXDLK7 v02-r01]
[+] XXDLK7 4.1.2
[+] Updated most current apps
[+] Enabled TouchWiz landscape
[+] Browser exit menu
[+] Added Total Commander SecureFTP plugin
[+] Minor cosmetic fixes


[XXDLJ2 v01-r04] unpublished
[+] Updated Dropbox v2.2.2
[+] Updated Google Search v2.2.9.542574
[+] Updated TotalCmd-WebDAV (WEB Folders) v2.02
[+] Enabled symbols display on Samsung IME
[+] Fixed communication logs tab (view by) menu
[+] Increased (almost unlimited) SMS recipients and maximum text limit
[+] Updated Nova Launcher v1.3.4
[+] Updated Google Play Services v2.0.12
[+] Updated Google Play v3.10.10
[+] Updated YouTube v4.2.16
[+] Updated Google Search v2.2.10.546669
[+] Updated Google+ v3.3.0.40049528
[+] Updated Google Earth v7.0.2.8403
[+] Fixed Samsung IME (keyboard)


[XXDLJ2 v01-r03]
[+] Refined AROMA menu descriptions.
[+] Fixed AROMA addon files structure.
[>] SPen lasso capture without TouchWiz Launcher.
[>] SVoice voice apps control.
[+] LockScreen Ink Ripple effect with finger
[+] Updated Photo Editor v2.2.45
[+] Updated Chrome v18.0.1025469
[+] Updated Gmail v4.2.1
[+] Updated Google Drive v1.1.470.11
[+] Updated Google Earth v7.0.1.8239
[+] Updated Chrome TalkBack v3.2.1
[+] Updated Total Commander v2.1 + plugins
[+] Updated SuperSU v0.99
[+] Updated Google Play Services v2.0.10
[+] Wanam's 23 toggles + AOSP battery icons with percentage mod.
[+] Messaging unicode (automatic) support
[-] Readers Hub completely removed. Not working with rooted device.
[+] Minor cosmetic fixes.


[XXDLJ2 v01-r02]
[+] Refined AROMA options. Now include :
[>] Abort installation menu by pressing home button.
[>] Do FACTORY-RESET before system flashing (in options).
[>] Flash Kernel only (in options).
[>] Flash Modem only (in options).
[>] Optional changelogs appearance in Aroma.
[>] Home Launcher selection.
[>] Samsung S Voice & TTS in addons option.
[+] Updated Terminal & Google Play services
[+] Updated Total Commander + Plugins
[+] Removed Samsung system modification checking.
[+] Samsung apps framework res Holo theming (partial)
[+] SLATE themed (1st attempt)
[+] Minor bugfixes


[XXDLJ2 v01-r01]
[+] OXADLJ2 4.1.2 base
[+] Deodex, rooted, busybox, sqlite, unsecured framework, bla bla bla
[+] Always up to date apps, Aroma customizable
[+] Clean & neat interface
[+] Pre-config apps, can do factory reset, app + data will be restored
[+] Adv Power Menu (reboot,fast reboot,recovery,download mode)
[+] Toggles mod (inclusive Wanam's) + battery icons option
[+] Holo themed core framework, samsung apps & framework WIP
[+] OS bootanimation, can install custom animation
[+] Call recording selectable
[+] Google Maps worldwide navigation activated
[+] Multi-dpi Google Play Store
[+] YouTube HD WiFi/3G capable
[+] Tweaks - UI & performance
[+] MultiWindowControl (LegendK95)
[+] etc, etc, etc

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2nd November 2012, 03:11 AM |#3  
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ADD-ONs & QUICKFIXes : Flash thru recovery or stated otherwise
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2nd November 2012, 03:29 AM |#4  
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Looks great, looking forward to trying it out.
2nd November 2012, 03:47 AM |#5  
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download link ready
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2nd November 2012, 03:59 AM |#6  
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Downloading now
Sent from my GT-N7100 using xda premium
2nd November 2012, 04:53 AM |#7  
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Downloading but it's 3am here so will test tomorrow
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2nd November 2012, 05:34 AM |#8  
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Does the radio get flashed as well? thru cwm?
2nd November 2012, 05:45 AM |#9  
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Originally Posted by stkman32

Does the radio get flashed as well? thru cwm?

No. Get frm post #2

√ xda-premium | note²
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2nd November 2012, 05:47 AM |#10  
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@OP what launcher are you using and widgets?
2nd November 2012, 06:00 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by grgsiocl

@OP what launcher are you using and widgets?

Nova Prime +Ribbon clock widget, Plug-in music, Custom mod Storage/extSD usage, prayer time, Battery monitor, Current Widget, SetCPU, Prepay Widget, and Circle Launcher. And othero on my other home screens
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