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S3Rx 3.0 TouchWiz 4.3 MJB (4-13-14) Full AROMA

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By loserskater, Inactive Recognized Developer on 27th April 2013, 11:37 AM
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I747 UCUEMJB TW 4.3 Premium Suite

Be kind, be respectful, stay on topic, follow the XDA rules!
You are welcome to use any part of this ROM without asking but PLEASE give credit.

Although we do test there is always a chance things may go wrong. As always
we do not take responsible for what you do to your phone. You should know what your getting yourself into.
If you don't, please do not flash this and READ, READ, READ these forums till you feel confident enough to do so.
  • deodex
  • debloated
  • Disabled system wide .apk signature verification. *makes updating apps with different signatures easy*
  • Knox free with Selinux set to permissive.
  • Automatic support for T999, T999L and T999V
  • init.d support with scripts
  • 4 Way reboot
  • Tether Hack, Wifi, USB and Bluetooth.
  • Added CSC features
  • Enabled all languages
  • Standard Samsung boot screen
  • Added some alarm, notification, and ringtones.
  • Removed ongoing wifi notifications
  • WiFi Hotspot, Mobile Data and Flashlight toggles now default.
  • Google Wallet and NFC fix in place, working with tap and pay.
  • Framework tweaks
  • Updated system apps
  • Infinite lock screen pages and all widgets unlocked.
  • Secure lock screen widgets
  • Multiwindow all apps enabled. Use Multi-Window Manager form the app store to correct the adding apps bug.
  • Disabled scrolling cache
  • System wide spell check (Language and input setting)
  • Removed safe volume popup when headphones are plugged in
  • Quad/Floating Multi-Window.
  • Phone MW popup notifications.
  • Modded SecMms.apk
    *Screen on/off toggle for incoming SMS: located in Messaging settings
    *Increased SMS limit per hour
    *Disable SMS to MMS auto conversion
    *Options for backup SMS
    *SMS with email... send text message to an e-mail address
    *Increased MMS Video Recording Quality and Size
    *Enter as new line in messaging
    *Enabled SMS Auto Combination: Re-assembles multi-segmented messages, to veiw as one message. *CSC Feature*
    *Enabled MMS as single view... no more slide show. *CSC Feature*
    *Enabled Call Back Number in Message settings, *CSC Feature*
    *Enabled Quick Text Templets and button: New button next to attachment in Messaging *CSC Feature*
    *Enabled Delete Button in Messaging header, *CSC Feature*
    *Enabled many other messaging features, Alias, multi lock, blacklist....
    *Added SMS and MMS read reports.
    *Enabled Split view with a toggle
    *More internal MMS size limit increases.
  • Aroma installer
    *ViPER sound mod
    *Volume boost
    *TW Launcher (4x4, 4x5, 5x5, scrolling wallpaper, page looping)
    *System sounds (TW, 4.4)
    *Email (Modified TW, AOSP)
    *Call Recording
    *Dial pad tones
    *Quad/Floating Multi-Window
    *Messaging TW or CyanogenMod
    *Samsung apps
    *Music Players
    *Misc apps
    *Kernels with Tuner apps
  • Extra Settings (Settings>My Device)
    *SEAndroid Control
    *App ops
    *Long press kill
    *Music Controls
    *Volume panel timeout
    *Edge Zoom
    *Enable all rotations
    *NFC polling (screen off, lockscreen)
    *CRT off effect (None, CRT, Fade)
    *Battery style (OG Battery Mod)
    *Clock (position, am/pm, day of week, color)
    *Keyboard notification
    *Alarm icon
    *Blocking mode icon
    *Battery notifications
    *Voice search app (S Voice, Google)
    *Double tap home
    *Quick unlock
    *AOSP lock screen
    *Lock screen rotation
    *Secure lock screen widgets

To install...

1. Make sure you are on one of the bootloader and modem packages found below.
2. Full Wipe
3. Install ROM.
4. Profit... enjoy!

Complete recovery flashable I747 and I747M 4.3 bootloader and modem packages.

Option A: MJ2 bootloader and MJB modem

If you choose to flash the official MJB bootloader and modem package DO NOT try to install any older bootloaders or use any odin.tar, you will brick your phone.
Option B: Official MJB 4.3 bootloader and modem

Official MK5 bootloaders and modem
================================================== =====

Download S3Rx 3.0_4-13-14
Free MD5 checksum verifier
MD5: ed6d92a4a66ebddc8a962c8ec8023f68

XDA Devdb:
Android File Host:

================================================== =====

Our families for putting up with us being on the computer for so long.
cm team
Rizal Lovins
All of our users!

XDA:DevDB Information
S3Rx, ROM for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III

loserskater, enewman17
ROM OS Version: 4.3.x Jellybean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: I747UCUEMJB
Based On: Samsung Touchwiz

Version Information
Status: No Longer Updated
Current Stable Version: 3.0_4-13-14
Stable Release Date: 2014-04-20

Created 2013-07-31
Last Updated 2014-08-14
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27th April 2013, 11:38 AM |#2  
enewman17's Avatar
Recognized Contributor
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Kernel and init.d improvements
Theme fixes and updates

  • Added Quad/Floating Multiwindow "dark and light themes in aroma".
  • Few more install script fixes
  • Added toggle for Secure Lock Screen Widgets.
  • Torch toggle works natively now, no need for the Torch app now. thanks to CNexus.
  • Added a long press to torch toggle to lock screen torch settings.
  • Couple of KK theme changes
  • Made default call recordings to a different forlder /media/0/Recorded Calls
  • If you do a clean install you'll have the smart network toggle. or add SmartNetwork; to the settingprovider/settings.db

  • Various AROMA changes and fixes. You can delete or move all the S3Rx.prop files on your internal sdcard. If you move them just make a
  • folder S3Rx and move them there.
  • Various theme fixes.
  • Added Kit Kat theme.
  • Added note 2 keyboard.
  • Fixed note 3 keyboard audio and haptic feedback.
  • Think I fixed auto learning and prediction. No auto correction on Note 3 keyboard.
  • Fixed the block on flip fonts... Added hundreds of fonts.
  • Fixed volume on call while screen off.
  • Added customizable aosp mms to aroma. thanks to talkingmonkeys.
  • Added Note 3 style incoming call pop up when screen is on. Toggle for pop up is in call settings.
  • Removed app signature verification. Makes updating hacked apps easier.
  • Added CRT effect switch in extra settings.
  • Improved auto brightness.

  • Fixed Call recording
  • Fixed CM theme

  • Full Aroma installer
  • Lost of new mods.
  • Please refer to feature list in the OP

  1. fixed font issue force closing settings.
  2. added crt off effect.
  3. fixed updated hagouts video chat, missing lib file
  4. moved more bloat to data/app
  5. Needs testing but I resigned the AccessT-Mobile app so it shouldn't be recognized by the market. So since this version should be safe form the update you can choose to use it or uninstall it.
  6. Fixed 1% battery mod... seems Samsung used 2 sets of xml to control the the battery icons.

Known Issues
  1. Screen off torch light is buggy. It will work fine within 3 seconds of the screen being turned off. If it works perfect for you no matter when you turned the screen off then it is creating the wakelock and you may experience some extra battery draw. *A reboot will get rid of the wakelock*
  2. Battery MOD my be a little funky till you mess with the settings. *It might also be slow to open, as we add more icons it will get slower*
  3. Tell us if you notice anything else.

GPS Issues?

GPS not locking: Unfortunately This is going to happen to some when coming from AOSP based ROMs and other carrier ports.

A couple common fixes include...
================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============
1. Easiest and most reliable way. Try this first!
  • Enter the Samsung service mode by typing this code into the dial pad *#197328640#
  • Then go to Mainmenu>UMTS>Common>NV REBUILD>NV REBUILD> (Important: don't exit the menu yet!)
  • Wait 30+ sec
  • Long press power button and select "Restart / Reboot"
  • Now check your GPS from any software that may use GPS like "Maps" or "GPS Status"...

All credit to harshaedvern for this easy fix

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============

2. Returning to the stock ROM via ODIN, acquire a GPS lock then reboot into Recovery.. Wipe and Flash new ROM.
I recommend trying Chainfire's MOBILE ODIN first before the desktop version, it's really easy to use and it's free to XDA users HERE.
You can flash an ODIN package right from your phone and still retain your custom recovery, simply exclude it from the list of partitions to flash.
It will also inject ROOT if the ODIN package does not already have it... makes things really simple.
================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============

3. Restoring a nandroid of a TouchWiz ROM with a known working GPS status, make sure all location services are enables and can obtain a GPS lock. (go to additional steps now if needed) Reboot, Wipe and Flash New ROM...
Additional steps if required before flashing new ROM:
Backup your internal storage and take out your sd-card now... just in case stuff gets deleted. Do a Factory Reset form within the restored TW nandroid. Reboot... Skip all the setup stuff... acquire a GPS lock again... Reboot into recovery Wipe and Flash the new ROM.
================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============

4. Flash back to the AOSP ROM you were just on. Obtain a GPS lock, then reinstall ROM again and see if GPS works

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============

5. Repeat until one of the options ends up working... Not much else to tell you to try. Good luck!

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============

GPS and Location Services: If you have Google Maps installed and Google Now, you will notice Maps uses your location services a lot during the day. Apparently Google thinks we need our location tracked 24/7. Turning GPS on only when needed will help eliminate the wakelocks created by maps. Going a step further you may also want to disable the "Use Network Location", This will also stop other apps form getting your location... Most apps will let you enter your location manually so it's not really a big deal turning it off, especially when your talking about increasing your battery life.

Previous builds

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	BlueUI.jpg
Views:	35892
Size:	239.1 KB
ID:	1916219   Click image for larger version

Name:	TDRGray.jpg
Views:	30980
Size:	229.2 KB
ID:	1916220   Click image for larger version

Name:	DarkGreen.jpg
Views:	28582
Size:	243.8 KB
ID:	1916221   Click image for larger version

Name:	AOSP.jpg
Views:	27636
Size:	242.3 KB
ID:	1916222   Click image for larger version

Name:	DeadlyVenom.jpg
Views:	25282
Size:	59.7 KB
ID:	1919281  
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27th April 2013, 11:39 AM |#3  
loserskater's Avatar
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Updated to Android 4.3 MJB base
See features list in OP for list of changes

Fixed Stock Kernel adb support.
Fixed a few theme issues
Fixed quick unlock for password
Fixed All apps in multi-window not dragging the correct app into the flashbar
Removed reset flashbar data from AROMA as it's no longer needed.
Potential fix for other keyboards not sticking after reboot.
Removed AT&T contacts

Initial release of 4.1.2 MG2 build.
Lots of work on aroma. Pretty much on par with what was in deTmobilized. (Thank enewman for this, he's been a mad man lately).
All of the features/updates that were in deTmobilized.
New feature - Volume panel display timeout. Sick of the volume bar sitting there for 3 seconds after adjusting the volume? Change the timeout so it hides faster!

New Settings:
-Display/Hide Carrier Logo in statusbar
-Display/Hide Alarm Icon
-Display/Hide Ongoing Wifi notification
-Change Notification Panel color
-Quick Unlock for Pin and Password
-Long Press Kill Timeout
Added a disable option to Long Press Kill
Fixed default clock/statusbar colors being transparent
Added support for almost every language
Updated Youtube apps (now includes screen off playback)
Fixed process.acore has stopped when using HaxSync
Updated Note 2 Camera/Gallery
Updated Themes
Updated Volume Boost (not as extreme)
Note 2 keyboard now has autocorrect
Disabled menu unlock when using AOSP lockscreen
Added SMS and MMS read reports.
Security patched LidroidSettings.apk
Added Photo Editor
Updated AOSP MMS from Liquid Smooth
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27th April 2013, 11:39 AM |#4  
enewman17's Avatar
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Old Link for S3Rx 1.1 Non-AROMA + MODs

S3Rx 1.1
Free MD5 checksum verifier
md5: fe3610ed1252cf9c51d7748719aa6832

Individual Mods

UCDLK3 Insecure Kernel
This will restore the original kernel packed in this ROM.

Enable / Disable custom boot animations
(thanks to This will not install a custom boot animation but allow the use of them. Place you animation in the system/media

180 Rotation

AC!D Mods Awesome Beats Noozxoide Remove

Volume Boost Mod Extreme Not as Extreme Remove

File Managers My Files CM FileManager CM FileManager Inverted

Keyboards Note 2 with Auto Correct Note 2 Android Nexus 4.2 XperiaZ Stock Swype

Bravia Engine

Cameras and Gallery Stock Modified Stock Note 2 Android 4.2

Contacts: Dial Pad Tones TW: water 4.2: normal Stargate DHD

Phone: Increasing Ringtone Enables Disabled

TW Launchers 4x4 4x4 Scrolling Wallpaper / Page Looping 4x4 Scrolling Wallpaper / No Page Looping 5x5 5x5 Scrolling Wallpaper / Page Looping 5x5 Scrolling Wallpaper / No Page Looping

Email Stock TW Stock TW / no forced exchange security Make TW Email Dark AOSP

Gmail 4.3.1 4.3.1 Dark

Lidroid / 23 Toggles Blue Text Blue No Text Green Text Green No Text TouchWiz'ish Text TouchWiz'ish No Text

(Note: These Will Delete Your Messages) TouchWiz (only if you want to return to TouchWiz MMS)
AOSP CM 10.1 Liquid Smooth, *New Features*

NFC Mods Lock Screen Screen Off Proximity Tag Mod Revert to Stock

System Sounds TouchWiz 4.2

YouTube updated 5-4-13
Thanks to theos0o Modified Modified Inverted Dark Modified Inverted Blue

Music Players Apollo MIUI XperiaZ

Samsung Apps Samsung Services / S sync Kies Photo Editor

Themes AOSP BlueUI Dark Green TDR Grayed Out S3Rx Red Deadly Venom Theme Red Note2 Keyboard Deadly Venom

Pulldown Tranparencies
All Transparencies in one zip (Note: this is not flashable, but contains all the flashable zips) 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% Fully Opaque

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27th April 2013, 12:15 PM |#5  
crazynewfie's Avatar
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Thanks. Gonna have to try this. Is this multi carrier?
27th April 2013, 12:20 PM |#6  
loserskater's Avatar
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Originally Posted by crazynewfie

Thanks. Gonna have to try this. Is this multi carrier?

Only supporting AT&T. That's why it's only on the AT&T forums.
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27th April 2013, 01:36 PM |#7  
Senior Member
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For some idiotic reason I have yet to run your work loserskater. Looks like it's definitely time.

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27th April 2013, 02:16 PM |#8  
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Very nice guys!
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27th April 2013, 02:26 PM |#9  
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boom. morning coffee. new ROM on boards. good start to the day...
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27th April 2013, 02:40 PM |#10  
Senior Member
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Ok. That was a little freaky. Went to download from DevHost, Rom was dated 4-26, 746 MB and it stuck on waiting. Refreshed thread, ROM is dated 4-27 and up to 1 GB.
I have a feeling I'm glad my first try didn't download. :thumbup:

Looking forward to giving this a run guys!

EDIT: see why now...I had clicked on the "non-aroma"...sorry for wasted post.
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27th April 2013, 03:07 PM |#11  
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Any screenshots please??
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