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[Guide][NoteII] Move data (games,etc) to external SD card [Directory Bind]

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By tipsek, Senior Member on 3rd December 2012, 08:40 PM
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This is a summary of bala_gamer's guide for using Directory Bind on Galaxy SIII but with my own additions and tips.
I'm using Galaxy Note II (N7100) but should work on other models too.
You need ROOT and this app called Directory Bind.
All credits go to original guide author and the app creator.

What does this app do?

Directory Bind lets you move big (or small, your choice) data files/folders from games, apps, navi software to your external SD card. If you use 16GB variant of the Note 2 you can quickly use up the space with a few big games, so what is the solution?
Directory Bind will take care of this. It will move the folders containing big files you choose to the external SD card. Read on for instructions.

What you need?

- ROOT (guide here)
- Directory Bind (get the app here)
- External SD Card mounted (I used SanDisk Class 4 32GB formatted to FAT32)

1) Setting things up

When you install Directory Bind you need to set up a few things first. You only do this once but you better do it right. If you don't, things might not work as they should. These settings work best.
  • Open Directory Bind and give it ROOT access
  • Press the (softkey) Menu key -> Preferences
  • Check Bind on boot, Alert on unbind fail, Alternate dbase mgmt, Persistent service
  • Leave the rest unchecked
Select Default data path and set it to:
Select Default target path and set it to:
Make sure those target paths are EXACTLY like ones I wrote. These WORK, others probobly WON'T.

This is it. You now have everything ready to move stuff from internal to external sd card.

2) Step by step guide to moving things

OK, we are ready to move things now. I will give step by step guide with pictures and an example. (click on image to view)
1) First install the app/game you want, open it and download all files you need. For this example I will use the game BackStab.
Screenshot of Storage before installing the game:

2) Screenshot after the game downloaded it's data. You can see it used about 1,3 GB on internal storage:

3) Open the game check it works and it downloaded all it needs. Now exit the game. Go to task manager and kill it if it's running (if it's not, proceed). Go to Settings -> Application Manager search for your game, select it and Force Stop (if it's greyed out, proceed).

4) Open Directory Bind (your list will be empty at first, so just ignore my list) and hit Menu softkey, select Add new entry:

5) Now hit Menu softkey again and select Data transfer Assistant (if your keboard pops up ignore it or press back):

6) Now you will select your source. Source for games is usually within Android folder and subfolders data or obb. Sometimes it's directly on /sdcard/appname. For some gameloft games it's under /gameloft/games. You must find where the game stored it's data. In my case it's under /sdcard/gameloft/games/GloftSDHM.

So I will tap on gameloft -> games -> GloftSDHM: *** DON'T hit Select just yet!!! ***

And now when we are within the folder which we want to move we tap on Select:

8) Now the mount (target) path is set to the internal sd card folder, where game stored it's files. In my case this is
Check that you have indeed selected the correct folder!
The source (data) path is external SD card folder where files will be moved. As pictured, I created an extra, optional, folder just to make it easier identifying the game later. You don't need to do this, leaving default will be just fine.

Make sure Transfer files from target to data is checked and hit Add

8) If you see "Data directory not exist, create now?" select "Create". It will say Copying files... I recommend you leave the phone until it finishes. It usually takes a few minutes.

9) Once it's done make sure there is a checkmark on the right and tap on the grey diskette icon:

It will now turn green:

10) DONE! This is it. Exit Directory Bind and reboot the device. It's not mandatory to reboot, but I recommend you do. When the phone turns on, you will see a notification that Directory Bind is performing binding. Wait a minute or two. Now go into Settings -> Storage aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand:

There you have it. Available space on internal card is back and the files are now moved to external SD card. You can now fire the game up and it should work the same as before. I didn't notice any lag or longer load times, runs just as smooth as before moving.
3) Tips & Tricks
  • Use the same method as described above for each individual game/app.
  • I don't recommend binding the complete Android/data or Android/obb folder. For me, it broke some games, and some games that use /obb didn't work. Individually binding each game worked every time.
  • I can confirm that Class 4 microSDHC 32GB works perfect. No lag, no longer load times, everything the same as from internal. So Class 4 or above is recommended, can't say for Class 2. I formatted to FAT32 and works just fine.
  • You don't NEED to reboot after each binding, but I recommend it, just to be sure everything is working. I always install the game, play it a minute, exit, perform binding, reboot. Then try the game again for a minute, and check storage before and after. For me it worked every time.
  • If there is an option within the game/app to download extra data to external SD card I recommend using that option directly. Only bind those games/apps that do not support this on their own. Example would be The Bard's Tale there you can select to download that huge HD 3,5GB file straight to external SD.
  • Make sure you set source (data) and mount (target) as instructed. Just do it.
  • On last picture of storage you can also see the color graph which represents internal SD card and how full it is. Don't panic as the grey (free) space will eventually disappear when you move a lot of files. It seems the graph can't "read" what we done and thinks internal SD is full. Just ignore it, only check the Available Space number and there you will se how much free space is left on internal SD.
  • Also important, if you use a file explorer and navigate to the original folder on SD internal, where data was before (in my case sdcard/gameloft/games) the original folder will still exist, and also checking Properties you will see it has the same size. It will seem as this was only copied to external SD and the original folder still exist. This is not the case! On internal SD this folder is actually kind of a "shortcut" or a "link" and does NOT infact use space. So if you delete anything from there, it will actually delete stuff from external SD. This one is hard to understand, but you will get it eventually.
The End

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps some of you. Bye
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The Following 37 Users Say Thank You to tipsek For This Useful Post: [ View ] Gift tipsek Ad-Free
6th December 2012, 12:01 PM |#2  
Junior Member
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In My Case.
l success for binding android/data/
But when im binding android/obb/
Its still asking donlod file..

How to fix it?
6th December 2012, 12:55 PM |#3  
tipsek's Avatar
OP Senior Member
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I would advise that first when you install a game that has obb file, run it first and let it download data. Then go play it a few minutes.

Then exit the game, best reboot phone. Then go perform binding of the folder inside obb. Then reboot AGAIN.

Then go try game. This method has worked for me, for the following games requiring obb files:

Six Guns
Great Big War Game
Total War Battles

Also make sure your settings are EXACTLY like mine on beginning of post 1.

Could you write which game is causing you trouble? Maybe I can test it out to see if it works for me.
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6th December 2012, 02:21 PM |#4  
Junior Member
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I was trying that too.

Game example NBA 2k13,iron fist,sonic 4,sonic cd,the avenger,
Almost game that data in android/obb cannot run well.

For Binding succes with the green disket,but when the game run,still asking donlot data.
Then i delete binding(transfer file back) it run smothly without donloding data.
8th December 2012, 02:51 PM |#5  
Thanks Meter: 8
Thumbs up
Thank you for the guide. I had tried everything I could to get this to work with no success. With your guide, worked first try.
8th December 2012, 11:36 PM |#6  
tipsek's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 145
@uchox: sorry I don't have those games so I can't test. But it's weird, for me every game I tried works. I would recommend maybe unbinding everything, uninstalling directory bind, installing latest version from thread and going fresh. Follow my guide to the letter, it really should work. If it doesn't, it must be game specific, as for me every game even which use obb worked.

@serpa4: No problem. I had same issues, made the mistake of binding entire /obb and /Android subfolders. It broke my games and had me in all sorts of trouble. So with a little experimenting I found the solutions described in post 1 best to use. So I also wrote a guide, so that people new to this don't have to go through "testing phase" just follow my guide and done.
8th December 2012, 11:43 PM |#7  
Thanks Meter: 3
On my Note 2 should i start target path as /sdcard/ even tho on my note 2 it starts with /sdcard0??
9th December 2012, 10:14 AM |#8  
tipsek's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 145
@ruffryder281: if you open up a file manager like ES File Explorer or Root Explorer and navigate to root/mnt/ what folders do you see? Except asec, obb and those starting with Usb...

Do you see sdcard and extSdCard? Or sdcard0 and extSdCard? or all 3?

If you have sdcard and extSdCard set those.

If you have sdcard0 and extSdCard set those.

If you have all 3 check whats inside sdcard/ and what inside sdcard0/ and use the one that open internal SD.
14th December 2012, 12:14 PM |#9  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 53
friend could help me? will start at the part where the transfer of the file the notice that there is the directory you want to create, I put YES, but he asks again, and is in the loop, I'm putting it back to YES and ask the same thing again, checked the mnt paths in the names are right. Will I need to create the directory on my sdcardext manually.
15th December 2012, 08:08 PM |#10  
tipsek's Avatar
OP Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 145
@marvelspires: Well this is weird, I never had that problem. For me it always asks to create folder I say yes and that's that. You could try creating a folder.. Are you using the latest version of DirectoryBind? Did you set everything as I said in the settings? Paths are set as described? (triple check). Have you managed to bind anything, or does this happen with everything, or better said, have you tried to bind only one specific thing, or did you try multiple?
24th December 2012, 09:33 PM |#11  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 164
Thanks tipsek. I've just moved my first three games successfully and now I'm about to try my sat nav maps

Can we continue to use Titanium backup normally, or do we have to unbind first? (I don't use Titanium to backup a game's data files, just the app itself). Sorry if that's a dumb question but I thought I better plan ahead.

Sorry, I just found the answer to my question here:

Use Titanium as normal
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