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[ROM][old|new bl] ParanoidAndroid v2.6 - build 13 [May 20] [linaro][stable][smooth]

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By tonyp, Inactive Recognized Developer on 13th January 2013, 07:08 PM
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ParanoidAndroid CM10

- this is for you, if you want a stable ROM without the need to flash another update each day -
- no cutting edge 10.1 features but therefore almost bugfree daily driver experience -

  • ParanoidAndroid:
    • Hybrid Engine - choose custom DPIs and Layouts for each app - see post 4
    • Center Clock option
    • Transparent Statusbar option
    • Brightness slider in the notificationbar option & different notification toggle styles
    • See through lockscreen
    • etc.
  • PDroid included to protect your privacy
  • HwaSettings included (read the Q&A in post 2 why)
  • adb remount command unlocked (to be able to adb push to /system etc.)
  • standard softkey vibration lowered
  • ships with the awesome kowalski kernel by pengus77
  • opensourced:
  • NEW: automatic NITZ fix for automatic time
  • NEW: linaro smoothness
  • NEW: lockscreen selection (Blackberry 10 / Optimus 4x / ICS etc.)
  • NEW: allow to select text in gtalk
  • NEW: statusbar color and transparency

If you like the ROM please press thanks, rate this thread with 5 stars and consider to
buy me a beer here!

also consider donations to:
Ricardo Cerqueira (Cyanogenmod)
molesarecoming (ParanoidAndroid)
D4rKn3sSyS (ParanoidAndroid)

  • arcee for being our CM device maintainer. Without him none of this would exist!
  • molesarecoming & D4rKn3sSyS for founding and inventing ParanoidAndroid.
  • pengus77 for his awesome work at the kernel and new bootloader.
  • marsgod for fixing the callbug on the old bootloader.
  • wkpark for the cracked ICS bootloader, the ramhack idea, and all is valid input.
  • and vadonka for providing me great hosting services.

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13th January 2013, 07:08 PM |#2  
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  1. What are the known bugs?
    There are a couple CM10 bugs present.
    The most noticable are:
    • CM Camera isn't working great. Use the ported ICS Camera as a workaround
    • Low brightness after unlocking the screen. This is a CM issue with an easy workaround: Turn on all animation and transition scales at Settings - Developer Options.
    • transparent notification dropdown & statusbar isn't working (or at least not sticking a reboot) (fixed for build 05)
    • Auto brightness is flawky
    • HDMI rotation error
    Please consult this post for more information about the bugs.
    Not all of them are still present, some have already been fixed in the meantime (wifi drain, bluetooth, notification lights)

  2. I got a bug which is not listed here, how do I report it?
    First: Try to search for your bug, I don't add each and every stupid minibug to the known bugs list, but it's most likely already mentioned in the thread.

    If you didn't find anything then report your bug. I ignore bug reports which don't contain logs, so you should study my [Reference] How to get useful logs thread.
    If you want to report a sudden/hot reboot then you need to follow this format for the bugreport.

  3. Can I post in here if I want to chitchat and talk with you guys, recommend my new app discoveries or ask questions which are only slightly related to PA?
    No, please use the Userthread for stuff like that.
    While everyone knows that I don't mind a couple funny or offtopic posts, we shouldn't drift off too far in the dev thread.
    But every post in the Userthread is welcome - especially your tipps & tricks or app recommendations!

  4. Is there any reason why I should use this ROM instead of others?
    Well, use whatever ROM you want. This ROM isn't for people who always want to have the newest of the newest - so if you're one of that kind then just move on.
    The biggest difference to other ROMs currently out there: This ROM is stable. I'm using it myself as a daily driver.
    I really hate threads of people who push out ROMs without testing them or at least reading the users feedback (*cough* jellybam *cough*).

  5. Why the f*** did it took you so long to release PA?
    Simple. My PA ROM has always been as stable as possible. I didn't consider CM10 stable enough until now for being eligable to have another ROM out besides the official CM10 ROMs.

  6. The OP is too long, can I ask what I need to know without reading it? And do I really need to search before asking?
    Sure, go ahead and ask without searching or reading. I did spent lots of time on a detailed OP and answering questions in the thread, so I can just spent some more time answering every question again and again, right?
    As the people who are targeted by this entry probably won't read this anyways but just post there's no need to expand further.
    Oh but I'm looking forward to create a hall of fame shame of all those stupid posts

  7. Hahahaha you included HwaSettings again? Why would you do that, we do have fully working hwa, didn't you know?
    Ah a smartass. But did you know that hwa increases the application's RAM demands?
    The author of the HwaSettings app writes the following:
    Originally Posted by royale1223

    Basicaly you can deny hwui to any app that targets API 10 or below, any app that uses Holo.Light theme(Eg: Gmail : No gradient needed, but you have to be carefull because apps like Google+ and Github relies on hwui for animations/effects) or any app that doesn't have a UI. You see when hwui is not denies some libs are loaded :

    07-17 14:20:37.968: D/libEGL(4041): loaded /system/lib/egl/
    07-17 14:20:37.976: D/libEGL(4041): loaded /system/lib/egl/
    07-17 14:20:37.991: D/libEGL(4041): loaded /system/lib/egl/
    07-17 14:20:37.991: D/libEGL(4041): loaded /system/lib/egl/
    If you deny hwui, these are not loaded. So denying hwui for one or two apps won't make a diffrence, but disabling hwui for many apps can save you some memory or even some battery.

    As we're running low on RAM with our phone I thought it might be a good idea to include the app, then you can disable hwa for some apps or system parts and post your feedback here.
    Additionally here's an interesting post by Dianne Hackborn about hwa.

  8. Oh, that sounds great! But why are my newly downloaded apps not listed within the HwaSettings app?
    That's a bug of the app unfortunately. You need to reset it at Settings - Apps (swipe to all, choose HwaSettings and delete data).

  9. Is this the newest version of PA?
    No, unfortunately not. The new and improved version (AOSPA 3.0) which source has been dropped in January 2013 is based on AOSP - which we need to port to the 2x first. So the new app in the PlayStore won't work with this "PACM" ROM.
    But this ROM does contain all CM10 stuff including the latest CM-based PA hybrid engine.

  10. I heared there's PDroid 2.0 - why is the old version included?
    I'm monitoring the new threads of course. PDroid 2.0 is by another author than the original one. Development is currently stalled thus I'm stickying to the original and well tested version for now.
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13th January 2013, 07:10 PM |#3  
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  • kowalski kernel thread
    This ROM comes with the kowalski kernel by by pengus77.
    For new versions (which come regularly) check out his thread!



Coming from another ROM:
  1. Make sure you're using a correct recovery. I recommend TWRP, but you can use CWM as well of course.
    If you're on the new bl make sure you use the CWM by pengus, not the old ones!
  2. No need for a full wipe you're coming either from a official CM10 old bl or from a CM10 new bl ROM.
    Any other ROM: Do a full wipe! Apperantly even needed if you come from CM10.1.
    Just do the wipe, you will be thankful afterwards when everything does run better.
  3. Format /system
  4. Choose the correct ROM for your bootloader
  5. Flash ROM + Gapps (from the ones I linked above AND NOT MY NONNEON 4.2 ONE!!!!)
  6. Flash the latest kowalski kernel!
  7. Reboot
  8. Don't restore system apps (like Settings) or system data (like Wifi data) with TitaniumBackup!
  9. You'll find a new Settings entry "Paranoid Settings" - to get a first impression of PA choose "Launch" and then "tonyp's profile".
  10. If you want to use adb in recovery, here are my modded adb drivers for ICS.

Updating from a previous version:
  1. Backup your PA Settings (at Settings - Paranoid Settings - Tools)
  2. Download new build
  3. Flash ROM (you don't need to do a full wipe - or any other wipes)
  4. Flash the latest kowalski kernel!
  5. Reboot
  6. done

Build 13:
  • fixed searchkey hardwarebinding
  • enabled notification dropdown transparency
  • better autobrightness ROM support
  • pengus77 call muting & call forwarding fixes (thx a lot!)
  • added new Hardwarekeys binding options backported from my CM10.1 ROM - Switch to last app - Screen Off - Power Menu - Open custom app - Screenshot - Kill app (replaces the menu in the dev options) - Quickmemo
  • tonyp memory management backported from CM10.1 and enabled by default (more advanced and less aggressive than the one in PA12)
  • camera storage selection
  • force clear cache by longpressing the clear all button on recent apps This one is from my not-yet-released CM10.1 build 04b. Do not overuse this feature, it's only there to get rid of lags!
  • GPS updates by crypted
  • Dalvik: disabled bytecode verification
  • backported my theme fixes for the text-only battery style
  • merged the latest CM10 updates - which aren't many as CM10 is almost dead
  • kernel updated to kk 122
Build 12:
  • I backported the CM10.1 clock app to CM10. This should help with missed alarms (plus contains more features and has a nicer look)
  • Reverted the brightness testing stuff which caused some erratic behaviour
  • added a warning dialog when enabling the CRT dialog that you shall not complain about it's broken-ness
  • toolchain reverted to the previous 4.6.2. linaro one. I'll post some toolchain testing builds soon
  • removed the KSM option
  • removed the PerformanceSettings warning dialog
  • kowalski kernel updated to kk 116 This should fix the recent reboots
Build 11:
  • remove defective init..rc cpu parameters
  • enable development settings by default
  • disable auto rotate toggle by default (2/2)
  • force crt animation to be disabled by default
  • disable auto rotate toggle by default (1/2)
  • update weather api calls
Build 10:
  • kernel updated to kk 120 Note: This build is incompatible with kernels < 119! You won't be able to change brightness manually with older kernels.
  • low brightness after unlocking bug completely fixed (even without the animations)
  • auto brightnes should work again - but it's handled in the kernel (like in ICS) so you can't adjust it. It still doesn't work perfectly - but at least better than before.
  • 0% battery shutdown bug should be fixed.
  • I fixed call rejecting on SU660 BBs for real - I missed one constellation where it could still fail
  • disabled the crt animation by default (hopefully) for real There were four spots in the source where it's been activated, I think I tracked down all of them now
  • removed live wallpapers
  • xda member jojosch93 send me a couple German translations for the Launcher and Settings which I included
Build 09:
  • under-the-hood stability & memory related fixes
  • Selfported AOSP 4.2-based launcher replaces the Xperia one
  • SuperSU replaced with new Superuser
  • cherry-picked option to disable low battery warning and/or sound
  • cherry-picked option to disable the bootanimation
  • purgeable assets enabled by default
  • Lumberjack replaced by SysLog
  • merged upstream with CM10
  • updated kernel to kk 115 and KowalskiManager to 017r
Build 08:
  • tonyp: P990: fix call rejecting on SU660 Basebands
  • tonyp: init: allow graphics to kill the bootanimation
  • tweak for default ADJ values
  • telephony: neighboring cells are now handled properly
  • gnu linker (ld) updated to be able to enable the "--icf=safe" flag again
  • bionic: Add ARMv7 optimized string handling routines
  • option to enable the notification rotate toggle
  • updated kernel to kk 109 and KowalskiManager to 015r
Build 07:
  • Performance control build from source now (buggy UV section removed)
  • massive sources cleanup
  • further improvements for the PA launch profiles
  • lots of stuff from build 06 reverted while trying to get rid of the data corruption bug, which turned out had been the kernels fault Together with some under-the-hood changes the following got reverted:
    • bionic: Add ARMv7 optimized string handling routines
    • option to enable the notification rotate toggle
    • option to control visibility of soft keys in tablet status bar
  • Kernel updated to (non OC) kk 100p2
Build 06:
  • dpi backup script added, custom dpi settings will survive ROM flashes now
  • bionic: Add ARMv7 optimized string handling routines
  • ADJ values reseted to AOSP default
  • option to enable the notification rotate toggle
  • option to control visibility of soft keys in tablet status bar
  • newbl version: RIL replaced with the correct v28g newbl one
  • Kernel updated to (non OC) exp 003 (prerelease)
Build 05:
  • build with linaro 4.6.2 and loads of build optimization flags. Smoothness here we come!
  • loads of stability fixes from various sources (even cm10.1 backports) including stuff like wakelock and memleak fixes!
  • Xperia Launcher replaces Trebuchet
  • added possibility to select text in Gtalk
  • option to disable volume adjust beep
  • Statusbar color and transparency fixed (survives a reboot now)
  • Allow purging of asset bitmaps
  • "Android is Updating, Optimising Applications" shows more infos
  • new lockscreen selection (Optimus 4x, Blackberry 10 etc.) no complaints please, I'm aware of the minor flaws it still has.
  • option to enable CRT animation (sometimes flawky!)
  • new PA tonyp 2013 profile added
  • Stock UI profile fixed (why did noone notice this? lol)
  • ibjpeg-turbo replaces jpeg
  • Kowalski Kernel updated to build 100 (OC). Slow charging fixed on the oldbl! thanks so much pengus!
  • lots of more stuff
Build 04:
  • implemented a method to automatically apply the NITZ automatic time fix. Automatic time will work out of the box for all Basebands now! All SU660, v28, V30 and future ICS Basbands get detected automatically. There's no need to manually add "telephony.test.ignore.nitz" anymore! :)
  • Reverted to stock CM RIL. But the test with v30a has been successfull. Advanced users can get the RILs here: RIL Downloads
  • Kowalski Kernel & Manager updated to 011p3 011p3 fixes the lags, slowdowns and crashes from the previous version.
Build 03:
  • fixed the Launch menu in Paranoid Settings
  • loads of cherrypicked and backward-ported fixes for dhcp & wpasupplicant Too many commits to list here. This should improve the wifi stability. Thanks to tetsuo55 & pengus77 for their help & testing.
  • KowalskiManager added
  • Kowalski Kernel updated to 011
  • re-enabled auto brightness (which is still flawky like with all CM ROMs)
  • AOSP bootanimation (the logcat showed an error when showing the old one)
  • iwconfig / iwlist added to enable TX power changing
  • PDroid.apk "hacked" to disable notifications by default
  • Cherrypicked criticalBatteryShutdownLevel
  • removed VideoEditor for real this time
Build 02:
  • v30a RIL replaces the old v28 one (RIL modified for the oldbl)
  • fixed the Toggle 2G button
  • kernel updated to pengus 009p2
  • PerformanceControl, Lumberjack & BarcodeScanner apps added
  • Bluetooth crosshair pointer replaced with win pointer
  • unset Phasebeam as default wallpaper
  • PA Colors profile deleted (only useful for the navbar)
  • Enabled installation of non market apps by default
  • VideoEditor removed
  • 2G icon replaces GPS one in the tonyp profile
  • stabilization improvement
  • disabled KSM (can cause problems)
Build 01:
  • initial build
  • Changes compared to my old CM10 hackfest build 8:
    • full hardware accellertion, videocam, camera etc.
    • I fixed the need to flash gapps after every update
    • CM Filemanager added
  • Changes compared to official CM10:
    • Notification lights (more or less) fixed (use: always on)
    • Bluetooth, Wifi, Wifi AP etc. fixed thanks to pengus77's kernel.
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13th January 2013, 07:11 PM |#4  
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I'm new to ParanoidAndroid. I flashed it and see no difference, what to do now?

I suggest to go to Settings - ParanoidAndroid - Launch - and choose "tonyp's profile".
That's the setup I'm currently using, with the following config:
  • Standard DPI for apps & system at 190 DPI
  • Tablet UI for Settings, Browser, Gmail,
  • 6 Holo Toggles in the Notification Dropdown menu and a brightness slider

How to change the dpi (size) and layout of an app

The 1280px layout has been removed from Youtube's newer versions. But these pictures still show the How To!

How to set the workspace mode

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13th January 2013, 07:11 PM |#5  
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noteworthy posts
I get asked the same question about my personal tips and recommendations very often.
Thus I started to add some of my answers from within this thread here, to help you find the answers quickly.

Top tips:

My advanced ROM configurations

Greenify app tip

How to get useful logs

Everything else:

Solution for the brightness low after unlocking bug

Does the bootloader matter?

GPS problems? Not for me

Why I am using 420 BB

Extract parts of backups with AppExtractor v2.0

IData corruption in the kernel? It's been fixed! read here

Why the CRT effect is flawky
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13th January 2013, 07:11 PM |#6  
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13th January 2013, 07:21 PM |#7  
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This is great. rom and kernel from two guys who have risen o2x.
13th January 2013, 07:21 PM |#8  
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Well i can't wait to try this)i missed the less vibration)

Sent from my LG-P990 using xda premium
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13th January 2013, 07:26 PM |#9  
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Great! Thank you! The best ROM is back!

Gesendet von meinem LGP990 mit CM10.
13th January 2013, 07:36 PM |#10  
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@tonyp the link to [email protected] kernel thread is missing
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13th January 2013, 07:45 PM |#11  
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Okay, both builds are pushed to the server

They do contain the kowalski 007 kernel, so you don't need to flash the kernel on top.
But I'm sure pengus will release another kernel build soon as he's damn fast - especially for a penguin
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