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[ROM] MIUIAndroid - MIUIv4 - Final Build [7.2.13]

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MIUIAndroid - MIUI 4.1
Maintained by StrumerJohn

Notice Board:
First Post: Installation Information, Changelog, Download Link, Credits
Second Post: Optional Downloads, FAQ, Other Notices
You must be on I535VRBMB1 Firmware For Camera To Work! AOSP doesn't support newer firmware.
Most Recent 'Update' post:
This ROM is community supported, meaning support relies on fellow XDA Members. I have completed this project and no longer give support.

Updating / Coming from MIUIv4:

1. Place ROM zip file on your SD card
2. Boot into recovery
3. Create a backup
4. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache* [Wipe Data is optional, but provides best experience]
5. Install zip from SD card

New to MIUI / Coming from TouchWiz, AOSP, or other ROM:

1. Place ROM zip file on your SD card
2. Boot into recovery
3. Create a backup
4. Factory reset device (Wipe Data), Wipe Cache and Wipe System and Dalvik Cache
5. Install zip from SD card

Devices with Newer Firmware:

1. Flash I535VRBMB1 Firmware (Allows Camera to work on newer flashed devices).

- No Major Issues Exist


  MIUIAndroid - MIUIv4 Final Build – 7/1/13  12:00
== Core Updates / Summary ==
- Updated RIL. | Completely overhauled and merged latest CM RIL.
- Updated Hardware Keys | Updated system hardware files needed to access device hardware; merged latest from CM.
- Updated Secure Keys | Updated the NFC secure files, DRM files, and other AOSP Security pieces and patches.
- Updated Superuser User Files | Updated the SU libs and files needed to give the Xiaomi Permission Manager Superuser Control.
- Updated Kernel | Updated Kernel to the final release KToonez has done for AOSP 4.1.x
- Patched Issues | Fixed Docking Issue, Bluetooth Headset Issues (Mic)
- Debloated ROM | Moved non-core MIUI-OS Apps to Data, Deleted others as separate add-ons (See MOD Section, Second Post)
- Cleaned Up Files | Renamed, Better Organized, System is more clean and fluid.

== In-Depth ==
- Increased Downloads Application Limit | Increased the max file size over mobile network so that the application isn't stopped from being downloaded till WiFi.
- Removed Xiaomi Market | Mocked framework of Xiaomi Services to remove the need of having the "Market".
- Lower Auto-Screen Brightness | Lowered default values of auto brightness.
- Removed Motorola Camera | See MOD section if you would like it back.
- Removed Duplicate Weather Widgets | Removed non-functional weather widget.
- Updated KTweaker Application | Updated the kernel manager application.
- Added Additional Ringtones, Notification, and Alarm Sounds | Added ringtones and other sounds from TouchWiz, Sense, AOSP,  and MIUIv5
- Changed Default UI Sounds
- Changed Boot Animation | Changed boot animation to "Google Nexus Dream".
- Added More Wallpapers | Added more MIUI Wallpapers, officially from Xiaomi MIUI.
- Added Sunbeam Live Wallpaper
- Updated GPS Config. to latest CM GPS Config.
- Updated Build.Prop | Updated Tweaks, Build Print, and Power Saving Modes
- Patched Docking Issue | Patched a docking issue that sometimes occurred for some users.
- Fixed Camera Image Compression | (75%->100%)
- Added in Adobe FlashPlayer Addon Libs
- Moved over Playstore GAPPs | Removed apps that can be found on Playstore from System and moved to Data so that they can be uninstalled.
- Added complete GAPP Set | Added in the complete Google App package including GMail and other GAPPS.
- Moved over Verizon Apps

  MIUIAndroid - MIUI Build VII – 4/28/13  2:37
-Updated Kernel (Thanks Ktoonsez!)**
-Updated GApps (Certain ones still need to be updated via Playstore)
-Updated CM-Apps
-Updated MI-Apps
-Updated VApps (Certain ones still need to be updated via Playstore)
-Updated Google Playstore
-Updated Trebuchet Launcher
-Updated System UI Sounds to MIUIv5 Files
-Updated Installer Script
-Updated Build.prop
-Updated and Included MIUIv5 Wallpapers
-Updated Default Theme Properties
-Fix RAM Overflow causing reboot
-Fix Camera Theme Icon! Motorola Camera has a themable Icon!!!!!
-Fix Android Media Force Close when MTP Transfer of files and music is playing
-Fix Webkit Issues (Webkit patched) [Merged from last patch]
-Fix GPS issues some were having (Once again, I recommend getting PimpMyROM and manually provisioning your GPS)
-Included Motorola Camera
-Included Viper Audio MOD by Picarito
-Included Google Wallet Installer
-Included Misc. CM APKs that were added
-Included some MIUIv5 APKs that probably don't do anything, but what the heck, let's see what they do!
-Included v5 Ringtones, Notifications, and Alarms
-Misc. Bug Fixes, Optimizations [Re-Zipalligns], and Tweaks
* Only Certain Parts, not the full Boot.img
  MIUIAndroid - MIUI Build VI – 3/2/13  12:00
-    Removed Nightly “Tests”
-    Reverted all Nightly Changes
-    Rebased and Rebuilt from the Ground Up from:
- MIUI Base (3.2.22)
- CyanogenMod Base (10.0 STABLE – Final Release)
-    Updated RIL
-    “Fixed” 4G LTE
-    New 2G->3G->4G Handlings / Handoffs
-    New Verizon->Sprint->Other Roaming Handlings / Handoffs
-    Added “Global” Network Properties from TouchWiz
-    New APNs added
-    Services.jar Patched to fix Webkit Issues
-    Kernel updated and changed to Ktoonsez latest AOSP JB Kernel
-    Removed NavBar Modifications; sorry guys it’s just too buggy
-    META-INF Install Script overhauled
- Removed wipe on cache, davlik cache, and data
- Removed needless comments
- Removed empty lines
- New backup script included to protect against bad flashes
- New headers and warning with delay for battery pulls if needed
- Wipes System, and now finally Cache and (NOT your apps and stuff) Data efficiently
- Wipes old MIUI Cache files, folders, etc
- Wipes old TouchWiz Cache files, folders, etc
- Wipes old “Generic” or Stock Android folders not needed
- Fixed issue with failure status #7 that led to ROM not being installed first few flashes
- Updated GAPPS permissions
- Reorganized for installation optimization
- Optimizes phone partitions for installation of MIUI
-    Build.prop rebuilt and overhauled
- Battery Optimizations
- Performance Optimizations
- Proper MIUI Build set
- Proper Build date and time set
- Set Carrier to Verizon Wireless from “Unknown”
- Removed CM OTA Update Junk
-    Reverted Camera Libs to fix Flash, Camera, and Torch
-    Updated GPS.config For better, faster, stronger, lockdown
- Changed servers to North America
- Changed servers to USA
-    Updated AGPS data
-    Updated Fonts
-    Media Folder updated to latest MIUI’s
-    New Media Added (Added latest MI Tones, Sounds, etc and CyanogenMod Tones, Sounds, etc, and TouchWiz Tones, Sounds, etc)
-    Added Splashscreen back
-    New Wallpapers Added
-    New default theme properties
-    Fixed Flash Player Issues
-    Fixed Browser Force Closes
-    Fixed Music Player Force Closes
-    Fixed Theming issues where themes wouldn’t fully apply
-    Fixed Voicemail download problems (They still need a few minutes to load after you log in though)
-    Adjusted MMS compression a little bit higher so pictures don’t look like pixels
-    Fix in Voice Input Services where Microphone for input would recognize speech and light up gray, but never fully make it to recognizable red
-    Fix overheating issues phone would have occasionally
-    Fix Superuser issues where access was granted but parts of root access were still denied
-    Fixed permissions for GAPPS
-    Added in support / framework for Google 4.2 Jellybean Camera (Will be an Add-on)
-    Fixed issue with Face Unlock not appearing on Lock Screen
-    CyanogenMod’s Samsung Galaxy S III Settings added
-    Minimum Brightness is now lower!
-    Maximum Brightness is now higher!
-    Fix Emoji issues in Messaging app—they show now!
-    Updated MIUI Translations
-    Updated CyanogenMod Translations
-    Removed ICS/JB (4.1) Keyboard / Input
-    Added Audio Enhancements; Bravia, Beats, and more!
-    Updated All MIUI Apps
-    Included MI Keyboard
-    Updated MI Notes
-    Included MI Equalizer
-    Updated MIUI US Weather App
-    Included MIUI Weather Widget
-    Updated Trebuchet CyanogenMod Launcher
-    Included latest Adobe Flash Player – It’s also in Data/App so it’s delete-able!
-    Included KTweaker App for Kernel
-    Updated MI Home Launcher
-    Updated MI Compass
-    Updated MI Gallery
-    Updated MI Music
-    Updated MI File Explorer
-    Updated MI Stats
-    Updated MI VideoPlayer
-    Updated MI MusicFX
-    Updated Calculator
-    Updated Downloads
-    Updated JB Control Panel
-    Updated Verizon Apps*
-    Updated Google Apps*
-    Updated Superuser
-    Zip Aligned
-    Zip Signed
-    Other Minor Bug Fixes

Older changelogs:
Key: [Y] = Wipe | [N] = No Wipe
  MIUIAndroid - MIUI Nightlies – 1/25/13-2/06/13  00:00
Nightlies: A present not for the weak! [Y]
(Updated) MIUI Base To 3.2.1
(Updated) CM Base to cm-10.0.0 [Last 4.1.2 base]
(Revert) META-INF Updater Script to stock CM10 for now
(Removed) Kernel Splash & Script
(Removed) DATA Folder directory
(Removed) GAPPS
(Removed) VAPPS
(Updated) Build.Prop; Added Power Saving Modifications, Carrier Information, Device Information, MIUI Information, etc.
(Updated) GPS Configurations
(Test) CM10 NFC Patch for JB NFC Blobs
(Fix) Fixed Boot Bug [for d2vzw]
(Fix) Text Messaging
(Fix) Phone Calls
(Fix) Multimedia Messaging [d2vzw]
(Updated) RIL Components
(Test) LTE Modifications 
(Test) LTE RIL
(Fix) Browser FC's on certain webpages
(Fix) HTML5 based applications (Like Old Facebook app used to be, Netflix, etc)
(Test) New network hand offs
(Test) Roaming to Sprint hand offs [would be to Verizon for Sprint Variants]
(Removed) Most bloat and useless files from MIUI/CM, and older Nightlies
(Test) Alternate Kernels support
(Test) NAV Bar MOD Support for later on* [* Made a separate package for this; not in ROM]
(Updated) MIUI Translations

=This is Sunday's Build; forgot to upload sorry!=
(Updated) META INF Install Script
(Updated/TEST) GPS Configs
(Removed) Test kernel
(Removed) Test NavBar

(Revert) New download base for main users is 1.26.13
(Updated) APNs on new base
(Updated) CM LIbs to latest on both New and Main User bases
(Fix) Fixed New Base boot issue
(Updated) MIUI Apps on old base from new base -- what would what I moved over
(Updated) MIUI Translations 
(Updated) META-INF Updater Scripts on both New and Main User bases
(Updated) Build.prop of both New and Main User bases to a merge/kang of last CM update from 4.1 and last stable MIUI Update
(Test) Testing out battery saving tricks from BeansTown106's Jelly Beans
(Test) Testing out alternative kernels
(Removed) MIUI Chinese app thing -- I couldn't read it -- from New Base 
(Removed) Framework-res.apk modification that tried to make NAVBar work
(Test) New NavBar Modification in Framework
(Updated) RIL on New Base, still not anything not to really fully work
(Removed) Updated NFC Strings from both bases
(Added) Last CM 4.1's NFC Strings to both bases
(Added) NFC Patch from CM Forum Thread from an XDA User
(Removed) Easter Egg no one found that I put in on X-MAS

No Nightlies On School Days / During The Week

No Nightlies On School Days / During The Week

(Updated) MIUI Base
(Updated) CM Base
(Modified) NFC Strings on new Base
(Started) RIL / Network Implementation 
(Updated) Translations
(Updated) GAPPS
(Updated) MIUI Apps "MAPPS"
(Updated) Verizon Apps "VAPPS"

(Updated) META-INF
(Revert) CM NFC Strings

(Modified) framework-res.apk res>values>bools.xml <bool name="config_showNavigationBar">false</bool> [->] 'true'
(Removed) Flashplayer.apk from "data/app"
(Updated) MIUI Translations
(Updated) META-INF Updater-Script to show Nightly Status
  MIUIAndroid - MIUI Build V – 12/24/12  00:00
12/24/12: A Perfect Gift For Everyone [N]
- GPS Fixed
  - GPS.config updated to NA/USA
  - Updated GPS Libs and HW comps from CM
  - Updated AGPS comps
- MMS Set to Rotate! No more portrait only!
- Adobe Flashplayer Issues Resolved
- MOD / Addon ready! [This Build will have separate flashables for MODs not everyone may want. Secluded packages containing modifications like Long-Press-Volume-Rocker-To-Skip, NAV Bar, and others will be released shortly after they have been finished being tested and finalized]
- Updater Script Updated! Fixes Permissions on Flashplayer and has appropriate build date, etc
- Build.Prop Edits for GPS
- Fixed Contacts Force Closing; fixed merged in
- "Easter Egg" added in for Christmas! [Let's see who finds it!]
- Updated Verizon Login App
- Included VerizonLib.apk from CM
- NFC Blobs updated. Supports more "Fix" flashables for those who it doesn't work for. Also should now work if you switch it on and off on TW JB, but still only confirmed 100% on ICS
- Install Script Clean Up
- Zip is signed now
- Re-Zipalligned 
- More Miscellaneous edits. This build was mainly a clean up and optimization build to polish everything off.
  MIUIAndroid - MIUI Build IV – 12/11/12  00:00
12/11/12: Sprinkles to perfection [N]
- Fixed GPS (Please allow at least 10 mintues for the INITIAL/FIRST lockon. After you get your position set once, you should be good to go and it should be spot on)
- Fixed NFC Partially (New methods for JB devices, however still only confrimed to work from switching from ICS. Still waiting on CM to fix)
- Started MMS.apk Rotation MOD for those of you who wanted MMS app (the text messaging app to rotate) rotating
- Fixed Webkit
* -Fixed Facebook
* -Fixed Mobile Websites
* -Fixed Google Now / Voice Search
* -Fixed any other apps using Webkit
- Merged in themes fix (if you have the first Build III, your themes wouldn't work)
- Added MIUI America Weather App! It's on the far right of the (MIUI) Homescreen.*
- Added MIUI America Widget (Be sure to use the App first, grab your city, and then use the widget; be sure not to hit the Chinese Weather Widget as it won't work. There should be two Weather Widgets)
- Minor performance tweaks (To B.P)
- Updated Updater Script to show latest Build #
- Removed "Portrait" code from MMS.apk and it's sub-parts
- Other minor and or miscellaneous changes
  MIUIAndroid - MIUI Build III – 12/10/12  00:00
12/10/12: We've built a stable house! [Y; YOU MUST WIPE]
- Updated Base
  - MIUI Updated
  - CM10 Updated
- Merged In NFC Fixes from my Toolkit on Alpha 4 of MIUI
- Merged in NFC Fixes from CM10 Threads
- Merged in and Updated GAPPS
- Full Support for VAPPS (Verizon Wireless Apps)
- Added in basic set of VAPPS
- Fixed Face Unlock
- Updated Splash Screen Script
- Updated Install Script
- Included Latest Jellybean (JB) Adobe Flash Player
- Fixed SMS not working (From Prvw_MIUI_TEST-Build III)
- Full MMS Support; all methods should work (compared to Build II)
- Fixed Death Sleeps!
- Fixed Capacative Keys (From MIUI-Build III [Initial Build])
- Fixed Carrier Status in Notification Bar (Compared to Prvw_MIUI_Test-Build III)
- Removed Toolbox Support
- Removed branding, files, and everything associated with them (not to be mean)
- Fixed "Network Setting" in the Settings Menu. You can touch it all you want now! :D
- Seamless 4G/3G/2G-1X Transitions now
- Support of switching between 4G/3G added
- Fix "IMEI"/Roaming/Data Loss/No Service/Whatever you guys call it "Bug"
- Full RIL implemented; Everything Network-wise should be amazing! :D
- Reverted GPU Config Edits; no longer needed
- Native MIUI Messaging App is back!
- Lockscreen Lag Fix
- Fixed Initial Start up lag
- Removed apps that don't work
- Added in 4.2 GAPPS Libs for possible future integration. You should be able to flash them if you'd like.
- Fixed Torch Hot Reboot
- Fixed Reboot Menu
- Audio Patched; Initialization fixed.
- Fixed Camera Functionality 100%
- Fixed Hardware Keyboard Issue (Compared to Prvw build)
- Fixed Force Closes of a plethora of apps
- Fixed certain configuration edits not sticking after reboots
- Fixed GPS Lock on issues
- Updated GPS Scripts to allow faster, better, stronger, lock ons
- MHL should work
- Recording App Fixed
- Changed Boot animation
- Removed Sounds from boot
- SMS Split
- MIUIAndroid Toolbox
- Minor Bug fixes
- And more! Try it out yourself!
  MIUIAndroid - MIUI Build II – 12/4/12  12:00
12/4/12: Squash Squash Squash! Bugs be gone! [Y]
- Fixed LED Notification Light
- Fixed SMS Split (Go into Settings and Change Conversion to "1")
- Fixed NFC (if coming from TW ICS)
- GPU Config Edits
- Build.prop Edits + Enchancements
- Removed unnecessary apps
- Added in JB 4.2 Cam Lib; (not Camera)
- System Stabilization - CM Merges + MIUI Kangs; Should survive a third of the day without rebooting
- Fix for Verizon Apps
- Lockscreen Edits; Still Lags, but genereally any lockscreen theme aside from the ones like the default will kill the lag
  MIUIAndroid - MIUI Build I – 12/3/12  00:00
12/3/12:  Initial Release [Y]
Based off of Nightly 4 of my Kangs

Final Release
MD5: 11ad39ab38597574c1427839e3f3728b

Older Builds:

StrumerJohn - Add me on Google+!

MIUI Australia
CyanogenMod Team

Donation List:
Thanks guys! You deserve a spot in the OP too!
2. Dubin04
3. CockyRob X3!
4. Bichigo
5. Undarated
6. Rampantandroid
7. Paul Renedo
8. Zack Favreau
9. Phillysdon04

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4th December 2012, 02:46 AM |#2  
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[Q] Dev-Host is not loading for me! Help! What did I do wrong?!
A. Relax. You didn't do anything wrong. First of all check what browser you're using; if you're using Internet Explorer, go ahead and close it and delete system32 (J/K). --1. Make sure that your browser is up to date. If the issue still exists, make sure that your anti-virus software or firewall is not blocking dev-host. Sometimes our malware guardians overeat to shortened URLs and tend to freak out over some like "". If you're still experiencing issues, contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and double check that they haven't blocked dev-host from you.

[Q] How do I install this?
A. There's steps in the first post above, but if you insist on me reiterating: First download it and put it on your phone. Then reboot into the recovery. Lastly, wipe Data, Cache, and Dalvik Cache then Install the ZIP file.

[Q] Why am I getting an Install Error?
A. Well I'm not sure actually. It's something you're experiencing on your end. To keep you from having to redownload the ROM again, check to see if your Recovery is up to date first. I recommend the latest version of TWRP. If you're still having issues then redownload the ROM as your download may have gotten mistakenly corrupted as data packets were being transferred from dev-host to your computer or from your computer to your phone.

[Q] Why am I bootlooping?
A. Well I'm not sure actually. It's something you're experiencing on your end. To begin with however, pull out your battery then put it back in your phone. It should be off now. NOW hold down Power, Volume UP, and Home Key all at the same time so that your phone reboots into the recovery. Now wipe data, and cache and flash the ROM again. If the issue still persists, check to make sure that your recovery is up to date and or that you have a copy of the ROM that did not corrupt at all when downloading.

[Q] Why is it taking so long for my device to turn back on?
A. Well usually the first boot on any ROM takes a while as the phone is preparing the system as it would as if the phone was new. Give the phone about 5 minutes to perform the initial boot. If it still gets stuck, then you may be bootlooping.

[Q] Why won't the keyboard pop up?!
A. Egh. I hate this. It's not really a bug or an issue it's just that the stupid MIUI Tutorial text at the notification bar prevents it from popping up the first few times. Try and get the tutorial text to go away and then re-hit the text field that you wanted to type in again.

[Q] Why is the launcher a bit laggy after booting up?
A. It is still preparing all of your apps and possible actions you may do (e.g. swipe left)

[Q] Why does the Recorder App give me an error?
A. Because you need to go into it's settings and change the file record type to 3gpp to AMR

[Q] Why doesn't the NavBar work in the JB Control Panel?
A. Because I removed it's functionality as it caused major issues.

[Q] Why isn't MI Camera included in this?
A. It's not included in almost any MIUI JellyBean ROM because it's proprietary to the MI-Phones.

[Q] Why aren't my Voicemails playing or loading?
A. They take a few minutes to initially load off of Verizon's Servers and Download

[Q] Why are there multiple weather widgets?
A. One (maybe two) are for the Chinese and International Weather services and then one is for the app that is for USA Weather

[Q] How do I get the USA Weather Widget to load?
A. Open up the app first and add your city

[Q] Why does the USA Weather App has displaced sides?
A. Because it wasn't made for HD Screens. And no I won't and can't fix it. Don't use it if you don't like it; uninstall it.

[Q] Why does the Download Manager keep yelling at me whenever I try to download things?
A. Because Xiaomi was stupid and made a stupid prompt that is broken on a ton of variants of MIUI. To fix it (semi), open the app called Downloads (under Tools folder), then tap menu, then settings, then change the File Size Limit from 1M to 10M and then slide the "data download prompt" slider off.

[Q] Why doesn't my NFC work?
A. It should. If it doesn't then you must have been living under a rock for the past half a year because all it takes to fix it was to be on TouchWiz Jellybean and toggle it.

[Q] What do I chose for the ViperAudio MOD Application for my board / CPU / phone type?
A. Cortex A8

[Q] Why doesn't the camera icon theme in all/every theme?
A. I don't know, it's up to the app itself to theme and since it's not something like MI-Cam.apk it probably doesn't meet the parameters of the theme. Some themes may have a parameter that just is along the lines of "theme-all-camera-related-apks"

[Q] Why is my device ID a "Galaxy Nexus" in the About Device / Phone and in the Play Store?
A. Make sure that you Restore the Build.Prop in the Wallet Installer App if you installed Google Wallet

[Q] Why is the GPS not locking on fast or accurately?
A. If it still does not seem to like your device, get PimpMyROM off of the Google PlayStore and manually set your GPS.cfg file using the App and reprovision it to your region.

[Q] Why doesn't my screen turn on right away after hitting the power button?
A. You either undervolted or underclocked the phone too low or your theme is causing the system to hold up and wait on the theme to load it's lockscreen.

[Q] Why doesn't my camera work?
A. You need to download and install the I535VRBMB1 Firmware. Get it from Invisiblek off his website here.

[Q] Why doesn't In-Call Recording work?
A. It is region locked. It is illegal in many places so I had to disable it.

Optional Downloads
Motorola Camera [Tested, Not Supported MOD]
CM Launcher, Trebuchet [Tested, Not Supported MOD]
CM Music, Apollo [Tested, Not Supported MOD]
CM File Manager [Tested, Not Supported MOD]
Capactive Key Light Remover
Original Kernel [Untested, Not Supported MOD]

My Google+
Kernel |OP|
Kernel Source
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4th December 2012, 02:46 AM |#3  
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The RIL should be working now! If you have any problems with your network, look through this thread for answers. If you don't find what you're looking for, before you do anything drastic like sending your phone back, PM me.
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4th December 2012, 02:49 AM |#4  
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Yes! Glad I just checked the forum. This is awesome.

EDIT: incomplete RIL?

Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
4th December 2012, 02:50 AM |#5  
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Sent from my SCH-I535 using xda app-developers app
4th December 2012, 02:51 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by Chyrux

Yes! Glad I just checked the forum. This is awesome.

EDIT: incomplete RIL?

Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2

Meaning there's still some small issues. If you ran my nightly kangs, it's near there network-performance wise.
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4th December 2012, 02:53 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by StrumerJohn

Meaning there's still some small issues. If you ran my nightly kangs, it's near there network-performance wise.

Just making sure it wasn't something crazy. I'll report back after I can download, install and run for a bit. :thumbup:

Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
4th December 2012, 02:58 AM |#8  
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I still have John's earlier release and it ran great. No data/radio issues for me.

Sent from my SCH-I535 using xda app-developers app
4th December 2012, 03:00 AM |#9  
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has slow lock screen ever been fixed? Sorry if I'm feeling lazy to search for 20 minutes.........
4th December 2012, 03:01 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by tonu42

has slow lock screen ever been fixed? Sorry if I'm feeling lazy to search for 20 minutes.........

It's an easy fix. I'll implement it later. I forgot about it. I'm assuming you guys want this one to finish uploading yes? Haha.
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4th December 2012, 03:06 AM |#11  
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Awesome! Will this get any updates eventually, or is it just to fix what was wrong with the previous MIUI builds and bring up to DD level?
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