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[ROM] Hatka DNA 2.6.0 [1/16/13] Battery life | AC!D Audio | Bravia | Aroma

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***NOTE*** to get Photosphere working i had to change the build prop of the phone, so it says the phone is running 4.2(really running 4.1.1)

Please Check Out DroidModd3rX's
review of this ROM


♦ Based On Verizon DNA 1.15.605.4 Rooted/Deodexed/Semi-Debloated/Busybox (Thanks MyComputerDoctor)
♦ Removed Permanent WIFI Status Bar Pop-up
♦ Added 4 in 1 Reboot Options
♦ Added HTC Flashlight (Thanks dsb9938)
♦ Added Superuser App
♦ Removed NFC Status Bar Notification Icon
♦ Added Busybox
♦ Zipaligned all APK's
♦ Removed all HTC Bloat
♦ Fixed SD-Card Permission Errors
♦ Fixed Camcorder Force Closing Issue
♦ Android 4.1.1 / Sense 4+
♦ enabled custom recent apps actions in "display, gestures, buttons" (From UKB)
♦ removed ics/jb 3 dot legacy menu, and changed dimensions so its not blank space in apps ( From UKB)
♦ Removed Boot Sound
♦ Added Several Build Prop Tweaks For Better Battery Life And Speed
♦ Added Several Init.D Tweaks For Battery Life And Speed
♦ Ac!d Audio Engine
♦ Sony Bravia Engine
♦ Awesome Beats Mod
♦ Jelly Bean Dailer and Contacts
♦ Blue %Battery Bar (From UKB)
♦ Centered Clock In Status Bar
♦ Semi Transparent Status Bar (From UKB)
♦ Added lyapota's camera mod (Thanks lyapota)
♦ 4.2 camera, clock, keyboard, Browser [Want Htc Browser back? Just install the Attached zip. [Browser-prime.apk]
♦ Blocked Ads
♦ Working Photosphere
♦ Landscape Rosie
♦ Better 4g/3g
♦ Smoothness tweaks
♦ Speed Tweaks
♦ Long press back key to kill apps [lyapota]
♦ AOSP Lockscreen Or Htc LockScreen
♦AOSP multi tasking [Thanks Ssojyeti2 & Duces]
♦ No Lag
♦ Transparent App Drawer
♦ Enhanced Gaming performance
♦ Transparent Notification Pull Down
♦ Might have forgot some minor tweaks and mods



♦ Download Boot.img To Computer [You Dont Need To Do This If You Get Flash GUI From The Play Store]
♦ Download the Rom On your Phone
♦ Go on your computer
♦ Go to command prompt or terminal
♦ Type
♦ "Adb Reboot Bootloader"
♦ Once your in BootLoader Type in this Command
♦ "Fastboot Flash Boot (Where You Put Your Boot.img)
♦ Now Go into Revocery ( I have only tested this in CWM, so if someone will test this in TWRP that would be helpful)
♦ Wipe cache and factory reset [If updating from previous builds no need to wipe]
♦ Flash The Rom[
♦ Enjoy


Whole UKB Team ♦ Because i took mods from UKB
nitsuj17 ♦ Made UKB
jcase ♦ for unlocking the DNA
lyapota ♦ for original camera fix, long-press back to kill app
ibotpeaches ♦ for ics + apktool
brut.all ♦ for original apktool
shnizlon ♦ for wipe script that doesnt touch internal storage, pointers on alt apm
dsb9938 ♦ for resizing the rezound flashlight app
x3demond3x ♦for framework fix for deodexed camera fc
m0narx ♦ for custom gps configs in aroma
jotha ♦ for one x jb apm mod that I adapted for the dna
turge ♦ for his help with rosie on screen menu and everything else
rwc95 ♦ for original rezound persistent notification wifi notification removal
one_love_420 ♦ for parts of his evo lte apm that I adapted (1.2.0+_
zarboz ♦ for original mod for wake on volume deep sleep
andybones ♦ for bringing the mod to the inc4g
O.M.J. ♦ for evo lte modpack which I looked over and used a script from
qd2dc ♦ for his help and someone to bounce ideas off of
chainsdd ♦ for superuser
MyFishBear ♦ Tooks some of Mods from his ROM
MyComputerDoctor ♦ for letting me base my Rom of his
Sony ♦ Bravia
Knight47 and the AC!D Audio Team ♦ AC!D Audio
b16 ♦ (for the System Dump)
x3deamon3x ♦ (Disable WIFI Nag)
Chingy051 & Newtoroot ♦ Took a mod from CODIS
dr_drache ♦ Fixing Ac!d Audio bugs
Ssojyeti2 & Duces ♦ JB Multi tasking
papi92 ♦ helping fix issues and test stuff
jsminnis ♦ helping me fix bugs
MicroMod777 ♦ Digital Dream Skin
Fernado Sor ♦ Transparent App Drawer
anyone else I may have forgotten

Hatka DNA 2.6.0 With HTC LockScreen
Click Here To Download

Hatka DNA 2.5.1 With AOSP LockScreen
Click Here To Download

Hatka DNA 2.3.0 With Stock Launcher [No Landscape Support]
will be up shortly

Click Here To Download


please tell me what to add and what to remove, i am very flexable and will try to fit your needs for the most part ..

Note i am not responsible for anything that happens to your device, but if anything goes wrong i will try to assist you.

If you like the ROM it would mean alot if you hit the thanks button


♦ Get Cubed Kernel! [Dsb's Kernel is amazing and will improve your battery by at least 10%]
♦ If you turn off standalone GPS service u get way better battery life. You can use the Power Widget and do it.
♦ There are some further tips on CODIS ROM's Thread


Audio Tips


♦play around with Noozxiode, the headphone settings are located under "Line-Out Audio Monitor"

♦my settings for Noozxoide:
-increase the monitor size...etc: Small
-Balanced natural sound: yes
-Digital preset: either Unique I or II, or Audiophile
-Noozxoide VE-Engine: Weaker
-VSUR: yes
-Room Size: Studio I

♦it's always nice to have a good pair of earphones/headphones

♦start volume out low, then build your way up (I don't want you to bust your ears lol)


1.0.0 ♦ First Build
1.1.0 ♦ Fixed bugs
1.2.0 ♦ Fixed Boot Problems
1.3.0 ♦ Fixed Root Issues, Audio bugs, added 4.2 apps ( stock browser, camera, gallery, keyboard)
1.3.2 ♦ Re added HTC Apps, Added Landscape Rosie support, Added Speedscript(thanksMyfishbear), Added Working Photosphere.
1.3.2 ♦ Bug Fixes
2.0.0 ♦ Less UKB is being used, + Added Quick Launch Widget
2.1.2 ♦ Fixed Ad Block, Removed Lots Of APKs, Added Noozy Music Player
2.1.3 ♦ Re Added Htc Gallery and fixed lots of Bugs
2.2.0 ♦ jelly Bean Multi tasking
-Jelly Bean Lock Screen [ I have an apk you can install, to revert back to htc lockscreen] - Fixed Flash GUI, with all versions of ROM! Now i have a build with working Flash GUI And Photosphere - Phone no longer considers itself a galaxy nexus - More Tweaks for better Battery, Speed, and signal - Re added facebook intigration [not app it self] - Bug fixes, and other things i forgot
♦ 2.3.0 lots of bugs fixes, reduced almost all lag, better camera, re added HTC browser, Updated lots of apps
♦ 2.4.0 Removed noozoxide and noozy
Added Awesome Beats Mod Instead [ Similar to cm10 dsp maneger]
Fixed Htc Browser
Removed AOSP browser
Added AOSP Dailer/Contacts
Improved Gaming Performance
Fixed bugs
Removed Htc Dailer
Center Clock with blue batt
Transparent App drawer
More Smoothness tweaks
not sure if hires contact syncing is fixed. [if it isnt get an app called hacksync]
audio, issues fixed, although ac!D audio makes everything louder

readded htc dialer
added transparent notification pull down
added digitaldream skin (by Micromod777) [if you dont like the skin you can change it]
bug fixes
updated scripts for more stability and battery life
uhh forgot what other stuff i added lol
-Added transparent notification pull down without additional themming
- Added Custom Boot Animation (Edited version of cm10 boot. Kinda sucks lol working on making it better)
- Added Wifi Tether app
- uppdated 3rd party apps
- small bug fixes
- updated awesome beats
- More speed tweaks
- umm forgot the rest LOL
- find out yourslef lol
Fixed bugs
Build Prop Tweaks
Option to choose which audio you like choose from
Awesome beats
Sony Walkman
or one
option to choose launcher
xerpia luancher
more to come



Please Refer To This Before Asking Any Questions

1Q. Which APKs Are Safe To Remove?


♦ Aluminum - HTC Skin
♦ AppSharing - self explanatory
♦ Aurora - HTC Live Wallpaper
♦ Automotive_Home - Car Dock
♦ Automotive_InternetRadio - addition to Car Dock
♦ Automotive_Traffic - addition to Car Dock
♦ Basic - HTC Live Wallpaper
♦ Calculator - self explanatory
♦ CalculatorWidget - self explanatory
♦ DeskClockGoogle - Google Clock
♦ com.noozxoidelabs.eizo.rewirepro.apk - Noozoxide
♦ FriendStream - HTC's social app/widget
♦ FacebookEngine.apk - syncs facebook
♦ GalleryGoogle - AOSP Gallery
♦ HTC_Widget_Watch_3D - HTC Watch widget
♦ HtcAutoRotateWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcBackgroundDataWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcDataRoamingWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcDataStripWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcFriendStreamWidget_3D - FriendStream widget
♦ HtcImageWallpaper - I can't remember but I think this is the Bubbles HTC Live wallpaper
♦ HtcLavaLiveWallpaper - HTC Live wallpaper
♦ HtcMailWidgets - self explanatory
♦ HtcMsgWidgets - Message widget
♦ HtcMusic - self explanatory
♦ HtcMusicWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcPhotoWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcPowerStripWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcProfilesWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcRingtoneWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcScreenBrightnessWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcScreenTimeoutWidget - self explanatory
♦ HtcSettingWidgets - these widgets include a few toggle settings like Airplane mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.
♦ Idlescreen_People - this is the Contacts lockscreen
♦ Idlescreen_Photo - this is the Photo album lockscreen
♦ Idlescreen_Productivity - this is the Productivity lockscreen
♦ Idlescreen_Social - this is the FriendStream lockscreen
♦ Idlescreen_Stock_Yahoo - this is the Yahoo Stocks lockscreen
♦ IMEXT9(All languages except English) - these are keyboard characters/dictionary for different languages
♦ MusicVisualization - HTC Live wallpaper
♦ MyDropbox - associated with Dropbox
♦ MyTask - self explanatory
♦ MyTaskWidget - self explanatory
♦ NoiseField - or maybe this is the Bubbles HTC Live wallpaper...hhmmmm...can't remember lol
♦ PDF_Viewer_F_A - self explanatory
♦ PhaseBeam - HTC Live wallpaperStock - self explanatory
♦ StockWidget - self explanatory
♦ Street - Street View on Google Maps
♦ Talk - Google Talk
♦ Watch - HTC Watch
♦ there might be more
♦ i have not tested all of these, but you should be okay


2Q. Can i Dirty Flash when updating builds


2A. Yes


3Q. Does Flash Gui Work?


3A. Yes it does!


4Q.How do I change the button mapping?


Go into settings -> display, gestures & buttons -> Recent apps button. Once there, there are multiple options


5Q. Can I use custom kernels with this rom?


5A. Yes, but you have to flash the kernel's modules after you flash the rom


6Q. How Do I Change To 4.2 Android Keyboard


6A. When typing, pull down your notification bar and click the keyboard icon


7Q. Can i donate to you?


7A. No, i do this for fun and no need for donations. Donate to a real dev like Nitsuj or Dsb or mycomputerdoctor or otheres

Attached Files
File Type: apk HtcLockScreen.apk - [Click for QR Code] (404.6 KB, 251 views)
File Type: zip Remove Center - [Click for QR Code] (3.06 MB, 193 views)
File Type: zip aospbrowser (1).zip - [Click for QR Code] (2.59 MB, 111 views)
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31st December 2012, 07:21 AM |#2  
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Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Tapatalk 2
31st December 2012, 07:26 AM |#3  
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nice rom! any screenshots?
31st December 2012, 07:29 AM |#4  
Senior Member
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Is flash_image in your system/bin ?

sent from my unlocked and rooted droid DNA
31st December 2012, 07:29 AM |#5  
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Originally Posted by itzjonjon69

nice rom! any screenshots?

Busy and tired right now, ill try to get up screen shots Tomorrow
31st December 2012, 07:31 AM |#6  
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Originally Posted by jamesbra

Is flash_image in your system/bin ?

sent from my unlocked and rooted droid DNA

No, its not in any folder
31st December 2012, 07:58 AM |#7  
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ur d/l link is borked or something bud. tried it three seperate times and it gets to about 10% then it just stops and says error
31st December 2012, 08:04 AM |#8  
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Every new ROM is welcome..
31st December 2012, 10:26 AM |#9  
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Is flashing the boot.img mandatory? What are the differences in the kernel compared to stock?

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31st December 2012, 11:59 AM |#10  
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Flashed boot.img and wiped and flashed Rom but it won't load past boot screen even after waiting 5+ mins.... Gonna try and redownload

Sent from my HTC6435LVW using xda premium
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31st December 2012, 12:20 PM |#11  
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Originally Posted by NBushyy

Flashed boot.img and wiped and flashed Rom but it won't load past boot screen even after waiting 5+ mins.... Gonna try and redownload

Sent from my HTC6435LVW using xda premium

No need to redownload, the same thing happened to me. Stuck at boot screen!

Sent from my HTC6435LVW using xda premium
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