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[04-09][ROM] BugX 6.0.4 [Sense 5][4.18.401.2][AIO][Fast][Stable][Fixed Wifi]

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By Sebby, Senior Member on 24th December 2012, 11:30 AM
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Please take note ...if you take something from my rom or installers... ask me first for permission



  • Based on 4.18.401.2 Android 4.2.2 Sense 5.0 Final.
  • Require's Hboot 1.36
  • Multi-language (WWE).
  • ROM is build with the Latest Dsixda's Android Kitchen.
  • Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned.
  • Some Fixes and removed some unnecessary Stuff.
  • Unsecured boot.img.
  • Persistent ADB enabled.
  • SuperSU, Busybox and Sysro/sysrw commands support.
  • Init.d scripts support.
  • All Add-ons and Mods can be installed tru Aroma Installer.
  • Aroma only system Partition format for Updating."]This option does not install the data/apps again[/COLOR]).
  • Aroma restore's now your selected settings(Don't work if you format the data partition before you run aroma installer).
  • Widget Scanner script
  • Seb's Wipe script
  • Beautiful BugX Bootanimations
  • Choose between 21 different battery mods
  • Choose between 3 different Seb's HighDef connectivity mods
  • And what i Forgot.

BugX 6.0.4: Sense 5 - 4.2.2

- Add Semi transparent folder expand background
- Better the Cpu Freq (modify the ramdisk)
  (so flash the boot.img again)
- Add Optional stock Battery back 
- Add Optional 4x5 Homescreen (thanks to AlexMailOne)
(One bug .Big Weather clock has a smaller Bottom text bar
 and text has moved up .Not fixable yet)
- Disabled Crt off animation as default (optional now)

BugX 6.0.3: Sense 5 - 4.2.2

- Build from scratch again
- CRT off as default
- Removed Transition Animations from 4.3
- Removed Font from 4.3
- Add new Home Menu (thanks to lyapota)
- Add new APM (thanks to lyapota)
- Add 30 pos. media volume control (thanks to lyapota)
- Removed weather mods 
  (to much difference in the weather widgets)
- Added Optional removal Horizantal EQS
- Added Optional All Transparent (Folder - Navbar - Weather)-(thanks to ckpv5)
- Fixed LiveWallpapers (you never guess which files caused it)
- Fixed Smartdial
- Add Optional to Disable 3-Dot Menu
- Made the Backlight Brightness a little lower then normal (a little bit)
- Disable signature checks....

BugX 6.0.2: Sense 5 - 4.2.2

- Fixed bad Wifi ...Finally.. (thanks to RichmondoUK)
- Removed some system/apps (now in data/app)
- Added / Updated data/apps
- Added Gps to EQS
- Reorderd EQS
- Added Horizantal EQS

BugX 6.0.1: Sense 5 - 4.2.2

- Fixed Battery % (so all battery and connectivity mods are still in)
- Added Home screen menu (thanks to baadnewz)
- Added default one press recent apps for home menu
- Added Optional android Lock-Appdrawer icon
- Added TaskManager to system/app

BugX 6.0: Sense 5 - 4.2.2

- Changed rom to base 4.18.401.2 (Sense 5 4.2.2) (thanks to mike)
- Removed apps removal (if you want apps removed then do it manually)
  (not much time to figure out what is what)(maybe some day if i have time)
- Removed also Desense (it is a sense rom no aosp rom,always hated that option)
- Added Optional CRT OFF animation (thanks to Baadnewz)
- Added Optional Sense and Weezle Weather Icons (thanks for Basil)
- Added Optional Sebs Signal and Connectivity icons
- Added Advanced Power Menu
- Added Transition Animations from 4.3 (thanks to baadnewz)
- Added Font from android 4.3 (thanks to baadnewz)
- Added Optional Center Clock
- Added Optional Odex rom on first boot
- And what i forgot

########Below is for the Sense 4+##########

BugX 5.1:

- Fixed sense 5 icons
  (a app folder was missing,sorry for that)

BugX 5.0:

- Changed rom to base 3.20.401.1
- Add the complete Resource Manager 2.7 in my rom
- Updated to Mod Pack 6.6 - Thanks to lyapota
For more info see link below
- XM Kernel 296 -> so flash the boot.img again
- Add Disable Bytecode Verification in build.prop
- Fixed Widget FC for some people - Thanks to Baadnewz and M0narx
  (hope it is fixed now)
- Camera Extreme default in the rom
- Add Reodex rom as a option - big thanks to Baadnewz
  (on de first boot it looks the phone is stuck ,wait for it to reboot)
- Updated all apps and superuser and su
- Add roaming signal icons to the Seb HD connectivity
- Add BugX Engraved Lockrings
- and what i forgot

BugX 4.0:

- Changed rom to base 3.19.401.1
- Updated to Mod Pack 5.7 - Thanks to lyapota
For more info see link below
- Not included the purexaudio
- same boot.img as 3.0.1
- removed the tweak script was already in mod pack 5.7
- google play app fixed
- and what i forgot

BugX 3.0.1:

- Updated to Mod Pack 5.3 - Thanks to lyapota
For more info see link below
- all is in ->extrim camera all the mods
- Fixed capital letters to work with resmanager
- Add Disable 3-Dot Menu line in build.prop totally forgot it
- Add tweak script in init.d for some functions supported by xm kernel
  (you can change it ,it is the 97tweaks)
- Updated the xm kernel to 188v4 (no repack now)
  (and add the 128 readahead in ramdisk)
- and this is what you get if you do it to fast
- And what i forgot

BugX 3.0:

- Changed rom to base 3.18.401.1
- Updated to Mod Pack 5.2 - Thanks to lyapota
For more info see link below
- Removed some options in the installer
  (not have the time to change everything)
- Use ResManager from Lyapota
  most of the things are included
  (reboot twice before using it)
- Updated busybox and superuser(Koush) and data/apps
- Repacked XM Kernel 188 v2 (works perfect..)(and stable)
- i updated this only because now whe can still update it
  when lyapota updates with the new base
- i did this faster then normal (because private life)

BugX 2.8.5: Last version

- Updated to Mod Pack 4.3 - Thanks to lyapota
For more info see link below
(Now it is all the same as lypota modpack)
(So if lyapota change some things , 
 you can flash it right away over my rom)
- Removed Sense 5 from installer
- Add back original BugX boot.img and modules
- Changed some names in the system/app
  (So the ResManager from Lyapota works on my rom)
- and what i forgot

- This is my last bugx rom , sorry guys , private matter

BugX 2.8.4:

- Updated to Mod Pack 4.1 - Thanks to lyapota
For more info see link below
- Add: 7 Bootanimtions in the installer with preview
- Add: 2 Downanimations
- Changed boot.img to NCX 314 v19 - thanks to n3ocort3x
 (the cpuclock is set to battery friendly in cpuclock script)
 (You need to flash the new boot.img again)
 (this is the original kernel and ramdisk from ncx)
 (so no need to repack when n3ocort3x updates his kernel)
 (when i repack there are no widgets after reboot)
- Add Fastcharge,cpuclock,smartdimmer,readahead script in init.d
 (Readahead is set to 128)
 (you can change the settings in the script)
 (smartdimmer is off ,you can turn it on in the script)
- Add option for no lockbutton in notification
 (So you now have the date back)
- Removed USB Mass Storage from the installer
 (gives a format message when plugin the usb)

BugX 2.8.3:

- Updated to Mod Pack 4.0 - Thanks to lyapota
For more info see link below
- Removed low brightness mod
  (not needed anymore is now in the mod pack)
- Updated Home Screen Saver to 1.2 - thanks to Patrics83
- Add Sense 5 Battery
- Add Sense 5 Icons - Thanks to lesscro for the separate icons
- Removed 3 dot menu from Installer
 (can not find the the option to enable the 3 dot menu in Homescreen)
- Add USB Mass Storage in the installer - Thanks to lyapota
 (Allow connect device to PC as Mass Storage)
 (Fully working with NCX Kernel)
- New Bootanimation - Big thanks to Prof peach

BugX 2.8.2:

- Updated ModPack to 2.7 - thanks the lyapota
  For more info see link below
- Add Preview popup for Connectivity icons in the installer
- Add back the option Disable 3-Dot Menu in the installer
- Update HTC Camera 4.5 Plus Extrim to 5.5 - thanks to lyapota
- Removed the option (Install without wiping) from the installer
  (that option i never use and is also not so good idea to use it)
- Changed aroma installer theme to ICS 
  (now you can see the white battery's better)
- Add a option to remove clock from statusbar 
  (so no more fc with this mod)
  (can be that the clock appears again with clean install)
  (after wizard setup ,just reboot again and it will be gone forever)
- Add new Wifi icon to connectivity mods
- Add Home Screen Saver 1.1 to the rom as default - Thanks to Patrics83
- Add System information to the installer - Thanks to Patrics83 for the fix
- Add Exit to Recovery option in the installer - Thanks to Patrics83 how to
- Updated Superuser
- Updated Busybox (with a new one that gives no error in the installer script)
- Fixed statusbar alarm clock png for the connectivity icons
- And what i forgot

BugX 2.8.1:

- Finally i manage to put icons for the battery in the Aroma Installer
  (so now we can see what battery we install)

BugX 2.8:

- Now Mod Pack 2.0 as default in rom - big thanks to lyapota
  (so no more stock rom , was to much work , to much files)
- Fix for Camera Plus Extrim slow motion option - thanks to tyapota
- Add new battery's
- Add Connectivity icons (2 Seb versions)
- Add 4x5 and 5x6 Appdrawer
- Add as Default - One press menu and hold for recent apps
- BugX Boot and Down animation as default now
- HTC Widget App and Shortcut app as default in rom
- Add Lockrings option in installer
- Fixed YouTube removal
- Fixed some things in updater-script and aroma-config
- Add a new script to wipe dalvik cache and some others
  (the lines in the updater-script are not working)
- Removed date from notification dropdown , and replaced it with the lock button
- Re-aligned the toggle text
- Reorderd the toggles a little bit
- Changed the longpress back key to 2 sec hold kill apps
- And what i forgot

BugX 2.6.6:

- Add 18 different battery mods - thanks to Michxda for some of his battery png's
  (this is a really different setup now in the rom)
- Add option to choose center clock or no center clock
  (for all battery mods)
- Add option to choose Transparent or no Transparent statusbar
  (for all battery mods)
- The size of the rom will be the same
  (found a other trick to add the battery mods)

BugX 2.6.4:

- Reordered the toggle's
  (also a better green indicator color ,the other one was to bright)

BugX 2.6.3:

- Fixed volume awake
- Add Toggles(EQS) - thanks to hassan89 for how to
  (for battery procent and number battery)

BugX 2.6.2:

- Added back the Instant screen off / Power menu in notification dropdown
  (for battery procent and number battery)(now it is working as it should)
  (Thanks to Mivahe for how to)-(Also to Dunc001 for the fix)
- Add HTC Widget App and Shortcut in Installer -thanks to xcesco89

BugX 2.6.1:

- Fixed sense FC when pressing a option in popup bottom menu homescreen
  and replaced notification with a other option
  (thats the only way i now to fix the fc)

BugX 2.6:

- Removed Seb Number battery Noclock
  (youtube video playback fc , and some other player)
  (i think there must be more changed for this (noclock)
- Add Aosp Style recent apps
  (for battery procent and number battery)

BugX 2.5:

- Updated Contact (there was a little ota update for this)
- Add Seb Number battery Mod with center clock or No Clock
  (with or without transparent statusbar)
  (thanks for PsyChoses to make them white)
- Fixed Lockrings - thanks to prof peach
  (now without the V in the middle of the ring)
- Removed version 5 longpress control
  (the version 6 is still in there)
- Add Volume Awake - Thanks to Alex-v
  (not for the version with media control)
  (i think thats not so good idea)
- Fixed Normal Advanced powermenu back button
  (with no kill app function)
  (kill app was still inside ,removed it)
- And some little fixes

- Also Fixed the lockrings in ADD-ONS 
  (without the V in the middle of the ring now)

BugX 2.4:

- Rebuild the rom from scratch again
  (and the rest what i do to rebuild the rom)
- Fixed stock camera (not fc with recording anymore)
- Fixed google android camera 4.2
  (not fc anymore when the is clock to center or no clock)
- Add Stock langauges in the aroma installer
  (so people can choose stock or multi langauges in the installer)
- Add Version 6 from the Longpress Control - thanks to lyapota
  (without play/pause),(but now volume down previous track , volume up next track)
- Updated Powersaver Mod to ver. 9.1 - Thanks to lyapota

BugX 2.3:

- Changed the name Context menu to Menu Button Support in aroma installer
  (i think the name is better for the popup menu at the bottom)
- Reorganized text in aroma installer , cleaned up text in installer
- Add Version 5 from the Longpress Control - Big thanks to lyapota
  (now also with longpress media control)
  (i modify the longpress back key to 2 sec to kill the apps same as before)

BugX 2.2:

- Fixed Updater-script (for missing apps , with the system format partition only)

BugX 2.1:

- Updated lyapota HTC Camera JB 4.5 Plus Extrim to version 5.1 - thanks to lyapota
- Add Widget scanner to the install script - thanks to Patrics83 (no lost widgets anymore)
  (i use only the script and modify it,so it is easier to add to aroma installer)
- Cleaned up the updater-script
- Cleaned up the aroma-config

BugX 2.0:

- Rebased on 3.14.401.31 - Thanks to Patrics83.
- Fixed disable exchange security mod - thanks to Shnizlon
- Added SMS Screen On in Aroma installer - Thanks to mwilky
- Added option to remove unneeded keyboards in AROMA - Good Idea Shnizlon
- Removed Lowest AutoBrightness

BugX 1.0

- Initial Release.


Sense 5.0

BugX 6.0.4 ROM -- Base 4.18.401.2 --
Press Image to Download


--- MD5 : 83164dc336ef50a6f81a3da945cb24bd ---

If you come from a other base or other rom ,please do a full wipe (first Option)

If you update the rom on the same base ,please do a system wipe (second option)

You need to flash the boot.img , it is inside the rom zip

Developer options are hidden by default, You can activate it in -> Settings / About / Software Information / More / Tap few times on Build number (Dev options should appear in settings.)

################################################## ################################


Sense 4+

BugX 5.1 ROM -- Base 3.20.401.1 --
Press Image to Download


--- MD5 : 6A51E96A250737067CB8D072BADA6D09 ---

If you come from a other base or other rom ,please do a full wipe

You need to flash the boot.img , it is inside the rom zip

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24th December 2012, 11:31 AM |#2  
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24th December 2012, 11:37 AM |#3  
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24th December 2012, 11:50 AM |#4  
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RED-STEEL Theme for the OneX (not OneX+)
Based on 3.14.401.31 Android 4.1.1 Sense 4+

This is my 1st attempt at theming so be gentle with me.....

I've made a flashable zip (works on TWRP recovery....not tested CWM) to install.
Any testers or feedback would be muchly appreciated.
The theme uses the stock Steel skin as a base for its red highlights and toggles.
Notification bar's been made from scratch.... so testing by others would be appreciated.
This is a Work In Progress and I'll be theming but I dont want to just paint everything red for the sake of it.
Other apk's will be themed and the version updated.

As with any modifications, you flash at your own risk.
If your phone, gran or your dog mysteriously spontaniously-combust's..... its not my doing.

Confirmed working on BugX 2.4 onward.
Based on 3.14.401.31 Android 4.1.1 Sense 4+ so should work on several Current JB Roms.
I use this daily on Sebs BugX rom and have zero issues.
This theme may well affect any other mods you might have flashed so

For best results, flash your rom selecting system only wipe.
(This will restore the stock SystemUI, frameworks etc)
Reboot the phone.
Boot back into recovery and flash the theme zip.

Remember, this uses the steel skin so you need to select:
Settings>Personalize>Skin and select Steel.

The easiest way to revert to stock is restore the nandroid backup you made prior to installing RedSteel.
Alternatively, flash your rom again without wiping. (All data and setting should be maintained)

latest version (V8)



  • v8 Added subtle red highlights to several key apk's - (14/01/13)
  • v7 Fixed code errors in Installer script - (13/01/13)
  • v6 Initial release for testing - (13/01/13)

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24th December 2012, 11:52 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by sebastiaan15

for me

welcome! download now and Merry Christmas.thanks: Cool:
24th December 2012, 12:05 PM |#6  
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i have the new base
but not this year

and i dont write in the threat how to install it
all people here now how to do it
so i would like to keep the first and second post clean and simple

enjoy the rom (Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year)
24th December 2012, 12:17 PM |#7  
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As far as I'm aware its a stock look. Not much point adding screenshots.

sent from my HTC One X running Renovate JB Sense v12 on Tapatalk 2.
24th December 2012, 12:18 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by SrebX

I've been looking for a sense JB rom :P
Does it have a hboot version requirements?
How's the battery life?
Can we have some screenshots?

this rom is from the official jelly bean 3.14.401.27 -1.36 hboot
you can try lower
i am not gone write a lot of text how to do it
read some stuff on the one x threat
battery life is as the stock one (on my phone)
no i dont add screen shots it is stock look (so no need to do that)
themes are all over the place here on the one x threat theme section
like from dougi
24th December 2012, 12:34 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by SrebX

I've been looking for a sense JB rom :P
Does it have a hboot version requirements?
How's the battery life?
Can we have some screenshots?

you need for all JB roms a hboot upper then 1.30 just try if you have 1.36 because the newer one 3.14.401.31 i think need hboot 1.39 but don't know really
24th December 2012, 01:52 PM |#10  
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sebastian .... nice to see you here after trying your Rom on my Desire is good to see you here on the One X

Hello guys I install the rom with full with full wipe and format. After I flashed the boot but will not start it happened to someone else '?
24th December 2012, 03:37 PM |#11  
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Hi sebastian good to see a new dev just downloading now. Do you have any screen shots or is it stock looking.
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