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Olympus Kernel Project

Project manager: jjwatmyself
Development: krystianp, lehjr, Epinter, and mmontuori.
Testing: zeljko1234, Hai_Duong, upndwn4par, Cocolopes, firecode95, Matada02, IM_back!, sidVici0us, Grey.Mouser, and ovitz.

Issue tracking:

m1k3_ was nice enough to open an FAQ thread

  • Off-Topic posts are not allowed
  • Only posts related to this project are allowed
This thread is under strict moderation with strict enforcement of the rules posted above.

A lot of time is spent by the team developing and testing. Make sure to support us any any possible way.

ROM Alpha Builds:

The official project source code repository is here

The kernel code is provided as-is and you assume all responsibilities in compiling/running the kernel code. Under no circumstance, the authors assume any responsibility on damaging devices resulting in running code posted on and related to this thread.

The code posted is considered in development stage, and may or may not work. Only testers are authorized to post bugs.

If you think you have a solution to a problem, send us a pull request. We will gladly look at it and merge it if necessary...

This is a big project, so it's broken down into milestones:
  • Logs via JTAG [complete]
  • Boot Kernel on Olympus [complete]
  • USB Drivers [complete]
  • Boot Android GUI [complete]
  • Audio drivers [complete]
  • Headphone Jack [complete]
  • Accelerometer [complete]
  • Touchscreen [complete]
  • Buttons Backlight [complete]
  • Hardware/3d acceleration [complete]
  • Buttons volume up+down and power [complete]
  • Wi-Fi Driver [complete]
  • Bluetooth Driver [complete]
  • HDMI [post-poned]
  • Modem Driver [complete]
  • Fingerprint Kernel Driver [complete]
  • Fingerprint ROM Libs+Framework [work in progress]
  • Proximity Sensor Driver [complete]
  • Light Sensor Driver [complete]
  • Compass Driver [complete]
  • GPS [complete]
  • Sleep/Wake-up [complete]
  • A/C Charging [complete]
  • USB Charging [complete]
  • Camera/Video Camera [complete]
  • Front Camera/Front Video Camera [complete]
  • Flash [work in progress]
  • ROM Assembly [complete]
  • Mobile / Cellular voice calling [complete]

Videos (chronological order last=latest):
Donors: Manzing, Zeljko(x3), tmz83, chronicfathead, techlegend, Grey.Mouser, Franklee99, sirianni, donk, ebswift, jhonnyx, sendust7, fedegin, ScottyTheEngineer, buffalo06, r3xx3r, andrea_marcello, TheOnePom, ticiano_arraes, snaker23, wm_newbie, Fuzzypits, livadaki, vladeco, johnagelo, Mustkeg, sxg75, DannyBiker(x2), vitis586, Dazzel, scanuto, c2lover, r3xx3r, LFCxda, Vazay, jagiho, gcam1964, Doug_M, fastrite, Rockado, ddementiev, Night Walker!, cavava, t0mahawk, tsdedst, rabby80, jorgeavm, tonglebeak, ProudGrognard, terraformer, moderaterain, chonkit, Nicki760(x2), mchinand, ParfenR, John`, yuric, ~kyle(x2), trogdan, jisse44, Loki149, cncrd, mapeterson, J252, rumcajsz, grafithaka, kav64, sqkid89, clemare, saldirai, damn909, Infected24, leandrolnh, banjo76, chronicfathead, drekkschleuder, KrisM22, therox, praded2007, Clifton90210, renatotec, rustutzman, unicycler, blttalas, DJ_Squizzy, unekock, Babanenbieger, Taffy1881, fahadsadah, achaw, rspaulo, tsdedst, raitchison, chrismen83, kur41, blah4, Jazviper, 3dfxvoodoo, toomaiv, BaruchRamos, trogdan, smashen, futuremax2k, cheveoner, KCKitsune, chonkit, wm_newbie, Big-Bob, lamandrion, tchcaphr, thewarhawk, lionelbac, nikidorian, syngamer96, Starbomba, mchinand, baraev, demir76, ahmetcan44, leandrolnh, gnnash, J252, imarmand, galrock, tekmad, KrisM22, mrtynl, mrbitman, netinetinet, toomaiv, Sass86, Taren21, akrz, celli123, rigues, parquet, samiam21, 3dfxvoodoo, matteoclc, c2lover, gscastor, Darkcrush, TouchMeBell, zansatsu, rustutzman, Beenees, aaaviad, kisposi, torque, pgsmith68, sabtheleo, magiin, vitis586, farran, ScottyTheEngineer, vicfuze, chrismen83, Daws72, cmenekay, czarcorp, ddementiev, cmenekay, falcomer, babSky, sirkha, xyzwqt, runekock, nanohcv, jonbruce, kaiwid23, maddoka, Richy87, effractor, Level99. (for missed donors, please provide your xda username, donations did not contain it).

NOTE: by donating, you authorize your alias to be displayed as donors.

Donations are completely your choice, if you decide to donate, we welcome it. However, under no circumstances we are soliciting you to donate.
You can choose to donate to the developer or tester of your choice, we will handle donations internally.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___
Blog Status provided by jjwatmyself:

Update 4/25/2013:
Greetings planet Atrix 4G. It's been a long road and I am writing on behalf of the Olympus Kernel development team who have informed me that a public alpha release is imminent. This is an exciting milestone because you too will be able to play Temple Run, watch AnTuTu draw 50,000 triangles, experience performance that blurs the lines between ginger, bread, butter, ice, cream, jelly and donuts. The key to this lime pie will be your understanding the current status and that there are risks. Call them the ten commandments or ten steps to having a finger print that may not work when we are done... or may be it will.

1) The kernel project waives any and all responsibility for damage to any and all devices, including your iPhone, your car keys, and your homework and your Dad's plasma. The builds provided are alpha, and represent danger. Permanent damage may result.

2) The public Alpha release will be based on CM9 (ICS 4.0), CM10 (JB 4.1) and available without restrictions. The developers plan to merge trees into the current CyanogenMod-Atrix and the release will follow quickly this work.

3) The FAQ thread ( is the place to post any and all bugs, installation questions or concerns. "Bluetooth..." "Wifi..." "I flashed and I can't..." "What about finger print..." "Webtop..." "What happened to my battery? (Crying)" "I flashed and it says..." "Can you lend me $5..." "How do you spell ACDC..." all belong on the FAQ thread.

4) The official testers are the gatekeepers for bug entry at You can see who's who under the People link on the main page.

5) New bugs are subject to acceptance. If the bug does not meet the requested criteria on the Google form, it will be deleted. This means that our testers all have very sharp pencils. They are literally Ninja Warriors with one or more Atrix 4G to burn.

6) Priorities related to bug fixes, enhancements, direction of the project are determined by the developer team.

7) This thread is under strict moderation and serves to provide communication updates on the Kernel development. Hit thanks with confidence.

Update 4/27/2013 12 noon US eastern:
Greetings Planet Atrix 4G. It's been a whirlwind for the team over the past 48 hours with much positive progress. Everyone is pulling hard and the team effort is really paying off. Yesterday, there was some major work on building accuracy on status of issues, and their prioritization. The priorities at the present time are working on understanding battery usage and classifying bugs. It's imperative to understand that this is an alpha rom and that it is not a daily driver. Seriously, this is for testing on your spare Atrix. Our testers have been known to use an XDA issued hard hat and goggles (that's Goggles, not Googles for the non English speakers). Alas, a public alpha link has not been posted for these reasons, but it is so very close. Plus the XDA issued hard hats are only available in pink. To the Android software developers in our Atrix 4G community, that are patiently waiting for news on this release, we are excited that the public release is so, so close and hope that this renewal in the foundation can become the basis for additional ROM development work. To our larger community, your support continues to be epic and it is your continued interest in the work of the project developers and testers that fuels many late nights and long days. Hold onto your seats, it's going to get faster and more furious! Planet Atrix 4G will truly be amongst us soon.

Update 5/6/2013 9:30 pm US eastern:
Greetings Planet Atrix 4G. Just a quick update (picture a whale coming up for air). The development team continues to make progress, as shown on the bugs site. The focus is now related to battery drain during deep sleep. We want our beloved Atrix 4G to be it's battery sipping self that we know it is (ref MROM CM7). It's a multipronged effort with all developers working as a team on this important optimization phase of the kernel development. Also, there is life to tend to, so we have to recognize that the amount of time that is available on any given week will vary. Each developer's commitment to the project objective continues to be monumental. The community's interest in the project continues to fuel their motivation and the excellence in their work. Let the good code flow and cheers to all.

Update 5/9/2013: <-- That's U.S. of A. date format, for all you non-Yanks.
Greetings Planet Atrix 4G. It turns out that our developers are thanking their lucky stars for their XDA issued hard hats and they tell me they make the world of difference. Something to do with keeping brain waves in and RF from nearby cell towers out. I never thought they'd take to them like this, so I guess I finally got one thing right. Anyway, you may be aware that the development has shifted from public to private. This is part of a strategy to curb additional, premature public release. Simply stated, the public alpha release has not taken place yet. The team recognizes that learning how to compile code, makes for a seriously fun and gratifying project. I know when I compiled code for the first time I shouted down the hall "Mum, look what I made!" and she shouted back "Oh honey, that's really good!" (ref Google Search 'really good'). So, back to the subject at hand, the various guides out there are intended for use with finished code, or code you wrote yourself. There is plenty of it out there to play with, but as of this writing, this Kernel isn't one of them. For those of you that understand all the inner workings of writing, dissecting and compiling code, we are flattered and tip our hard hats, in respect and appreciation, for your enthusiasm and interest on the project. Stay tuned and we promise that information on progress and status will continue to be published here. The code will eventually be made public again and the good times will roll once again. We hope that this information and feedback is well received. We're all here for the same reason and remember, Planet Atrix 4G will soon be amongst us.

Update 5/10/2013 6:30 PM US eastern:
Greetings Planet Atrix 4G. I have some wonderful news. At 6:00 PM US eastern time today, an Alpha release candidate (Alpha-RC1) was made available to the official test team. Their test results will become the basis for the decision for the public release. I know, I know, you're jumping and cheering and doing kart-wheels and shaking hands with your neighbor across the street (unbelievable but true). The developers on this project are a solid team and they have worked so many wonders on our little Atrix 4G. Our test team has been particularly patient, waiting for this release. Their expertise in leaving no stone unturned is something that will help take this kernel to levels that developers alone simply cannot accomplish. Please remember that our developers and testers need all the oxygen they can get and there efforts are focused on the above directive. It's only a matter of time before the Atrix 4G takes over this little green and blue planet. It won't be called Earth forever!

Update 5/18/2013 1:30 PM US eastern:
Greetings Planet Atrix 4G! One week has passed… it’s been fast… it’s been furious… and much has happened!! To recap, a mere one week ago, our test team was presented with our newest Alpha build. Internally we called it Alpha-RC1. This was the most current work, with contributions from all of our talented developers. Well, let me tell you, our test team performed like no other. These guys put the T, E, S and T into testing. It is my privilege to witness the powerful dynamic at play within this team. So, back to the opening statement, much has happened! After last weekend, the test results were reviewed by the developers and testers. Their input steered the decision that the build would not be released. This was because we knew that the threads would become flooded with feedback on items we were well aware of. So as the week unfolded, an in-between kernel-update was released to the testers. It was called debug, despite having nothing to do with debug. Much was learned from this. Hot on the heels of debug, Alpha-RC2 was provided by the developers for testing. It is currently being taken for a spin and detailed analysis of performance, in many areas, is being conducted. This began a mere eighteen hours ago. Some of our testers have not even got any sleep! I have been told that the XDA issued hard hats apparently double as a pillow. Yes, it’s been a fast and furious week. If there is ever a time to be inspired by the work of others, this is certainly ranking near the top of my list. All who are reading this, please remember: this is ‘Not a daily driver’; it is ‘For testing only’; and ‘This is an alpha’. We know that ‘Love of Atrix 4G is strong in you, it is’. Please read the following sentence twice. We are working through logistics and preparing for of a public release. YES, you heard me (long pause) we are almost there… IT is almost here… WE hope you are ready. IT will soon be amongst us!

Update 5/19/2013 5:00 pm US eastern:
Greetings Planet Atrix 4G. It is my privilege to be able to announce to you the first public release of the Ice Cream Sandwich & Jelly Bean Kernel for Atrix 4G. This marks the combined efforts of our developers, krystianp, lehjr, Epinter, mmontuori, and testers, zeljko1234, Hai_Duong, upndwn4par, Cocolopes, firecode95, Matada02, IM_back!, sidVici0us, Grey.Mouser, ovitz, who have worked countless hours, regardless of hour of day. It is through our community’s continued and combined interest, support and enjoyment of this epic Tegra 2 device, that this release IS NOW AMONGST US. The public Alpha will be available soon as a CM9 and CM10.1 release, each having a dedicated thread. We will announce their going live here. We invite you to download and very carefully test. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team and thank the community, as we celebrate together.

Update 7/10/2013:
Greetings Planet Atrix 4G. Much time has passed since the last update and we are all still here. Although there has been a slow down in activity, there has been continuous communication within the team. Just recently, Krystian produced two test kernels in order to understand some specific issues related to voltage changes under specific scenarios: with and without SD, wifi, Gps, while recording video, etc. These tests were designed to demonstrate hardware variations amongst the many manufacturing runs, where there were either component level differences, or components with differing tolerances. In addition, you may have seen the videos posted on YouTube, by Krystian, demonstrating improvements in device performance. The progress is consistent and with that said, we have an announcement.

Effective immediately the source code, that was private has been migrated into the public realm. There are two branches:
- CM 10.1 (4.2 JB) branch
- ICS (4.0 ICS) branch

The team is excited about this news, and we hope you are too. We believe that this provides a good foundation for many more advances in the future.

XDA:DevDB Information
[KERNEL] [3.1.10] Olympus (Atrix 4G) Kernel Project, a Kernel for the Motorola Atrix 4G

mmontuori, krystianp
Kernel Special Features:

Version Information
Status: Alpha

Created 2013-10-06
Last Updated 2013-10-07
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27th November 2012, 05:39 PM |#2  
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This is great news guys. Good luck!
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27th November 2012, 05:42 PM |#3  
upndwn4par's Avatar
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I will do anything and everything I can to help.
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27th November 2012, 05:45 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by mmontuori

This thread is dedicated to the current project of porting a valid ICS kernel to the Olympus platform. It originally started with an attempt to port the Motorola Xoom kernel, initiated by mvniekerk, but that approach has failed.

Now the team is concentrated in porting the Galary R 3.1.10 kernel, which appears to be compatible with the Olympus platform.

The current development team is composed of: krystianp and mmontuori.

The current test team is composed of: zeljko1234

If you want to monitor the progress, feel free to watch the github repository.

All changes related to this kernel are posted in the following repo:

Wow. Amazing, All the best for this project, appreciate all your efforts. We will be always there
to help with whatever we can. Cheers !
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27th November 2012, 05:56 PM |#5  
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good to see that you guys do not give up and still try find a solution.
hopefully it works out this have got my support!
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27th November 2012, 05:57 PM |#6  
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Good luck!
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27th November 2012, 05:58 PM |#7  
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What went wrong with the xoom kernel ?
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27th November 2012, 06:03 PM |#8  
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Thumbs up
I'm no dev so I can't help much....but I do my best in the way I can.

Thanks for the hard work!
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27th November 2012, 06:08 PM |#9  
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good luck and thank you!
27th November 2012, 06:10 PM |#10  
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Count me in

Sent from my MB860 using xda premium
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27th November 2012, 06:20 PM |#11  
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good luck guys and thank you for the effort!
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