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By mwilky, Recognized Developer on 23rd March 2013, 12:19 AM
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RENOVATE Developers (HTC One): mwilky, fisha21
RENOVATE Team (HTC One): GuyAdams, Hero, chas123, Indirect, ZeroInfinity, Onepagebook, SoLdieR9312, jonas2295, Raymond Ebertt
  • Based on 4.19.401.9 - Android 4.4.2 with Sense 5.5
  • Stock HTC Kernel with system write access
  • Full support for Sprint (including EPST), AT&T and T-MOUS (including Wifi calling)
  • Choice of stock HTC theme, or extensively integrated Renovate blue/black theme (see screenshots post 5)
  • Fully themed AROMA - choice of full install, update only, or change theme options
  • Tweaks - thanks to @Hero
  • myHub - thanks to @mikrosmile
  • Project ERA sound mod - thanks to ZeroInfinity
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Added extended homescreen menu
  • lyapota's 3-in1 app drawer mod (choose from 3x4, 4x5 and 5x6 app drawer)
  • lyapota's extended horizontal quick setting mod
  • Increased max number of Quick Setting tiles - thanks to digitalkarma
  • Support for landscape Prism
  • Restored the missing 4x4 widgets
  • CRT screen off animation
  • Native AppOps in Settings menu
  • Volume key shutter button in Camera (up for photo, down for video)
  • Xposed installer
  • Long-press back to kill app
  • Removed the "select input method" notification by default
  • Extended options in Message app
  • Set max preview lines in Messages to 5
  • Increased max mms size
  • Tweaked NFC to work while screen is off
  • Removed HTC Sync manager, MTP and USB connected notifications
  • Completely removed HTC Quick Tips
  • Removed all HTC logging APKs
  • Re-enabled hardware info in Settings menu
  • Unlocked Developer Settings by default
  • Removed constant data and GPS icons for Sprint users
  • Tweaked system wide animations, with extra system animation values (found in developer options)
  • Plus others...
  • 0% compression on all apks for improved performance
  • Removed debugging info from all apks and jars.
  • Rooted, with SuperSU
  • Init.d support
  • Hardware accelerated multiple HTC Apps
  • Cleaned the HTC important processes list and added HTC Launcher (Prism) for increased performance
  • Disabled scrolling cache
  • Disabled signature check
  • /System & /Data zipalign at every boot
  • Script to remove tombstones + unneeded files at every boot
  • /Data/app cleanup on each flash
  • Ext4 tweaks for better performance
  • Cleaned RAM disk
  • Option to odex/deodex when flashing
  • Cleaned and tweaked build.prop for better performance
  • Statusbar
    • Clock colour
    • AM/PM appearance
    • Battery options
      • Battery text
      • MIUI battery bar
    • Hide statusbar icons *NEW*
    • Data traffic monitor
  • Display *NEW*
    • Recent apps style
    • CRT anim
    • Hide selected notifications
  • App tweaks *NEW*
    • Screen on with new messages
    • Prism mods
      • Landscape prism
      • Transparent navbar
  • Misc
    • Button behaviour *NEW*
      • Long press back to kill app
      • Volume key behaviour
    • Autobrightness options *NEW*
    • Phone info
  • Lockscreen
    • Carrier label text colour *NEW*
    • AOSP lockscreen *NEW*
    • Quick PIN unlock *NEW*
  • Tools
    • Zipalign
    • Wipe cache/dalvik
    • Fix permissions
    • Boot options
  • PIE control
  • Gesture control

Special thanks to @Hero for providing the base Tweaks app, and spending time teaching us how the toggle coding etc works!
  • International / Sprint / AT&T / TMOUS
  • Full wipe / Upgrade
  • Statusbar battery options
    • With %
    • Without %
    • No battery icon
  • Statusbar clock options
    • Default
    • Center
    • No clock
  • Transparency options
    • Widgets
    • 4x1 / 4x2 weather clock
  • Prism options
    • 4x4 homescreen
    • 4x5 homescreen (with fully compatible full page 4x5 widgets)
    • Remove app labels
  • De-sense - choice of Apex / Nova / Google Home
  • Enable OpenVPN support
  • Disable Exchange mail security
  • NFC active with screen off
  • Xposed framework
  • User choice HTC / Google / other app removal
  • User choice of additional language keyboards
  • Odex / deodex
  • Easy management of the ROM, install updates straight from the SD Card without needing to spend hours zipping up full ROM.
  • OTA style updates available, the script reboots to recovery and flashes everything for you (No interaction needed!)
  • You can flash either CWM recovery or TWRP from inside the script
  • AROMA option to initialise repo when flashing rom

Previous Changelogs

8.x Changelog:

Milestone 8.2:
  • Fixed mis-sized app drawer labels in 4x5 drawer (landscape Prism)
  • Fixed few missing theme elements
  • Rewritten and streamlined AROMA / updater-script
  • Fixed install issues

Milestone 8.1:
  • Fixed missing statubar clock (theme)
  • Fixed landscape homescreen navbar layout (theme)

Milestone 8.0:
  • Initial Milestone 8 release (see full details above)

7.0 Changelog:

  • Completely rebased on 3.62.401.1 RUU
  • Included all previous mods/tweaks/improvements (see previous changelogs)
  • Completely ported and improved the RENOVATE theme if selected in AROMA
  • Fixed graphical issues with RENOVATE theme
  • Added T Mobile US Support
  • Improved Sprint support
  • Added back hardware info in settings menu
  • Removed constant data and GPS icons for Sprint users
  • Added /data/app cleanup on each flash
  • Fixed the camera bringing up the zoom interface when pressing vol keys
  • Removed 30 steps audio mod as it caused issues
  • Removed obsolete files
  • Fixes and cleanups to updater script and AROMA config
  • Added volume key control while in camera app
  • Added HTC Scribble
  • Added option to install google launcher when desensing
  • Updated PureXAudio to latest version
  • Updated all apps
  • Other minor fixes/improvements.
  • Updated tweaks app - thanks to @Hero
  • - fixed persistent notification
  • - new statusbar/battery tweaks
  • - included RenovatePIE, based on LMT Launcher by @noname81
  • Added myHUB - thanks to @mikrosmile

6.0 Changelog:

  • Completely rebased on 3.22.1540.1 RUU
  • Included all previous mods/tweaks/hacks (see previous changelogs)
  • Added full Sprint support
  • Replaced superuser with supersu
  • Added 4.3 Xposed mod
  • Added most recent AROMA binary
  • Overhauled Renovater - now displays download progress, more robust verify process, option to delete local repo, option to flash only updated files, option to create live Nandroid backup and new AROMA option to initialise repo when flashing rom
  • Removed HTC Sync manager, MTP and USB connected notifications
  • Removed constant GPS Icon for Sprint users
  • Added tethering hack for Sprint Users
  • Improved autosleep
  • Completely removed HTC Quick Tips
  • Added lyapota's 3-in1 app drawer mod - now you can select between all 3 app drawer layouts on the fly
  • Added lyapota's extended horizontal quick setting mod, and HTC quick setting tile reorder
  • Added long-press back to kill app mod
  • Added fade effect when pulling down statusbar (thanks to v6-maniac)
  • Added Tweaks app - includes Memory/Advanced settings, and PIE (Hero)
  • Removed forcing GPU or CPU rendering, the current app will choose which is best
  • Added option for 4x5 homescreen, with compatible resizable widgets (thanks to dased14)
  • Added option to remove app labels from homescreen
  • Added more theming throughout the ROM if theme is selected - including transparency options and custom app drawer / blinkfeed backgrounds
  • Overhauled AROMA installer - new theme option allows you to switch theme, or modify elements without reflashing whole rom

  • Fixed all recent call list bugs in theme
  • Updated all apps
  • Updated superuser binary
  • Minor fixes and cleanups to the whole system, AROMA and updater-script

5.0 Changelog:

  • Completely rebased on 2.24.401.8 OTA
  • Added the option to verify the downloaded repo
  • Added odex/deodex to customize submenu
  • Added "view changelog" to renovater
  • Added new widgets from One X Sense 5
  • Added the option to disable CRT and Vol Key Wake
  • Added option to install PureXAudio
  • Added Camera app from 2.25 base, better quality + GIF Support
  • Added script to remove tombstones + unneeded files at every boot
  • Added all new "RENOVATER" app which opens straight to renovater script as root
  • Added shortcut for "RENOVATER" app in the Settings menu
  • Added more theming throughout the ROM if theme is selected.
  • Added TWRP theme if theme is selected
  • Added the option to remove Battery icon
  • Added 2 new icon packs for theme look
  • Added option for transparent widgets
  • Added options for transparent navbar
  • Reverted audio levels back to stock
  • Removed the overlay on low-res contact pictures
  • Moved renovater services to online server for better performance
  • Fixed kernel.prop issue in AROMA
  • Fixed misleading text in renovater script
  • Fixed kernel.prop issue in renovater
  • Fixed updater script to tidy up folder structure for local repo
  • Fixed missing resources for some apks such as Skyscape
  • Fixed issues with the icon packs
  • Fixed issues with At&T data icons
  • Fixed black text on black background in SIM PIN entry screen (theme)
  • Fixed rare occasions were the system mounted read only
  • Fixed 3dot menu selecion in AROMA
  • Fixed non existent keys in prop files for renovater
  • Fixed url bar having stock look on first launch (theme)
  • Updated all apps
  • Updated superuser binary
  • Minor fixes and cleanups to the whole system

4.1 Changelog:
  • All new Renovater Script:
  • Easy management of the ROM, install updates straight from the SD Card without needing to spend hours zipping up full ROM.
  • OTA style updates available, the script reboots to recovery and flashes everything for you (No interaction needed!)
  • You are now able to change aroma options through the script, select what you want to change and the script will reflash the rom for you
  • You can flash either CWM recovery or TWRP from inside the script
  • You can change from Either Stock Look or Themed from inside the script
  • Much more ive forgot!

  • Removed CPU Script as it caused the phone to wake during deep sleep
  • Reverted changes to the Ondemand governor for better performance
  • Updated Exchange Mail mod to the latest base
  • Updated ATT SystemUI Signal mod to latest base
  • Fixed Recent Apps issues for good
  • Fixed text resizing in BlinkFeed News Articles
  • Removed "ODEX" from build number when odexed
  • Fixed broken images in stock SystemUI and Phone
  • Fixed booting issues after a full wipe
  • Renabled logcat by default
  • Removed reduntant lines in build.prop
  • Disabled quick tips
  • Unlocked Debug Settings in Browser
  • Hardware accelerated Browser
  • Added unlimited tabs to Browser
  • Forced JPEG rendering quality to 100
  • Removed more logging stuff
  • Improvements to the theme if selected
  • New bootanimation
  • Added Terminal Emulator as its needed for renovater
  • Added Rom stats
  • Updated all apps
  • Minor fixes here and there.

4.0 Changelog:
  • Completely rebased on 2.24.401.1
  • Included all previous mods/tweaks/optimizations/themeing (check previous changelogs)
  • Improved multiple elements of the theme (select theme in installer)
  • Added CPU deamon which turns of 3 cores while screen off to minimize battery drain
  • Improved perfomance of the GPU
  • Added new layout to the app removal script
  • Fixed the RENOVATER script not zipping the "Setup" folder
  • Improved the layout while reading news articles from blinkfeed
  • Added CRT Down animation
  • Added back HTC Premium Navigation (You can remove during installation)
  • Added louder speaker volume (+10dB)
  • Added all new AROMA Theme
  • Improved app opening times due to bad init.d scripts
  • Added the option to install Xposed
  • Added the option to enable logcat
  • Replaced font with the new improved Android 4.3 font
  • Made the Quick Settings Tile font size smaller
  • Improved the quality of Sound Recording
  • Fixed notification text color while using center/no clock (theme only)
  • Fixed T Mobile related bugs
  • Fixed force close on 3rd party equalizers
  • Tweaks to VM values to improve performance/battery life
  • /System now zipaligns at every boot
  • /Data, /Cache & /System get trimmed at every boot
  • Updated busybox
  • Updated apps
  • Removed unneeded files
  • Other minor fixes.

3.0 Changelog:
  • Completely rebased on 2.17.401.1
  • Included the new 2.19.401.1 libs/bins and kernel
  • Included all previous tweaks/optimizations/mods (check previous changelogs)
  • Fully ported and improved the Renovate Theme
  • Set long press home as menu button by default and enabled the configurable option in settings
  • Removed adblock from the ROM
  • Removed volkey media controls
  • Added vol key wake up screen
  • Added option to remove 3 Dot Menu
  • Fixed hot reboot for S-Off users
  • Unlocked Developer Settings by default
  • New bootanimation (not final)
  • Added RenovaterUI to the settings menu
  • Disabled perflock for better performance
  • Removed the annoying homescreen page indicator
  • Added some ext4 tweaks for better performance
  • Rearranged stock EQS and enabled native HEQS by default
  • Improved the 5x6 extended app drawer mod
  • Added a new font for theme users
  • Added option for center/no clock
  • Added back the option to odex the ROM
  • Added tweaks to improve media performance
  • Updated all apps
  • Improved performance/battery life
  • Other general clean ups/fixes.

2.1 Changelog:
  • Rebased on 1.29.401.16R
  • Fixed and improved all device supports
  • Reverted back to stock audio levels
  • Major overhaul of the entire theme
  • Added Fstrim to improve performance
  • Fixed app drawer grid spacing
  • Removed labels from non themed eqs
  • Added Riyal's fixed lockscreen with accessibility options
  • Tweaked vm properties
  • Removed the GPS icon for spint users
  • Updated and improved the RENOVATER script
  • Removed carrier label from lockscreen
  • Set Prism unlock time animation back to default
  • Added option for eqs toggle labels
  • Added option for HTC recent apps
  • Updated apps
  • Improved battery life/performance

2.0 Changelog:
  • Rebased on 1.29.401.16
  • Included all previous optimizations/tweaks/mods (check previous changelogs)
  • Added long press volume key for media controls (long press up = next song, long press down = pause)
  • Added bash support
  • Added option for AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Sprint users during installation
  • Improved and updated the Renovater command line update feature
  • Re-enabled the option to stay awake while phone is plugged in
  • Included RENOVATE theme as an option in aroma
  • Tweaked touchscreen properties for better performance
  • Disabled scrolling cache for smoother scrolling in apps
  • Added option for people who are using a kernel with "Logo2menu" to map long press back as kill app
  • Added auto connect and fast connect to gps
  • Set statusbar to solid at all times while using RENOVATE theme
  • Added beta version of RENOVATER apk
  • Added transparent app drawer to RENOVATE theme while keeping solid blink feed background
  • Added the option to remove Google Maps during installation
  • Fixed icon and text allignment while using the extended app drawer mod
  • Fixed T Mobile wifi calling for T Mobile users
  • Added back missing Chrome Bookmark Sync and HTC Sync Manager
  • Set the GPS to Europe by default
  • Tweaked various VM values
  • Renamed "People" to "Contacts" and "Flashlight" to "Torch"
  • Fixed adb turning off
  • Updated PureXAudio and made as an option aroma
  • Increased the speaker volume back to the original "loud" values when using PureXAudio
  • Fixed bluetooh file permissions
  • Fixed the "" force close for T Mobile users
  • Fixed and improved more tranparency stuff for the RENOVATE theme
  • Made the battery icon selection dependant to theme you choose
  • Themed the Sprint and AT&T icons
  • Themed the tile colors in blinkfeed for themed users
  • Added EPST support for Sprint users
  • Added more build.prop tweaks
  • Repalaced adaway with adblock plus
  • Cleaned updater script
  • Cleaned aroma config
  • Improved battery life
  • Improved performance
  • Updated all apps
  • Updated hosts file

1.0 Changelog:
  • Added option for "Renovate Theme" (WIP):
    ~ Transparent UI in Sense
    ~ Custom fade lines
    ~ Percent battery icon
    ~ Themed EQS toggles (thanks hdneuling)
  • Removed power saver notification
  • Removed USB Connected notification
  • Fixed the gallery not showing image previews
  • Added menu to the Sense launcher
  • Added PureXAudio (thanks zero)
  • Enabled extra gallery functions:
    ~ 3D folder
    ~ Folder encryption
  • Added aggressive auto brightness values option
  • Redesigned the aroma installer
  • New boot animation
  • Fixed force closes for messages.apk
  • Fixed disable exchange security on mail.apk
  • Made the home screens empty after a full wipe
  • Added extended features to camera.apk:
    ~ Front facing HDR
    ~ Zoom by volume keys
    ~ Geotag recovery
  • Tweaked Sense launcher animation speeds
  • Set HTC recent apps back to default
  • Made EQS option to show/hide by pressing header
  • Included CM brightness slider mod (thanks dunc)
  • Tweaked NFC to work while screen is off
  • Disabled 180 degree rotation
  • Improved sqlite tweaks
  • Made /data zipalign on boot
  • Reduced time taken for APM to show (thanks dunc)
  • Added option for 4x5/5x6 app drawer
  • Removed volume key wake due to reliability
  • Added option to have stock battery icons
  • Added option to download latest revision to phone in
  • Added fully working write access to /system (thanks flar2)
  • Cleaned RAM disk
  • Cleaned updater-script
  • Cleaned aroma-config
  • Updated all apps
  • Updated hosts file
  • Improved overall performance/battery life.

Initial Release Changelog:
  • Based on 1.28.401.7 release keys
  • Optimized and zipaligned all apks with SDK 21.1 rc3
  • Deimaged the entire system
  • Removed all bloat and logging throughout the system
  • Removed all debugging code from apks and jars
  • Added more languages to the system
  • Increased max mms size
  • Included sysro/sysrw binaries, system mounted rw on boot
  • Added init.d support
  • Cleaned and tweaked build.prop for better performance
  • Added back missing data/preload apps
  • Added back the option to set long press back button for menu
  • Fixed playstore not installing paid apps
  • Disabled scrolling cache
  • Disabled signature check
  • Removed tethering guard
  • Extended volume control
  • Cleaned the htc important processes list and added HTC Launcher (Prism) for increased performance
  • Advanced Power Menu (thanks Dunc001)
  • Added extra system animation values, found in developer options
  • Tweaked system wide animations
  • Removed the "select input method" notification
  • Removed data speed limiting code
  • Increased the max concurrent downloads from 5 to 15
  • Tweaked adj values for better performance
  • Increased the Play store speed using a DNS hack
  • Horizontal Extended Quick Settings
  • Vol keys wake up the phone
  • AOSP recent apps by default, increases multi tasking capabilities
  • Included battery % mod, (thanks he_stheone)
  • Tweaked Gtalk to allow copy and pasting of chat messages
  • SQLite tweaks
  • Partition mount tweaks
  • Kernels get flashed through recovery (thanks xHausx)
  • Transparent notification pull down menu
  • Tweaked stock auto-brightness values (thanks he_stheone)
  • Extended options in Message app
  • Set max preview lines in messages to 5
  • Hardware accelerated multiple HTC Apps
  • OpenVPN support
  • All apps up to date
  • Hosts file up to date
  • Option to remove apps during installation
  • Option to install additional mods during installation
  • Much more i've forgot

  • Download the ROM from the link below
  • Copy the ROM on to the sdcard
  • Reboot your phone into recovery
  • Select install from .zip and choose the
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, full wipe is recommended if coming from another ROM or after each official release.
  • Let the ROM boot and enjoy!

Latest Version: 9.0 - 01/02/2014
MD5 SUM *07a3e100356786cbefb38feda4bdc611* MD5 SUM

MIRROR 1 (AndroidFileHost) | MIRROR 2 | MIRROR 3 | MIRROR 3

Nightlies Mirror

Here are the unofficial releases of our ROM. These get automatically uploaded every night.
You can check the changes in the changelog. The nightlies may not be 100% stable, if you want a
stable release, you're best off sticking to the official releases.

SVN Trunk

We use SVN to host our ROM project. This means you can
stay up to date with the ROM change by change. If you can't wait for the official
releases this lets you download the rom the minute we make a change to it.
It also stops you needing to download the full 800mb ROM every time, as it
downloads only the changed files for that particular revision.

For a guide on setting up the SVN, please check here

One of our users, @djwhitey created a .bat script that automates exporting the SVN files from your local repo and creates a flashable zip - you can find it here

  • Everyone who works on the ROM with us
  • ZeroInfinity
  • torxx
  • he_stheone
  • shnizlon
  • team d3rp
  • flar2
  • Dunc001
  • Hero
  • mikrosmile

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM] RENOVATE | Milestone 9.0 | Sense 5.5 | 4.19.401.9, a ROM for the HTC One

mwilky, fisha21, GuyAdams, Hero, chas123, Indirect, ZeroInfinity, Onepagebook, SoLdieR9312, jonas2295, Raymond Ebertt
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Based On: HTC Sense

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 9.0
Stable Release Date: 2014-03-01

Created 2013-07-30
Last Updated 2014-04-25
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SVN Guide

How to set up SVN for Windows

Step 1-3 is only for people who haven't set up the SVN yet, if you have already set up and just want to update to the newest revision, go to step 4

You will need:
  • A PC running a newish version of Windows
  • Tortoisesvn, choose 32 or 64 bit depending on your OS
  • An archive program, i recommend winrar

1. Setting up folder structure.

Once you have TortoiseSVN set up and installed, browse to a directory where you would like your ROM to be stored
Once your in that directory create a new folder and name it "HTC One"
Go inside that folder and create two more folders, name one "renovate-m7" and the other "renovate-flashable"

You don't have to use these names, it just makes things less confusing if you do.

To give you an idea on what these folders will do, "renovate-m7" is where you will download/update the rom/files to each time we make an update. Once you are up to date or at a revision you want to flash you then export the rom to "renovate-flashable" ready to flash on your device.

2. Downloading the ROM

Once you have completed step one, it is time to download the ROM.
Right click on the "renovate-m7" folder and click "SVN Checkout". The following image should appear

From here you will need to enter the url of the renovate rom project.
The link is which can also be found in the first post
Go ahead an enter the URL and press go

If all done correctly the ROM should start downloading, this could take a while depending on your internet speed. This is the one and only time you will have to download the full 800mb rom.

Once it has finished you will be left with the rom structure inside the "renovate-m7" folder. You can tell if everything has synced correctly as there will be a green tick on the folder icon.

3. Exporting and zipping

Open "renovate-m7" and you will see the rom structure. Your instincts will probably tell you to add this to a zip and then just flash on your phone, but as this is the folder linked with the SVN, there are hidden files which we don't want to include when we put it in our ready to flash.
To get rid of these hidden files, all you need to do is right click "renovate-m7" folder, go to "tortoiseSVN" then click "export".

This will open a new window asking you to choose where to extract to, simply locate your "renovate-flashable" folder, click it, and click "select folder" to begin exporting

Once the export has finished, your going to want to zip up the rom so you can flash it.
Open "renovate-flashable" and select all the folders and the boot.img
If you have winrar installed click "add to archive"
This will open a dialogue, all you need to do is set the the format to ".zip" not ".rar", choose a name for the zip and choose where to save it
Once you have done this click ok to start the zipping
Once finished this is your completed, simply transfer this to your phones memory and flash in recovery

4. Updating

If we make an update to our rom, svn users can stay up to date change by change, and only by downloading the modified files, not the entire rom everytime.
To update to the latest revision all you need to do is right click on "renovate-m7" and select "SVN Update"

This will update all the changed files to the latest version, keepin you up to date.
Once the update is complete, you'll have to export the rom again (step 3) before zipping it up and flashing.
Before you export though, make sure you delete the previous revision from "renovate-flashable"

Once the old build is deleted, simply follow the "exporting" step again and you will be up to date with all the latest changes.

How to set up SVN for Mac OS

You will need:

• An Intel based Mac
Xcode or Command Line tools for your version of OSX

1) You need the command line tools to be installed in order to export the ROM once the source has been downloaded. To do this you will need to complete only one of the next options.

a) Command Line Tools via Xcode

Xcode is a 1.6GB download and if all you need is the command line tools then I strongly recommend you use option B. Download and install Xcode, once completed via the preferences download the command line tools;


b) Command Line tools via the Apple Developer Site.

This method you will require an Apple Developer ID, its free to sign up and if you already have an Apple ID, you can use that. Sign up and search for command line tools, select the correct version for your OSX version, download and install.

2) Next you need to installed svnX and connect it to the Renovate repository, hit the + button on the Repositories window and enter the details;

Name: Whatever you would like to call it.
User: <n/a>
Password: <n/a>

3) Once the details are entered, click the entry to open the repository;

4) Select the revision you wish to download, this will mostly be the latest version, then click the Checkout button.

5) Select where you wish to download the ROM to and svnX will begin the download. Remember this location, as we will require it later. You don’t see progress indicated unless you click the Output button, this will show the current file being downloaded and a progress indicator at the bottom.

Once complete the source is now copied to your Mac, now time to export the code ready for archiving.

In this example I downloaded the files to:

6) Open up terminal and navigate to the location where you would like export the ROM to:
cd /Users/Guy/Downloads/android-sdk/ROMs/Renovate/Exported
7) Then run ‘svn export’ on the director where you downloaded the files to:
svn export /Users/Guy/Downloads/android-sdk/ROMs/Renovate/One
This will clean all of the comments and other revision files from the files and make them ready for archiving.

8) Navigate to the directory where you exported the ROM to, select all the files, right mouse and select compress;

Once the archive has been created, copy to your phone and flash as normal via recovery.

When its time to update your local copy, open svnX and follow steps 3 through 8.
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We work extremely hard to provide our users with the best possible work to give them the best experience. We are happy for you to use that work alongside your own given you comply with some simple terms. We reserve the right to report others who use our work without express permission in accordance with the XDA rules and all of the following items.

You may use our work if;
  • You are granted express permission from a Renovate ROM team member in the relevant device section before adding our work to your projects
  • You give credit for the work you use, in the relevant threads on XDA and any other places you may use it
  • You DO NOT release our work to the public until we have done so via an official build*

* Our work is available to the public via Google Code and the SVN protocol, until this work has been released via an official build you are NOT permitted to use it and you will be reported for doing so unless you have been granted express permission before hand. Official builds DO NOT include SVN or Nightly beta builds.

In the spirit of the XDA community we are happy to share our work as long as the above points are adhered to.
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Additional Stuff

How to use RENOVATER

We've made it super easy for our users to stay up to date with the latest changes. The rom includes a script that will download the latest revision to your phone, then zip it up for you so you can flash it. All you need to do is open the terminal app included and type "su" then hit enter to run the script as root. Then type "renovater" and follow the simple instructions!

Stock kernel

Here is the stock 2.24.401.8 kernel for Renovate ROM

Update Zip

Here is an empty that allows easy modification of any file in the rom, Simply copy your modified file(s) to the correction location in the zip and flash in recovery
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The Theme Post


Thanks to @mikrosmile, we are able to offer many of our theme customisations via myHub. There are already a number of options in there, to customise battery, statusbar, Prism, boot anim and splash screens, and we will soon be adding a section for full themes as well.

Most of the other mods detailed below can also be downloaded from myHub

Renovate icon packs

There are 4 Renovate icon packs, which can be downloaded and installed via the myHub app. However, you will still need to select the icon pack using the launcher of your choice.

These icon packs will work with most 3rd party launchers (Apex, ADW, Nova etc), and can also be used with Sense thanks to ruqqq's Icon Themer Xposed mod. Unfortunately, the free version of the app is not compatible with the latest Xposed framework (2.3.1). You will either need to purchase the latest version of the app from Play store (now called Unicon), or stick to Xposed 2.2 to keep using the free version. Sorry about that, but these are factors beyond our control.

Additional Xposed instructions

To use the Icon Themer with Sense, you will need to install the Xposed framework first:

Use the AROMA option in the rom installer to install the Xposed framework
Once the ROM has booted, open the Xposed Installer in the app drawer
CLick the Install/Update button, and then reboot
After rebooting, install the Icon Themer apk from ruqqq's thread
You should get prompted to activate his module, but if not open the Xposed installer again and click on the modules tab
Click the Icon Themer entry and choose the desired icon pack
Soft reboot when prompted and your icon pack should be applied
The applied icon pack will persist through further reboots
You only need to reapply the icon pack if you have installed a new app, updated an existing app or reflashed the rom


With the first icon pack, each app icon is made by hand so apps not included in the theme will need to be added manually. People are welcome to request app icons that aren't included using the request form available here, but there's no guarantee how quickly they will be added!

The other two icon packs apply an underlay to the app's own icon, so you shouldn't have any missing icons. If using the Sense Icon Themer, you will need to reapply the icon pack to catch newly installed or updated apps.

Renovate 3rd party notification icon pack

Those running the Renovate theme will have noticed that 3rd party notification icons (those in the left of the statusbar) remain annoyingly white and unthemed. Well, thanks to @agentdr8's coding skills, we can now finally address these too.

You need to install his Xposed mod, Xposed Statusbar Mods, download the icon pack from the myHub app and put the zip in sdcard/xsbm folder.

Detailed instructions

Install the mod, and place the icon theme zip in the folder as described
In the XSBM app, choose the Icon Settings option
Import the Renovate icon pack
Make sure "3rd-Party apps" is checked
Press back twice to exit the app, and choose Apply on the confirmation box
Statusbar will restart, with nicely themed notification icons

Haven't got many in the pack yet, mainly Google apps, but am happy to take requests. Just post them here, along with the icon taken from your desired app (keep the existing icon name, and add the app name as well), and ideally the app's package name as well.

Renovate TWRP theme

There is also an official Renovate TWRP theme, which you can download from the myHub app. To use it, just put the whole in the TWRP/theme folder on your sdcard (you might need to create the theme folder if it's not already there).


The opening TWRP splash curtain can't be changed using a theme, but if you want to fully Renovate your recovery, @SoLdieR9312 has made a fully themed flashable zip for TWRP - again, available via myHub.

Additional theme modifications

@SoLdieR9312 also has some additional theme modifications (wallpapers, splash screens, boot anims etc) on his website

Signature Banners

Feel free to add one of our banners to your signature to show support for Renovate ROM (thanks to @jonas2295)

If you add the following code, it will link the picture to this thread

HTML Code:

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Themes and Mods
Specific Themes and Mods

The following are specific themes and mods designed for the Renovate Milestone. Some themes will be in the form of a complete APK or a vrtheme zip. Please read the instructions carefully and always make a back-up of your current settings.

I don't make a lot of the APK's you use, I make a lot of the APK's you use look better...

Razor Renovate Black and White Theme

Renovate Inverted Chrome Theme

The following is a chrome accented icon pack. There are quite a few icons in this pack. If you want something specific, please PM me and after a few requests, I will update the icon apk and re-post it here. This icon apk works with several third party launchers as well as the Sense launcher with Xposed frameworks and Icon Themer. Special thanks to @Pfaffinator for an assortment of lovely PSD's. Please make a back-up of your current set-up. Flash in recovery. Enjoy.

Razor Chrome Icon Pack

KIT KAT Chrome Theme - Android 4.4

Includes a transparent Blinkfeed apk, Transparent Weather Clock apk, chrome weather, chrome icon pack, themed widgets

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Re: [ROM] RENOVATE | Sense 5.0 | EQS | SVN | Nightlies | 1.28.401.7
Awesome guys!

You'll be getting some of my audio love soon

Sent From my blazing fast Sony Xperia Z C6603 powered by PureXAudio
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Great another yummy rom. THX
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Come onnnnn I want my freakin Oneee
i wish you the very best Wilks
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and so it begins....damn looks like Renovate will rock these forums on this side...all the best guys....this one looks like it will be epic and special....daymnnn
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