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[ROM][4.2.2][YP-G70/YP-G1][Official/Nightly]PAC-ROM v.23.0.0

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By iurnait, Inactive Recognized Developer on 15th April 2013, 05:05 AM
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This is the old thread for PAC-Rom based on CM-10.1. For the new release, see here:

This ROM is a combination of the best roms available
ParanoidAndroid + AOKP + Cyanogenmod = PAC-man ROM
Why choose one if you can have all

Compiled from source


Elements of PAC-man
A fully integrated part of PAC-man, this aspect brings all the functionality of CM

Bringing in the greatness of the All Powerful Unicorn. PAC-man grabs rom control, ribbons, and many other aspects of AOKP.

One of the most original aspects brought into this roms is hybrid mode which gives you full control of your rom experience/

Pac in Black
Our own spin on a fully inverted experience.

Now With HALO!


same stuff as cm10.1

JackpotClavin - cm10.1 for the yp-g70
Zaclimon - suggested I do this, cm10.1 for the yp-g1
bbelos - cm10.1 for the yp-g1
Mevordel - helping me out, work on our devices
Hollow_Ninja, Koala888 - testing the first build
android1234567 - beastly kernel
The Pac Rom Team

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15th April 2013, 05:06 AM |#2  
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Instructions & Downloads

Always do a backup. I am not responsible if anything goes wrong!

Installation on the Galaxy Player 5.0/ Galaxy S 5.0
Installing from cm10.1/ Updating PAC

  • Turn on your brain (important, please do not proceed without doing this)
  • Download rom and latest gapps
  • Download the appropriate Sultan kernel or KKernel if you want
  • Put the files on your device
  • Reboot into recovery
  • Wipe dalvik cache
  • Install the zips (or do adb sideload if you want)
  • Reboot
  • Profit!

From any other rom
do same as above, but in addition, wipe data, dalvik, system, and dbdata (look under mounts and storage)


Installation on the Galaxy Player 4.0/ Galaxy S 4.0
Note: Please backup your efs in case of something goes wrong (the zip should backup it but we're never too sure) To do so execute this command:

dd if=/dev/block/stl3 of=/sdcard/efs.rfs
*** If upgrading from CM9 or CM10, it is recommended that you wipe data.

1. Download
md5: 4a900fcddbc3d81d121a7b9c9d4bb0a0
2. Download this rom
3. Make all your backups.
4. Make sure your efs is intact (not blank).
5. Boot into recovery, make more backups.
6. Flash (temporary workaround for first-time install from stock)
7. Flash this rom

Installation Notes:
When you install for the first time, there is a conversion to the new MTD partition layout. The installer will flash the new kernel and reboot. It is possible for this process to hang up on the samsung logo (still working that part out). It is normal to see the Samsung logo appear 3 seperate times during this reboot phase. **Please wait at least a minute before assuming you are stuck.** If this happens, you should extract the boot.img from the installer zip and flash it with heimdall (heimdall flash --kernel boot.img, or other appropriate GUI methods). It should boot back into recovery and continue the installation. Once the install finishes, it should reboot once more back into recovery, which gives you the opportunity to flash your gapps.

In post #3, there are some FAQs, so be sure to look at those before posting any questions/ comments you may have.




For the Galaxy Player 5.0/ Galaxy S 5.0
Buildbot (occurs nightly, just download the latest zip):
My manual builds (use only if you have problems with the Buildbot build):
note: the intl kernel in the above folder is NOT the Sultan kernel


For the Galaxy Player 4.0/ Galaxy S 4.0
Buildbot (occurs nightly, just download the latest zip):
My manual builds: - 155.99 MB

Regular Gapps (get the one for cm10.1):

22.4.0 -> 23.0.0

Add ROM-Share [mithun46]
Update all CM Commits [mithun46 & zyonee]
Added HALO [Sniper & gs2usr]
Updated PA to 3.6
Removed MDPI/HDPI PA Preferences Hack
Updated to CM-10.1-RC5
TRDS 2.0

22.3.0 -> 22.4.0

Add ROMStats to PAC-Man ROM [BLOWNCO & Mithun46 & PapaSmurf151]
Updated all CM commits to RC4[szl.kiev]
Updated PA commits[singhdd93]
Fix Pie & Tablet Date View[singhdd93]
Update AOKP Ribbons[xLaMbChOpSx]
Fix 3-dot Menu Button[xLaMbChOpSx]

22.2.0 -> 22.3.0

Updated all CM commits[singhdd93]
Setting layout redone, New header for PAC In Black[blindndumb]
Dark Calculator[TRDS/kufikugel]
Statusbar auto collapse is back[g2usr]
Calendar now work on 960p[PA/beerbong]
Phone layouts for Tablet/Phablet UI[PA/beerbong]
Email FC Fixed[Sniper-]
Lockscreen shortcuts for now[Langes72]
CM's lockscreen slider shortcut is back[g2usr]
View PAC-man contributors in Settings > About phone[Sniper]
22.1.0 -> 22.2.0

Pac-In-Black Toggle
Initial LDPI Support
updated AOKP Sources to Milestone1
Fixed: navbar rings 90° rotate in landscape
Lockscreen Theming support
New Battery Styles
AOKP Ribbon
Added missing MDPI battery icons
Lockscreen SOD Fixed
Settings layout redone
Minimal bootanimation
Updated/Added Translations
Moar minor updates
22.0.0 -> 22.1.0

Changelog Feature [gs2usr]
Fixed Quick Pulldown (Instant Tiles Pulldown) [gs2usr]
Fixed back button will collapse statusbar [gs2usr]
Toggle to disable Fullscrean Keyboard [OldDroid]
Pie and Volume Toggle [OldDroid]
Network Tile Updates [Nick0703]
Latest PA and some CM Updates [OldDroid]
Fixed FC's related to changing Navbar targets [xLaMbChOpSx]
Added Option for Quicktile row Settings [gs2usr]
Added QuietHours QuickSettings Tile [Nick0703]
Added Hybrid QuickSettingsTile [OldDroid]
Fixes on Settings & CleanUp [IvanBrazza & gs2usr]
Added QuickSettingsModeTile [Nick0703]
Updated PA sources to 3.15
Resize text to fit on tile size adjusted [gs2usr]
Choice to enable/disable CRT animation & at which orientation [kufikugel]
Fixed PhabletUI NavBar in landscape [gs2usr]
Brought sources inline with CM & PA sources [bluefa1con & szlkiev]
21.0.0 -> 22.0.0

Brought Tiles inline with cm ones [Nick0703]
Updated PIE Controls [blindndumb]
Fix System UI crash when changing recent app key [bluefa1con]
Notification Shortcuts & WiFi display (SlimRoms) [xLaMbChOpSx]
Brought some things inline with cm source [bluefa1con]
New BootAnimation (for most devices updated) [bluefa1con]
Removed Tiny Gapps
Various Device Updates
20.0.0 -> 20.1.0

Implemented Superuser in Settings (no SuperUser App anymore!)
Switched to ParanoidAndroid 3.1
PIE: new layouts
PIE: new animations
PIE: improved touchhandling
PIE: clear all button
PIE: support for expandable notifications
Swipe between Notifications & QuickSettings
Added Support for xPlay Touchpads
Removed SuperSU
Switched to SuperUser from Koush
Fixed a memory leak
Implemented tiny GApps in every build
More detailed changelog:
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15th April 2013, 05:07 AM |#3  
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FAQ/ Tips
(work in progress)


Q: The pie thingy is annoying and i dont need it. How do I remove it?
A: Go to Settings > System > Pie Settings > Trigger Area > None


Q: I prefer using the on screen keys. How do i enable this?
A: Go to Settings > Hybrid Properties > Interface > Nav. Bar*


Q: This rom seems slow and I have very little free ram.
A: Try using the Sultan Kernel or KKernel. Try using the SmartassV2 governer with sio, and experiment around with the clock speed (For me, 1320MHz is stable).
The app Greenify also helps; I usually have ~150MB in free ram.
Also try installing the Crossbreeder Mod or Pimp My Rom
Another thing you can do is disable the animations under developer settings (scroll down about to about 3/4 of the page)
If it still feels really slow, you might want to switch to Slim Rom or CM10.1


Q: I cant take videos, help!


Q: I keep getting a error saying acore has stopped
A: Clear data from contacts and contacts storage.

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15th April 2013, 05:58 AM |#4  
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always wanted to try it
good job <3
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15th April 2013, 06:19 AM |#5  
Hollow_Ninja's Avatar
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Can't wait to try it out thanks for your time and effort on this.
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15th April 2013, 06:29 AM |#6  
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So cool, always wanted to try

Happy compiling

Sent from my YP-G70 using xda premium
15th April 2013, 08:22 AM |#7  
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Looking forward to this
15th April 2013, 12:44 PM |#8  
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Looks awesome!

Sent from my YP-G70 - CM 10.1
15th April 2013, 04:20 PM |#9  
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Wow! I have always wanted this ROM! Thank youuuuuuu!
15th April 2013, 05:10 PM |#10  
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So cool I always wanted try it
15th April 2013, 09:34 PM |#11  
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Awesome. Are you building from source? If you are, try to give me a hand in getting this camera working!

Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda app-developers app
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