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[ROM][MK3][4.3][TW]The People's ROM GS3.31 5/18/14

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By KennyG123, Moderator Liaison / RC-RT Committee / Spider-Mod on 25th November 2012, 08:12 PM
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If you like slimmed down, debloated ROMs....DO NOT FLASH THIS ROM!


I have noticed too many issues on those ROMs removing too many files, then there are users that want this app or that app. I believe in getting everything I paid for from Samsung and Sprint and The People's ROM has always stood for stability balanced with performance and battery life.
I will happily help anyone remove any apps they don't want as I am sure will The People. Also The People's ROM has always been about The People: Users helping users, RCs and RTs joining in to offer choices and aid to all without any flaming. We politely remind those to search and answer the question at the same time. Please respect all members.

I am by no means a Developer. The true developers have provided the code for all the mods included in this ROM. I just put together my own personal ROM with lots of help (see thanks section) and want to share it with all my friends here on XDA.

TPR GS3.31 (MK3 - 4.3)
DOWNLOAD: (Dev-host click the small download button in lower center)

Big thanks to Rompnit, Cnexus, Dazednconfused, Thunderstick, Crawj for helping get this 4.3 basic upgrade out and all the people thanked below as well!!!!

Hotspot toggle
Flashlight toggle
Gear watch compatible
Stops ND8 Nag
Adds Wicked ROM Control (Thanks @dazednconfused)
Clock control
Network Transfer speed indicator control
Xposed installer
Battery bar settings
Status bar icon control

MIRROR: Thanks @tazfanatic

YOU MUST NOT FORMAT OR WIPE SYSTEM!!! Wipe data only (you can try dirty flashing at your own risk)
(Clean flash sometimes needs a second boot or maybe it was just my phone)
If you get stuck at the logo, try flashing a TW ROM first like the 4.3 stock deodexed or TPR 3.17 below.

I apologize that I cannot support this like I have in the past...but The People are here to support each other. If good flashable mods are contributed I will post them in the posts below. Thank you to all The People for contributing to the best ROM and thread on the GS3!!!

TPR GS3.17 (4.1.2)
What's this got?
3 Kernel choices:
Ktoonsez kernel with UC/OC UV/OV init.d support, includes his Ktweaker app to control all (DO NOT USE ON XFAT formatted SD Cards)
Agat's Kernel - use Voltage Control or SetCPU to control and enable OC available on Play (Thanks Agat63!!!) Do not use with XFAT formatted sd cards!
Stock kernel with custom bootanimation support (Thanks Freeza!!!)
Bootanimation support - includes Andy pissing on Apple
Lightly themed, compatible with Morphology linked in this post
Hotspot Hack - Thanks Crawj and Rompnit
Device status NORMAL - thanks MoMaz
Optional 4.2 Camera with Photosphere
4 in 1 reboot mod
Text and Call blocking
Choose WAKE on or off for HOME Button
Choose Camera shutter sound on or off
Choose input notification on or off
Long press menu to kill app
Loud volume hack - Choose volume mod level
No increasing ringtone
Many Lockscreens
Music volume key skip mod
Quickpanel options in settings
Hotspot in quickpanel
SuperSu options in settings
15 Toggle mod with The People's dropdown pngs
The People's circle battery percent mod 1%
Nova launcher option
Apex Launcher option
AOSP 4.2 Launcher
4.2.2 keyboard
Spidey dropdown - thanks steelers.exe
Spidey MW theme - thanks PDXUnicorn go here for other MW themes
Several TW Launcher options
Pop-up Browser option
Modded Stock camera no low battery block
Ad Blocking
Insane clock mod settings
Volume rocker zoom for camera
1X/3G notification
MMS with 200 group messaging recipients!
Carrier Name removed and easily modded to whatever you like (edit eri.xml in data folder)
80% Transparent dropdown
Clear all step in upper corner of status bar
Aroma Installer
Themed dialer (Thanks motomoto00!!)
Kill low battery notifications with this flashable
Many more I can't remember

First off to my best bud Josh Beach (we go way back to Bonsai days). Thank you brother for allowing me to use many mods you already incorporated and always answering my questions. Please go and thank Josh: JellyBomb thread
Next is The People's Supporter: Naddict! You are the best bud! Naddict brought on the next member of The People...
The People's Chief Engineer: Rompnit who works all night to include the best mods
KernelMeister: Ktoonsez kernel thread with source
Agat63 for his kernel: kernel thread with source
Freeza for the deodexed MA6 base ROM: Freeza's stock thread
To all the great devs that made mods for all of us to use:
Didact74: Big thanks for the Aroma installer and much more! His mods are all over Development
Freeza (again! He is all over!) Ride his Fre3 Hybrid
Clark44 Free his GS3
Mijjah74 Recognized Developer, class act and integral part of Team Nocturnal
DazednConfused get some Wicked Sensations from his Anakonda
Ksmullins88 It's Alive! Frankenstein
Ecooce He is such a KillJoy
PhantomHacker Get blazed
StrongSteve Get Odexed Blue in the face
Bigtoysrock - see the Goodness here
GruesomeWolf See some Superior work here
Motomoto00 Themer extraordinaire see one here
Sac23 His Custom Sac
EMSPilot - for helping me out when my APK Manager took a crap!
Team Venum
And all those putting out new ROMs everyday

The People's Testers listed in Post 2
The People's Videographer: Qbking77
The People's Banner maker: TexasEpic4G (maker of my sig banner)
All those in the Samsung Epic 4G community that taught me so much and supported me
K0nane, Rodderik, Ptfmedic, Jaranow, Randy T, Mammon, Noobnl, TheImpaler747, Decad3nce, PG101. Jayharper08, Mattallica76, Toadlife, Sensei Simple, Shane6374, Dreamsforgotten, Mystery Emotionz, Earthbound, Nashdogg, Gooch1025, Flastnoles11, Edfunkycold, MrCollpepper, Frostedunit, Xboxfanj, Marcusant, Uber, Hoffman, Zanderman112, Dyehya, Mkasick, and so many more I have met along the way.

If I forgot you it is because I hate writing these OPs and always forget something...Please PM me and forgive me! I love you all! Just my memory sucks! LOL.

DOWNLOAD TPR GS3.17 (dev-host)
MD5 Sum: ffe8c8e112544c54de50a4b35f625e87

K0nane Fast Mirror1 and Mirror2 (Thanks K0nane and Shabbypenguin for these hosts!)

MIRROR 3 Thanks Tazfanatic for Mediafire mirror!
MD5 Sum: cc0bcbab7284ba3fc591c21edfeff7f7


Change to messaging app without my awesome purple icons with this:

To change the Long Press Menu button to no longer kill apps see this post and be sure to thank Rompnit!

Clean flash is recommended as a lot has changed in MD4. If you clean flashed 3.16 you should be ok to dirty flash 3.17 but YMMV. Extra flashables in Post 2

ROM does not change baseband (Modem)!!! Get latest baseband and firmware here! Thanks Freeza!

VIDEOS (updated videos coming soon)
How to:


Huge thanks to by friend Qbking77 for making these videos. Give his videos a thumbs up!

Go thank Rompnit in his Morphology thread here

ALWAYS Backup before flashing ANYTHING. With that said this is at your own risk and just rooting may result in refusal of warranty service. I am not responsible for any loss of data and subsequent losses resulting. I am not reponsible for your significant other leaving you, dog bites, the world not ending at the end of the Mayan calendar, any war, the cancellation of your favorite television show, epileptic fits from staring at your awesome phone, no more twinkees in the world or for the zombie apocalypse!

If you like my work consider buying me a Smirnoff Triple Black clear malt beverage or a simple thanks. If you don't like it, I am sorry.

Or better yet keep our Chief Engineer Rompnit supplied with Red Bull by clicking here



Stopped qosmgr and gsiff daemon processes

Fixed Lockscreen default wallpaper
Here it is if you don't want to reflash:

Removed themed Twitter and Facebook

Phone and MMS shortcuts added to AOSP lockscreen

Fixed Telenav and Aroma installer (thanks Rompnit)

Choice of 3 kernels: Ktoonsezs, Agat's or stock with bootani
Wake option for HOME in installer options
Updated Gmail and Google Now
Naddict's sound choices

New Sec Gallery (Optimized for GS3)
Basic Soundmod (NOT SONY) Thanks to Clark44
MMS recipient mod installed (BIG Thanks Freeza)
Dialer Sound Changed (good bye water drop, forever)
Lockscreen bug fixed

Updated Apps:
Google Plus
Play Store
Google Now
Google Drive
Google Play Services
Google Currents
Google Sound Search
Music Hub
Kies Air
Sprint Zone
Nova Launcher
Apex Launcher
Stock Launcher with Scrolling Wallpaper
Can now choose more than one launcher in install (only 1 TW launcher though)
2 last Ktoonsez kernel releases
Added home button lag hack as an option/choice in aroma
cleaned up build.prop
rewrote scripts in aroma, "cleaner" install process
rebaked "behind the scenes" jars and framework files
quickpanel, supersu, wifi tether now removed from app drawer, all available from settings menu
Added download link next to Changelog for XDA free app users

Added 4.2 Camera and Gallery optional
Added choice of stock, loud or blow my speaker volumes
Fixed S.Voice not installing
Removed Music Hub (Download it from Play)
New charging animation in status bar
AOSP Launcher added

Wifi Tether fixed and no FC on install (Thanks Joshbeach for the help!)
Inverted Google Now
4.2 keyboard
Rompnit mods and edits:
All settings unlocked in messaging app
Note 2 camera no low battery limit, works during phone calls
Use volume key to snap pix or start video
Framework edits No dim at low battery, Better auto brightness
AOSP lockscreen mods allows weather on lock screen
Increased font size in installer

Insane clock mod (Rompnit)
Updated TB, non-inverted Google Now, Supersu
Removed ROM Toolbox Lite (would not recognize Pro version)
Added January Koontsez kernel
Disabled Mpdecision, SMD and SMDEXE (easily put back by removing .BAK)
Ink Effect
Other stuff I can't remember

Update to MA6 android 4.1.2
Added Acer Cloud, Blackberry 10, HTC Sense 4.0 and LG Optimus lockscreens in settings
New Spiderman wallpapers in stock wallpaper picker (need twlauncher installed)
Group Messaging working
Call and Messaging blocking in settings
Updated apps including Supersu
3 MA6 kernels included (Thanks Freeza, Ktoonsez, and Agat)
Hot Boot working in reboot menu
Music volume key skips works with most music apps
Everything cleaned up and optimized by Rompnit!

Update to MB1
Grab Freeza's modem and firmware here if you like

Fixed Accuweather install (Thanks to elephant007 for pointing it out)
Fixed Dropbox install
Stock camera modded for volume zoom and no low battery shut down (Thanks Rompnit!)
Long Press menu to kill apps (Thanks Rompnit!)
Systemui optimized (Thanks Rompnit!) WARNING! No low battery warnings for anything now!

Added Multiview (Gruesomewolf)
Fixed all text bugs and input notification choice in MV (Rompnit)
Added latest Ktoonsez kernel
CM fix for MEDIA bug running wild (Rompnit and CM team)

Device ststus=NORMAL
Sprint Hotspot hack
MC3 Gallery
4-11 Ktoonsez kernel

Full update to MD4 - big thanks to Rompnit for doing the mods
5-3 Ktoonsez kernel
MD4 stock kernel
Some of my favorite ringtones and notifications added
Wallpapers are fixed

Fixed lockscreen freeze ups - Thanks Rompnit
Fixed Android keyboard
Added more Spidey themeing
Fixed Photosphere
Removed Wifi Tether, use Hotspot
Restored TPR theme

Known issues: 64GB sd cards need to be formatted to FAT32 to work on Ktoonsez kernel or Agat's kernel. Choose the stock kernel option!
Thanks to Y.G. for testing that on Agat's kernel.
Upon boot, the status bar may be missing. Just pull it down like normal and it will stay.
No charge animation or LED on Ktoonsez or Agat's kernel when phone is off on some phones
Phone will not reboot with headphones plugged in on Ktoonsez kernel on some phones
DO NOT choose no kernel option in the installer if on Ktoonsez kernel as it will delete the ktweaker app and you will need to reflash the kernel to get it back. Thank you Stylez for finding this.
Ink effect not working on MD4 yet

Tip: Install Media Scan Root from Play and disable media scanner to prevent MEDIA bug from draining battery upon boot. (Thanks Team Kernelizer) (May not be needed with Rompnit's addition of the CM team fix)

FLASH THIS to stop the MK3 update NAG:

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][MD4][TW]The People's ROM GS3.3 MK3 4.3 4/19/14, ROM for the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III

KennyG123, Rompnit
ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
Based On: TouchWiz

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2013-09-04
Last Updated 2014-05-18
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2013-04-21-09-58-30.jpg
Views:	13996
Size:	31.1 KB
ID:	2233342   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2012-12-08-20-42-32.jpg
Views:	13662
Size:	26.7 KB
ID:	2233343   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2013-02-26-19-31-57.jpg
Views:	13911
Size:	58.9 KB
ID:	2233350  
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25th November 2012, 08:12 PM |#2  
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TPR GS3.17 flashables:
Remove Spidey dropdown:

Transparent Multiwindow MOAR tab: ENABLES ALL APPS
Flash this after to get back Spidey MV theme
Or Flash this to get solid tabs like stock - SolidMVtab like stock morph
Thanks to PDXUnicorn for the Spiderman theme and the morph flashables

Remove low battery notifications:

TPR 3.3 flashables:

Remove Spidey pulldown on v3.3 :

Stock launcher restore:

Add back HOME to wake function (Thanks @flastnoles11):

Team Bring It is:

Testers include:

And of course....... The People!

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25th November 2012, 08:12 PM |#3  
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Default wallpaper

Default lockscreen wallpaper

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25th November 2012, 08:13 PM |#4  
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Nice job Kenny! Its about time this baby dropped
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25th November 2012, 08:14 PM |#5  
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Not first! What?
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25th November 2012, 08:15 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Naddict

Not first! What?

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25th November 2012, 08:15 PM |#7  
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Mine Thanks for getting this out Kenny!!
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25th November 2012, 08:15 PM |#8  
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Sounds awesome Kenny. Imma give it a shot for sure. Thanks buddy

Supporting Dazed Wicked Sensations ROM
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25th November 2012, 08:16 PM |#9  
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damn it not first for ISAINT LOL oh well this thing is smooth nice job kenny

EDIT: I am going to have to contact TexasEpic4G for my new banner LOL I will be sticking with TPR for at least a week or more LOL **** I haven't even had this phone 2 days LOL was testing for Kenny on my first day having this phone LOL GREAT timing on my part lol
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25th November 2012, 08:17 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by Naddict

Not first! What?

Too slow! Even counted down on Clark is fassssssst!
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25th November 2012, 08:19 PM |#11  
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Congratulations kenny!!!

The tpr lives on buddy!!!
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