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-[ROM]- Dandroid 5.4 [4.3 TW] [CyanogenWiz] 12/24/2013 Stable release

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By Danvdh, Senior Member on 28th January 2013, 05:09 AM
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4.3 "CyanogenWiz" for I747/I747M

If you follow the installation instructions in full, I can assure you this will be one of the smoothest and most dependable android experiences you can have without losing touchwiz functionality,



This ROM based 4.3 in collaboration with Loserskater and enewman17. Thank them for their hard work as many of my features would not be possible without these fantastic developers, They provide a fantastic base for my SystemUI and framework-res overhaul and theme modifications.


Android 4.3
AOSP themed
Knox free with Selinux set to permissive.
debloated (476mb)
App Ops
init.d scripts
Google Keyboard
4.4 Clock
CM4.4 Calculator
4 Way reboot menu
Tethering hack (bluetooth included)
All language support
4.4 Ringtones/system sounds
Added Flashlight/Torch toggle
Google Wallet
Note 2 camera, with fast and slow motion record
Multiwindow all apps enabled.
Disabled scrolling cache
Modded SecMms.apk (Enewman17 is a beast)
*Screen on/off toggle for incoming SMS: located in Messaging settings
*Increased SMS limit per hour
*Disable SMS to MMS auto conversion
*Options for backup SMS
*SMS with email... send text message to an e-mail address
*Increased MMS Video Recording Quality and Size
*Enter as new line in messaging
*Enabled SMS Auto Combination: Re-assembles multi-segmented messages, to veiw as one message. *CSC Feature*
*Enabled MMS as single view... no more slide show. *CSC Feature*
*Enabled Call Back Number in Message settings, *CSC Feature*
*Enabled Quick Text Templets and button: New button next to attachment in Messaging *CSC Feature*
*Enabled Delete Button in Messaging header, *CSC Feature*
*Enabled many other messaging features, Alias, multi lock, blacklist....
*Added SMS and MMS read reports.
*Enabled Split view with a toggle
*More internal MMS size limit increases.


Installation instructions

Reboot into recovery and make a nandroid backup
Wipe Data/Factory reset
wipe cache
wipe dalvik
flash rom



HTML Code:
 Dandroid 5.4 12/24/2013
-Fixed Allshare
-Dial pad is now themed
-AOSP screen lock (fade)
-More theme improvements (lots of em, thanks to enewman17 for helping)
-This build is right where I want it,  Merry Christmas all
-Glad I could get this to you, power was out for almost 3 days
-Build.prop is no longer branded btw :) Dandroid is a forum name
-no requests, I don't own the device. just be thankful I shipped this ROM

 Dandroid 5.3 12/21/2013
-Fixed battery icon
-Fixed more theme stuff
-you tell me...  upload screenshots

]Dandroid 5.2 12/20/2013
-This should be good for a daily driver now ;)
-Enjoy! and Merry Christmas, hope you appreciate this
-Special thanks to XDA member talkingmonkeys for the testing!

Dandroid 5 12/20/2013
-Inital 4.3 release

Dandroid 4.7 09/17/2013
-Torch timeout control now added to settings
-Torch is less buggy ;)
-Added a few apks back to system/app
-More then likely my final build

Dandroid 4.61 09/14/2013
-build.prop fixed
-init.d tweaks redone by enewman, even smoother now ;) gj bud
-Browser will no longer have you confirm to exit
-S-Planner widget added
-English + Multilingual all one build this time (3mb difference)
-NO MORE TRACES OF SVOICE! This truly feels like AOSP now

Dandroid 4.6 09/13/2013
-Google search now default on double press home
-Status bar clock is now holo blue by default
-AOSP style recent's menu with clear all button
-Holo themed S-Planner Calendar
-We are nearing the end ;) and yes new people, this is Touchwiz
-Special thanks to loserskater, he worked hard tonight, also enewman17!

Dandroid 4.5 09/09/2013
-Call block makes it's return to settings
-All apps in multiwindow FC when incoming call fixed
-Volume panel timeout now works on first boot as intended
-WIFI direct fixes
-Ink Effect is back
-Voice Recorder themed 
-Updated build.prop
-Loserskater can punch Chuck Norris in the soul
-True story

Dandroid 4.41 09/05/2013
-Fixed MMS, Shipping this with well themed TW
-Optional AOSP MMS in the OP
-Updated CSC
-Sorry for this :(

Dandroid 4.4 09/05/2013
-Updates from S3Rx
-Added native all apps in multiwindow
-Enable Input Method notification in settings>Display
-Added Hot reboot back and fixed reboot menu
-Updated Settings, made some changes
-Ability to stop a track with the volume buttons added
-Maintenance to Volume Panel Timeout in Settings

Dandroid 4.21 08/28/2013
-Fixed WIFI Direct
-Fixed Downloadprovider FC
-System UI signal cluster image fixed
-Clean up release, enjoy this one folks

Dandroid 4.2 08/25/2013
-Fixed block mode in contacts
-Debloated a few more things
-Updated Multi lingual version
-A few more minor things

Dandroid 4.1b 08/24/2013
-Removed inverted youtube
-Removed hotboot
-Removed some more libs
-clean up release

Dandroid 4.1 08/22/2013
-A debloat build, full wipe please
-Apollo (it sucks, stock music player sucks. I recommend Poweramp)
-gmail (It needed an update anyway, get it from the market)
-facelock (if you use this, shame on you :P) (btw this is like 24mb)
-A ton of useless libs
-A ton of apks in system/app that are not needed and won't break the system
-More foreign language stuff debloated

A new battery icon!
Stock AOSP email shipped with ROM

Dandroid 4.01 08/20/2013
-Fixed dial pad theme
-sorry about this, feel free to dirty flash if coming from 4.0
-full wipe and clean flash if coming from another ROM or version 3.x

Dandroid 4.0 08/20/2013
-Based off of s3rx latest MG2
-Clean start, re themed everything from scratch
-Framework-res overhaul included. Many of XML edits
-New Feature: Volume panel timeout - Thank loserskater
-Ink effect disabled from ROM
-AT&T WIFI hotspot disabled 
-Stock Multiwindow (Use Multiwindow manager)
-Unrestricted Tethering
-Battery Icons cleaned up (s3rx)
-Call Recording enabled
-Full AOSP system sounds
-Ships with AOSP MMS (new theme :P)
-XML to AOSP MMS (100% working now)
-Build.prop tweaks
-Stock MG2 Kernel (Proving to be a beast of a kernel)
-Inverted Youtube
-Debloated a TON (ROM is only 408mb)
-TW Calendar and email debloated see optional section if you need these
-All foreign languages removed (I have instructions in OP if you need this)
-CM 10 ringtones and notifications
-Svoice removed from ROM (Battery drainer)
-Samsung keyboard and files debloated
-ROM ships with latest official google keyboard
-Ships with latest 4.1.2 camera (unthemed)
-Canadian users and AT&T will use this build can both flash this :)
-Zero carrier build.prop edits required
-Debloated to only 408mb, the lightest ROM I've ever shipped

Dandroid 3.9 08/06/2013
-AT&T build now utilizes important parts of the MG2 AT&T OTA
-4 signal bar cluster layout (True AOSP)
-Updated optional AOSP MMS (be sure to use the new one)
-Renamed google clock from clockpackage.apk to deskclock.apk
-Note 2 floating keyboard as stock
-Optional flash for DarkUI
-Optional flash for people who need IME notifcation to swap keyboards OTF
-Optional flash - Volume boost
-awful water sound in gallery replaced with AOSP tap
-Removed 30mb wallpaper pack
-Swapped TW Email with AOSP email 
-Removed the features that are not working in music control
-framework-res.apk theme polishes
-Clean up unused libs that are 100% safe to remove
-Updated SuperSU/Binaries
-updated build.prop

Dandroid 3.8.1 07/27/2013
-Call recording, finally..
-Fixed and re-did phone app theme (only issue in 3.8 for ATT)
-Updated the build.prop
-AOSP MMS reverted to old version, emoji isn't stable. (optional)
-Nothing else really, last major feature requested is here
-Tested all night, we're ready to roll
-Full wipe this release, it's going to be the last for a while

Dandroid 3.8 07/25/2013
-Updated SystemUI, looks exactly like CM 10 with powerwidget enabled now
-Updated toggle mod with white toggles that resemble powerwidget
-AT&T and Canadian variant's in separate build's
-Both will come with correct apn and build.prop
-Some CSC edit's
-No bug report's in 3.7.1 so it's safe to say this is a final RC
-Updated build.prop(s)
-Enjoy this great ROM

Dandroid 3.7.1  07/18/2013
-Added AOSP lockscreen shortcut's (MMS, Phone)
-Disabled Input method notification (once and for all)
-Cleaned up secsettings.apk and added a Easter egg ;)
-This is a clean up release, all known bug's fixed :)
-Feel free to dirty flash this if coming from 3.7
-Remember to wipe both cache before flashing 3.7.1
-Hoping this is my last release until 4.2.2 TW ships for the S3
-Please donate if you enjoy this ROM, I've put well over 100 hour's into it

Dandroid 3.7 07/16/2013
-Full wipe, All my testing has been with full wipes, it's worth it ;)
-Massive theme improvements
-This is touchwiz? look's like CM now, oh and everything work's perfectly!
-Removed touchwiz system font, replaced with AOSP
-AOSP notification style
-Fixed massive gap in toggles
-More systemui theme stuff
-Updated clock app
-Fixed battery icon names (thank you Hayzie)
-Reverted aosp keyboard (Google keyboard in market, download it)
-IME bug should be fixed now
-Updated build.prop
-Some other minor stuff, no more changelog. tired
-This build is even more amazing then 3.6!

Dandroid v3.6 07/11/2013
-fixed a few thing's in the framework, android.policy and SystemUI, 
-Finished off the signal cluster by adding stock CM icons
-ALL FEATURES ARE 100% tested and working now
-Updated build.prop
-This ROM is now in final release mode, Bring on 4.2.2
-I'm parking my phone here for a while, I'm happy now. DAILY DRIVER!
-you can dirty flash if your coming from 3.5
-if you enjoy my rom, donate so I can continue putting in stupid hours :(

Dandroid v3.5 07/09/2013
*Please full wipe this release, there won't be another for a few weeks*
-Fixed Sound Control (no need for a patch anymore)
-Changed Camera Icon
-accuweather widget upgaded to S4
-Default lockscreen wallpaper changed
-Replaced dial sound with an aosp sound
-Removed Font pack 
-Some more general cleaning
-updated smooth scrolling
-Enabled Data/app support for future releases
-Updated build.prop

Dandroid v3.4 07/05/2013
-This is a clean up release
-Fixed camera theme 
-Hold volume to skip working, find it in sound control in Settings/sound
-Disabled all app's in multiwindow, 
-Added a couple .png files to framework-res.apk
-Debloated stock browser
-updated build.prop

Dandroid v3.3 07/03/2013
-Replaced the 23mb Samsung clock with a 3mb AOSP clock, 
- adjustments to lidroid
- Fixed the DPI on the stock AOSP battery icon
- Popup browser will now open chrome when you hit expand 
- a few more CSC edits. fixed the setup language
- edited the build.prop
- Fully completed AOSP signal cluster
- replaced stock music with CM Apollo from cm10.1
- S Planner AOSP Themed
- Reworked the system UI sounds
- Cleaned up the release a little bit
- updated build.prop with a couple new tweaks

Dandroid v3.2 07/01/2013
- MUST FULL WIPE, Major update, old builds are unsupported
-fixed a couple things in SystemUI
- adjustments to lidroid
- few optimizations to android.policy.jar
- a few more CSC edits
- Kernel 100% working now and damn it's smooth
- Theme stuff
- updated build.prop
- debloated some more Samsung junk to speed up your download*

Dandroid v3.1 07/01/2013
- Massive update (full wipe required)
- added aosp lockscreen, hold menu to kill, brightness slider toggle
- Theme stuff
- Proper signal cluster reporting
- Separate flash for AOSP signal cluster
- Battery icon toggle (choose from quite a few)
- Status/Notification bar toggle to customize transparency/color
- Stock kernel*
- updated APN, worldwide apn list
- Fixed every bug from 3.0 that I found
- worked 30 hours in 48 on this rom

Dandroid v3.0 6/28/2013
- based on MVLDMF1 4.1.2
- missed you guy's, expect more features in my next update

Dandroid v2.8 3/21/2013
- CSC feature.xml restored but left mostly blank 
- Brightness Slider Toggle 
- Used CM default ringtones in Build.Prop again
- Menu button unlocks AOSP lockscreen fixed
- Remove default input method notification*
- New Kernel 3/14


Theme - CM, Vertumus, raubkatze, Google
Loserskater This guy is the man, seriously. I would not be able to do this without him. I've lost count on how many things he's contributed to this ROM, past and present. AOSP MMS would not be possible on touchwiz without him. Give him your thanks, guys like him make this community what it is.
enewman17 - I've learned alot from breaking open your rom's and seeing what's inside, great dev and alot of Dandroid would not be possible without him, I've had to keep his APK's decompiled for reference this whole time,
cm team
Rizal Lovins



Latest build here
md5: e5b139572846a0e71baf5577407c2f5c

4.1.2 build here

ROM Review

thank you so much techfanatic9

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM] Dandroid 4.7 [S3Rx AT&T MG2 4.1.2 TW] [CyanogenWiz], a ROM for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III

Danvdh, enewman17, Loserskater
ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
Based On: Touchwiz

Version Information
Status: Stable

Created 2013-09-04
Last Updated 2013-12-24
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28th January 2013, 05:18 AM |#2  
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If you're having issues on my ROM that no one else is reporting, or I haven't reproduced on my phone, read the following.

1) Full wipe
2) Do not restore System data or data from CWM
3) Do not dirty flash from other ROM's
4) When was the last time you did a odin to stock? this is important in my opinion and I'm not saying you need to do one but I just want to explain that custom zip's that I make and other dev's make in the shape of "roms" only affect
a few partitions on your device, other's do not get touched and can get messy/corrupt over the months (This explains why the GPS icon disappears in some peoples cases during rom switch) and this is why I get posts in this thread about people wondering why their baseband hasn't been updated after flashing my rom when my post states "MF1"

With this being said my personal rule of thumb is to odin to stock latest and then boot into stock recovery and factory reset, wipe cache/dalvik (BACKUP YOUR SD CARD TO YOUR COMPUTER), this gives your phone fresh partitions everywhere, a fresh system to root and the latest bootloader (which you need for any AOSP 4.2 rom). This is also a good time to unlock your phone if you have not already, then reroot and install custom recovery, update the recovery if need be and flash again on a brand new system. here are my steps

1) backup all user apps and data with titanium backup, DO NOT BACKUP SYSTEM APP'S
2) backup internal storage onto PC
3) Odin to stock latest
4) wait for phone to boot then reboot into stock recovery and full wipe and clear all cache
5) reboot and root the phone and custom recovery
6) flash away and put what you need on your internal storage back onto your phone via usb, see my 2nd set of instructions below

this fixes more issues then you will realize. some of the way people flash rom's on XDA and complain to me with problems is rather funny considering I have the install instructions in the OP, not to mention many of you rooted your phone when you first got it in the ICS 4.0.4 day's and haven't done an odin to stock jellybean to update all your partitions including your bootloader, now I will go over my every day flashing step's.

1)backup all USER APPS/DATA with titanium backup, DO NOT BACKUP SYSTEM APP'S (skip this if you did a odin flash to stock)
2)reboot recovery
3)nandroid (skip this if you did a odin flash to stock)
4)factory reset, wipe system, wipe both cache/dalvik
5)install rom
6)boot system
7)*(OPTIONAL) reboot to install a kernel now if needed, always wipe cache/dalvik and fix permissions after installing a kernel
8)setup phone and download titanium backup from the market
9)restore all user apps and data (you will have to put the titanium backup folder that is backed up on your computer back onto your internal storage via usb first)

Every 6 months, backup internal storage to PC and I odin to stock, much like formatting a computer
6 months is actually a long time considering how much I flash, but this device can take a beating let me tell you =P


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28th January 2013, 05:18 AM |#3  
Senior Member
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This looks pretty cool can't wait for download to finish.
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28th January 2013, 05:26 AM |#4  
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This is a nice start.
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28th January 2013, 05:48 AM |#5  
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Re: [ROM] Dandroid v2.01 LL1. deodexed, zip aligned, debloated. AOSP feel. 1/28/13
Aokp themes or tw theme which can be used?

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
28th January 2013, 05:48 AM |#6  
Danvdh's Avatar
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Originally Posted by Pete7ate

This is a nice start.

Thanks man, Local friends have really appreciated my development so I figured it was time to share with the rest of the open source community

Originally Posted by lilmeanz

Aokp themes or tw theme which can be used?

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app

TW themes, everything is compatible as this rom is deodexed and zip aligned, happy theming friend! AOSP themes are only compatible for AOSP roms, This is a stock TW rom that has been themed to look exactly like AOSP and includes AOSP app replacements that work perfectly using the samsung tw framework. those apps are in the OP
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28th January 2013, 06:11 AM |#7  
laserlight959's Avatar
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Hmm.. might give this a try, haha
28th January 2013, 06:15 AM |#8  
Danvdh's Avatar
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Originally Posted by laserlight959

Hmm.. might give this a try, haha

you will enjoy it I made it to use untill they finally fix wifi tether and bluetooth on 4.2.1, for now this is better as everything works and I feel its just as smooth and battery life is really good, I can also confirm this works on fido 100% as I have flashed a fido phone and set up apn's with it today for a rl friend
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28th January 2013, 06:16 AM |#9  
jaythaovadose's Avatar
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going to do a nandroid of my current rom and flash this bad boy...i always wanted the look and apps of aosp and the stability of tw. thanks for your work ill report back later with updates...
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28th January 2013, 06:48 AM |#10  
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Originally Posted by jaythaovadose

going to do a nandroid of my current rom and flash this bad boy...i always wanted the look and apps of aosp and the stability of tw. thanks for your work ill report back later with updates...

awesome, can't wait to hear some internet feedback, my real life friends love this rom, as do I
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28th January 2013, 06:49 AM |#11  
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Re: [ROM] Dandroid v2.01 LL1. deodexed, zip aligned, debloated. AOSP feel. 1/28/13
Have to give this a try. I'm in the same boat wanting a 100% working aosp rom but hate Samsung tw.

Sent from my SGH-I747 using xda app-developers app
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