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[ROM] deTmobilized 1.5 (7-16-13) (UVDMD5 4.1.2 Premium Suite) AT&T Port

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deTmobilized 1.5
T999 UVDMD5 TW 4.1.2 Premium Suite
Ported for the AT&T I747

Be kind, be respectful, stay on topic, follow the XDA rules!
You are welcome to use any part of this rom but PLEASE give credit!

Although we do test there is always a chance things may go wrong. As always
we do not take responsible for what you do to your phone. You should know what your getting yourself into.
If you don't, please do not flash this and READ, READ, READ these forums till you feel confident enough to do so.

  • Stock Insecure UVDMD5 Kernel /w init.d script support…
  • Deodex…
  • Rooted SuperSU…
  • BusyBox…
  • Zipaligned…
  • De-Bloated…
  • Call Recording... That's right I said Call Recording.
  • Premium Suite... Multi-Window.
  • All apps enabled in Multi-Window
  • SystemUI re-done for AT&T... yes you will have the AT&T style 5 signal meter, 4G and 4G LTE icons.
  • T-Mobile Wifi Calling Settings Removed.
  • Double Tap Home to either Google Voice or S Voice, option in display settings
  • AOSP style Settings and Clear Notifications in header
  • Init.d Performance & Battery Tweaks, smoother scrolling, crystal clear rendering.
  • Added: Tons of Ringtones/Notifications/Alarms
  • Simple Samsung Boot Animation…
  • TouchWiz Launchers... Aroma Options
  • 23 Toggles Mod... Aroma Options. text/no text
  • Custom Wallpapers…
  • Unrestricted Tethering: Bluetooth, USB & WIFI…
  • Install from Unknown Sources by default
  • Extended Power Menu: 4-way Reboot…
  • Long Press Volume Skip Track 3.0
  • Long Press Menu to Kill Current Application… You can also disable this feature.
  • Normal Touch Sounds… Aroma option
  • Normal Dial Pad Touch Tones… Aroma option
  • 1% battery mod / Accurate Battery Mod
  • Popup Browser: "Must click on a link with http: at the beginning in order to activate it. Then it will work all the time when you select always. It's pretty cool"
  • Ink effect: Not working Right now.
  • Removed FOTA Software update from settings menu
  • Added Exit button to stock Browser
  • Clock Statusbar Mod v3.0
  • Fully working Note 2 Keyboard / dedicated number row and handwriting... Aroma option
  • Enabled GPU rendering
  • Disabled Scrolling cache
  • Removed Home screen mode from settings
  • Removed Launcher first boot help.
  • Enabled Exit Browser Dialog
  • On The Fly Battery Mod, Choose from one of 35 different battery icon's. Options in Display Settings
  • Disabled the Browser EdgeZoom with toggle Found in display settings
  • Brightness Slider Toggle Ability to turn brightness slider in the notification pull down on/off
  • User selectable clock colors with color picker
  • User selectable status bar colors with color picker
  • Display/Hide Alarm Icon
  • Change Notification Panel color
  • Quick Unlock for Pin and Password
  • Enable/Disable 180 Rotation / Toggled option
  • Volume Boost... Aroma option
  • AOSP lockscreen 5 Shortcuts with auto disable ripple effect, and toggle lockscreen unlock vibration.
  • AOSP MMS... Aroma Option
  • Lockscreen 180 Rotation Mod / toggle in lock screen settings.
  • AOSP Email... Aroma Option
  • Popup Browser
  • Added Clean FlipFont mega pack
  • Messaging:
  • Screen on/off toggle for incoming SMS: located in Messaging settings
  • Increased SMS limit per hour
  • Disable SMS to MMS auto conversion
  • Options for backup SMS
  • SMS with email... send text message to an e-mail address
  • Increased MMS Video Recording Quality and Size
  • Enter as new line in messaging
  • Enabled SMS Auto Combination: Re-assembles multi-segmented messages, to veiw as one message. *CSC Feature*
  • Enabled MMS as single view... no more slide show. *CSC Feature*
  • Enabled Call Back Number in Message settings, *CSC Feature*
  • Enabled Quick Text Templets and button: New button next to attachment in Messaging *CSC Feature*
  • Enabled Delete Button in Messaging header, *CSC Feature*
  • Enabled many other messaging features, Alias, multi lock, blacklist....
  • Added SMS and MMS read reports.
  • Enabled Split view with a toggle
  • More internal MMS size limit increases.

Aroma Options:

Stock TW: completely stock TouchWiz UI
BlueUI, subtle blue accents to stock TouchWiz
AOSP: ICS Blue/Black Holo/TouchWiz theme
Dark Green: complete dark green/black theme.
PurpleUI: subtle lite purple accents to stock TouchWiz
TDR Grayed Out: completely grayed out version of stock TouchWiz
Deadly Venom: Red Theme by Venom0642
23 Toggle Themes
-Sound Mod(AC!D with various addons)
-Volume Boost Hack
-Camera Mods
-Modified TouchWiz Launchers 4x4, 4x5, 5x5
-Stock or 4.2 AOSP system sounds
-Enable/disable Bravia engine
-TW Email (with or without the forced lock screen security when tied to a corporate exchange email)
-AOSP Email
-Enable Dark holo TW Email
-Stock or Dark Holo Gmail
-NFC with proximity, screen off, screen on and locked, or default unlocked
-Stock or AOSP dial pad tones
-Stock or modified Youtubes


It's kinda important I just noticed and fixed an issue with the other kernels, I still can't guarantee there performance but I've done all I can.
Can't say for sure, because I never had an issue but might have fixed issue with the AOSP gallery/camera app and flashplayer being copied to the sdcard/S3Rx_apps.

1. Fixed the default ROM install in test version.
2. Fixed a few grammar errors in AROMA.
3. Installer clean up and improvements..
4. Fixed conflicts I was having with Faux and KT, They are enabled now in AROMA
5. Included some good free kernel/system tuner choices. Kernel Tuner. Free version of Voltage control and the AOKP performance control app.
6. Included cobalt blue theme.
7. Fixed a few other theme issues.
8. Added the new Google Maps
9. Replaced some wallpapers in the default wallpaper app with some prettier ones.

1. Updated AROMA with some more options and layout, backup/restore EFS, a working File manager, Fix permissions, Reboot and Exit options.
2. Cleaned up install script.
3. Added 8 all new Inverted AOSP MMS.apk's
4. Updated some apps, Gmail 4.5.2 and Inverted Gmail 4.5.2, Playstore.... GMS_core
5. Fixed inverted blue YouTube install
6. Added lidroid's multi-window smoothness patch
7. Increased joinable contacts to 99.
8. Flashplayer install work around. Have to install manually. App will be saved in "sdcard/S3Rx_apps" Then install like a normal apk
9. New S4 / HTC One 4.2.2 AOSP camera/gallery. Have to install manually. App will be saved in "sdcard/S3Rx_apps" Then install like a normal apk
10. Fixed a few things in AOSP theme also rethemed the TW messaging bubbles.
11. Minor annoyance with lidroid-res with text, reboot and shutdown popup said "WanamLite ROM", edited to generic "Reboot options".

Simple maintenance update to mostly eliminate the install bugs, as there really aren't any ROM bugs.
I just want to keep the download fresh for new users.
1. Fixed issues with Aroma and Install script.
2. Fixed little issue with the build prop version... lol
3. Fixed theme issue in Dark Green clock package.

1. Added Call Recording
2. Added 4x5 and 5x5 TW launchers
3. Updated Aroma and Install script

1. Eliminated more of the wifi calling popups and stuff. Including eliminating a couple of apps and modifying the IPservice.apk. This should fix some issues with unexpected wakelocks form IPservice.
2. Changed the AOSP and Blue theme Clear Notification and Settings button to blue, but Changed the Clock header to white. A separate add-on is available to change the clock back to blue. I just found it to be Ugly and the contrast just wasn't there... too much blue.
3. Fixed a small, error in the install script when theming the note 2 keyboard.
4. Added 5 more battery icons to the OTF battery mod. Just because

-First boot will seem like a long time
-Please do not post complaints about battery life!

Recommended Install Instructions:
  • Verify the MD5 of your download
  • Backup!
  • Wipe: data/factory reset, system, cache, dalvik-cache.**
  • Flash rom.
  • Enjoy!
  • If AROMA doesn't start, Try installing the ROM from you internal sdcard and delete all the S3Rx_xxxx.prop's from you internal sdcard.
**You can wipe data/cache in AROMA during flash.

************************************************** ************************************************** **************************************************
Download: dTmobilized 1.5 (7-16-13)
Free MD5 checksum verifier
md5: 68d11228f9e0a9fe0c3d6a54521abe3c
************************************************** ************************************************** **************************************************

Blue Clock Header: Just in case you want the clock in the pull down header blue for AOSP or Blue Theme.

Stock Insecure Kernel with init.d support: Updated 7-6-13
The install script will do everything necessary to return you to the stock kernel, includes replacing the modules, deleting everything left over from other kernels such as ktoons...

Our families for putting up with us being on the computer for so long.
cm team
Rizal Lovins
All of our users!

Pics below are old but they will give a general idea of what to expect. I will re do them soon.
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	AOSP.jpg
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ID:	2030283   Click image for larger version

Name:	BlueUI.jpg
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ID:	2030284   Click image for larger version

Name:	DarkGreen.jpg
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ID:	2030285   Click image for larger version

Name:	TDRGray.jpg
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ID:	2030290   Click image for larger version

Name:	TW.jpg
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ID:	2030293  
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9th June 2013, 09:30 PM |#2  
loserskater's Avatar
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Flag Palmdale, CA
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Donate to Me

  • Aroma might hang during installation. Hold power button until it reboots. It will reboot right back into recovery so don't worry.
  • Aroma's color might be off sometimes.
  • The Play/Pause function of "Music controls" does not currently work once the phone goes into deep sleep. Which is about 3 seconds. Need someone skilled with kernel development to give us a hand on this one.
  • AOSP Mms has a bug that when selecting your own contact in a message thread, it will force close the contacts app
  • A WiFi calling popup will show when setting up your WiFi for the first time.
  • Battery Notifications might be a little screwey the first charge. Might have to toggle the setting once you actually have a full charge and the notification, then unplug. If turned off the Notifications should be gone from now on.
  • Be careful using the volume up key when taking pictures with Best photo. It might cause issues. The on screen button works fine, and the volume key works fine in all other modes.
  • Tell us if you notice anything else.
  • Quote:
    Originally Posted by Venom0642

    The swipe to call on jelly bean 4.1.2 they either changed it or can be there own glitch just so everyone knows which I did post this before if you look in contacts list see the avatar or picture you add it to the left corner well for swipe to make call you need to swipe after the avatar or picture there don't touch the avatar, swipe next to it and works


GPS not locking: Unfortunately This is going to happen to some when coming from AOSP based ROMs and other carrier ports.

A couple common fixes include...
================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============
1. Easiest and most reliable way. Try this first!
  • Enter the Samsung service mode by typing this code into the dial pad *#197328640#
  • Then go to Mainmenu>UMTS>Common>NV REBUILD>NV REBUILD> (Important: don't exit the menu yet!)
  • Wait 30+ sec
  • Long press power button and select "Restart / Reboot"
  • Now check your GPS from any software that may use GPS like "Maps" or "GPS Status"...

All credit to harshaedvern for this easy fix

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============

2. Returning to the stock ROM via ODIN, acquire a GPS lock then reboot into Recovery.. Wipe and Flash new ROM.
I recommend trying Chainfire's MOBILE ODIN first before the desktop version, it's really easy to use and it's free to XDA users HERE.
You can flash an ODIN package right from your phone and still retain your custom recovery, simply exclude it from the list of partitions to flash.
It will also inject ROOT if the ODIN package does not already have it... makes things really simple.
================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============

3. Restoring a nandroid of a TouchWiz ROM with a known working GPS status, make sure all location services are enables and can obtain a GPS lock. (go to additional steps now if needed) Reboot, Wipe and Flash New ROM...
Additional steps if required before flashing new ROM:
Backup your internal storage and take out your sd-card now... just in case stuff gets deleted. Do a Factory Reset form within the restored TW nandroid. Reboot... Skip all the setup stuff... acquire a GPS lock again... Reboot into recovery Wipe and Flash the new ROM.
================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============

4. Flash back to the AOSP ROM you were just on. Obtain a GPS lock, then reinstall ROM again and see if GPS works

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============

5. Repeat until one of the options ends up working... Not much else to tell you to try. Good luck!

================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ===============

GPS and Location Services: If you have Google Maps installed and Google Now, you will notice Maps uses your location services a lot during the day. Apparently Google thinks we need our location tracked 24/7. Turning GPS on only when needed will help eliminate the wakelocks created by maps. Going a step further you may also want to disable the "Use Network Location", This will also stop other apps form getting your location... Most apps will let you enter your location manually so it's not really a big deal turning it off, especially when your talking about increasing your battery life.
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9th June 2013, 09:42 PM |#3  
prasanthlt's Avatar
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Thanks guys! Can't wait to try this rom!!!!
9th June 2013, 09:58 PM |#4  
nickscap's Avatar
Senior Member
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Wooo hoooo can't wait!

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using xda premium[COLOR="Silver"]

[SIZE=1]---------- Post added at 02:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:56 PM

Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using xda premium
9th June 2013, 10:49 PM |#5  
selw0nk's Avatar
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 279
So this is the 4.1.2 port you guys were creating right? I cannot wait to try it out!
9th June 2013, 10:57 PM |#6  
Downloading now and just in time I was getting twitchy from not having a new Rom to try!!
It's hell being a flashaholic!!
"Yer off the edge of the map Mate here there be monster's"
9th June 2013, 11:47 PM |#7  
Venom0642's Avatar
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Just so everyone know this rom is super fast and stable I've been testing it just about a month you won't be disappointed anyways great job on this rom you can't even tell that it's a ported T-Mobile you would think it's a official AT&T Rom anyways enjoy and yes got a few options for theming in aroma including red deadly venom theme

Sent From My Galaxy S III SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 Running On Deadly Venom v5.2.7
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9th June 2013, 11:48 PM |#8  
Taking forever to download big zip I guess

"Yer off the edge of the map Mate here there be monster's"
9th June 2013, 11:51 PM |#9  
metalchef's Avatar
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Just (clean) flashed this on my Canadian i747 -- so far, so good!
Loving the customization options (fonts especially)...

Been on stock VLDLK4 since I've had my device...

Overall, this ROM is very nicely done -- and is definitely a keeper.

oh man, this is awesome:
** "Please do not post any comments about battery life" --> yes, rule #1: there are no comments about battery life. use the ROM, let your device DIE (1% battery ^_^), charge it, let it die (again) and ....again....then you can get a true idea of battery life.
9th June 2013, 11:58 PM |#10  
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Originally Posted by S3freak

Taking forever to download big zip I guess

"Yer off the edge of the map Mate here there be monster's"

Use the torrent, it seems a bit faster to download.
9th June 2013, 11:59 PM |#11  
Originally Posted by selw0nk

Use the torrent, it seems a bit faster to download.

Not stopping now I'm at 60%

"Yer off the edge of the map Mate here there be monster's"
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