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Frequently Asked Questions - HTC One-(M7)-Sprint(m7wls)

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Frequently Asked Questions
HTC One-(M7)-Sprint(m7wls)

This a short list of frequently asked questions in this device forum and the answers often given as a response. It should serve as a starting point for gathering knowledge and finding solutions to many common problems. Please only post in this thread with feedback on how to improve this document. Do not post "Thank you" type responses. If you have additional questions or require more help, try to find an existing thread or create your own. Do not use this as a general help thread.

Q1: What's the difference between "Development" and "Original Development"?
Here are the rough guidelines as to what should be placed in "Original Development":
*Official release of highly original and upstream custom ROMs (built from the ground up with significant original development within them).
*Official releases/development of such original ROMs, perhaps posted by the maintainer or their nominated person.
*A significant "first" in development for a device. This is something which took considerable time/effort and is generally accepted by developers to be non-trivial.
*Kernels which are built with beneficial changes that are not simply pulled from other kernels already available.
*Tools and utilities with a clear purpose, and which are well-made, and useful to users. They should have an element of originality, either in purpose or through significant improvement in the means of operation.
*Significant port of a ROM from one device to another, giving enhanced features or functionality to the users of the target device.

All other development work goes into "Android Development".
Q2: I'm new to all this rooting and modding stuff where should I start?
[How to] Steps to shake the noob status.
Q3: How can I suggest more topics for this thread?
You can PM me your suggestions.
Please keep in mind, this is a FAQ and not to be confused with a Q&A
The only conversation in this thread should be suggestions for additional information to be added.
Anything else, please ask/discuss in the appropriate section
Q4: I'm having troubles submitting my Unlock token at HTC Dev what can I do?
[Guide][How to] Submit HTC Unlock Token I know what you are thinking...EVERYONE knows how to do this, Not true I can't tell you how many times I have gotten a PM asking for help that is why I created this thread.
Q5: How do I root my phone?
My Guide
wwjoshdew Videos:
How To Unlock the HTC One's Bootloader!
How To Root and Install Custom Recovery on the HTC One!

*NOTE* Always be sure to double check everything you read and follow the instructions carefully.
Q6: What recoveries are available for my phone?
TWRP Team Win Recovery Project
[RECOVERY]ClockworkMod Classic and Touch v6.0.3.1 Flyhalf205
[m7spr][CWM Advanced Edition] PhilZ Touch Thanks Phil3759 ** Note this is still untested PLEASE leave feedback in the Dev thread **
[RECOVERY] TWRP2 Touch Recovery Thanks tdhite
RootLinux Recovery Flasher ( Aroma multi select ) Thanks rootlinux
What Is TWRP Recovery & How To Install & Use It On Android Devices [Guide]
Q7: How can I enter bootloader mode & recovery mode?
To enter bootloader mode make sure your phone is turned off. Turn it back on while holding the 'volume down' button and you will successfully enter bootloader mode.
*NOTE* Before you enter bootloader mode your bootloader must be unlocked. Unlock your bootloader by following the first part of this thread.

To enter recovery mode, you will need to enter the bootloader (as detailed above) then use the 'volume down' button to navigate to 'RECOVERY'. Press the power button to confirm your choice. You'll now be booted into your custom recovery..
Q8: I hear a lot about ADB. What is it?
Find out everything you need to know by reading the following thread - ADB Workshop and Guide for everyone.
Also I would suggest downloading Android-SDK and check for updates regularly.
[TOOL] ADB, Fastboot and Drivers - 15 seconds ADB Installer. Thanks Snoop05
Q9: Am I required to backup my ROM before flashing anything else?
No you're not, but it is definitely a good idea because if you don't do a backup and then something goes wrong, it means that you'll lose all your apps, data etc. It just saves a lot of hassle..
Q10: How can I S-OFF my device?
[S-OFF] revone Thanks Team Revolutionary
[S-OFF] Moonshine S-OFF Thanks Fuses, beaups, and hyuh
Fixing some misconceptions about S-off Thanks Indirect
S-OFF explained - by a Developer Thank regaw_leinad
[how to] lock/unlock your bootloader without htcdev(s-off required) Thanks scotty1223
[s-off] rumrunner s-off Thanks beaups and fuses
Sunshine Thanks beaups and jcase
Do we really need S-OFF? Thanks mike1986 This is a good read
Q11: I have a custom recovery installed but I can't boot into it.
Use the command - fastboot erase cache.
You should now be able to boot into recovery.
Q12: I don't like Blinkfeed. Can I get rid of it?
Yes you can. The only way to get rid of it, at the moment, is to install a custom launcher such as Apex or Nova.
A developer might be able to get rid of it at some point, without needing a launcher, but they can't at the moment.

One thing you can do, however, is to change Blinkfeed to a different screen so that it's out of the way and you won't have to see it as soon as you hit the Home button.
To do this;
*On the Blinkfeed screen, click the 3 dot menu button and click Customizer home screen.
*Long press on one of the other screen and drag it to where it says Set As Home.
It's as simple as that!
Q13: How can I change my PRL?
[On The Fly PRL Change]PRL Changes Without a PC
Firstly you must be on a sense rom that supports EPST
1.Extract the and place the prl you have chosen on your sd card,PRL zips found HERE Thanks digiblur
2.Enter ##778# in the dialer and choose edit. Enter MSL and choose prl.
3.Select update prl and select the chosen prl from your sd card.
4.Select menu in the upper right corner and commit modifications.
5.Epst will reboot the device and the prl should be applied.
6.It is always a good idea to update your profile after a prl change.

**Note** There is a 300mb data cap and other minute based roaming caps with Sprint. Myself or this website are not responsible if you break your terms of service and get your contract terminated. Discussions about how to get your contract terminated using these Sprint and non-Sprint prls will not be tolerated and will be deleted. If Verizon/uscc works for you and Sprint's service does not, then you need purchase Verizon/uscc service.
Q14: How can I remove unwanted bloat?
ROM Cleaner Thanks Patrics83.
Q15: Why do some of my files disappear after flashing a 4.2.2 rom?

Flashing an 4.2.2 rom and file structure issue. Thanks smatherlee
Downgrading 4.2.2 AOSP to 4.1.2 Sense Thanks imneveral0ne
Q16: Opppps I just wiped my internal storage in TWRP everything is gone what can I do?
For those of you deleting internal data in TWRP. Thanks youkosnake
[HOW TO] ADB Sideload to Upgrade from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 or if you Wipe Internal Storage Thanks bdorr1105
You can use this [TOOL]smw6180 Superwipe Thanks smw6180
When in TWRP choose Wipe then Advanced Wipe and make sure Dalvik Cache/Cache/Data/System are selected.
Q17: I need to return my device back to stock where can I find an RUU?
[RUU] Sprint HTC One | 1.29.651.10 | Encrypted | Decrypted | Stock Rooted ROM. Thanks -viperboy- and OMJ
[RUU] Sprint HTC One | 3.04.651.2 | Encrypted | Decrypted | Stock Rooted ROM Thanks OMJ and -viperboy-
[RUU][ROM][STOCK]Sprint One Stock 3.05.651.5 Rooted | Deodexed Thanks OMJ
4.06.651.4 RUU Thanks OMJ and -viperboy-
[How-to][ruu] flash to factory Thanks 18th.abn
[TOOL] | One-Click Unroot | S-ON | HTCDEV Relock | Stock Recovery | Thanks halfcab123
Stock ROM Reset | 1.31.651.2 + 1.29.651.10 | Stock Recovery Included Thanks crushalot

wwjoshdew Videos:
How To Unroot and Flash your HTC One Stock!
Q18: My phone locked up and won't boot what can I do?
If you hold your phone over/under a bright light while holding down the power key or power/volume key it will then work. Thanks smatherlee for finding this in the International fora
Q19: I need to run Linux but I have no clue where to start what can I do?
Linux Help Thread. Thanks jamiethemorris
[Guide]Learn Linux Terminal for all users Thanks HTC_M7
Q20: How can I remove the Red Developer Warning after I unlock and flash a custom recovery?
RegawMOD Bootloader Customizer | Full Application. Thanks regaw_leinad, eg1122 and the others that contributed.
Custom Hboot Thanks rootlinux
[MOD] Remove Red Text on Splash screen | hboots | m7wls Thanks santod040
Q21: How can I install HTC drivers on Win8 for adb/fastboot?
[GUIDE][HOWTO] Installing HTC drivers on Win8 for adb/fastboot Thanks Hippie459MN
Q22: Can I flash roms from the HTC One International forums?
Go here to find a list of compatible International roms for this device.
List of Sense 5.0/5.5 Android 4.3 & 4.4.2 ROMs, Kernels, ect. for the Sprint HTC One Thanks nickmilla15

If you happen to flash a GMS rom on your Sprint CMDA device follow the guide below
[Tutorial][Rescue]Sprint HTC One users that flash GSM roms on their CDMA devices.
Q23: Why do I get a colored tint to my pictures when they are taken in a dark area?
Here is a member suggestion to fix this problem
Turn the ISO to 100. Thanks sauprankul for the suggestion
Q24: How can I update my firmware without re-locking my bootloader and taking the OTA?
[ROM][STOCK]Sprint One Stock 1.31.651.2 Rooted / Deodexed / Unrooted / Firmware. Thanks Indirect
Q25: How can I Sim Unlock my Sprint HTC One?
Sprint sim unlock. Thanks thatotherguy
[APP][v1.1]Sprint HTC One SIM Unlock Helper Thanks -viperboy-
Q26: How can I get a logcat to report problems to a Dev?
[Utility][WIN] AIO logcat manager. Thanks majdinj
[UNIVERSAL][LOGCAT]How to get & read a logcat/ Troubleshoot your own issues! Thanks Stryke_the_Orc
Q27: Where can I find the latest HTC Drivers?
[DRIVERS] Latest HTC Drivers [] Thanks CNexus
[ADB/FB/APX Driver] Universal Naked Driver 0.72 (We dont need no stinking HTC Sync) Thanks 1wayjonny
Universal Windows ADB Driver Thanks Koush I have heard these work with Win 8.1
If you are running Winows 8.1 you will need to update your hboot to 1.55 so your PC will recognize your phone in fastboot if you are S-OFF I would suggest flashing the RumRunner hboot it will update your hboot and you should be golden.
If you are S-ON you will have to flash the 3.04.651.2 Full Firmware or the 3.05.651.5 Full Unmodified Firmware (follow the instructions in the threads.) NOTE you will have to re-lock your bootloader to flash the firmware if you are S-ON. Thanks letmeputdatipin for confirming it works
Device not recognized?
On your PC go to device manager and find your phone(usually M7WLS), right click and select properties
Select the driver tab
Select update driver
Select browse my comp
Let me pick
Look for ADB USB device or similar should be one of the first couple choices
Select MyHTC install and you should be good
This FAQ is part of a Recognized Contributor Group Initiative. Please look for a similar FAQ thread when visiting another device forum.
A special thanks to everyone who contributed to the production of this FAQ
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14th May 2013, 08:33 AM |#2  
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This is not a Q&A thread please post ALL questions HERE
14th May 2013, 02:07 PM |#3  
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Bigdaddy, you should add how to do prl changes

Sent from my HTCONE using Tapatalk 2
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17th May 2013, 02:42 PM |#4  
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Htc updates while rooted.
How can I install my HTC updates while rooted with twerp? Do I have to unroot?
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17th May 2013, 09:59 PM |#5  
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Originally Posted by evoshift617

How can I install my HTC updates while rooted with twerp? Do I have to unroot?

Check back later
27th May 2013, 10:45 AM |#6  
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whats the hardware difference of sprint one vs att/tmobile/unlocked?
27th May 2013, 11:03 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by -=knop=-

whats the hardware difference of sprint one vs att/tmobile/unlocked?

TBH I have no clue but I found this searching Google.
27th May 2013, 11:54 AM |#8  
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Originally Posted by bigdaddy619

TBH I have no clue but I found this searching Google.

why then sprint device is cheaper on ebay?
29th May 2013, 06:29 PM |#9  
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Is it a most that i do a full wipe b4 installing the rom? And do they mean factory reset by full wipe or just the cache and dalvik cache?

sent from my beastly HTC one using xda developers app.
29th May 2013, 06:37 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by evoshift617

Is it a most that i do a full wipe b4 installing the rom? And do they mean factory reset by full wipe or just the cache and dalvik cache?

sent from my beastly HTC one using xda developers app.

If you are coming from a different rom it is always a good idea to do a fresh install. In Twrp choose Wipe/Advance wipe/make sure Dalvik cache/cache/data and system are marked or use the superwipe attached below just flash this from twrp just like flashing a rom
Attached Files
File Type: zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.15 MB, 163 views)
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31st May 2013, 01:00 PM |#11  
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@BigDaddy may want to consider putting up FAQ with the SDcard0 AOSP rom and TWRP. I was going to start one as more and more post are popping up, but you started this post already and would/should be the place to get all information. I can help if need be as I have gone through it so far 5 times (back and forth between 4.2.1 and 4.2.2.) I haven't nailed down the best method yet, other than backing your SD card before flashing a 4.2.2 but I did pull the following info from the TWRP FAQ's that you can link to if you decided to add it to the Op.
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