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[ROM] [TeaM VeNuM] The Blu Kuban S4 MDL 7-21-13 (Odexed\Kuban Updater\KT Kernel)

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By rujelus22, Inactive Recognized Developer on 21st May 2013, 06:37 AM
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About the ROM

You may think this is just another TW blue-themed ROM but there is so much more that goes into making it Kuban. This ROM is built to be a daily driver; stable, fast, and free of bloat. But, more importantly, the development that exists is what makes this ROM very customizable. Using the original Kuban Updater allows quick installs of ROM updates, mods, kernels, apps and more. It notifies you of upgrades, and ROM releases as they become available.

The Blu Kuban is VERY STRIPPED. I prefer to allow others to add in programs they want instead of having a bunch of apps that only a few people are interested in. However, in the Add-Ons section of the Kuban Updater there will be the stock apps that were removed and additional apps that are themed to match the ROM.

I am always up for new ideas for the ROM so if you have an idea or would like to see something added to the updater feel free to ask for it. I will always try my hardest to get everything in the updater that people want.

Key Notes
  • Uses the KT kernel as the default kernel. Get more info on the kernel here and remember to thank ktoonsez for the great kernel
  • This ROM is Odexed. This means that you can not flash deodexed mods on this ROM. Most if not all mods will be available for this ROM in the Kuban Updater. If there is a mod that is not available that you would like to see, feel free to ask for a mod.
  • This ROM is MDL based. This does not mean if you flash it you will get the MDL modem and firmware. If you want those you will need to do the Sprint update and Root the phone again. Great instructions for this can be found here.
  • There are a lot of themed apps in this ROM. If an app updates and you can not update it from the market, this is the reason. These apps will be kept up to date in the themed apps section of the updater.
  • This ROM is very heavily themed. If you see any issues with the theme, such as black on black menus. Let me know and I will try to fix any issues that may exist.
  • The updater will only be able to auto flash on TWRP and CW based Recoveries. You can manually flash any mods on other recoveries.
  • The ROM is using the Crossbreader Mod. Please check here if you have any issues.
  • If you have any issues, more information is better. It is not helpful to say it did not work but not provide any details.
  • Please read before asking a question. There is a good chance it has been asked before.


Use my ROM at your own risk. I am not responsible if you break your phone. Always do a NAND backup or other backup, and READ. (unless you like losing your data or breaking your phone).

  1. Boot to recovery
  2. Make an NAND Backup
  3. Wipe the phone
  4. Flash the ROM
  5. Boot the phone
  6. Enjoy!!


The MD5 of the ROM is provided to insure you get a good download of the ROM. Use an MD5 Checker to get the MD5 of your download. Make sure it matches the number here before flashing it. If it does not match then you got a bad download.

Version Mirror
MD5: 45FF53D31328FE25BB8FC2BAE6A25ED8

This version updates a lot. A full Wipe and re-install is advised. to Update
MD5: 89B50CC79A3A64C0033E9C2DAD6542DE

Older Versions

Version Mirror
MD5: FB9335D2EEB20F1694145D0F21AB24B3 to Update
MD5: 5D13113F676A3D051E64A2AF943237D6

Version Mirror
MD5: 2F4E039D932D822FCB4CDEF8443EF1C2 to Update
MD5: 09D547ED74A81FDE55027B0179E0934A

Version Mirror
MD5: A8B569CD4F28C20668A19EF85097AD42

Public Beta 2
Public Beta 2 Mirror

Public Beta 1
MD5: 2717d2ae670ce26fa0684420d17fef3a

Thanks to all the testers, Team VeNuM, crawrj (HotSpot Mod, Stock ROM), ktoonsez (Kernel), Unknownforce(4-1 Power),idcrisis (Crossbreader Mod), and anyone who has donated to keep The Blu Kuban alive.
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21st May 2013, 06:38 AM |#2  
rujelus22's Avatar
OP Inactive Recognized Developer
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Rom Issues
  • Unknown Sources is checked by default but not actually checked. uncheck it then recheck it to have it work.
  • When setting up an email the name account screen has all black text.
  • Numbers that are typed in a call can not be seen
  • ## Codes do not work
  • Google Wallet does not work
  • Adding an attachment through email has black text Fixed in
  • Hard-to-see menu in contacts, under menu, Contacts to Display, Customized list (settings), then drop down Fixed in
  • Fonts in the Updater do not work Fixed in
  • Clicking the date chooser in contacts will make it FC

Change Logs
  • Fixed an issue on "open with" popups on ES File
  • Fixed 99% of black on black in light themed apps
  • Disabled some debugging
  • Fixed an issue with Sqlite3
  • Added a bunch of new items in the updater
  • Added Crossbreader Mod
  • Added CRT off animation. (Can be removed through the updater)
  • Fixed Mms Widget
  • Fixed Email Widget
  • Fixed Gmail icon size
  • Changed some default options
  • Updated to the newest KT Kernel
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated the maint init script to remove some temp files
  • Updated to the new Google Maps
  • Updated Chrome
  • Updated Google Settings
  • Updated Google Music
  • Updated Google Plus
  • Updated Google Settings
  • Updated Google Market
  • Updated Talkback
  • Updated Viper4Android
  • Updated The Kuban Updater
  • Updated Multi Window
  • Enabled all stock apps by default in multiwindow
  • New KT Kernel
  • Updated Google Music
  • Updated Google Plus
  • Updated Google Search
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated Viper4Android
  • All Fonts in the updater work
  • Fixed a theme issue in contacts
  • Fixed a theme issue in Email
  • New KT Kernel
  • Init.d support and tweaks
  • Boot Animation zips supported
  • Updated Gmail
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated Hangout
  • Updated YouTube
  • When image battery is shown the charging animations will now play on that image as well
  • New Stock Bootanimation
  • Odexed
  • Using the KT kernel by default -
  • Now has the Kuban Updater (Not all mods available yet - More to come)
  • ## codes working
  • Google Wallet is working
  • Updated all apps to the most current versions
  • More misc. theming done

  • Down to 760MB
  • Fixed black menus in light themed apps
  • Added animated pull down
  • Themed Email a bunch more
  • Misc theme fixes
  • Disabled Full Charge screen on
  • Fix dialer on call numbers
  • Themed hover popups
  • Landscape edit text inverted
  • Removed Sprint text on lock screen
  • More I am sure I am forgetting

  • Stripped down to 783MB from stock 1.5GB
  • Removed screen on with power connect
  • Removed Clock from the status bar
  • Added a battery bar and removed the stock battery
  • Force GPU
  • Removed startup\shutdown sounds
  • Removed 100% battery notification
  • 4-1 Power menu added (Thanks Unknownforce)
  • Hotspot mod (Thanks crawrj)
  • Removed keyboard notification
  • Removed Sprint Boot Animation
  • Removed Kies
  • Removed Samsung Connect
  • Added build.prop tweaks
  • Added Viper4Android Sound Mod (Access settings through Google Music or Sound Settings)
  • Added multi window manager to Display Settings (Allows any app to be added to the multi window list)
  • USB Debugging enabled
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21st May 2013, 06:38 AM |#3  
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OP Inactive Recognized Developer
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Thanks Meter: 8,368
About The Kuban Updater

The updater can also do much more than just install mods, it allows for getting updates of the ROM. Managing installed applications (Including uninstalling system apps). You can also run any of the included scripts, view the ROMs change log, and get information about the phone.

Mods available through the Updater

Many More Coming!!
  • General Mods
    1. Stock Animations (Stock Setup)
    2. Alternate Animations (Thanks to tattooboy for pointing these out and to CPA Poke for the animations.
    3. Disable Increasing Ringtone
    4. Enabled Increasing Ringtone (Stock Blu Kuban)
    5. Enable\Disable CRT off animation
    6. Enable\Disable Landscape Lock Screen (
    7. Enable\Disable IME Switcher (

  • Lock Mods ( and up)

    All Locks where made by kr3g3rs
    1. Lock Rings Blu Kuban Blue
    2. Lock Rings Blue
    3. Lock Rings White
    4. Lock Rings Green
    5. Lock Rings Red
    6. Lightning Unlock
    7. Lightning Unlock White
    8. Flame Unlock Blue
    9. Flame Unlock

  • Battery Mods
    1. Blue Battery Bar (Stock Setup)
    2. Red Battery Bar
    3. White Battery Bar
    4. Stock Android Image Battery
    5. Circle Battery
    6. Number Image Battery

  • Statusbar Mods
    1. Battery Bar (Stock Setup)
    2. Image Battery
    3. Both Batteries
    4. Center Clock with all different configuration of batteries
    5. Clock with all different configuration of batteries
    6. Winking Android guy pull down - Left and Right versions
    7. Galaxy S4 pull down
    8. Lines pull down
    9. Blank pull down
    10. Default Blu Kuban Status Bar
    11. Transparent Status Bar
    12. Flat Black Status Bar
    13. Carbon fiber Status Bar

  • Boot Animations ( and up)
    1. Android 4.3
    2. AeNomoly
    3. Alice
    4. Android Laser
    5. Android Particles
    6. Android Particles Blue
    7. Andromeda
    8. Blue Havoc
    9. Blue Hole
    10. Blue Lines (Stock Blu Kuban)
    11. Blue Wave
    12. Bokeh Loop
    13. Bubbles
    14. Final HavocII
    15. Fractal Clock
    16. Gear Clock
    17. Hairy Havoc
    18. ICSN Prime
    19. Liquid Havoc
    20. Liquid HavocII
    21. Molecule
    22. Pyral
    23. Resonance
    24. SpeedoII
    25. Warp Vortex

  • Launchers
    1. ADW Launcher (Stock Setup)
    2. Apex Launcher as Stock Launcher (
    3. Apex Launcher as Second Launcher (
    4. Stock TW Launcher

  • Add-Ons
    1. Accuweather Widget
    2. Clock Package
    3. Alarm Widget
    4. Digital Clock Widget
    5. Digital Clock Widget 2
    6. Dual Digital Clock Widget
    7. Video Player
    8. Samsung Browser
    9. Samsung Keyboard
    10. TW Music Player
    11. CM Mms
    12. Google Drive
    13. Google Voice
    14. Google Translate
    15. Twitter
    16. S Health

  • Themed Apps
    1. ES File Explorer
    2. Google Chrome
    3. Gmail
    4. Google Settings
    5. Hangout
    6. Google Maps
    7. Market
    8. Google Music
    9. Google Search
    10. Super SU
    11. Terminal Emulator
    12. YouTube
    13. Multi Window Manager

  • Team Blackout Apps
    1. Copy
    2. Box
    3. Keep
    4. Google Books
    5. Amazon
    6. Ebay
    7. CraigsList
    8. Facebook
    9. LinkedIn
    10. Flipboard
    11. Pandora
    12. Instagram
    13. Wordpress
    14. Pinterest
    15. WhatsApp

  • Fonts
    1. Akzidenz Grotesk Regular
    2. Antipasto
    3. Arch Rival
    4. Arial
    5. Arial Narrow
    6. ARTechni
    7. Avenir LT65 Medium
    8. Bauhaus LT Medium
    9. Bellerose
    10. Bimini Bold
    11. Capsuula
    12. Caviar Dreams Bold
    13. Celeste Hand
    14. Century Gothic
    15. Champagne And Limousines
    16. Champagne And Limousines Bold
    17. Chinacat Thin
    18. Chococooky
    19. Cleanvertising
    20. Cocon Light
    21. Coconut Medium
    22. Comfortaa
    23. Comfortaa Bold
    24. Comfortaa BoldBigger
    25. Comic Book Commando
    26. Contemporary Brush
    27. Coolvetica
    28. CRYSIS
    29. Cyclo
    30. Dekers
    31. Europe Underground Bold
    32. Final Frontier
    33. Fontastique
    34. Frutiger LTStd45 Bold
    35. Frutiger LTStd Roman
    36. Futura LT Medium
    37. Gabrielle
    38. Garamond Premiere Pro Semi bold
    39. Geosans Light
    40. Gill Sans MT
    41. Gosmick Sans
    42. Greek
    43. Hattori Hanzo
    44. Helvetica Neue CE55 Roman
    45. Helvetica Neue LTStd MdCn
    46. Helvetica Neue S
    47. ITC Avant Garde Gothic LT Medium
    48. Jolly
    49. Kalos Sans
    50. Lakeshore Drive
    51. Lucida Fax
    52. Maven Pro
    53. Minion Web Pro
    54. Museo Sans
    55. Myriad Pro Semibold
    56. Myriad Web Pro
    57. Nautik
    58. Neon 80s
    59. Neutra Text Alt
    60. Nokia Pure
    61. Opificio
    62. PR Viking
    63. Qarmic Sans
    64. Qlassik
    65. Quicksand Book
    66. Register Sans BTNDm
    67. Roboto
    68. Sansation Regular
    69. Saturn Plus
    70. Segoe WP
    71. SS Fabuket
    72. Storopia
    73. SweetConfusion
    74. Tahoma
    75. TitilliumText
    76. Ubuntu
    77. Ubuntu Titling Bold
    78. Veggie Burger
    79. Walkway Bold
    80. Zekton

  • Kernels
    1. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 07-24-2013
    2. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 07-15-2013
    3. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 07-11-2013
    4. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 07-07-2013
    5. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 07-02-2013
    6. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 06-23-2013
    7. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 06-17-2013
    8. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 06-10-2013
    9. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 06-06-2013
    10. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 05-30-2013
    11. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 05-27-2013
    12. KT-SGS4 - MDM - 05-22-2013
    13. Agat GS4 V0.4.0
    14. Agat GS4 V0.3.3
    15. Agat GS4 V0.3.0
    16. Agat GS4 V0.2.1
    17. Agat GS4 V0.2.0
    18. Faux123 007 MDX U
    19. Faux123 007 MDX M
    20. Faux123 006 MDX U
    21. Faux123 006 MDX M
    22. Faux123 003 U
    23. Faux123 003 M

  • Stock
    1. Full ROM
    2. ROM Update
    3. Stock Blu Kuban Status Bar
    4. Stock Blu Kuban framework files

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21st May 2013, 06:44 AM |#4  
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Can't wait to try this.... Thanks for your hard work!

Sent from my SPH-L720 using xda premium
21st May 2013, 06:46 AM |#5  
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Oh s***, here.. we.... go!
21st May 2013, 06:56 AM |#6  
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Is the stock calendar removed from this???

Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 2
21st May 2013, 07:17 AM |#7  
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Originally Posted by Cloaker

Is the stock calendar removed from this???

Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk 2

No the stock calendar is in there just themed.
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21st May 2013, 07:18 AM |#8  
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You guys are awesome. Thank you for your work!

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21st May 2013, 07:24 AM |#9  
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Great work man! Excited for the things to come!
21st May 2013, 07:41 AM |#10  
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Niiiiiiiiiiice good to see u over here Ruj looking forward to this :thumbup:

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21st May 2013, 07:42 AM |#11  
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woot! !
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