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Version 4.4

40,000+ Downloads

================================================== ==================================================


After my previous themes
Asul & SimpleSoft

Here is my 3rd theme
- 100% FREE cm theme
- a simple theme, stock look icons but colored on a dark background environment
- for cm10.x (android 4.1.x / 4.2.x / 4.3.x)
- based on stock holo blue color #FF33B5E5
- available in 11 more colors, (see 2nd post)
- inverted / dark themed apps included
- multi rom icon support
- ported to xtheme (see 2nd post)

original animated features
- breathing notifications
- smoother download / upload animation
- swipe animation for clear notification icon
- animated usb notification icon

want to know more about Hue?
- check this review by @LOBBS

And check my new theme for girls
HeKi [Hello Kitty]


Android 4.1.x / 4.2.x / 4.3.x Framework & SystemUI
Apex Launcher
Apolo Configurator
Camera 360
Clock Plus
Dash Clock
DSP Manager
ES File Explorer
EX Dialer and Contacts
Falcon Pro
Gsam Battery Monitor
K-9 Mail
MX Player
News and Weather
Notifications Widget
Nova Launcher
Onandroid Backup
PA Prefs (Hybrid Properties)
Performance Control
Permissions Manager
Play Music
Play Store
Rom Control
Root Explorer
Sim Toolkit
Slim Center
Swype Beta
Terminal Emulator
Titanium Backup
Triangle Away
Voice Dialer
Voice Search
XDA Premium
Xposed Installer
Xposed DPI
Zip Installer


Hue 4.4 - [All Colors] [Nov.24.2013]
add support to android 4.1.x
fixed compose label text color in email
fixed tapatalk sidedrawer icon
fixed mms list selected color
fixed quickpic launcher icon
fixed grey dialogs
updated tapatalk launcher icon
updated cm camera
added icon support to liquidsmooth rom
improved slimcenter and trds icon
revert compose label text color in gmail
revert message count color in MMS
themed / inverted ex dialer & contacts

HueWhite additional changes:
fixed holo light radio buttons
fixed holo light progress bar
fixed holo light menu icons
fixed holo light checkbox
fixed chrome invisible icons
fixed suggestion text color
removed shortcut icons
removed gsam battery
themed launcher icons
changed signal qs tiles to solid white
changed wifi qs tiles to solid white

HueWhiteKat additional changes:
changed default contact picture
changed default user picture
changed overscroll glow
changed gps notification icon
changed gps qs tiles

HueWhiteKat 4.3.2 - [Nov.14.2013]
fixed suggestion text color
resize statusbar handle
resize adb icon
changed signal and wifi qs tiles to solid white
changed airplane off qs tile
changed app drawer icon

HueWhiteKat 4.3.1 - [Nov.06.2013]
basically same as HueWhite but with KitKat touch
changed launcher icons of phone, settings and camera
changed wallpaper to black kk wallpaper
changed theme preview
changed settings icon in notification
changed adb icon to kk bars
changed notification drawer handle
themed launcher icons to white
add shadows on navbar buttons (kk look)
for better result on homescreen, set statusbar and navigation bar color to #00000000

Hue 4.3 - [All Colors] [Oct.25.2013]
clean up!
fixed boarder of menu popup/dropdown
fixed es pressed background color
fixed incall info background
fixed broken dialog popup
fixed navbar icon opacity
fixed keep mic icon
fixed PAC settings
changed gmail compose label text color
changed qs tiles background to black
changed mms message count color
changed text cursor color
added icon support to dirty unicorn's settings
added icon support to rootbox settings
removed airdroid
updated lockscreen shortcut icons
updated Tapatalk HD
updated Camera 360
updated Playstore
themed Apolo Configurator
themed BLN Control Pro
themed Active Display
themed Sim Toolkit

HueWhite [Additional Changes]
changed holo_light background to grey
changed white popups to grey
unthemed most of launcher icons
darker notification pressed background
darker calculator pressed background
darker keyboard pressed background
darker qs tiles pressed background
darker keyboard popups
darker on switch

Hue 4.2 - [All Colors] [Oct.17.2013]
downgrade API level to 17 (android 4.2 and up compatibility)
color and image redirections
fixed button icon in cm settings
fixed gmail compose text color if trds is on
fixed email compose text color if trds is on
fixed some blurred and semi transparent icons
changed notification handle background to transparent and resized H icon
changed notification pressed background
changed tiles pressed background
changed slim battery
added icon support to PAC settings
added black background on lockscreen handle
removed antutu benchmark
removed unused launcher icons

Hue 4.1 - [All Colors] [Oct.2.2013]
clean up!
upgraded to api level 18 (android 4.3)
fixed breathing notification for playstore update apps
fixed app fc after installation
fixed theme chooser icon
fixed google keep issues
fixed power menu toggle
fixed gmail color issues
fixed dialer font color
fixed slim ota icon
fixed grabber icon
fixed navbar icons
updated camera 360
updated tapatalk4
updated dropbox
updated greenify
added swipe animation for clear notification icon
added breathing notification for playstore installed apps
added breathing notification for titanium backup
added breathing notification for dropbox
added breathing notification for adb
added support to carbon settings
added support to Tapatalk HD
added back YouTube theme
removed gingerbread icons in framework
removed lockscreen widget icons
resized default wallpaper
forced calculator button text to be white
changed system/dialer background into xml
changed notification drawer handle
changed lockscreen handle
themed onandroid backup

Hue 4.0 - [All Colors] [Sept.19.2013]
Hue 4.0 - [Sept.17.2013]
initial release for android 4.3 support (may be used / but not fully compatible to android 4.2.2 and below)
removed 4.2.2 and below rom specific icons (will add on future updates depends on user demand)
based on slimrom 4.3
fixed distorted appwidget pressed background
fixed unthemed slimrom specific icons
fixed grey boarders on background
fixed unthemed menu/popup panels
fixed contacts background
fixed privacy guard icon
fixed issues on camera
fixed unthemed dialer
updated es file explorer
updated framework
updated settings
updated mms
themed lockscreen (slide)
removed youtube for now

Hue 3.1 - [All Colors] [July.04.2013]
clean up!
color redirections
fixed dual carrier data indicator for T-Mobile
fixed ES file explorer color codes
fixed youtube graphical glitches
fixed some unthemed icons
updated RootBox Settings
updated qs tiles
updated utorrent launcher icon
removed hdpi launcher icons, xhdpi will automatically resized
removed halo specific themed icons
removed duplicated images
changed signals to stock aosp look (still PerAppColor compatible)
changed spinner (themed aosp spinner)
changed Mms bubbles
reverted holo white background to pure white
themed trebuchet
and some other changes i can't remember

Hue 3.0 - [All Colors] [June.11.2013]
clean up! image redirections to reduce apk size
HueOrange - changed from #FF6600 to #FF8800 (android's holo orange dark)
HuePurple - changed from #9966CC to #AA66CC (android's holo violet light)
HueGreen - changed from #00CC00 to #99CC00 (android's holo green light)
HueRed - changed from #FF0000 to #FF4444 (android's holo red light)
fixed unthemed Slim's settings icon in notification window
fixed unthemed Slim's mark read in email
fixed unthemed Slim's qs tiles
fixed unthemed RootBox's mark read in mms
fixed unthemed RootBox's enter key icon
fixed unthemed RootBox's Halo icon
fixed unthemed RootBox's Logo
fixed unthemed PAC's performance control icon
fixed unthemed AOKP's installer icon
fixed unthemed AOKP's darkui icon
changed theme preview image
changed default wallpaper
changed list headers
updated Gmail 4.5.x (fixed white panel and font issues)
updated RootExplorer v3.x (fixed unthemed icons)
updated Falcon Pro (fixed unthemed/wrong icons)
updated Playstore (fixed font/background issues)
updated ES FIle Explorer (fixed unthemed icons)
updated Apex (fixed unthemed icons)
updated Swype (fixed orange trail)
themed Google Play Music v5.0.x (inverted)
themed Tapatalk4 beta
themed Triangle Away
themed SlimCenter
themed PA's Halo
themed Chrome
removed viber
removed talk

Hue 2.9 - [All Colors] [May.16.2013]
updated framework / systemui
updated rom control
updated settings
updated camera
updated notifications widget
updated nova launcher
updated apex launcher
updated greenify
updated youtube
added icon support to carbon settings
added icon support to slim settings
adjusted notification background to 50% black
adjusted some color codes
new set of signal and battery icons compatible to PA's per app color
themed xda app with diff package name
themed permissions manager
themed mms android emojis
themed swype in playstore
themed titanium backup
themed halo)))

Hue 2.8 - [All Colors] [Apr.22.2013]
updated RootBox settings, framework, systemui
updated swype with diff package name
updated default circlemod battery
fixed tapatalk breathing notification
fixed apex unthemed action icons
fixed dropbox progressbar
fixed some blurred icons
added version number in theme preview
added breathing calendar notification
added animation in usb notification
removed list dividers
semi transparent notification background (33% black)
themed notification handle (glow on press)
themed / modified RB speedometer battery
themed / inverted Camera 360 v4.0
themed / inverted Playstore v4.0
themed / inverted Greenify
themed ES file explorer V3.0
themed notifications widget
themed voice dialer
themed RB papers
themed zipinstaller
themed uber sync
themed quadrant
themed quickpic
themed antutu

Hue 2.7 - [All Colors] [Mar.30.2013]
clean up part 4!
updated framework
updated systemui
updated settings
color adjustments in gmail
color adjustments in mms
color adjustments in calendar
modified circle mod battery
modified scroll bar handle
changed off state tiles from 25% - 33% opacity
added email breathing notification
fix notification boarder
themed airdroid (not inverted)
themed clock plus
themed google keep - inverted

Hue 2.6 - [All Colors] [Mar.21.2013]
clean up part 3!
fixed some redirections in 2.5.1
fixed some blurred icons in 2.5.1
fixed contacts white header in 2.5.1
fixed compatibility of sms breath committed in other roms
fixed compatibility of missed call breath committed in other roms
fixed some calendar issues
fixed unthemed navbar targets
fixed unthemed cLock check icon
fixed google play music progress bar
fixed broken charging animation value
fixed font issue of email in tablet mode
changed 4G indicator to LTE
adjusted dropbox background in textfile
added icon support to xylon rom
added boarder to notification items
added boarder to quick settings tiles
reworked calculator
reworked stock keyboard
reworked wifi and signal icons
updated gmail
updated RootBox settings
themed torch
themed logcat
themed mx player
themed swype beta
themed terminal emulator
themed gsam battery monitor
themed k-9 mail + breathing notification

Hue 2.5.1 - [Mar.11.2013]
HueLite 2.5.1 - [Mar.11.2013]
HueCyan 2.5.1 - [Mar.11.2013]
clean up part 2!
themed superuser open source in system settings
fix some toggles
smoother download/upload animation
redirected launcher icons in one place
HueLite released (same as Hue Holo but launcher icons are not themed)
HueCyan released hexcode: #FF33E5E5

Hue 2.5 - [All Colors] [Mar.09.2013]
clean up! removed unnecessary files!
fixed gtalk font issue on white background
fixed gmail font issue on white background
fixed email font issue on white background
fixed playstore comments section in tablet mode
fixed orange background when pressing file list
fixed unthemed H+ tiles
fixed unthemed navbar icons
fixed unthemed google now icons
fixed unthemed statusbar tile icons
fixed unthemed contacts tab selector
fixed unthemed gallery icon in camera
reverted youtube stock scrubber handle
reworked on some launcher icons
adjusted USB tether tile
adjusted youtube video background (font color automatically adjusted)
improved RootBox icons (about rb, rb settings and update center)
modified android usb unconnected image
changed default contact picture
added animated notification (breathing effect) for
-- sms - mms - missed call - playstore - talk - tapatalk --
added animation for battery charging
updated Framework-res and SystemUI
updated RootBox settings / tiles
updated Falcon Pro (much darker)
updated SuperSU
themed AdAway
themed Performance Control
themed Xposed Installer
themed Xposed DPI
themed / inverted uTorrent
themed / inverted Dropbox
themed / inverted Dash Clock

Hue 2.4 - [All Colors] [Feb.12.2013]
fixed multilanguage dialer for the 3rd time (hope this works fine now)
fixed fc in settings while changing lockscreen targets/shortcuts
fixed orange color when pressing button
fixed cut text in rootexplorer's button
fixed browser quick settings color
fixed aokp mms quick reply icons
fixed bluetooth notification
fixed min signal icon in cm
fixed quiet hours tile icon
fixed some blurred icons
themed icons in settings>battery such as android os, cell standy, phone idle, etc...
battery bar graph percentage in settings themed
some color hexcode / png adjustments
default buttons themed
dialer letters themed
changed lowbat state colors (0-10% red ; 11-15% orange)
changed wifi and signal icon (looks cleaner now)
changed profile icon in quick settings
changed calendar launcher icon
updated changes from chronus to cLock
updated Rootbox settings
updated Romcontrol icons
updated framework and systemui
added aokp mms bubble (choose frame with arrow) via "mms theme settings"
added icon support to Carbon settings
added icon support to Baked Settings
XDA Premium themed (choose "dark" display style)
Google Talk themed (inverted)
Youtube themed (inverted)
DSP Manager themed
Email inverted

HueYellow 2.3 - [Feb.02.2013]
HuePink 2.3 - [Feb.01.2013]
HueGreen 2.3 - [Feb.01.2013]
HueBrown 2.3 - [Jan.31.2013]
HueOrange 2.3 - [Jan.31.2013]
HuePurple 2.3 - [Jan.31.2013]
HueRed 2.3 - [Jan.31.2013]
HueSilver 2.3 - [Jan.31.2013]
HueBlue 2.3 - [Jan.31.2013]
Hue 2.3 - [Jan.30.2013]
updated framework
updated SystemUI
updated AOSPA settings
updated AOSPA hybrid properties
fixed / themed holo light pop-ups
fixed unthemed toggle icons in some roms
fixed orange boarder in tapatalk text field
fixed narvbar ring targets (recolored)
fixed unthemed multi-language dialer in other color versions of Hue
fixed font color issue in google search
changed signal and wifi icon (modified stock signal - recolored & resized)
changed keyboard pop-up panel background
added icon support to baked settings
Google Music themed
Downloads themed
Viber themed
Falcon Pro themed
HueBlue changed to #FF3388FF

HuePink 2.2 - [Jan.19.2013]
HueYellow 2.2 - [Jan.19.2013]
HuePurple 2.2 - [Jan.19.2013]
HueBrown 2.2 - [Jan.19.2013]
HueGreen 2.2 - [Jan.19.2013]
HueOrange 2.2 - [Jan.19.2013]
HueBlue 2.2 - [Jan.19.2013]
HueRed 2.2 - [Jan.18.2013]
HueSilver 2.2 - [Jan.18.2013]
Hue 2.2 - [Jan.18.2013]
Launcher Icons themed (all themed apps in Hue)
fixed unthemed "location icon" in clock
added icon support to Eclipse settings
updated RootBox settings and icons
added multi-language dialer support
default wallpaper changed
Framework and SystemUI updated
--- themed additional icons from latest nightly (cm and aokp) ---
--- revert off state toggles in power menu to 50% white ---
--- reworked some blurred icons ---
--- font color adjustments ---
--- navbar glow changed ---
--- popup boarder fixed ---
Keyboard updated
--- fixed broken boarder when pressed ---
--- darker keyboard tiles ---
News and Weather updated
--- additional themed icons ---
--- font color adjustments ---
--- darker barkground ---
Tapatalk updated
--- font and background color adjustments ---
--- fixed consistent blue background ---
Browser updated
--- adjust progress bar (little thicker and darker) ---
--- reworked some blurred icons ---
--- font color adjustments ---
Phone updated
--- fixed consistent blue background ---
--- themed dialer ---
Nova updated
--- fixed unthemed shortcut icons ---
--- themed disc folder ---
Gmail inverted
Google Now inverted

HueSilver 2.1.1 - [Jan.13.2013]
Hue 2.1.1 - [Jan.13.2013]
toggles off state changed to 25% opacity of color version
null icon of wifi and signal changed
added icon support for liquidsmooth settings
modified holo light backgrounds (for silver icon to be clearer)
small fix on calendar white background
fixed top glow color on notifications

Hue 2.1 - [All Colors] [Jan.12.2013]
fixed theme chooser launcher icon
updated framework
reworked some blurred icons
resized some icons
themed font color and cursor on some fields per hue color versions
updated rootbox settings
chronus themed
news and weather themed
playstore inverted / fixed percentage font color
calendar inverted (some backgrounds still white, it is hardcoded in layout)

HueYellow 2.0 - [Jan.03.2013]
HueRed 2.0 - [Jan.03.2013]
HuePurple 2.0 - [Jan.03.2013]
HuePink 2.0 - [Jan.03.2013]
HueOrange 2.0 - [Jan.03.2013]
HueGreen 2.0 - [Jan.03.2013]
HueBrown 2.0 - [Jan.03.2013]
HueBlue 2.0 - [Jan.03.2013]
Hue 2.0 - [Jan.01.2013]
updated android 4.2.x and still supporting android 4.1.x
updated android 4.2.x systemui, framework & settings (cm10.1 and aokp)
updated android 4.2.x rom control (aokp)
updated android 4.2.x gallery / camera
updated android 4.2.x gmail
updated android 4.2.x clock
themed email
themed apex launcher
themed betterbatterystats
themed playstore
themed mms send/received with bubbles (only for mms.apk without theme settings)
fixed nova launcher "app info" icon

Hue 1.3 - [All Colors] [Dec.08.2012]
fixed "about" icon in PA
fixed blue circle button when selecting lists in other color versions
fixed force close in "join contacts" activity
color font of "links" in tapatalk changed to #ff598ecb (default in all color versions)
changed custom toggles to stock themed toggles (off state set to 50% white)
navigation button glow changed
wifi and signal icons changed
default 1% battery changed to Arc3 battery mod using Rom Fumbler by OlliG
circlemod battery option in aokp removed
added icon support to jellybam settings
themed S Pen icon in romcontrol on some roms
settings launcher icon themed in other color versions
quick search box (google now) themed
keyboard themed
root explorer themed
gallery / camera themed
nova launcher themed

Hue 1.2 - [All Colors] [Dec.02.2012]
fixed vibrate, wifi, wifi tether and 4G toggles not changing color in cm10
fixed volume slider colors in color version of hue
fixed contacts background in tablet mode
fixed deskclock theme
fixed some icons in framework (to correct color conversion)
removed dark blue notification icon background
themed the thin default battery
signal and wifi icons changed (unconnected/white signals - dark now)
toggles "off state" set to 50% transparent to reduced white color icon
tapatalk themed

HueOrange 1.1 - [Nov.28.2012]
HueBrown 1.1 - [Nov.28.2012]
HueGreen 1.1 - [Nov.28.2012]
HueBlue 1.1 - [Nov.27.2012]
Hue 1.1 - [Nov.26.2012]
added icon support to slim rom settings
added icon support to resurrection remix rom settings
added boarder to pop-up menus (1 pixel)
phone themed
supersu themed
calculator themed
browser themed
gmail themed
calendar themed
goo manager themed
clock themed

Hue 1.0 - [Nov.23.2012]
Initial release
colored based on Holo Blue
custom toggles from SimpleSoft
custom statusbar Icons from SimpleSoft
1% battery mod
1% Vertumus Circlemod - AOKP circlemod option
pure black system and dialer background
pure black popup background
inverted contacts
inverted mms
inverted PA Preferences
icon support to rootbox rom settings


download apk > double click file to install
on update, uninstall previous version (recommended)
go to settings > theme chooser > select Hue > apply
reboot (recommended) and enjoy

check 3rd post for lockscreen morph

possible errors in installation

missing assets
apply anyway

theme improperly compiled
apply system theme then reboot your phone and try applying Hue again
revert to default dpi then apply Hue again
if in "Paranoid Android" set Themes Provider app to 161 dpi then apply Hue again
if in Tablet, follow this

parse error
reboot your phone then install again
redownload apk and install again


================================================== ================================================== ===========================

================================================== ================================================== ===========================

================================================== ================================================== ===========================

================================================== ================================================== ===========================

================================================== ================================================== ===========================

================================================== ================================================== ===========================

================================================== ================================================== ===========================


Learned from their threads:

Useful templates:
ebs512 - theme chooser
MrDSL - Mms, PAprefs, Contacts
m4570d0n - Contacts

Big thanks to:
All of you guys who support my themes
vertumus - circlemod battery used until Hue 1.2
Kryten2k35 - some color codes in his inverted Playstore 3.x until Hue 2.7
OlliG - battery created by his "The Rom Fumbler" tool
titanic_fanatic - modified aapt to compile upper case packages
MrDSL, djdarkknight96, B-boy, TUN_SD - for their help on right file names

Donation thanks (for all of my themes):
[email protected] [2x] ;
@gippy2 [7x] ; @Cjeetje63 [5x] ; @kantjer [4x] ; @joshuaw84 [2x] ; @pissyhun [2x] ; @rtimoff [2x] ; @stg13 [2x] ; @User_99 [2x] ;
@annoyingduck ; @Aphex13 ; @astrogambit78 ; @bkdodger ; @Cliniclyinsane ; @Computoncio ; @dhatch93 ; @djmouse ; @Droidlovinyogi ; @ercxar ; @follettoverde ; @freak.hh ; @fredgar75 ; @GadgetFreak ; @Gordietm ; @HAVOK83 ; @Lashe ; @LauraSakura ; @lilmagnus ; @malavan ; @Mercado_Negro ; @MissyKoneko ; @Narzissus ; @Neverendingxsin ; @nihilista ; @oli20021978 ; @partylikeaninjastar ; @pearljohn ; @red3razor ; @sero86 ; @Starymari ; @Tidewater ; @Tripledrop ; @ts85 ; @vivmar ; @xeGox ; @z28tovette ; @zulu888




if you appreciate my work and want to support my theme development
buy me a cup of coffee to keep me awake while making themes

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23rd November 2012, 07:24 AM |#2  
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hexcode: #ff33b5e5
Same as Regular Hue [Holo Blue] but launcher icons are not themed


hexcode: #ff3388ff


hexcode: #ffaa8855


hexcode: #ff33e5e5


hexcode: #ff99cc00


hexcode: #ffff8800


hexcode: #ffffaacc


hexcode: #ffaa66cc


hexcode: #ffff0000


hexcode: #ffcccccc


hexcode: #ffffffff


hexcode: #ffffffff
same as HueWhite but with KitKat touch


hexcode: #ffffff00

================================================== ================================================== ====

XTheme Section

@mcsqwizzys98 has been porting my themes for a very long time, and now we decided to include it in my thread, credits to him
again i am not the one porting it to xtheme, if you have any questions or concerns, you can post it here in my thread addressing to him
one note: xtheme ported themes would not look exactly as the original due to no support to style.xml w/c i had most of the invert codes, enjoy it anyway

Head over to XTheme thread for installation instructions and some info regarding xtheme

Ported Hue 4.3 post link by @mcsqwizzys98

Ported HueWhiteKat 4.3.1 post link by @mcsqwizzys98

Ported Hue 4.4 post link by @Computoncio

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Lockscreen Add-on

reboot into recovery
Nandroid Backup!!!! <<-- don't forget this part -->> Nandroid Backup!!!
flash zip
reboot system
download your color version here

HDPI (480 x 800) & XHDPI (640 x 960)

download file as per your screen resolution
rename to
copy file
go to system/media
rename existing to
paste your new
download your color version here

1080 x 1920 (2 sets to choose from)

download your color version here


filename: sig_Hue.png


you may show your support
by adding these sig pics in your signature
download your color version here

Calendar Fix

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23rd November 2012, 07:44 AM |#4  
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Nice !

I'm right that you said that we get that theme maybe also in other colors
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23rd November 2012, 07:52 AM |#5  
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Flag Iphone's aint got **** on me!\m/
Thanks Meter: 8,361
cheers for your another great work!=)
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23rd November 2012, 07:59 AM |#6  
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Thanx, I'm gona give it a try
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23rd November 2012, 09:42 AM |#7  
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thanks guys,
I will update OP when I got home,

Sent from my Galaxy S2
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Originally Posted by kroz

thanks guys,
I will update OP when I got home,

Installed it and it looks great, this is now my default theme
and here is a cup off coffee, Confirmation number: 80831420K7272202P
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Originally Posted by kantjer

Installed it and it looks great, this is now my default theme
and here is a cup off coffee, Confirmation number: 80831420K7272202P

thanks mate for your support,
thanks for the first donation on this theme

Sent from my Galaxy S2
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23rd November 2012, 02:51 PM |#10  
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I love the other themes you've made so I'm sure this one will be just as nice.

Well done sir.
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23rd November 2012, 02:57 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by scottx .

I love the other themes you've made so I'm sure this one will be just as nice.

Well done sir.

thanks mate,
just making different themes (noticeable difference right?) depending on users taste so they can choose what they really like,

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