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Making "Stock" Custom ROMs Defunct (XposedFramework) - Tweaks for any ROM Version

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By pulser_g2, Developer Admin / Senior Recognized Developer on 25th November 2012, 01:48 PM
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23rd February 2013, 03:28 AM |#851  
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Originally Posted by Froid

The modules are apk's but certain browsers download as a zip. Just rename from .zip to .apk and install normally.

Weird... I've downloaded other apks on my phone using Chrome and they downloaded fine. That's for clearing that up though.
23rd February 2013, 04:26 AM |#852  
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Re: Making "Stock" Custom ROMs Defunct (XposedFramework) - Tweaks for any ROM Version
Originally Posted by RabidMonkeyOnCrack

Weird... I've downloaded other apks on my phone using Chrome and they downloaded fine. That's for clearing that up though.

Just happens sometimes :P happens with media fire sometime too

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23rd February 2013, 10:13 AM |#853  
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Re: Making "Stock" Custom ROMs Defunct (XposedFramework) - Tweaks for any ROM Version
This is an amazing mod with huge potential for the future. I installed it recently to play with per app settings and it is just wonderful to have so much customisation power at my fingertips.

I am sure there are more awesome modules I will get to try and limitless possibilities for future modules.

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24th February 2013, 02:12 AM |#854  
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Has anyone considered implementing Openpdroid through this? Is it even possible?
24th February 2013, 09:14 AM |#855  
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AW: Making "Stock" Custom ROMs Defunct (XposedFramework) - Tweaks for any ROM Version
I think it should get possible, at least to a certain extent. However, I assume that many modifications are necessary, which means it will be quite some effort. Probably many of the changes have to be implemented differently in an Xposed module than when modifying the source code directly. Sometimes, this will make it easier, but in other places you might need more code to do the same. Definitely not an easy project. If someone wants to give it a try, go ahead. I can assist a bit with specific implementation questions, but you should already be an experienced developer.
24th February 2013, 05:53 PM |#856  
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Hi guys,

Today i got a request of somebody wanting to mod the multiwindow bar to 240DPI. But doing this will make the bar not fill fullscreen.
So spent pretty much my whole sunday, on this and pretty much came up empty.

Question time, so looked into the resources and found a table of dimensions. (dimens.xml)
So i tried overwriting all which have height in them, to a smaller value and see if anything changes.

But nothing happens at all, The only thing i can think of is that i am using the wrong datatype somehow.
Either that or application doesn't use it's resources for sizes, but then why did they even make the resources.

So before i spend tons more hours fumbling about, Is it the application or am i replacing the resources incorrectly?

	public void handleInitPackageResources(InitPackageResourcesParam resparam) throws Throwable {
		if (!resparam.packageName.equals(""))
		XposedBridge.log("Found flashbar");
		resparam.res.setReplacement("", "dimen", "full_height", 10);
		resparam.res.setReplacement("", "dimen", "applist_flashbar_full_height", 10);
		resparam.res.setReplacement("", "dimen", "applist_scroll_view_height", 10);
		resparam.res.setReplacement("", "dimen", "applist_flash_bar_height", 10);
		resparam.res.setReplacement("", "dimen", "applist_appicon_item_height", 10);
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <dimen name="center_bar_width">360.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_height">20.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_focus_width">16.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_focus_height">15.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_button_width">42.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_button_height">42.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_button_margin">12.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_combination_width">360.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_combination_height">224.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_fling_first_left">0.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_fling_first_top">66.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_fling_first_right">360.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_fling_first_bottom">82.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_fling_second_left">0.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_fling_second_top">582.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_fling_second_right">360.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_fling_second_bottom">602.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="center_bar_docking_margin">30.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="full_width">360.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="full_height">640.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_indicator_space">25.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_bar_text_size">6.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_move_button_width">82.5dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_move_button_height">27.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_move_button_margin">75.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_drawer_move">78.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_scroll_view_bg_margin">24.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_scroll_view_margin">27.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_scroll_view_height">75.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_scroll_view_padding">21.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_appicon_item_width">75.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_appicon_item_height">60.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_appicon_item_margin">14.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_appicon_image_width">36.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_appicon_image_height">36.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_appicon_text_width">70.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_appicon_text_height">18.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_flash_bar_height">102.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_flashbar_full_width">360.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="applist_flashbar_full_height">615.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="edit_list_left_padding">11.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="edit_list_right_padding">12.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="edit_list_top_padding">41.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="edit_list_bottom_padding">41.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="edit_list_left_padding_h">15.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="edit_list_right_padding_h">15.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="edit_list_top_padding_h">12.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="edit_list_bottom_padding_h">11.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="edit_list_button_height">59.0dip</dimen>
    <dimen name="edit_list_button_width">80.0dip</dimen>
24th February 2013, 06:18 PM |#857  
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At the moment, this kind of "simple" replacement is only possible for: Boolean, Color, Integer, int[], String and String[].
Dimensions can be replaced anyway, but currently only by forwarding them to your own module. See the section "Complex resources" on this page:
That said, I think directly replacing dimensions would be nice, so it will add it to my list for future versions. But don't expect that anytime soon, so better use the forwarding approach for now, which basically means you need to add a dimens.xml to your module with those dimensions you want to change and then set the replacements in your code with a reference to them as described on the wiki page.
24th February 2013, 06:21 PM |#858  
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Originally Posted by Scalee

So before i spend tons more hours fumbling about, Is it the application or am i replacing the resources incorrectly?

		resparam.res.setReplacement("", "dimen", "applist_appicon_item_height", 10);

Unfortunately dimensions values can't be replaced directly like that.
Check the documentation here and the code here.

Notice that unlike what happens for Boolean, Color, etc. (the documented "simple" types), any potential stored replacement is only used if it's a forwarded.
You'll need to create the resources in you mod and set a forwarder.

@rovo89, this is something which I don't know if it makes sense to analyze. Should it be possible (and is it feasible) to provide the float value directly, in case the mod's author wants to handle a large number of resources and/or dynamic values AND he's willing to do the dpi math himself?
24th February 2013, 06:37 PM |#859  
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Good that i caved in then :P I also kind of stupid of me.
Because i did read that it only supported said datatypes, in one ear (eye?) out the other.

Will have another crack at it after dinner.
Thanks guys
24th February 2013, 06:58 PM |#860  
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Originally Posted by Tungstwenty

@rovo89, this is something which I don't know if it makes sense to analyze. Should it be possible (and is it feasible) to provide the float value directly, in case the mod's author wants to handle a large number of resources and/or dynamic values AND he's willing to do the dpi math himself?

I think our posting times overlapped. I thought about using the method "public static float applyDimension(int unit, float value, DisplayMetrics metrics)" in the TypedValue class. The metrics come from the Resources instance, whereas the unit (e.g. COMPLEX_UNIT_PX, COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP) and the value are the replacement. I'm not sure what the API for this could look like to be able to store two pieces of information, probably an instance of a to-be-created class would be necessary. One possibility:
resparam.res.setReplacement("", "dimen", "applist_appicon_item_height", resparam.res.createDimensionReplacement(10.0f, COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP));
Easier to type:
resparam.res.setDimensionReplacement("", "dimen", "applist_appicon_item_height", 10.0f, COMPLEX_UNIT_DIP);
But we already have 6 set[SystemWide]Replacement methods... to be consistent, I would need to add another 6 of them. Or maybe accept float replacements (= pixels) and strings (to be split into value and unit)? But then, if you want to set the replacement dynamically, you would need to compose a string, which the framework would need to split again...
24th February 2013, 09:06 PM |#861  
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Figured it out, i had an import to android.R, thus i wasn't seeing my own resources.

Strange, apparently i had to clean the project for the to regenerate. I now see the properties in the but i still can't access them.

It was allot easier to make the replacement then i thought, But i still hit a wall.

I added the dimens.xml to the res/values folder (same as the original).
But when i try " modRes.fwd(R. " there is not reference for dimensions.

There is another file called public.xml which also holds references to the dimens.xml properties, so i added that as well but it didn't help either.
Tried to google but R isn't but much of a search string.

See previous post, for the dimens.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <public type="drawable" name="center_bar_full_button" id="0x7f020000" />
    <public type="drawable" name="center_bar_switch_button" id="0x7f020001" />
    <public type="drawable" name="edit_btn" id="0x7f020002" />
    <public type="drawable" name="ic_launcher" id="0x7f020003" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_cancel_icon" id="0x7f020004" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_edit_bg" id="0x7f020005" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_edit_bg_h" id="0x7f020006" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_empty_icon_grid" id="0x7f020007" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_arrow_down" id="0x7f020008" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_arrow_down_press" id="0x7f020009" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_arrow_left" id="0x7f02000a" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_arrow_left_press" id="0x7f02000b" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_arrow_right" id="0x7f02000c" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_arrow_right_press" id="0x7f02000d" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_arrow_up" id="0x7f02000e" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_arrow_up_press" id="0x7f02000f" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_control" id="0x7f020010" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_control_press" id="0x7f020011" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_control_ver" id="0x7f020012" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_control_ver_press" id="0x7f020013" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_full" id="0x7f020014" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_full_ver" id="0x7f020015" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_switch" id="0x7f020016" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_split_switch_ver" id="0x7f020017" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_bottom_bg" id="0x7f020018" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_bottom_bg_h" id="0x7f020019" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_bottom_handle" id="0x7f02001a" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_bottom_handle_col" id="0x7f02001b" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_divider" id="0x7f02001c" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_divider_h" id="0x7f02001d" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_edit_btn" id="0x7f02001e" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_edit_btn_pressed" id="0x7f02001f" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_fullscreen" id="0x7f020020" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_fullscreen_press" id="0x7f020021" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_left_bg" id="0x7f020022" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_left_bg_h" id="0x7f020023" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_left_handle" id="0x7f020024" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_left_handle_col" id="0x7f020025" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_right_bg" id="0x7f020026" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_right_bg_h" id="0x7f020027" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_right_handle" id="0x7f020028" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_right_handle_col" id="0x7f020029" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_selection" id="0x7f02002a" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_switch_window" id="0x7f02002b" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_switch_window_press" id="0x7f02002c" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_top_bg" id="0x7f02002d" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_top_bg_h" id="0x7f02002e" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_top_handle" id="0x7f02002f" />
    <public type="drawable" name="multiwindow_tray_top_handle_col" id="0x7f020030" />
    <public type="layout" name="applist" id="0x7f030000" />
    <public type="layout" name="applist_edit" id="0x7f030001" />
    <public type="layout" name="applist_item" id="0x7f030002" />
    <public type="layout" name="centerbar" id="0x7f030003" />
    <public type="layout" name="guideline" id="0x7f030004" />
    <public type="anim" name="centerbar_close_bottom" id="0x7f040000" />
    <public type="anim" name="centerbar_close_left" id="0x7f040001" />
    <public type="anim" name="centerbar_close_right" id="0x7f040002" />
    <public type="anim" name="centerbar_close_top" id="0x7f040003" />
    <public type="anim" name="close_activity" id="0x7f040004" />
    <public type="anim" name="close_bottom_layer" id="0x7f040005" />
    <public type="anim" name="close_edit_list" id="0x7f040006" />
    <public type="anim" name="close_left_layer" id="0x7f040007" />
    <public type="anim" name="close_right_layer" id="0x7f040008" />
    <public type="anim" name="close_switching_list" id="0x7f040009" />
    <public type="anim" name="close_top_layer" id="0x7f04000a" />
    <public type="anim" name="flashbar_close_bottom" id="0x7f04000b" />
    <public type="anim" name="flashbar_close_left" id="0x7f04000c" />
    <public type="anim" name="flashbar_close_right" id="0x7f04000d" />
    <public type="anim" name="flashbar_close_top" id="0x7f04000e" />
    <public type="anim" name="flashbar_open_bottom" id="0x7f04000f" />
    <public type="anim" name="flashbar_open_left" id="0x7f040010" />
    <public type="anim" name="flashbar_open_right" id="0x7f040011" />
    <public type="anim" name="flashbar_open_top" id="0x7f040012" />
    <public type="anim" name="open_activity" id="0x7f040013" />
    <public type="anim" name="open_bottom_activity" id="0x7f040014" />
    <public type="anim" name="open_bottom_layer" id="0x7f040015" />
    <public type="anim" name="open_edit_list" id="0x7f040016" />
    <public type="anim" name="open_left_layer" id="0x7f040017" />
    <public type="anim" name="open_right_layer" id="0x7f040018" />
    <public type="anim" name="open_switching_list" id="0x7f040019" />
    <public type="anim" name="open_top_activity" id="0x7f04001a" />
    <public type="anim" name="open_top_layer" id="0x7f04001b" />
    <public type="array" name="config_SupportPackageList" id="0x7f050000" />
    <public type="array" name="config_SupportComponentList" id="0x7f050001" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_width" id="0x7f060000" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_height" id="0x7f060001" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_focus_width" id="0x7f060002" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_focus_height" id="0x7f060003" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_button_width" id="0x7f060004" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_button_height" id="0x7f060005" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_button_margin" id="0x7f060006" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_combination_width" id="0x7f060007" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_combination_height" id="0x7f060008" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_fling_first_left" id="0x7f060009" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_fling_first_top" id="0x7f06000a" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_fling_first_right" id="0x7f06000b" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_fling_first_bottom" id="0x7f06000c" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_fling_second_left" id="0x7f06000d" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_fling_second_top" id="0x7f06000e" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_fling_second_right" id="0x7f06000f" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_fling_second_bottom" id="0x7f060010" />
    <public type="dimen" name="center_bar_docking_margin" id="0x7f060011" />
    <public type="dimen" name="full_width" id="0x7f060012" />
    <public type="dimen" name="full_height" id="0x7f060013" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_indicator_space" id="0x7f060014" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_bar_text_size" id="0x7f060015" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_move_button_width" id="0x7f060016" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_move_button_height" id="0x7f060017" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_move_button_margin" id="0x7f060018" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_drawer_move" id="0x7f060019" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_scroll_view_bg_margin" id="0x7f06001a" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_scroll_view_margin" id="0x7f06001b" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_scroll_view_height" id="0x7f06001c" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_scroll_view_padding" id="0x7f06001d" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_appicon_item_width" id="0x7f06001e" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_appicon_item_height" id="0x7f06001f" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_appicon_item_margin" id="0x7f060020" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_appicon_image_width" id="0x7f060021" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_appicon_image_height" id="0x7f060022" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_appicon_text_width" id="0x7f060023" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_appicon_text_height" id="0x7f060024" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_flash_bar_height" id="0x7f060025" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_flashbar_full_width" id="0x7f060026" />
    <public type="dimen" name="applist_flashbar_full_height" id="0x7f060027" />
    <public type="dimen" name="edit_list_left_padding" id="0x7f060028" />
    <public type="dimen" name="edit_list_right_padding" id="0x7f060029" />
    <public type="dimen" name="edit_list_top_padding" id="0x7f06002a" />
    <public type="dimen" name="edit_list_bottom_padding" id="0x7f06002b" />
    <public type="dimen" name="edit_list_left_padding_h" id="0x7f06002c" />
    <public type="dimen" name="edit_list_right_padding_h" id="0x7f06002d" />
    <public type="dimen" name="edit_list_top_padding_h" id="0x7f06002e" />
    <public type="dimen" name="edit_list_bottom_padding_h" id="0x7f06002f" />
    <public type="dimen" name="edit_list_button_height" id="0x7f060030" />
    <public type="dimen" name="edit_list_button_width" id="0x7f060031" />
    <public type="string" name="snote" id="0x7f070000" />
    <public type="string" name="email" id="0x7f070001" />
    <public type="string" name="mms" id="0x7f070002" />
    <public type="string" name="chaton" id="0x7f070003" />
    <public type="string" name="bluetooth" id="0x7f070004" />
    <public type="string" name="paper_artist" id="0x7f070005" />
    <public type="string" name="scrapbook" id="0x7f070006" />
    <public type="string" name="edit" id="0x7f070007" />
    <public type="string" name="done" id="0x7f070008" />
    <public type="string" name="Drag_and_drop_here" id="0x7f070009" />
    <public type="id" name="main_flash_bar_service_layout" id="0x7f080000" />
    <public type="id" name="apptraybg" id="0x7f080001" />
    <public type="id" name="applistscrollview" id="0x7f080002" />
    <public type="id" name="btn_layout" id="0x7f080003" />
    <public type="id" name="applistscrollview_v" id="0x7f080004" />
    <public type="id" name="btn_layout_v" id="0x7f080005" />
    <public type="id" name="moveBtn" id="0x7f080006" />
    <public type="id" name="edit_layout_v" id="0x7f080007" />
    <public type="id" name="tray_divider_v" id="0x7f080008" />
    <public type="id" name="tray_edit_btn_v" id="0x7f080009" />
    <public type="id" name="edit_layout_h" id="0x7f08000a" />
    <public type="id" name="tray_divider_h" id="0x7f08000b" />
    <public type="id" name="tray_edit_btn_h" id="0x7f08000c" />
    <public type="id" name="main_flash_bar_edit_layout" id="0x7f08000d" />
    <public type="id" name="edit_list_gridview" id="0x7f08000e" />
    <public type="id" name="empty" id="0x7f08000f" />
    <public type="id" name="edit_app_item" id="0x7f080010" />
    <public type="id" name="app_icon" id="0x7f080011" />
    <public type="id" name="app_label" id="0x7f080012" />
    <public type="id" name="main_center_bar_layout" id="0x7f080013" />
    <public type="id" name="view_center_bar_for_portrait_mode" id="0x7f080014" />
    <public type="id" name="view_center_bar_for_landscape_mode" id="0x7f080015" />
    <public type="id" name="view_center_bar_focus_up" id="0x7f080016" />
    <public type="id" name="view_center_bar_focus_down" id="0x7f080017" />
    <public type="id" name="view_center_bar_focus_right" id="0x7f080018" />
    <public type="id" name="view_center_bar_focus_left" id="0x7f080019" />
    <public type="id" name="view_center_bar_switch_button" id="0x7f08001a" />
    <public type="id" name="view_center_bar_full_button" id="0x7f08001b" />
    <public type="id" name="view_center_combination_for_portrait_mode" id="0x7f08001c" />
    <public type="id" name="view_center_combination_for_landscape_mode" id="0x7f08001d" />
    <public type="id" name="guide_layout" id="0x7f08001e" />
    <public type="id" name="guidetop" id="0x7f08001f" />
    <public type="id" name="guidebottom" id="0x7f080020" />
Thanks again
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