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By reinaldistic, Senior Member on 7th November 2012, 08:05 AM
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I'm posting this mostly for informational purposes to try and stop the same question being asked a billion times like some questions have been. ill try to keep this up to date as much as I can if I see questions getting asked repeatedly

Q: why should u root my g note 2?
A: wireless tethering works now, also: 5 words: every app in multi window. you can have every app in multi window action with a deodexed Rom and you can back up every app with titanium backup.

Q: how do I root my phone
A: I'm not going to go into this since there are many options, ways and since it changes so rapidly. look in the android development section of our phone's forum for the best option for you. Just do an in-forum search for root.

Q:What is the difference between the firmwares/what does all this talk about LJ1/LJC/LK8/MA5/MA7/MC2 mean?
A: different firmware names are usually associated with updates to the stock system files. they are named after the modem (or radio software) and usually bring improvements or changes to the phone capabilities or bugs. there is usually different root methods for different firmware. this phone came stock with LJ1, got updated to LJC soon after to include multi-window and extended toggles support, and recently (as of the last time this post was edited) we got a leak of LK8 which brings minor stability and Bluetooth fixes. MA5's leak was a bit useless as nothing seemed to change. MA7 brought 4.2 and "Google wallet support" more on why it's in quotes in the wallet question. MC2 was supposed top bring bug fixes for many things including wallet but most can agree the wallet problem persists.

Q:My Wi-Fi turns on sporadically. how do I fix it?
A: Turn off connection optimizer under settings-wireless networks-more settings-mobile networks-connections optimizer

Q: How do I unlock the bootloader?
A: No need, only the Verizon one comes locked

Q: How do I draw on pictures?
A: In gallery go into the picture itself then press the menu button then tap on draw on image this flips over the image and you can draw on the back. for the front see the next question

Q: How do I draw on any app like in the commercial?
A: take a screenshot WITH THE PEN by holding the pen button and the screen for a few seconds it will take you to the screenshot to draw on it

Q: Is there any way to wireless tether?
A: now there is! go to this thread and install that apk. it works with lj1 and ljc and on rooted and with busybox

Q: How do I get music controls on the lock screen?
A: you can't get them directly on the stock lock screen if you're not using security (it works with pin, patter, etc but not swipe), but it will let you pull down the notification bar to use the music controls that show up there. if you REALLY want it directly in the lock screen you'll need a lock screen replacement app that allows it

Q: My pen touches when coming into hovering range/it's too hard to click with it
A: there is two ways to fix this.
1. the crude more dangerous way is to smack it on a hard surface until it works for you (which I don't recommend)
2. the second is to adjust the potentiometer on the pen. pop the button off the pen and turn the screw closest to the tip clockwise for pens that touch while hovering and counterclockwise for pens that are too hard to tap with. trust me this is really easy.

Q: How do I turn on/off 4g? my old phone had a notification bar toggle!
A: go to "settings-wireless networks-more settings-mobile networks-network mode" and select "cdma" to turn off 4g, or select "cdma/lte" for 4g on

Q: does s-beam work with non-samsung phones that have nfc?
A: partially. if the file is small enough it will go through if not it takes the receiving device to a broken pay store link

Q: does Google wallet work?/why doesn't Google wallet work?
A: it's not officially supported before MA7 , but you can enable it, follow these instructions: After MA7 it's supposed to work naively without hacking but a lot of people especially those rooted it's been nothing but pain. try using it straight from the market and if it doesn't work seek individualized support from the q&a section

Q: no flash on jelly bean?
A: YouTube and most up to date websites are updating to html5. if you still find websites that tell you you're not good enough for not having flash then download it from or aptoide

Q: How do I take screenshots?
A: there are three ways with this phone:
1. with the pen: hold the pen's button and the screen for about 3 seconds. only this one takes you straight to drawing on it.
2. with the buttons: hold the home and power button together for about 3 seconds.
3. with the touch screen: swipe your entire palm from left to right on the screen, like you're cleaning all of it off. it's a bit tricky but play around with it you'll get it right every time with practice. *this one needs to be enabled under motion settings*

Q: why does my phone get so hot while charging?
A: the phone will get hotter while charging on low battery from the stock charger because it will try to take as much current as it can and the stock charger can provide 2 amps other charges don't give as much power to the phone so it won't be as hot. but don't worry, the phone itself monitors the battery's temperature and will shut off completely if it gets too hot for its own (or your) safety.

Q: How do I root the latest update/update if I'm root?
A:LK8/MA5/MA7/MC2 needs stock firmware to update as of the last time this post was edited.

Q: how do I get more apps on multi window?
A: get on the latest deodexed Rom by getting a custom recovery then flash this mod (which works in MC2 even though it didn't say so) which initially dumps every app into multi window.

Q: How do i get pop up browser (or another browser) back?
A: go to settings> applications and select the browser that had the default url handling and clear it's defaults, once you do that you should get asked which browser you want every time

Q: How do I skip music tracks/pause without turning on my phone?
A: while you can't just hold the volume buttons like in other phones the end call button on the stock headphones can pause and skip tracks. just click I once to pause, twice rapidly to skip

Q: can i use my mhl adapter and usb otg at the same time?
A: not with simple accessories, but there are ways around this.
1. the dock can do this (but it's always out of stock)
2. use Bluetooth: set up your mhl adapter and have Bluetooth peripherals like ps3 controllers, mice and keyboards.
3. use the Wi-Fi to your advantage: set up your usb otg and stream with allshare, set up an ftp from your phone. or set up your mhl adapter and access your computer files through wifi ftp
4. you can get it done with some tricky wiring, soldering and maybe a bit of cunning. but if you are someone who could get this done with instructions you won't need instructions to figure it out. all you need to know is USB otg pin out that mhl needs power to the phone and the adapter and that diodes and resistors make your apparatus too heavy and ugly and you might as well just buy a dock

Q: how do I change what the physical buttons do?
A:to change the back and menu keys just change it's value on /system/usr/keylayout/generic.kl back is 158 menu is 139. to edit what the hard press buttons do you have to change them BOTH IN GENERIC.KL AND GPIO-KEYS.KL or else your phone will freeze every time you press these, home is 172 in both files, volume down is 114 in both files, volume up is 115 in both files and power is 116 in both files.
I found this specially useful in combination with the soft keys below to make home button a native search button

Q: How do I enable soft keys and/or disable hard and capacitance keys?
A: simple tweak:
to add soft (in the screen) keys follow this:
Originally Posted by and8res

navigate to system/build.prop

go to the bottom of the page ( document )

add this line




to disable hard keys:

Originally Posted by maxq1

comment out lines on /system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl, like so...

# key 158   BACK
# key 139   MENU
# key 172 HOME
physical home button, however, will still wake up the device (which i prefer) and long pressing on it will bring up s-/google- voice. if you wish otherwise, you can disable it altogether by editing the line on gpio-keys.kl (same directory as above)...
# key 172   HOME              WAKE
then turn off lights via settings/display/touchkey light duration. works on both ics and jb sammy roms. HTH

to revert soft keys just make qemu.hw.mainkeys=1

to revert disabled hardware keys take out the #s

Originally Posted by skyjedi

Q: Can I flash an international or At&t ROM?
A: This may work one day, but it does NOT work now. If you flash another variant ROM right now you WILL lose data. If you flash radios from another variant you will lose your baseband. The fix for anyone not understanding this is here

Again, if you don't know what you are doing, DO NOT TRY THIS OR ENCOURAGE OTHERS.

IF someone how knows what they are doing figures out a safe method to do this, they will post it, till then I would suggest DO NOT ROGUE FLASH OR ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO ROGUE FLASH.

Q: how do I swap SD card and internal storage?
A: the only method I have tried is this one
although I can't speak for its reliability as I have only tried it once out of curiosity.
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7th November 2012, 08:26 AM |#2  
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I take you're going to extend the post with far more Q&A's?
I'll go ahead and stick it; could be handy to have it in plain sight.
7th November 2012, 08:39 AM |#3  
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8th November 2012, 03:06 AM |#4  
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You may want to add that for the screenshot with touch screen that Motion in options has to be enabled or else it wont work.
9th November 2012, 04:38 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by l3thalsab3r

You may want to add that for the screenshot with touch screen that Motion in options has to be enabled or else it wont work.

will do thanks

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11th November 2012, 08:19 PM |#6  
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Im am using twrp right now.if I go back to stock recovery will it unroot my phone?

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11th November 2012, 11:44 PM |#7  
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I have the AT&T version, but I doubt it's different in this regard... For the lock screen music controls, they do appear at the top if you use a lock screen other than swipe or tilt. When you use Pattern or PIN, it shows the music controls, but you lose the quick app links. To get both (not at the same time though), you can select Pattern or PIN with swipe gesture. It will show the swipe lock screen with apps at the bottom, then when you swipe the screen it will show your pattern or PIN and the music controls at the top. I've had to resort to using the Pattern unlock just so I can get music controls
12th November 2012, 10:23 AM |#8  
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Interesting post. Thanks a lot
16th November 2012, 07:40 PM |#9  
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Q: how do I get more apps on multi window?
A: get on the latest deodexed Rom by getting a custom recovery and flashing this with it's inductions: then flash this mod which lets you choose among all your apps to put on multi window. there is another that dumps everything into multi window.

Read my mind with this one Thanks and great Thread..
20th November 2012, 02:42 AM |#10  
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if anyone has suggestions please post them, the questions I see are all unique or dumb

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6th December 2012, 12:53 PM |#11  
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is there a video tutorial available on how to root my gnote 2? thanks in advance.
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