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By tonyp, Inactive Recognized Developer on 5th May 2013, 02:51 PM
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Attention: This ROM is discontinued!
It still works great as a daily driver and got a large userbase, but as CM10.1 has been abandoned there won't come any new updates anymore!

After working really hard on it for more than 2 month(!) I proudly present my first CM10.1 T-Build

I put lots and lots of effort into it to create a great, smooth and bugfree rom experience for you guys.
I tried to fix all huge bugs on CM10.1 like bluetooth fast forwarding and the wifi hotspot.
Additionally I took the time to create a non-neon gapps package, as the official 4.2 one does only support neon.

If you appreciate all the effort that has gone into this ROM then consider a donation.
While it's neither expected nor required it is highly appreciated!

> Paypal Donate link <

Each donator will get a huge thank you and a private dance show

Preview (you can't wait for the leafs getting down now, can you!):

(and as I've been asked a couple times in the past: yes, you can send me an amazon gift card code via PM as wel!)

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5th May 2013, 02:51 PM |#2  
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Donate to Me

CM Known Bugs & Fixes:

This list shows what has been done so far.
As you can guess by the sheer amount of the fixed bugs there has been put lots and lots of time into this ROM.

And don't forget about all the awesome work pengus77 has put into the kernel - without him we would still suffer from bsods and huge battery drain.

Do NOT post or ask about stuff on the known bugs list!
The bug is listed here - I don't need to get reminded that it's there.
If there's progress or an ETA or anything we will post about it - if not there's not.
I really mean it! Do not ask, it's just annoying. It might only lead to us abandoning the work on the bug.
Oh check the "plans for the next build" section below as well.

But of course you're very welcome to post a decent fixing idea or development related note in'te the CM10.1 development discussion.

Hall of shame of people who ignored my warnings and still posted about already known bugs.
If someone continuously breaks this threads rules you'll land on my ignore list.
  • tonyp (damn!)

CM10.1 specific bugs:
  • Bluetooth is accellerating on many headsets fixed (by replacing the bdroid bt stack with bluez)
  • Wifi hotspot isn't working fixed (by forwardporting the CM10 internal hotspot handling to CM10.1)

  • SDCard write speed is subpar. not fixed

bugs affecting all CM10+ based ROMs (unordered list):
  • unable to reject calls on SU660 basebands fixed
  • low brightness after unlocking fixed
  • automatic time on SU660 and v30x basebands is broken fixed
  • wifi & 3g drain fixed (Kowalski Kernel)
  • notification lights aren't working fixed
  • zram is selected at 18% but isn't enabled fixed
  • init..rc contains some parameters interfering with the kernel configs fixed
  • bootanimation gets displayed "too long" fixed
  • CM10.1 Performance CPU settings aren't compatible with our Tegra CPU fixed
  • you can't bind the searchkey to actions like opening the recent app drawer fixed
  • FM radio isn't working fixed (see here)
  • In-Call muting fixed
  • Call forwarding fixed
  • autobrightness isn't working properly semi-fixed (kk120+ - kernel instead of ROM controlled, so you can't control it in the ROM, but via a sysfs)
  • Stock camera has some drawbacks (especially panorama & hdr) semi-fixed (by his or this ported LG Stock camera)

  • HDMI isn't usable not fixed
  • no signal after airplane mode bug (double press data or reboot to gain it back) not fixed

Changes and cherrypicks to the CM10.1 codebase:

Major Changes:
  • The codebase is CM10.1.0 RC4
  • fixed all the bugs above
  • incuded tiny non-neon gapps
  • Development settings enabled by default
  • Advanced reboot enabled by default
  • tonyp memory management added and enabled by default
    (you can turn it off at Settings - Performance - Memory management)
  • purgeable assets enabled by default
  • enabled Pie Controls
  • Vibrations lowered (no, you can't change it back easily)
  • removed the autobrightness configuration options
    (it's kernel controlled, you can't change it in the ROM!)
  • removed Videoeditor (and some LWPs)
  • added the awesome epic Kowalski kernel as prebuilt
    (including KowalskiManager, alsa mixer and tx power stuff)
  • added a ****ing epic easteregg

  • added more options to rebind the hardwarekey
  • added more options to the lockscreen longpress buttons
    (including screen off! save the power power button some presses!)
  • option to pull down the Quick Settings panel when there are no new notifications
  • added a notification drawer brightness slider
  • option to disable the CRT animation
  • Center Clock option
  • Text-only batterystyle
  • Quickmemo framework support
  • Option to disable the lockscreen Camera widget
  • Custom carrier text
  • Recents RAM bar
  • much much more - read the changelogs linked at the end of the next post

Plans for future builds:

Bugs fixes:
  • -

  • GCC 4.7 experiments

  • arcee and the CM team for all the work they did.
  • pengus77 for his awesome work at the kernel and new bootloader.
  • niko (Andrei E.) for his work on including the bluez stack into android.
  • marsgod for fixing the callbug on the old bootloader.
  • wkpark for the cracked ICS bootloader, the ramhack idea, and all is valid input.
  • goo.im, AndroidFileHost and vadonka for providing me great hosting services.
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5th May 2013, 02:52 PM |#3  
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I got a bug - can I report it?:
  1. If you want me to take the time to help and fix your bugs I expect you to take the time and do this properly!
  2. Quick check: Did you do a full wipe before installing build 01? If not you need to do that first!
  3. Check the known bugs section. If it's listed or mentioned there, drop it (and wait patiently if it'll get fixed eventually).
  4. Use the search function and try to find if others have been posted about it.
    You're only at the app and can't properly search within a thread?
    Then wait until you're at home and report the bug from there!
  5. Check the last 3 pages if the bug has been mentioned there.
  6. You still with me? All of this takes too much of your precious time?
    Then use another ROM!
  7. Still nothing? Then report the bug in this thread.
    Always attach logs to your bugreport!! Bug reports without logs will get ignored completely.
    Study this for more details: [Reference] How to get useful logs
    People who fail in doing this properly will get into the hall of shame.



By downloading and/or using this ROM you agree to the guidlines of this thread:
  1. Read and understand the entire OP!
    Yes, it takes a couple minutes - but what's that compared to the 2+ month I put into the ROM??
  2. Don't be a douchebag!
  3. Follow the rules!
If you agree click the button and download the ROM

  • This ROM already has tiny gapps included! That's a minimum gapps package (<20mb)
    I put a lot of effort into integrating the required apps and libs and tested it carefully.
    I choose this approach because of the many problems that the standard package causes to our non-neon Tegra2 phone.
    Included are only the most basic (g)apps like Playstore, Talk (with working videochat), Calendar sync provicer etc.
  • If you want to remove the included gapps flash this package after flashing the ROM:
  • For those of you who want the "full" gapps package including Google Now, TTS, Faceunlock, voice search etc. I worked on a full non-neon gapps package.
    Get it from this thread: Non-neon Gapps (Android 4.2) dev-discussion thread
  • Do NOT flash any other gapps package - they aren't compatible with our phone!
    If you accidently did that then format /system and reflash the ROM.
    This is necessary to prevent bugs like like the keyboard closing while typing.


  • kowalski kernel thread
    This ROM comes with the awesome kowalski kernel by pengus77.
    For new versions (which come regularly) check out his thread!



Updating to a newer T-Build::
  1. No wipes or system-format needed!
  2. Choose the correct ROM for your bootloader
  3. Flash the ROM
  4. Flash the latest kowalski kernel
  5. Tiny Gapps are included, so there's no need to flash gapps if those are enough for you.
    If you want the full gapps package use the non-neon one I provide here.
    If you want to remove gapps flash this package after flashing the ROM: CM10.1-gapps-remover-tonyp.zip
  6. Reboot

Coming from another ROM:
  1. If you're on the newbl either use pengus CWM or my TWRP!
    Other recoveries won't work.
    oldbl users can use any CWM >5 or TWRP version.
  2. Do a full wipe!
    Just do the wipe, you will be thankful afterwards when everything does run better.
  3. Format /system
  4. Choose the correct ROM for your bootloader
  5. Flash the ROM
  6. Flash the latest kowalski kernel
  7. Tiny Gapps are included, so there's no need to flash gapps if those are enough for you.
    If you want the full gapps package use the non-neon one I provide here.
    If you want to remove gapps flash this package after flashing the ROM: CM10.1-gapps-remover-tonyp.zip
  8. Reboot
  9. Don't restore system apps (like Settings) or system data (like Wifi data) with TitaniumBackup!
My personal recommended configuration:
  • Go to Settings - Performance - Processor and change the "Maximum CPU frequency" to 1200 (or even 1500) and "Set on Boot"
  • Open the KowalskiManager
    • enable the 3 power saving options at the top
    • lower TX Power to 11
    • Change the SD readaheads to 512
    • enable dynamic fsync
  • This ROM comes pre-configured with the following memory management changes:
    • zRAM enabled with 18%
    • tonyp memory management enabled
    • purgeable assets enabled
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5th May 2013, 02:53 PM |#4  
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Let me leave with a couple more notes:
  • This ROMs focus is stability! It's intention is to be a daily driver without the need to constantly flash new updates - that's why I kept you guys waiting that long and didn't release my daily testbuilds (more like 3 builds a day actually) which haven't been perfectly stable, yet.
    That's why I took CM10.1 M3 as a base and don't merge in nightly features - everything in this ROM should be well tested and fully working.
    I only picked memoryleak fix that's been discovered after M3.
  • I won't cherrypick each and every feature that's in some other ROM!
    If there's a real useful addition that I personally like I will do it, but the fancy stuff has to go into other ROMs.
  • You guys know me - I am mostly patient and don't mind slight offtopic posts.
    For completely offtopic posts you can use the CM 10.1 discussion thread.
  • ... but I hate people who are lazy and don't do their own research. I spent countless hours on this ROM, I think I can expect you to spent a little time before asking questions.
    I am not a vendor who's obligated to release a ROM for the phone - I am doing this in my free time for you and me.

    So please - don't behave like a total noob. Or [email protected] and I will have a busy fishlapping time
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5th May 2013, 03:19 PM |#5  
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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I swap the mounting points for internal SD card and external SD card?
If you're on the new bootloader, flash this script via Recovery (thanks, @C0D3N1N3R!). For those on the old bootloader, you need this one instead (thanks, @SWTR!).

Which gapps package should I use with this ROM?
Seriously? You haven't been paying attention, have you? Go read the posts above this one!

Which PDroid version should I use?
It's a matter of personal preference, actually. Try both and see which one fits your needs the best. Keep in mind that if you're switching between Openpdroid and PDroid 2.0 (or viceversa) you need to uninstall the app and re-flash the ROM first, or else this kitten will die and it'll be in your conscience forever! I'm serious!!

Just flashed this ROM via recovery and can't get past the boot logo, what's wrong?
Chances are that you're using the wrong Recovery. Try pengus' CMW v6.0.2.5 and flash the ROM again. If the problem persists, check that the ROM zip file isn't corrupted (see each build's md5 hash on tonyp's goo.im CM10.1 folder). If none of that helps, then you better get Tony some logs

How can I know which bootloader my device is using?
An easy way to indentify this is by seeing the bootloader logo that appears when you turn on your device: white -> old bootloader, pink -> new bootloader.

How can I set a custom DPI on this ROM?
You can either use the Google Play DPI Fix Tool, or Tony's personal recommendation: Xposed in combination with Xposed App Settings (link down, use this one or this one instead for now) (see reference by @rugglez).

Viber doesn't work on this ROM, I can't even make a call. What can I do?
According to what we have read, recent versions of Viber won't work on CM 10+ for our device. Apparently, the developers of the app were been notified about the issue and they might look into it soon. Worry not, my friend, since not everything is lost. According to @engine24, Viber version seems to be working alright. Make sure you uninstall your current version of Viber first before installing this one, though!

Battery drain is a bit too high, what's happening?
If you just flashed this ROM, please do one or two full battery charge cycles and see if it helps. Also, check on BetterBatteryStats for rogue apps keeping your device awake (and this is definitely worth a read!).

My screen goes bright before unlocking / after locking?
It's a known issue when using autobrightness. There's no fix for this at the moment.

My GPS takes ages to get a lock, how can I fix it?
Try the latest version available of the Google Specific No-SSL AGPS patch by @crypted. Unpack the gps.conf file and copy it into /system/etc/ using a root file explorer (set permissions to rw-r--r--). Optionally, you can add ro.ril.def.agps.mode = 1 to build.prop (find it in /system folder) but only if you're still having problems after applying the patch.
And, in case you're wondering, the answer is no: this patch won't be integrated into the ROM, so don't ask ... or will it?
Edit: that damn Tony added it to T-Build 3, so this is no longer necessary (unless he decides to drop it hehe)

Hardware Search key is not working!
Go to Settings > System > Hardware keys and make sure that Enable custom actions is checked. Also, change Search key action to In-app Search.

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5th May 2013, 03:19 PM |#6  
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Spoiler post :)
Well the title says it all

Spoiler nr1. here is a screenshot of battery life with this rom and KK121...
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2013-05-05-15-45-38.jpg
Views:	11970
Size:	30.9 KB
ID:	1947271  
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5th May 2013, 03:19 PM |#7  
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Yeah im already curious...........tout de meilleur frère

Waiting for upload to finish....merci
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5th May 2013, 03:23 PM |#8  
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Originally Posted by rmrajm1

Yeah im already curious...........tout de meilleur frère

Waiting for upload to finish....merci

Already finished, tony has great upload speed hehe
Loving the structure and text of the thread, though, same with the pictures

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5th May 2013, 03:27 PM |#9  
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Can:t w8!! Good job guys!!

Sent from my LG-P990 using xda premium
5th May 2013, 03:29 PM |#10  
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5th May 2013, 03:31 PM |#11  
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Thanks alot , well done .. will be testing it in moments
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