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[DEV][OFFICIAL][2.3.8] CyanMobile eXpirience [BUILD 5]

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@CallMeVentus: Bro, you are busy, so i decided to make new nightlys!BTW, i think you ddone smth wrong, not all apps has been builded from cmx ;) Still if you are back and contacted me over pm, i will tell you some things and stop that project here, so dont worry :D

What is CyanMobile?

CyanMobile is an aftermarket ROM like CyanogenMod, 
MIUI, JoyOS, LewaOS and others that are built from source...
Absolutely built from source based on CyanogenMod 7 
(Gingerbread v2.3.7) and modifications from AOSP and AOKP
Thanks To CyanogenMod Team, AOKP Team, and AOSP Team 
for Their Work!

CyanMobile is Short of 

*Cyan* (CyanogenMod)
*Mob* (Mobiling) 
*I* (Improving) 
*L* (Let's) 
*E* (Experiment)*

All features are based on what users do and what users need with 
lots of improvements here and there
This ROM (optimized by Gingerbread) uses updates from 
other branches (like ICS stuff, AOSP and AOKP) with reverse 
engineering or backporting skills
It can be used without any need to have any Google application (Gapps) installed..

Let us talk about what is in CyanMobile:

1. Statusbar :
 * Date
   - Show/Hide Date
   - Date Colour
 * Notications
   - Ticker Color
   - No Title Color
   - Latest Title Color
   - Ongoing Title Color
   - Clear Label Button Color
   - Title Color
   - Item Color
   - Time Color
 * Icons
   - Show/Hide Notification Icons
   - Show/Hide Statusbar Icons
   - Show/Hide Headset/Alarm/Bluetooth/Gps/Sync/Wifi/3G/4G Icon
 * Clock
   - 4 Clock styles (Right, Left, Center and Hide)
   - Clock Color
   - Clock Font Size
 * Carrier label
   - Show/Hide Carrier Label
   - Bottom Carrier Label
   - 3 Carrier Label On Statusbar Styles (Right, Left and Center)
   - Carrier Label Color
   - 4 Carrier Logo Styles (Right, Left, Center and Custom Logo)
 * Signal
   - 5 Different Styles (Bars, Text, Text w/dBm, text w/Auto Color and Hide)
   - Wifi Signal Text
 * Battery
   - 7 Different Styles (Icon, Percentage, Top Statusbar, Side Bar, Behind Statusbar, Navigation Bar and Hide)
   - 3 Different Battery Percentage Format (Default, Percentage and Full Color)
   - Statusbar Battery Color
 * Power Widget
   - 4 Different Layouts (Default, Bottom, Grid and Tab)
   - Music Widget
   - Grid Layout Customizing
 * Misc
   - Refactor New Statusbar Layout
   - Power Clock
   - Power Date
   - Weather PopUp
   - Shortcut Button
   - Show/Hide Statusbar
   - Reverse Statusbar Icons And Layout
   - Statusbar Brightness Control
   - Statusbar Fonts Size
   - Statusbar Icons Size
   - Statusbar Height Size
   - Statusbar Background
   - Statusbar Background Color
   - Notification Background
   - Notification Background Color

2. Framework :
 * Lockscreen
   - 7 Different Lockscreen Styles (Sliding Tab, Rotary, Lense, Ring, Honeycomb (beta), Circular (alpha) and Sense (beta))
   - Lockscreen Widget Color
   - Sms/Call Notifications
   - Fuzzy Clock
   - Kanji Clock
   - Custom Text Lockscreen
   - Widget Layouts
   - Pattern Styles
 * Power Saver
   - Screen Off Data Action
   - Data Action Delay
   - Sync Action
   - Sync Time Interval
   - Screen Off Wifi Action
   - Sync Data Usage
   - Mobile Data Preference
 * Application
   - Native A2SD Framework Core
   - Installation Place
 * Display
   - Bravia Engine
   - Rotation Animation
   - Window Animations
   - Transition Animations
   - LCD Density
 * Input
   - Quick Key Behavior
   - Enable/Disable Vibrate on Shutdown
   - Explorer Key
 * Power Menu
   - Show/Hide Power menu/Silent/Airplane/Profile/Screenshot/Power saver/Hibernate/Suspend Toggles
 * Fonts
   - Change Fonts System
   - Change Fonts Type
 * OverScroll
   - Effect
   - Color
   - Weight
 * Core Replacer
   - Change System Apk
   - Change Framework Apk/Jar
 * Boot/Shutdown animation and Sound
   - Preview
   - Change Bootanimation
   - Change Shutdownanimation
   - Change Bootsound
   - Reset
 * Misc
   - New Notifications Design
   - Intruder Alert is Life
   - New Dialog Design
   - Backported Some Apis From Jellybean
   - Clear Market Data
   - Global Text Color Change
   - Global App Background Change
   - Soft Button Statusbar
   - Navigation Button Bar
   - Choose Navi Button
   - Navigation Button Bar Size
   - Navigation Bar Background
   - Extend Power Menu
   - Remap Volume Keys
   - Lock Volume Keys
   - Volume Key Beeps
   - Swap Volume Keys
   - Task Switcher

3. Sound :
 * Features
   - Loop Ringtone
   - Flip Down To Mute Ringer/Snooze Alarm
   - Increasing Ringtone Volume
   - Less Frequent Notification Sound
   - Battery Full/Low Alert
   - Charging Plug/Unplug Sound

4. Tethering :
 * Features
   - Bluetooth Tether
   - Auto Usb Tether

5. Phone :
 * Features
   - Smart Phone Call
   - Back Button To End Call
   - Menu Button To Answer Call
   - Reject Call with Message
   - Allow Incall UI Touch
   - Call Me Louder While Inside Bags
   - Speed Dials
   - Video As Ringtone
   - Ring Delay
   - Export/Import SIM Contacts

6. Messaging :
 * Features
   - Bubble/Black/Transparent Theme
   - Smart Phone Call
   - Hide Avatar
   - Strip Unicode
   - Emoji Support
   - Convo List/Subject Font Size
   - Sms Vibrate Morse
   - Brutal Sender
   - Sms PopUp

7. Music :
 * Features
   - Shake To Next/Prev/Play/Pause/Shuttle Track
   - Favorite Folder
   - Flip To Play/Pause
   - Smooth Play Track

8. Locations :
 * Features
   - Enable/Disable Assisted GPS
   - GPS Tracker Performance
   - Security Device Finder

9. Performance :
 * Features
   - New I/O Scheduler Option
   - New Dithering Support
   - Enable Bootsound
   - Bootsound Volume
   - Enable Shutdownanimation
   - Gmaps Hack
   - KSM Settings
   - Battery Polling
   - Low Mem Killer Option
   - Scrolling Option
   - SD Read Ahead Size option
   - Screen Off Max CPU Freq

10. Misc :
 * Features
   - ADWLauncher Improved
   - Browser Improved
   - Calculator Improved
   - FM Radio Improved
   - File Manager Updated
   - SIM ToolKit Improved
   - Screenshots Improved
   - Task Manager
   - Voice Dialer Improved

11. All binaries and libraries are up to Date

That's it, other features that not mentioned here came from CyanogenMod 7

To Find OUT all of the features, YOU NEED TO PLAY MORE WITH THE ROM xD

CyanMobile is trying to improve all hardware functions and is always 
adding new features so it may have some bugs
and require user feedback to fix the bugs
*Button Backlight
*Hardware Acceleration
*3D (GAMES?)
*WiFi Tethering
*USB Tethering
*Sim Card
*RIL (SMS/Phone/Internet)
*All other things i didn´t mentoined in the Not Working Part :)
Not Working
*At first boot it wont BOOT! (Solution: take out Battery and boot as normal ^^)




Some more Screenshots of aviable options

Reporting Bugs

Reporting Bugs


Before reporting a bug, please make sure you are running as stock as possible. This means no custom kernel, no custom framework modification, etc. If you are using any of the above modifications, please flash the rom again to get rid of the modifications before reporting.

 - Grab a logcat right after the problem has occurred. (Please include at least a few pages of the log, not just the last few lines, unless you know what you're doing.)
 - If it is a random reboot, grab /proc/last_kmsg. (Do not bother getting a logcat unless you can get it just before the reboot. A logcat after a reboot is useless)
 - Remember to provide as much info as possible. The more info you provide, the more likely that the bug will be solved. The following is a useful format to follow.

Format: Reporting Bugs

What is your--
Phone model:
CWM version:
Gapps version:

Did you--
restore with titanium backup:
reboot after having the issue:

Are you using--
a task killer:
a non-stock kernel:
CMSettings/Performance settings (other than stock):
other modifications:

Provide any additional information (observations/frequency) of problem/last version it worked:

please remember that i cant give you all informations about the latest updates that squadzone done!

Release from 14.01.12
* Added muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch new things i cant remember :D

Release from 15.12.12
Changes from my side:
* solved first boot problem
* Checked packages, all cmx related parts-apps have been built ^^
* Woops, last sources by Squadzone! (15.12.12)
* Reworked some details in the GApps

Changes mentoined by SquadZone:
* Added Lockscreen WeatherWidget Option in Settings and general Lockscreen (backported from AOKP ICS)
* Added Statusbar Waether Widger (backported from AOKP ICS)
* Added Japanese translation for power widget toast
* StatusBar: Fixing CircleBattery layout
* fixed weather state

so thats it from the latest build by me ^^

Release from 12.12.2012

Changes from my side:
* Completely built from source!
* Gollum? where is gollum? 0.o
* Checked package, all cmx related parts-apps have been built ^^
* Woops, last sources by Squadzone! (11.12.12)

Changes mentoined by SquadZone:
* ‎[android_packages_apps_Mms_cyanmobile] Smilies translated in LitinIME.apk
* [android_packages_apps_Mms_cyanmobile] New Smilies
* [android_frameworks_base_cyanmobile] Changed current API
* [android_frameworks_base_cyanmobile] Layout Fixes for LDPI
* [android_frameworks_base_cyanmobile] Maybe fix for Analog Clock
* [android_packages_apps_Settings_cyanmobile] add tab with hidden swipe gesture
* [android_packages_apps_Mms_cyanmobile] Fixed Action Bar Image
* [android_packages_apps_DeskClock_cyanmobile] Added smth to Analog Clock :D
* [android_packages_apps_Settings_cyanmobile] Resized ActionBar
* [android_packages_apps_Mms_cyanmobile] Resized ActionBar
* [android_packages_apps_DeskClock_cyanmobile] Resized ActionBar
* [android_packages_apps_CMParts_cyanmobile] Resized ActionBar
* [android_packages_apps_CMParts_cyanmobile] Fixes for Carrier Choose not aviable
* [android_frameworks_base_cyanmobile] Fix for Analog Clock in 24 hour Mode
* [android_vendor_cyanogen_cyanmobile] Removed LDPI Settings 
* [android_frameworks_base_cyanmobile] Fixed Various FC´s in Browser and other Network Services [MY CHANGE]
Follow me on Twitter to be up to date

TIP: Press on the image -_-
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11th December 2012, 06:40 PM |#2  
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11th December 2012, 06:49 PM |#3  
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Is this still using same low-res pngs and everything from original cyanmobile from callmeventus ?
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11th December 2012, 06:57 PM |#4  
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Originally Posted by diegonnc

Is this still using same low-res pngs and everything from original cyanmobile from callmeventus ?

all is compiled from source, many things have been resized / new added / smth else

So stay chilled and enjoy a cmx like it should be
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11th December 2012, 09:27 PM |#5  
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Wow ,Android 2.3.8 ,downloading...
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11th December 2012, 09:33 PM |#6  
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Originally Posted by maniaczek1111

Wow ,Android 2.3.8 ,downloading...

There is no android 2.3.8.
Its based on cm7.

Sent from my GT-S5660 using xda app-developers app
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11th December 2012, 09:55 PM |#7  
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is there any chance to get notifications fit full screen ?
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11th December 2012, 10:23 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by SoFvip

is there any chance to get notifications fit full screen ?

anywhere are the settings for them ^^
you need to take a look yourself xD
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11th December 2012, 10:28 PM |#9  
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A question, for apps to sd use the default app or work with cronmod, link2sd?
11th December 2012, 10:30 PM |#10  
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I use Cyanmobile X 13/11/2012 by CallMeVentus...

Can i install without wipe data factory reset?

Do you include an A2SD solution like CallMeVentus version?
11th December 2012, 10:30 PM |#11  
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Will you continue this development and replace CallMeVentus? or You just replace CallMeVentus during his busy?
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