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Guide..OTG USB HOST and CHARGING at same time for Galaxy tabs..

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By MRBR7, Senior Member on 31st May 2013, 12:36 PM
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After talking to alot of people about my modded dock last year alot of people are still having trouble doing this
and getting Red X and Not charging properly etc..have had recent PMs asking for help so i hope this can help you guys..
Decided to Try make a full guide to OTG and Charging at same time for Galaxy tabs.
I only have 7.73G but would guess it should work for all tabs?
If you have a different Tab or Differnet Rom i cant say it would work for you..Not all Roms are the same..At this stage im on Official JB Rom Stock for 7.7..will test other custom roms and report..
I started with my Kinetica Break out Board (Google it if you want to buy one,about $15 when i got mine)

I stuffed it last year experimenting and burned out a earth of pin 01 but just soldered a wire to the top and all good now
(ignore the black earth wire when looking at my pics,your black wire should go to pin 01 of board).

*instead of using a female usb port for host i use a USB MINI MALE Plug that can go directly to a HDD or Powered HUB.By soldering this directly to the Break out Board it eliminates bad connections and annoying drop outs whilst watching movies from your USB HDD.

This is how it's wired.

Black 01
Green 03
White 04
Red 06

Power Source (must be 2 amps 5v.. if you want it to work properly)
Red 07/08
Black 30

OTG Host
Resistor 20k 13/15

Thats it very easy..
Before connecting your new set up to the Tab be sure to run a test light and check for any shorts or crossed up wires.just apply power to the wires and check the surrounding pins even if you didnt solder to them(just incase you have a short)once this has been checked you are good to go..

First step is Tablet is OFF and kinectica board is pluged in.
Power is applied to your wires and must be 2 amps 5v..

noted i used power from my external battery for this exercise and is 2 amps source...but you can get from power adapter or somewhere else..

Powered Hdd and usb are now connected to break out board.
This part you will see it trigger charge by plugging in the powered hdd.
(Its not the power wires that trigger it.For advanced people Dont try anything with shorting data lines to trigger charge or the 2 resisters that are used in the stock charger,i went that way and fried my tab and break out board once but got it replaced under warrenty not worth playing around with it.ive tryed switches and everything but found the first way to be the safest way after shorting the can never rely on switches to work properly and they can make contact when closed etc damaging you tab so dont bother trying it)

If you got a Red X over your battery Its NOT charging and you shouldnt see one.You need to restart the tab again and need to get rid of the red x properly before going further.
To Get Rid of Red X is tricky sometimes and can be a pain and give you one every time but sometimes it just starts with out need to be patient and just figure out the right time to connect the hdd on start up.when it works remember exactley when you did it and do the same next count samsung logo flashing etc..then connect it.a bit of experimenting is required here.
Restart the tab with power added and hdd powered but no usb connected.this time put usb in as samsung logo apears.delaying plugging in the hdd seems to work for me and next time it starts you should see its charging on lock screen.
at bottom Right hand corner you will also see a usb symbal and get a message usb device connected.

Now you must check settings/Battery status to see its "AC Charging".

If not another restart will be required untill you get AC Charging.Remember no .5amp 5v sources these may give usb charging instead of AC Charging..
Once this is OK continue..

Now open paragon or what ever you use and mount your drive where you want it im doing mine automatically as recomended and seems to work good with the new Stock JB 4.12 rom....
this pic you can see the hdd is mounted in my files

Hdd Sizes..

im using a 3TB NTFS on this pics and works fine.Have also tryed 2TB,1TB,500GB and all work fine inc multiple drives at same time with powered hub.
Movies can be played with MX player or BS player for the ones that dont play on mx player like some of the blueray rips

Next step is optional..
I wanted to clean it up abit so dug out one of my old USB Host adapters and opened up the plastic case and removed circiut board.

now glued the kinetica board to the case after checking it all works..
glue drying all day before a i close the case but will look a bit neater than wires and stuff everywhere.
I like this better than the dock i did before..
Any questions fire away..
I havent used host for any other purpose than the HDD.

The guys running DanielHKs Roms are 4.2JB
for NTFS Mounting you will need to use Cryo File manager to first make a new folder at /new folder location.
You will need to mount it exactley can not mount it in /storage as NTFS has problems in 4.2 im sure a fix will be around the corner but i ended up going back to stock 4.12 for a while cause wanted to try the new stock rom and so far no complaints.Im still Rooted with TWRP and have DanielHKs Rom Recoverys so when i get some time ill make a back up then swap roms and post up my results using charge and hdd on those roms(PA and CM10.1).
have done this on ICS before and can confirm both host and charge worked at same time.

Will update more pics of my board when the glue dry and case is back together..
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31st May 2013, 06:07 PM |#2  
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Well plugged it in and played around with it this morning turning on and off repeatedley..
went into charge and hdd every time with no red x.
the only time you will get a red x is when you plug in otg host and charge at same time whilst the tab is on.
I did this to look for solutions and found simply restart it will get rid of the red x..dont touch anything just reset it.heres the red x over the battery..

Ive made it sound simple to do and works with no problems but must admitt ages ago when i first started using host and charge together at same time i also had troubles with drop outs and red x s alot.Really i think soldering the usb cable directley to the board fixed all that,now i never got a red x again.also forgot to mention..When you battery is full and 100 percent or so..if you unplug charger and keep watching movie or whatever you were doing you cant plug charge back in when its turned on and hosting it will give you the red x and you battery will continue to deplete..when you want to reconnect charging again you will have to unmount hdd and restart it with everything plugged in again.
Ive clocked up more hours than anybody would beleive as used this to watch movies whilst working at my old job last was shift work and my co worker would take over and use it aswell when my shift finnished.we had the Tab running the HDD and on Charge 24/7 for 7 months straight..
the tab never had a problem charging all that time as was depleating at same time to keep the host connection.once it gets full i unplug it and let it drain.
well im going to change roms now and test it out on different ones..
will post up to confirm which roms are ok..
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3rd June 2013, 01:00 AM |#3  
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Tried out danielHKs newest CM ROM...for a short time
Charging and OTG works fine....
If using es file explorer need to change permissions to root access first and remember forever..
Then make a new folder outside of the /storage directory .
It needs to be made at /new folder.
Then use paragon to set manually and mount this location.
This 4.2 is not working properly and won't mount NTFS in normal place.unfortunately you need to make this new folder on every start up.
Aside from that you can charge and access the drive at same time on this ROM..I'm guessing PA would work the same.I found there is a
/usbdisk0 that looks like it could be used but when I try use paragon manually to select that one it over rides my selection and mounts it as /storage/usbdisk0.This won't work as can't be mounted in /storage so this is why I made a new folder.Not 100% sure but looking again /usbdisk0 doesn't show up in CM file manager
Under / . so I'm guessing es file xplorer is showing it maybe its a shortcut link to /storage/usbdisk0 and that's why won't work...will
Have a look further when I got time...
Will try some More ROMs and post up details...I'm guessing they will all work fine now after CM works...
3rd June 2013, 01:24 AM |#4  
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Well my tab still on charge in CM..
Just checked the battery level and notice it says charging but is depleting slowly....
Sorry but CM doesn't work at moment I need more time to find why and re check everything again...
Will test and report....
30th June 2013, 03:57 AM |#5  
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hi, would it be possible for the usb card reader kit to be used and where could i tap/put for 5v input so it could charge and same time use the card reader?
30th June 2013, 11:52 AM |#6  
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Really I would have to say No ..
Best bet would be to get the break out board from kinnetica and replace the board inside the card reader like my pics.the problem with the card reader is the 30 pin connector that is soldered to the origonal board is not populated at the charging remove it or try to populate it i would imagine you would stuff it up and just easier to replace the board with kinetica one.It only cost me $15..
Best investment i ever made.
other way to do it is to open up a old desktop dock and add power to inside it.
search modding origonal desktop dock samsung for more info..
26th July 2013, 03:13 PM |#7  
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Adapter available now that can simultaneously charge and have USB hosting Galaxy Tab
An adapter is available now for that has simultaneous charging and USB hosting for the Galaxy Tab. See the blurb written by the designer, Roman Wynnyckyj of LAVA Computer MFG. More info on the adapter is available on the LAVA Computer MFG website (I can't post the link since I just joined). Maybe someone else can post a link to the product page: "xxx://"

"Well it is possible to charge and have the Galaxy Tab in host mode at the same time. It took us a good while to figure it out but it has been done.

We have built a little cable with 2 usb connectors on the end - one for charging, one for a USB host device such as a usb-memory stick, keyboard, serial port etc. Note, you can also connect a hub.

The circuitry to do this little trick is quite complicated and requires a state-sequential machine (cpu) to cycle the tablet whenever charge power is applied. The unfortunate negative of this is that whenever charge power is applied the tablet will disconnect all host devices, enable charging and then reconnect the attached devices. If charge power is unplugged later on the host mode is not affected. Charge rate varies with battery level. The highest rate (about 1.7 amps will be achieved when the tablet is near or below 10% battery charge. As the battery becomes more fully charged the tablet automatically reduces power draw. Once fully charged the tablet will draw about 700mA with screen full on (full brightness) keeping the battery at full charge.

Roman Wynnyckyj
Lava Computer MFG. Inc.
LAVA: The Source for Ports - Serial Port Experts
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27th July 2013, 04:53 AM |#8  
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I wish it were availiable last may when I modded my samsung dock.
its a real headache soldering onto such small pins...
3rd August 2013, 06:35 PM |#9  
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And where to buy this Lava-Adapter in Europe ?
31st August 2013, 06:11 PM |#10  
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Lava-Adapter in Germany
Originally Posted by ElMartinoAT

And where to buy this Lava-Adapter in Europe ?

We're working on this. Hope we will have it in stock at the end of September.
19th October 2013, 07:22 AM |#11  
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Originally Posted by

We're working on this. Hope we will have it in stock at the end of September.


Do you have any news for that?
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