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[WIP][APP][2.2+] GYF: a side launcher [v1beta44]

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By cyansmoker, Inactive Recognized Developer on 30th December 2012, 01:44 AM
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Free Version

Donate Version (Theme support, more goodies coming soon e.g. root features) -- currently $0.99$1.99 so that you guys can get it at this lowest price point. In a couple weeks I will update the listing to its regular price (I'm thinking $2.99)

Example GYF Theme (requires Donate version) - More themes on Play market
XDA Themes thread thanks to JonnyJaap

/ / /

What is it?

A video introduction is available on Vimeo.

It's a launcher. It allows you to launch your apps from anywhere. It's inspired from others' work. I hope you find it helpful.
Note that it's an early beta release so it may not work very well on your device.

(Screenshots available at the bottom of this post)



* Icon cache now persisted for 10 seconds so that it's not thrown away if service is restarted
* Lots of work on theming engine to accommodate various engines' quirks:
- sometimes, scale is expressed as 1/scale
- sometimes, adw themes offer icons as package_name, sometimes as app_name (lowercase)
- masks support now not only for go and apex but also adw themes
- empirical discovery of how themes are scaled based on display density
- go themes's masks are the reverse of the other launchers' (seriously!)


* BEWARE! This is a major rewrite, aimed towards lower memory consumption
and start-up performance.
This means that if you saved shortcuts and widgets, you will
have to re-configure. All apologies for that but it's necessary.
* New staggered icon load.
* Limitation: I hear the app can freeze your phone if there is a race
condition while installing apps. Please report if this happens.
* Fix: Crash on application exit
* Fix: Crash on destryoing a widget
* Fix: Masked icon sizes/density


* Widgets not a preference anymore
* Expand widgets using a fling gesture!
* Contextual menus now much easier to understand and utilize
* Fix: multiple drawers, some basic -> take over ribbon's space if available.
* Fix: wrong widget vertical offset
* Fix: widget can now be dragged past end of list and become last item
* Fix: Created generic icon to represent widget if unable to make a drag copy
* Fix: Sometimes, widgets do not have a host(!)
* Fix: Crash when stopping service


* NEW: Widgets support (alpha)! You will need to activate in Settings > Advanced, though.
Time for my favorite copycat to start working on his app!
* Fix: User drawer not clobbered by quick ribbon anymore (right side mode)
* Fix: top panel symbols not clobbered by text anymore
* Fix: app shortcuts not always reliably added to user drawer
* Fix: display drawer correctly when right-handed and ribbon not displayed
* Fix: quick letter ribbon width now dynamically adjusted
* Fix: changed the way the drawers' parent size is determined


* Most of the user interface code was rewritten. I hope I haven't introduced too many bugs!
* A third drawer was introduced: now, you have 'Apps' 'Running Apps' and 'User'
* The 'User' drawer lets you add arbitrary app and special shortcuts
* Just like favorites, a long long touch on an item in the drawer lets you reorganize the items
* New Preference: hide the drawers you do not want to see
* New Preference: audio feedback
* Display list performance improved on less powerful devices
* Bug fixes


- Support for Apex themes
- Themes providing multiple backgrounds/masks now supported
- It is now possible to reorder favorites using long-press followed by drag/drop in favorites list (directly in drawer itself)
- Finally a working "pin" feature for the drawer when in non-stop gesture mode (move your finger over the pin button until your device vibrates)


- New drawer animations (nothing fancy yet)
- When using icon themes, icons can be properly masked
- Various bug fixes
- Under the hood refactoring


Fix mess I made in previous beta.


- When the drawer is being (re-)created, the notification displays the progress %
- Drawer should open even faster, although it is barely noticeable
- Preference: top menu head visibility or partial visibility (harmonized with transparent drawer)
- Preference: Display preferred view when opening the drawer
- Fix: Show credits in "donate" version
- Fix: Fix layout of "About" box
- Fix: shadow creates gap when switching views
- Fix: recycled bitmap error on ICS & JB


- Credits! (Accessible from "Info" dialog)
- Shadows (very subtle at this point. Maybe too subtle) -- note that even shadows are customizable.


- Much faster drawer opening
- Real-time visual updates when hiding/showing apps
- Item margins in theming engine
- Info ribbon text size is now dynamic
- Fix: info ribbon/non-stop gesture y axis was slightly out of wack
- Fix: fling area alpha value not properly reset
- Fix: app contextual menu deselected when not needed anymore
- Fix: some gestures were failing due to erroneous adjustment when menu located to right-hand side
- Fix: some gestures not working when using right-hand side drawer


- Fix: Hopefully, fixed cause for all recent crashes, which was… proguard
- Fix: favorites and hidden were getting mixed up…quite the evil behavior
- Fix: removed debug code that caused crash on GB


- It is now possible to open the drawer by double-tapping the Home button (disabled by default)
- "No gesture" is now a choice for those who run the activity using another tool or Home
- Headers now themable: preferences_ui_headers_text_color and preferences_ui_headers_separator_color
- Tentative fix for a recent NPE. Alas, I doubt it will really fix anything.
- Fix: GYF and third-party themes not immediately available upon install
- Fix: drawer theme background not applied to running apps list


- Fix: nasty crash due to library incompatibility


- Hide apps
-- From drawer
-- From preferences

Caution! This build may introduce new bugs due to heavy code refactoring for this new feature.
If, after upgrading, GYF does not seem to use the new feature correctly, please stop the service, count to 20, then restart the service. This will give GYF an opportunity to clean up its caches.


* The contextual menu display by long-pressing an app now offers to access app info screen
* Many bug fixes
* Especially the bug where touching a letter would take you to the favorites instead of the section containing non-fav'd apps starting with that letter
* Very minor cosmetic improvements


* Fix: wrong width when icons only mode
* Donate version now runs on start up if configured to
* Feature tour for new users
* Added buttons to echo menu items, keeping user interface clean
* Possible fix for a complaint about recycled images in JB


* Fix: Hopefully, a "array index out of bounds" exception was addressed through synchronization
* Donate version


* Fix: flickering theme background when scrolling
* Fix: theme not applied when right-sided
* Fix: unable to revert directly to Fling Gesture when coming from non-stop version
* Fix: error when displaying current selection
* Do not display toast when reloading (too fast)
* Scroll speed adjustments
* Visual feedback: ribbon or selection or both
* Theme: added preferences_ui_item_selected_bgnd_color

v1beta19, v1beta20

* Minor cosmetic improvements
* Improved support for theming; sample theme now available on the market and Github. Should soon be available at


* GYF Theming's first step. This is different from ADW/Go's Theming and the two can be combined. At this point, it is possible to specify a background image and a few colors as well as alpha value. I will soon upload a sample theme and document how to create one. It is very simple.
* Non-Stop Gestures! It's hard to describe. You'll have to give it a try. Basically, launch any application without lifting a finger (ha!)


* Favorites go to the top of the list (long-press item, select the "+ heart" icon)
* Reworked hierarchy of components: should have a smoother feel
* Improved animation when switching lists
* Fixed animation clipping
* Better, self-resizing action icons


* Refactored so that package name is now (*sigh*)
* Shortcut activity
* Improved logging
* Improved UI handling based on service state
* Improved service behavior, less likely to make Android want to kill it


* Fix: support for null app name(!)
* The info band/ribbon is now correctly transparent when needed.
* An activity is now available to launchers, home screen, etc. allowing the user to create a shortcut to open the drawer. Convenient to map to a gesture or a launcher action. Quite experimental!


* Switching between installed apps and running apps now only happens when doing a fling gesture over the top header
* A fling gesture on an app opens a ribbon, Ubuntu-like…I have yet to figure out if I want to add anything useful to it
* Fixed: flinging should never cause a "long press" to be detected
* Fixed a few right v. left border things I had forgotten to make more generic
* Patched view flipper for android bug #6191
* Found a way to intercept back key to close drawer


* Preference: limit to home screen
* Fix: now, icons are refreshed when theme is changed
(hey, try it is nice)


* Two different gestures now supported to open drawer: fling and long press a border -- try the latter if the former is too difficult
* Speaking of... Fixed: wrong start area width made it difficult to initiate a fling gesture
* Drawer can be located to the left or the right of your device's screen


* Stability improvements
* Performance: faster interactions
* Performance: less memory use


* "Icons only" e.g. app names can be hidden
* The ribbon can be hidden
* Icons can be resized (gets blurry at 128dp)
* Headers (optional as well)
* Some work on memory consumption -- caching mechanism in service
* Re-organized preference screen(s)


* Minor enhancement: now, letters are also shown as headers in the list (you have to see it...)


This version does not add new features other than debugging.

* To report a crash:
If a crash happens, you should be prompted to use your email client to send a crash report. Please do it.

* To debug difficulties to perform the fling gesture:
Open the application menu, select 'Preferences,' scroll all the way down down, select 'Debug Info,' select "Share," and, again, pick your email client to send the debug info to me or, alternatively, copy/paste it in this thread.


* Added support for Go/Nova theme support: again, icons only
* The fling init area can now be configured: height, width, visibility


* Minimal icon theming using ADW themes


* Inertial scrolling is back


* Detects and updates when apps are installed/uninstalled
* Swipe left to close drawer
* Swipe right again and a list of running apps is displayed
* Long-click a running app; a "Stop" button shows up
* GYF then asks Android to stop tasks. Not convinced Android cares.
* New preference: feedback (vibration) when opening the drawer
* More obvious animations
* A few UI fixes


* Gingerbread support should now be OK


* Preferences: quick letter ribbon size configurable
* Preferences: Change ribbon colors and alpha
* Preferences: Change main list colors and alpha
* Preferences: Do not use notification or display blank
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30th December 2012, 04:12 AM |#2  
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Thanks, very good
Suggest creating app group's instead of the alphabetical order.
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30th December 2012, 05:36 AM |#3  
Mitch_Faiz_555's Avatar
Flag Hong Kong
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Excellent, but I have some difficulty in dragging the launcher out on my SIII LTE (I9305)
Thanks for your concern! ^^
30th December 2012, 06:32 AM |#4  
vicky4slayer's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag mumbai
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How do you make it work??
30th December 2012, 06:58 AM |#5  
Piccles's Avatar
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Originally Posted by vicky4slayer

How do you make it work??

Install the apk, run the service. Slide menu from left.

Paranoid Gnex

---------- Post added at 05:58 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:56 AM ----------

Originally Posted by ff2005

Thanks, very good
Suggest creating app group's instead of the alphabetical order.

Perhaps various "animations" aswell.

Paranoid Gnex
30th December 2012, 08:41 AM |#6  
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
Flag Los Angeles
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Donate to Me
Originally Posted by Piccles

Install the apk, run the service. Slide menu from left.

Paranoid Gnex

---------- Post added at 05:58 AM ---------- Previous post was at 05:56 AM ----------

Perhaps various "animations" aswell.

Paranoid Gnex

Thanks, guys. I am certainly open to suggestions. I have a mini roadmap in mind; let me know what you think:

* Find an unintrusive way to add tabs to display running apps and favorites
* Configurable: width, especially the letter ribbon width
* Configurable: size of area that triggers the drawer opening
* Option to limit to homescreen if desired
* Themable: offer for the least to, at least, have a transparent background
* Alternate layout, like a regular app drawer
* Suggested: app groups?
* ?
30th December 2012, 07:17 PM |#7  
Soundtrack to Chaos's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag Broooooooooklyn
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Like the app, wish you could, increase the width of the most border, then I would use it in place of smart task bar

I will keep this app in mind tho and will use it when it's updated

Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda app-developers app
30th December 2012, 08:23 PM |#8  
blackbearblanc's Avatar
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Looks like SmartLauncher. I'll give it a go.
What does the name mean?

---------- Post added at 08:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:52 PM ----------

The swipe is very hard to match. But this has great potential!
Good work!
Im adding it to my thread and blog.:
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30th December 2012, 09:14 PM |#9  
flava69's Avatar
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Like look of this, but not working too well on s3,managed to get it to slide once, not any more so will keep a look out for next beta

Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk 2
30th December 2012, 10:04 PM |#10  
moizsami's Avatar
Senior Member
Flag cairo
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Hey its a nice app, im using it now..but the notification of the service is on keeps annoying me...
if there would be a way to remove it
31st December 2012, 08:44 AM |#11  
fr0d0#2's Avatar
Senior Member
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Working well thx

Should be able to launch from home or slide up like regular app drawer

Sent from my HUAWEI U8815 using Tapatalk 2
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