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[ROM]CyanMobile[Beta 4.0] [6-14-2013]

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By jlmancuso, Account currently disabled on 14th May 2013, 06:48 AM
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Welcome to the new age of Gingerbread!!
Gingerbread? WTF? Yes I know everyone wants ICS&JB but they have not had any of this kicka$$ gingerbread yet.

4g, HDMI, SMS/MMS, FFC, Flash media (streaming internet video), Every freature HTC offered with this phone works with this rom (even the kick stand. LOL!!)

I have been in my kitchen cooking up something special for yall OG users. Until now you had a difficult choice to make. Use gingerbread to have full function of your OG or use ICS/JB and have the looks but lose some features. Now this is not just another themed out gingerbread rom trying to be ICS/JB. This is a complete rework of GB with many features found in ICS/JB back ported. I did not create this rom but I did merge the source code with multiple OG device trees to get it working. The real credit goes to SquadZone!! These guys are awesome and have done a super job with this. So for everything that works thank them and for everything that is broken blame me.

So lets take care of the b.s. first. - Source I used to build from - Source used for kernel - My source of KAKA (not uploaded yet, still testing before releasing)

My kernel K.A.K.A. is still in the works. I just have not had time to get it finished yet.

Thanks to:
SquadZone - for an awesome source
Atyoung - for the best gb kernel
Evervolv - for being the best (oh and I stole some of my device tree from them)
CM - another awesome group (yes I stole some of my tree from them too)
B-boy - for most of the black and transparent apps (
Google - without I would never have been able to build this beast from source (by Google I am refering to the search engine mostly)
PlatinumPenguin - who donated his old 3vo to me (this will also be built as a tablet style rom later for him)
thedemonic - testing and repacking the boot.img for me (thanks a million!!!)
....more will be added later

Also always feel free to hit me up on google (plus+, talk, or old fashion email,

Beta 3.0 is out but it is not the grand enchilada I have planed. With all the small things acting up I have had to put the cool things to the side for the moment and focus on the core. I have been running this all day downloading, surfing, streaming music, video, playing with dropbox. So I think we are now ready to have enjoy this Beast of a Rom.

Install Instructions
1. Backup your current ROM
2. Download and flash current rom
3. Do not flash anything else (except kernels) If you flash any mods you will most likely have issues.
4. Reboot phone and wait. First boot takes a very long time and you may get a reboot right after the splash screen. This is normal no worries also the boot song will finish before the rom is done loading.
5. Go to Post 2 and setup your gps and a2sd if you want it.

Alsa Beats EQ & Audio FX widget -
Crossbreeder -
SONY BRAVIA 2 + audio effects maneger + SONY XLOUD -
Random Boot animations -
V6 supercharger - although I am still playing with settings I believe that V6 has slowed down the rom - removed from beta 4.0

For those who want to donate for the development of this rom I am sorry but I am no longer taking dontaions. If you feel like you must give I am providing a link to the Red Cross and would like for yall to give them whatever it is yall wanted to give to me. Mother Earth has come to take that which is her's and I like most others would like to give to those who really need it. Link below is for Red Cross donations. Again anything you felt like donating to me please send it to the Red Cross instead. I have given yall the link below and please help those who really need it.

If you donate to the Red Cross I will make sure yall get your name on the thanks list and I will put you on my beta tester list so you will not only help those who have faced natural disasters but you can help make this a better rom for everyone.

Lets keep this tread clean (free of non-development chatter)
I have created a thread for all the things you want to ask or need to know in General. Lets use it instead of this one. Please?
CyanMobile help, requests, and general info
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14th May 2013, 06:49 AM |#2  
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Change logs and Downloads
Change Logs

CyanMobile Beta 4.0
changes to mms source (hope this will fix no mms issue)
new tweaks - source based
all gapps are inverted and working !!!
removed V6 supercharger
removed transparent apps
CyanMobile will now be uploaded only to dev-host since has been having so many issues lately (sorry goo but have to have reliable download site)

CyanMobile Beta 3.0
Beta 3.0 is a fresh compile different from the testers
Modified source code (default settings and such)
Fixed some of the apps and replaced the ones I could not fix
Changed boot audio once again (who wants to guess what this will be?)
Added V6 supercharger (although it might be gone next release)
Sure the are other things but I have been pounding away for almost 24 hrs so I cant remember
Oh last thing do not update Talk to hangouts (it does not work on this rom yet)

CyanMobile Pre-Beta 3.0 Tester 4
Special Release
Since I have what looks to be a stable base I wanted to go ahead and let yall use it. This does not have the custom kernel or install script yet (been busy working Lol! So I have not finished the kernel. This release has 100% of the included apps working and so far I have had great feed back from my beta testing team. Thanks guys. All of the apps from 2.3 are still in 3.0 (transparent & inverted) with only a few changes to the versions. So far everything downloaded from the market works without any issues.

this audio should be 99% safe (nothing bad) yet might still give you a shock factor

Special Flashing Instructions

1. DO NOT!! flash any extra tweaks, or mods!! The can and most likely result in bootloops and will most likely require a complete wipe and reinstall of CyanMobile!!!

2. You can flash other GingerBread AOSP kernels. This could also have adverse effects. Like always this is just a warning if you flash it you might have to fix it. LOL..

3. THIS WILL WIPE everything but your sd-ext and sdcard. I always suggest wiping your sd-ext if you have problems with the first install. You made a backup right?

4. Flash Rom


6. Wait and enjoy your boot audio (first boot takes a very long time)

7. Please let the phone sit for a few mins before the first use this ROM has lots of things it only does on the first boot so as hard as it can be please, please, please wait. It will be worth it.

8. Now reboot phone and enjoy the wonders of GingerBread!! Who knew it could be so good?

9. Now for those who read all the instructions before doing something I have a treat for you.

10. Now go to follow the instructions I posted there to enable a2sd (yes a small part of my CyanMobile settings map, Now for sale as an app for only $19.99 Lol!!

CyanMobile Beta 2.3
No major changes except the boot.img
Should fix status 7 error

CyanMobile Beta 2.1, 2.2, &
Removed supercharger (maybe temp, maybe perm not sure yet)
Fixed random boot animations!! (there are now 10 different boot animations)
JB binary still not playing nice with this rom
Changed kernel to SBC-FSO version (was just SBC)
Added hdmi app
Removed market updater
Removed BMKG.apk (not sure what it was but it was not in english)
Legacy launcher added back (was included with souce although I like the adw launcher from the 3vo build better)
Added an ics style launcher
Added older RomToolBox (do not upgrade this version will let you backup and install app+data without buying the app)
Removed adfree (romtoolbox has a better version)
Changed boot audio (that other one was giving me a headache)
I will also be upload a zip with image files so if you get status 7 you can always flash these through bootloader (or if on hw004 they can be used through recovery)

CyanMobile Beta 2.1
Never released to public
I just listed it to fill in the gap

CyanMobile Beta 2
gapps are built in
Fixed Market
Added in a butt load of tweaks and apps
Main settings -- Additional system updates still not working (will remove on next build)

CyanMobile Beta 1
Original Release
Market does not work
Main settings -- Additional system updates (force closes)
nothing added (pure build, stock cm kernel)

As yall know is once again having some problems. So I have opened an account with Dev-Host so hopefully one of the links will work when you try them.



Beta 4.0
size 351.35 (trimmed the fat so to speak so it is now smaller than 3.0 )

Beta 3.0
Size: 419.10

Dry version (only gapps added)
Size:202.12 MB
MD5: 614bb7a5e53cbc9731cca9e9a1fd9e42

Pre-Beta 3.0 Tester 5
This still has Mason's G-series kernel (K.A.K.A. is not ready yet it is giving me $h!t LOL)
Size: 380.89
MD5: 818e7d83f8acb528524c1d16e85c3141 Dev-host mirror since is having issues

Beta 2.3
Size: 385.76
MD5: 1930c2604b0845236f5adc575483e58d

Size: 324.63
MD5: 2f109b7710e6f3d89af1e88259976

Beta 2.2
Size: 385.75
MD5: ed0e167923a633e1e90d3651f77f4c64

Beta 2.1
Never released to public

Beta 2
Size: 562.99
MD5: 4428e10ecdc6f774eb0a53dd86cadd14

Beta 1
Size: 106.81
MD5: 09519613dc2d872c9bfb70198be
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14th May 2013, 06:49 AM |#3  
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KAKA Kernel information and change log
KAKA is now available for your Og!!!

What is KAKA?
KAKA stands for Kick A$$ Kernel Aosp version. It is an updated and modified version of the Mason G series kernel.

What has been done to make it KAKA?
Well this is the first release and also my first kernel so it is a work in progress. I have added 3 governors and enabled SWAP.

What is in KAKA's future?
I plan on adding more features such as two way call recording, adding more IO schedulers, and bringing this up to the latest Linux kernel version.

So what governors have been added?
I have created/modified 3 of my own while also including other available governors. Here is a list of all the governors.


and my new ones


This kernel will be a match for the rom. More options than most users will know what to do with. For now it is only available with CyanMobile or from source if you want to compile it yourself. There is also plans for ICS and JB versions some time in the future.

So what are deathbysoap, diablo, and hipkat?
Well they are my tribute to 3 of our great XDA members and modified versions of existing governors. I have chosen each governor to reflect (somewhat) each member and then modified each one to make them better.

Death by Soap - is a modified version of intellidemand
Diablo - is a modified version of SmartAss2
HipKat - is a modified version of Conservative

Each one has been tweaked to give better performance and battery life. Specifics of the modifications will be provided later.

What I/O Schedulers will be available?


Change Logs

KAKA 1.0
First release!!!!

Download Links
Well no links yet Still testing and making changes. Also still have to update my github so that I am gpl compliant.

If all users would please start using this simple form located below it will make things easier for everyone. Hint: if you use the red color code already in the form it will make reading the bug/issue report easier for me and other users who might have similar issues. Thanks for all your feedback without it this rom could never improve.

Bug/issue Report Form Link:

1. Rom version - beta#

2. Kernel -stock

3. H-boot - 6.16.16

4. Recovery type - RA/twrp/cwm

5. Hardware type, radio, and baseband ( not required but can be helpful) - baseband

6. What happened (crash, reboot, boot loop, etc.) - system crash

7. What you were doing when it happened - trying out xda app

8. Does it happen every time or is it a random issue - everytime

9. If it is an app please list the app version and if the app was downloaded from the market or installed via other method - inverted xda app from xda website

10. Are you using a2sd? Which script? - Yes, the built in a2sd / DT's a2sd

11. If using a2sd please list sdcard partition specs - 16 gig class 10 Sandisk, 256 MB swap, 1.0 gig ext 4 sd-ext partition

12. Can you provide a logcat (a logcat app comes with the rom to make this part easier) - no logcat dont know how

13. Logcats should be loaded to pastebin or attached to your bug report post. - or attach to post and rename to (do not compress just change the extension because xda will only allow up to 512 KB text files)

13. Any tweaks, mods, or zips you flashed besides those I provided yall - no, no crossbreeder either yet.

14. Any other information you think might be important. - im a noob/just burned a bowl/just finished a 12 pack
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14th May 2013, 06:49 AM |#4  
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Nice... Kinda first.
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14th May 2013, 07:43 AM |#5  
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What you mean kinda first? Mine dont count. LOL! I pull two extras off the top to keep the OP clean and neat. Oh by the way for those who get the rubix cube just tap it and it will go away. Also random boot animations are not really setup yet it just has the ones for the nexus which is where I stole the script from. LOL! Well I guess stole is not the correct term since I gave credit. Swiper no swipe!!!!!!!!!!!
14th May 2013, 08:31 AM |#6  
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oh well. this was to be an edit of my change log but somehow became a post. not enough sleep and too much bud :P

Guess I should flash my zip since I have not tested it yet. This was pulled straight from my phone and zipped up and sent to the net before I even thought to test it. I sure hope it works.

Edit: Rom works but not like what I had in my phone. v6 freaked things up. Busybox is massive a su bianary is missing along with a couple of apps and mods. New upload this afternoon.
14th May 2013, 11:50 AM |#7  
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Kinda second....

Sent from my PC36100 using xda app-developers app
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14th May 2013, 12:42 PM |#8  
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Oh no, I'm at work and I can't try this out yet. Not to worry I will when I get home.
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14th May 2013, 01:58 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by jlmancuso

oh well. this was to be an edit of my change log but somehow became a post. not enough sleep and too much bud :P

Guess I should flash my zip since I have not tested it yet. This was pulled straight from my phone and zipped up and sent to the net before I even thought to test it. I sure hope it works.

Edit: Rom works but not like what I had in my phone. v6 freaked things up. Busybox is massive a su bianary is missing along with a couple of apps and mods. New upload this afternoon.

Yea V6 can be a bitch to work with sometimes,it definitely doesnt play well with other tweaks.Nice to see you finally got this going.
14th May 2013, 02:05 PM |#10  
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Piqued my curiosity on this one. Downloading now.

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14th May 2013, 02:28 PM |#11  
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Wow does this have a ton of options. I haven't seen a ROM this feature packed since MIUI. It also runs fast even in Boot Manager, which runs from the sd card. I can only imagine how fast it runs from the phone. Still exploring, but excellent job!

Sent from my PC36100 using Tapatalk 2
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