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By r-ikfoot, Senior Member on 18th November 2012, 11:02 PM
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Team AC!D

Is proud to present you

AC!D Audio Engine

Strictly for Music LOVERS

Songs are emotions expressed in such a way only soul understands.......


AC!D Audio provides you an overall better sound quality, more precisely:

Bass are deeper, crispier and more powerfull, with nice effect without distortion and crackling

treeble are less aggressive and more immersive (you'll enjoy whistle, whisper, instrument like piano, guitar,... will be much more natural and balanced)

Voice is really more natural with better balenced EQ for a pure cristal sound for an awesome clarity

Audio track quality will be enhanced and the improvement will be even noticed on your most crappy headset (even if good headphone are really suggested to enjoy all improvement of this MOD)

This Engine is A port of several Audio Technolgy, each of them are well know to enhance some specific audio part, our goal was to get them working simultaneously with a lot of personnal optimisation modification tweaks and unique features by our Team

Here is a short list of audio technology we prted and modded on this Engine:

Sony Clearaudio Plus system (an amazing technolgy to enhance clarity of Bass and provide several effect like Clearphase, Clearbass, SRS surround,...)

Beats Audio Engine (we ported latest beats engine from HTC one XL, and modded it a lot to be great handled by Clearaudio, it improve greatly Bass power and overal surround effect)

Cyanogen DSP features (it helped a lot to handle better in app Equaliser)

Dolby Digital Sound (overall better audio clarity with way more natural sound and some awesome features like SRS Wow and Dynamic Bass range)

Sony Xloud (enhance noticably speaker quality in terms of clarity and volume, it help to ensure there is no distorion in sound even in headset, better balanced treeble and crystal voice)

Eizo Rewire PRO series (an awesome Audio tool wich brings lots of effect and claim to offer a better balanced and natural Sound)

AC!D Audio Parts (Huge optimisation in overall sound quality due to some optimisation, some tweaks, some audio rendering and resampling and even more... some Huge work have been done already)

Our Goal is to give an Engine able to increase Audio Quality of every Android Based Smartphone in every application you will be able to notice improvement



AC!D Audio V8.0:

Stock Xperia Firmware optimised (working too on ICS MIUI): Download (mediafire)

(Android 4.1 and newer) AOSP/CM10/CM10.1/AOKP/P.A.C optimised: Download (mediafire)

Walkman Engine V8.0:

For All ROM (Android 4.0/4.1/4.2): Download (mediafire)

Optional Addon (like Noozxoide, AC!D Clearaudio+, ...) at second post (or just click here)

Installation Instruction at third post (or just click here)

Changelog and Screenshots at fourth post (or just click here)




AC!D AUDIO ENGINE for Xperia 2010/2011/2012 ,Galaxy devices,Lg etc
DO NOT STEAL ANYTHING FROM THIS MOD!(THIS INCLUDES THE AUDIO TWEAKS!)YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO INCLUDE ANYTHING AT ALL FROM THIS MOD(INCLUDES BUILD.PROP TWEAKS) TO ANOTHER SOUND MOD OR ROM WITHOUT OUR(TEAM AC!D) EXPLICIT PERMISSIONWalkman player can give you more bass, but less clarityWorks with ALL Roms, please do not ask if it will work on ROM (X) just try it yourself.Please make a backup first, do not ask me how to uninstall, just make a backup, its a lot easier!!!ASK PERMISSION IF YOU WANT TO INCLUDE IT IN ANYTHING!!!




If you like this project, please rate the thread 5 stars & Newsworthy
There are many ways to show your support to the developer.

You can:
- Press the "Thanks" button.
- Share your opinion about my work and write some feedback in respective thread.
- Advertise my work to your friends.
- Rate my thread with 5 stars.

Every way of support is highly appreciated, but it's not expected!


"Feeling Negative??Take it somewhere else we dont want to hear it keep the thread clean"

Rizal Lovins


OUR FORUM PLEASE POST QUESTION, REPORT AND FEEDBACK ON our forum cause we are not on xda everyday

Like Team AC!D on Facebook-Page (you can see our project) (LIKE THIS PAGE!!!)

Our group in facebook-Group (you can discuss with us) (You can get live updates)

Our group on XDA
http://forum.xda-develo..........up....oupid=818(AC!D (AUDIO ENGINE Developers)

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18th November 2012, 11:03 PM |#2  
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Option°1: AC!D Noozxoide Engine v6.0 (all noozxoide optimisations are now installed by default in AC!D Audio Engine): Just download Noozxoide apk by clicking here

Option°2: AC!D Clearaudio+ soundenhancement: Download (mediafire)



READ CAREFULLY FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS (only if you downloaded one of Optional Addon) AND ALL SHOULD BE FINE!

§1 First flash AC!D Audio Engine

§2 Then Flash The addon of your choose

§3 Reboot

§4 Go to PhoneSetting/Sound/AudioEffect then a window will show you 2 option first one is soundenhancement (Team AC!D EQ) second one is the optional EQ you have choosed so if you want to use it just click on it

§5 reboot, open your music player (like google music, Appolo, walkman,...) and click on equalizer you should be redirected to a new EQ (the one you've choosed) if your music player has built-in EQ just open your EQ as a normal app (open your app drawer and click on noozxoide or awesome beats)

§6 Done, Enjoy! and don't forget to press thanks button!

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18th November 2012, 11:03 PM |#3  
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§1 Remove ALL Third app equaliser (DSP Manager, Market EQ app,...)

§2 Be sure your ROM don't have any other Sound MOD preinstalled

§3 Download AC!D Audio Engine and Walkman (for Optional Addon, like noozxoide or awesome beats go here)

§5 Put downloaded files in a special folder on your SDCARD (or internal storage), you can create an AC!D Audio folder (will be usefull in the future)

§6 Once you have all needed files on your phone reboot in recovery (CWM)


§8 Flah AC!D Audio Engine then AC!D Walkman Engine

§9 Reboot

§10 let phone settle a little,
(only if you installed optional addon: go to setting sound audioeffect and choose the Equaliser you want, it will keep the one you choosed in memory)
after that reboot a last time

§12 Enjoy a brand new Audio Quality


Little Tips:

- I REALLY SUGGEST YOU TO USE AC!D AND WALKMAN ONLY (without any other Addon) (in my opinion gives the best audio quality) (but walkman might not work on All devices)
- If you can't change volume level in walkman just click on audio effect it will resolve immediately this issue
- Once it booted leave your phone 5min to let all effect settle then reboot once again!
- (Walkman addon may cause bootloop on some devices cause it takes space in system partition)

Feedback should look like this please (if you do like that then we could save up a lot of time and we will be able to help you

¦Please post feedback about audio quality changes you noticed etc not only if it's booted ¦

we need complete and CONSTRUCTIVE feedaback like this:

§ Mention:
Your Phone Model (manufacturer and device name)
Your Android version (gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean)
The software model you use (Stock Firmware, Stock custom, AOSP, AOKP, MIUI, Cyanogen, Paranoid, PAC)
If you installed it on a fresh install (mention too if you installed any other sound mod like beatsaudio etc)

§ Report:

Boot (succed?)
Stability (freeze, random reboot,...)
Sound (Speaker, Headset, In call sound)
Correctly installed? (Logo AC!D shows up when plug headset?)
Quality (Treeble, Voice, Clarity, Bass,...)
Volume (loud?, Clear, Crispier?)
Overall Experience (AWESOME! Good! can do better! not bad, Awfull)

If something doesn't work, please provide a logcat .report if you think it's a bug.

§ Constructive proposition or idea:
(write what you want)

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18th November 2012, 11:04 PM |#4  
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ACID Audio Engine v8.0 Changelog:


● Latest Sony Audio from Xperia Z
● Dolby digital from LG optimus G
● New audio drivers
● AC!D Sound Enhancements
● Kavi build.prop tweaks
● WOWHDBASS tweaks optimised from HTC one values
● Dolby digital 5.1 setting from HTC One too
● Some audio decoding tweaks from LG optimus G
● New Beats engine from HTC One Volume Louder so Boom Sound might be ported aswell Bass much more clean
● New Dolby Digital Engine from HTC One too
● new Xperia Z libs
● Soundenhancement layout for hdpi and mdpi devices fixed
● Clearaudio+ SE app libs and audio_effect lines added thanks Rizal and Knight47
● New CM libs added to audio_effect.conf
● New SRS libs from Htc One
● Incall and speaker sound fixed
● volume through headset louder
● Some optimisation
● and much much more as usual!

ACID Audio Engine v7.0 Changelog:


● Fixed Sound Volume
● Restarted from scratch once again
● Bootloop Safe (Should work on all ROM (Stock, Cyanogen, MIUI, AOKP, PA,...)
● 100% Stable (bluetooth ok, sound ok, volume ok)
● Brand new Audio Engine
● Latest Beats Audio
● NEW Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound heavily tweaked by team AC!D
● WOWHD BASS enabled
● SRS_WOWHD values tweaked (clean reverberation)
● SRS CHSP EQ and Compression tweaked
● New Clearaudio Engine JB from sources
Xloud now works 100%
● Clearphase is now effective
● New Downmix tweaks for crispier sound
● New snd pcm cards for better audio rendering
● New Alsa Configuration (100% working this time)
● New resampling libs and tweaks
● Bass tweaks (Much deeper bass, really awesome)
● Cristal Voice (HTC DNA EQ with JB clearaudio +)
● Volume louder!!! (this time you can reach 70% (and even get an extra 110%)
● Removed all ****
● Awesome Sound, Powerfull and Deep Bass, Clear Audio, Cristal Voice, Clean Sound without distortion
● And even more, ENJOY!

ACID Audio Engine v6.1 Changelog:


● Fixed Sound Volume
● Bluetooth fixed
● Fixed No boot issue with stock ROM and some reboot issue or no sound issue on AOKP
● some audio tweaks
● new audio files
● reintroduced beats SRS frameworks and activated it again (deeper and much more clean bass)
● walkman now working on all ROM (stock friendly)
● stable release no more issue (if you installed any previous release of ACID audio please reflash your ROM)
● more....

ACID Audio Engine v6.0 Changelog:


● Restarted from scratch (it's because of that I've called it ultimate edition)
Sony Sound Enhancement Engine Successfully ported and now working on ALL ROM (with Surround, Clearphase, dynamic Sound, ...)
● Brand new BEATS AUDIO Engine from HTC DNA (Sound much more clear and less compressed, with more deep Bass)
● Removed ALL previous Clearaudio Engine And replaced with Latest Xperia V and Walkman F800 Series one (more option, more clarity, louder volume, new audio technology, more compatibility)
Xloud And Clearphase now 100% working on Stock ROM (activated with build.prop tweaks for non stock ROM, like AOKP, CM10, PA,...)
● Fully Working Bravia Engine 2, 100% working on stock ROM (once again Activated with build.prop tweaks for non stock ROM)
● New Walkman Addon much more stable (Huge thanks to Rizal), With now Music widget and Xperia Home for non stock ROM
ALSA AUDIO TECHNOLOGY reintroduced!!!! (finally got this **** working, gives huge differences in sound quality)
● New audio_effect.conf tweaks (now with 3 new walkman technology:, pre_effect, post_effect, Fnr_wrapper) (and with a new beats Engine as main Bass driver)
● New Resampling Libs from Walkman F800
● New SRS drivers with DOLBY DIGITAL support and with FULL Surround Support with AC!D Walkman EQ!
● Audio DAC buffer from Walkman F800
● New snd and pcm drivers from Xperia V
● New Audiopreprocessor for a better compatibility with noozxoide
● Updated Optional Addon (eq are now much more effective, Surround driver compatibility and no more distortion with Bass)
● And even more, as usual

Screenshots: Soon!
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18th November 2012, 11:14 PM |#5  
Senior Member
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Awesome, earlier versions were great. How is compatibility with power amp?

Sent from my Xperia S using XDA Premium HD app
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18th November 2012, 11:16 PM |#6  
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CM10 ?
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18th November 2012, 11:21 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by ishamm

Awesome, earlier versions were great. How is compatibility with power amp?

Sent from my Xperia S using XDA Premium HD app

Check yourself you'll love it!

Sent from my Xperia S using xda app-developers app
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18th November 2012, 11:23 PM |#8  
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That's great. thanks for share.
18th November 2012, 11:27 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by ares.

CM10 ?

Yes this time JB is 100% supported

Sent from my Xperia S using xda app-developers app
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18th November 2012, 11:27 PM |#10  
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V4 crashed CM10. Is this fixed in V5? Thank you

Edit: thanks!!
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18th November 2012, 11:31 PM |#11  
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Nice. I just had installed V4, but I hope this is even better
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