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SGH-T999 Galaxy S III Resource Bible

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By mt3g, Senior Member on 8th January 2013, 03:08 AM
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Thank You Saranhai for the image and thread title idea.
This is a ROM guide, it's something that will help stop all the "best rom available" and "what does this rom have" or "what's broken on this rom"?

T-Mobile Samsung S3
If someone wants to write it up, I'll check into it, and add it .

TL;DR update to latest recovery if you plan on sticking with 4.2, every time you update your rom you will get a whole new set of sdcard/0. 4.2 way of handling multiple users for the phone.

More thorough of an explanation!!! 4.2. threads require the latest recovery of your choice (CWM or TWRP) to emulate proper layout for your sdcard (internal). It will setup the internal memory as so (at least for me lol)
the point of it all was for multiple users to be able to use the device without issues. (more for tablets in a family home that people will share). I believe this is correct with all the formality, at least.

Official CyanogenMod CM10.1
Official CyanogenMod CM10.1: Updated Nightly
Well if you don't know what CM 10 is then you're on the wrong forum. Cyanogen is a form of pure Google experience, with goodies. Close to what you would get from a Nexus device, and more.

Things broken at this point, Blue Tooth audio is borked a little. Every nightly might have issues solved, but another may arise... Just the fun of a nightly build. Check the Changelogs here


AOKPA:CM10 [OFFICIAL] ParanoidKANGdroid[4.2.2] Parnoid Android Official with most of the AOKP features, and CM specifically desired feature of Tablet mode.

Read thread for expected issue.

Slim Bean [4.2.2]
Slim Bean [4.2.2] - This is a great rom with its own custom features. Built by a phenomenal team. It has an altered DPI so be aware and look at the screen shots.

This will have the same type of errors you may experience on CM, possibly others as it has its own code as well.

Illusion [4.2.2]
Illusion [4.2.2] - Is a RootBox base, that Itsmikeramsay ran with, and did his own thing. Gave it a serious make over with ParanoidAndroid settings and Tablet UI features and such, gave it a new layout in settings. Great rom, that is being worked on strenuously to make it the people's rom and make it extremely Daily Driver status. Doesn't like to release a build without some serious testing involved.
4.2.2 issues might be combined issues from other sources all in one, but will be stated in 2nd post by yours truly.

Liquid Smooth[4.2.2]
Liquid Smooth[4.2.2]: Liquid Smooth:
This is another CM pure Google experience. This is Liquid Smooth, has a great community backing them up and supporting people's questions. Myself included, but not great .

Only issues that I know of are the same as 10.1 CyanogenMod. 4.2.2
Look in the Q&A for any help, it has a very detailed feature list of the rom.

RootBox [4.2.2]
[AOKP/CM] RootBox [4.2.2][B]
Extremely good rom, more AOKP then CM but not any better, has ROM Control, Lockscreen Shortcuts (Paranoid), Expanded Desktop, Hardware Keys Remapping, Lockscreen Hardware Keys Remapping, Screen Security Features (Unlock options).

Great rom overall, of course will have some minor bugs, be patient and post in the right place (read OP).

AOKP by Jamison904 [4.2.2]
AOKP by Jamison904 [4.2.2]
This is AOKP. You have clock changes, a custom image notification backdrop, on-screen navigation bar. Has the great Rom Control, that makes it a great custom rom. Jamison took over builds when it was abandoned, make sure to give him a thanks guys.

has the same bugs as Cyan/AOSP 4.2.2 builds for the most part.

PAC-Man ROM Nightly Builds
[OFFICIAL][4.2.2] PAC-Man ROM Nightly Builds - Paranoid Android Settings a very customizable rom, may comes with some little issues, as it is so customizable, things get skipped sometimes. The issues come with how you set things up OP's attention notice "Attention! Because this is a mashup of CM10.1, AOKP MR1, and AOSPA, there are some settings that might conflict with others because they are duplicate. Please keep that in mind before you begin to wonder if there is a bug in this ROM. Thanks."

Just use it to your liking and read before posting.

HellFire[4.2.2]: CM10.1
Has CM10 issues which are maybe no bass over Blue Tooth, I'm not sure for sure as I don't use it at all for my phone, other then that it has some edits and some awesome built into it, for a good more attended to, type CM10, rom this is a great choice.

Same issues as 4.2.2 roms

Baked Blackbean [4.2.2]
Baked Blackbean #71-19-13
A little out dated will have some issues, might have echo while on calls. A2DP will also not work til updated with latest from CM repo.


Parandroid [4.1.2]
Parandroid [4.1.2]: CM10[HYBRID]
Has the look and feel of CM10 (4.1.2) with tablet mode built in. It's neat and con make your phone look completely different then most. From with in the thread you have to look at post #2 to see all the goodies available.

Issues are CM10 related look into it more for your selves 4.1.2

CM10 Rom with a large user interface tweak-able system from lock screen to status bar.

Same issues as 4.1.2 roms

Toasted Marshmallow [4.1.2]
Toasted Marshmallow [4.1.2]: 12-18-12

Issues are the same as CM10 4.1.2 based roms.

MIUI.US[4.1.2]: 12-28-12
Issues Unknown

T-Mobile TouchWiz 4.1.2 roms
With MultiWindow & WiFi Calling

✫★✫ INFAMOUS S3™ ✫★✫
✫★✫ INFAMOUS S3™ ✫★✫ - Still in the works to be great and customizable. It's stock and has it's own list of features. Look in the OP for what is available.
Seems the Development is dead for this rom, great rom nonetheless.

Has some very awesome features, not too much either where it comprmises stability. This is a very great rom that has not gotten the notability it deserves it seems. Major feature I love LEFT SIDE CLOCK!! There is a list of feartures that are easily and very well organized.

Dandroid 3.3 Complete AOSP Theme
Seems to be a favorable rom for a AOSP themed rom, looks nice for sure. I'd say this is a good rom to test and more than likely stick with for the Non Crack Flashers.

AOSPWIZ v4 & AOSPWIZ Stock | UVDMD5 - AOSPish look and sound but 100% TouchWiz ROM base. Very stable and great rom.

Project Goosh A stable rom that has a stock look to it with the essential options, and more coming as he learns quickly.

MOR_ruoY Great rom with little to no complaints.

XperiaZwiz v2 & XperiaZwiz Stock | UVDMD5
XperiaZwiz v2 & XperiaZwiz Stock | UVDMD5 - Xperia-ISH look and sound but 100% TouchWiz ROM base. Very stable and great rom.

STOCKORAMA Stable has many built in features, but still a stock base getting made for prime time fill of Jovy's magic.

T999UVDMD5 | 4.1.2 | Deodexed
T999UVDMD5 | 4.1.2 | Deodexed - Your basic deodexed and ciq removed stock rom with root. No issues, no complaints, it is what it is.

UVDMD5 4.1.2 Rooted/Modified - It is a base that is seriously debloated, by around 400MB no bloated samsung/T-Mobile apps, still has the features though. No walllpapers no Live wallpapers, no samsung kies and such.

TouchWiz 4.1.1 roms
No MultiWindow

Wicked JB
Wicked JB: TouchWiz
This, like Frosty is a rom based UVDLJA JellyBean, many mods like; Ink Effect in lockscreen port from Note II, pop up browser, Google extensions, 4.2 camera, 4.2 keyboard, tethering mod. It also has the Aroma Installer.

Things broken, don't think there are any.

Infamous: TouchWiz
Based off Official T999UVDLJA super great stable rom, mods include; 23 Custom toggles mod, Toggle AM/PM and Toggle hide clock, Toggle AOSP Lock Screen with working weather, Unrestricted Native Tethering, Long Menu Press to Kill App, Headphone Shortcuts, Infamous Mod Camera - Take pictures with volume rocker,

Known issues:
- Random freeze ups? Are you using AOSP lock screen? If so make sure your settings look
like this and you should be good to go! Link to post.
- AM/PM and/or Hide clock will go away here and there. Just un-click the option
in settings and then click it again. (not often.)

Another great stock rom base UVDLJA Jellybean, ALOT OF mods included; 4.2.1 Gmail With Pinch To Zoom + Swipe To Delete Support, 5x5 Modified S3 TouchWiz Launcher, Unrestricted Native Tethering!, Long Press Menu To Kill Current App Mod, Headphone Shortcuts Mod + App, Volume Wake Rocker Mod, Jelly Bean Blue Center Status-Bar Clock With AM/PM, Galaxy Note II's Ink Effect Lock Screen Mod With Ten Different Colors, Modified The Messaging App So You Can Send Bigger Text Messages Without It Turning Automatically Into MMS.

Team Sonic
Team Sonic: TouchWiz
Another great stock rom base UVDLJA Jellybean, almost positive it is not themed at all. Although stock based themes are flashable in the themes section. It's de-bloated and has all the tweaks for build.prop for speed, network speeds, and battery. Has WiFi tether treve_app, and inverted Google talk (dark theme), has GoogleEars, has Long Press Volume To Skip Songs while the screen is off, has AC!D Audio Engine, some Android 4.2 Apps.

Didn't notice many issues with the rom, at least none posted by people. Let me know if there are some.

Frosty JB

Based off of the official UVDLJA Jellybean, it has many mods like; Unrestricted tethering mod, 23 toggle mod, headphone shortcut mod, no incremental ringtone, pinch to zoom gmail apk. For me, this was my go to stable rom for a while. It has great battery and speed.
Themes are available in the OP and many that are in the Theme sections will work on this.

Things broken, don't think there are any.

BlackJelly: TouchWiz
A stable build of T999UVDLJA has little mods but great ones. Doesn't have many if any to list from the OP lol... I rocked this build as my stable DD with WiFi calling for a couple weeks when this was released with no issues and great battery. Just doesn't have the fancy knick knacks, or bells and whistles.

Aeonfluxx: TouchWiz
Based off Official T999UVDLJA, mods are as listed; 5x5 5x5 App/Drawer, Aroma Installer, pop-up browser browser, 23 Toggles mod, Center Clock, No Incremental Ringtone, Applied Tethering Mod, AOSP Lock Screen, Camera is able to be used with low battery

DOMINATION: TouchWiz 1-2-13
Reporting this rom cause, well it's awesome and has two of the most recognized devs on the s3. List of mods as follows; Aroma installer, Modified stock kernel, Ink effect, 23 toggles, Popup browser, wesome beats, Note 2 gallery, Nexus 4 camera option, Different launcher options, Softkey Nav bar option!

STOCK Slim: 1-1-13 Based off Official T999UVDLJA, just as it states slim a lot of bloat removed, some inverted (black themed) apps added, mod to skip tracks with screen off, read what was removed as it may be something you liked.

Team Inferno:



Jedi Invasion:

Ported ROMS
These ROMs will not have native T-Mobile things ie; Wifi calling, & T-Mobile "bloat". Might have trouble with APN's, or WiFi issues that are kernel related.

Axis AxisM by HERO
[ROM][4.1.2]Axis AxisM RLS19 - This rom is something else. Has a great UI and feel, lots of customization capabilities. The stock theme options are nice. Has Multi Window capabilities. Great battery life for me with no mods.

Hyperdrive ☆ by Sbreen94
Hyperdrive ☆ Multi-Carrier support, has many custom options available read the change log/features. Its a long one haha. Prepare for a very large 1GB download probably. Issues, read the last 5ish pages. The rom is not based for T-Mobile, but has the T999 build prop in AROMA, may still have some weird things happen though.

GalaxyMod ¯`•._Universal
PORT GalaxyMod ¯`•._ Universal [4.1.1] A TouchWiz base from Verizon WITH Multi Window from the NOTE II working An awesome TouchWiz rom that is fresh for us T999 users. Read carefully a little of the thread.

Serenity: TouchWiz Note II port
Has some issues, personally just something to play with In My Opinion.
It DOES NOT have multi-view it may be incorporated in the future but we will see.

SynergyROM T-Mo S3
Touchwiz port from Verizon rom=No WiFi Calling
The rom has Multi Window ported from Note II, Long press volume to skip tracks, Wifi Tether app working right out of the box, Pdroid built in. Read the thread before flashing the rom is a port but doesn't seem to be optimized for tmobile. Check kernel and apn's as this was a CDMA rom.
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8th January 2013, 03:09 AM |#2  
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TouchWiz JellyBean Kernels

Stock JB TWIZ Kernel OverClockable

Ktoonez TouchWiz Kernel

Faux TouchWiz Kernel (stable)


✫ ★ ✫ MINIMUM KERNEL™✫ ★ ✫

AOSP Kernels
Will work across others (AOKP) (LiquidSmooth) (ect...)

4.2.2 Kernel
Ktoonez 1-8-13

¤ BMS ¤

Anterus (LeanKernel) 4.2.2

dkp - d2tmo

Here is a great list of mods that is in the process of being updated and tested by the OP, this guy is testing things like crazy, so give the credit to him and thank properly Click for list of mods
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8th January 2013, 03:28 AM |#3  
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Good idea, and nice write-up.
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8th January 2013, 03:48 AM |#4  
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Very good list ; ty
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8th January 2013, 04:01 AM |#5  
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Thank you. We needed this. Hope you can update this thread as it goes. Bibles are good for new users. You should have made a third post on rooting and such lol. By the way I seen some of these CM10 roms have not been updated with the newest nightlys ??
8th January 2013, 04:16 AM |#6  
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There are plenty of threads with all those and they are stickied already. And I noticed that too, Mike and DJ's Illusion 10.1 ROM was updated today.

Sent from my SGH-T999 using xda premium
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8th January 2013, 04:30 AM |#7  
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thought the OP could use some art, so i made some myself

by the way, call it SGH-T999 Galaxy S III Resource Bible instead, it's the way i was taught, and sounds more official

also, if you wouldn't mind adding StockMOD ROM by Team Inferno in that list as well

here's the art, hope you like it:
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8th January 2013, 05:02 AM |#8  
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Awesome, it's been changed & updated good sir!
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8th January 2013, 05:40 AM |#9  
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Looks really good. Good job.

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8th January 2013, 05:45 AM |#10  
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Great work,

Lord knows the hard work u put in for this!
Much appreciated

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8th January 2013, 06:19 AM |#11  
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Very very good. All we need is a mod to make this thread sticky.
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