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{ARC/S}[ROM][JB][4.2.2]LOVINS PAC / Xperia i1 Honami[04-07-13]

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By Rizal Lovins, Recognized Developer / Recognized Themer / Recognized Contributor on 23rd June 2013, 09:57 PM
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PAC-man ROM is a combination of the three Super ROMs Available
Paranoid Android (AOSPA) + AOKP + CyanogenMOD = PAC-man

This ROM packs all the tweaks from the three super ROMs into one.
Why Choose Among ROMs , When You have All-In-One !!! THE AIO ROM Everything and Anything is available in the settings

And LOVINS PAC ROM is a combination PAC-man ROM with SONY Official JB 4.2.2 Firmware and have almost all features from SONY

Hello friends ...
I present to you guys for this LOVINS P.A.C JB 4.2.2 ROM
I'm happy to share with you this Wonderful ROM

Official Thread

Official Website PAC-man ROM


Don't Quote this thread
Don't spam post in this thread


* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
* thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
* do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
* before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
* you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

ROM LOVINS P.A.C JB 4.2.2 v.23.0.0 Stable & Perfect


    * All in One Rom [Pa+Aokp+Cm = PACman]
    * PhoneUI, PhabletUI, TabletUI
    * Most Features from AOKP
    * All Features from CM
    * All Features from PA
    * Of course Jelly Bean 4.2.2
    * HW Acceleration
    * Sound
    * HALO (multiwondows like small apps SONY)
    * Sensors
    * Bluetooth
    * Auto Brightness
    * Display
    * Touch
    * Project Butter
    * Tablet/Hybrid UI
    * WiFi
    * GPS
    * Themes (for AOKP, CM)
    * AOKP Settings
    * Ril (Call, SMS, Microphone)
    * Data
    * Native USB OTG
    * Youtube LQ/HQ
    * Camera 4.2
    * Video Recording only 480p
    * CRT Animation Setting
    * Paranoid Settings (hybrid properties)
    * In-Browser-Video Player 
    * PIE Control and its Settings
    * PA 3.60 Color Control and Layout Changer
    * And all other
    * FM 4.2.2
    * Camera Panorama Mode 4.2


Download Latest LOVINS PAC Part 1 2013.07.02

Download Latest LOVINS PAC Part 2 2013.07.02

Download Latest GAPPS For LOVINS PAC 2013.07.02

Download NEW WALKMAN Xperia i1 Honami (Only SemcMusic)


Download SCRIPT LOVINS Tweaks Thanks to ImbaWind


1. Unlocked Bootloader
2. Supplied files (JB kernel/boot.img is a must)
3. Baseband version 72 / 77 / 85 / 86

- Install Kernel inside the zip via Flashtool
- Boot into Recovery (Volume Down+Home Button)
- Wipe Data
- Wipe Cache
- Wipe Dalvik Cache
- Format System
- Install Part 1
- Install Part 2
- And Please Install Gapps special for LOVINS PAC-man ROM
- Reboot

For Install New Walkman from Xperia i1 Honami

- After installing ROM boot your phone (don't install new Walkman together with ROM because new Walkman has problem packcage)
- Reboot into recovery again
- Install New Walkman Xperia i1 Honami
- Reboot again


Want to compile it by your self?
PAC rom is open source, anybody now can compile it from source.

PAC-man Xperia 2011 source :

LegacyXperia 2011 source :

Kernel Sources :
using nAa's kernel source for this rom. The kernel is still new, so expect some bugs.

We also welcome to everyone that interest and want to contribute at github project.

    * PAC-man team
    * cm42semc team
    * FXP team
    * AOKP Team
    * CyanogenMod Team
    * ParanoidAndroid Team
    * szl.kiev 
    * nobodyAtall 
    * n1kolaa 
    * DooMLoRD 
    * iriijo  
    * shufuking   
    * kamarush  
    * sirkay   
    * jimtonic01  
    * justmpm
    * mikeioannina  
    * jesco   
    * Kormatoes  
    * bulook00   
    * MrTapa  
    * Wechy77   
    * Wedgess   
    * Scritch007 
    * championswimmer  
    * ra3al  For Xperia Z Launcher Here
    * erorcun For Original Socialife Here
    * Gandhar
    * Langes
    * ZeroInfinity
    * M66B
    * an0nym0us_
    * singh_dd93
    * Lasan
    * PulseDroid  Gor Banner/signature
    * Great peoples in
    * All Member XDA-Developers
    * All Member Official Group Xperia Indonesia

      Excuse me if i forgot someone
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23rd June 2013, 09:58 PM |#2  
Rizal Lovins's Avatar
OP Recognized Developer / Recognized Themer / Recognized Contributor
Flag Bandung
Thanks Meter: 15,852
Donate to Me

Q&A Thread maintained by Wechy77 >>CLICK HERE<<


New CHANGELOG LOVINS P.A.C 4.2.2 Build-12 :

- Latest PAC-man ROM
- Rebase to firmware Xperia i1 Honami
- Almost all features from Xperia i1 Honami
- New Album with all features like sensme slideshow 
- New Movies with all features & download video info
- New Walkman with all features working 
- Edit Music Info on Walkman has been working (But Download music info still security error) 
- Walkman Music Visualizer Working now on JB 4.2.2
- New Mobile Bravia Engine 2 with X-Reality 
- Removed semcphotoeditor (because same with google editor)
- Clean up unneeded files from Xperia i1 Honami Firmware
- Kernel has been updated to 3.4.51 with lowmemorykiller
- Keyboard still from Xperia Z (Because system ROM not enough)
- Launcher still from Xperia Z by ra3al (Because need extra modified for use Xperia i1 Honami Launcher)
- Updated gapps 
- Updated google Now
- Removed Face Unlock from gapps (because for free space system ROM) 
- Removed Timescape for now (not compatible with framework from Honami)
- Fixed FB Music like stuck (You need to login Xperia FB via settings>account)
- New device support for this ROM (Anzu, Hallon & Haida)

CHANGELOG LOVINS P.A.C 4.2.2 Build-11 :
- Latest PAC-man 2013.06.23
- Fix FC Gallery/Camera
- Added Bravia Engine 2 in settings
- Added Lovins Build number with developer
- Fix FC New Walkman JB 4.2.2 Xperia Z
- Latest change fix kernel 3.4.49 No Reboot issue
- Added Lyric Music Extension
- Added PlayNow Music Extension
- And Finally it's very stable for daily use :)
CHANGELOG LOVINS P.A.C 4.2.2 Build-10 :

- Ported SONY Official Firmware JB 4.2.2 Xperia Z 
- New SONY Media Applications JB 4.2.2 from Xperia Z
- Updated Timescape
- New Walkman with almost all features
- FB Music Like
- Upload photo/image via Xperia
- Added SONY build.prop line to active all features from SONY
- Replaced line SEMC with Sony Ericsson
- Sony Select link in Playstore
- Updated Lovins Xperia Theme (Theme Chooser)
- New Gapps special for LOVINS PAC with updated from play store 
- Almost all features from Xperia Z JB leak 4.2.2
- New Movies with download video info
- New Album with All features 
- SensMe Slideshow in Album
- Updated Camera 4.2
- Fixed layout new Soundenhancement (Clear Audio EQ)
- Latest PAC-man Nightly 06.17
- Updated nAa Kernel 3.4.49
- 2 Part ROM
CHANGELOG LOVINS P.A.C 4.2.2 Build-9 :

- Removed Gmail, GenieWidget 
- Removed Gmail, GenieWidget, GooManager, bootanimation (bootanimation will automatically changed to stock P.A.C)
- New Xperia Launcher 
- Fixed Walkman Music Widget 
- Fixed Photos & Video Widget 
- Wallpaper Picker Xperia Z 
- Added All Customized Xperia Z 
- Fixed build.prop
- Fixed Changelog PA in about phone

Changelog LOVINS P.A.C 4.2.2 Build-8 :

- Removed Bloatware
- Removed some CM apps
- Ported Driver sound ALSA Fully working
- Added SONY Media Applications Xperia Z
- All system framework from Xperia Z JB Deodexed
- Mobile Bravia Engine 2
- New Camera Driver 4.2
- New applications to support the camera AutoHDR_RizalLovins-res-overlay.apk
- Timescape Xperia V JB Original by me
- Socialife Xperia Z Modified by me
- Xperia Z Keyboard with fix smiley & symbol
- Movies with download video info
- Album with online photos
- Walkman Xperia Z(Download Music Info/Edit Music Info/SensMe & Visualizer not working)
- Walkman music extension
- Walkman ClearAudio+ fully working
- FB Music Like (but no TrackID link)
- PlayNow
- TrackID Mod with Customized xml added
- New App Lovins Xperia Themes Original made by me (Theme Chooser)
- Improved quality Camera 4.2
- Optimized Camera
- Added build.prop tweek ( free init.d tweek, so you can add tweek by yourself)
- New gps.conf Xperia Z
- Fixed EGL Playback
- Fixed Camera 4.2
- Removed HDR mode in camera  (coz not stable)
- Updated to Latest GAPPS 4.2.2/and updated from Market
- Included Youtube/Google Maps/Gmail/etc 
- New Bootanimation
- New Inverted Google Play Store 4.0.25 Black Edition by me


PAC v22.1.0 15/04/2013
- Android 4.2.2_r1
- AOKP JB-mr1 build 1
- Latest CM 10.1
- PA 3.15.1

PAC v20.0.0 23/2/2013
- Android 4.2.2_r1
- AOKP jb-mr1 build 1
- CM 10.1
- PA 3.0

PAC v19.3.0 15/1/2013
- Fixed some permission
- Add an "Automatically Connect" option for WiFi networks
- Extend PreferenceActivity for title text on a single pane mode
- CM10 Nightly
- Kernel:
. Fixed WiFi connectivity (need further test)

PAC v19.2.0 12/1/2013
- Remove duplicated features: CM volume panel style & CM kill app longpress back, use ROM Control instead
- CM10 Nightly
- Kernel:
. Built in PAC TWRP theme (thanks to Wechy77 for theming)
. Fixed TWRP backup & restore
. Bring back TI1271

PAC v19.1.0 2/1/2013
- Remove buggy AOKP torch toggle
- CM10 Nightly
- Kernel:
. TWRP (thanks to championswimmer for device config)
. Fixed default CPU clock
. Bring back recovery vibration

PAC v19.0.0 28/12/2012
- PAC default wallpaper
- CM10 Nightly
- Kernel:
. New two-stage boot method (thanks to championswimmer)
. Fixed some lagging
. Fixed dancing CWM (thanks to Scritch007)

PAC v18.0.0 alpha 18/11/2012
- Another Fix for volume & music track using volume rocker button when display off (15 steps)
- MMS CM10 base - AOKP style
- AOKP nightly
. SystemUI: Fix/Update Cog Circle battery mod
. Add alpha settings to Circles lockscreen rings
- CM10 Nightly
- PA 2.55 (framework part)
- Kernel:
. Fixed battery drain issue

PAC v17.0.0 alpha 13/11/2012
- Fix volume & music track using volume rocker button when display off.
- Reduce lag when after installed gapps and some apps under system partition.
- AOKP: Circle unlock, New Circle Mod Battery, etc
- CM10 nightly
- PA 2.54 (framework part)
- kernel: (all kernel changes Thanks to Wedgess)
. Added scheduller : BFQ & VR IO, make it total 7 scheds
. Added governors : badass, darkside, intelidemand2, Lionheart, lulzactive, ondemandx, superbad, make it total 25 govs
. Increase VM max readahead
. Added Cleancache
. Added SLQB Memory Allocator
. Added 0% baterry fix
. Updated and Changed CPU Freq table

PAC v16.1.0 alpha 8/11/2012
- Change Xperia S keyboard to Xperia SX keyboard
- Remove ParanoidPreferences.apk
- Settings: Remove PA version, PA Logo activity, PA Circus
- Settings: Add PAC version, PAC Logo Activity, PAC Circus
- kernel : small update

PAC v16.0.1 alpha 6/11/2012
- Merged newer AOKP codes, fix SIM PIN issue

PAC v16 alpha 5/11/2012
- Add Xperia S keyboard (Thanks to Langes for provided the link & idea)
- Some build.prop tweaks (Thanks to Wechy77 & ExPeacer)
- Better front camera fix (Thanks to Wedgess)
- AOKP Milestone 1
. Disable Vibrate on lockscreen
. Toggles can be hidden(AOKP toggles only)
. Clickable (short & long configurable) Clock and Calendar in the Notification Slider
. etc
- PA 2.53
. Color Engine from PA
. Per app color, latest PA invention, Let's you define navbar color, navbar glow color, navbar buttons color, and statusbar color on per app basis
. Statusbar and navbar color (Independently from per app color, define default colors)
. Statusbar transparency and navbar transparency are finally back (Navbar transparency is only enabled on launcher)
. A lot of fixes to ParanoidPreferences
. etc
- CM10 Nightlies
. Home Button to unlock
. CM File Explorer Added
. etc
- kernel : use Linaro (Thanks to ExPeacer)
- kernel : FXP builtin wifi modules

PAC v15 alpha 25/10/2012
- Fixed Phablet statusbar gap
- Fixed Tab UI systembar height
- Use Gallery Camera
- Remove CM10 Weather
- CM10 nightlies
- AOKP JB build 5
- PA 2.2.3
- kernel : CWM

PAC v14 alpha 14/10/2012
- Jellybean 4.1.2
- CM10 nightlies
- Latest ROM Control
- PA 2.2.1
- ramdisk : 3 blinking LED colors for recovery notification

PAC v13 alpha 10/10/2012
- Native USB OTG, just plug & play, before you remove USB Storage unmount it under Setting>>Storage
- Fixed contact custom ringtones
- Fixed Power menu reboot recovery (credit to Bulook00)
- Latest CM10 fixes
- Latest ROM Control (New feature under General UI)
- PA 2.1.6
- AOKP JB build 4

PAC v12 alpha 1/10/2012
- No more overlapping nav bar & notification icon in Tablet UI system bar. My solution this far is by making a scrollable system bar, haven't seen any better option.
- Fixed double clock in Tablet UI system bar after reboot if we set to center clock before
- Fixed right clock layout in Tablet UI system bar
- Fixed clock in Tablet UI expanded notification panel
- Fixed FC in CM security settings after we enable pattern / pin / password
- Enabling Torch toggle in ROM Control
- Transparent status bar (by PA Team)
- Latest CM10 fixes
- PA 2.1.6
- AOKP JB build 4
- kernel : add SIO IO Scheduler (combined with SmartAssV2 the phone is so snappy)

PAC v11.2 alpha 28/9/2012
- In a patch
- Fixed Front camera (thanks to bulook00)
- Fixed Wifi AP tether (thanks to bulook00) might need to reboot phone after using AP to use common wifi again
- Enabling Wifi AP toggle in ROM Control
- Fix missing resources in AOKP Tablet UI with PA Hybrid mode)

PAC v11.1 alpha 27/9/2012
- In a patch
- Fixed TabletUI mode in Paranoid preferences
- Fixed layout : system bar notification panel (Phablet & Tablet UI mode)
- Fixed layout : compat mode help (AOKP Tablet UI mode in PA Phablet & Tablet UI)

PAC v11 alpha 25/9/2012
- Remove, use simple framework boot animation, saving more space (thank to kormatoes for pointed out the idea)
- Fixed some layouts
- Fixed weather panel not instantly shows up in notification bar after selected
- Latest CM10 fixes
- PA 2.1.3
- AOKP JB build 2+ (ROM Control 100% merged)
. Nav ring
. Nav bar up to 7 icons
. Tablet UI
. Custom vibration
. etc, full change log

PAC v10 alpha 18/9/2012
- video recording (no need to change audio sample rate to 44.1kHz)
- ROM Control : (+/- 80% from latest AOKP released)
. Statusbar brightness slider
. NavBar custom targets
. Notification LED Customization
. Notifictation counter
. Quick unlock
. Battery percent on lockscreen
. Lockscreen Weatherpanel
. Statusbar Weatherpanel
. Lockscreen Wallpaper
. Statusbar Wallpaper
. Volume rocker wake
. Lockscreen timeout overrides
. Notification shade wallpapers
. Clock Color chooser
. Custom Carrier Label
. Lockscreen color picker
. IME Toggler
. Menu unlock
. etc
- Latest CM10 fixes
- PA 2.1.2

PAC v09 alpha 10/9/2012
- AOSP+CM source codes as a base
- Initial AOKP+CM+PA features merge
- Latest CM10 fixes
- PA 2.1
- AOKP ROM Control (Clock options, AOKP toggles, Battery Styles, Volume options panel)
- all circuses (Logo Activity)
- Camera preview, temp fix use legacy camera, ICS/ICS+ Camera from market, Camera Illusion from market
- kernel : fix 720p video playback
- kernel : new boot logo

CHANGE LOG AOSP+CM (Discontinued)
(*AOKP at the bottom)

AOSP+CM version discontinued

AOSP+CM v08 alpha 3/9/2012
- Update WiFi modules (custom build)
- CM : Add Quick Message Support
- kernel : semi fix video playback (No need to disable HW Overlay)
- kernel : updated zram/xvmalloc

AOSP+CM v07 alpha 29/8/2012
- Brightness & auto brightness
- In call (temporary fix)
- AAC codec for mp4 video
- kernel : salvage some ram from an over allocated FB

AOSP+CM v6 pre alpha 15/8/2012
- FM
- Market fix via automatic script (no need to manually create /data/download + chmod)
- New wlan modules, regarding changes in zRam update (1 packet fix)
- kernel : New zRam libs

AOSP+CM v5 pre alpha 7/8/2012
- Another new adreno200 libs (1/8)
- kernel : ext4 & ntfs support (app2sd functionality)

AOSP+CM v4 pre alpha 1/8/2012
- Wifi + custom build modules
- kernel : add extra CPU governors & IO schedulers

AOSP+CM v3 pre alpha 31/7/2012
- Internet data 2G/3G
- Torch

AOSP+CM v2 pre alpha 30/7/2012
- New adreno200 libs

AOSP+CM v1 pre alpha 29/7/2012
- Jellybean first booted ROM in Ray
- Bluetooth
- Audio
- Root
- Orientation
- USB Mass storage
- Touch screen

CHANGE LOG AOKP (Discontinued)
Basically inherit AOSP+CM fix
plus +,n,z (as per build date)

AOKP version discontinued

AOKP v08 alpha 3/9/2012
- Latest AOKP

AOKP v07 alpha 29/8/2012
- Add custom AOKP bootlogo
- Add custom AOKP bootanimation

Skip numeration v03-v06

AOKP v02 alpha 15/8/2012
- Remove unworking torch in toggle, use Torch app
- Remove other unsupported toggles for Ray

AOKP v01 alpha 12/8/2012
- First AOKP JB ROM in Xperia 2011 device
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23rd June 2013, 09:59 PM |#3  
Rizal Lovins's Avatar
OP Recognized Developer / Recognized Themer / Recognized Contributor
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Screenshots LOVINS P.A.C JB 4.2.2 From Xperia Ray


- Go to Settings>Theme>Apply Lovins Xperia Theme
- Go to Settings>ROM Control>General UI>Enable kill all button and enable Show Menu UI OverFlow
- Go to Settings>HybridProperties>Apps>Select Settings>change layout to 360p & change dpi to 240dpi And Apply
- Go to Settings>HybridProperties>Interface>Change Nav Bar to 100% or 75%, Apply
- Go to Settings>HybridProperties>Interface>Uncheck Global Color, Apply And Reboot
- Done

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23rd June 2013, 10:14 PM |#4  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 29
woah. downloading now.
23rd June 2013, 10:16 PM |#5  
alpp00's Avatar
Thanks Meter: 6
Thanks I will try now

Any other kernel suggestion beside the one in zip?

Edit: Any way I can increase font size and I do not see a setting for disable dual panel in Rom Control.
23rd June 2013, 10:21 PM |#6  
alfstep's Avatar
Flag Jakarta
Thanks Meter: 24
Finally, you make your own rom now despite being themer
Screenshots' look promising
For performance I think there's no doubt for its your first masterpiece
23rd June 2013, 10:30 PM |#7  
anthraxter's Avatar
Flag Larnaca
Thanks Meter: 11
Finally you took your skills to another level! My fried arc s is vibrating from the time it felt your thread! *Will report in the next hours!

So after 18hours with this rom i must admit that i didn't face any random reboots. My settings are SH3 CFQ 1.2 - Battery its 50% with 15hours of use so i gotta say that whenever i go that long with a rom its a beauty!

It needs some more speed though due to random lags and stuff but in a general opinion for a 4.2.2 Rom some really good job has been done!
Thank you Rizal Lovins!
23rd June 2013, 11:07 PM |#8  
alfstep's Avatar
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Originally Posted by alpp00

Thanks I will try now

Any other kernel suggestion beside the one in zip?

You can try this
3.4.49 kernel by darkdefender
currently im using it along with legacy xperia rom, it works charmly, no more reboot
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23rd June 2013, 11:08 PM |#9  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 45
To be honest just installed the rom and its a bit slow for meh >.< its almost as fast as the stock 4.0.4 :S Maybe its just me :S The rom is really beautifull but it needs to be a bit faster
24th June 2013, 01:22 AM |#10  
alfstep's Avatar
Flag Jakarta
Thanks Meter: 24
yeah, actually its a bit slow, because there are too many system apps

my main problem is, dialer doesnt work ( stop) and my signal got lost frequently, dont know why
24th June 2013, 02:47 AM |#11  
Senior Member
Thanks Meter: 1,458
Donate to Me
Thanks RL
will give it try
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