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[ROM][N801X][FEB 15] Hyperdrive RLS8 ¯`•._║Hyperdrive Tweaks 2.0║Hyperdrive OTA, HUB, File Manager║ Much More!║★

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By sbreen94, Recognized Contributor / Recognized Developer on 25th May 2013, 03:59 AM
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Announcement from sbreen94: Hyperdrive RLS8 Has been Released!!

This is it..The Most Customizable and Full Featured Rom for your Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi
I am not responsible for anything that may happen or happens to your tablet as a result of this custom firmware. You are choosing to install this yourself and thus assume any/all risks involved
  • Android 4.1.2 JB TW N8013UEUCMD3 Official Firmware Base
  • Kernel: Zeus 4 or Stock
  • Custom AROMA Installer 2.70RC2
  • Rooted w/ latest su binary
  • Deodexed & Zipaligned
  • Zipalign on Boot
  • Memory Optimizations
  • Enabled All Languages
  • Hyperdrive Tweaks 2.0- Humongous Big collection of Customizable Tweaks and options for your Phone(see below)
  • Hyperdrive HUB- download and customize your device with apps/ animations/wallpapers/keyboard skins/fonts/full themes/read FAQ/see helpful links from your phone
  • HyperdriveOTA- Receive automatic Over the Air Rom updates
  • Hyperdrive WallPapers - Custom Wallpaper Picker with Added Funcitonality
  • Hyperdrive PIE- PIE Controls with added functionality built directly into rom
  • Hyperdrive File Manager- Enhanced File Browser
  • Hyperdrive Advanced Power Menu
  • Optimized Png and Jpeg files in all apk
  • Removed all debugging code
  • Remapped Settings Layout
  • Busybox, nano and bash
  • Cron & Zram Support
  • IO & EXT4 Performance tweaks
  • Filesystem Trim
  • Sqlite3 and Sysctl database enhancements
  • Disabled Scrolling Cache in Framework
  • Battery Callibrator Binaries
  • Patched services.jar to disable signature checks and launcher redraw
  • init.d support
  • data/app support
  • Custom Build.prop tweaks
  • Speed and Performance Tweaks
  • Battery Life enhancements

  • View Forum Thread
  • View Hyperdrive Rom Repository
  • View XDA Profile
  • Donate via Paypal
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Follow on Google+
  • Join on Facebook
  • Multiwindow Manager
  • Volume Panel Timeout
HD Pie Controls:
  • Enable pie controls
  • Set pie activation location
  • Set pie activation gravity
  • Set pie activation width
  • Set Pie activation height
  • Change linked system app icon behavior
  • Change linked user app icon behavior
  • Change pie status info behavior
  • Change pie status info font
  • Disable pie when keyboard is present
  • Set pie status info clock color
  • Set pie status info notification color
  • Set pie color (presets)
  • Set pie tiles color
  • Set pie selection color
  • Set pie icon color
  • Set pie outline color
  • Set pie gradient color
  • Set pie gradient outline color
  • AOSP Lockscreen with Toggle On/Off
  • AOSP Lockscreen Vibration with Toggle On/Off
  • Stock Samsung Lockscreen Settings
  • Quick Unlock PIN/Password
  • Enable/Disable Ripple Effect
  • Improved Ink Effect
  • Set ANY Color for Ink Effect
  • Enable Music Control(Volume Rocker Skip with Customizable Options)
  • Set button timeout
  • Set volume up option
  • Set volume down option
  • Media Scanner
  • Battery Settings
  • Additional app Functionalities
  • Install Framework
  • Manager Modules
  • PerAppDPI Settings
  • Custom Battery Icon
  • Custom Toggle Colors
  • Foreground apps
  • Visible apps
  • Secondary server
  • Hidden apps
  • Content providers
  • Empty apps
  • Choose preset memory values
  • Force init.d support
  • Edit Shell Command
  • Zipalign
  • Wipe Cache/dalvik cache
  • Fix permissions
  • Optimize databases
  • Reboot
  • Reboot Recovery
  • Reboot Bootloader
  • HotBoot
Package Manger:
  • Custom Package Installer
  • Enable Data Persistance
  • Persist LCD Density
  • Persist Host File
CPU Settings:
  • CPU Info
  • Time In State
  • Set Max Clock speed
  • Set Min Clock speed
  • Set Governor
  • Set Scheduler
Additional Features:
  • Long Press Back to Kill Current App
  • Full Multiwindow Enabled for all apps with Multiwindow Manager
  • Hyperdrive TW Launcher with insane speeds
  • Camera
    -Use Camera with low battery
    -Disabled Focus Sound
    -Toggle for sound on/off
    -Higher Video and audio bit rate in camcorder
  • Custom Font Choice of over 300 Fonts
  • Sony X Reality Engine
  • Browser:
    -Exit Browser
    -Terminate Browser
    -Open Unlimited Tabs
  • Popup Browser From Note 2
  • System:
    -Patched services.jar for less launcher redraw
    -Better Multitasking
    -Device Status reads as Official
    -Best Brightness Mod
    -4 Way Rotation Enabled
    -Fixes for OTG wakelock and Media Scanner drain
    -Additional Live Wallpapers
    -Disabled Browser Edge Zoom
    -Many Csc Hacks
  • Removed from Rom:
    -Samsung OTA updates
    -Ongoing notifications and annoying icons
    -Boot and Shutdown Sounds
    -Any miscellaneous bloat files
  • Galaxy S4 Features
    -S Health
    -Theming and Icons
    -Fonts and Sounds
    -Clock Widgets
  • Apps:
    -Es File Explorer
    Android 4.3 Live Wallpapers
    -Android 4.3 Camera
    -Genie Widget
    -Emoji Keyboard
    -Inverted Youtube with Screen off Playback and Tweaks by The0sis
    -Multiwindow Manager
    -SPen Keyboard Switcher

Comprehensive Aroma Installer Rom Installation:
Full Aroma Option selections below!
Support for N8013 and N8010 Galaxy Note 10.1!
 - Choice of  launchers:
Hyperdrive Stock TW launcher
Hyperdrive Stock with Wallpaper Scrolling TW Launcher
  - Choice of Samsung Apps:
AllsharePlay, Samsung Kies, Media Hub, Mobile Print, Dropbox, S-Suggest, Samsung Apps, Popup Browser, Samsung Music Hub, Yahoo Widgets, Group Cast, Crayon Physics, Game Hub, Peel Remote, S-Voice, Help Hub
- Choice of Galaxy S4 Apps:
S4 S-Translate
S Health
Awesome Note
-Choice of File Managers:
ES File manager
Cyanogen mod file manager
 -Choice of Google apps
Gmail, Google Plus, Maps, Street, Play Music, Youtube 5,  Hacked 4.2 Youtube w Screen off playback, 
Choice of Nexus 4 AOSP options:  
***These replace the Stock TW version of the app***
AOSP calculator, AOSP Clock, AOSP Calendar, AOSP Sounds, AOSP  Google Experience Launcher, AOSP 4.2 Camera and Gallery
Choice of Rom Mods :
Ad Blocking host file
Choice of Music Players: 
Samsung Music, Apollo Music, MIUI music
Choice of Audio Mods:
None, Mega Bass Audio, Ac!d Audio v7, Viper 4 Audio
 -Choice of Additional Apps:
Adobe Flash, MovieTube, Sony Album, Terminal Emulator, TubeMate, TrackID, Moto X Camera
 Choice of  Kernels for All carriers
Stock Kernel
Zeus Kernel 4.0 :)


XDA:DevDB Information
Hyperdrive Rom -Galaxy Note 10.1, a ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

sbreen94, Hero
ROM OS Version: 4.1.x Jelly Bean
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: Rooted w/ Custom Recovery Installed
Based On: Stock Samsung Firmware

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: RLS8
Stable Release Date: 2014-02-15

Created 2013-09-06
Last Updated 2014-02-15
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25th May 2013, 03:59 AM |#2  
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OP Recognized Contributor / Recognized Developer
Thanks Meter: 22,742
Donate to Me



md5 sum: 055e0bc78fd0933916ac88d156e42407

If you like Hyperdrive roms and would like to give something back for the countless hours i have put into it please consider:

1. Pressing THANKS on the Thread Posts and rating the thread 5 stars, or leaving a nice Review on the Reviews tab above!

2. Making a Donation to support all the time put into this project as well as future development efforts!

3. Purchase Hyperdrive Tweaks Pro on Google Play!
-Removes Popup on startup and adds "Pro" to the app

4. Visit Me Online:

Feel Free to display these Banners in your signature and show your support of Hyperdrive ROM!!!
Links to signatures are below the image!

If you would like to Support the Rom, please consider using one of these signatures! Enter this text into your signature box :



  • Added Brand New Hyperdrive Tweaks 2 application with brand new user interface and tabbed layout
  • Added Hyperdrive Tweaks Pro Key
  • Added new Sliding Menu Tab functions
  • Added Ghost Mode-allows you to hide app from app drawer
  • Added AOSP lock screen vibration toggle
  • Added 5 new tabs to tweaks with additional features. See first post for full list
  • Added New Package Manager with "Search for APK and Search for Zip" functionality
  • Removed non working VSync Toggle
  • New Hyperdrive file manager
  • New Hyperdrive wallpaper picker
  • New Hyperdrive OTA
  • Added new fonts
  • Updated Settings layout and about ROM section
  • Updated aroma installer layout
  • Updated aroma installer options
  • Fixed default boot animation
  • Updated build prop tweaks
  • Updated init.d script tweaks
  • Added edits to sysctl.config
  • Updated Google play store
  • Updated SuperSu
  • Updated Hangouts
  • Updated Flipboard
  • Updated ES File Explorer
  • Updated Maps
  • Updated Gmail
  • Updated YouTube
  • Updated Ad blocking files
  • Updated Google Services
  • Updated Google Now
  • Lots more I can't remember and for toy to find out!
11-26-13 RLS7
  • Optimized all Png and Jpg images in rom
  • Additional CSC hacks and enabled features
  • Removed all debugging code in all apk and jar files
  • Improved Ripple Lockscreen effect and swirliness
  • Fixed Volume Timeout mod
  • Added Io Performance Tweaks
  • Added Ext4 Performance Tweaks
  • Added filesystem trim
  • Supercharged services.jar for no launcher redraws
  • Tweaked build.prop
  • removed unneeded build.prop tweaks
  • Hack Touchwiz launcher for even faster speeds
  • Enabled ability to use 9 homescreens with touchwiz launcher
  • Increased Tw folder launch speed
  • Removed Software update in settings
  • Updated Aroma Installer theme
  • Added Custom Framework animations module
  • Updated Hyperdrive Tweaks base app
  • Updated Toolbox components in Hyperdrive tweaks
  • Updated Hyperdrive HUB content
  • -added Nexus 5 Wallpapers and Zeus Kernel 4 as well as new graphics
  • Updated Xposed Framework Installer
  • Updated Xposed Perapp dpi settings
  • Updated additional Xposed Modules
  • Removed Xposed Icon Themer
  • Updated Flipboard
  • Updated Viper4Android Audio Mod
  • Updated Es File Explorer
  • Fixed Samsung Link
  • Removed Language enabler as it is not needed
  • Removed app2sd
  • Removed Play Music
  • Updated Rom Installation scripts
9-13 RLS6
  • This is a major update in which i have rewritten the entire rom based off the latest N8013 Firmware!
  • Full Rebase on N8013UEUCMD3 Firmware
  • Rebuilt in and Upgraded All Existing Mods and Tweaks
  • Updated Many Different Apps
  • Updated Aroma Installer Binary to 2.70RC2
  • Brand New Aroma Installer Theme
  • New Aroma Layout.
  • Added Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Wallpapers
  • Removed Xperia Stuff in Aroma Installer
  • Removed Social Apps in Aroma
  • Updated Custom Build.Prop Tweaks
  • Faster SD Card Read Ahead
  • Zipaligns on Every Boot
  • Sysctl.config tweaks
  • Other init.d script tweaks
  • Brand New Zeus 4.0 Kernel with exFat support.
  • Added Youtube 5 Aroma Option
  • Added MovieTube Aroma Option
  • Added Tubemate Aroma Option
  • Added TrackID Aroma Option
  • Added Moto X Camera Aroma Option
  • Added a bunch of other options to aroma and cleaned up others
  • Moved My Files and a couple apps to rom by default to avoid misc issues
  • MUCH Faster!
  • A ton more Stuff. The Rom has been completely redone from the ground up and should be Stable, Fast and super smooth.
  • Enjoy your Note 10.1 :)
8/30 RLS5.1
  • Fixed SystemUI force close issue
  • Battery full notification is now off permenantly and toggle has been removed
  • Should be fully stable now Enjoy!
8-24-13 RLS5
  • This is a large update with many features you have never seen on your Note 10.1 before!
  • Added my Brand new Hyperdrive Tweaks application! -Its a large amount of customizable tweaks for your 10.1 in a gorgeous and convient swipeable tabbed layout Tweaks :
  • Status Bar Battery Full Notification with Toggle On/Off
  • Lockscreen AOSP Lockscreen with Toggle On/Off (YOU MUST DISABLE RIPPLE EFFECT WHEN USING AOSP LOCK OR YOUR DEVICE WILL FREEZE UP) Quick Unlock PIN/Passwork Lockscreen with Toggle On/Off Ink Effect with ANY Color Ink Toggle for Ripple Effect Toggle for Lockscreen Sounds
  • Audio Music Control! Volume Rocker Skip Music Tracks with User Defined Parameters and Toggle On/Off Volume Press Timeout Volume Up Key Action Volume Down Key Action Volume Panel Timeout Control
  • Miscellaneous Fixed Multiwindow Control SPen Keyboard Switcher Updated AOSP PIE Controls Phone Info Wifi Band Switcher Superuser Shortcut
  • Toolbox File Manager Kernel Control Media Scanner GPS Control File Downloader
  • Xposed Framework Installer Battery Icon Customizer-Fully Customize and Color your battery icon Quick Settings Toggles Customizer- Fully color and customize your toggles Per App DPI Settings X Theme Engine Icon Changer
  • Advanced: -Fix Permissions -Zipalign all apks -Mount system r/w -Mount system r/o -Wipe Battery Stats -Wipe Cache -Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • Added my Brand New Hyperdrive HUB Application! This is a place to Download Rom updates, Download Rom Addons, Themes read FAQ, see Helpful Links and MUCH More Customize your device with : -Themes -Custom Transition Animations -Fonts -Icons -Kernels -Addons
  • Updated Hyperdrive OTA
  • Added Alternative ICS Style Default App Picker mod
  • Added Long Press Back to Kill App mod
  • Disabled Signature Check
  • Fixed MW Manager
  • Updated Xtheme Engine
  • Updated PIE Controls
  • Updated Modded Youtube
  • Updated other apps
  • Added Sony Xreality Image Processing engine
  • Remapped Settings layout with links to HUB and Tweaks
  • Updated Superuser and Su binary
  • Optimized .dex Framework files and removed debug code
  • Edited init.d scripting tweaks
  • Better Multitasking
  • More Build.prop tweaks
  • Added Android 4.3 Live Wallpapers
  • Updated Awesome Note from Note 8.0
  • Updated Mega Bass Beats Audio mod
  • Even FASTER and better performance
  • Added and Cleaned up Options in AROMA Installer:
  • Added AOSP Clock Option
  • Added Samsung Music and My Files options
  • Added Movietube Option
  • Added Tubemate Option
  • Added my Brand NEW Zeus Kernel 3.0!
  • Much Much more!! This update is really nice with the Speed an amount of customization it offers :)
7-15-13 RLS4
  • Updated Aroma Installer to 2.70B6!
  • No more Freezing!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • Changed Default Aroma Theme
  • Cleaned Up Aroma Layout a bit
  • Fixed Install Issues and Bootlooping ones
  • Updated Viper4 Audio Drivers
  • Updated Ad Blocking
  • Increased Number of Max Browser tabs to almost unlimited
  • Slightly modded the transition animations to be quicker
  • More that i've forgotten, Enjoy
7-10-13 RLS3
  • Added Support for Note 10.1 N8010 Wifi Tablet
  • Restyled and Updated Hyperdrive Control
  • Restyled and Updated my Hyperdrive OTA
  • Added Custom Hyperdrive Wallpaper Chooser with a ton of Custom Wallpapers
  • Set the Default Wallpapers to custom HD ones
  • Device Status Now reads as Official
  • Added Best Brightness Mod
  • Unlocked Opening Unlimited Tabs in Browser
  • Added 1% Battery Mod
  • Restyled and Updated Custom Settings with more tweaks -Added AOSP Pie Controls -Added Kernel Control -Added File Manager and root browser -Font Installer -Updated Per App DPI Settings -Updated Theme Engine -Updated Multiwindow Manager
  • Patched and Supercharged Services.jar for less launcher redraws
  • Removed v6 Supercharger Binaries
  • Edited Build.prop tweaks
  • Edited Init.d Scripting tweaks
  • Added Best Multitasking Fix
  • Added Custom Hyperdrive Bookmarks
  • Updated Default Languages in rom
  • Added and unlocked more features via csc
  • Added Anti-Aliasing
  • Added Pure Screen HD by jeeko
  • Added Emoji Keyboard
  • Added alot of things from Galaxy S4
  • -Added Galaxy S4 style theme and icons
  • -Added S Health from S4
  • -Added Fonts and Sounds from S4
  • -S4 Clock widgets
  • Added Android 4.3 Camera !
  • Non Market apps install by default
  • Updated Talk to Hangouts and fixed Video Calls in hangouts
  • Updated Gmail
  • Updated Google Now
  • Updated ES File Explorer
  • Updated Maps
  • Updated Flipboard
  • Updated SuperSU and Su binaries
  • Updated Screen Off Hacked Youtube by TheOsis
  • Updated and Added my Zeus Kernel for all tablet
  • Updated and Added Stock kernel for all tablet
  • This Update is a beast and i'm sure you will enjoy!
  • Im sure there is more that i have forgotten...!
6-2-13 RLS2 Fixed all Rom Install Issues Defaulted kernel to my Zeus Kernel :) Updated Xposed Framework Hid Misc Apps from the App drawer General File Cleanup Added New Init.d Tweaks Completely revamped existing tweaks and removed some non functioning ones Fixed Issues with Updater Script and Set all Scripts on boot Set Cron on boot Added New Build.prop tweaks for a bunch of things -Camera Tweaks and fixes, Network Speed tweaks and miscellaneous ones Removed some repetitive or non functioning ones Much Faster and improved Speed you can Feel!! Slightly Better Battery life Probably alot of stuff ive forgotten :) And alot more to come! 5-24-13 RLS1 Initial Release! :)

Older Hyperdrive Builds

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25th May 2013, 04:00 AM |#3  
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OP Recognized Contributor / Recognized Developer
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I recommend Phillz Touch Recovery for Flashing!

1. Download latest Hyperdrive Rom version
2. Reboot into Recovery
3. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
4. Wipe cache/dalvik cache
5. Install Rom
6. Reboot (First Boot may take up to 10 mins)
9. Let Tablet sit for 5-10 minutes
10. Reboot again
11 Enjoy and thank a developer!

If / When Reporting a Bug, Please provide the Following Information:

1. Details of what Happened before and after the issue
2. Which Options you installed in Aroma Installer
3. A logcat if possible
4. Any other details you have that will help me to squash issues

Bug Tracker: RLS8
  • Android 4.3 Camera will reboot if you try to launch it from recent apps panel


Q: Should I wipe before flashing this update?
A: You should always wipe between rom updates. No wipe, No gripes!

Q: Why's my tablet frozen on the aosp lockscreen?
A: When using the AOSP Lockscreen, You MUST Disable Ripple Effect.

Q: Why's the rom file so big?
A: Since i have included a fully customizable aroma installer, this increases the rom size a large bit. The base rom is about 700mb and the aroma installer is about 300mb

Q: My screen won't turn off when i plug it into the charger!!?
A: You need to disable Screen Candy in Settings/Display!

Q: I'm getting terrible Battery life and drain, what gives with this rom??
A: I would say that 99% of the time bad battery life is user error. You need to check your cpu settings and also check out your battery stats. If you have any wakelocking apps that are waking your phone, you will get drain. Thus this is not the roms fault.

Q: The Aroma installer keeps freezing up on me?
A: Unfortunately this is an issue with the Aroma installer program, keep trying, just pull battery and reflash!

Q: My GPS is not locking on for me?
A: You need to do a permissions fix in recovery. This should fix it!

Q: Wifi Connectivity Problems?
A: Make sure Wifi is set to always keep wifi on during sleep under wifi settings/advanced

Q: My wifi is slow to connect, why could this be?
A: I changed the wifi scan interval in order to save battery, you can change it back yourself by using a build prop editor and looking for wifi.supplicant.scan.interval. The default value is 90.

Q: I really love this rom and want to do something!
A: Hit that THANKS button! Also consider donating to support all the time i put into this!

Q: I'm having xyz problem?
A: For any general problems, first try a reboot along with a cache wipe, dalvik cache wipe, and a fix of permissions along with a read through the thread!!
For problems with apps try clearing app data along with a reboot and cache wipe

Q: I'm thinking about making a mean or snide comment
A: Don't, its not tolerated, at all. Don't expect a nice response or a response back. Remember, no one is entitled to anything.

Something to Remember:
Developers don't earn a salary for the work that they do, we do this in our FREE time, so a little appreciation goes along way. Without developers, our phones would be really boring and we'd all be running stock. So just think of this before you post that comment complaining about known issues.

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25th May 2013, 04:00 AM |#4  
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Battery Callibrator

A script written by zepplinrox that will calibrate your battery. It is pretty easy to use and explains what you need to do in the terminal. It is executable via terminal emulator on your phone.

In Terminal Emulator type:


Xposed Framework Install Instructions:
Along With Per APP DPI Settings and Custom theme Engine

Using the Xposed App:
Run the Xposed Installer - Tap "install/Update".
Tap "Modules" and check the App Settings tickbox.
Use the Xposed App Settings

OR check this here:

Here are some settings you can use for xposed framework:

Youtube - 0 dpi, 800x1280, tablet unchecked
Chrome - 240 dpi, 800x1280, tablet checked
Settings - 200 dpi, 1000x1600. tablet checked (Reboot Required)

Better Battery Life Tips :
  • Disable auto sync for accounts
  • Disable GPS (and wifi gps) when not in use
  • Disable auto backup of Gmail account
  • Set wifi sleep policy to "Never"
  • Set brightness level to automatic
  • Disable motion
  • Check your apps settings and disable useless background sync
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25th May 2013, 04:01 AM |#5  
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OP Recognized Contributor / Recognized Developer
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Donate to Me
Enjoy the Rom Everyone and keep a look out for new and exciting features for the Galay Note 10.1!
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25th May 2013, 04:17 AM |#6  
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Good man first
25th May 2013, 04:20 AM |#7  
zer0-1ne's Avatar
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Info 2 i LIKe SCreenshots
ScreenShots With everything installed?
25th May 2013, 04:24 AM |#8  
sbreen94's Avatar
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Originally Posted by zer0-1ne

ScreenShots With everything installed?

I'll get some up haha, but just flash the rom. You'll like it. There aren't really any visual changes
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25th May 2013, 04:26 AM |#9  
Senior Member
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Pretty amazing Rom you have here. Just a few more minutes until I get to test this baby out!

Okay I finally had a chance to install it, and let me say, this ROM feels insanely fast. Everything is just instant.
25th May 2013, 06:04 AM |#10  
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Looks really good, any future plans for an N8000 support
25th May 2013, 06:07 AM |#11  
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Oh man the bada$$ sbreen is in the house. Caught over on the vzw s3 that you were working on the note 10.1. Glad to have you. Look forward to seeing if this Zeus kernel is as bada$$ as the s3 . Thanks for the support.

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