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[ROM][Ray][JB 4.1.2] Super Jelly Bean™ 8.0 (Perfection)(kitkat themed) [20 Nov'13]

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By harsh586, Senior Member on 6th February 2013, 02:07 PM
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Hello , Firstly , This is one of the Fastest Jelly Bean Rom out there . A must have for everyone who owns an Xperia 2011 device. And the most downloaded Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Rom for Xperia 2011 with over 85000 downloads and counting.. across all devices !



Features :


A perfect Jelly Bean Experiance for our Xperia devices

This Rom gives you the most Fluid Beautiful UI , amazing gaming and multitasking and lastly Unmatched battery life ! What else do you need in a ROM ?

Perhaps the best JB gaming rom (consistent framerate during graphic tasks )

And the only rom which runs alike on 3.x and 2.6 kernels. (only regarding the speed and fluidity )

De-Bloated (All useless applications removed )

Some quality applications built in

Very Gaming Friendly

Great multitasking

Lot of available Free Ram

Extremely Battery Friendly ( Easily gets through 1.5 days of heavy usage for me )

One of the most Battery friendly and performance driven Rom out there.

Rock Stable ( panorama and hdmi being the only bugs )

All Android 4.4 Kikat Wallpapers

Android 4.4 Kikat fonts

Android 4.4 Kikat Launcher

Android 4.4 Kikat Bootanimation

Android 4.4 Kikat UI sounds

Latest play music with DSP manager equalizer

Special Tweaks by me for the perfect experience of a jelly bean rom.

Xperia Keyboard

Doesn't get slow over time like ICS

This is a result of weeks and weeks of hard work i put into creating and testing the rom.

A must try rom for all !!

Experience the ultimate Jelly Bean goodness for our Xperias


User Praise :


1.Dvrp says : Bro Harsh,

You are great man....for giving the best ROM for my Neo V........ Battery Life is awesome.......Yesterday night...fully charged after installing SJB v5, upto now (12.00PM i.e. nearly 20 Hrs.) only 6% discharged.....showing 94% remaining.


2.Kaliakman says :Hey @harsh586,

Your new version is just EPIC! 30% Drain over 15 hours (Heavy talking,sms,music)


3.Pangeranpas says :Its the best Jelly bean costom rom that I have tried ever :thumbup: :thumbup:


4.Taimor says : Now all Xperia neo v users can say we have the best Rom ever made 4 our device thanx harsh


5.Busted25 says : "just perfect", best words to describe this amazing rom. Keep it up sir and more power.


6.ajebulon says : this rom really deserves the word, PERFECT. good job harsh586


7.marchinho6 says : Your ROM is " JUST PERFECT" !!!!




8.spirou91 says : Hi,

This rom is perfect, I love my Arc with it!


9.SS4Serebii says : Okay, It's been almost a day since I've been using Your 4.0 and When you say PERFECT, I seriously second that! THIS IS THE MOST SMOOTHEST AND FASTEST JB ROM I've seen run on My Arc.
No Over Clocking, No Funny things of anykind, This is sooo Bloody Smooth and has so much Free RAM even After I've installed Messenger, Whatsapp, 3rd Party Keyboards.
I can't believe I'm saying this but this is even Faster than CM10 :P
Great Job!!
Looks Like I got a keeper JB Rom! ^_^


10.Juztapose says : first thing i feel is stock-like battery draining, best cm10 ever


lolo9393 says : After more than one year various roms trials and testing I am very satisfied and somewhere very surprised by this last release.
SJB is mature and fits with our device making all other ICs roms "obsolete".
battery last awesome, few % lost at night wifi on! no trick.
phone dialer doesn't lag like either. (was my most important claim, before was no other ICS roms opening apps in less than 5 seconds , dialer or the contact interface!!!!) not to say the camera....
Great work you have done. Congratulations!!!!


kendiquest says : Your rom is always great, I love it. SJB can do that others cant. Thank for your great work


aakash43 says : Review of this ROM after 3 day usage.

UI (4/5)
Very smooth, my friend also have neo v and he said amazing no lag at all very very smooth (5/5)
Launcher is quiet ugly but smoothness compensate for this (5/5)
Every thing is very responsive (settings,messaging,contacts and many more) (5/5)
Camera UI is weird (3/5)

Battery Life (6/5)
Amazing, better than ics and gb. After 14 Hrs of normal usage % drain in battery is only 13%.(6/5)

Performance (gaming)(10/5)
No OC default settings.
Coming from Jader's UHD 4.0, i want to say that this rom is beast for gaming.

Games which are incompatible with UHD (like fast and furious 6) are working flawlessly.
Games Tested
NFS MW -(not a single lag noticed)
Carmageddon- (same as MW but starting the game is quiet tricky, first skip intro and then press home button afer 10 sec long press home button and choose the game and voila now it is working)
Csr- working like charm (not even starting in UHD)
Fast 6 - Amazing
and at last my favorite game SG Dead Zone
SG Dead Zone -played 3 matches without any FC.

Music (4/5)
First i thought i'll miss walkman but DSP manager totally surprised me. I'm Using Creative EP-830 Headset and boss what a thumping bass i got.

So totally this ROM is Tailor made for neo v.
Rating 15 out of 5
THanx harsh586 for ur amazing work.


DomusX10 says :
This ROM has reached perfection, re-invented and re-defined it, improved it and goes towards the creation of a new term to indicate it ...Absolutely perfect combination of fluidity, performance and system optimization.


pren22 says :
Ok,so i'm using this ROM for 3 day now and it hasn't got any slower i installed a lot of apps,games...and the ROM is running almost as fast as gingerbread.At first i was skeptic about this ROM,i said "well this just like other jelly bean ROM promising but,still slow..." ,so i installed to convince my self...First fresh install it was super fast,the fastest ROM ever tried,even faster than Gingerbread,so i tested it and installed apps,games,used a lots of apps,camera recording,perfect no lag on playing recorded videos.I know 3 days is not a long time but when i used other ICS/JB custom ROM's they lost on speed pretty fast after i installed apps and games,and camera recording was always a bug,fc and laggy.I know every ROM is grate,but this ROM is awesome,super fast,super stable,super smooth,everyone has an opinion...
Thank you OP for making such a awesome ROM keep up a grate work

And loads more across all threads.
Thank you


Games Tested(Lagless) :


2.Temple Run
3.Temple Run 2
4.Subway Surfer
5.Dead Trigger 1 & 2
6.Virtual Tennis
7.FIFA 14
8.Riptide GP2
10.Minion rush
11.Dr.Driving,Dr Parking 3D
12.Into the dead
13.Raging thunder 2
14.Any angry birds,cut the rope,where's my water,air control,pocket tanks,doodle jump
17.Fast 6
18.SG Dead Zone
19.Real Racing 3
20.Asphalt 7
21.The Simpson Springfield
list to be updated

Changelogs :

Changelog for sjb 8

Full Android 4.4 Kitkat themed UI
{including framework,
systemUI(status bar)
icons and few apps}
Kitkat launcher replacing apex
Memory footprint reduced of all apps
Upto 50 % more free ram(on system apps only)
Overall upto 30 mb more available ram when compared to previous versions
Faster app load time
Smoother scrolling
More battery friendly (like v7)
Kitkat camera app (No green preview and fully bugfree)
Fake 720p video mode (16:9) (actually 864x480) Videos look a lot better and ram not sacrificed
Camera image quality tweaks
Quickpic gallery app replacing google gallery
More languages added to keyboard, should not FC anymore
MX player removed
Better looking dark dialer
Digital clock removed
Analog Clock widget back to old 4.2.2 style
Android 4.4 Kitkat wallpapers
Android 4.4 Kitkat fonts
Android 4.4 Kitkat UI sounds
Android 4.4 Kitkat Bootanimation
All apps updated
New SJB Gapps updated (Contains latest play store and google now)
Also Xperia Pro is supported from version 8 onwards


SJB 7 changelog :

Refined tweaks package
Not clogging with init.d scripts
Better performance and smoother than before
Better ram management
Better battery life
Better gaming
Boot time reduced
Moto cam removed
Sony Xperia album removed
Sony Xperia Calender removed
4.2.2 gallery and camera applications
Panorama working
Google calender app
Sony Xperia calculator replaced with cyanogenmod calculator
Much faster and light on resources Xperia keyboard app
Media profiles hack for slightly better photo quality
Xperia digital clock app
Themed Analog clock
All other apps updated
All the bugs of v6 are now fixed
Much lighter rom. now only ~114 Mb
Its a complete rom now with no more problems
And Will not slow down over time.
Few more things which i don't remember , probably not that important.
Enjoy the rom.

Super Jelly Bean 6.5 changelog :

Refined tweaks
Better performance
Will not slow down
Battery life is still good , don't worry
Moto cam removed
sony album removed
Sony Calender removed
4.2.2 gallery and camera applications
google calender app
All other apps updated
all the bugs of v6 is now fixed
Its a complete rom now with no more problems

Super Jelly Bean 6.0 Changelog :

Based on FXP 231.
All major apps and features retained from v5.5.
Better battery life both while using normally and also on standby.
All apps updated.
Stock Camera and gallery app removed ( many users reported problems ).
A better Camera app.
Xperia Z Album app (replacing stock gallery ).
Xperia Z Calender app (replacing stock calender ).
Xperia Z Calculator app.
Discoverer file manager app included.
Sunbeam lwp included.
Many Under the hood changes like lmk have been tweaked.
Smoothness improved along with gaming performance.
Ram management also better than previous versions.
Some more changes which i'll add to the changelog as i remember.

So overall , this update polishes a lot of things from the previous versions and this version aims to give a better experience than any other previous version.

changelog for super jelly bean 5.5 [24/6/13] [not major changes but a lot better experience over 5.0] FULL WIPE !!

1.All problems and bugs of sjb 5 fixed(including lags and slowdowns)
2.including all potential lags gone
3.apex launcher added (lot more customization available now)
4.tweaked and fine tuned scripts ( the whole rom engine is a lot more responsive now )
5.some cosmetic changes (some new icons )
6.battery life further improved
7.signal quality tweaks
8.wifi tweaks
9.dialing tweaks
10.all apps updated to their latest versions(including gmail , play music , keep )
11.mass storage mode now fused with framework ( no need patch)
12.use previous patches for OSBs

latest gapps(with every app updated) will be provided with rom.

Again Very important : full wipe.. as i had to change lot of files in this one ( if you dont perform a full wipe , then the old files will still be present and may cause problems)
but you can use titanium backup for games(only games!!) not fb etc !

changelog v 5.0: This update gets super jelly bean to a whole new level. a must try for every single person who owns these devices

This is the only rom for our device which is as smooth on 2.6 kernels as on 3.x kernels.. so use 2.6 for better battery life , for the time being
Recommended kernel fusion 5.4 , given in zip

Based on FXP 222
Completely rebuilt (using a completely different approach , rather than my normal approach)
Battery life improved
Proximity Sensor fixed (to be tested though )
Aosp 4.2 launcher
Xperia Z launcher out
Nexus wallpapers
Perfect combination of tweaks
Much much smoother than v4 or any other version
mms and sms app with xperia smileys
Xperia Z keyboard updated (low ram consumption )
Gaming performance improved a lot (you can feel the difference when compared to sjb4 )
Latest google play music
latest superuser app
New build tweaks by me
Thunderbolt script used
Better touch responsiveness
Use viper4android for better sound (in addons ) if you think the sound is low

FULL WIPE compulsory !!!!
Use the kernel provided in zip for optimum performance and battery life
use the gapps which will be provided by me

SJB 4.0 changelog :

Based on FXP 215 and completely rebuilt
1.Mass storage mode added ( no need for patch ) both msc and mtp work well
2.Apps Updated (file manager , music player etc etc) keep added
4.Sony notes removed
5.Deep sleep improved a lot ( i get 0 wakelocks and ofcourse 0 % overnight battery drain (7 hours ) )
6.Lot more gaming improvements than previous version
7.Some more tweaks by me which optimize the rom to the fullest
8.A heck lot faster than before !!
9.Even the Sony Xperia Z launcher will perform better
10.Solved some problems of 3.0
11.Xperia Z styled status bar
12.some more things i dont remember

Recommended kernel : fusion 5.4
Recommended kernel settings : stock fusion settings.

Recommended install method : Full WIPE !!

( Remember : you are not experiencing the true strength of sjb if you don't do a full wipe )

Super Jelly Bean 3.0 Changelog:

Based on FXP 212
latest 4.1.2 adreno drivers for a lot better gpu tasks
Play music+
Email and exchange 2 services
Xperia Z keyboard
Updated Tweaks
Added touchscreen responsiveness tweak
Clock App from android 4.2
Added The stock Aosp Font of (4.1.2 and clock font of 4.2.2 )
Various Performance improvements
Walkman compatible (flash addon )
More ringtones and notification tones
Ads Blocked
Other apps same as 2.0 BUT
Much smoother than 2.0
Definitely worth upgrading as fxp 210 itself had many improvements



0.Only for unlocked bootlader
1. Copy super jelly bean and gapps to sd card
2. Flash any jb kernel for neov via fastboot.. i recommend fusion kernel 5.4 (present inside the zip file )
3.[OPTIONAL] flash stock ics .587 ftf excluding kernel and simlock.ta files..
4. boot into recovery
5.Perform Full Wipes
ie :
wipe data / factory reset
wipe cache partition
wipe dalvik cache
in mounts and storage , wipe system , data and cache

6.Flash Super Jelly Bean Rom
8.Flash the patch for your respective devices.
7.Flash gapps , Provided in download page
9.Let the rom settle for 15 to 20 minutes
10.Reboot at least once in 2 days


Caution : I am not responsible for any damage done to your device or your head by using this , you are making these changes on your own.

Rules : All XDA rules.
Do not use this rom as a base for your own custom rom. because a lot of hard work has gone into making it.. You will be reported if you do so !

Also if you like my work . then do hit the thanks button. I don't want any donations as you guys deserve something good


Rom Banner :
Use it as your signature to support me


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6th February 2013, 02:07 PM |#2  
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Download and info page of sjb 8.0

Download and info page of sjb 7.0

Enjoy the rom
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6th February 2013, 02:08 PM |#3  
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Addons (flashable after flashing the super jelly bean rom and gapps :

Walkman sjb

Original Xperia Z launcher which is used in previous versions of SJB

android 4.2.2 gallery/camera app

4.2.2 keyboard

Xperia Z theme (remember install ->apply ->restart )

Xperia Z lockscreen and settings

Viper sound increase mod

Different SystemUI(status bar) collection compatible with sjb

Advanced xperia launcher and widgets

Wifi locker/fixer

Over 900 THEMES compatible with sjb!!!

Patch sjb to look like 2013 xperia ( rizal lovins mod ) not tested by me though

30 steps volume

Sense 5 clock



frequently asked questions :

i am having bootloop( never boots just shows kernel logo and bootanimation ) . What to do ??
please follow the steps and install correctly because hundreds of users already use the rom without any problem !

i am having a laggy rom
do a clean install of the rom ie wipe data(factory reset) , wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache , wipe system , wipe data and cache

my wifi is not working
flash the wifi modules (present in addons ) of the respective kernel . It will be present in the kernel thread !!

cpu settings :
no oc , interactive governor and deadline as scheduler !!

which kernel do you use ? :
fusion with no oc ,stock settings

random reboots or lag ?
change kernel

what can i do to repay you ?
hit the thanks button


credits :

fxp for the base rom
mike gappinski for aosp
sony for some beautiful apps
rockodev for beats audio
thilinac for xperia z apps
koradiavatsal (help in v5 )
banner :Marchinho6
introduction banner : Fuser1337
rom banner : Jman2131
pm me if i've forgotten somebody..


battery tips :
few basic tips to really get the most battery out of your device..

1.use fusion / fxp kernel
2.reduce the screen brightness and the screen time out to a comfortable value
3.don't overclock as i said many times already.. Use 122/1024 ( even for gaming )
4.turn off wifi , bluetooth etc when not in use
5.before going to sleep , turn off useless apps such as whatsapp running in the background
6.restart your phone once everyday or every two days.. ( i restart my phone everytime before putting it for charging , i usually re-charge only when the battery reaches 1 % )

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6th February 2013, 02:24 PM |#4  
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Re: [ROM][JB][Ray] Super Jelly Bean 1.0 [6/2/2013]
Bug list?

It's X-Ray with Tapatalk!
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6th February 2013, 02:25 PM |#5  
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Hi what games did you test and oc?
6th February 2013, 02:47 PM |#6  
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Does it support CM10 themes?
6th February 2013, 02:53 PM |#7  
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Screenshots sir?
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6th February 2013, 02:57 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by IceThor

Hi what games did you test and oc?

Dont oc... not recommended !!
and i tested temple run 1 and 2 , subway surfer ... but people have tested many other games too
FYI i had released it for neo and neo v some time back.. and also arc yesterday... so i know that the performance is great.
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6th February 2013, 02:58 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by Paul Mortel

Screenshots sir?

2nd post
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6th February 2013, 03:01 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by sheppii

Does it support CM10 themes?

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6th February 2013, 03:02 PM |#11  
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How i wish its black and white.

EDIT: Nevermind. I just notice it supports cm10 themes.

Downloading... Lemme try my modern combat, gangstar rio & nba jam in this rom.
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