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[Team Kernelizers][How To][SPR][TK MOD 1.0.4]KT747 Kernel Tweaks-Updated 5-14-13

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By galaxys3man30, Senior Member on 6th December 2012, 04:16 PM
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Welcome to Team Kernalizers's SPRINT Thread. This thread will attempt to teach you and show you how to maximize the performance and battery life of your GS3 running the KT747 kernel by Ktoonsez.

In this thread, you will learn everything you need to know about Governors, I/O Schedulers, Underclocking (UC), Overclocking (OC), Undervolting (UV) and the KTweaker application. We will also provide you with pre-configured tweaks to use.

This is a friendly support community. You can post your benchmarks, battery stats, feedback and settings. We will also help troubleshoot any problems that you may encounter while using this kernel and our tweak packages.


Please consider these rules before using this thread:
1. Follow XDA Forum rules (
2. There will be NO FLAMING, NO SPAMMING, NO HARRASMENT of any kind. These will not be tolerated. You have been warned!
3. Search the thread first before asking questions. Most likely, your question may have been answered already.
4. If you are stuck and need help, DO NOT post comments like "this is not working". It will be ignored. You must provide necessary information like ROM Type (AOSP/TW), Kernel Version, OC, UV ...etc. You get the picture. The more you provide the better we can help
5. Please allow time for the team to find an answer if we can’t figure it out we know enough people to help us out finding a answer thank you
6. Be Patient We have our own personal lives outside of here. Allow the team some time to find answers. We will do our best to help.
7. If you post screenshots, you are allowed a maximum of 3 screenshots.
8. Keep posts/threads on-topic
By post in this thread, you are agreeing to the above rules.

  • Galaxys3Man30
  • mw86
  • Ramondal
  • clothednblack1
  • RErick
  • chinkybean
  • daniel4653
  • steelers_exe
  • crazymook
  • castle_bravo
  • luis86dr
  • MorphiousGX
  • TexasEpic4G for awesome banners he makes for us!!!!!

Supported Devices

AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIII :
Sprint Samsung Galaxy SIII:
T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SIII:
Verizon Samsung Galaxy SIII:
USCELLULAR Samsung Galaxy SIII:[SUPPORT]-(Kernel)-ktoonsez-kt747

ktoonsez - For giving us this amazing kernel and the plethora of options available with it. His thread his here Make sure to thank him!
All of the Team Kernelizers members for their tweaks and dedication and help
All of the testers, and followers

All of the ROM developers out there for making our phones fun to use

And of course our Friendly Forum Moderator:


Team Kernalizers members, Ktoonsez, and ROM developers are not responsible for bricked devices or any other device issues you experience as a result of using information in this thread.

Every phone is different, especially since it was found that we have slow, nominal, and fast variations.
Tweaks provided are extremely experimental and should be avoided by beginners and people who have important responsibilities tied to the usage of their phone.

You Have Been Warned: Use of any information, tweaks and applications in this thread at your own risk. You assume full responsibility for your own actions.
Team Kernelizers Tweaks

All of our TK bin files will be available here:
From Phone:
From PC:

Reporting Tools

Huge thanks to MorphiousGX for our live report form. Please report battery usages at these links.
We will use this information to help make better adjustments to our tweaks. It will collect the necessary information to make sure people compare apples to apples*

You can also view results after you submit, and filter on any of the questions asked (i.e. Tweaker's name, governor, release date..etc).

The form can be found here*
The results can be viewed here*

If you have any feedback (good or bad) please feel free to let MorphiousGX know he maintains it and you all should thank him.

Team Kernelizers Proudly Presents

TK Mod 1.0.4-REV 4



  • Bin File Rename
  • Individual renaming of the following bin Files for battery savings:
  • gsiff_daemon
  • mpdecision
  • qosmgr
  • smd
  • smdexe
  • Renames bin files with .bak
  • Bin File Restore
  • Individual restoring of the following bin files:
  • gsiff_daemon
  • mpdecision
  • qosmgr
  • smd
  • smdexe
  • Restores bin files to their original state.
  • Mods
  • KT747 Bootanimation Fix:
  • Use only if bootanimation is broken. Usually occurs on TW Roms.
  • Team Kernelizers TouchWiz Build Prop Tweaks
  • Team Kernelizers AOSP Build Prop Tweaks
  • Restore of Original TouchWiz Build Prop
  • Restore of Original AOSP Build Prop


Located in TKMod zip

Contest Splash Screens

You now have access to all Team Kernelizers Contest Splash Screens in one zip!
1st Place Splash Screen:
2nd Place Splash Screen:
3rd Place Splash Screen:
4th Place Splash Screen:
5th Place Splash Screen:
6th Place Splash Screen:
7th Place Splash Screen:
8th Place Splash Screen:
9th Place Splash Screen:
10th Place Splash Screen:
11th Place Splash Screen:
Stock Splash Screen: Reverts to Original Splash Screen.

Thanks from luis86dr

  • Edgehood for answering all my questions about Aroma! Thanks buddy!
  • steelers_exe for his awesome splash screen for Aroma Installer.
  • RErick for his build prop updater script & for providing Splash Screen zips.
  • mw86 for his build prop tweaks.
  • GMan for testing and helping me. Also for providing mirrors!
  • decimalman for making the build prop script work!
  • Ktoonsez for such a awesome Kernel and inspiring us to do what we do.
  • Everyone who helped with testing!
  • Team Kernelizers for being so damn awesome!

Known Bugs

Splash Screens will only work on TouchWiz
Working on finding out the cause of these issues. Please report bugs in either of the Team Kernelizers threads.
This is still in Beta, more is yet to come!!!!!!

Kernel Information

General Installation Instructions (for both TW and AOSP):
1. Download correct version of kernel for your device and rom. This is important as you may brick your phone is you use the wrong version.
2. Flash kernel using your preferred recovery
3. Do the following AFTER installing the kernel and BEFORE you reboot your phone:
a. Clear cache
b. Clear dalvik
c. Fix Permissions
4. Reboot your device.
TW Specific Kernel Instructions:
(can be used with AOSP too)

There are some files on your TouchWiz phone that need to be renamed in order to maximize the battery life of your phone. There has been some debate on whether or not this is necessary, but for now we would recommend renaming these files to ensure that there is no chance of excessive battery drain.

Part 1:

These steps are only necessary on TouchWiz ROMs, however you can also do this on AOSP as well:
1. You must have ROOT. You will need to have a root enabled file explorer on your phone (ES File Explorer works very well and you can get it from the play store ( When you get it, open it up and go the the settings and scroll all the way down until you see the Root Settings. Go in there and enable ALL of the root settings.
2. After that is done, navigate to your root folders using the Folder Up icon at the top. Once you are in your root folders, navigate to /system/bin and locate the following files. You will need to rename them with a ".bak" at the end of the filename
gsiff_daemon --> gsiff_daemon.bak
mpdecision --> mpdecison.bak
qosmgr --> qosmgr.bak
smd --> smd.bak
smdexe --> smdexe.bak
Renaming these files will not harm your phone. Many users rename these files every time they flash a rom, and no damge is done.
Also, some ROMs come with these files renamed or deleted entirely, so if you don’t find a file, don’t be alarmed.
You have to do this every time you flash the ROM and/or Kernel.
If you feel uncomfortable doing this yourself, you can use the TK-MOD (see Downloads section) and it will handle this for you.

Part 2:

Stopping mpdecision from being called:
1. Open terminal emulator and type the following code:
2. When terminal emulator asks for root permission hit 'Grant' or 'Allow'.
3. At the # prompt type:
stop mpdecision
Using Rom Toolbox ( we will make a script that will stop mpdecision from being called at each boot so you don't need to use terminal emulator each time
1. Open Rom Toolbox and scroll down to the Scripter option
2. In the scripter, click the “+” button in the top right corner, then select 'Create'
3. Type a name for our new script, lets call it “stop mpdecision”
4. In the commands enter the following text:
stop mpdecision
5. Hit the disk icon to save it
6. Select the script that you just created and a dialog box should pop up, select set at boot
Were done here

AOSP Specific Kernel Instructions:

When coming from a 3.0 Kernel to a 3.4 Kernel there is a new method with kernel updates. Skipping these steps will cause phone instability, due to some bad data left behind. This is a flaw in the Android OS, not the application. You must follow the instructions below (Thanks ktoonzs for the new method of the ktweaker app)
1. Go to Settings on the phone
2. Go to app manager then all apps
3. Scroll down to ktweaker app n open it
4. Once open hit FORCE STOP and then hit CLEAR DATA
5. Reboot and flash your new update of ktoonzs kernel
6. Repeat steps 1-4 in the above “General Installation” section
You should be good to go after that

Resources & Useful Links


I've been following along and will be so bold as to put in my two cents worth. I am a general/vascular surgeon. I got into Android because I was pissed off about a tablet I had that Toshiba wouldn't update. That lead me to y'all in time. I cannot say enough about how much respect I have for the Android and XDA development community. You truely "stick it to the man" while making the platform better.

I have been following the events related to Exit_Only and can say that while I have a hard time understanding the details of what is evolving I do understand that he, as well as all of you on the TK team, have helped me and my ability to communicate with my patients and my colleagues using a phone that does a lot more than its manufacturers or carrier would have it do.

We have "kanging" in medicine too. As a matter of fact it is written into the Hippocratic Oath IMO. What we do not tolerate in medicine is claiming credit for another doctor's work, although we are free to use it to benefit our patients as long as we do not claim glory for ourselves.

Kudos to EO for defending his hard work and kudos to all the rest of y'all for rising to his defense. I would be proud to support a TK website if that is the direction you wish to go in. I only wish I was more knowledgeable and could contribute in a more technical way. With your help I will get there.

I'm sorry if I am off topic but I had to speak.
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6th December 2012, 04:48 PM |#2  
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*Users with Ktweaker settings reseting: Freezing system tuner and or rom toolbox is a possible fix for either min/max mhz, scheduler or governor resetting in Ktweaker. Another way could be making a backup of your settings, clear data on ktweaker, reboot and restore settings twice as not all apply right first time and reboot again with restore settings immediately at boot.

*Ktweaker Issues if on Kt747 Kernel: could have issues on roms like Freegs3 and it is noted that if you prefer to use Ktweaker to set your settings vs script than make sure no conflicting script is running for example check /system/etc/initd/ for 70tweaks and remove or place somewhere for safe keeping to prevent conflicts with Ktweaker for example min max changing or voltage tables, governor or scheduler. This script in the example is Freezas script to set phone based on screen on and off and current battery level for example of some of its functions, there is nothing wrong with using scripts nor is there a problem with this script in particular. Just be aware there will be conflicts if used in conjunction with Ktweaker and or setcpu and the like.

Ktoonservative governor presets from our thread


Ktoonservative 50 30 67 68 Freecharlesmanson tunables

Ktoonservative 50 30 85 80 docnas tunables

Ktoonservative 33 11 99 35

Ktoonservative 42 11 99 99

Ktoonservative 75 11 95 75 tunables


-#*note#* (you can get away with one of these high threshold tunings and not feel laggy by using touch booster set to 384mhz on booster one and for touch two 486mhz which should help response time on any interactive action where in you touch the screen and immediately resume the normal minimum mhz as during touch boost the cpu still ramps based on load over the touch boost values if and as needed. It provides less frequency steps to target frequency during interactive use)*! 384/486 being conservative and 702mhz touch boost 1 756mhz touch boost 2 for more response and still will not be over target frequency during interactive use.
Ktoonservative 75 90 95 99 single core

Ktoonservative 85 94 95 99 single core 12 31 2012

Ktoonservative 60 35 97 75 Castle Bravo

Ktoonservative 60 35 90 70 Daniel4653

Ktoonservative 65 45 99 99 tunables

Ktoonservative 65 55 99 99 tunables old revision

Ktoonservative 65 45 97 95 Castle Bravo


Jcdominguez chart
[Light usage] SIO> ZEN> NOOP> Deadline > BFQ > CFQ [medium/heavy usage]

Battery Saving:
-Noop: best battery savings for all mobile but not the best data rates. Considered a simple i/o
-SIO: similar to noop but uses a little more battery with benefit of some deadlines.
-Zen: Combo of noop, sio and deadline.

-BFQ: a good balance of battery and performance.
*tuning for solid state storage
# Freecharlesmanson tunables original
# MW86 tunables (use if above tuning resets ever time)

Performance with battery secondary:
-Row: fastest latencies on reads over all governors but may have the highest battery drain. Read Over Write.
#performance tuning Castle Bravo

-Schedulers/Governors Explained (thanks droidphile) (thanks for link Clothednblack)

(thanks Grift) (thanks for link Clothednblack)

Extra low Voltage Table:

! #@$ do not try this table if you have not tried the one in post one above. This is much lower and likely not okay for every phone but has been a non issue on mine and for a few others.
2106mhz: 1290 mV
1998mhz: 1260 mV
1890mhz: 1225 mV
1809mhz: 1200 mV
1728mhz: 1175 mV
1674mhz: 1160 mV
1512mhz: 1150 mV
1458mhz: 1145 mV
1404mhz: 1140 mV
1350mhz: 1135 mV
1296mhz: 1125 mV
1242mhz: 1110 mV
1188mhz: 1100 mV
1134mhz: 1085 mV
1080mhz: 1075 mV
1026mhz: 1035 mV
972mhz: 1025 mV
918mhz: 1010 mV
864mhz: 1000 mV
810mhz: 985 mV
756mhz: 975 mV
702mhz: 935 mV
648mhz: 925 mV
594mhz: 910 mV
540mhz: 900 mV
486mhz: 885 mV
384mhz: 880 mV
192mhz: 875 mV
144mhz: 870 mV
96mhz: 865 mV

Low Rider Volt Table

-note may not be stable using the same volts but a higher maximum mhz
-if the above table or the one in post one are not stable do not attempt to load these
-Thanks goes to Clothednblack1
1242 MHz - 995mV
1188 MHz - 975mV
1134 MHz - 950mV
1080 MHz - 945mV
1026 MHz - 930mV
972 MHz - 915mV
918 MHz - 910mV
864 MHz - 855mV
810 MHz - 850mV
756 MHz - 835mV
702 MHz - 820mV
648 MHz - 805mV
594 MHz - 835mV
540 MHz - 825mV
486 MHz - 805mV
384 MHz - 785mV
192 MHz - 775mV
144 MHz - 765mV
96 MHz - 700mV this may be too low for some

General Tips for faster UI

-enable Hwoverlay and force gpu rendering (leave out Hwoverlay on touchwiz to prevent a noted video playback issue)

-Disable animations and transitions on launcher (or set to as fast as possible)

-Use Launcher options to force launcher into memory like in Nova Launcher (Thanks Pberge)

Create localprop and force app in memory thanks nonato

- Go to terminal type su hit enter
-Type all of the following and hit enter to add an app to local.prop and force it in memory. Nova Launcher would be as follows. If local.prop doesn't exist the command will create it.

echo sys.keep_app_1=com.teslacoilsw.launcher-1 >> /data/local.prop

-(Thanks nonato for posting this trick in Seeder thread.)

Fix Gtalk fully disable if it was removed and causing a wakelock (needs credit need to find poster of this)

Cyanogenmod Based tweaks

-enable memory management options

-disable dithering (dithering on smooths color transitions off can show a banding effect) (if not on a CM based rom the use dithering 0 build prop has same effect)

-16bit transparency (close to half the bandwidth needed for 24/32bit color)

Rename these files on Touchwiz as pictured in System/Bin to prevent unnecessary battery drain (thanks for pic Jcdominguez)

Thread on Touchwiz safe to remove apps GS3 (Thanks Vegas Rooted)

User suggestions for removable apps (Touchwiz)

Stop MPDECISION on a 4.2.1 Rom

- Navigate like in this pic to system/etc

- Open
- Go to line 223 (i use droidedit free at play store to edit the file it makes it easy to find line numbers)
- Place cursor in front of mpdecision and insert a #. Save the file and exit and reboot. Thats all thats necessary to prevent stopping mpdecision from starting or showing errors over and over in logcat on Android AOSP 4.2.1.

-*Credit goes to Decimalman thank you

Info on ROW Scheduler
-*Thanks CastleBravo

-tested on Freegs3(4.1.1), Goodness(4.1.1)rom, Paranoid Android(4.1.2), Chemistry(4.1.1), Unofficial AOKP(4.2.1), PACman(4.1.2), Cm10.1 nightly(4.2.1), Kiljoy(4.1.1)

- Build prop i use and has been tested on 4.1.1/4.1.2/4.2.1
- Gtojim and I are running these without issues. Tested on freegs3, cm10.1, Paranoid android and PAKman (#*has not been tested with Morphology need feedback*#)
-credit for the build props goes to Rom Toolbox and an XDA member Custodian. Thank you Custodian.
- Directions same as other build props we have listed. Until we have an easy install script this is for advanced users only who already have experience editing build.prop. I will always suggest using rom toolbox to do so vs manually editing your build prop file. Do not add all of them in without checking if the value exists already. You don't want double lines that one says the line and true and the other false, its hard to say but one may override the other. THIS IS NOT A BUILD PROP IT IS A SIMPLE TEXT FILE WITH ALL THE ONES I USE. THE BUILD PROP ENTRY IS TO THE LEFT OF THE EQUAL SIGN AND THE VALUE USED IS TO THE RIGHT OF THE EQUAL SIGN. YOU MUST SEARCH AND REPLACE OR ADD THEM MANUALLY.
-whats included in the build prop list:
debug.sf.nobootanimation=1 (set to 0 to reenambe Bootanimation or do not use this build prop)

AOSP only

Touchwiz Only

Systctrl settings via Init.d (requires kernel with init.d support or enable initd with RyuInfernos apk link at bottom) (tested on same roms as Build Prop)

- * Thanks Zeppelinrox for talking some settings over with me.

- Help entropy pool
- read_wakeup_threshold to 1366
- write_wakeup_threshold to 128
- Init.d for systctrl with the above set already and other optimized values

- Here guys this one is without anything special for entropy the values related to it are set to default on this one
- read_wakeup_threshold 64
- write_wakeup_threshold 128
- randomize_va_space 2

- Instructions:
Download. Using a file explorer, i like es file explorer go up from internal storage with a root explorer till you are at / you should see system, sys and much more. Go to /system/etc/initd/ and paste this file in there. Select it and go to properties of the file and select permissions. Change them to rwxrwxrwx. In other words enable read, write and execute for the three options user, system and other or whichever they are called. Now exit and reboot. Now at boot systctrl are applied. These are the presets system tuner sets plus a few tweaks by Freecharlesmanson (if you see him please be sure to give him thanks) and a fix for entropy where noted above.

- What is changed in the two systctrl (initd commands are as follows in the above files except the settings mentioned) (you can pick and choose and make your own initd script):
echo "524288" > /proc/sys/fs/file-max
echo "32000" > /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_queued_events
echo "256" > /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_instances
echo "10240" > /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches
echo "10" > /proc/sys/fs/lease-break-time
echo "64" > /proc/sys/kernel/random/read_wakeup_threshold
echo "128" > /proc/sys/kernel/random/write_wakeup_threshold
echo "65536" > /proc/sys/kernel/msgmax
echo "2048" > /proc/sys/kernel/msgmni
echo "10" > /proc/sys/kernel/panic
echo "'500 512000 64 2048'" > /proc/sys/kernel/sem
echo "268435456" > /proc/sys/kernel/shmmax
echo "524288" > /proc/sys/kernel/threads-max
echo "2" > /proc/sys/kernel/randomize_va_space
echo "10485760" > /proc/sys/net/core/optmem_max
echo "8388608" > /proc/sys/net/core/rmem_default
echo "65536" > /proc/sys/net/core/wmem_default
echo "524288" > /proc/sys/net/core/rmem_max
echo "524288" > /proc/sys/net/core/wmem_max
echo "'10485760 10485760 10485760'" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_mem
echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_no_metrics_save
echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_rfc1337
echo "0" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_ecn
echo "'6144 87380 524288'" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_rmem
echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_tw_recycle
echo "'6144 87380 524288'" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_wmem
echo "35" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_ratio
echo "40" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_background_ratio
echo "5" > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness
echo "900" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_expire_centisecs
echo "300" > /proc/sys/vm/dirty_writeback_centisecs
echo "100" > /proc/sys/vm/vfs_cache_pressure
echo "95" > /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_ratio
echo "3" > /proc/sys/vm/page-cluster
echo "4096" > /proc/sys/vm/min_free_kbytes
echo "3" > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

Recommended Juice Defender Setup - (Thanks Clothednblack)


- Rescan Media Root (click link on phone and be sure to select launch link with play store)

- Kill Media Server (thanks for the link Jcdominguez)

-Lux Auto Brightness (set brightness lower than stock minimum brightness on any rom)

-Build Prop Editor free by Rom Toolbox maker Jrummy

-Swipe Pad (thanks Naddict) make a easy to launch multitask launcher from anywhere a shortcut to Developer Options (great for aosp Hwoverlay))

-Known Wakelocks thread (Thanks T. J. Bender)

-DS Battery Saver Pro (manage radios like juice defender with less overhead) (thanks for the link AdamDelozier)

-Battery Review Thread including extended batteries (Thanks Rlatjs17)

-Fast Reboot (closes/restarts apps and services similar to rebooting without a reboot)

-Better Batter Stats (track all forms of wake locks) (Thanks Sven Knispel)

-Carat (track and discover battery drain prone apps)

-Seeder 2.0.0b1 (Thanks Lambgx02)

-Cpu Spy (check used mhz and deep sleep usage) (Thanks Brandon Valosek)

-Universal Initd Support APK (Thanks RyuInferno) (enable check for initd support)

-Lag Fix(fs-trim) (use trim to trim blocks labeled deleted from storage where blocks are still full) (thanks AuxLV)

-CrossBreeder Combo MOD (combines three discussed entropy lag/lockup tweaks)

-Flashable Recoveries (please thank Naddict for this amazing resource)
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6th December 2012, 04:57 PM |#3  
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Originally Posted by galaxys3man30


jelly bombed SGS3 jelly bomber 4 life

Thank you good sir! Testing now..

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6th December 2012, 05:00 PM |#4  
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Great job galaxys3man30, well written, easy to understand.
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6th December 2012, 05:13 PM |#5  
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I'M understanding that people are having problems getting it to work i will explain what you have to do there a few steps that you have to do to get it to work

STEP 1: Always make sure you use the wifi tether that is baked into your settings the one in your toggles want work

STEP 2: Open it up and for the those of ya'll that's using it for the first time it will take about 45 seconds before you can use it because its has to get all the permissions from SU so once that is done tap on the wifi sign and start broadcasting the tether

STEP 3: Now you need to hit your menu button on your phone and you will see access control tap on it and enable this will let whatever you wanting to connect to the wifi tether see that it is there

STEP 4: Now go to your laptop,gaming system and etc etc and click on android wifi tether that is your phone

STEP 5: Now go to back to your phone and open up the access control and you should see mac address and ssid there with box's to be check them these are the device trying to connect to your tether now that you have check the box's hit apply at the bottom of the screen and that gives your device access to the internet

Hope this helps everyone that is having a problem with it
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6th December 2012, 05:16 PM |#6  
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I'M always open for suggestions please let me know what ya'll want to have a how to on and i will get one up on it
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6th December 2012, 05:34 PM |#7  
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Thank you to everyone involved to figure out and provide this for us.

Thanks for the great write up. Very easy to follow.

3 questions.

1: What is TPR?
2: What exactly are the process you had us stop used for? Just curious.
3: Do I want to run a particular I/O scheduler? I am using your suggested current Ktoonz governor tweaks.

Thank you again,
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6th December 2012, 05:36 PM |#8  
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Thanks for this! Went ahead and stopped the mpdecision with the mw86 tweaks, Koonservative gov and bfq scheduler. Time to full charge and give it a run
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6th December 2012, 05:45 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by WhiteiceDMSTech

Thank you to everyone involved to figure out and provide this for us.

Thanks for the great write up. Very easy to follow.

3 questions.

1: What is TPR?
2: What exactly are the process you had us stop used for? Just curious.
3: Do I want to run a particular I/O scheduler? I am using your suggested current Ktoonz governor tweaks.

Thank you again,

TPR is another rom called The Peoples Rom

The 2 files that are renamed r stop because they cause bad battery drain with ktoonsnative gov and the mpdecision is stop because it keeps core 2 going even with the tweaks I have posted so you stop it to keep core 2 running on the tweaks saves battery more less

We have found that bfq is about the best one to use but you can use whatever one you want to you use bud

jelly bombed SGS3 jelly bomber 4 life

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6th December 2012, 06:28 PM |#10  
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Great work Galaxyman. Thanks for the great words! If I see anything i can further suggest ill be sure to chime in.

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6th December 2012, 06:31 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by mw86

Great work Galaxyman. Thanks for the great words! If I see anything i can further suggest ill be sure to chime in.

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Thank you sir thank you for all ur hard work

jelly bombed SGS3 jelly bomber 4 life

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