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Nexus 7 Thanksgiving Contest Thread!

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By willverduzco, Retired Portal Administrator on 22nd November 2012, 02:04 PM
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Entries for the Nexus 7 Thanksgiving Contest go in this thread! Keep your eyes on the XDA Portal for full contest rules and details!

Edit: Now that the contest has gone live, here's the link!
Edit 2: Alright, guys! The contest is now closed! Thank you to everyone (and I do mean everyone) who participated. A winner will be announced in the coming week!
Edit 3: The winning developer has been announced! Congratulations to XDA Recognized Developer Quarx! Thanks for everything you do for the community!
Edit 4: Update time! Decide what happens to the second Nexus 7!
Edit 5: For those unhappy with the changes, see this post.
Edit 6: The second Nexus 7 winner (XDA Recognized Developer ::indie:: ) has been chosen. Stay tuned, as we finalize the details on the additional prize that will be given to the original winning nominator!
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22nd November 2012, 04:36 PM |#2  
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I'm thankful for everything I have, although I might not have much.
My Galaxy Nexus (Lilly) is doing well and even though my Nexus 7 (Mindy) is broken right now, and my laptop (Katya) is failing on me, I'm still glad I have something.
But if I somehow win, I'd for one of the AOKP developers to receive the Nexus 7. I'm not sure if AOKP counts as a developer since it's a group, but I hope we can figure something out. Happy holidays everyone!
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22nd November 2012, 04:39 PM |#3  
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I am thankful for aorth 's development and contribution for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0. Without him we would all very likely be stuck with stock. He has built many Recoveries, and builds and maintains CM ROM's( 9& 10) for just about every tab plus 7.0, incuding of course devices he does not even own. He does so with limited resources from Samsung. He is one of the nicest devs as well, not flaming n00bs, genuinely helpful, and is not interested in donations for himself.
He is a true master of Linux and an Android expert. He also develops for may other devices including Tab 7.7 and a Huawei smartphone, I think. He has made our devices literally like new devices, with all of the usual custom ROM goodies.
We should all be honored to have such a wonderful guy at XDA.
Thank You and Happy Holidays everyone.
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22nd November 2012, 04:42 PM |#4  
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I want to say thanks to J4N87, Otherwise known as Jan.

- I know Neither Jan, nor I live in the US, But I want there to be recognision for this developer!

Jan is a whole new Developer, as such that he has not been a rom developer for long yet.
But the impact this person has had on the rom development scene is gigantic!

The first time I noticed him as a developer was in the days of the first custom roms for the HTC One X.
He (re)made some very great mods for existing roms, such as the Advanced Power Menu and Extended Quick Settings.
Up till then this was not possible in Sense 4.

After a while of addepting his mods for bases and roms he decided it was time for something new, and more challenging.
At that moment his struggle began!
He started to develop his own rom, first alone, but not much later with a small team.
The device he developed the rom for, named Bulbasaur, was the HTC One X.

This first rom was already a breakthrough for sense 4 roms.
A HUGE amount of tweaks was included, some things never seen before were achieved.
And as the rom kept evolving, from Bulbasaur > Ivysaur > Venusaur > Charmender > Charmeleon, more functiosn kept on being added!
The roms were everytime nearly bugfree and every bug that was present would be fixed in no time!

The only complaint that kept coming back for Team PKMN, was that their name was to "childish"
Now I must make a footnote here: I really liked the PKMN name, and the "EvolutioN" idea!
But.. as always ..a great transition could not be prevented..
And Finally after a LONG wait (well, everyday waiting is long), Team Pkmn, rebranded to Team Venom and release their new ViperX Rom.

Again flabbergasting all their users, they actually managed to find some new features to implement, never seen before features on a custom sense rom!
They implemented an OTA update system which integrated PERFECTLY with the standard HTC OTA update system.
They implemented a theme engine, not only for the taskbar, but also for all sense icons, and SO much more.
And who can forget the AWESOME Venom Hub in which all these resources can be shared and downloaded!

Since then the ViperX rom has evolved with more tweaks, more skins and more awesomeness with every updated!
Ofcourse other forums noticed the awesome development for the One X..
And more and more wnated a taste of this sweet, sweet venom..

The Venom team kept expanding and today 14 devices are supported by the Viper team:
Sensation, One X, One XL, One S, Saga, Desire HD, Vivo w, Vivo, Evo LTE, Inc 4G, Vision, Rezound, and both Evo 3D's!

I have tested this rom myself on the One X, One S, Sensation and Desire Z and everytime I am astounded by the quality.
So I really want to say thanks Jan! Thanks for this awesome development!

Besides his development Jan also is a very calm and patient helper in his thread.
Even when a question ahs been answered a thousand times, he answers it again, calmly.
And I think most important, he also takes time for his (Soon to be) Wife...

P.S. I know most people will write about devs like Football, Xoom and Amarullz.. and I don't want to deny them any time in the spotlight, but I think J4N87 deserves the spotlight for once!
P.P.S Thank Jan on twitter ->
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22nd November 2012, 04:45 PM |#5  
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Thumbs up Happy Thanksgiving
My Favorite Dev have to be Mazda for my EVO 4G. I can see myself following his ROMs for a very long time. And that is refreshing because too many developers nowadays happen to be over and done with in a day or two and then left to rot in the shelves.

Thank You
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22nd November 2012, 04:45 PM |#6  
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Morfic, he makes good kernel... What he does is different from others. He don't rush to release a kernel, what he did is test it for few weeks, tweak that and only release that.

He is a really responsible developer out there. Willing to fix those big and share his experience with users. I'm sure he is a great developer!
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22nd November 2012, 04:46 PM |#7  
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I'd like to thank bruce2728 for his awesome jelly bean ROM for HTC sensation. It had led to the best experience my phone.
This is his ROM thread
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22nd November 2012, 04:46 PM |#8  
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I would have to say the developer I am most thankful for is Mijjah74. Mijjah has been a theming and deving genius since before I ever even came around on XDA. Mijjah took the time to help me as a lowly Junior Member and teach me how to run a LogCat, allowed me to leech off of him and glean as much knowledge as I could, helped me on my own development projects, taught me the basics of Dev Work, made me an official part of his team he even hooked me up with AndroidFileHost who now hosts my website. And the awesomest part? Its not just me he helps! He helps everybody he can!

Not only is Mijjah an awesome developer/themer/all-around-cool-guy, he also has become a good friend and someone I can count on. He has created an extremely loyal following and supports multiple ROM's on multiple devices.

If anyone deserves a free Nexus 7 it's him!

And I wouldn't say no to one either...

EDIT: Oh and it's his birthday today so that should be an extra point in his favor.
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22nd November 2012, 04:49 PM |#9  
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HTC hit us Inspire 4G and Desire HD users with the news that ICS will not in fact be on our devices. We petitioned, whined, and I believe one of the other community members actually cried on the forum... All was lost and we would have to sink into the GB oblivion... until our faithful devs squeezed out droplets of the ICS goodness into our devices... but one developer took it further... beyond all of our collective imagination... Randomblame created Jellytime... JB ON OUR DESIREHD/INSPIRE4G! With this amazing dev at work, there was pretty much an update each week (still going!). Our Inspire4Gs/DesireHDs are blazing fast. On behalf of the Inspire4G/DesireHD users, I would like to thank Randomblame for his amazing contributions to our community with supplying us a big finger to HTC. BTW here's his link
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22nd November 2012, 04:53 PM |#10  
Razorbacktrack5535's Avatar
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I would thank cb22 for his project to make ArchLinux running on TF300; now I can use it instead of my netbook
22nd November 2012, 04:54 PM |#11  
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would have to be

Rom > ARHD - Mike1986

Kernel > Faux123
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