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By bartito, Inactive Recognized Developer on 18th November 2012, 09:44 PM
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A new voltage control and CPU adjuster app is in the city...

For root users, this app allows to create and automatize CPU and GPU via a profiles manager.

For non root users, you're able to get information about the CPU (governor, speeds, etc).

You can define profiles that contains:

- CPU governor
- Max CPU Frequency
- Min CPU Frequency
- Enable/Disable cores in dual/quad cores (if kernel supports)
- CPU voltages for all frequencies (if kernel supports)
- I/O Scheduler
- GPU frequencies, voltages, stay on and thresholds (if kernel supports)
- Charger voltages (if kernel supported)
- Governor parameter tweaks

You can define profiles that are automatically activated on these conditions:

- Battery low
- Temperature higher
- Screen on/off
- Charging
- Connected to PC
- Voice call started
- Active application

Also, you can view CPU information, like times in state, governor max/min speed and much more.

XDA title page (Dec, 2 2012):

Used permissions

- Write external storage: To backup profiles
- Receive boot completed: To automatically start service on boot (enable in settings)
- Read phone state: To automatically detect voice call start/stop
- Get tasks: To get active task (in order to correctly apply profiles that depends on the active task)
- Internet: Added small ads (via google ads)
- Billing: For donation control (you can purcharse PRO version inside the app)
- Battery stats: Needed to show the screen on time and battery up time

If you've troubles or issues, please, send a logcat.

Free version includes Ads, is limited to 3 profiles and isn't capable to make backup of your settings.

You can buy the full version inside the app in order to remove Ads and get full app capabilities.

Please, is the app doesn't works (partially or totally) send a message to [email protected] or post in this thread.

Play Store Link

Translation interface

You can add language translations using the link:

ROM cookers

You are able to include this app in your ROMs at your discretion but you meet the following rules:
- Can't theme the app
- Can't make any modification in the app
- Can't resign the app
- Thank in the ROM thread
- If you're interested to set default values for any parameter in your ROM, you can contact via PM or email


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18th November 2012, 09:48 PM |#2  
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First release

Added charger voltages to the profiles view
Added 30 seconds delay before first profile activation (after on boot event)
Added a file in /sdcard/CpuProfiles/files-initialization.log to control missing files (post if app shows the missing files message)
Added a file in /sdcard/CpuProfiles/automation.log to control the automatically activated profiles
Added compatibility with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and higher
Added ads in the main activity
Solved bugs

Removed toast on service start/stop
Added compatibility with old devices
Added more compatibility with charger voltages
Added more compatibility with gpu voltages
Added current voltages in cpu history tab
Added battery info to the device info tab
Added notification at startup to countdown the service autostart
More accurated kernel info in the device info tab
Corrected some strings

Added more support to overclock/underclock
Added support for non rooted devices (in read mode, of course)
Added in app billing donation
Expanded voltages in profiles voltages view by default
Number of processors is correctly counted in quadcore processors
Added option to modify all voltages at the same time (in cpu voltages view and in gpu voltages view [in profile edition])
Small UI improvements
Added german translation (thank's to [email protected])
Added french translation (thank's to The [email protected])
Added spanish translation

Added ability to disable profiles
Small strings update

Enable/disable second core for profile (only available for Tegrak dual core)
Profiles are now marked disabled after creation or edition (for security purposes)
In profiles list, if you edit the active profile, the active profile mark dissapears

Fixed issue with some kernels that don't exports CPU frequencies

Graph with CPU speed evolution (it can be run in background, for statistical purposes)
Ability to clear history (time in states)
UI improvements (subtitle font color themeable and other small changes)

Corrected bug in CPU history percents, they miscalculate afther a clear
Compatible with more devices
Capable to show real history (even if you've previously cleared)

Capable to activate/deactivate single cores in quadcore processors (SGN-II, ...) [if kernel supports it]
Added some dialogs in profile settings in order to clarify

Corrected bug in CPU speed statistics (for kernels that doesn't export CPU frequencies)
Updated translations

2.0.0 (important notice)
Compatibility with more devices
Added per-app activation to profiles
UI improvements
Added current GPU speed to the general info tab
Notifications can be show in toasts or in status bar
Added CPU history graph in general tab
Added GPU current speed in GPU tab (in profile edit view)
Added GPU minimum time in state for profile (this is the minimum time that GPU remains in a state even if charge load changes)
Added portuguese translation (thanks to [email protected])

Small bugfixes
Added setting to configure the startup notification behavior

Small bugfixes
Add toggle to show CPU speed in general tab in text or graph format. Simply click in the graph to show CPU speed in text format or in the text to show the graph

Cosmetic changes
Toggle in profiles tab show service status nor the user enable state (this only affects after a upgrade)

Added ability to overclock GPU (kernel/device specific feature)
Solved service status toggle issue
GPU management compatible with Siyah kernel
Upgraded to In-App billing v3
Bugs fixed

Little bug corrected

Small improvements
Small UI changes
More accurated GPU speed calculation (useful for devices that uses non standard speeds)

Added GPU up/down thresholds
Added GPU help dialog (press menu key in GPU tab in Profile Edition activity
Tweaks for specific governors: ondemand, lulzactive, smartass, conservative and interactive
Solved issues with trial period calculation
Added battery up time to general tab
Added screen on time to general tab
Removed auto update of general tab (except for CPU and GPU speed) [really isn't needed and stress up the cpu]
Added refresh button to general tab
Added chinese translation
Minor UI changes

Enable/Disable group of tweaks in each profile
Solved bug when upgrade and SuperSU is set to forget permissions on reinstall

Added tweaks for pegasusq
Added switch to show governor parameter descriptions in english (more accurated)


Capable to apply your settings on-the-fly, without define a profile
Linked up and down thresholds in GPU
Internal improvements


Added total/free RAM in general tab
Internal improvements in superuser adquisition


Added support for kernels that don't export GPU thresholds


Added support for custom init.d scripts (look in settings)


Added support for some MALI parameters (look in profile advanced tab)
Added hungarian translation (thanks to szornyu)


Added ability to create folders (from init.d scripts folder selection)
Removed 14 days demo period (no expiration time now)


Small improvements
Updated translations for french, hungarian, chinese and german


Added shortuts to running apps and battery usage in CPU general tab (click in the six last items)


Added improvements to ROM cookers support


Added italian translation (thanks to [email protected])


Compatibility improvements


Activation times for profile (statistical info) in profiles tab
Setting to control if frequencies are set before or after the voltages
Information dialogs


Solved little bug when calculating profile active times
Added boot delay timeout (from 0 to 90 seconds, default 30 seconds)
Updated german, hungarian and italian translations


Updated german, hungarian, chinesse and italian translations


Correct bug calculating profile activation time
Updated german translation


Improvements in the init.d folder selection dialog
Added a handbook to the /sdcard/CpuProfiles folder
Minor updates in chinese, hungarian, italian, deutch and french translations


Profiles sorted using priority value
Apps selector sort list using the app label
Added max CPU frequency when screen if off (if kernel supported)
Shows multicore information for each core separately (CPU speed, CPU history) (if kernel provides the information)
Added battery temperature to general tab
Removed capture statistics activiy (really isn't needed)
Added russian translation (thanks to DEADover)


Max/Min GPU voltages calculation update
Added changelog (goto settings)


Corrected bug in max/min GPU voltages calculation
Updated translations


A bit un-stresses CPU when calculatin the current CPU speed in general view
Added partial slovenian translation (thanks to MMtranslating)


Added new superuser permission to manifest
Solved certain issues with Galaxy Nexus
Updated Slovenian translation


Compatibility with max/min/governor for kernels that don't shares the cpu core values
Solved issues with notifications when a core is disabled and you want to show the current CPU speed or history
Removed apps selector for screen off profile (has no sense)
Updated Slovenian and russian translations


Added new profile type: After boot active for X minutes


Check app signature at startup
Updated translations


Corrected bug in profile apps selection
Updated translations


Added more control in governor tweaks in order to test if files exists before set the values (prevent fails if files don't exists)
Added support to kernels that uses no standard values to set the CPU voltage steps (like Kowalski for LG Optimus 2X)
Added support to kernels that limites min/max GPU frequencies (like Perseus for Samsung Galaxy Note II)


Logcat for the app is set to false by default (enable it in settings if you need send a log to me)


Added ability to send logs to the developer without use any external software (go settings to generate and send it)
Added ability to export logcat to sdcard (normal and colored log) [PRO feature]
Added graceful time to In-App license verification (for those that has a unstable connection)
Added beta channel (enable it in settings and receive updates directly on your device) [PRO feature]
Preferences activity resorted
Solved issue in some devices that aren't running application after boot if screen is off

3.0.1 (only in Beta Channel for now)

Tweaks for more governors

3.0.3 (only in Beta Channel for now)

Corrected bug in Beta version mamagement

3.0.4 (only in Beta Channel for now)

Added tweaks for more CPU governors
Added tools menu (only option is "forze media scan" for now)


Includes all unreleased beta code in the general app
Compatibility updates


Bug corrected

3.0.8 (only in beta channel for now)

Uses real external storage unit for backup/restore in Samsung devices, if available

3.0.9 (only in beta channel for now)

Added general kernel preferences that are loaded in boot time (if configured)
For now general preferences includes ability to set max. battery charge percent and force fast charge (all features are kernel dependent, of course)...

3.0.10 (only in beta channel for now)

CPU voltages interface supports most kernels for Nexus4

3.0.11 (only in beta channel for now)

Allow to update vibration intensity in kernel settings


Previous beta updates published to all
Bugs corrected
Translations updated
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19th November 2012, 02:56 AM |#3  
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Please add custom USB/DC charging voltages and Sound Volume tweaks.
19th November 2012, 01:39 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by rgreat

Please add custom USB/DC charging voltages and Sound Volume tweaks.

Added to To-Do list.
19th November 2012, 03:15 PM |#5  
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Could u list what voltages work best for CPU speeds

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19th November 2012, 03:18 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by hatememarkz

Could u list what voltages work best for CPU speeds

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it depends from the device, rom and cpu.
try to low 25 each step and, if working fine down another 25 until you have
freezes or reboots
19th November 2012, 03:32 PM |#7  
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Here's more info

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19th November 2012, 05:22 PM |#8  
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Not working for Xperia S on stock based rom. Says missing files.

Sent from my awesome Xperia S 'Nozomi'
19th November 2012, 05:23 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by l.Urker

Not working for Xperia S on stock based rom. Says missing files.

Sent from my awesome Xperia S 'Nozomi'

send me a logcat
19th November 2012, 06:56 PM |#10  
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A nice new tool. If you need a German translator for this APP ...
19th November 2012, 08:01 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by l.Urker

Not working for Xperia S on stock based rom. Says missing files.

I would be interested in this tool for Jelly Bean. I tried it and I also get this message.

As for translation, I can take care of french!
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