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[KERNEL][ATT][AOSP/TW/GE - 5.0/4.4/4.3/4.2][02/06/2015] KT-SGS4 - NAE - KTweaker

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By ktoonsez, Inactive Recognized Developer on 23rd May 2013, 06:33 PM
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Ktoonsez presents:


KT-SGS4 Jellybean kernel features
Must have a Touchwiz Rooted ROM
Must have CWM or other custom recovery installed
•Linux kernel 3.4.106
•Samsung open source
•Optimized kernel configuration
•Updated USB driver
•unsecure root adb
•Voltage interface
•CPU Overclocking
•CPU Underclocking
•Boots on stock table (USE KTweaker app to enable OC steps all the way to 2322 Mhz. BE AWARE THAT I WAS VERY CONSERVATIVE ON THE LOW SIDE OF THE OC STEPS, SO THEY WILL NEED SOME TWEAKING!)
KTweaker app for kernel control
KTweaker Widget
•GOVERNORS (ktoonservativeq, intellidemand, msm-dcvs, wheatley, userspace, smartassh3, slp, powersave, pegasuq, nightmare, interactive, dancedance, conservative, badass, asswax, adaptive, abyssplug, performance, ondemand
•exFAT for Touchwiz and AOSP
•F2FS compatible with AOSP 4.4

Canadian users, DO NOT FLASH the kernel from this thread, flash the TMO version from the thread linked below:


AOSP Lollipop 5.0 VERSION:



Google Edition KITKAT 4.4 VERSION:

Touchwiz Kitkat 4.4 VERSION:
To make wifi work when it wont turn on or connect, change this in the build.prop: TO

******* END OF LIFE *******



Google Edition JELLYBEAN 4.3 VERSION:




KTweaker Shop and previous versions can be seen here (thanks to LuigiBull23):

Always do the following AFTER installing the kernel:
1. Clear cache
2. Clear dalvik
3. Fix Permissions

If you get this message after booting up the kernel:
"The device has detected an application attempting ..."
Go to the "/system/app/" folder and delete the files that begin with "knox"

Post #2 will be reserved for change logs

Post #3 will be reserved for MY Settings, Extras and FAQ's

Sources can be found here:
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23rd May 2013, 06:34 PM |#2  
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Change Log 12.09.2014
1. Sync with CM code changes
2. Sync ramdisk updates in CM-12
3. Add back in f2fs support for AOSP 4.4 kernel

Change Log 11.30.2014
1. After hundreds of hours I finally gave up porting to new code so I had to start all over again.
2. Everything works except the Screen wake functions!!!!!!!
3. Sync with CM-11
4. Sync with CM-12
5. Enjoy
6. Unified the code so everybody willl use the INTL version
7. Thanks to all that were patient while I worked a million hours for work and good-bye to all the whiner/haters that said I abandoned this, you are now allowed to download this .

Change Log 07.12.2014
1. Linux 3.4.95.
2. Linux 3.4.96.
3. Linux 3.4.97.
4. Linux 3.4.98.
5. Modified KTMonitor to fit better with wider fonts.
6. New ktoonservativeq parameter named "cpu_load_adder_at_max_gpu"!!!!!!!!!!!! This is an awesome parameter you can use to boost your CPU while the GPU is at max level. Example: if you set cpu_load_adder_at_max_gpu = 30 and while playing a game and your GPU is at max Mhz, the CPU load is only 22%, this parameter will add the 30 thus making the CPU load a 52% which will bring up the Mhz and more cores according to your settings.
7. 4.3 kernels are now moved into ******* END OF LIFE ******* section

Change Log 06.19.2014
1. Linux 3.4.93.
2. Linux 3.4.94.
3. Couple KTweaker patches.
4. Updated compiler misc stuff.

Change Log 06.09.2014
1. Linux 3.4.92.
2. Merged in latest CM commits.
3. Ramdisk updates for AOSP.
4. 4.4.3 miscelanious stuff.
5. Fix IR for GE ROMs.
6. Merge in some more 4.4.3 stuff for GE.
7. Ktweaker update: AUTO HOTPLUG OPTION IS NOW A LIST SELECTION INSTEAD OF CHECK BOX, MAKE SURE YOU GO AND SET IT TO THE PROPER VALUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if you used to have the checkbox off, select "Disabled", if you had it checked, select "KT Auto Hotplug"

Change Log 05.28.2014
1. Linux 3.4.90
2. Linux 3.4.91
3. Upgraded to latest Linaro
4. Merged in the 1 commit from CM

Change Log 05.14.2014
1. KTweaker 7.1 (this is just an update for my S3 guys, nothing new for S4)
2. sched: set mc_power_savings=2 this feature packs tasks together and try to bind them to cpu0, which in theory will let cpu1 idle longer, thus improving battery life.
3. kernel:sched: LOAD_FREQ (4*HZ+61) avoids loadavg Moire
4. smp: patches from mainline 3.5 to hopefully help with hotplug efficiency
5. Linux 3.4.89

Change Log 05.05.2014
1. Mostly a TWRP update on todays release
2. Modified TWRP to do ext4 or F2FS on the fly based on "Settings" screen to reduce problems, no more need for flashing format zips like before, and no more rebooting in and out of recovery.
3. When you change the "Settings" you will notice that the name at the top will change according to your settings. EXT4 for ext4 formatting, F2FS for F2FS on data and cache, and F2FS+S for data, cache, and system.
4. Under "Settings" screen in TWRP you will see a new option called "Force data and cache wipe functions to use F2FS". When checked it will force wipes on the cache and data partitions to format it F2FS, unchecked forces to ext4.
5. Under "Settings" screen in TWRP you will see a new option called "Include system partition." When checked it will force wipes on system partitions to format it F2FS, unchecked forces to ext4.
6. KTweaker: New option under "Tools" screen called "Get Partition info" so you can check the format of the 3 partitions.
7. Since I made the new TWRP, I modified the ramdisk back to my original testing code to load the partitions based on there format. Since it does this, you will have to use KTweaker now to verify if you did indeed format everything properly using the new option from #6 above.
8. Link to newest TWRP-ALL-IN-1:
9. Link to newest F2FS folder (updated instructions in the folder, moved all the old stuff to the "OLD WAY" folder):

Change Log 04.28.2014
1. Linux 3.4.88
2. Now compiling with Linaro 4.9.1 a-15 optimized from @Christopher83
3. Updated kernel flash routine to detect F2FS partitions and include the appropriate fstab so it works with /data and /cache or /data and /cache and /system
4. Updated KT-TWRP.F2FS and KT-TWRP.EXT4 to have one common recovery binary, during flash uses same algorythm as kernel flash zip to use the proper fstab.
5. KTweaker 7.0
6. Under "Tools" screen added "F2FS: Convert ROM ZIP option". To use it, click that option, it opens a KT File Explorer, navigate to the folder where your zip files is, click the ROM zip file that needs converting and it will create a second file with the same exact name except adds a -F2FS to the end. A little hint, instead of using the back button once you are done converting, press the menu button and select close and KTweaker will remember that folder and take you right back the next time you go back in. It takes around 1:45 to do it my phone running ktoonsified v6, other profiles may take longer and if you are converting from external SD it may take longer depending on the quality of your SD.
7. TWRP for normal EXT4 format link is here
8. TWRP for F2FS format link is here

Change Log 04.19.2014
1. ktoonservativeq: Optimized new block_cycle code that was causing slow issues for some
2. Updated Ktoonserified v6, so be sure to redownload it to work with todays kernel
3. Updated KTGaming profi.e, so be sure to redownload it to work with todays kernel
4. Probably the fastest version of ktoonservativeq to date
5. Guys on 04.18 test kernel from yesterday, there is no change but might as well update so you are the newest dated file.
6. KTweaker 6.9
7. KTweaker: Added new sub screen when picking ktoonservativeq "Gov Adjustments" screen to give you the choice to show "All Parameters", "ONLY Screen ON parameters", "ONLY Screen OFF parameters" to make it easier to see only the parameters you want to see. Thanks @elesbb for the idea
8. Linux 3.4.87.
9. I was unable to reproduce the inability to download scripts, but I made a change and 2 people have told me it doesnt do that anymore with 6.9 so I think I got it fixed.
10. Updated TWRP for normal EXT4 format with 20 upstream updates and updated curtain image thanks to @9Lukas5, link is here
11. Updated TWRP for normal F2FS format with 20 upstream updates and updated curtain image thanks to @9Lukas5, link is here

Change Log 04.17.2014
1. Ktoonsez CRAZY BIRTHDAY EDITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. KTweaker 6.8
3. Made Fast Charge Widget size based on left side alignment so people that want a 1x1 widget of FC can do that (by request from someone)
4. 20+ new parameteres for Ktoonservativeq. I went a little crazy with it but you are going to love it!!!!!!!!!!!
5. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!! All the rest of these are going to require you to check and maybe set some of your ktoonservativeq governor settings from scratch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did the best I can at converting them to the new names but can account for every old version of the Profile files. So write down your settings before flashing so you can manually set them up with the new names.
6. Ktoonservativeq: Renamed all up_threshold and down_threshold items to have a version for screen on and off. So all 8 items turned into 16 items no so you have total control for screen on and seperate control for screen off.
7. Ktoonservativeq: Changed all parameters that said hotplugging into hotplug to shorten the names.
8. Ktoonservativeq: Rename all the block parameters to more commonized names. New item names are as follows. block_cycles_online = blocking cycles before letting a CPU come online. block_cycles_offline = blocking cycles before letting a CPU go offline. block_cycles_raise = blocking cycles before letting the CPU raise the Mhz.
9. Ktoonservativeq: All of the block parameters from item 5 have a screen on and scree off option.
10. Ktoonservativeq: Renamed freq_step to have a screen on and off option plus seperate values for the raise and lowering of the CPU Mhz.
11. Ktoonservativeq: lockout_2nd_core_hotplug, lockout_3rd_core_hotplug and lockout_4th_core_hotplug all have a screen on and screen off option.
12. Ktoonservativeq: Renamed sync_extra_cores parameter to have screen on and off options
13. Ktoonservativeq: Renamed boost_2nd_core_on_button, boost_3rd_core_on_button and boost_4th_core_on_button to have screen on and off options.
14. KTweaker Shop: Now when you select Profiles or Scripts, it will come up with a sub screen that lets you choose from All Profiles/Scripts, ONLY Conservative Profiles/Scripts, ONLY Balanced Profiles/Scripts, or ONLY Performance Profiles/Scripts. Thanks to @CamFlawless for creating the type list for me.
15. Added Ktoonsified v6 to KTweaker Shop.
16. Update the server for KTweaker Shop to support the 3 types of profiles now.
17. Update a bunch of profiles to the server for KTweaker Shop, BIG thanks to @LuigiBull23 for helping me update all the files for the server.
18. LED: Boost cores on LED calls to help incoming calls and unplug-plug charger turn screen on quicker.
19. Make call_in_progress a global variable so we have access to its status in more places. Use the call_in_progress in ktoonservativeq to block super_conservative so phone calls r smoother
20. Remove loki on PC side and use loki scripting in flash zip
21. F2FS: add support for F2FS so people that want to run it can. THIS ONLY WORKS TO AOSP4.4 SO FAR!!!!!!!!! All kernels will come with standard ext4 as default, people that want F2FS will have to do the instructions from Post #3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22. F2FS: See Post #3 for a download link and a set of instructions to move convert to F2FS.
23. Post #3 updated with my latest settings and fixed the screen names for each setting.
24. Flashable kernel zip now do the loki'ing when it is needed for ATT and VZW and also determine your file system to know whether to flash F2FS or ext4 ramdisk.
25. For those that use TWRP and want to try mine, you can download it here (Normal ext4 version, not for people that format to F2FS): It seems to have gotten rid of the boot hang that some people get with official

Change Log 04.07.2014
1. Applied battery drain fix to all versions
2. Shorten internal kernel name so Antutu does not crash
3. KTweaker 6.7.3
4. KTweaker: Couple of fixes for numeric entry
5. KTweaker: Fix CPU count error
6. Linux 3.4.86
7. Revert code from 04.02 release that was causing UI lag.
8. Added "booting" LED pattern, because its cool and tells me when kernel takes over from bootloader and when ROM takes over from kernel

Change Log 04.02.2014
1. Fix memset issue when moving to Linaro 4.8.3 (this fixes ROMs that Settings app was crashing and could not rename files/folders)
2. Major rewrite of random code ( this should make games perform even better)
3. Sched:fair: Tons of merges from stuff around the net and faux

Change Log 04.01.2014
1. Linux 3.4.85
2. Ktweaker 6.7.2
3. Modified Ktweaker OTA flashing options to work with CWM/Philz recoveries
4. Using newest Linaro 4.8.3 toolchain optimized for a15 cortex
5. Added -o3 optimizations to TW 4.4

Change Log 03.27.2014
1. Ktweaker 6.7.1
2. Modified Ktweaker Widget S2W toggle to include the S2W, DT2W... options
3. Fixed KTweaker issue with not saving "Vibration Strength" option.
4. Linux 3.4.84
5. Added @Fenny's code to let people charge while phone is power off on GE and TW 4.4 versions. Be sure to go thank Fenny for tracking that down!!!
6. Added ZCACHE to TWGE 4.4 and TW 4.4
7. Added FRONTSWAP v16 to all 4.4 versions, thanks to all the guys that tested yesterday.
8. Added back all standard screen on/off code for initialization to hopefully stop the no touch issue for the few people that get it here and there.
9. char:random: Some tweaks from around github.
10. For TW 4.4 merged in Linux 3.4.1 thru 3.4.84
11. cpufreq: Fix broken uevents for cpufreq governor and cpu devices from CM 11
12. Ramdisk updates for AOSP 4.4

Change Log 03.19.2014
1. Moved Double tap, sweep, etc... to its own screen in "Main Settings" called "Wake/Sleep Settings"
2. NEW item in "Wake/Sleep Settings"!!!!!!!!!!: Double tap to sleep. Double tap the top status bar area when the screen is on and it will to go sleep.
3. Made a duplicate item of "Prox Sensor Checker" in the "Wake/Sleep Settings" screen for easy access.
4. Made a duplicate item of "Charging Current" in the "Fast Charge" screen for easy access.
5. Remove all the main debug flags, zip files are about 2-3mbs smaller now
6. Sync with CM commits from a few days ago.
7. Remove DCVS flag to remove some unnecessary Samsung Mhz manipulation
8. Linux 3.4.83
9. Ondemand governor patches
10. Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm from Ashwin Chaugule
11. Added 4 zram drives from TW 4.3 into 4.4.

Change Log 03.12.2014
1. Improved "on a phone call" code to make sure it is isnt executing the screen wake code while screen is off and you are on a call.
2. Increased speed for wake up on the screen wake functions, sensor wake functions wake a little quicker too but will always be limited by the 1 second timer.
3. Finally found a better spot to trigger and make the screen turn on way quicker when an incoming call is coming in.
4. KTweaker version 6.6.
5. NEW item under "Tools" screen called "Charging Current". You can click on the item and it will update the field with the current mA it is charging at.
6. NEW item under "Fast Charge" called "MTP while fast charging". Enabled will keep MTP on so you can still access the phone, disabled will disable MTP and you will not be able to access it, just simply charges. To take effect this option requires the cable to be unplugged and re-plugged in.
7. NEW item under "Fast Charge" called "Screen ON charging limit". BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THIS ITEM!!!!!!! When enabled it will keep the Samsung limit they imposed of 1200 mA while charging and the screen is on, if it is disabled it will allow you to charge at the full 1900 mA or whatever custom mA you have set for A/C. To take effect this option requires the cable to be unplugged and re-plugged in.

Change Log 03.10.2014
1. Improved Sweep 2 wake recognition.
2. Ignore double tap if more than 1 finger is used.
3. New option for "Hold Wake Lock for wake" called "Enabled ONLY while charging" so you can choose to only hold wake lock during charging.
4. Added wake lock montitor so wake locks can be kicked back on if they are killed prematurely.
5. New "Prox value when clear" added so you can specify the prox value to allow the screen wakes to still work when your prox is not functioning properly/dirty.
6. New item under "Tools" called "Prox Sensor Checker". Click it start/stop the monitor timer. Use this to see what you 100% clear prox value is, then add 20 to that number and use it for the "Prox value when clear" value mention in #5 above.
7. LEDs: Added some code that was needed on the TW version to catch all the notification scenerios.
8. Fix the issue where touch screen would become unresponsive on TW ROMs.
9. Thats all I can remember, ENJOY!!!!!

Change Log 03.06.2014
1. NEW!!!!!!! LED: 3 New options in KTweaker to select from, "Disable LED Start Hour", "Disable LED Stop Hour", "Disable LED Always". Start and Stop value are in 24 hour military time.
2. NEW!!!!!!! "Screen Wake Options" of: Sweep 2 Wake, Sweep 2 Wake ONLY on Charger, Double Tap 2 Wake, Double Tap 2 Wake ONLY on Charger, Both, Both ONLY on Charger.
3. Screen Wake Options: For Sweep 2 Wake, sweep the screen from left to right or right to left to turn on the screen.
4. Screen Wake Options: For Double Tap 2 Wake, double tap the screen if the bottom left corner to turn on the screen.
5. NEW!!!!!!! "Sensor Wake Options" of: Wave 2 Wake, Wave 2 Wake ONLY on Charger, Pocket 2 Wake, Pocket 2 Wake ONLY on Charger, Both, Both ONLY on Charger.
6. Sensor Wake Options: For Wave 2 Wake, hold your hand in from of the proximity sensor for about 1/2 second and then wave it back and forth to turn on the screen.
7. Sensor Wake Options: For Pocket 2 Wake, simply have the phone in your pocket for at least 10 seconds, take it out and the screen turns on.
8. NEW!!!!!!! "Hold Wake Lock for Wake" of: Check them out, there is freaking 18 of them, lol. By using any of these methods you will guarantee that the wake methods will work, without them its a crap shoot. My favorite is "Enabled ALWAYS on LED notif", this will turn on a wake lock when the LED is blinking for a notification and will obey your "Disable LED Start Hour" and "Disable LED Stop Hour" to block a wake lock when u dont want LED on. The name of the wake lock is "kt_wake_funcs" so you can track it when using them.
9. FastCharge: Completely re-did FastCharge interface adapted from Jean-Pierre and Paul Reioux. There are 3 options now for for the main selection (Enabled, Disabled, Custom mA)
10. FastCharge: When Custom mA is selected, it will obey the "Custom USB mA" and "Custom A/C mA".
11. FastCharge: Another new option is "Fail safe", when enabled it will use the lowest A/C or USB value when the cable type is UNKNOWN. When disabled it will allow you to use any custom mA instead of the predefined ones that you will see in Ktweaker when choosing the 2 Custom mA's.
12. Removed some more dmesg spam to keep logs clean and fast.
13. Linux 3.4.82
14. New ADB binary for wifi support.
15. Ramdisk merge from the CM changes for AOSP.
16. KTweaker: KTweaker update to 6.4 adding all the features from above for wake functions and new Fast Charge options.
17. KTweaker: Added menu item on main screen to quick toggle Fast Charge for Enabled/Disabled.
18. Date added to the OP links so everybody knows what the last date that particular kernel was updated last.

Change Log 02.24.2014
1. KTweaker: KTweaker update to 6.2.
2. KTweaker: New Widget by request from you guys, its a quick Profile chooser, simply click the text area left of the "Set" (if you see "-----" then it means you never did a restore profile) button and it will scroll thru all the profiles you have on your phone. Once you have the one you want, click the "Set" button . The widget is also sizable so you can size it from 1x1 all the way up to 4x1.
3. Merged in TW 4.4 into GE 4.4 version, sound is much crisper and louder
4. Added faux sound to TW 4.4
5. ktoonservativeq: New tunables called super_conservative_screen_on and super_conservative_screen_off (remove old super_conservative) so people can choose when they want to go super conservative. Be sure to go set these items if you used the old super_conservative item.
6. Added my newest settings to the KTShop as ktoonsified v5.
7. Linux 3.4.81
8. Changed upgrade routine to not try to upgrade files with .xml extention in the /ktweaker/ folder
9. Couple other general fixes in KTweaker and KTmonitor.
10. Added PPP protocol for people using USB network/modem devices.
11. BFQ-v7r2

Change Log 01.23.2014
1. Stop charging from obeying Fade mode by default
2. LEDs: Add tunable to set led fade mode while charging. Cycling cable to take effect is required.
3. AOSP 4.4: gcc-wrapper: force python version 2.

Change Log 01.17.2014
1. KTweaker: New feature by request from someone (can't remember who) to set a password to get into the UI (Under Extras - > UI Password). Feature is disabled by default leaving password blank.
2. KTweaker: New feature to control the LEDs for notifications derived from vladnosferatu and invano implementation + some extras (see next 9 items)
3. KTweaker: LED Fade Mode - lets you choose to use the fade effect of LED
4. KTweaker: LED Fade Intensity - lets you choose the light intensity of the LED
5. KTweaker: LED Time on - lets you override the ROMs setting for how long the the LED stays ON
6. KTweaker: LED Time off - lets you override the ROMs setting for how long the the LED stays OFF
7. KTweaker: LED Step Speed 1 - lets you control the steps it takes as it makes the LED brighter/dimmer when in fade mode, play around with it and have fun.
8. KTweaker: LED Step Speed 2 - lets you control the steps it takes as it makes the LED brighter/dimmer when in fade mode, play around with it and have fun.
9. KTweaker: LED Step Speed 3 - lets you control the steps it takes as it makes the LED brighter/dimmer when in fade mode, play around with it and have fun.
10. KTweaker: LED Step Speed 4 - lets you control the steps it takes as it makes the LED brighter/dimmer when in fade mode, play around with it and have fun.
11. KTweaker: LED Step Bit Shift - lets you control the main speed that the LEDs go brighter/dimmer when in fade mode, play around with it and have fun.
12. KTweaker: No all number and text inputs will automatically bring up the keyboard
13. KTweaker: New KTweakerWFC widget that is a 2x1 widget containing ONLY the Fast Charge toggle
14. Added BIC TCP Congestion control
15. Added HSTCP TCP Congestion control
16. Added HYBLA TCP Congestion control (I will be testing this one today as I heard a couple of reports that i really increases download speeds)
17. Added HTCP TCP Congestion control
18. Added VEGAS TCP Congestion control
19. Added RENO TCP Congestion control
20. Added SCALABLE TCP Congestion control
21. Added LP TCP Congestion control (I have been using this one for last 3 days with great speed increase)
22. Added YEAH TCP Congestion control
23. Added ILLINOIS TCP Congestion control
24. WiFi: filter multicast during sleep for AOSP 4.4 to help wifi wakelocks/better deep sleep. All other version already had it so dont ask to add it to other versions.
25. Linux 3.4.77

Change Log 01.13.2014
1. ktoonservativeq: Added new tunable called super_conservative. When enabled (enter a 1) this will dramitacally reduce the bouncing effect from Min Mhz and the amount of hotplugging. Performance may take a hit for the really picky user but 95% of the people that have been testing say its not enough to bother them.
2. Linux 3.4.76
3. Fix for TW 4.3 slow motion recording (thanks @elesbb for testing for me ).
4. Tweaked disable hotplugging while music/video is playing option.
5. Updated my setting in Post 3 so go check it out.
6. Added pac framework compatibility to AOSP 4.4
7. KTweaker 5.1 for all versions.

Change Log 01.05.2014
1. Upgraded Linaro to newest compiler for ALL versions.
2. Added about 200 ramdisk tweaks from my Nexus 10 kernel for ALL versions.
3. Wireless charging will now work with the Min Mhz option while charging, by request from @1Raiders (under extras).
4. ktoonservativeq: New option added to disable hotplugging while music/video is playing. Should help the few people that have trouble playing music with screen off.

Change Log 01.03.2014
1. Upgraded Linaro to newest compiler.
2. Massive amount of ramdisk updates from CM.
3. Added about 200 ramdisk tweaks from my Nexus 10 kernel to see how it goes.
4. Added dynamic fsync by request from you guys.

Change Log 01.01.2014
2. Merged in more stock ramdisk to try and fix installing from external sd.
3. Linux 3.4.73
4. Linux 3.4.74
5. Linux 3.4.75

Change Log 12.30.2013
1. Made a BUNCH of adjustments for INTL Google Edition KITKAT 4.4 VERSION.
2. Hopefully reboots are gone, just left with PURE AWESOME!!!!!!!!
3. If you are already on the test kernel, this is the same, no need to redownload.

Change Log 12.22.2013
1. TW and TWGE: ktoonservativeq: Added "touch_boost_gpu" option. Be sure if you are using the max GPU frequency that if you adjust the max, also adjust the "touch_boost_gpu" option.
2. TW and TWGE: Linux 3.4.73
3. TW and TWGE: Linux 3.4.74
4. TW and TWGE: Linux 3.4.75

Change Log 12.21.2013
2. cpufreq: Some general re-write to make freq changes smoother and more efficient
3. acpuclock-8960ab; Update from ML4
4. subsystem: Add extra checks to make sure subsys_domain and iommu_domain are NOT NULL
5. msm: msm_bus: More checks to insure pdata and bus driver vars are not in error and NO NULL
6. grp3d_low_vectors: Bump MBPS to 1700 for low vectors for better low speeds
7. gfx3d_fs_data: Change reset_rate 27000000 from 1800000. Remove 1800000 from clk_tbl_gfx3d. Increase log length for msm_rpm
8. dcvs: Set msm_dcvs_enabled = 0 when msm_dcvs_scm_init() fails adn be sure to return early when msm_dcvs_enabled == 0
9. perf_event_msm_krait_l2 sync with ML4
10. scm: Rewrite scm_call funcs and ML4 merges
11. Linux 3.4.75

Change Log 12.19.2013
2. Prox sensor
3. Fix for Battery issues on builds 12.18 and newer
4. ktoonservativeq: Added "touch_boost_gpu" option. Be sure if you are using the max GPU frequency that if you adjust the max, also adjust the "touch_boost_gpu" option.

Change Log 12.18.2013
2. Fix battery update for the 2nd day in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Change Log 12.17.2013
2. Upgrade camera to ML4 source from Samsung

3. Sync GPU/Display drivers from ML4
4. cpufreq: interactive: Allow 1 ms error in above_hispeed_delay
5. cpufreq: interactive: Reset floor_validate_time if busy at max for 100ms
6. cpufreq: interactive: Add a sampling_down_factor for max frequencies
7. Many msm: msm_fb updates
8. Many msm: msm_mdp updates
9. Many msm: msm_vidc updates
10. Updated healthd binary for charging routines for CM 11
11. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Change Log 12.12.2013
1. Linux 3.4.72
2. Linux 3.4.73
3. Linux 3.4.74
4. Ramdisk sync for CM 11.
5. Use Google Edition wifi driver in AOSP 4.4.
6. Compatiblity for 4.4.2.
7. TMobile guys will use the INTL version for Google Edition

Change Log 11.28.2013
1. Release version of KITKAT for Google Edition
2. Add extsdCard to ramdisk so apps that have not been updated for Kitkat will work.

Change Log 11.16.2013
1. Updated ramdisk for CM11 to latest from
2. Above includes more sdcard pathes and radio/3G/4G patches

Change Log 11.14.2013
1. Change ramdisk for CM11 for external SD mounting for todays release of ROMs for all versions.
2. Change File name to KK instead of JB for all versions.
3. Couple of minor fixups.

Change Log 11.13.2013
1. Change ramdisk for CM11 for external SD mounting for todays release of ROMs.
2. Change File name to KK instead of JB.
3. OTA will work with new KK version after flashing this new update.

Change Log 11.12.2013
1. Change ramdisk for I9505 phone to match I9505 version of CM11 for external SD mounting.
2. Change File name to KK instead of

Change Log 11.11.2013
1. Added Kitkat version

Change Log 11.08.2013
1. CM sync from late night 11.4 updates
2. Plus 1 update from CM on 11.5
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23rd May 2013, 06:34 PM |#3  
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My Settings, F2FS, Extras and faq's
My settings

Main Settings-> CPU Settings Screen
governor = ktoonservativeq
Min Mhz = 189
Max Mhz = 1998

Main Settings-> Scheduler/SD Settings Screen
scheduler = sio
Internal Read Ahead = 1024
External Read Ahead = 1024

Voltage Screen
UV'd 50mv across the board for CPU and 75 for GPU (use menu button for hidden menu option to globally subtract)

Main Settings-> CPU Settings->Screen OFF Settings Screen
Screen OFF Profile Mhz = 702
Disable Screen Off Mhz Call = Enabled

Main Settings-> GPU Settings Screen
GPU Max Mhz = 504
Screen OFF GPU Max Mhz = 128
GPU governor = simple

Main Settings-> TCP/IP Settings Screen
Congestion Control=hybla

Main Settings-> LED Settings Screen
LED Fade Mode = Enabled
LED Time on = 3000
LED Time off = 3000

Main Settings-> CPU Settings->Governor Adjustments Screen
touch_boost_cpu = 1242
sampling_rate_screen_off = 90000
touch_boost_gpu = 504


__________________________________________________ ________________

F2FS Links for using F2FS with my AOSP 4.4 kernel

__________________________________________________ ________________

ktoonservative Governor
This governor is based on conservative, but added some tunable vars and made it a hotplugging governor unlike conservative. With the settings I included stock it is probably the most responsive gov and is pretty good at saving battery as well. Especially with my screen off option to limit the CPU top Mhz. Hope that answers all ur questions.

Governors and schedulers explained:

Enable ZRAM: Flashable zip
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23rd May 2013, 06:34 PM |#4  
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well that was quick lol.
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23rd May 2013, 06:36 PM |#5  
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Yay! Is this Loki'd?
23rd May 2013, 06:36 PM |#6  
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I love you.
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23rd May 2013, 06:37 PM |#7  
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Originally Posted by ChaosMinionX

Yay! Is this Loki'd?

Yes, as long as u have custom recovery you are good to go . I used TWRP.
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23rd May 2013, 06:39 PM |#8  
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I need this... And thus my hate for locked bootloaders increases threefold.

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23rd May 2013, 06:44 PM |#9  
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Originally Posted by ktoonsez

Yes, as long as u have custom recovery you are good to go . I used TWRP.

You might want to add that its Loki in the op so people know its safe for att

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23rd May 2013, 06:45 PM |#10  
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Ktoonsez to save the day!!! Flashing!!
23rd May 2013, 06:46 PM |#11  
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