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[APP][4.2+] Chronus: Stylish Clock, Weather, News, Tasks, Stocks and Calendar widgets

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By DvTonder, Recognized Developer on 12th March 2013, 02:36 AM
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Welcome to Chronus, a set of flexible and stylish Clock, Weather, News, Tasks, Stocks and Calendar widgets for your Home and Lock** screen.

All Chronus widgets share the same highly optimized back-end services, making it the perfect, single replacement for many of the other stand-alone widgets on your device. This ensures your system will use less CPU, data and battery while still providing you with rich information.

Features (All versions):
• Fully functional Flex, Flex (Analog), Clock+, Clock+ (Dash), Dash, Pixel+, Pixel2+, News, Tasks and Weather Widgets
• Highly customizable look and feel of almost all components
• Weather panel with Yahoo!, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground, Dark Sky and weather providers
• Weather, Calendar and Tasks notifications
• News Feed panel with built-in RSS sources and "Read it later" using Pocket
• Tasks widget supports Google Tasks
• Calendar panel showing a scrollable list of upcoming events
• Highlight upcoming calendar events with custom colors and font bolding
• Backup and restore widget settings
• Add any two (2) DashClock Extensions in the Flex and 'Dash' widgets
• Built-in Gmail, Missed Calls, Calendar and Text Messages extensions
• Android Wear support and a basic Chronus Wear watchface
• Can be used as a weather provider for CyanogenMod, LineageOS and derived ROMs

Pro Features (In-app purchase):
• Additional Widgets (Forecast, Calendar, Clock+ (Forecast) and Stocks)
• Additional News providers (Feedly, Twitter, Reddit)
• Additional Tasks providers (Microsoft Exchange, Evernote and Todoist)
• Many more alignment, style, color and layout options for all widgets
• Set custom Tap actions to launch apps or activities
• Stock Alerts
• Daydream screensaver
• Unlimited DashClock Extensions
• Full Chronus Wear watchface with Google Fit counters and weather forecast

Please note:
1) Details on the Permissions we use are available at
2) You can choose to use one or all of the features, those not used are completely disabled and use no system resources
3) **Lock screen widgets are only supported on Android 4.x and with 3rd party lock screen apps on Android 5+

While Danny Baumann, Jorge Ruesga and I wrote most of the widget, credit also goes to the many translators as well as other contributors such as Nicolai Ehemann and Matt Booth for the languages and features they have contributed.

Available via the Play store
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12th March 2013, 02:36 AM |#2  
OP Recognized Developer
Flag Toronto
Thanks Meter: 3,965
Release history:

A video overview of the latest features is available at:

Version 10.0 and Wear 5.0
New features:
- Wear: Android 8 clock font style
- News: Chrome Custom Tabs support for external viewer
- Simplified Google Drive login for backup and restore

- Wear: Show seconds setting not sticking
- News: Exchange detection of rooted devices
- Stocks: Currency formatting
- Pixel+: Pill transparency
- Widget updating bugs
- Several optimizations

Version 9.2.x
New features:
- Use GoogleApi client for Fit, Wear and Drive

- Updated libraries
- 'Refreshing' indicator sticking
- Google Drive backup crash
- Wear: Config sync crash
- A few refreshing bugs
- Disable shortcut picker on MIUI devices
- Custom Power management detection
- Updated Android support libraries
- Make Yahoo default weather provider
- Check Google Play services availability
- System clock Tap action detection
- Streamline Samsung and Inline weather layout
- Don't abort UI refresh if job stop requested

Version 9.1
New features:
- Android 8 clock style (Oreo+)

- Cache multiplexer apps list for faster startup
- Month view calendar date change

Version 9.0.x
New features:
- Make the color of text in forecast pop-up configurable
- Show or hide the time divider
- Updated Chronus Wear app to API27
- Performance optimizations

- Batch-update widget UI after settings changes
- Todoist login
- Don't show weather attribution (Pixel2+)
- Remove shadow from event details dialog
- Update 3rd party libraries
- Change the way the clock is displayed (Pixel2+)
- Crash on Android 4.3

Version 8.8.x
New features:
- Separate hours and minutes color
- Show clock above or below date (Pixel2+)
- Korean translations

- Calendar settings enable/disable state
- Google Finance entry point
- OpenWeatherMap not updating
- Don't show 0 minutes in event start (Pixel2+)
- Calendar extension lookahead
- Pixel2+ date not changing on some devices
- OpenWeatherMap year end data parsing
- Smoother world clock updating
- Watch: match ambient mins to hrs

Version 8.7.x - New stocks providers
New features:
- New Yahoo! Finance stocks provider
- Investors Exchange (IEX) stocks provider
- Alpha Vantage (AV) stocks provider
- Currency exchange symbols (e.g. EUR=CAD) (AV only)
- 3, 6 and 12 hour lookahead for Pixel2+
- Hide full name when scrolling in stock ticker

- Google historical data feed glitch
- Clock and date tap actions for non-activity items
- Increase Google Finance speed
- Stock widget UI refresh getting stuck
- 'New York' missing in Catalan
- Crash on CyanogenMod devices
- Parse crash with Alpha Vantage inconsistent data
- Android O specific optimizations
- Better countdown format for upcoming events > 1 hour

Version 8.6.x - Pixel2+ Widget
New Pixel2+ Widget with:
- Weather, Alarm and Battery
- Clock, World Clock and Forecast panels
- 'At a glance' calendar events
- Separate tap actions for clock and date

- Google finance time change bug
- Event countdown stopping
- Remove Yahoo finance provider (service shut down)
- Truncate and add ellipsis to long event titles
- Event Tap action
- Weather update job location listener race condition
- Date sometimes ellipsizing

Version 8.5.x - Backing up
New features:
- Enhanced backup and restore
- 6 and 8 weeks calendar lookahead
- Auto cleanup of news items
- New Google finance provider

- Moon phase data in southern hemisphere
- Faster startup if not using extensions
- Some settings gets lost when opening from widget
- Gmail and Calendar extension updating on Android 8
- Job interruption handling
- Updated 3rd party libraries
- Crash when adding Clock+ (Dash) widget
- ThreadStateException in data sender
- Settings resetting when opening from widget
- Gmail and Calendar extension updating on Android O

Version 8.4.x
New features:
- Add widgets from Chronus app on Android O
- Background image complication on watch face
- RTL layout for Tasks

- Backup crash bug
- Remove precipitation
- Mismatched AccuWeather condition code
- Many Play store crash fixes

Version 8.3.x - Android O
New features:
- Full Android O API support
- weather provider (experimental)
- Notification font color now a standard feature
- Updated Google, Play billing and 3rd party libraries

- General bug fixes and enhancements

Version 8.2 - Optimization
New features:
- Chronus Wear optimizations
- On-watch settings improvements
- Passphrase for backup security

- Todoist Oauth
- Backup encryption
- General bug fixes

Version 8.1 - Google Drive
New features:
- Option to use Google Drive as backup location
- Allow background color selection for Pixel+ widget
- Ability to disable 'Chronus' logo on Wear watchface (Pro)

- Possible calendar query crash

Version 8.0.x - Tasks, tasks, tasks
New features:
- Evernote, Microsoft Exchange (non-root devices only) and Todoist support for Tasks widget
- Set a start day of the week for Calendar widgets
- Disable the day/night time adjustment of weather condition icons
- Disable the display of the temperature F or C symbol
- Disable the auto layout for full widgets (Tasks, News, Stocks)
- Wifi-only download option for Weather, Tasks, Stocks and News
- Settings button on widgets (turn it off in appearance settings)

- Month View calendar sometimes blank
- Updated and missing translations
- Updated 3rd party libraries

Version 7.0 - Previews and Wear 2.0
New features:
- Preview capability while configuring widgets
- Display Calendar events in local timezone
- Android Wear 2.0 support
- Basic Chronus Wear on-watch settings
- Added a few Belgian RSS sources
- Pixel+ widget full Google logo option
- Pixel+ widget icon color option

- Week view calendar month end events not showing
- Location not resolving with some weather providers
- Updated 3rd party libraries
- Pixel+ widget separator background color

Version 6.0 - Pixel+ Widget
New features:
- Pixel+ widget with In-line Weather, Clock or Date styles
- Add Google Weather as a weather tap option (Pro)
- Search tap action (Pixel+) to launch Search or Google Now app (Pro)
- Set search button color (Pro)
- Yahoo Weather no longer default, their service is too unstable

- Fix Sun and Mirror newspapers feeds urls
- Align date properly when alarm not shown
- RSS sources search
- General fixes

Version 5.12 - Better error handling
New features:
- Major re-work of weather update error handling
- New weather update failure error messages
- Ability to set the duration that stale weather data will be shown<br<
- Turn on/off date, alarm and battery % independently
- Compact Stocks info view for full widget
- Updated translations

- Tasks grouping by due date at year end
- General fixes

Version 5.11.x - Android N part 2
New features:
- Weather Quick Settings tile (7+ only)
- Launcher Shortcuts to widget settings (7.1+ only, max 4)
- Make widget background color a standard feature
- Notification background and font colors (Pro)

- Text size of single digit temperature notification icon
- Inline Samsung widget background color
- Switch to updated Sunrise/Sunset api version
- More gracefully handle corrupted forecast data
- Missing Norwegian translations

Version 5.10
New features:
- Can now hide the clock in the Flex widget

- Play store reported crashes
- OnePlus system clock app not launching

Version 5.9.x - Moon data & Week view
New features:
- Moon Phases support in forecast dialog
- 3, 5 or 7 day Week view for full Calendar widget
- Basic Clock+ (Analog) widget
- Move tasks between lists
- Bypass system orientation in DayDream mode
- Make Moon phase data optional
- Many performance improvements
- Task list caching for off-line use
- Get wearable debug log
- Better invert low/high settings (vertical and horizontal)
- Api25 and Round icon for Pixel launcher
- Hide notes field in tasks widget if empty

- Week-view calendar scrolling on N
- Calendar icon settings disabled in flex widget
- World clocks AM/PM indicator size
- Weather notification grouping
- Moon phase text size in Forecast widget
- Moon illumination inverted percentage
- Updated 3rd party libraries
- Updated translations
- Update jobs stopping mysteriously
- Start/end time handling in event details activity
- Multi-day events shown for the right amount of days
- Optimize calendar refresh handling
- Moon phase text truncation
- Gmail extension crash
- Stocks refresh interval
- Daydream update job not started

Version 5.8.x - Android N
New features:
- Widget header font and background color (Pro)
- Chronus Wear analog watch face (Pro)
- Backup location selection
- Option to hide high/low temperature panel
- Option to enable a weather Icon drop shadow
- Don't scroll Stocks tape when only 1 symbol
- Weather notification status bar icon can now show temperature (Android 6+)
- Android N support
- Support OnePlus system clock as default Tap action
- New app icon
- Updated translations

- Calendar icons in flex widget not coloring properly
- Chronus Wear watch face settings not syncing
- Wear watch performance enhancements
- Play store reported crashes
- Updated translations
- Forecast Tap action not working
- Notification tap not working on Android 6+
- Reddit provider fixes
- Hours leading zero bug
- Some RSS sources updated
- Invert high/low temperatures in daydream now working
- Rare News feed crash when using Pocket
- Setting refresh to Manual does not cancel scheduled jobs
- Rare DashClock crash
- General fixes

Version 5.7.x
New features:
- Inline weather style for Clock+ (Forecast) widget
- Stock alerts
- Beaufort Wind Speed scale
- Basic support for Android N

- Classic weather layout on RTL languages
- General fixes

Version 5.6.x - Stocks Widget (Pro) and CyanogenMod weather API
New features:
- Stocks widget (Pro)
- Stocks panel in Flex widget (Pro)
- Google and Yahoo finance support for stocks widgets
- Support for CyanogenMod SDK weather API
- Weather dialog can show more than 5 days data if supported

- Play Store reported crashes

Version 5.5.x - UI and updating refresh
New features:
- Google Tasks notifications
- Refreshing indicator in weather widgets
- Data error indicator in weather widgets
- Support setting to reset update jobs
- Digital clock style (Android 4, 5 or 6)
- Lots of UI design cleanup
- New back-end services for updating widgets
- Ability to hide the header separator
- Show Low/High temp icons (Standard weather style)
- The OWM weather service is no longer available for free which requires us to change our implementation to require a user provided API key

- Switch to different Yahoo weather service api
- Lots of update job scheduling fixes
- General fixes
- Play store reported crashes

Version 5.4.x - Read it later & Reddit
New features:
- Select multiple news providers for news widget
- Reddit news provider
- Read it later via Pocket, Twitter likes or Feedly Save for later
- Show task list name in widget title
- Material design News List and Article viewers
- Toggle All and Unread by tapping News viewer title
- Add, rename or delete task lists from picker
- More Month view calendar configuration options
- Replace now-defunct Yahoo placefinder API by Yahoo places
- Share Chronus with friends via Google App Invites

- Play store reported crashes
- Center watch face when weather disabled
- Calendar header separator color override
- Calendar event layout not changing
- Chronus Wear clock centering if date hidden
- News feed not hiding read items
- General Extensions fixes
- Updated translations
- Use JobScheduler for better Doze mode support
- Add support for more rss encoding headers
- Too large weather icons break forecast dialog

Version 5.3.x - Android 6
New features:
- Android 6.0 (M) permissions support
- Chronus Wear interactive watch face (Fitness, forecast)
- Google Fit support for Chronus Wear
- Simplified Chronus Wear weather configuration
- Make the title clickable in News widget
- Update Mexico RSS news providers
- More control over date abbreviation
- ATOM support for RSS viewer
- Per clock Time zone configuration (Pro)

- Use material design location icon
- Use new OpenWeatherMap api introduced Oct 19th
- Calendar settings crash when setting up notifications
- Russia Today news source
- Samsung layout text alignment
- Weather notification settings
- Missing refresh icon for Clock+ (Forecast) widget
- White on white mono Icon set preview
- Permissions crash when restoring month view widget on M
- Small Samsung layout tweaks
- News feed title alignment
- Day abbreviation in date (French)
- 'Tomorrow' tasks showing 'Next week' on Saturday
- Several performance enhancements

Version 5.2.x - Google Tasks
New features:
- Google Tasks widget
- weather provider (requires own key)
- Samsung-like inline clock and weather layout
- Option to set News source as widget title
- Set AM/PM bolding
- Make Due date clickable in widget

- geolocation not working
- Task widget icon and text color selection
- General bug fixes

Version 5.1.x
New features:
- Configure the display of the Hours leading zero
- Set News feed sort order
- More material dialogs

- Custom RSS deletion bug
- Make selected city delete button easier to tap
- General bug fixes

Version 5.0.x - Twitter and more...
New features:
- Twitter news provider (Pro)
- Clock+ (Weather) widget
- Weather 'In-line with clock' alignment (Pro)
- Ambient light support for Daydream
- Switched to DashClock API 2.1
- Setting to update news via wifi only
- Expanded extensions in Daydream

- Set a fixed height for forecast items
- Navbar transparency
- Fix %s problem
- Fix disappearing extensions bug
- Don't wake the device to update news

Version 4.10.x - Font sizing
New features:
- Android 5.1 support
- Change the font size of widgets and Daydream
- Set font size per component
- Allow Lock screen font size changes
- Facebook support ending notice
- Chronus Wear companion config activity

Version 4.9.x - Chronus Wear watch
New features:
- Chronus Wear watch face (Pro)
- Android Wear notifications (Pro)
- Extension support for Daydream
- Charging indicator on battery
- Reworked notifications UI
- Calendar notifications
- Updated app icons (Thanks to Rinke-Jan Schaper)

- A few Play store reported crashes
- Flex Analog resizing

Version 4.8.x - The Lollipop guild
New features:
- Android 5.0 (Lollipop) support
- 'Materialize' all the things
- Show the Week number
- Updated layout calculations

- Weather extension not updating
- Month view Calendar titles wrapping

Version 4.7.4
New features:
- Semi transparent analog clock styles
- 'Materialize' the add functionality

- Calendar disappearing bug
- Add additional location fields
- RSS source sort order
- 'Add extensions' dialog not dismissing
- Make re-showing the help overlays optional

Version 4.7.3
- Updated Hebrew RSS sources
- Fix internal viewer article scaling
- General reader fixes

Version 4.7.2
- Available extension tracking
- World clock text shadow
- More day/night icon mapping fixes

Version 4.7.1
- Day/Night Icon overrides for forecast panel
- Clock+ widget centering if no world clocks enabled

Version 4.7.0 - Around the world
New features:
- World clock support for Clock+ widget (Android 4.2+)
- Built-in Weather and Next alarm Extensions
- Color overlay for 3rd party Icon sets

- Improved Play Store Pro check
- Displaying of larger weather icon

Version 4.6.1
- Add missing weather code mappings
- Override day/night weather icons if needed

Version 4.6.0 - Right to Left
New features:
- Support for Right to Left (RTL) languages (Android 4.2+)

- Better night time weather icon handling
- No more ghost unread items in flex widget extensions
- Updated translations

Version 4.5.3
New features:
- Weather Underground provider (requires user supplied API key)

- No battery icon at < 8%
- NPE if IAP is not available
- Activity navigation for DayDream
- Event Tap action enabled state
- Cropped images and text in collapsed extensions
- Divider not a solid color on Sony devices
- Uninstalled Extensions still counting towards standard limit

Version 4.5.2
New features:
- Option to hide declined events

- Disappearing Extensions bug
- Expand Extension click area

Version 4.5.0 and 4.5.1 - Extensions!
NEW features:
- Support for DashClock Extensions!
- Built-in Gmail, Missed Calls, Calendar and Text Messages extensions
- Dash and Clock+ (Dash) widgets
- Enhanced Flex widgets (Extensions)
- Dynamic Battery % icon

- date/timestamp fix
- Yahoo PlaceFinder fix
- Better text sizing and more consistent layouts

Version 4.4.1
NEW features:
- Many, many updated and new translations

- Proper leading zero display for 24 hour clock
- Better text shadowing (for light backgrounds)
- Light popup dialog sometimes showing as dark
- Calendar day-of-week positioning
- Fix text wrapping when high temp > 99 F

Version 4.4.0 - A new look
See for screenshots

NEW features:
- Updated app look and feel and icon
- Change pop-up window style and info icons color (Pro)
- Help and new features walk-through

- Better weather update handling
- Many updated and new translations

Version 4.3.3
- Fix flickering calendar bug

Version 4.3.2
NEW features:
- Added the Change log (in About)

- Fix notification text alignment on Android 4.1.x
- Other small fixes

Version 4.3.1
- Reversed high/low forecast temperatures

Version 4.3.0
NEW features:
- Switched to a database/content provider for News and Weather data storage and retrieval. This is not user visible but things are much cleaner in the back end and overall performance should be improved.
- The Feedly provider now includes thumbnails

- Notifications get triggered on manual update if persistent is set
- Persistent notifications no longer dismiss when tapped
- Updated translations (AF, IW and RO)

Once again thanks to +Jorge Ruesga for contributing the content providers code and to all the translators for their work in keeping the languages up to date.

Version 4.2.0 - Backup and Notifications
NEW features:
- Status bar Weather notifications (Pro)
- Backup and restore widget settings

- Use Google's Geo lookup instead of OpenWeatherMaps's, if available
- Help text scrolling
- Minor bugfix and code cleanup
- Updated translations

Version 4.1.1
- Updated 7" and 10" tablet layouts for Month View calendar widget
- Update the current day/month in the Month view calendar on date change
- Calendar resizing in Standard style widget
- Better multi-day all day event handling
- Facebook widget refresh hang
- Updated translations

Version 4.1.0 - Facebooking...
NEW features:
- Facebook news provider (Pro)
- Month view Calendar style and Tap action toggle (Pro)
- Sharing in News feed article view

- Fix location lookup in e.g. Japan.
- Fix weather cache handling on connection failures
- Fix icon and text overlay color handling
- Performance improvements
- Updated translations

Version 4.0.5 to 4.0.7
- New provider (The old geoname service was too unreliable)
- Allow Clock+ upscaling on Lock screen (with warning message)
- Fix Calendar hang on refresh and icon disappearing bugs
- Bug fixes and Performance optimizations
- Fix Calendar refresh bugs
- Updated translations (AF, DE, IT, IW, RO and SK)

Important note to existing users:
The re-written version of the weather provider replaces the old Geonames location service with the Google Maps location service. As a result of the change in location provider, existing users using a Custom location will need to re-select the Custom location(or switch to using network location).

Version 4.0.1 to 4.0.4
- General bugfixes
- Flex (Analog) and Clock+ (Forecast) Clock Tap action
- RSS Finder clicks not working
- "Loading weather" indicator not going away
- Properly encode Feedly content that may contain spaces
- Allow disabling of Calendar event taps (New feature)
- Slightly smaller weather panel layout to better fit some screens
- Slightly enhanced small widget layout to not wrap with battery %
- Fix Left/Right weather panel condition text ellipsis
- Updated translations (AF, IT, DE and ES)

Version 4.0.0 – Dreaming of News in Norway...
NEW features, General:
- News widget
- Weather widget
- Daydream screensaver (Pro)
- Clock+ (Forecast) widget (Pro)
- We removed the 'vclouds' and 'modern' icon sets to reduce the app size by over 5MB. Now available via the Play store (Free)

NEW features, Clock:
- Show Battery percentage
- Analog clock styles: Standard and Classic (Pro)

NEW features, Weather:
- Weather layout styles: Standard and Classic
- weather provider
- More weather info (sunrise, sunset, humidity, wind etc.)

NEW features, News:
- Feedly support (Pro)
- RSS source searching
- Internal viewer for 'Go to article' action

Version 3.5.0 - "Extra Extra, read all about it ..."
NEW features:
- Integrated News Feed Reader (Flex widget)
- Calendar colors (Pro)
- "Do nothing" Clock Tap action (Pro)

- A few layout and padding tweaks incl. a slightly larger Calendar font
- Several new languages and updated translations

Our thanks go to +Jorge Ruesga for contributing the News Reader feature.

Version 3.4.2
NEW features:
- Analog Flex Widget
- Custom color selection for all fonts
- EXPERIMENTAL! OpenWeatherMap Weather provider

- Fixes the Clock+ widget sizing on HDPI devices
- Translation updates

Release Notes:
OpenWeatherMap seems to have a bug in their geolocation API - they return different locations for the same coordinates. We have logged the bug with them but there is no committed resolution from them. As a workaround, if you cannot live with it, use a custom location.

Version 3.4.0 - Icons, icons, icons, and a widget ...
- UPDATED! Forecast widget now resizeable
- NEW! Clock+ widget
- NEW! Weather Icon Set selection with 2 additional Icon sets:
- vClouds
- Modern (Pro)
- Additional sets are available in the Play Store (Flat, Vista and Realism) and 3rd party developers can now add their own sets
- Almost all images refreshed
- Hex input field for color picker for more precise control
- New translations (Turkish, Finnish, Arabic etc.)
- Bug fixes
- REMOVED! - Analog clock

Versions 3.1.0 to 3.3.0
NEW features:
- Several new widgets added
- Per widget configuration
- Pro version support
- Widget panel Alignment, backgrounds, rounded corners etc.
- Additional weather providers
- Complete code re-factoring

- Too many to mention

Version 3.0.2
- Fix 24 hour formatting

Version 3.0.1
- Fix 24 hour format clock showing 24:00 for midnight
- Changing the temperature format (Use metric) refreshes weather to show C or F immediately
- A few updated Translations

Version 3.0.0
- Chronus is back ...
- Added support for Android 4.1.x
- Updated and new Translations
- Ability to display an AM/PM indicator on 12 hour clock
- A few tweaks and fixes

Version 2.2.6
- Updated and new Translations
- A few general fixes
- 'Today' time range for calendar
- Ability to hide the calendar icon
- Adds support

Version 2.2.5
- Fix clock detection - will now open either DeskClock or DeskClockGoogle
- Updated translations
- Localization fix

Version 2.2.4
- XXHDPI support (Galaxy S4 and HTC One)

Version 2.2.3
- Fix calendar icon showing when no events
- Optimize widget loading
- Updated translations

Version 2.2.2
- Use new Yahoo placefinder API URL
- Updated translations

Version 2.2.1
- Fix FC when using monochrome icons with an unknown condition code
- Updated translations

Version 2.2.0
- Highlight upcoming calendar events (NEW FEATURE!)
- Fix widget sometimes indefinitely showing 'Widget is loading...'

Version 2.1.1b
- Fix widget calendar display

Version 2.1.1
- Fix calendar icon visible when there are no events
- Default calendar lookahead is now 2 weeks
- Language updates

Version 2.1.0
- Add scrollable events list in Calendar panel (up to 10 events)
- Tapping event opens calendar at selected event
- Taping calendar icon opens Calendar at today's date

Version 2.0.1
- Fix FC when location services is not turned on
- Fix FC when yahoo weather returns invalid XML response
- Additional and updated translations
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Re: [APP][OFFICIAL][4.2+] - CyanogenMod cLock - Home and Lock screen widget (11/3/13)
Thanks everyone who contributed. This is my go to widget.


Sent from my Nexus 7
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So CM10.1 users have to wait for a CM update to get this? This version seems to have more options than the one I'm already using in CM10.1.
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Originally Posted by itandy

So CM10.1 users have to wait for a CM update to get this? This version seems to have more options than the one I'm already using in CM10.1.

Today's nightly will have the exact same functionality. It was merged last night. I plan to keep them in sync.
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12th March 2013, 12:09 PM |#6  
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Re: [APP][OFFICIAL][4.2+] - CyanogenMod cLock - Home and Lock screen widget (11/3/13)
Great work.

You should add settings option for maximized lock screen and long press unlock.

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12th March 2013, 12:09 PM |#7  
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Re: [APP][OFFICIAL][4.2+] - CyanogenMod cLock - Home and Lock screen widget (11/3/13)
Can this be also ported to 4.1.2 ?

Like latinime.apk and gallery.apk

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12th March 2013, 12:29 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by Rush25

Can this be also ported to 4.1.2 ?

Like latinime.apk and gallery.apk

Not without a lot of work. The digital clock component is a new feature built into android 4.2.

I will have to back port it for the widget to work on 4.x and then it would only support home screen in any case since earlier versions of Android did not have lock screen widgets.

I'm not sure it is worth the effort to maintain two versions.
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12th March 2013, 12:30 PM |#9  
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Re: [APP][OFFICIAL][4.2+] - CyanogenMod cLock - Home and Lock screen widget (11/3/13)
thanks for the app, please consider putting it on the Google Play.

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12th March 2013, 12:44 PM |#10  
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Re: [APP][OFFICIAL][4.2+] - CyanogenMod cLock - Home and Lock screen widget (11/3/13)
Originally Posted by DvTonder

Not without a lot of work. The digital clock component is a new feature built into android 4.2.

I will have to back port it for the widget to work on 4.x and then it would only support home screen in any case since earlier versions of Android did not have lock screen widgets.

I'm not sure it is worth the effort to maintain two versions.

I think it would not only support home screen widgets but also lock widgets since both cm and aokp have the option to add all widgets on lock but i don't know in much about the app so your decision is final..

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12th March 2013, 12:47 PM |#11  
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Work in p500 CM 10.1 RC0...Thanks
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