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I am not responsible for anything you do to your device.

Current Android Version: 4.2.2
Current Kernel: 2.6.36

Project Butter (ION Memory Management, Improved VSYNC & Triple Framebuffer)
Open source camera daemon

GAPPS: JB 20130812
ROM: Final md5sum - 714b512470643e582ea75c08f65b2a40
GAPPS: ICS 20120317

Make sure you have S-OFF
I recommend backing up all data
Wipe data and cache (Recommended but optional if updating from aospX or aospSX)
Flash ROM

OTA Updating
As of 2/19/18, OTA is functional. Currently hosting OTA ROM on DropBox. Previously used XDA's devDB for OTA but they removed the ability to link directly to the ROM.
Tested on CWM recovery. Let me know of any issues.
If update fails in recovery, download is located in /sdcard/OTA-Updater/download/ folder.

Known Bugs
Known App Incompatibilities

Changelog - The short version
- Fixed boot crash for Glacier phones with "M4G2DE" model internal flash.
- Fixed issue where headphones were not recognized.
- Added hardware key custom rebinding from CM.
- Allow camera button (long press) to select different camera app.
- Camera Updates
  - Fixed issue where using the camera button to focus would not turn off LED when button is released.
  - Fixed issue where using the camera button to focus would break the next call to focus.
  - Fixed occasional freeze when taking a picture.

- Switched to JB sound package.
- Fixed bug where incorrect signal strength was being reported.
- Camera Updates
  - Added Auto-Focus
  - Auto exposure improvements
  - Added WVGA camcorder mode

- Added blue notification led
- Fixed display auto-brightness
- Fixed physical button lights
- Fixed issue where SetupWizard would not finish properly
- Fixed YouTube video playback.
- Fixed issue where copying to phone with USB Mass Storage would be 3 times slower.
- Camera Updates
  - Added flash for camera.  This also fixes Torch.
  - Tweaked auto exposure to adjust faster.
- Kernel Updates
  - Tweaked power management idle and sleep modes.
  - Fixed trackball wake when sleeping.
  - Fixed issue where CPU frequency was stuck at 768Mhz.
  - Fixed issue where user-configured max CPU frequency not being restored at boot.
  - Added overclocking support.
  - Allow CPU frequency to be underclocked at 192Mhz. Originally set at 256Mhz.

- Lots of kernel updates:
    - USB driver updated to JB 4.2.2 from CAF
    - Kernel version updated to 2.6.36
    - Clocks, power management, etc updated to 2.6.38/CAF.
- Improvements made to camera daemon
- GPS Fixed
- Added current CPU speed in Performance settings.

- Fixed SIM card not being recognized
- OTA Tweaks

Android updates
- All but four ICS packages updated to JB MR1
- OTA Updater fixed
- Performance settings, Advanced reboot and Kill app back button options re-added from aospX
- Root access settings added
- Complete rewrite of mm-open-daemon:
    - Added support for front facing camera
    - Improved auto exposure algorithm
    - Wrote formulas to calculate several VFE settings instead of hard coding them, allowing different camera modes to be utilized
    - Added different modes/resolutions for both camera sensors
    - Various other fixes/improvements
- Updated to CAF Camera App
- Adreno Blobs Updated to JB MR1
- Fixed bug where animations would not render the last frame
- Fixed audio not recording for camcorder

kernel updates
- Framebuffer driver updated
- GPU driver updated
- New Camera2 driver for MT9V113 (FFC)
Synthetic.Nightmare - big thanks for his guidance/support and for providing the base for which I am using for this rom.
The aospX team
The CyanogenMod Team
XDA developers
Code Aurora Forums
Other devs still keeping this phone alive
Anyone else I may have forgotten

XDA:DevDB Information
aospSX, ROM for the HTC Glacier: myTouch 4G

Source Code:

ROM OS Version: 4.2.x Jelly Bean
ROM Kernel: Linux 2.6.x
Based On: AOSP

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 1.0.9
Stable Release Date: 2019-02-28

Created 2014-08-17
Last Updated 2019-03-01
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aospSX Changelog


Project name: kernel_msm
  •steppnasty - mmc: Don't subtract boot sectors from disc size.
  •steppnasty - msm: msm_bus: Don't clear client requests
  •Stefan Seidel - Remove limitation of light sensor to nine levels, report light level as accurate as it comes out of the chip and fix wrong values read upon resume; needs updated libsensors
  •steppnasty - msm_fb: display: Fix mipi_dsi display glitching.

Project name: platform_external_mm-open-daemon
  •steppnasty - Requeue buffers even when we are not subscribed to their events.
  •steppnasty - Fix LED not turning off when using the camera button to focus.
  •steppnasty - Fix occasional deadlock when waiting for subdevice command to complete.

Project name: platform_packages_apps_Camera
  •steppnasty - Allow Camera Button to select other camera apps.

Project name: platform_packages_apps_Settings
  •Phil Tunstall - Settings: Forward port Hardware key custom rebinding (2/2)

Project name: platform_device_htc_glacier
  •steppnasty - glacier-keypad: Map Genius button as an assist key.

Project name: platform_device_htc_doubleshot
  •steppnasty - doubleshot-keypad: Map Genius button as an assist key.

Project name: platform_frameworks_base
  •Phil Tunstall - Hardware key custom rebinding (1/2)
  •Danny Baumann - Fix HTC headset handling.

Project name: platform_vendor_aospsx
  •steppnasty - Adjust date of 1.0.9 release.
  •steppnasty - aospSX version 1.0.9
  •steppnasty - aospSX version 1.0.8a

Project name: kernel_msm
  •steppnasty - Fix static memory allocations.
  •steppnasty - Allow nonsecure allocations for writeback heap.
  •steppnasty - Fix deadlock on first blt.
  •steppnasty - ion_iommu_map:  Fix heap compatibility for no iommu workaround.
  •steppnasty - Doubleshot: Adjust memory allocation sizes and cleanup/fix definitions.
  •steppnasty - qdsp6v2: Increase max buffer count for pcm_in.
  •steppnasty - msm_fb: Add support for MIPI Hitachi WVGA panel
  •steppnasty - Revert "board/cpufreq: add early suspend/late resume drivers"
  •steppnasty - Revert "cpufreq: Only use early suspend for msm8x60."
  •steppnasty - camera_v2: Add actuator support for non-DT devices.

Project name: platform_hardware_qcom_display
  •steppnasty - msm8660: Use SF heap for overlay.
  •steppnasty - libgralloc: Add support for Gralloc camera heap.

Project name: platform_hardware_qcom_camera
  •steppnasty - msm8660: Only use mm heap for video streaming.
  •steppnasty - mm-jpeg-interface: Fix thumbnail corruption
  •steppnasty - Fix video y-plane padding for NV21 & NV12.

Project name: platform_hardware_qcom_media
  •steppnasty - omx_vdec: Set input buffers as uncached.

Project name: platform_frameworks_base
  •Daniel Hillenbrand - FileUtils: add method to get UUID of a volume
  •Shareef Ali - Signal strength: add more checks to signal strength,
  •Banavathu, Srinivas Naik - Telephony: Consider EVDO ecio zero value as valid.
  •Chirayu Desai - telephony: hide needsOldRilFeature
  •dhacker29 - Framework: Fix GSM signal strength
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - telephony: SignalStrengh: Don't calculate a LTE snr if the srq is invalid
  •Adam Farden - Audio: Organize, include only newer ringtones
  •Fabrice Di Meglio - Optimize RTL properties resolution

Project name: platform_external_mm-open-daemon
  •steppnasty - Improve exposure gain changes when switching sensor modes.
  •steppnasty - Flatten commands for setting sensor mode.
  •steppnasty - Don't release stream bufs that were not requested.
  •steppnasty - Fix VFE demux config for sensors that configure their own WB settings.
  •steppnasty - imx105: Remove 960x544 preview resolution.
  •steppnasty - Allow AEC target exposure level to be configured per sensor mode.
  •steppnasty - Factor in scaling when calulating VFE main_scaler and FOV reg values.
  •steppnasty - Refactor handling of sensor commands sent before powerup.
  •steppnasty - Add compatibility for separate sensor video settings.
  •steppnasty - Fix inconsistent AEC frame skipping.
  •steppnasty - Make white balance config sensor specific.
  •steppnasty - imx105: Fix typo.
  •steppnasty - Zero out file descriptors after closing file.
  •steppnasty - imx105: Write actuator init sequence through the sensor driver.
  •steppnasty - Rework auto exposure
  •steppnasty - Fix the usage of the black line number from sensor config.
  •steppnasty - actuator: Send the damping params to the driver as an array.
  •steppnasty - Fix warning
  •steppnasty - actuator: Set driver info after powering sensor.
  •steppnasty - Move poll lock/unlock to mm_daemon_util.
  •steppnasty - Prioritze starting and fix stopping of socket thread.
  •steppnasty - Fix issue with negative gain value being cast as unsigned.
  •steppnasty - s5k4e1gx: Revert back to previous method of setting exposure gain;
  •steppnasty - s5k4e1gx: Remove QVGA & CIF video modes. Add WVGA.
  •steppnasty - Fix focus mode count.
  •steppnasty - Add Autofocus + refactor/cleanup code

Project name: platform_packages_apps_Camera
  •steppnasty - VideoModule: Remove redundant check for camcorder profile.
  •steppnasty - VideoModule: Improve video quality check.
  •steppnasty - VideoModule: Check saved video size against supported sizes.

Project name: platform_device_htc_glacier
  •steppnasty - media_profiles.xml: Remove QVGA and CIF profiles.
  •steppnasty - Override default video resolution with WVGA (800x480).
  •steppnasty - media_profiles: Add WVGA (800x480) video profile for rear camera.

Project name: platform_vendor_aospsx
  •steppnasty - aospSX version 1.0.8
  •steppnasty - Audio: Use the NewAudio package.

Project name: platform_vendor_qcom_proprietary
  •steppnasty - Update JPEG props.

Project name: kernel_msm
  •steppnasty - doubleshot: Add "blue" led config.
  •steppnasty - glacier: Add "blue" led config.
  •steppnasty - leds-microp: Allow a blink value of 4 with a blue led.
  •steppnasty - glacier: Change sleep mode to apps_sleep.
  •steppnasty - Revert "pm: Remove check for wake_depth"
  •steppnasty - msm_fb: Allow panel brightness to be set to default on power_on.
  •steppnasty - Doubleshot: Add CameraV2 flash device.
  •steppnasty - Glacier: Add CameraV2 flash device.
  •steppnasty - camera_v2: Add support for legacy flash driver.
  •steppnasty - bma150_spi: Early suspend the bma150.
  •steppnasty - msm_fb: mipi_novatec.c: Add multi-vendor panel detection.
  •steppnasty - msm_fb: Use msm_fb backlight control for Glacier & Doubleshot.
  •steppnasty - msm: panel_id.h: Import updates from doubleshot-gb-crc-2.6.35.
  •steppnasty - Revert "cpufreq: add deep sleep detection scaling"
  •steppnasty - msm: acpuclock-7x30: Add overclock/underclock table from aospX.
  •steppnasty - msm: cpufreq: Fix acpu rate adjustments for msm7x30.

Project name: platform_frameworks_base
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - TEMPORARY: Reintroduce button-backlight (and respective inactivity timeout)

Project name: platform_frameworks_av
  •steppnasty - stagefright: Make smoothstreaming a board option.

Project name: platform_external_mm-open-daemon
  •steppnasty - Add flash functionality.
  •steppnasty - Tweak calculations to adjust auto-exposure at a faster rate.
  •steppnasty - Use a single poll command function to communicate with subdevices.

Project name: platform_build
  •steppnasty - Let the vendor package decide on the inclusion of Provision
  •steppnasty - Fix colors.

Project name: platform_system_vold
  •kallt_kaffe - vold: add ro.vold.umsdirtyratio property
  •steppnasty - vold: Remove unneeded include directory.
  •steppnasty - Revert "VolumeManager: Modified to support legacy lun file."
  •steppnasty - Revert "Corrected pathname"

Project name: platform_packages_apps_Settings
  •steppnasty - Settings: Start CPUReceiver on boot completion.
  •steppnasty - Settings: Update AF translations.

Project name: platform_device_htc_doubleshot
  •steppnasty - doubleshot: Enable vidc smoothstreaming.
  •steppnasty - lights.c: Add support for "blue" led notifications.
  •steppnasty - lights.c: Clean up formatting.

Project name: platform_device_htc_glacier
  •steppnasty - lights.c: Reset speaker leds before setting.
  •steppnasty - lights.c: Add support for "blue" led notifications.
  •steppnasty - lights.c: Clean up formatting.
  •steppnasty - Set minimum user adjustable screen brightness to 23.

Project name: platform_vendor_google
  •steppnasty - Fix build warning when including GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.
  •steppnasty - Add prebuilt QuickSearchBox app.
  •steppnasty - Remove tts files already included in svox project.

Project name: platform_vendor_aospsx
  •steppnasty - aospSX version 1.0.7
  •steppnasty - opticharger: Ignore optimization of prebuilt APKs.
  •steppnasty - Add option to include Gapps in build.

Project name: platform_vendor_htc_doubleshot
  •steppnasty - Use the prebuilt from vendor/qcom/proprietary.
  •steppnasty - Build and include liblights source in device/htc/doubleshot.

Project name: platform_vendor_qcom_proprietary
  •steppnasty - Remove blobs from the PRODUCT_COPY_FILES list that are already included.

Attachment - See below

Attachment - See below

Attachment - See below

Attachment - See below

Attachment - See below

Attachment - See below

*New Version: Android 4.2.2

  •steppnasty - dhd_linux: Add firmware_path parameters if missing
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Stepp_aospX Changelog


  •steppnasty - aapt: updated Images.cpp Updated to allow packaging of images with red ticks in transparent frames.
  •steppnasty - libmedia:  Added backwards compatibility. Now compatible with media players relying on ICS and older libmedia.

  •Rob Beane - Add prebuilt APK (4.2-517167) from Google
  •Rob Beane - Add prebuilt APK (JellyBean) from Google

  •Jake Hamby - Add menu item to access Cell Broadcasts from MMS app.
  •João Ventura - Mms: sets endMmsConnectivity() as last operation

  •Steppnasty - Noise suppression bug fix. Fixes echo on distant end of phone call.
  •Banavathu, Srinivas Naik - Phone: Fix Nullpointer exception in GsmUmtsOptions
  •Anju Mathapati - Phone: Handle NullPointerException for Call Waiting functionality.

  •LuisCruz - DeskClock: Backport 4.2 analog widget drawables (xhdpi+hdpi+mdpi) Also, bring over the 4.2 widget preview to complete the look.

  •Steppnasty - Added Device Memory Info to About Phone Settings screen.
  •Steppnasty - Added volume overlay from CM10/jellybean
  •Jake Hamby - Add menu item to Settings to go to Cell Broadcast settings.
  •LuisCruz - Add Themes (@CNA) for the icon (@CyanogenMod) for the code

  •Jake Hamby - Remove launcher icon from Cell Broadcast app.

  •Bernhard Rosenkränzer - bionic: Make use of new memcpy, tweak settings
  •Henrik Smiding - Add optimized version of memcmp for Cortex A9
  •Henrik Smiding - Add optimized version of memset for Cortex A9
  •Henrik Smiding - Add optimized version of memcpy for Cortex A9
  •Elliott Hughes - Upgrade to tzdata2012g.
  •Andrew Sutherland - libc: extend ARCH_ARM_USE_NON_NEON_MEMCPY to linaro

  •Vladimir Marko - Performance improvement in DiskLruCache.readJournalLine().

  •LuisCruz - msm: kgsl: remove slow path to fix the build. Seems it was only a fallback path for completeness. (Will look into this if bugs/errors occur)
  •Jordan Crouse - msm: kgsl: Optimize page_alloc allocations
  •Jordan Crouse - msm: kgsl: Limit the number of indirect buffers per submission
  •Shubhraprakash Das - msm: kgsl: Use the gpuaddr to decide whether to map memstore
  •Jordan Crouse - msm: kgsl: Detect and avoid malformed ioctl codes
  •Anshuman Dani - msm: kgsl: Add new sysfs node to list GPU clock frequencies
  •faux123 - block: tweaked deadline for better performance
  •LuisCruz - defconfig: switch off Sweep2Wake
  •Stefan Uzunov - sweep2wake_atmel: adjust screen coordinates for more precision, remove an unnecessary kernel message and fix typo (thanks to Nonverbose)
  •Rob Beane - staging: android: logger: Update from primou 3.0 kernel
  •Arve Hjønnevåg - staging: android: lowmemorykiller: Change default debug_level to 1
  •LuisCruz - s2w: remove unneeded stuff
  •LuisCruz - config: readd s2w
  •LuisCruz - sweep2wake: correct keypad
  •LuisCruz - Sweep2Wake: implemented and fix s2w for atmel touchscreen
  •LuisCruz - Massive revert of Sweep2wake Because apparently rebasing an old commit is perferable to just patching it up... Revert "atmel: sweep2wake: fix ifdef"
  •LuisCruz - atmel: sweep2wake: fix ifdef Waiiiiiiiit... This isn't Cypress
  •LuisCruz - atmel: sweep2wake: a quick adjustment via (@amidabuddha)
  •LuisCruz - atmel: sweep2wake: fix unsafe locking (@showp1984)

  •Steppnasty - Common: Bump to MR2 and modify OTA id.
  •LuisCruz - Pseudo-Pseudo: don't zip recursive Signed-off-by: LuisCruz <[email protected]>
  •LuisCruz - Pseudo-Pseudo: improve ccache logic Signed-off-by: LuisCruz <[email protected]>
  •LuisCruz - Pseudo-Pseudo: further improvements to scripts Signed-off-by: LuisCruz <[email protected]>
  •LuisCruz - Pseudo-Pseudo: modifications to improve funcionality on aospx Signed-off-by: LuisCruz <[email protected]>
  •LuisCruz - Pseudo-Pseudo_bot: Initial bringover of Pseudo_bot -adjusted for aospX -changelog genereated and added to build -wip
  •LuisCruz - apns-conf: Mobilicity: Unify apns This should allow MMS to work on devices running ICS on Mobilicity (thanks to format_windows)
  •Rob Beane - common: Add CellBroadcastReceiver to PRODUCT_PACKAGES
  •LuisCruz - Include and build AospXStockBlu theme
  •LuisCruz - Adapt theme engine for aospx
  •LuisCruz - Remove some ace stuff to allow glacier to build properly

  •Luis Cruz - Add landscape preview Theme Chooser just stretches out the preview for portrait without this; which doesn't look good at all
  •Luis Cruz - Correct drawables path
  •Luis Cruz - correct stat_sys_battery values
  •Luis Cruz - Redirect battery drawables
  •Luis Cruz - Update preview
  •Luis Cruz - Update icon This looks nicer than the random moon
  •Luis Cruz - Adjust drawable for pressed launcher icon I feel this should complete "dat feel" of the theme
  •Luis Cruz - AospXStockBlu-v1 Signed-off-by: Luis Cruz <[email protected]>
  •Luis Cruz - clean up
  •Luis Cruz - Initial move from TemplateBread to aospX stock blue theme

  •Luis Cruz - Revert "ThemeChooser: Update launcher name"

  •Duy Truong - Update copyright to The Linux Foundation

  •LuisCruz - GoogleEars: Improve drawable Using a better drawable to match the shadow-y texture of the other android widgets.     preview:
  •LuisCruz - Add Google Ears (Sound Search) with updated widget background drawables to match ICS. preview:
  •Rob Beane - Update Maps to v6.14.1
  •Rob Beane - Update StreetView to v1.8.1.2

  •Steppnasty - AudioSystem: Fixed crash that occurs after bluetooth disconnect.
  •Steppnasty - Fixed Bluetooth volume overlay.
  •Steppnasty - AudioFlinger: Fixed bug causing random crash
  •Steppnasty - Fixed bug causing music stream volume adjustments to not apply during stream. (Part 1)
  •Steppnasty - Separated volume indexes by device.
  •Steppnasty - Fixed bug where phone state would not change.
  •Steppnasty - Lots of updates to Audioflinger and libmedia.
  •Roman Birg - restart SystemUI on theme change
  •Suresh Koleti - Ignore radio power request if desired and current radio state are same.
  •Vikash Garodia - libstagefright: correct system property for product
  •Dirk Rettschlag - Fix system crash introduced by themeable framework
  •NewbyJE - core: Additional HSPAP support
  •Jake Hamby - Add config option to enable links to Cell Broadcast app.
  •László Dávid - LocationManagerService: The "value" was used as a Map.remove(key) method parameter.
  •László Dávid - Possible NPE in ActivityManagerService
  •László Dávid - Possible NPE in ChooseAccountTypeActivity
  •László Dávid - Fix NullPointerException in UsbStorageActivity
  •László Dávid - Call to equals() comparing different types
  •Jorge Ruesga - Fix 5772: Pattern screen lock shows incorrect attempts
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - SimUnlockScreen: Explicitly register themeChange receiver
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - GlobalActions: Fix themeing of the ShutdownThread
  •LuisCruz - Remove unused definition
  •LuisCruz - Revert "SystemUI: Add percentage to stock battery icons"
  •LuisCruz - Fix mess made from merge
  •Ahron Train - Fixed Proprietary info feild skipping in Samuel Berube's voicemail notification patch (#11318)
  •Samuel Berube - Fixed: missing new voicemail notification with some carriers/devices
  •Paras Morabia - SurfaceFlinger: Dont skip composition if it is incomplete.
  •NewbyJE - telephony:  Fix MMS for when operator has different APNs for Data and MMS
  •Karthikeyan Periasamy - Revert "[WebKit] Add WebAudio Impulse Response resources as part of framework assets"
  •LuisCruz - Allow theming of framework UI elements.
  •LuisCruz - Merge branch 'themes-4.0' into 'ics'
  •Ahron Train - Fixed Proprietary info feild skipping in Samuel Berube's voicemail notification patch (#11318)
  •Samuel Berube - Fixed: missing new voicemail notification with some carriers/devices
  •Paras Morabia - SurfaceFlinger: Dont skip composition if it is incomplete.

  •andrew.boren - msm7x30-common: fix a few items.
  •Rob Beane - msm7x30: Optimize for cortex-A8

  •Rob Beane - gps.conf: global ntp server
  •Rob Beane - glacier: Add additional build prop tweaks

  •Duy Truong - Update copyright to The Linux Foundation

  •Steppnasty - Fixed HAL module version mismatch.
  •Steppnasty - android_audio_hw: modified to match changes made to libhardware

  •Steve Kondik - freetype: Add Infinality patches
  •Steve Kondik - Upgrade FreeType to 2.4.10

  •Steppnasty - Modified various functions to fix compilation errors with CM legacy audio.
  •Steppnasty - Imported audio_policy_conf.h from Cyanogenmod Jellybean.
  •Steppnasty - Upgraded libhardware_legacy audio to CyanogenMod JellyBean.

qcom media:
  •Steppnasty - Fixed bug causing music stream volume adjustments to not apply during stream. (Part 2)
  •Steppnasty - Update HAL module version
  •Steppnasty - Added audio_policy.conf for installation
  •Steppnasty - Upgraded AudioPolicyManager to Cyanogenmod Jellybean.

qcom display:
  •Amara Venkata Mastan Manoj Kumar - hwcomposer: keep secure content in an overlay when below skip layer
  •Prabhanjan Kandula - libgralloc: Fix possible leak of fd
  •Pawan Kumar - copybit: Fix crash when copy_image is called with Tile format
  •Raj kamal - Update hwcOverlayStatus in case of skip layers
  •Raj kamal - liboverlay:Do cleanup in case of unset failure

  •Steppnasty - Fixed bug causing music stream volume adjustments to not apply during stream. (Part 3)
  •Steppnasty - Audio_policy: fixed error with module not loading on boot
  •Steppnasty - Updated HAL module version
  •Steppnasty - Updated audio for compatibility with CyanogenMod libhardware_legacy audio

system core:
  •Steppnasty - Audio.h: Updated for compatibility with libhardware_legacy audio
  •Giulio Cervera - Update tcp buffersize settings (again)

system media:
  •Steppnasty - Wilhelm: Updated to fix build against libhardware_legacy audio</pre>
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23rd January 2013, 05:40 PM |#4  
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Thank You. Flash gapps for ICS?
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23rd January 2013, 06:23 PM |#5  
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Re: [ROM][ICS][1/22/2013]Stepp_aospX 1.0.0-MR2 unofficial
Nice to see someone else take over it.

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Originally Posted by ...Awesome...

Nice to see someone else take over it.

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Originally Posted by pnut22r

Thank You. Flash gapps for ICS?

Yes. I will update the OP with that.
23rd January 2013, 08:06 PM |#8  
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Nice work, glad to see more roms compiled from the source. What features did the update add from MR1SG?
23rd January 2013, 09:01 PM |#9  
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Re: [ROM][ICS][1/22/2013]Stepp_aospX 1.0.0-MR2 unofficial
Changelog ? Kernel source ?

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Originally Posted by coderzs

Changelog ? Kernel source ?

Sent from my MyTouch 4G using xda premium

kernel source is synthetic's.
23rd January 2013, 09:12 PM |#11  
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Re: [ROM][ICS][1/22/2013]Stepp_aospX 1.0.0-MR2 unofficial

@stepp, there's a changelog script in aospx/vendor/bot. You can use that to help you (might have to clean it up some so its a bit clearer). After making lunch you can run
. vendor/aospx/bot/ [date you want to trace back to]

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