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Hey guys! I have been working on this app for a while and am now ready to start officially showing it off and get some feedback!

So what is Nandroid Manager? Well its an app that allows you to view, explore, and edit your nandroid backups!

Current features:
* Support for TWRP and Clockworkmod (v5 & v6) backups.
* Delete and rename backups.
* Verify MD5 of backups.
* Compress backups to zip.
* Extract files from backup files.
* Restore SMS data from nandroid backup.
* Restore Wifi data from nandroid backup.
* Restore Bluetooth data from nandroid backup.
* Restore call logs.
* Restore apps+data from nandroid backup.
* Restore user word dictionary.
* Flash Recovery.
* Explore contents of backup files with support for the following backup file types:
- yaffs2.img
- tar (this includeds any file that has a weird file extention but is in the tar format)
- .dup
** If you dont see your format here please let me know!
I was wondering if a member of the community that is good with graphic art stuff could possibly create a Featured Graphic and Promo Graphic for the market listing? In return I will send that person a pro key.

Feature Graphic
1024 w x 500 h
JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)

Promo Graphic
180 w x 120 h
JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)

Important info about restroing sms data:
There is a settings in the default Messaging app that deletes older messages from conversations which have more than 200 messages. When restoring1000s of messages this setting can cause a lot of problems because it keeps trying to delete messages when you try to open the conversation. If you are restoring lots of messages, then disable this setting by opening the Preferences of the Messaging app.

On some devices it can take a long time to index the new message data. If you get a blank screen or if the phone asks you to “Force Close” or “Wait” when opeing the messaging app just press “Wait” and leave the Messaging app running for a while. It will eventually finish and the app will become usable again.

Change Log
Version 2.4
* Fixed bug that caused data to not be restored on some devices.
* Stock SU is now supported on android 4.3+.
* Fixed crash when trying to view nandroid backup from Online Nandroid Backup.
* New Feature: Explore Contacts (preview)
* Translations updated.
* Removed untranslated strings.xml to reduce size of app.
* App now sets proper file permissions when opening up a nandroid backup.
* New Permission: Wakelock. Used to set partial wakelock so cpu does not sleep when restoring apps+data when screen is off.
* Fixed FC when exploring SMS messages.
* Fixed FC when trying to restore call logs from a stock samsung rom.
* Fixed FC when trying to explore SMS messages.
* Updated RootTools to RootTools v3.4.

Version 2.3.1
* UI has been improved.
* Added a navigation drawer to remove clutter and improve user experience.
* Changed some colors to make UI elements stand out better.
* Removed unused ACRA library.
* Fixed crash when trying to delete cache for nandroid backup.

Version 2.3
* Clicking Select All Not Installed when choosing apps to restore now works.
* Fixed app crash when trying to Export MMS Pictures on some devices.
* Explore text message and call logs has graduated from beta!
* Updated some icons.

Version 2.2.2
* Now using PagerTabStrip instead of ViewPagerIndicator to reduce size of app.
* Explore text messages now shows contact's name based on contacts on your device.
* Added link in setting for people to help translate the app.
* Export thread in explore text messages now uses recipients name instead of number.
* Fixed various FC's and bugs.
* Improved how call logs are displayed.

Version 2.2.1
* Added feature that allows call logs to be explored in nandroid backup without having to restore anything.
* Bug fixes.

Version 2.2
* Restore MMS messages has graduated from beta!
* Added feature that allows user to view explore text messages in nandroid backup without having to restore anything. (New feature located under the Export & Explore tab right next to Restore Data!)
* Translations updated!

Version 2.1
* Added ability to restore MMS messages. (Currently in beta)
* Fixed bug reported via the Google Play Store.
* Translations updated.

Version 2.0
* Support for restoring SMS messages on KitKat (Android v4.4.x) has been added.
* Fixed bug that caused entries to show up twice in when exploring backups made with new TWRP builds.
* Files can now be extracted from nandroid backups created with newer TWRP builds.
* Restoring of apps+data from nandroid backups created with newer builds of TWRP should now work.
* Timestamp of backup is no longer changed.
* Lots of UI improvements.
* Added caching to explore backup.
* Improved flash recovery. App will not let user know if recovery image is flashable by the app.
* Multi-volume TWRP (.win00x files) are now displayed and handled as a single file.
* Fixed bug that caused some files not to be extracted from nandroid backup.
* Cache for Restore Apps+Data is now persistent between roms and new app installs.
* Restoring of apps+data has been improved.

Version 1.4.3
* App now does a better job checking if system SU is compatible with Nandroid Manager.

Version 1.4.2
* Added support for COT-Recovery.
Version 1.4.1
* Fixed bug that prevented app data from being restored.

Version 1.4
* Improved wifi access point restore.
* Fixed small typos.
* Added ability to search for all available TWRP and CWM folders.
* Fixed app showing empty folders for TWRP.
* App now requires you to install a different superuser on 4.3 if you are using the default superuser to prevent the app not working.
* Updated translations.

Version 1.3.3
* The app now works with Android version 4.3!
* Fixed bug that caused flash zips via recovery to fail on some devices.
* Fixed force closes reported via google play.
* Fixed asec apps not being listed for some nandroid backups.
* Fixed small typo.
* Fix permissions now works on android 4.3.
* Fixed apk install fail when restoring home screen.

Version 1.3.2
* Fixed bug that caused app not to update when ever a nandroid backup was renamed.
* Export MMS pictures has graduated from beta.
* Nandroid manager is no longer listed in apps that can be restored from backup.

Version 1.3.2_beta-1
* Added ability to export mms images from nandroid backup.** In Beta **

Version 1.3.1
* Fixed bug that caused read error's when updating to new version.

Version 1.3
* Restoring bluetooth now checks to make sure the restore data is compatible with current android version.
* Call logs can now be restored from nandroid backups of stock Samsung roms to any rom.
* Home screen can now be restored from backup! ** In Beta**
* Improved support for .img files.
* Fixed flash zips via recovery problem on HP TouchPad devices.
* Fixed force close when restoring asec apps.

Version 1.2:
* Fixed bug that prevented app from opening backups made with TWRP v2.6+.
* Fixed bugs reported via google play.
* Added translations provided by the community. ** The rest of the app will be translated soon!
* Apps in the ASEC format, paid apps, and apps on SD-Card can now be restored!

Version 1.1.4:
* Fixed bug that prevented bluetooth data from being restored on jellybean devices.

Version 1.1.3
* UI has been tweaked a bit to better fit with the Online Nandroid Backup UI.
* Fixed FC's that were reported by users.
* Fixed bug that prevented MD5 hashes from being verified.

Version 1.1.2
* Fixed some user reported bugs.
* Fixed bug that prevented some TWRP folders from being auto detected.
* Various UI changes.
Version 1.1.1
* Full support for restoring data from split cwm backups.
* Added link to become beta tester in settings.
* Folders can now be extracted from nandroid backup.
* Added tips & info screen to Explore Backup.
* Added a bug reporter to report bugs specific to a certain backup.
* Backup path selector has been improved.
* Split cwm apps+data can now be fully restored.

Version 1.1
* Fixed bug that prevented apps+data from being restored.
* Clicking Compressed Backup under Extra Attributes now give you the option to decompress the backup.
* Decompressing of backups has been improved.
* Fixed bug that prevented data from being extracted from backups in some cases.
* Added support for cwm backups stored in the custom_backup folder.
* Read speed for split CWM backups has been greatly increased. 
* Extracting speed of data from split CWM has been greatly increased.

Version 1.0.6
* Fixed bug that prevented some folders from being viewed when selecting zips to flash.
* Fixed bug that prevented files from being extracted from .dup format backups. Restoring of apps data from .dup style of backups should now work!
* /mnt/shell/emulated/clockworkmod/ is now detectable.
* Improved UI. All Holo dialogs should now have a dark theme.
* Fix various other small bugs.

Version 1.0.5
* Fixed FC when doing first run of app on some devices.
* Fixed various other bugs.
* Compressed backup warning can now be set to not be shown anymore for backups.
* UI improvements.
* Fixed bug that prevented the TWRP folder from being detected on some devices.

Version 1.0.4
* Fixed bug that prevented backups from being deleted on some devices.
* Fixed various other bugs.
* Improved memory usage.
* Restore Apps+Data has been improved.
* Split CWM backups are now displayed as non-split files in Explore Backup.
* Fixed bug that prevented people from restoring their apps from nandroid backup if there were a lot of apps.

Version 1.0.3
* Fixed typo.
* Fixed FC in Flash Zip(s).
* Improved various UI elements.
* Fixed FC caused by large last_log file.
* Fixed detection of /data/media/clockworkmod on some devices.

Version 1.0
* Added info button to 'Restore Data' list items. Clicking the button will show a message dialog that will give a simple description of what each restore function does.
* Files can now be extracted to Read Only partitions /data and /system.
* Various UI improvements.
* Added link to XDA thread to preferences activity.
* Added detection of PhilZ Touch recovery.
* 'Download Recovery' will be removed until I can improved it to were it wont show wrong recoveries!
* Flashing recovery has been improved.
* Restore Nanadroid Backup has been improved for users using unofficial CWM and CWM based recoveries.
* MD5 hashes can now regenerated for backups.
* Added button for Convert Backup for future release.
* Compress backup has been improved. Path where to save compressed backup can now be chosen.
* Added a section to settings that gives credit to all the third party libraries that I use in this app!
* Added change log.
* Users can now request support for detection of their recovery if their recovery is not identified by clicking the detected recovery area under 'Recovery'.
* Added detection of Thor recovery.
* Fixed some issues with layouts.
* Added Online Nandroid Backup link under tools.
Winner of app icon contest!
The winner of the app icon contest is glimmling!


If you find a bug please let me know! I take no responsibility for loss of data or damage that may occur when using this app. Please read the instructions and information in the app very carefully before performing any operation!

Help translate the app:

Roms Included In:


Beta Tester:
Join the Nandroid Manager community to become a beta tester and receive beta builds of the app via google play:
Join Nandroid Manager Community

Nandroid Manager * ROOT
Nandroid Manager Pro
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17th December 2012, 09:04 PM |#2  
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Thank you, downloading and trying.

JB leak deodex
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20th December 2012, 09:15 PM |#3  
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I have updated the app! Download link in first post.

Whats new:
Alpha 3
* UI changes
* Added ability to restore apps + data from nandroid backup. Right now only apps in Data can be restored. Support for system apps will come soon.

Since this software is still in alpha the restore process for some app data is not perfect. If the app will not open after you restore it try clearing the app cache and if that does not work clear the app data. These issues will be fixed in next version.

* Improve restore.
* Allow user to select either App, App+data, or just data to restore.
* Add caching so user wont have to reparse data in backups

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21st December 2012, 02:12 AM |#4  
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Hope ur feature are like appextractor in the future. Gd work Bro...:thumbup:
22nd December 2012, 02:33 AM |#5  
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Looking good :thumbup:

Sent from my Android Smartphone
23rd December 2012, 05:01 AM |#6  
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The app has been updated! Link in first post!

Alpha 4
* Added options to select app+data, just app, or just data when using "Retore App+Data".
* When app is run for the first time the recovery folders are automatically found. If none is found then the user is prompted to input the folder location.
* App now tries to detect installed recovery.
* Added option to reboot into recovery from app.

Planned new Features:
* Flash new recovery such as CWM or TWRP.
* Go direclty to recovery and restore backups for users who have TWRP 2.1 or higher installed.
* Select what user wants to backup and go directly to recovery and preform backup for users who have TWRP 2.1 or higher installed.
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23rd December 2012, 02:23 PM |#7  
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looks good!
23rd December 2012, 03:07 PM |#8  
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Can we re name the backups in this app?

If not, can you add it?
23rd December 2012, 03:23 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by ross231

Can we re name the backups in this app?

If not, can you add it?

Yes, in the OP, under Current Features, 2nd thing listed is delete and rename backups

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23rd December 2012, 04:39 PM |#10  
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Congrats on making the front page! It made me come to it and give you a big thank you and a download!
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23rd December 2012, 05:35 PM |#11  
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Thanks for the app.

Rebooting into recovery doesn't work.
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