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Read before posting threads. How to make a good question.

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By stamatis, Retired Forum Moderator on 13th December 2012, 11:51 AM
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If you are about to make a new question thread please consider the following things.

Follow the rules.
  • Because your thread is going to be posted at questions and answers section it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t obey the rules. Every thread/post inside xda forum must be posted according to the rules.
  • You can find the rules here.

Don’t panic.
  • If you are panicked and trembling in fear take some deep breaths, take your time and clear your mind, being calm may guaranty an answer to your question. It will sure help you to accept the truth in case your problem can’t be solved.

  • This is the best way to get your answer. Your question maybe have been already answered. Seriously, instead of waiting 3 days for a reply to your thread you may be able to get an answer in 5 minutes. Our beloved forum provide as a very helpful tool, the search button.

  • You searched the forum but nothing? Try again with different key words.
  • Still nothing?
  • Try to search on google.
  • So you found something but you don’t understand the terms that it’s using, google them, I’m sure you will get your answer.
  • So, you didn’t find anything helpful. You can proceed on making a new thread.

Make sure that you are posting at the right sub-forum.
  • In our case make sure you have indeed an xperia x8.
  • Things are simple, if you don’t own an x8 and post your question about another phone you will just don’t get any answer and furthermore there is a high possibility of your thread being spammed with posts like “facepalm, this section is for the x8”,”dude are you drunk” and such things.
  • If it happened to make a thread in a wrong sub-forum/section the only way to move it is by kindly pm a moderator or by reporting your thread and ask for a moving.

Your question must be posted at the Q&A.
  • If you don’t know whether you must post your question at general (XRERIA X8 GENERAL) or Q&A (XRERIA X8 Q&A) section just post it at the Q&A, all question threads must be posted there.

Bump existing threads.
  • Some questions just don’t require a new thread.
  • But, make sure your question is similar to the thread’s you are reviving. Don’t use threads that are for an entire different question. Its up to your judgment to decide what thread is suitable for bumping.

Think about your question.
  • Don’t be overwhelming, take your time and think about what way is the most suitable to post your question.

Use English.
  • Before starting typing your thread make sure you are writing in English.
  • You don’t know how to speak English or you can’t write in English that well?
    Don’t worry there is a chance that your question will be answered, if you have read the rules you already know that you can post your question at your native language but its important to add a translation to English. “How to do this?” use google translator, google translator maybe wont provide an accurate translation but it will translate most of the words, and you add the post in your native language as well, because someone from the same country can help you or he can translate in detail what you posted.

4. Use the English language.

We understand that with all the different nationalities not everyone speaks English well, but please try. If you're really unable to post in English use an online translator, You're free to include your original message in your own language below the English translation.

Add a good title.
  • Every thread in order to be posted must have a title. Be smart, add an attractive one, this way more people will view your thread.
  • Your title must contain your problem in short words, if this can’t be done add a title that partially describe it, don’t add titles like “HELP”, Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp”, ”read”, ”null”.
  • Also add [Q] at your title.

Describe as much as possible.
  • 90% percent of whether your problem will be solved, depends on your question.
  • Describe in detail your problem.
  • You may add the followings:
    • Are you rooted?
    • What’s your baseband?
    • What rom are you using?
    • What kernel are you using?
    • Have you flashed any mods/scripts/themes?
    • Have you done anything to try to solve your issue?
    • Add pictures if necessary.
    Do you think that these informations aren’t needed? They are.
  • Members of this forum don’t use telepathy; you have to tell them what you have done.

Things you may avoid in your post.
  • Don’t ask “What’s the best ____”(rom, kernel, theme etc)
  • Don’t ask something before searching.
  • Be specific. Don’t write way too big or way too small posts.
  • Don’t be rude.

Wait patiently for answers.
  • Don’t pm random guys asking for help.
  • Don’t spam your question in multiple threads/posts.

Participate in your thread.
  • Answer kindly any possible question that you have being asked by those who are trying to help you.
  • Be kind to everyone.
  • Make them understand what you need/asking.
  • In any case don’t abandon your thread, people maybe want to know if at last you were able to solve your problem and what way did you follow.

Be grateful.
  • Thank everyone who helped you, sometimes those who didn’t really helped you may be great help (“in what way?” keeping your thread alive, helping rejecting way of solving and more…), so be grateful to them too.

Important general notes.
  • Be polite. Nobody will help you if you don’t have good attitude.
  • Be organized.
  • Don’t constantly bump your thread. As you problem remain unsolved, I think it’s okay if you bump your thread once a week but you may have problems with the mods if you overdoing it.
  • Don’t pm random guys.
  • Don’t demand things, nobody is forced to help you.

That’s it, I hope your problem will be solved.

If you have any comment or correction or suggestion please notify me by sending me a pm.

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