[ROM][25 Feb 13]Desire XS version 1.1 [Sense 4.1 lite] [Android 4.0.4]

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By thantos2024, Senior Member on 21st November 2012, 09:31 PM
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DESIRE XS Version 1.1

As you all pretty much know, while waiting for the ICS update for the Desire S there much anticipation among the community, even when HTC kept delaying the release we where always hopeful of what we might get, there was even speculation that we might get a nice sense 4 ui etc. But, no, when we finally did get an update it was a half finished rom full of bugs and sporting the bloat addled sense 3.6. HTC's response when asked why we didn't get a proper release or sense 4 was that our beloved Desire S just wasnt capable of handling either andriod 4.0.4 or sense 4 in any form, and what the released was the best we could expect.

Well the many talented Devs here at XDA set to work correcting the problem, both by fixing the "official" ICS update and through porting sense 4 to our device, and like a lot of you I jumped from rom to rom trying them all out but never quite found what I was looking for, so I set about making my own.

When I first started I had really only intended to do it for myself, after all I had never even decompiled an apk before, let alone tried to port my own rom, there was no way it would be good enough for the masses, but, then it turned out to work better than I ever expected it to, so I decided what the hell and uploaded it as a beta for people to poke at, in truth fully expecting people to tear it apart as they found bug after bug, instead, people loved it, offered encouragement and even started using it as there daily drivers.

Thanks to some hand holding by some of the fantastic devs here on xda, I started to learn the basics of smali editing so that I could start modifying the rom, and somewhere along the way I made a decision

HTC told use that the Desire S was unable to run ICS smoothly, nor could it handled sense 4 in any of its forms, so, I decided to prove them wrong. As a result I have mimicked a HTC release version as much as possible to show them what they should have given us instead of the garbage that they left use with, and this is the result

Desire XS version 1

Andriod 4.0.4 with HTC sense 4.1 lite based on the Desire X 1.18.401.1 RUU, running amidabuddha's b2b kernel.


antutu @ 1.5 Ghz


Front camera preview curroption when set to 1mp
Feel free to let me know

Quick Settings
HTC keyboard with trace
Camera (All modes)
Camcorder (All modes)
Beats Audio
Everything else.
inludes chainfire superSU,
busybox and init.d support
4EXT Recovery Updater

I will work on the remaining bugs as quick as I can and post updates as quickly as possible but please remember this is all new to me and I am learning alot of things as I go along, so it will be a case of they are done when they are done.

If any of our more seasoned devs are willing to give a few pointers then their help would be greatly received.


As this rom has been fully odexed to mimic what you would get from HTC you require one of the following HBOOTS


fblasot did a short write up on changeing your hboot HERE

I recommend that all users be on radio before installing this rom, if you have issues with camera corruption @ 5mp then you definatly need to update your radio

As there are substantial changes to Version 1 compared to RC1 a complete wipe is mandatory before flashing, if you do try it with just wiping the caches and then have any bugs appear, please try doing a full wipe and then see if the problems exist before posting.

Similarly, if you restore settings and data with Titanium Backup or a similar products then encounter any bugs, please try reflashing without restoring anything first and then post if the problems continue.

First boot can take a few minutes as the system builds the cache for the first time, and after initial setup the rom will take a few minutes to settle as it sort out checking for mail updates etc.

After first boot go to setting/ display and buttons/ Recent apps button and select press for menu, press and hold for recent apps. this will make your buttons function normally except that recent apps will be on long press menu rather than long press home.

HTC-DEV unlocked users, don't forget to flash the boot.img of your chosen kernel via fastboot after flashing the Rom. The boot.img can be found in-



MediaFire:- Desire XS Version 1.1
Dev-Host:- Desire XS version 1.1 awaiting correct version to finish uploading

Special Thanks

I would like to give the following people a special note of thanks,

lowveld for being gracious enough to allow me to 'borrow' libs from his rom and for taking the time out to point a new dev in the right direction

garleest for taking time out to guide a newbie through the minefield that is smali.

amidabuddha for his awesome kernel and his help in sorting the aroma script

madmaxx82 for granting permission to include 4EXT recovery updater

hasoon2000 for the original Desire X rom

And Finally all the dev's here at XDA who work so hard to keep our Devices up-to date and inspire us to see what we can so ourselves




Donations are never expected, but of course always welcome, if people do decide to buy me a beer then all donations will go into a fund specifically for rom developing, for example I plan to implement ota updates, so tehy would go towards covering the cost of a high bandwidth server.

I would like to give special mention here to those people who have kindly reached into there own pocket to help me replace my Desire S after it was eaten by my damn dog


A special mention goes to the people below for their generous donations towards the rom development.

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21st November 2012, 09:35 PM |#2  
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Desire XS Version 1.1

GPS.conf scripts have finished there travels and are now actually in the
The correct Romanian fonts have kick out the old ones and have made themselves at home, this means that the dialectics in third party keyboards should show correctly. However, despit several scuffles the HTC keyboard stubbornly refuses to show them. It will have been beaten into submission by the next patch.
Someone finally rescued the the notification drag bar from the rack its been strapped to, and after a quick spruce up its looking it's normal self again.
Friendstream has decided not to insist on always being so attached to Facebook and Twitter, and after some discussion, they have found away to give space to each other when needed. This means you can choose from the following in the installer:-
Friendstream + Twitter + Facebook
Friendstream + Twitter
Friendstream + Facebook
Facebook + Twitter (no Friendstream)
Facebook only
Twitter only
Nothing at all (for the really unsocial, like myself.)
The status bar has been feeling generous all of a sudden and has decided that 2 options on install wasn't enough to satisfy everyone, so to try and cover all bases you'll now be offered the following:-
Fully Stock, (no mods at all.)
QuickSettings only
Battery Mod only
Carrier Name always shown only
QuickSettings + Battery Mod
QuickSettings + Battery Mod + Carrier Name
Battery Mod + Carrier Name
QuickSettings + Carrier Name
The aroma script realised that sometimes people like to change their mind, and alter what they installed with the Rom. So now when you dirty flash the Rom it will automatically remove any unwanted default apps from the last time you flashed the Rom. (the aroma would like you to note that this will only work on the installed apps and not on updates from the market, it advises that you uninstall any updates first before running the script.)
Patched kernel felt a bit left out, and after throwing a tantrum has been allowed to join b2b kernel in the installer, just be careful when playing with patched, its been reported that he could possibly be a bit grumpy sometimes.
After getting a little self concious over its extra size the "reboot to recovery" icon has gone to a slimming camp for a bit, one of the more traditional icons has stepped in to cover it position till it gets back.
The record button in Notes has stopped sucking its stomach in after it realised it look ridiculous and looks like its normal self again, which we've assured it looks much better.

Desire XS Version 1

Base has grown up and is now 1.18.401.1
Your Carrier will no longer scream for your attention by permanently sitting in the notification bar yelling "here I am, here I am" (there will be flashable zip available that will invite it back if they find they miss it.)
As all it wanted to do was sit there and look pretty, Quicksettings has given the Power Efficiency toggle a slap and sent it packing for the time being. (I believe this code is there ready to be implemented in Sense 4+, I may look at porting the rest of the code from 4+ to get it working once once I release version 1.)
Build.prop redone, no more black screens in certain apps
Extra files that had taken up residence in the /system/bin have all been evicted
Services.jar has been given some fuss and now no longer feels the need to randomly throw errors at things to get attention
The free version of dropsync will no longer have a hissy fit over not having the pro key is installed and start doing what its supposed to. (hey, I had a blond moment on a system dump, guess I should stop working on the rom at 4:30 in the morning after a bottle of rum.)
Apps such as GPS Status and toolbox will once again believe that we have a compass.
Friendstream has stopped sulking and will now allow you to add you twitter account.
Aroma installer decided that just clumping all the apps into big bundles was perhaps a little lazy, and now offers a listing of all the apps so you can can decide exactly what extras take up residence in your phone
The GPS thought it might be nice to at least know which continent its starting on, so has convinced aroma to let you choose where you are during install.
Bluetooth has spawned some new profiles and has reluctantly conceded that it should identify itself as saga not as VilleC2, hopefully it will no longer snub certain car kits.
Google Now has doubled its wardrobe and offers a choice of original or inverted outfits when you install it.
The injuries to the music app in RC1 have been healed so you can once again choose what app is shown in the bottom right of the car app.
After advice from its creator B2B kernel has moved in to run everything, I will make up some flashable zips with the latest patched verson if people want them, but patched can be a bit grumpy and sometimes throws tantrums.
Fed up with being crowded the libs folder has moved out from the system partition and into the system_lib partition where it can stretch its legs.
The rest of the system partition on seeing how comfy the libs were also decided to stretch out and is now fully odexed.
Fed up with hearing what a crap job they where doing the camera and media profiles have got together and done what they can to try and improve picture quality, this has resulted in an increase in the jpeg files weight to warn those that perhaps might be watching there sd space.
about a million other little things that I'm forgetting right now.

Desire XS RC 1 bug at boot is now fixed
HTC sound enhancer modded to include extra profiles (all credit belongs to lyapota.)
Google Now added as an optional extra. (not sure where I first got this so all credits to the original dev.)
Users now have the option to install a Rosie with seven homescreens instead of the usual five. (My thanks the lowveld for his guidance on this.)
Disappearing lockscreen icons will no longer be an issue
Video Preview should be fixed for those few who had some corruption when leaving the preview active
Autobrightness and captive backlight levels tweaked
fonts updated, all dialectic's should be fixed
other bits and pieces that I'm forgetting about

Desire XS beta 2.01

Cleaned out lib partition and all apps that can be downloaded from the app store removed from /system partition, users will now have around 60-70MB of free space in /system to play with (That is assuming you install all the additional mods.)

Tidied up build.prop, a number of tweaks have been removed while I go through and see which ones are really needed.
Auto brightness levels adjusted, those who had problems please test and let me know if they need tweaking further.
Removed Network Selection and settings from Quick settings, we're not a cdma device
Install is now aroma scripted so people can choose mods at install.
GPU rendering will no longer be enabled by default in dev options.
A few bits and pieces I have probably forgotten about.

This is the first time I have ever scripted aroma so please ensure you backup before installing just in case (I would also backup your sdcard after you backup your rom to be double safe, unlikely that anything that bad would happen but never hurts to be over cautious. The script will offer to do a full wipe, I would advise you use it as it will also clear out some files on your sdcard that are used by the system.

I have taken the system dump from my phone where everything seems to be working fine so hopefully bugs will be to a minimum and everything will work as it should for everybody.

Oh also this script is a little rough and it occurs to me that some apps I perhaps should have had left singular in the options menu of the installer,(such as Gmail and youtube) if people let me know what apps in particular they would like to be able to choose individaly, I will update the script accordingly for the next release (which if all goes well and people no longer report camera issues etc I hope to be at least the RC version.)

Desire XS beta 2

Added APM
Added a basic menu to Rosie
Activated QuickSettings
(Experimental) Added some tweaks to build.prop
(Experimental) Patched services.jar ready for Supercharger script
(Experimental) Activated HTC Recent Apps Fusion.
All the experimental parts are things that could have an effect on performance and maybe removed depending on reports from users.

All Smali edits have been down by hand so if there are any problems I should be able to track down the issue fairly quickly.

Desire XS beta 1.6

Camera 100% fixed, all modes now work, including
Taking stills while filming
Burst mode
Face recognition
Smile capture
Panoramic Mode
Everything else

Camera.apk restored to the correct one (taken from lowvelds fallout rom) so HD record and burst modes restored

Wifi Tethering now fixed

Desire XS beta 1.5

As personal issues are going to keep me away for the next week I am releasing an early update I haven't done any where near as much as I would like but hopefully it will be enough to keep you all going till I can get back at it at the end of the week.

Video playback is now fixed and working flawless

Removed some G apps that can be downloaded from market, (Video, Books, G+), and Tell HTC software

Updated chainfire supersu to latest version

Added 4EXT Recovery Updater. (At least gives you guys a way to reboot into recovery). Thanks to maddmax82 over at for permission.

Modded the keyboard files so that the menu key now behaves like the app switcher key on the Desire X so you can access the Recent Apps List. Press it once for your recent apps, long press it for menu. This can be reversed in the settings so that it pulls up menu on a single press and recent app on long press. This is just a temp solution till I have time to implement recent apps properly. I will also load up a flashable zip to change recent apps to the search key for those that prefer it, but beaware that this will remove all search functions from the search key, even on long press.

Beats now really does work, and doesn't just show a fancy message anymore. (got a couple of people to test it as i'm too deaf to hear the damn difference.)

Updated kernel to Tweaked X

Desire XS beta 1

Initial release
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21st November 2012, 10:31 PM |#3  
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I'm waiting to solve this bugs, and thanks for the rom :thumbup:

Sent from my HTC Desire S using xda premium
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21st November 2012, 10:46 PM |#4  
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Nice job man, can you add a screen shot of the homescreen?

Sent from a thing that surely hates me
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21st November 2012, 11:02 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by totalnoob34

Nice job man, can you add a screen shot of the homescreen?

Sent from a thing that surely hates me

Sure thing, added to first post
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21st November 2012, 11:03 PM |#6  
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Screenshots look SO tiny in the first post, I can barely see them (even though they're clickable)
21st November 2012, 11:06 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by Fatal1ty_18_RUS

Screenshots look SO tiny in the first post, I can barely see them (even though they're clickable)

Yeah, I've just noticed that, I'll see about enlarging them and reposting in a bit

Hmm, looks like xda shrinks them sown when you post as an attachment, I'll upload to an image site and link them. (unless someone knows how to make them larger that is.)
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21st November 2012, 11:11 PM |#8  
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Welcome to the jungle man...
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21st November 2012, 11:15 PM |#9  
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Thanks lowveld, lets just hope I dont get lost in it
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22nd November 2012, 02:18 AM |#10  
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More this the same base with viper rom?
22nd November 2012, 02:23 AM |#11  
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Thanks a lot, looks realy great. Try to install.
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