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[ROM][JB][16 FEB] MIUIv4 3.2.8 (unofficial) for old/GB bootloader

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By rugglez, Senior Member on 5th December 2012, 11:21 AM
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Presenting MIUIv4 3.2.8 Jellybean (4.1.2) (unofficial)

Read this post entirely before using the ROM or asking any questions!
  • Firstly, I want to thank Ricardo for all his work on CM for our phone. Since this ROM uses CM10 as base, it would not be possible without RC's work.
  • This ROM has been ported to the O2x from various other devices having official MIUI support (such as the Nexus S, Atrix etc.) and the MIUI team deserves credit for all of that.

Details of the ROM:
  • For use with old(GB) bootloader, tested with CWM recovery
  • Multilanguage support
    For the list of languages supported, see post 3
    Refer post 3 if you want to use a language other than English or Chinese
  • Does not come with gapps, you need to flash it separately
(Theme applied below is 'Dark knight HD' by remcis, so thanks to him)
Screenshots attached below the post again in case you cannot see these

Known issues:
  • Stock clock widget on default theme may not work sometimes. Works with any other theme (you can change only widget's theme too, without changing full theme)

Q. What to do if my USB Mass Storage is not working?
A: In Android terminal emulator (install from play store if you havent already), type this one by one (hope you already activated root permission first in Security-> LBE Guard)
setprop persist.sys.usb.config mass_storage
Q. GPS not working satisfactorily
A: Try this

Tips on using the ROM:

To charge normally (fast), turn off phone, plug charger, wait for a minute (till the charging animation goes off and phone is off again) and turn on phone. Now it will charge fast. This is the standard procedure for all JB ROMs. If you dont follow this, charging will be slow.


If you are not satisfied with the quality and performance of the stock camera app, use the bundled 'ICS Camera', or an app like 'Camera360 Ultimate' (free app from the play store). It will produce better quality images.
If you get a clicking sound when starting and closing camera, dont worry, read this

Before installing anything, first activate root permission from 'LBE Guard' app in 'Security Center' folder. Select 'manage root permission' and enable it.
This only needs to be done once, and all superuser prompts will come as usual when you install/use root apps.
If you installed or tried to use any root apps before doing this, and your app no longer gets root access, reinstall that app. Also includes a custom hosts file, which you have the option to remove if you want to see ads.

MIUIv4 requires you to have a free Xiaomi account to apply themes.
Creating the account is free, quick and very easy
Dont complain if boot animation does not apply!

If you had old MIUI themes (like MIUI GB themes) in your MIUI folder on your sd card, the theme manager may try to convert them to the new format, which may take a long time. If it fails, remove those themes from your sd card.
If you downloaded a theme and it does not appear automatically in themes, press menu inside the theme manager app, and manually browse and select the .mtz file (in your sd card/MIUI/themes folder) and restart the app.

To see percentage battery indicator on the status bar, go to settings->battery and change the battery indicator style

To make the UI transitions faster, you can use the good old standard tip:
Go to settings->developer options
Set 'window animation scale', 'transition animation scale' and 'animator duration scale' all to "0.5x". UI animations will seem twice as fast after doing this.
If the ROM becomes slow over time, do a reboot.
And try not to do a lot of stuff in the first few seconds when SD card scanning is going on, sync is going on or when apps are updating in the background. Its not right to complain of "this/that doesnt work" or lag when you do that

Some cool tips and tricks to improve your MIUI experience(taken from the official site):

Tips, tricks and shortcuts

Download link:

Download link for version 3.2.8


1. In recovery, wipe data if you are coming from any ROM other than MIUIv4 JB (even if you are upgrading from beta to stable, wipe is needed), and format /system (this needs to be done even while upgrading from older version)
2. Flash the ROM and then gapps
3. Wipe cache and dalvik cache.
4. Reboot. First boot takes time, be patient.

Older versions:

3.1.11 Download link
Download link 1
Download link 2

MIUIv4 Alternative version (2.10.26)

Q: Woah! I expected a newer version, and you released an older one?

A: Yes, and there's a major reason for that.
Versions later than 2.10.26 (including the previously released 2.11.30) require authorization from Xiaomi to apply themes.

Q: So, what's wrong with that?

A: Xiaomi obviously had good intentions while taking this step, like the newly planned category of paid(premium) themes and using authorization to prevent its misuse, but it causes some problems in using themes. You simply cannot use external themes (downloaded from outside theme manager) since the authorization is rejected. In some cases, even themes downloaded using the manager give error "not downloaded from the official market" due to a bug. Boot animations also could not be applied sometimes due to the bug.

Q: Ok, but what about the improvements between 2.10.26 and 2.11.30? Wont i have to sacrifice those?

A: Yes, but though there may seem to be a lot of changes in the changelog in every new version, the overall experience difference is minor, or hard to notice unless you are upgrading from/downgrading to a version which differs by, say a couple of months or more.
In short, you will hardly feel the difference. If you like to apply external themes and even try out lots of themes from the market (theme manager), then this is the version for you. All later versions have the authorization problem listed above.


If you are satisfied with your current MIUI 2.11.30, you can continue with it. This version contains no other change, other than the one regarding the themes, listed above.

1. If you are coming from version 2.11.30 stable, backup data using "backup" app in security center, and backup apps.

2. Reboot into recovery, format /system

3. Flash ROM, gapps

4. Make a full wipe (data, cache, dalvik cache) and reboot
If you dont wipe data, you may get phone app FC. To tell you how easy it is to backup and restore data in MIUI, I included steps 1 and 5

5. Restore data backed up in step 1 (system settings, call logs, contacts, sms etc. in "backup" app and apps using whatever you used to backup, like Titanium Backup)

Download link

Q: Will the next version you release be even older than this?

A: Who knows.... maybe
It all depends on whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

Standard disclaimer:
I am not responsible if anything goes wrong with your phone.

If someone has posted a bug and you have the same bug, just thank their post or wait. No need to flood with the same bug reports.
Small problems such as some app related problems can be dealt with at a later stage.

  • RC and the rest of the CM team for all their work
  • MIUI team (especially the Nexus S team and Photon team headed by Th3bill)
  • pengus77 for his Kowalski kernel, and for all his work for the O2x
  • TheBo and Baobub for testing the ROM
  • Wajk and bihariel for their previous MIUI ROMs which i used, and which inspired me to make this ROM
  • All the other devs for inspiration (PM me if i missed anyone )

If you post any bug due to not following the above instructions or tips, I may not answer
Regards and thanks.


  • As usual, lots of changes in MIUI from version 3.1.11 to 3.2.8. For official MIUI changelog, refer to
  • Fixed stock clock widget bug
  • Overall improvement in performance compared to previous version
  • Removed Jinshan Guard, which causes minor lags and delays
  • Updated kowalski kernel to latest version 100p1
  • Updated to version 3.1.11
  • Included Kowalski kernel

  • Added base updater to update CM10 base to 22/12 nightly

  • Added alternative version 2.10.26

Stable release
  • USB Mass storage is now fully functional (you can transfer files between your computer and external sd as well as internal sd)
  • Themes now fully functional. You can apply an entire theme now
  • Ringtone changing bug fixed
  • Home launcher now stable
  • All clock widgets now work

  • Stock launcher is a lot more stable now
  • Default camera app(Camera ICS) now records upto full HD videos (as well as regular photos)
  • Updated base to latest official CM10 nightly (26th Nov)
  • Backup launcher changed to Xiaomi MiHome from Trebuchet

  • Initial release
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Name:	Screenshot_2012-12-05-18-06-18.jpg
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5th December 2012, 11:21 AM |#2  
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Base updater for MIUIv4 (for both 2.10.26 and 2.11.30)

Updates your MIUIv4 ROM base to the latest 22/12 CM10 nightly

Brings your MIUIv4 ROM up to date with RC's latest fixes for our phone. People have been reporting improved wifi battery drain and some other improvements with the newer nightly builds.

Flash directly in recovery, without wiping data or formatting /system
If you want to use the addons, you need to flash the supercharger, kernel, tonyp_dpi_changer addons(whichever you want among these) again after flashing this update.


1. Reboot into recovery and flash this update
2. Flash addons. If you are using all 3 addons, flash supercharger first, then the kernel and tonyp_dpi_changer in any order

3. Wipe cache, dalvik cache and reboot

Download link
Since it is a common updater, for 2.10.26 too, the version will show as 2.11.30 in "About phone" after update, without supercharger. Dont worry, its still 2.10.26 for you


Recommended kernel by pidocchio here

1)Kernel compiled from source with 32MB RAM hack by wkpark and other tweaks by benee and feav

2) V6 Supercharger by zeppelinrox and other performance tweaks for MIUIv4 (Highly recommended addon!)

Warning: There are separate versions of this for 2.10.26 and 2.11.30
Make sure that you flash the right version

  • V6 supercharger by zeppelinrox. It is entirely his work, and here is the link to his thread
    Contains 100% supercharged version (with supercharged services.jar and init script) already configured, and baked into the ROM
  • Kernel compiled from source by feav, containing 24 MB RAM hack by wkpark, and touch boost driver by benee (This does not contain the zram script since it conflicts with supercharger). These are the work of the above 3, and they deserve credits for those


1.If you had installed performance pack earlier, remove zram init script from /system/etc/init.d
Or else, alternatively, you can just format /system and reflash the ROM and gapps in recovery.

2. Flash the supercharger zip

3. wipe cache, dalvik cache and reboot
If before rebooting, CWM gives a warning saying that "root access may be lost. fix?" select yes


Download link for 2.10.26 v6 supercharger

Download link for 2.11.30 v6 supercharger

Enjoy your supercharged phone and dont forget to thank the devs who made this possible

If you like this addon, you can thank feav and benee on this thread and over here and wkpark on his thread.

3) MIUI control panel for 2.10.26 (including app drawer addon)

This is andy thomson's "extended settings" or control panel to allow further customization. Has various settings such as clock location change,carrier options, overscroll options, changing color of anything on the status bar, app drawer etc.

Check the attached screenshot where the clock position has been set to centre, and carrier, clock and battery indicator colors have been changed (i know its not a good color combo, but this is just for demo ) using this.

How to enable app drawer from MIUI control app (instructions by gh.rohit)
Go to MIUI Control Panel:

1. Go to "App drawer Options"
2. Select your pull down Location preference
3. Click "Auto Start" to "On"
4. Enable it, press back key button ( Do not close app from task killer )
5. Go to any screen and click ~just below~ (aprox 1mm) the statusbar at your chosen location and hold until a new pulldown appears


Flash in recovery, wipe cache and dalvik cache and reboot

Due to low RAM, the jb control panel/app drawer process may get killed off, thus the app drawer may disappear. To prevent this, you can make the app bulletproof using the V6 supercharger (after you installed it from the previous post)

Download link
Link to andy thomson's thread is here.

4) DPI changer by tonyp

Also very useful for people who have used PA for a long time, and used to smaller dpi.
(It is not per-app based like in PA, but still very good)

Link to tonyp's post where you can download this:

All credit to him, I just tested it with this ROM and it works fine. You can set grid size as 4x5 in launcher settings.

To make the UI transitions faster, you can use the good old standard tip:
Go to settings->developer options
Set 'window animation scale', 'transition animation scale' and 'animator duration scale' all to "0.5x". UI animations will seem twice as fast after doing this
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5th December 2012, 11:21 AM |#3  
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MIUIv4 3.2.8 Multilanguage pack!
For both bootloaders!

This is a significant update to the multilanguage pack since it has the following major changes:

1. External SD mounting bug finally fixed!
2. French language finally added!
3. Stock clock widget bug fixed

Languages supported:
  1. English
  2. Chinese
  3. Polish
  4. Dutch
  5. Italian
  6. Korean
  7. Spanish
  8. Danish
  9. Russian
  10. Arabic
  11. Ukrainian
  12. German
  13. Hebrew
  14. Hungarian
  15. Slovak
  16. Czech
  17. Greek
  18. Turkish
  19. Vietnamese
  20. French

Download link

If you cant change ringtone, flash this fix.

1. Flash the English (original) ROM normally first
2. Boot into the ROM and complete the setup in English, till the homescreen appears
3. Flash the ML pack without wiping data. Only wipe cache and dalvik cache and reboot

Use gapps-lite attached below, since regular gapps wont fit into system partition along with the multilanguage pack

Older versions:

Multilanguage pack for version 3.1.11:
Download link

MIUI v4 2.11.30 Multilanguage ROM

Read this post entirely if you want to use this!
Use this if you are uncomfortable with English or Chinese language. So if you are happy with using the original English/Chinese version, no need of this.

This is supposed to be flashed over the English ROM without wipe, so read the following instructions carefully. You need both the ROM zip files(English as well as multilanguage) for this.
Only for users who are not comfortable with English language ROM.
I have also uploaded a special gapps-lite of reduced size for this multilanguage ROM, since full gapps wont fit into /system partition (it fits fine with English-only version). Flash this gapps-lite, not regular one.


If you are already using the English version
1. In recovery, format /system
2. Flash ROM, gapps-lite
3. Wipe cache, dalvik cache and reboot (dont wipe data)

If you are doing a fresh install
1. In recovery, format /system and flash English ROM
2. wipe data, cache, dalvik cache and reboot
3. complete the setup in english (you can press "skip" whereever possible)
4. Reboot into recovery and format /system
5. flash ML ROM, gapps-lite
6. wipe cache, dalvik cache and reboot (dont wipe data here)

Download links:



If Theme manager does not work, try the version attached below (overwrite in /system/app and set permission to rw-r--r--)
Theme manager may work only in English, and all other stuff should work in other languages too.
Remember that this is experimental. It should not cause any harm to your phone, but i cant guarantee that it will work on your phone (though i tested it).
Some translations may be broken, but many should work.
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Name:	Screenshot_2012-12-05-21-14-05.jpg
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Name:	Screenshot_2012-12-05-21-14-25.jpg
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ID:	1546209   Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2012-12-05-21-16-21.jpg
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Size:	115.4 KB
ID:	1546210  
Attached Files
File Type: apk ThemeManager.apk - [Click for QR Code] (881.5 KB, 247 views)
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5th December 2012, 11:35 AM |#4  
tr@p's Avatar
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Subscribed. I'll follow this, and try it for sure. Probably the CM10 bugs are present. Hopefully that will be fixed soon (P990 sources). Cheers mate!
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5th December 2012, 11:52 AM |#5  
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Will try once the call bug is confirmed working, likely when source released by LG...
5th December 2012, 11:53 AM |#6  
Lord Inglip's Avatar
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Awesome! Downloading now!

Sent from my LG-P990 using xda app-developers app
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5th December 2012, 12:05 PM |#7  
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Sick! Thanks. I'll wait for official release and sources and some bug squashing before trying it though. I really want to but I have to have a stable phone now.
Anyway - thank you for your hard work, Rugglez!
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5th December 2012, 12:06 PM |#8  
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thank u for the port will be good to see miui jb stable on o2x! i will test it
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5th December 2012, 12:22 PM |#9  
leandroprez26's Avatar
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Thank's Bro, I will test when i go Home.
+1 for you.
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5th December 2012, 12:46 PM |#10  
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Thanks everyone!

Originally Posted by heavencanwait

Sick! Thanks. I'll wait for official release and sources and some bug squashing before trying it though. I really want to but I have to have a stable phone now.
Anyway - thank you for your hard work, Rugglez!

Its not as unstable as you may think

We may never get official MIUI beyond what exists now, so that wait may never end
Most of the features work. I just tried to say that its an initial release, so there could be bugs which i have not seen yet, but backup and give it a try, you may find it stable enough for daily use too
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5th December 2012, 01:08 PM |#11  
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Wow, just... wow... Smooth fast and stable... Love it. Just the issue with MIUIlauncher, but trebuchet works great for me

Great work!
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